• Ban UK arms sales to Turkey
    Turkey's military action will disrupt the fragile stability of the region, harming and displacing thousands of civilians and paving the way for Isis to reestablish itself in the region. The EU states that military action is resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance. A number of major European powers have unilaterally pledged to halt arms sales to Mr Erdogan’s government, including Germany, France and Finland. But the UK, one of the world’s largest arms exporters, is absent from the list. Dominic Raab, the UK’s foreign secretary, was absent from Monday's meeting (EU foreign affairs council meeting in Luxemburg 7.10.19). The Financial Times reports "the UK has licensed £1.1bn worth of arms to Turkey since Mr Erdogan became president five years ago, according to the Campaign Against the Arms Trade. These include £206m of licences for aircraft, helicopters and drones, £84m on armoured vehicles and tanks, and £82m on grenades bombs, missiles and countermeasures."
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  • Abandon plans to demand photo ID at general elections
    The proposed Electoral Integrity bill will require voters to produce a passport, driving licence or other photographic ID before they are allowed to vote. However, it has not been clearly demonstrated that levels of voter fraud are sufficient to warrant such a step. The bill would merely deny millions of eligible voters the opportunity to cast their ballot. The affected groups of voters - those most likely to be unable to provide a driving licence or passport - predominantly includes: young people, people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women and the elderly. It's just plain wrong. This petition calls on the government to abandon the requirement for photographic ID to validate an individuals right to vote.
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    Working cross party and with support from local grassroots groups, you have a unique and realistic opportunity to win all these constituencies from the Conservatives. If you do not work together, the remain vote will split between the pro-remain parties, the seats will be lost, and we will all have helped the Conservatives or a Conservative/Brexit Party alliance into government. The time to set aside differences and come together for the common good is now. United we stand, divided we fall. “We are far more united, and have far more in common with each other, than things that divide us.” (Jo Cox) This petition is promoted by Chilterns4EU, a cross-party, grass-roots campaigning group with over 400 supporters dedicated to promoting a further say on Brexit and to remaining within the EU.
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  • Talbot Green Parking Review
    Parking in Talbot Green is extremely limited, and with increasing popularity of the area as a shopping and dining destination a comprehensive review of both on and off-street parking is required. With so few opportunities for long-term parking for those working in Talbot Green, residential streets are cluttered with vehicles with residents and their visitors finding it difficult to park on their own streets. A balance needs to be found that allows Talbot Green to thrive both economically and residentially.
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  • Think again. No KCal content on all menus.
    This would impede creativity & the use of seasonal produce within small independent establishments. Increase food waste by not using food in new dishes on the day due to not being able to accurately display the calorific content at short notice. Cost money small businesses simply do not have to ensure all recipes are tested for kcal content. Take up time that small business owners do not have to ensure this info is gained and displayed accurately. It would be detrimental to artisan providers & thus have the opposite effect. Less small establishments to choose from as they close down due to one more thing they have been asked to do that is unmanageable. This is in a time when small business closure is at its highest in recent years. The larger chains would most likely remain-providing more processed & cheaper, lower quality produce to the people of Scotland. We want a diverse high street with independent restaurants to choose from. Scottish Government please think again & don’t kill Scotland’s amazing independent food culture!
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  • Dominic Cummings must face the parliamentary committee to answer questions on the leave campaign
    Mr Cummings was incharge of the worst case of misleading the people of Uk ever, he was the major campigner and director of the leave campaign. This has been shown to have broken electral law and the missused data against GDPR rules. He refused to answer to the commons committee on his actions during the campaign and is in contempt of parliament. He has no respect for either our laws or our parliament and is it i therefore of utmost impotance that he face the parliamentary committee to answer questions re his conduct in the leave campaign
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  • Increase the fines for breaking electoral law
    We're now facing one of the most important elections in the UK’s history. And yet it’s still far too easy for millionaire donors and political parties to break the laws that keep our democracy fair - and get away with a mere slap on the wrist. You can be fined more for touting tickets at a football match than you can for subverting British democracy, with the maximum fine only £20,000. This is often a fraction of the money that parties are spending on elections. There needs to be a stronger incentive to follow the law. The Electoral Commission, whose job it is to police the rules that keep elections fair, have asked for the power to impose much bigger fines on those who break the law during elections. But so far, our political leaders have refused. More of us need to sign the petition so we can pile the pressure on our political leaders to change this law before we’re faced with another election. Will you join us and sign the petition today? We know the extent of election abuses thanks to investigations by us at openDemocracy and other journalists at the Guardian, Channel 4, Byline and elsewhere. Please consider signing up to hear more about the important work we do.
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  • Voting Fraud
    Our voting system is no longer fit for purpose and open to fraud, in particular postal voting, which should only be an option for our elderly, disabled and those who can prove they are unable to get to a polling station. Sir Eric Pickles' investigation and report in 2016 should be reviewed. Compulsory ID's, strict vetting in election campaigns and vote counters should also be considered. This issue must be addressed in order to prevent fraud and get true election results.
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  • Trump not welcome at D-Day event In Portsmouth.
    The invitation to Donald Trump for the D-Day commemorations is completely unacceptable. The D-Day commemorations are about the human sacrifice made in the struggle against fascism. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to receive the backing of the Ku Klux Klan. When Nazis chanted "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville, he described people demonstrating on both sides as "very fine people". He failed to distinguish between fascists and anti-fascists on the very same weekend that Heather Heyer was mown down in a car and murdered by a Nazi. Trump has retweeted posts by "Britain first" (the fascist grouping along with the EDL and BNP that have been banned from Facebook). Far from being a unifying figure, Trump's presidency has promoted bigotry. There are so many other reasons why his presence here is not conducive to the public good. His general racism, his boasting about grabbing women's genitals, because he thinks you're entitled to do it if you're privileged. His appalling misogyny, his transphobia, and hostility to the LGBT community and his general philistinism. It is an insult to all those who died fighting fascism that Trump, who has done so much to encourage fascists and the far right, has been invited to the D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth.
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    Created by Simon Magorian
  • Petition for Morley Town Council To Return £1,012 Mayoral Robe
    Morley as a town has been hit by constant cuts and our services are being affected by austerity, this spend clearly shows how out of touch our Town Councillors are. This petition aims are highlighting that the people of Morley will no longer put up with our taxes being spent like this.
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    Created by Jordan Barnsley
  • Don’t sell off public land in Adur
    The foundation of a cohesive and thriving community is people’s ability to live in decent, secure homes. There are over 900 households on ADC’s housing list who need to be able to access housing at well below market rents. Between April 2018 and December 2018, 50 households in Adur were placed into emergency accommodation. The Conservative Government’s definition of affordable rent at 80% market value does not tally with real wages of the local workforce. People who live in public housing should not be stigmatised. 42% of households are in work, 28% are retired, 7% unemployed, 93% are British nationals** Public land managed by councils should not be considered out of bounds for public housing because they are sited in desirable locations. Until 2019, Adur District Council has not built any public housing for 30 years. ADC has very little land to develop and is currently assessing council garage compounds as sites to develop therefore recognise that they need land. ** http://benefittosociety.co.uk/campaign-research/ Further reading https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/20/council-houses-were-once-a-glory-of-the-public-realm-lets-return-to-those-days https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-new-generation-of-council-housing https://www.socialhousing.co.uk/insight/insight/is-lifting-the-council-borrowing-cap-good-news-for-has-58524 http://www.arch-housing.org.uk/news/latest-news/lga-offers-financial-support-for-council-house-building.aspx
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