• Tony Abbott is not fit to represent the UK in trade negotiations
    The government is due to make Tony Abbott a UK trade representative. But this man should not be representing the UK. He will go down in history as one of Australia's worst Prime Ministers. His only claim to fame will always be - now and forever - as the target of Australia's most unforgettable television moment of all time: Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech. As Kay Burley on Sky News pointed out today "he's a homophobe and a misogynist". And as she rightly asked, is he a "fit and proper person to represent us, as far as trade is concerned, given the views that he holds?" Abbott also renounced his British citizenship to serve in the Australian parliament - do we really want someone who has renounced his British citizenship? There are so many brilliant and diverse candidates that could do this job brilliantly. Why have you chosen a man who believes women should be at home doing the ironing?
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    Created by Jane Evans
  • Boris Johnson Wants to Put Himself Above the Law. Help Stop Him
    Boris Johnson is forming his own panel that will work to curb the influence of judicial reviews. We have to stop him. Judicial reviews are an important feature of our democracy that ensure our leaders are following the rule of law. They have recently been used to stop Johnson from shutting down parliament during the Brexit debates, which was ruled unlawful. THE JUDICIARY STOPS POLITICIANS FROM BREAKING THE LAW. IT MUST BE SAVED. Judicial reviews have been used to hold this government to account once, which is why they want to destroy them. Sign this petition to stop Johnson and his cronies putting themselves above the law.
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    Created by Joshua Povey
  • No cuts to NHS Jobs
    We need these staff members as they have expertise in support services to ensure that care can be delivered safely and effectively. Years of austerity and cuts have meant the NHS is now broken and needs to be rebuilt. In the NHS we need a massive recruitment drive that includes recruiting staff to work in support functions. We are demanding no cuts to NHS jobs.
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    Created by Andrea Gilbert
  • Enhanced scrutiny of political donations
    Too often policies and decisions are made where there turns out that the politicians involved have some form of connections which could lead them to be biased. For instance, scrutiny of MPs’ interests shows donations and gifts from fossil fuel firms and climate contrarians and that there is a pattern that conservative MP's are more inclined to accept these donations. Members of the public should be able to challenge MP's decisions to accept certain donations.
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    Created by Sean Anglish
  • Invest in Young People
    Measures announced by the Chancellor on July 8th were touted to support young people through the economic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. It included a range of measures, but very few were aimed young people. The £2.1bn "kickstart scheme" which will provide 6 month work placements to those at risk of long-term unemployment was dwarfed by the £3.8bn stamp duty holiday for home buyers. This is not the way to support a generation that will likely bear the brunt of what may be the worst recession in a generation. Young people have a much less stable relationship with the economy and so are disproportionately affected by economic crises. Following the 2008 economic recession, youth unemployment peaked at over 22%, compared to 8% for the population as a whole. We need an ambitious government intervention to prevent it from being even worse with this crisis. A successful scheme would include measures to create entry-level jobs - not placements - for those coming out of education, support for renters who make up the majority of young people and programmes to support young carers, apprentices and others who have been ignored by previous announcements. We have the chance to prevent a lost generation if we act now with ambition. Invest in young people today!
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    Created by Max Langer
  • Free NHS parking indefinitely
    The government stopped charging NHS staff parking fees during the height of the pandemic. Now they're saying ‘it can’t go on forever’. We need a firm commitment to make absolutely sure our NHS staff won’t be charged as much as £40 a day on parking fees. Our NHS staff - who have sacrificed so much over the last few months - deserve better. So, let's send a clear message to Boris Johnson: you cannot charge our NHS staff for parking.
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    Created by Sue
  • Kent County Councillors 4.2% basic allowances increase
    On 17th June this year "FAT CAT" Councillors at Kent County Council, during a vitual meeting of the full council, voted to award themselves a 4.2% increase to their basic allowances. In total £1.3million will be paid out to the 81 council members. This is despite having awarded themselves a 15% increase in their allowances less than two years ago and today announcing a budget shortfall of at least £50million over the next 12 months. Having already increased council tax by 4.4% for this financial year and having recieved £67m of Government emergency Covid-19 funding in March and May KCC continues to lobby Boris Johnson for more money and are considering yet another hike in council tax along with redundancies for council staff. Considering KCC's recent track record on financial dealings beginning with their considerable losses during the Icelanic banking crisis, £50m invested by the council which represented £32m from its own reserves, £16m from Kent Pension Fund and £1m from Kent Fire & Rescue Authority, this is an apalling state of affairs and MORALLY CORRUPT to boot.
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    Created by Alun Floyd
  • Stop the Government merging DFID with FCO
    It is important to separate aid to developing countries from diplomatic presence within them. Without separation, aid becomes a carrot to persuade developing countries to accept economic proposals which benefit the donor country. Aid is altruism, it is not commercial pressure. Merging the DFID and the FCO would be a return to colonialism.
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    Created by Roger Horne
  • Dominic Raab Needs to Apologise
    This is important to prove the point of our government being in solidarity against racism whether black or white or whatever race. "This is not just insulting to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it is deeply embarrassing for Dominic Raab. He is supposed to be the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom." "This Government continues to shame us to the world."
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    Created by Imran Adam
  • give status of UK Overseas Nationals to the Citizens of Hong Kong
    This would put pressure on the Chinese regime not to enact measures that would allow them to extradite Hong Kong citizens to mainland china. They would in effect be extraditing UK nationals.
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    Created by Kieron Edwards
  • Protect our democracy
    Right now, MPs who can’t safely return to Parliament are not getting the same treatment as those who can. For constituents and people across the country, knowing that our MPs have the same access to voting and scrutinising the government is important. Until this week, all MPs were taking part in parliamentary activity remotely because of the coronavirus crisis. The system was not without its flaws, but this week MPs have been asked to return to Westminster. However, only 50 MPs can be present in the House of Commons at a time, and there is confusion about who is eligible for proxy votes. This isn’t doing justice to our democracy, and forces MPs to make difficult decisions about representing constituents or keeping themselves and their communities safe. The government’s own guidelines say work from home if you can. Add your name to the petition if you think MPs should be able to keep participating virtually so they can represent us properly, and fully hold the government to account during the COVID-19 crisis, add your name.
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    A ‘home’ is viewed by many as place of safety, security and comfort; but for some the aspect of safety can be taken away by the act of violence. The entity of a home then changes from a sanctuary to a place of dread and fear.
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    Created by Isobel Hollingworth