• Save the Desford
    Reid and Sigrist made two aeroplanes, one of them survives, and only just as it was almost burned following its time providing the Royal Aircraft Establishment with pioneering research. That survivor is the Desford - named after the Leicestershire town where it was designed, developed, built and flown. It stopped flying at airshows and events across the UK during the 1970s, but, in 2018, it flew for the first time in around four decades. It has flown nearly 10 hours with a short test flight away from receiving its permit to fly and making appearances at airshows once more. However, Leciestershire County Council want to abandon all that hard work and give the Desford to a museum in Nottinghamshire.
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    Created by Rebecca Tyers
  • Third South Park Game
    The gaming community loves the games, the South Park fans love the games. South Park is such a legendary show & the games capture all of its glory brilliantly. With the two titles there's so much fun to be had & to have a third title to really cap it off just seems so important.
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    Created by Dan Gurr
  • Save kent street skatepark
    North east lincolnshire council has ignored the action sports community in grimsby for years and their actions speak louder than words. I’ve grown up skateboarding this area and all i’ve seen is more and more facilities taken away from us. Years ago they already stopped taking responsibility for the skatepark, it hasn’t had lights for over 5 years and I can’t ever remember the bins not being broken yet they claim they spend £3000 a year maintaining the site? As of this year we are left with three skateparks in all of grimsby and cleethorpes. The first being trinity road skatepark. The council has long abandoned this site with the lights also not being in working order for 5+ years, it is now privately owned by the boxing centre that took over the old youth club building (which was also abandoned around the same time) The second being the private owned indoors skatepark ‘ghettopark’ which costs £8 for 2 hours use. The third and final is kent street, our last remaining free to use skatepark for the whole area of grimsby and cleethorpes and the council want to demolish it. In a year like 2020 full of so many negatives the one beaming light I’ve witnessed over this year is the amount of youths picking up a skateboard this year and spending more time exercising, it’s so amazing to see. There isn’t a time where these facilities are more desperately needed than now.
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    Created by Jay Beatty
  • Save the Twentieth Century Fox Sign in Soho Square
    Soho's connections with the UK film industry run deep and this sign an important historical artefact linking Soho with that industry going back many decades. Damage has already been done to the now unoccupied building on the south side of Soho Square with Royal London failing to protect this historic building and allowing it to fall into disrepair so that it can pursue its plans for demolition.
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  • Revamped skatepark for cwm
    There isn't much in the area in regards to skateboarding or bmx riding. This would bring the local kids together to enjoy, learn and exercise
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    Created by Dominic Mccreath
  • Diego Maradona, Scottish Football Hall of Fame
    He deserves this for the important part he played (his hand) in the defeat of England in the 1986 World Cup. He delighted the nations of Argentina and of course Scotland.
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    Created by Kenny Gallacher
  • Give residents fair access to Hatfield Park
    Access to Hatfield Park is a privilege that’s been granted to local residents for more than 400 years. The new 'Friends' scheme is the first time in history the Gascoyne-Cecil estate will charge local residents for access*. At £50 per person (or £75 for two) payable upfront, by every over-16, with no concessions, the charges will be out of reach to many in our community. It means Hatfield Park will effectively be out of bounds to everyone except the wealthy. That's not fair. We all know how important access to greenspace is for our health and wellbeing. The beautiful grounds of Hatfield Park are an asset the whole community treasures. They must continue to be an asset the whole community can use. We would like the Estate Director, Anthony Downs, and Lord Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury, to - postpone the launch of the scheme until we can agree on something that's fair - revise the price structure so no-one in Hatfield will be excluded because of cost - guarantee that the fees will not rise year on year *Up until now, residents have had to pay a small admin charge, which was to cover the costs of the ID cards and key fobs. Recently, that charge was £15 for a 2-year pass. As it says on the passes themselves, ‘this pass must be produced on request to ensure that free access to the park is reserved for the people of the Parish of Bishop’s Hatfield’. Free. Access. It says it right there!
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    Created by Mary-Ann Ochota
  • Show of community support for The Flemish Weaver in Corsham
    Since Steve, Rob and family have taken over The Flemish Weaver, it has become a wonderful pub, but more than that...a community hub, especially since the COVID crisis began. They have worked tirelessly to adapt to the various changes in advice and legislation, made the pub COVID-secure and provided valuable takeaway services during lockdown. They have also given even more back to the community by donating proceeds to Wiltshire Air Ambulance and providing free meals for NHS/care workers and vulnerable people. Corsham is a small but vibrant community and The Flemish Weaver is a great asset to many of us. Please take this into consideration when negotiating the pub's future, so that we can keep Steve, Rob and the rest of the team in Corsham!
