• Help people pay rent now
    As the coronavirus crisis continues and many of us are losing our jobs, more people than ever will be applying for housing benefits to help us get through. But unless the government increases the amount of rent it covers, thousands of people still won’t be able to afford their rent. That’s because right now housing benefits only cover the cost of the cheapest 30% of rent prices, and it can leave people hundreds of pounds short on their rent. With so many people suddenly relying on housing benefits to pay rent, and with no option to move to a cheaper flat, we’re calling on the government to increase the Local Housing Allowance to cover at least the average cost of renting and remove any caps stopping people getting the full amount. Will you sign the petition now, and help make sure that those impacted by the coronavirus crisis have the support they need.
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  • Make Carbon Monoxide detectors mandatory for every household
    Along with smoke detectors, they are to prevent unnecessary death and possible destruction in any household that catches fire. However, unlike smoke, which at least you can smell and see, carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer as it is harder to be humanly detected and kills on average 30 people a year with unexplained deaths also linked to the deadly gas.
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  • Protect Tenants During Coronovirus
    In the very near future, thousands of private renters across Northern Ireland will face huge reductions in their income and be unable to pay their rent. Being evicted during the Covid-19 crisis will mean being unable to stay safe and healthy - and not spread the virus. The government has announced "mortgage holidays" for landlords and home-owners and cities in the US including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have already taken action to stop evictions. Now it's time to give renters in Northern Ireland the protections they need to keep their homes during the coronavirus crisis.
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  • Protect renters during coronavirus!
    On March 18, the government announced a 3-month ban on evictions, thanks to the efforts of 38 Degrees members, London Renters Union and the renters movement. However, the legislation that the government announced is weak, meaning thousands of people struggling to pay rent could still be chucked out of their homes in just three months. Some evictions are still taking place. The government has also so far failed to take action to suspend rent payments. No one should have to pay rent or get in to debt to their landlord during this crisis. This is a public health issue. If renters have to continue to earn large sums of money to pay rent, they will be unable to stay at home or look after those around them after the end of the current lockdown. Without action to suspend rent payments, large numbers of renters are now entering into debt to their landlord. Tens of thousands of people will be left trying to rebuild their lives while in huge amounts of debt. There will be an evictions crisis. People who already face the worst impacts of the housing crisis are likely to face some of the worst impacts of Coronavirus. The poorest and most vulnerable will be hardest hit. Homeless people need safe and secure homes to keep healthy. There are 216,000 empty homes across the UK. - these should be made available to homeless people to live in.
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  • Protect tenants during Coronavirus
    For renters, coronavirus is not only a major health concern - it’s a financial one too. People renting are some of the people most likely to be in the kind of precarious, low-paid work where taking time off to self-isolate is near impossible. If we're serious about containing the spread of the virus, tenants need to know that they won't face destitution for doing the responsible thing. That has to mean stopping rent collections for anyone affected - both those who are unable to work or who need to self-isolate - and making sure nobody faces the threat of homelessness or having to find another home during this time. If banks can grant home-owners ‘mortgage-holidays’, we need to see tenants given the same protections.
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  • Keep restriction on opening hours of external bar at Duke of Somerset pub to 2100hrs close
    The Duke of Somerset pub at 15 Little Somerset St has been a source of significant and intrusive noise for the residents on the nearby Aldgate Estate for a number of years with late night noise outside the pub audible across the estate. We feel it is fair and reasonable that a pub located in close proximity to a densely populated residential estate has an outside curfew of 2100hrs and that patrons of the pub are encouraged to go inside after 2100hrs so that nearby residents, and in particular families with small children, can get some respite from any antisocial noise and behaviour.
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  • Social Housing Service Charge rip off
    London and quadrant have put the service charges up for social tenants to £20pw. this will impact those on low incomes or JSA as the service charge element is paid directly by the tenant. If you get the maximum JSA rate of £78pw you have to pay £20 service charge per week. That creates poverty for all affected by this and is designed to make tenants with secure tenancies move so the property can be put on the market for open rent attracting 80% increase in rent charged. I live in a small 6 unit property and they are trying to impose this charge without checking the services they give. Presently we have dumped rubbish since November 2019, no entry phone or communal fire alarms. We barely get cleaning services and the dumped furniture blocks the cleaners cupboard so they cannot get in, so no cleaning. Currently we get alleged cleaning, gardening,and one bin. Please signed the petition to end this greed amongst housing associations. Since their privatisation in 2017 under Savid Javid Housing Associations are increasingly behaving like private companies, whilst straddling the lines to receive public funding but operating privately. This has to be challenged or London will turn into a elite place to live, whilst those in need are carted off to the outskirts of London or further. The government says it has an housing initiative to build more properties, however the properties build are for part rent part buy and are apartments so this attracts large service charges. We as Londoners most stand up to the government thinking of future generations and what these changes mean, asking the government to look again at the rules for social housing service charge. This is one of the ways housing associations are making money to build privately and not look after their social tenants or build for social rent.
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  • Cap rental prices
    Increasing rents are starting to price people out the market. It is not right that people have to pay hundreds more a month when a mortgage or council property would be cheaper. The gap between housing benefit and rents is widening which causes issues for people on low wages. Time to be fair to the working people who just need a roof over their head.
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  • Stop rogue management companies.
    The charges are "OUT OF CONTROL" these companies are doing what they like, bring a blight to people's lives and the communities in which they have chosen to live.
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  • Stop council demolishing my home of 30 years
    I have lived in my home for 30 years in queens Meadow cherry hinton where I Brought up my 3 children with my husband who I married when I was 16 I am now 54 and sadly lost my husband a few months ago. My home is all my memories of my life with my partner who I am still deeply grieving for and always will. I cherish every part of my home as my husband built so many memories there. I am currently still looking after my husband mum in this same home. The council only want to knock down my home for access to build more houses in my back garden. The garden I have looked after for all these years along side my husband. I cant put into words how scared I am of losing my home as all I have left of my husband is in this home. I thank you all for your support in helping me.
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  • Build Council Houses on Colchester's publicly owned land
    The land on the former Essex County Hospital site was given to Colchester by wealthy benefactors for the benefit of the town. The current plans for this site will not provide any significant benefits to the town or meet the current and future needs of Colchester residents. With just under 3000 households on the council’s housing register the pressing need for Colchester is the provision of homes for the most deprived members of our community; young families, unable to get on to the housing ladder, key workers like nurses and other NHS staff and elderly residents, often isolated and living in family homes, with little prospect of moving into smaller, town centre located houses because of a shortage of secure rented accommodation. The current plans are also likely to significantly increase the number of cars in the area, as high value properties tend to attract two or even more cars per dwelling. Despite plans for 149 parking spaces it is highly likely there will be overspill parking in the already congested local streets. Our town centre is already blighted with congestion and serious air pollution. Given the school traffic in this area, there will be dispersal problems for pollution of morning and evening rush hour traffic with such tightly packed houses. A more open design of social housing would avoid such problems, especially if targeted towards the elderly or young families who often have fewer vehicles. The County Council and NHS Hospital Trust are being irresponsible in the design and target market of £500,000 plus homes for the wealthy. The land was originally given to the town to benefit the people of Colchester, not so that future councils could play at property speculation. This publicly owned land should be used to benefit Colchester residents and used for 100% social housing, not the derisory 4 units of unaffordable ‘affordable’ homes you are currently proposing. On behalf of Colchester People's Assembly Against Austerity
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