• Build Council Houses on Colchester's publicly owned land
    The land on the former Essex County Hospital site was given to Colchester by wealthy benefactors for the benefit of the town. The current plans for this site will not provide any significant benefits to the town or meet the current and future needs of Colchester residents. With just under 3000 households on the council’s housing register the pressing need for Colchester is the provision of homes for the most deprived members of our community; young families, unable to get on to the housing ladder, key workers like nurses and other NHS staff and elderly residents, often isolated and living in family homes, with little prospect of moving into smaller, town centre located houses because of a shortage of secure rented accommodation. The current plans are also likely to significantly increase the number of cars in the area, as high value properties tend to attract two or even more cars per dwelling. Despite plans for 149 parking spaces it is highly likely there will be overspill parking in the already congested local streets. Our town centre is already blighted with congestion and serious air pollution. Given the school traffic in this area, there will be dispersal problems for pollution of morning and evening rush hour traffic with such tightly packed houses. A more open design of social housing would avoid such problems, especially if targeted towards the elderly or young families who often have fewer vehicles. The County Council and NHS Hospital Trust are being irresponsible in the design and target market of £500,000 plus homes for the wealthy. The land was originally given to the town to benefit the people of Colchester, not so that future councils could play at property speculation. This publicly owned land should be used to benefit Colchester residents and used for 100% social housing, not the derisory 4 units of unaffordable ‘affordable’ homes you are currently proposing. On behalf of Colchester People's Assembly Against Austerity
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  • Homes not Hotels! Demand mandatory data sharing by short term lets companies
    It's been revealed that 1 in 50 homes in London are now holiday lets, meaning families and those working in the capital are being forced out of their homes and facing higher rents. Right now, if a home in London is rented out on the holiday let market for more than 90 days in the course of a year then the landlord is required to apply for planning permission to let it out to tourists. However, because there are loads of holiday let companies out there, landlords can bounce from Airbnb to HomeStay to Hostmaker and to FlipKey without regulation. Cash-strapped local councils don't have the staff or the data to track down landlords that are breaking the law. The rise of holiday lets is growing throughout England, and councils outside London have even fewer powers to do anything about it. The massive rise in companies like Airbnb and HomeStay means more evictions for long term tenants, less secure private rented housing available for Londoners and rents are being pushed up.
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  • Change the law so that landlords must accept pets
    Many people have no choice but to rent. Their landlords don't allow pets & this is deeply unfair.
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  • Stop super small homes being created in the UK
    At the moment, anyone wishing to convert existing office buildings do not have to go through the procedure of getting planning permission from local authorities. This means that more and more flats are being built which do not meet the standard requirement for living. Some of these flats have been described as a “human warehouse” with residents living space measuring as small as 13ft by 13ft. Living in such a small area can cause people’s physical and mental wellbeing deteriorating. There is no excuse for developments like this. We are calling on the Government to change the rules around office to flat conversions and make developers seek planning permission. https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Minimum_space_standards
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  • Qualifying Long Term Agreements Brighton and Hove City Council
    We am very worried by the possibility of the Council entering into another long-term agreement for Planned and Major Works. Our experience as a leaseholder has been that such works carried out under long terms contracts are of very poor quality, not properly finished, and extremely overpriced i.e. £17000 for a front door and entry system for a block of 8 flats ! It was clear there had been no supervision by Brighton Council or the agreements written so badly that it is a license to print money for the winners of the contracts To give a contractor such long-term power to assess work, i.e. whether to repair or replace and with no competition regarding price does not make any sense. I am also concerned to learn that across Brighton poor quality installations have been used in replacements where regular maintenance and repair would have made better sense. It has been clearly shown that a contractor will make decisions regarding work which will most benefit their firm and this situation invites self interest and corruption. Please learn by what has happened in the past and not allow a contractor to dictate their own terms and prices. We as leaseholders cannot afford to finance this ridiculous and abusive arrangement to which we have been subjected to for so long. There is no cost-benefit analysis for the introduction of new QLTAs, which is a failure of management and governance. Until such time as this vital piece of work is done there is no justification for saying that the time-honoured method of tendering to 3 companies is more expensive than giving a monopoly to one.
