• Rishi Sunak - don’t pay for your ads with taxpayers' money
    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to spend millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on a Government advertising campaign to promote the Conservative Party’s “five priorities”. Civil servants are pushing back that the campaign is “too political”. There is pushback from those within Whitehall because Rishi Sunak’s plans clearly don’t fit within the guidelines. A huge petition right now will show Rishi Sunak that we agree with civil servants that taxpayer money should not be spent on adverts to promote him or his party.
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  • Reject corrupt Johnsons' buddy list
    Because I'm sickened to the back teeth of corrupt liars being rewarded for propping up the most shambolic, self serving government in living memory. Nominated by a lying charlatan who has no moral compass at all. Hardly someone to be trusted to bestow honors on anyone
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    Created by Shannon Juby
  • Nationalise the water industry
    This is the only way the people of this country can regain faith in a system that has become infested with lies, hypocrisy and greed. Since privatisation these companies have paid out £65 billion to shareholders while presiding over an industry that most countries would be ashamed of. The majority of people would, I believe, be surprised and angered to be told that sewage overspills amounted to nearly 1000 in total in a year. But no, how do you begin to process the information that these amount to an average of almost 1000 a day. I'm tempted to believe that no sewage is ever processed, it's simply dumped into our rivers and seas. And in this year of shame dividends to shareholders almost tripled from £540 million to £1.4 billion. So we come to this past week when we finally, after 34 years, get a mealy-mouthed apology from Ruth Kelly of Water UK, which represents these companies, at the same time announcing a £10 billion investment over the next 7 years. To be funded by the water companies? No. By you and I. I am asking the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to do what I believe a huge number of people in this country want them to do, and commit to nationalising these companies and providing the new organisations with the funding to put right the incompetence and greed of the last 34 years.
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    Created by Kevin Penney
  • We want OUR money BACK!
    We are repeatedly told that there is " no more money for..." The NHS Social Services Mental Health Services Schools Pensions and Welfare Benefits Libraries Youth Clubs Parks Swimming Pools ...and yet you can allow £4.5bn of our money to misappropriated and no-one is being held responsible?
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    Created by dave white
  • Rishi, ditch the jets and stop wasting taxpayer money
    We’re all tightening our purse strings because of the cost of living crisis. Except, it seems, our Prime Minister - who's flying about the place on private jets and helicopters. It's a slap in the face to people who are stuck dealing with failing public transport due to his government’s inaction, while “No 10 are unable to say when Mr Sunak last went on a train.” And now even his ministers are getting in on the action! Foreign Minister James Cleverly used a luxury jet for his tour of the Caribbean and Latin America to the tune of £348,000. Enough is enough. The Prime Minister's latest private helicopter trip - which was paid for by the taxpayer and would have only taken 1 hour and 15 minutes by train - is being called out by the press and the public because people are sick and tired of the hypocrisy. And James Cleverly is being criticised for using a luxury jet when cheaper options were available. It’s time for Rishi Sunak and his team to get their heads out of the clouds and face reality. A big petition will show just how strong the outrage is and could get him to drop these expensive, unnecessary flights that contribute to the climate crisis.
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  • No knighthood or peerage for Boris
    There is enough problems in this country with people being unable to navigate the cost of living crisis. A disgraced PM and MP should not be handed an award, especially when he does not show any respect for the Monarch he is supposed to serve. Boris Johnson is a proven liar. He has shown that he has no respect for anyone, not his wives, children, colleagues and especially not the UK public. What impression does it give to the UK population if a person of such low character is given an award for being such a disgrace? Is it not even more of a disgrace if that person has publicly demonstrated they lack respect for the Monarchy itself? How can they be considered for ennoblement when they lack enough respec for the King, they consider bowing to him as beneath their dignity. His wife curtsied to the King and Queen yet Boris Johnson barely nodded to the Queen and ignored the King entirely. What message would it provide to the UK public for such an act to be ignored in the face of anti monarchy sentiment. It would paint a picture that His Majesty's Government itself considers insults to the Monarch to be acceptable. Is that the message the Government wishes to present? Is the Government putting out the message that they accept the role of the Monarchy no longer has a place in the UK, so much so that they support insults from Government ministers to the King. Not in words but in lack of deeds. I believe that if the government were to have the footage of the coronation analysed, they would find that Boris Johnson did not voice the oath of allegiance either. Such is my faith in his lack of respect.
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    Created by Edward Brownlee
  • ScrapRightToBuy
    The current Housing crisis combined with the cost of living crisis, commodification, and privatisation, is making the vulnerable increasingly exposed, squeezing the middlemen for all they have and helping the rich get richer. Housing is a need not a commodity. RTB needs to be scrapped to ensure every resident in England has a high-quality, secure home. We need your help to protect the most vulnerable by ending England's housing crisis. The idea is that housing is a necessity, not a luxury and every resident should be able to access housing at a cost that does not impact on their quality of life. This requires the removal of the Right To Buy policy, following suit with Scotland and Wales. In England, less than 1.6 million council homes are left with upwards of 82 council areas in England having no local authority-owned social housing. Even if councils could build back council homes 1 for 1, the size, standards, and location would not be the same as the original home. Many homes sold under RTB end up in the private rented sector; est 40% in 2016. Therefore, RTB results in the loss of homes, loss of council revenue streams, higher private rents, and a higher benefit bill. Scrapping the RTB policy would allow local councils to build back their social housing stock, ensuring the most vulnerable resident have a quality roof over their head, private sector rents will decrease allowing first-time buyers to access accommodation and funding could be raised through the councils' restored revenue stream to better regulate the rented sector. We, therefore, call on the government to scrap the RTB bill!
