• Keep the Red Button Service
    Many people, especially older folk, rely on the Red Button Service for news and information on a wide range of subjects. Not everyone has access to a mobile phone or the internet.
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    Created by Barbara Orme
  • Save our democracy from media bias
    Newspapers hold massive power - they are read by millions of people every day. But that power is abused when facts and opinions are mixed. Most papers answer to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), whose own rules say they must “make a clear distinction between comment, conjecture and fact”. But IPSO isn’t enforcing its own rules. Studies show that election coverage across many papers had a clear bias. Freedom of the press is crucial and newspapers can support whoever they like. But facts are facts - so news reports must be fair, accurate and clear. Sign the petition now and tell IPSO to act now to protect our democracy.
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  • Protect the BBC and other public broadcasters
    Our most cherished public broadcasters could be under threat. In the recent election, politicians hinted they would make moves to undermine Channel 4 and the BBC. Key figures in the Conservative Party first said they would review Channel 4’s broadcasting obligations if they win an election. Then, Boris Johnson hinted he would look at scrapping the BBC licence fee. Now that Boris Johnson is Prime Minister, we need to make it clear: strong public broadcasters are vital to our democracy. The government must take steps to protect the BBC and Channel 4 for future generations. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/28/ice-sculpture-to-replace-boris-johnson-in-channel-4-climate-debate https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/culture/news/108452/boris-johnson-hints-bbc-licence-fee-could-be-scrapped-if-tories-win
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  • Save the Victoria Hall
    The Victoria Hall and ancillary space, including the Prince's Hall directly below it, is not the Council's to dispose of: it belongs to the people of Ealing, who have benefited from its facilities since the 1890s. It is wrong that part of this Grade II-listed building should be demolished and the whole of the charitable trust area be subsumed into a hotel. The intended swap of the Prince's Hall with the Queen's Hall - smaller, and some distance away - would deprive the Victoria Hall of the services it needs to function as a public venue. There is no other community space left in central Ealing. The deal between Council and developers should not be allowed to proceed.
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    Created by Gill Rowley
  • Save the Victoria Hall from developers
    Victoria Hall is not owned by the council,it was built by public donations and safeguarded by creating a charity to maintain its status. Ealing council have applied to the charity commission to change the status so that it may be sold to developers. It is the only large viable space in central Ealing for Festivals,meetings,performances etc.
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    Created by Gregory Phelan Picture
  • Set up a new independent body to keep party leader debates and interviews fair
    Election TV events like debates and interviews are important in making sure all party leaders face the same amount of scrutiny, so viewers can have all the facts when they vote. This election has seen several instances of leaders not getting the same coverage - with Boris Johnson not having an Andrew Neil interview like other leaders did, and leaders not turning up to the climate debate. In Canada and the USA there are bodies that organise any leaders’ debate to make sure that they are fair. In the UK, party leaders and channel execs negotiate directly - meaning parties with more power end up with the upper hand. If we set up a body we can ensure in future elections all election debates and party leader interviews are fair.
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  • Stop BBC scrapping the Red Button
    The Red Button text service is so valued by older people who do not have access to the internet or a mobile phone, hence the many letters to the Radio Times letter page. This is a cheap but valued service.
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    Created by Barbara Orme
  • Stop the Sale of the Valley Social Club
    It is vital that the Social Club is retained for community use and not sold out from underneath the community by trustees who appear to have no concern for the interests or well-being of local people. A community led association, providing much needed affordable facilities and services to the community would bring considerable benefit to the local community.
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    Created by Steven Peake
  • Alexandra Palace Parking Charges
    Proposed changes will impact negatively on local residents. Please see consultation: www.alexandrapalace.com/parking Following on from a meeting of Springfield Avenue residents, it was decided that, given the choice between paying from £1.50 up to £8 to park anywhere in the grounds of AP, and finding a nearby street in which to park for free, there will be a lot of displacement of parking in all the surrounding localities. Before long, the council would probably offer the neighbouring streets a CPZ, which can cost anything up to £289 per car/ per annum depending on size of CO2 emissions. If this were to happen we need to be sure that the timing of the parking restrictions are applied in such a way so that local residents experience the least disruption or inconvenience. URGENT - not long to make your voice heard Please sign this petition if you share concerns
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    Created by S H
  • Bring Back North Berwick Outdoor Pool BBOP
    North Berwick Outdoor pool was used and loved by people from all over East Lothian and visitors to the area for nearly 100 years. The pool closed in 1995 after a hard fought local campaign to keep it open. Kids learned to swim in the pool, it hosted galas, it was used by clubs, it was a place for the community to gather and socialise, in a way that doesn't happen at an indoor pool. Speak to anyone who used this pool and they will tell you what an amazing community resource it was. It was used and loved for nearly 100 years, it's been closed for 24, lets change that. We at BBOP would love to see East Lothian Council reopen the outdoor pool, with enough community support we hope they will do so. Failing that we hope to gain enough community support to become or work with a community organisation to purchase the council land and work to reopen the pool. We recognise the harbour area where the pool was located is currently used by others, we would love to work with the community as a whole to find alternatives and solutions so that everyone can enjoy the space. We are a tiny community group of like minded people and we are looking for more volunteers to do a lot or a little. We need, general enthusiasts (most important:-), the social media gurus, architects, those with experience of community projects, lawyers, experience in renewable/sustainable heating systems, business aficionados and I am sure a whole load of skills we haven't even thought of yet. Please get in touch via our Facebook Page if you would like to get involved.
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    Created by Gill Surfleet Picture
    Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) intend is to sanction building of housing in an area north of St Nicholas Church up to the Stevenage boundary. An outline planning application has been lodged with SBC for 800 homes. This land is dear to the hearts of hundreds of people both locally and much further afield as the land which the 20th century author E M Forster described as the loveliest in England. It is adjacent to his childhood home and is entirely Green belt. Building of these homes will mean a huge loss of amenity for ALL of Stevenage. North Hertfodshire have also proposed building on the adjacent area to the north. Apart from the heritage aspect many residents use this land for walking, running, exercising their dogs and horse riding.It is virtually the only remaining green lung in the north of Stevenage.
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    Created by John Spiers
  • Save Spennymoor Gala
    Spennymoor town council are ruining this long time tradition.
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    Created by Ian Moore Picture