• Support the Homeless during COVID-19
    Homelessness is a national scale problem in the 21st century so I'm seeking for the help of funds to identify and help those currently in need. Also to prevent homelessness being seen and chosen as the only alternative. Please sign the petition today so men, women and children no longer have to go through this during a global pandemic.
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    Created by Victoria Cram
  • Don’t lift the ban on evictions until renters are protected
    Millions of people, who have struggled to pay rent due to coronavirus, could soon be forced out of their home - because the government's temporary ban on evictions is set to end on the 23rd August. And as it stands there are no laws or proper protections in place to stop landlords evicting those of us who have lost our jobs and struggled to pay rent during the crisis. To fix this mess, influential MPs and housing experts are calling on the government to give judges the power to protect renters from being evicted because of arrears caused by coronavirus. Only then can the government lift the ban on evictions. We need to send the government a clear message: Make sure renters are properly protected before lifting the ban on evictions. So that no one is forced from their home due to the coronavirus crisis. A huge petition, signed by hundreds and thousands of people across the country, is the first step
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    Created by Linda Baharier
  • Housing for women
    Many women are suffering from domestic violence that is not always physical, they do not always come with visible scars. Having a home where they can feel safe can help them pick up where they left off and set them on the right path. I have had many close friends affected by this where they lose a place they call home due to it not being safe for them anymore. Left with nothing as their home was a place of security representing a family.
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    Created by Courtney Nyika Picture
  • More Investment for Rough Sleeping Prevention
    Understanding the issues that lead to rough sleeping and being able to address them before people are forced to sleep on our streets allows problems to be caught early and have people put into adequate accommodation The rough sleeping figure has increased by 141% since 2010 and more needs to be done to ensure this figure does not rise anymore According to Crisis, effective early interventions reduce the personal and financial cost of homelessness. Cost of rough sleeping for 12 months (£20,128) vs cost of successful intervention (£1,426) (At What Cost, 2015). Preventing Homelessness early benefits all parties!
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    Created by Jadon Kenyon
  • House Our Homeless
    1) Rough sleeping Since 2019 within the Uk there has been a drastic surge in rough sleepers with an increase of 169% over the last 10 years. (Butler, 2018) Often these individuals are prone to the harsh environment of the outside world and suffer from extreme mental and physical issues. 2) Statutory homelessness Only those with priority need get access to secure accommodation, i.e., pregnant women. Local authorities in the UK do not legally have to secure single homeless people and couples without children. LETS CHANGE THIS! 3) Hidden Homeless Currently within the UK we still see many people that are considered homeless that use hotels, friends and families as a means to get a roof over their head. (Reeve, 2018) However without this then where would they go? These are the disguised and often most vulnerable societal group as they are out of sight and unable to be helped (Foster, 2017). We cant allow these people to suffer anymore! Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue. Lets sign this petition TOGETHER to raise awareness about our homeless and help give aid to those who NEED IT!!
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    Created by thomas sutton
    Homeless people deserve human rights
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    Created by Emily Palmer
  • Keep homeless off the streets
    Homeless people are one of the most vulnerable parts of our society. The UK government provided funding to accommodate them during the crisis. It would be inhumane to stop the funding now and send them on the streets again.
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    Created by Aida Danon
  • Stop Homeless People from being forced back onto the street
    It has been proven that the homeless can be housed while it suited the Government at the height of the Covid 19 crisis in order to prevent the spread of the virus. End homelessness NOW.
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    Created by KathyW1l Vardy
  • Keep funding for the homeless
    Rough sleepers deserve a roof over their heads just like all other members of society. The problem of rough sleeping is only likely to get worse in the future with the forthcoming recession/depression
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    Created by derek Kane
  • Homes for Rough Sleepers
    Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, and is a huge problem in the UK. In 2019, 4,266 individuals were recorded as rough sleeping, following the street counts. This was an increase of 165% compared with 2010 figures. As the street counts are only conducted during one night in November, many individuals are miss-counted. Therefore, the true extent of rough sleeping is unknown. The individuals who are miss-counted, are 'the hidden homeless'. Sleeping on the streets is no way to live, and it shouldn’t be happening in 2020. For example, it has been found by the NHS, that sleeping rough has detrimental effects on both mental, and physical health, which is also proving costly to the health services. In order to reduce the strain on the health services, rough sleepers in the UK need to be housed in some form of accommodation, that is fit for living in. Doing so could help re-introduce these vulnerable individuals into society, which could have significant economic benefits within the UK. Individuals rough sleeping are human too, and deserve to be treated in the same respect as the rest of society. Rough sleeping is an issue which is repeatedly swept under the carpet, and is not going away. We need to act fast to deliver homes to individuals rough sleeping, and in turn eliminate rough sleeping in the UK.
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    Created by Eddie Caverhill
  • Help people pay service charges
    People have lost jobs and live in flats managed by companies who charge annual service charge over £2,000. When people become unemployed and cannot pay, they are taken to court and could lose their home. This is unacceptable and the government need to provide financial help to pay these charges by way of grants. The local councils only help with discretionary housing payments for people who rent. I own my property and cannot get help to pay my service charges even though I'm now unemployed. Home owners such as myself need help to pay their service charge and they need it now.
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    Created by Rosemary Self
  • To stop unrestricted management charges for common areas on new build housing estates
    New home owners are being fleeced following purchase of their house, quite often without being in full knowledge what they are signing themselves up to. The management companies are played into position by the residential developer with no documented or regulated tender process. The management company then has the right to demand substantial sums of money for a service charge that is definitely expensive and in most examples without basis. The home owners can even lose their homes were they not to pay. Homeowners deserve the right to be in charge of their own common areas and to manage them properly, without being locked into unrestricted costs and further benefits continuing to the original residential developer.
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    Created by James Brookes