• Ban UK arms sales to Turkey
    Turkey's military action will disrupt the fragile stability of the region, harming and displacing thousands of civilians and paving the way for Isis to reestablish itself in the region. The EU states that military action is resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance. A number of major European powers have unilaterally pledged to halt arms sales to Mr Erdogan’s government, including Germany, France and Finland. But the UK, one of the world’s largest arms exporters, is absent from the list. Dominic Raab, the UK’s foreign secretary, was absent from Monday's meeting (EU foreign affairs council meeting in Luxemburg 7.10.19). The Financial Times reports "the UK has licensed £1.1bn worth of arms to Turkey since Mr Erdogan became president five years ago, according to the Campaign Against the Arms Trade. These include £206m of licences for aircraft, helicopters and drones, £84m on armoured vehicles and tanks, and £82m on grenades bombs, missiles and countermeasures."
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    Created by Anne Morgan
  • Abandon plans to demand photo ID at general elections
    The proposed Electoral Integrity bill will require voters to produce a passport, driving licence or other photographic ID before they are allowed to vote. However, it has not been clearly demonstrated that levels of voter fraud are sufficient to warrant such a step. The bill would merely deny millions of eligible voters the opportunity to cast their ballot. The affected groups of voters - those most likely to be unable to provide a driving licence or passport - predominantly includes: young people, people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women and the elderly. It's just plain wrong. This petition calls on the government to abandon the requirement for photographic ID to validate an individuals right to vote.
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    Created by Calvin Nadin Picture
  • one old age pension for everyone
    because i am one of the lower state pensioners (pre april 2016) and receiving £100 per month less than pensioners (april 2016) new pensioners !!!
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    Created by michael sewell
  • Referendums on Constitutional Issues Require Supermajorities
    The result of the 2016 EU Referendum is a United Kingdom that isn’t so united anymore, and an intensely divided country that finds itself facing the prospect of losing power, jobs, wealth, international standing and influence as a result of a hasty decision that is only supported by a narrow majority of voters. What if, for example, ‘Leave’ had won by 120,000 votes instead of 1.2 million? What if the margin had been much smaller? Does it really make sense to implement something that will have a fundamental, historic impact on the British Isles and Europe based on such a small majority? Of course it doesn't ! No other major democracy is so cavalier with the security of it's Constitution and Peoples' rights. For example, Amendments to the Constitution of the USA require 2/3 majority votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and a nationwide referendum that must win in 75% of the States. The United Kingdom deserves better than this !
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    Created by Colin Sanderson
  • Make politicians who change parties accountable
    It’s important that those who voted for politicians are not let down by their mps changing sides. There should always be a fresh election.
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    Created by Rosemary Corner
  • Stop MP's from jumping from one party to another and keeping their seats.
    In more recent times we have seen a relatively large number of MP's who were elected under Conservative, Labour, Liberal party etc banner/manifesto switch allegiance to other parties and still remain as MP's. Surely as those individuals were elected by the public to serve under a particular party manifesto it is wrong for them to switch to another party thereby denying their electorate of representation under the terms for which they were elected. Quite recently at least two sitting MP's have switched alegiance twice whilst holding onto their seats. This can not be right....can it? It is clear that MP's will not always agree with the party line. In that case they can abstain from voting on a particular issue. However if they find that they fundamentally disagree with the party then surely the proceedure should be to trigger a by-election and seek re-election under the banner of their now preferred party? The ability to 'jump ship', seemingly at an individuals whim, alters the balance in Parliament, does a disservice to the electorate and allows MP's to cross to 'the other side' with impunity. It needs to be stopped.
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    Created by Roger Clements
  • BBC is not a social service provider. Benefit payments is the responsibility of government.
    If the BBC is forced to pay this benefit, should not all broadcasters share the cost. Streaming services included.
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    Created by David Read
  • B1 English test should last forever
    Taking more money from people that are already struggling to live well all in the name of immigration status is unfair on people. I see this as exploitation.
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    Created by Abdulganiyu Abolarin
  • Election reform
    This is important because people are tired of tax year to tax year rhetoric, they need a vision of a future to work towards, and would instill a sense of purpose and hope to tackle the challenges we all face.
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    Created by Carl Stephenson
  • Automatic Free UK Citizenship for all EU Citizens living in the UK since before the year 2000
    The new EU Settlement Scheme is not fit for purpose for EU Citizens who have lived here for a long time.
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    Created by Anna Amato
    Working cross party and with support from local grassroots groups, you have a unique and realistic opportunity to win all these constituencies from the Conservatives. If you do not work together, the remain vote will split between the pro-remain parties, the seats will be lost, and we will all have helped the Conservatives or a Conservative/Brexit Party alliance into government. The time to set aside differences and come together for the common good is now. United we stand, divided we fall. “We are far more united, and have far more in common with each other, than things that divide us.” (Jo Cox) This petition is promoted by Chilterns4EU, a cross-party, grass-roots campaigning group with over 400 supporters dedicated to promoting a further say on Brexit and to remaining within the EU.
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    Created by Simon Standish
  • Britain to apply re-join The European Free Trade Association [EFTA]
    In 1972 Britain left the European Free Trade Association to join what has become the European Union. The current four members, of EFTA, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Leichtenstein all enjoy a high standard of living. They can trade with both Europe and with other countries. Iceland and Norway have their coastal fishing rights. EFTA is part of the EuropeanThe Single Market but not of the Customs Union Britain and Ireland have both opted out of the.Schengen agreement. This means we can maintain our borders and passports as present. There would be no need for any Irish border There would be a charge, but this is less than half the cost of leaving the EU. This path could be acceptable to both remainers and to leavers Many English and Scottish MPs already accept this to be a solution
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    Created by Steve Pank