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  • More Disabled-Friendly Accomodation Needs To Be Built
    People from all walks of life, at any age can become disabled, you could find yourself wheelchair-bound through an accident at any time, whatever your age, class, ethnicity or religion. The poorest in our communities hit the hardest, having to try to find new suitable accomodation, adaptations etc, but nobody is immune to a tragic circumstance and we just don't have enough homes to cater for the disabled, it is a disgrace. We need to make this change a priority, I personally know through my previous work as a carer, age really doesn't matter, homes that are suitable do. Please share this campaign and sign the petition to make the government and MPs from all parties sit up, listen and make the changes we desperately need.
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  • Give the UK a National Rent Database- No more tenant credit checks!
    With more people renting homes now than ever, it’s time we made some real changes to protect renters. One problem many renters face nowadays is the dreaded credit check. With so many people in the UK currently dealing with debt, it can be a barrier to securing a tenancy agreement with a landlord, even though many of the same people pay their rent in full and on time. Does it not seem inappropriate that potential tenants have to submit to being credit checked? When we think about this - a tenant pays a month in advance and a deposit to secure their tenancy - they are not asking for credit from the landlord. If we had a mandatory National Renters Database, landlords could report rent payments for those responsible for paying the rent. They would be able to report late payments, part-payments and aged debt as well as reporting those who pay on time, in full. This would not only help landlords vet new tenants, but it would help those of us in debt who find that credit checks are their only barrier to securing a tenancy. In the future, this software could even be used to help mortgage companies gain a better understanding of the risk level involved in lending. There would need to be regulations in place for those where the rent is paid directly to a landlord by a local authority to protect them if there is an error made. Tenants should also be able to dispute any information on the database and have this investigated, much like is possible with your credit rating. Please sign this petition if you agree.
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    Created by Cher Lawless
  • Tackle the GENERATION RENT Crisis Now - Before it Becomes Intractable
    An entire generation is being locked out of owning a home - with profound and long lasting consequences for families, their future and us all. LOSING HOPE So much so that a whole generation are starting to lose any hope of owning a home. The data tells us that unless something changes it will only get worse rather than better. Meanwhile government schemes, and taxpayers money, have been enriching the biggest and greediest housebuilders instead of helping the people who need it. OWN THE ISSUE It's time for government to get a grip on the issue and to own it. Although the problem has some roots in global financialization there is plenty that government can and should do, and are not doing. They set the rules and frameworks within which the market operates - so no excuses, this is a fundamental issue for us all. Housing is not just an asset or commodity for the rich to trade it's something we all need. It's also the source of any real wealth and financial stability for most ordinary working people. So it's essential that we come together to tackle this now, for both the rising generation - and all those who follow them. Our children and grandchildren.
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  • Call In decision to give Kingston's Right to Buy receipts to GLA
    Kingston desperately needs more council housing for the thousands of people on the waiting list and the Council could combine the RTB receipts with other funds it has available to build between 30-77 council rent properties this year and even more in 2020/21 and 2021/22. If it gives this money to the GLA, it will only receive it back as a grant with conditions that force it to build London Affordable Rent properties, which are unaffordable to many of the most in need on the housing waiting list. See here for more details: https://dchkingston.wordpress.com/why-is-rbk-giving-our-money-to-the-gla/
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  • Build more council housing
    Because people like my grand daughter who has a baby and due to have her second child in January but they don't earn enough to rent privately at over £900 p month as they would be left with NO money for bills or food they need a council property its not as though they are not working and willing to pay rent just NOT private
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  • Open more homeless shelters in Manchester
    It is scandalous that in the fifth richest country in the world rough sleeping is not pretty common.
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  • Stop sending people away from their home
    People will be more happy to leave where they want, and they have their families, friends, school, but by sending them away is taking their happiness and Joy away. I am victim of that because after living for 10years for a private flat. They are forcing me to go outside London, to put my children away from their friends and school which is gonna be very hard because I got an autistic child who has difficulty for any single change.
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    Created by Cathy Rwakazima