• Create a UK wide permit allowing free parking for people living in Campervans
    The UK housing and homelessness crisis has been torturing us for far too long, especially young people. #Vanlife may seem irrelevant unless you’re an Instagram influencer, but it is a growing moment encouraging minimal impact living, passive income and recycling of vehicles to meet social and housing needs. A UK wide permit enabling a cheaper and safer life on the move would liberate tens of thousands of people, and demonstrate to others that the cost of living can be far less than what they think is needed to live a full and secure life. Shelter is a human right, if we are denied proper housing, denied efficient homeless care, we should at least be offered assistance in our alternative housing methods.
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    Everyone deserves to call a house a home. We need a housing system that puts people before profit. Right now, a law called section 21 means landlords can evict renters with just two months’ notice without being given a reason. This law allows landlords to respond to a request for a repair to be made by carrying out a “revenge eviction” on their tenants. The Government is currently consulting on ending section 21 and replacing it with new laws. We want to ensure that these new laws abolish unfair evictions and provide safe, secure and fair homes for tenants. Renters need more control over their housing situation.
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  • No to Airbnb, Yes to Housing
    The housing situation in Edinburgh is dramatic. Few flats available at high rents that are dragging people into poverty. Besides, Airbnb was created with the aim of socialising and meeting people from all around the world, by letting travellers stay in a spare room with the home owner. This involves respect for others, as the home owner has got control on the guests' behaviour and conduct. Letting out an entire flat on a short let basis is an entirely different matter. Mixing up residential and tourist accommodation causes an absolute disruption to residents who live and work in this city. Many people are not fortunate enough to have a Monday-to-Friday job and work on weekends, when they have to put up with loud tourists coming in and out anytime day and night. And this is not just a weekend problem. It is a different lifestyles matter, that cannot and must not coexist. The residents of Edinburgh demand and deserve respect.
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    Created by Manuela Mastrogiovanni
  • Open Brighton & Hove's Homeless Night Shelters 365 Days a Year
    This is important to prevent people becoming entrenched in rough sleeping. People find themselves homeless for all sorts of reasons and are entitled to receive safe shelter and professional support immediately. In the first seven months of 2019 alone, 19 deaths of homeless people have been reported in Brighton and Hove. Please sign this petition to put pressure on Brighton and Hove City Council to do more to prevent further deaths.
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    Created by John Hadman
  • Save Quarriers James Shields Project, Glasgow
    Quarriers James Shields Project has been delivering vital homelessness accommodation and support to young people, 16 - 25 years old, in the Glasgow area for over 20 years. The young people who use the service have complex situations including, histories of abuse, mental health difficulties and a lack of support. Some are completely isolated Asylum Seekers. This service is now being closed. At a time when Scotland has the highest drug death statistics in Europe and increased suicide, the loss of such a vital service, with no established alternative, will potentially have life threatening consequences for some young people. The safety of young people is the obvious priority for this petition, however Glasgow is also on the verge of losing 28 trained, specialised staff, who have been invested in with tax payers money. It is essential that young people, who have often been unprotected in childhood, continue to have access to safe, supported accommodation when in the crisis of homelessness.
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    Created by Frances Curran
  • Create a national register of homeless deaths in Scotland
    This unified register would allow the lives of homeless people to be remembered and valued, with the circumstances of their deaths investigated and recorded, to prevent these personal tragedies from being repeated across Scotland.
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  • Introduce Rent Controls in London
    Cities across Europe - Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam already have systems of rent control. Westminster needs to step up and give the Mayor of London rent control powers, and the Mayor of London needs to make sure that these are implemented as soon as possible - so we can afford to live in London.