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    Created by David Klewin
  • Outside Aveley Primary School Zebra or Pedestrian Crossing
    Stifford Road is one of the main routes in and out of Aveley Village which is used by all types of vehicles including HGV's. The Safety of children and all is compromised greatly by there being no crossing outside the school. It is reported that the Lollipop Person has also been struck by a vehicle on more than one occasion therefore no crossing is no longer an option with regards to safety.
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    Created by Teresa Webster
  • Save Rockwater's Shacks by the Shore and Igloo Village
    From the very beginning, Rockwater has had the community at the heart of everything it has done. This Summer our team at the Shacks served you ice cream and hot dogs, Pimms and Prosecco, lobster rolls and cupcakes and we loved seeing the Western Esplanade brought to life again and used as a focal point for the community, as it was always intended to be. We passionately believe you should be able to continue enjoying all of our Shacks’ offering on the beach, and join us for sundowners on balmy Summer evenings, permanently. When the weather turned, we kept you cosy with winter warmers and hot stews and invested in building an entire igloo village so you could get together in a Covid safe way. If this small minority gets its way, we will only be able to use the igloos for just under a month post 3 December. Given the investment in providing something unique for Hove and somewhere people could gather in the permitted groups of 6 and feel safe, this is devastating. Post 1 January, many of you may not be comfortable meeting/dining indoors with larger numbers of other people, particularly if you are vulnerable. So it is critical our igloos are allowed to remain open until 31 March 2021 to enable our wonderful customers to still get out and get together with their bubble in the safest way possible, no matter what the weather is. We know from speaking to so many of you that our community has been crying out for this kind of hub for a very long time. But all of this is under threat because of these 10 people, led by someone who is motivated by a personal vendetta, are objecting to the Shacks and igloos without any genuine basis for doing so. We find this a bitter pill to swallow when they will directly cause the loss of around 45 jobs for local people in the hospitality industry (which has been decimated by the pandemic) and cause a huge loss to local suppliers, many of whom have been able to continue their business throughout this year because of demand from Rockwater’s customers. This isn’t fair and we need your support in signing this petition to show the Council that a few people with questionable motives do not represent Hove or the wider community.
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    Created by Maeve Davis
  • 20s Plenty for Carrbridge
    Several residents and parents in Carrbridge have expressed concern over the speed of vehicles travelling through our village. The 'heart in the mouth' moment experienced by our community when a vehicle passes too close, too fast, or they see a child or vulnerable person stumble near our roads, is all to common. The fear of death or accident should not be a part of spending time in our village. We must act now to prevent unnecessary accidents in the future. Not just this, slowing traffic down will improve the quality of life for residents who wish to spend time in the village near the street - this is particularly pertinent in the current situation, where social connection is a necessity for so many isolated people. Add your name to this petition to help us add pressure for Highland Council to adopt a default 20mph limit in residential areas. Some facts: ● SAFER STREETS FOR ALL, PARTICULARLY CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY Less risk of serious injury (20% fewer casualties), especially for vulnerable road users; less intimidation from motor vehicles for all road users and especially those walking and cycling. ● PROMOTING ACTIVE HEALTH FOR RESIDENTS Reinforcing healthy lifestyles by encouraging walking, cycling and active travel ● ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS Reduced vehicle emissions and noise due to lower speeds and traffic volumes ● BETTER COMMUNITY LIFE AND A POSITIVE IMAGE OF CARRBRIDGE 20mph enables lifestyle changes, renewed community life, sociability and the positive atmosphere we all want where we live. Carrbridge will become a more attractive, liveable place ● STRENGTHENING THE LOCAL ECONOMY 20mph aids local business as people want to shop and live in 20mph places. ● POSITIONING CARRBRIDGE AS A LEADER The trend towards 20mph is well-established in the UK and other countries. 20mph would place Carrbridge on the map and encourage other positive investments for our village.
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    Created by James Bracher
  • Full Pay for Barbican Workers!
    From July this year the Barbican Centre enjoyed a successful phased re-opening, allowing thousands of Londoners to enjoy art, music, online events and cinema in a safe, healthy environment and soon we'll do it again. The frontline staff - gallery workers, audience experience, front of house and more - have the expertise to make this happen. Unfortunately, in this second lockdown, the City of London have decided not to top up pay for non-contracted casual staff beyond the 80% granted through the government's Job Retention Scheme. Announced with less than a day to accept these terms, the City has thrown its lowest paid and most diverse group of workers, the people that the public sees on every visit, under a bus. The City of London is committed to the London Living Wage. 80% of the London Living Wage is not a living wage. Frontline staff deserve to be recognised, with 100% of their furlough being honoured as it is for all other employees of the Barbican & City of London. Please sign our petition and join us as we call on the City of London to reverse this decision and offer all staff full pay. https://files.38degrees.org.uk/items/files/000/003/050/original/union.gif
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    Created by GMB Barbican Picture