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    Created by Lucy Birtwhistle
  • BBC Director General And BBC Chairman Should Resign
    The BBC have behaved disgracefully for suspending Gary Lineker and they should resign
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    Created by Carl Attard
  • Reinstate Gary Lineker to Match of the Day
    Outside the headquarters of the BBC in London is a statue of the writer George Orwell. It bears the words: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” In a series of tweets Gary Lineker did just that. He told the Government that its policies to tackle illegal migration were inhumane and cruel. Rather than accept the freelance sports presenter was speaking from a position of genuine compassion, right-wing MPs immediately called for him to be removed from the BBC. The broadcaster should have stood up to this baying mob. If it values free speech and, above all, if it values its independence it should have defended Lineker’s right to voice views which may be unpalatable to others. The BBC has undermined its own reputation for impartiality by caving into the demands of the right-wing press and loudmouth Tory MPs. To take Lineker off air is not only craven but hypocritical. The BBC chairman, Richard Sharp, remains in place despite helping facilitate a loan guarantee for Boris Johnson. Other presenters have not been silenced despite airing right-wing views. The Mirror has launched a petition calling for Lineker to be reinstated. We urge anyone who values liberty and free speech to sign it.
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  • Stop the Crofton Park CPZ
    The CPZ does not: • Address safety, the main concern for residents* • Propose safe crossing points for school children notably for Prendergast School children crossing Manwood Road • Tackle dangerous driving behaviours particularly from those using local roads as cut-throughs to reduce their journey time • Improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists The CPZ does: • Impose additional costs on residents in the middle of a cost of living crisis • Increase bureaucracy and stress for residents • Reduce parking spaces for the schemes sake e.g. at the top of Bexhill Road • Cite CPZ existing in other inner London areas as a justification to implement it • Create unnecessary stress for residents as parking spaces are reduced and people scramble for space • Remove trees and replace them with new – trees have a high failure rate when planted new and if sustainability is a key council priority, this proposal runs counter to this. The section 8 area and surrounds are very neighbourly and have a wonderful community feel. We are voicing our disappointment that the Council has failed to invest time and effort in bringing a proposal forward to improve the neighbourhood further by tackling the real issues. We oppose the CPZ and call for proposals that genuinely and comprehensively address safety. See details of the proposal in Cabinet meeting decision papers: https://councilmeetings.lewisham.gov.uk/documents/s105243/Sustainable+Transport+and+Parking+Improvements+report.pdf *There does appear to be one element within the CPZ that potentially addresses safety and that is the proposed parking bans at the junction of Codrington Hill, Stillness and Crofton Park Roads. Applied in the correct way, this will increase the field of vision of drivers and pedestrians helping to reduce collisions at this hot spot.
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  • Give Leeds the levelling up funding the city deserves!
    The people of Leeds have been let down yet again by this government, who have failed to award any of the £2 billion Levelling Up Funding to the city - the second biggest local authority area in the country. This is not good enough, and must be reconsidered urgently. Leeds City Council submitted six excellent bids to Round 2 of the government’s Levelling Up Fund, which covered every constituency in Leeds not already in receipt of government funds. These bids covered some of the most deprived communities in the country and they have all been rejected. The bids focused on breathing new life into parks, transport infrastructure and local economies right across the council area through inner city areas and suburbs to former mining villages. The decision to not allocate a penny to Leeds sends a message to the people of our city that that the Government do not think we are worth anything. We demand that the government stops overlooking Leeds, and comes back with a new offer, giving Leeds its fair share from this £2billion pot.
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  • The public should not have to pay for Boris Johnson's legal fees
    While people up and down the country followed the rules, made sacrifices and lost loved ones Boris Johnson held parties - and then lied about it. I don't want a penny of the tax I pay on my NHS wage to be spent defending a wealthy former Prime Minister who broke Covid lockdown rules while my colleagues were risking their lives. And right now so many Brits can't afford to eat or heat their homes, they do not need another expense. Most of us were brought up to believe that when we were found to be telling a lie, it was important to accept responsibility and apologise. Boris seems to have been brought up to say if you're caught with your pants on fire, you lie, lie and lie again! There is no shame at all. No one in Whitehall - or outside of it - seriously believes that Johnson is innocent of misleading parliament. His colleagues in the Conservative Party should tell him to stand up, admit fault and accept his punishment. Instead they're approving him using our money to try and weasel out of it.
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