• Don't allow the Ironworks music venue to be demolished
    Inverness has a thriving music scene which would be adversely effected if the Ironworks was to be demolished to make way for a hotel. There is nowhere else that caters for large, touring bands and it would be a great shame to lose the venue and all the opportunities that come alongside it. It's completely unacceptable for a London based company to monopolise on the increasing tourism in the Highlands to make a profit that will never help the local community, instead lining the pockets of hotel corporations.
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  • Give us an extra bank holiday next year
    We have the least bank holiday’s in Europe so why not give us one extra day!
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  • Save Strone Farm
    This landmark farm bears the name of the local housing estate the Strone and the farm has a wonderful history and has had many owners from Gabriel Dunlop to R Gardiner and the Bowes stretching almost 200 or more years back into history where adjacent was the Auchmountain Glen a Victorian garden which is now being restored. This is our heritage and the last few years have seen Greenock communities gentrified including schools and historic buildings. This is on my doorstep and I worked alongside Johnstone ( Last Farm Owner ) when I started the campaign to save the Auchmountain Glen and if I had my dream fullfilled The auchmountain Glen project could maybe have purchased this farm if it where not for red tape.
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  • Save St Stanislaus Dulverton and its Youth Centre
    St Stanislaus RC Church, Dulverton and its adjoining 'Residential Centre', a Hostel, share the same site, with narrow access and restricted parking. One property is not usable without the other. The Hostel needs some expenditure on the exterior for which the Diocese is unwilling to pay. According to professional estimates obtained by the Parish, the cost is no more than £50K, which, given the chance, the Parish and Diocese could source between them. Most groups staying at the Centre are from schools, colleges, universities and youth organisations who come for canoeing and kayaking on the rivers Exe and Barle, rowing on Wimbleball Lake or cycling and hiking on Exmoor. Many groups had already expressed an interest in booking for 2020 before closure was suddenly announced by the Diocese in June 2019. The Hostel is in a prime location in the National Park and conveniently situated in a town with shops and services. Loss of the Hostel will bring further significant loss to local businesses, to young people and to community life in Dulverton and the surrounding area which have already been hard hit by other recent closures. Loss of the Hostel will also inevitably mean closure of the adjoining Church of St Stanislaus which is a spiritual beacon not only for local parishioners, but also for town people of all faiths or none, who drop in for moments of quiet contemplation, for tourists, family and friends from across the world visiting Exmoor. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former President of France, used to worship there when staying with friends locally. It is a little gem of a church with features designed by Sir Albert Richardson and adorned with glorious stained glass and interesting statues including St George and the Dragon by Septimus Waugh and a fine crucifix by Eric Gill. See more about the Residential Centre at http://www.exmoorhostel.co.uk/
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  • Love the Lido Shadwell Basin
    To provide safe swimming facilities in a place where they currently do not exist
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  • Make any sporting final England get into free to air on TV
    To inspire the next generation of young children and make sport available to everyone
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  • Secure the long-term protection of Crossbones Graveyard
    To protect Crossbones Graveyard and Memorial Garden as a key heritage, cultural, community and spiritual asset.
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  • Put England Team International Cricket on Free-to-Air TV
    Due to public pressure, Sky agreed to make the Cricket World Cup Final available on Channel 4, this meant live cricket was on free-to-air TV for the first time since 2005. In most countries, the entire world cup was available on free-to-air television, yet only the final was shown here! The "England cricket team" represents England and Wales in international cricket. As a consequence, in stark contrast to the women’s football World Cup which drew record viewing figures, this has been a World Cup of missed opportunities for cricket in attracting future generations of fans and potential players, as well as meaning people who couldn't afford Sky miss out on watching international cricket. I grew up on free-to-air cricket and my parents couldn't afford Sky Sports. The next generation shouldn't miss out.
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  • Free travel for care leavers in Leeds
    This is important as care leavers often face issues people of a comparable age do not. Funding from social services expires at age 18, and loneliness and isolation is a huge issue facing care leavers in the modern day.
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  • Save Ashton Court
    Ashton Court is a historic building enjoyed by millions every year and the Goverment want to sell Ashton Court for housing which would up route wildlife such as the deer and put an end to the festivals being held there such the international balloon festival attended by thousands
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  • Save St Albans Road recreation ground from being built on.
    Cambridge City Council's Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2011 and Local Plan 2018 designate St Albans Road recreation ground as 'protected' from building. The Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2011 states Arbury ward 'has the lowest levels of Protected Open Space in the City.' Knowing this requires that we preserve it as free from building for generations to come, in perpetuity. It is a vital natural open space and green lung serving the community who come from at least 20 minutes walk away in all directions to exercise, walk their dogs, play with their children and link with the community. It provides a valuable access to nature, wildlife and biodiversity for all generations. Green spaces are vital for our physical and mental well being. The rapid increase of building in the area which has taken place on many other former open spaces make it vital that we keep the recreation ground building free before it is lost forever. A green space is not an empty space.
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  • Give us back Brynhyfryd Library's previous opening hours!
    Since April 2019 Swansea Council has reduced Brynhyfryd Library's opening time by 10 hours per week. These changes have had an effect on children, families and senior citizens who use the library services. Libraries are a vital public good. People of all ages can enjoy borrowing and reading books, DVDs and CDs, using the internet, reading newspapers and speaking and spending time with others. Libraries are part of the public domain and we should be encouraging people to use them more often, not cutting opening hours.
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