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    Created by Bez Ely
  • No demolition on St Mary's Path Estate
    RESIDENTS AGAINST DEMOLITION In January 2018, a large majority of residents (2/3 of households) came out against demolition of any building on the estate in a statement. In their latest consultation, ISHA put demolition back on the table and refuse to be bound by the residents preferred choice, making consultation a meaningless exercise. We ask that ISHA respect the democratic will of residents and drop their unjustified demolition plans, which would negatively impact residents, the wider community and the environment. A HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL COST Research shows that demolition is far worse for the environment than refurbishment. Building new homes uses four to eight times more resources than an equivalent refurbishment. This is partly due to the "embodied carbon" stored in existing buildings. Along with all the new material which would be needed for a new build, demolition would cause an enormous amount of unnecessary carbon emissions. This demolition would undermine Islington Council’s declaration of a “climate emergency” and their aim for Islington to become net zero carbon by 2030. A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY Demolition has a negative effect on the physical and mental health of residents, leading to stress, anxiety and depression. Many of the estate's elderly residents, those with young children and others who would be more impacted by living on a building site feel they will be forced to move away if demolition goes ahead. Demolition is very intrusive so neighbours, surrounding businesses, and anyone quietly enjoying the adjacent St Mary's Gardens would also suffer from the massive disruption of living next to a construction site for years. BETTER ALTERNATIVES EXIST Whatever ISHA are trying to achieve, alternatives to demolition have been shown to be cheaper, less intrusive and more sustainable. Ambitious refurbishment / retrofit projects have been successful for estates similar to ours and are known to be a much more effective and rational approach in terms of time, cost, community impact, reuse of existing infrastructures and long-term reduced energy use. And if ISHA need to add more homes, infill building on areas which are currently unused could achieve better results than demolition without the disruption and considerably negative impact on residents and the wider community. MORE DEMOLITION AHEAD? ISHA’s proposed new build would only achieve 2 more flats. With “at least one additional storey”, it would most likely result in a loss of light for St Mary’s Gardens. If demolition goes ahead, this could also set a precedent. If ISHA can get away with demolishing a sound block now, what would stop them gradually demolishing the other blocks on the estate and creating over a decade of unnecessary disruption and pollution for the community? ISHA’s plans are unjustified, unnecessary and only seem to be motivated by the prospect of a potentially lucrative new build off Upper Street. Rather than go ahead with demolition, we ask that ISHA work with residents and take up the opportunity to design an innovative refurbishment project that would genuinely benefit the local community. We also call on Islington Council to back sustainable refurbishment of social housing rather than its demolition, in line with the Climate Emergency they have just declared. St Mary's Path Estate Tenants and Residents Association https://protectourestatetogether.wordpress.com Please share widely! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For further information on the issues mentioned, please see the following reports and research: ENVIRONMENTAL COST OF DEMOLITION http://www.engineering.ucl.ac.uk/engineering-exchange/files/2014/10/Report-Refurbishment-Demolition-Social-Housing.pdf https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/ad_52_anne_power_-_does_demolition_or_refurbishment_.pdf https://www.ucl.ac.uk/engineering-exchange/sites/engineering-exchange/files/fact-sheet-embodied-carbon-social-housing.pdf IMPACT OF DEMOLITION ON HEALTH https://www.ucl.ac.uk/engineering-exchange/sites/engineering-exchange/files/fact-sheet-health-and-wellbeing-social-housing.pdf ALTERNATIVES TO DEMOLITION http://sticerd.lse.ac.uk/dps/case/cr/casereport120.pdf https://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/doi/pdf/10.1680/udap.2010.163.4.205
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    Created by St Mary's Path Estate Tenants Association
  • Leasehold Reforms Must Apply To Shared Ownership
    Shared Ownership is just as flawed and toxic as 100% Leasehold. Shared Ownership needs legal reform to address these issues: 1. Lease extension premiums must be affordable. It has been left unregulated and unchecked, housing associations can, and do, charge 100% premium to extend! not 'affordable' or fair. You should pay your % owned of the premium not any more. 2. Selling shared ownership houses is complicated and costly. High admin fees and extensive fees are just the start 3. Unregulated and unchecked service charges are a huge issue - you are paying your council tax twice 4. Staircasing is overally complicated, not encouraged, and extremely costly in legal fees/admin fees alone. Shared Ownership is supposed to promote buying your home not hinder it 5. Rents are reviewed at RPI which seems unfair considering CPIH is used in housing costs, not RPI. 6. Housing Associations should have some financial responsibility to the house since they own a actual stake in the property.
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    Created by sophie whitmore
  • Build 100 affordable homes in Southwold
    Southwold is dying because local people are being priced out of homes by holiday lets. Two thirds of homes are holiday lets. The average house price is 21 times the average wage. We need 100 more affordable homes to rent quickly before our community dies. Our average age is 65. We want to hear children playing on our greens again. We want a vibrant community that welcomes visitors but is not banished by them. The government still subsidies second home owners who pay no rates. Local homes are developed into five bedroom holiday lets. Cleaners are bussed in. This is social apartheid. East Suffolk Council say that we have enough affordable homes, when we hear 40 local people applied for one last week. We need 100 as soon as possible in Southwold Ward which includes Reydon and Walberswick, but definitely before the next Council elections in 2023. As seen on Anglia TV on Friday evening.
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    Created by David Beavan
  • Free of charge bed bug and human flea extermination for Wentworth Court, Garrat Lane
    Human Fleas ( Pulex Itritans) can serve as intermediate hosts of two types of parasitic tapeworms. They also transmit bubonic plague, murine typhus and tularemia among other diseases. Bed Bug bite causes adverse allergic reaction, bed bugs also carry serious bacterial infections as well as Chaga disease if in direct contact with people who travelled abroad. It is extremely important to provide healthy environment for all tenants, especially the vulnerable ones - children and the elderly .
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    Created by Bart Hull
  • Stop holiday lets destroying our communities
    Holiday lets are ripping Scotland’s communities apart. In some places, there are now more holiday lets than normal homes for rent. That means families with nowhere to go are forced out of the places they’ve called home all their lives. But it doesn’t have to be like this. The Scottish government are asking the public for views on what to do about holiday lets, and together we can make sure we win real protections for our communities. The big lobbyists protecting companies like Airbnb will be working double-time to stop any new regulations that could hit their astronomic profits. It’s down to us to drown them out.
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    Created by Emma Saunders