• Don’t drag the UK into Trump’s War with Iran
    Tensions are at breaking point between the US and Iran after President Trump ordered an airstrike killing an Iranian military commander. Iran is threatening retaliation. A US led war with the Middle East is looming. To avoid needless destruction and civilian death, Prime Minister Boris Johnson must publicly rule out being dragged into a Trump led war. Together we can show Boris Johnson that the British public don’t want to get into bed with Trump and enter another war. Sign the petition to up the pressure now.
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  • Streaming live Council meetings
    There has been a lot of decisions by Halton council that have made a lot of people very angry, however if we was to look, very little if any members of the public actually attend these Council meetings and as often to be the case people are not happy with decisions that have been made but only learn of these decisions when they are happening. Is it not about time that in 2020 the Council should be considering steaming live Council meetings, its a new way of communicating with and to engage the general public, these live and on-demand streaming can be used for all the council meetings. If people can’t attend the Council meetings in person, they can still participate virtually by watching live streaming broadcasts, it will of course be educational to know what actually is happening at the council meetings and being able to see key decisions being made. This will make local democracy more accessible for residents being able to watch from home or even their workplace or even on the go, this really is a great opportunity to bring the council chamber into the 21st century with the installation of a live streaming system. They will be able to watch live as issues are debated, motions are voted on and planning applications how they are decided, I believe this will increase engagement with residents and making meetings available to view online could improve the communication with residents, we must also think residents who cannot leave their homes due to illness or old age. I have looked at other councils who take part in this live streaming and have spoken to them direct and what I have been told on occasions although they experience very low if any attendance from members of the public just like Halton, each meeting has been watched between 400 and 2,500 times, this is far in excess of expectations of any number that our Council meetings attract however this idea will work.
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    Created by Darrin Whyte
  • Save our democracy from massive media companies
    More than 80% of the national newspaper market is dominated by just three companies. That means only a handful of people at the top of the companies control how most of our news is reported. Having a free press - where media companies have their own opinions - is important in a democracy. But when just a handful of views are represented by just a handful of companies, it can end up influencing the majority of the news read by millions of people every day. If you think massive powerful media companies need to be broken up so our media can have a fairer range of voices, add your name to the petition toady.
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  • We don’t want no-deal
    Boris Johnson wants to rule out any extensions to a Brexit transition period. He says this is to stop any delays, but really it just makes a no-deal Brexit more likely. Even though he’s just won an election, it doesn’t mean our Prime Minister can put our jobs, our access to medicines and our economy at risk just to score political points. Leave or Remain, none of us voted for a no-deal Brexit that could see our food standards at risk, our NHS struggling with price hikes to vital medicines, and job losses across the country.
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  • Make your voice heard - vote for PR
    The UK is sharply divided and people don’t always feel their views are represented by their MP’s. A PR system would end the need for tactical voting and enable people to vote for a candidate who represents their views without fear of their vote being wasted.
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    Created by Mark Popay
  • Clean up our electoral system
    The 2019 general election has seen some truly dodgy behaviour: fake news, misleading leaflets, untruthful ads on social media. And parties have been getting away with it. Why? Because the organisation that oversees elections is just too weak. The Electoral commission is the organisation tasked with this crucial role but its powers are limited and outdated. For instance, its rules are based on how elections were run decades ago, before social media and fake news played such a key role. Our democracy won't work if it's polluted by disinformation. The Electoral Commission needs more power so it can impose bigger fines - and help clean up our democracy
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  • Release the Russian report
    A report by MPs which reveals whether or not there has been secret Russian interference in British politics has been delayed for months. No reason for the refusal has been given. Everyone in the country has a right to know if a foreign power has been trying to influence our politics. The British public should be told the truth about whether or not there was interference in our politics. The government should release the report as soon as possible and be honest with the public.
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  • Crackdown on dodgy political ads
    This general election has seen untruthful ads or plain lies on social media. At the moment Facebook do not do enough to get rid of ads that spread lies or misinformation. Other social media platforms have already taken action. Twitter recently banned all political ads. The spread of misinformation and lies in our politics could have a serious impact on our democracy. Facebook have the power to change their rules to crack down on the spread of political ads which mislead people. They make a lot of money out of these adverts so they have a duty to do better.
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  • Regenerate the Wednesfield Market
    Improving the facilities and dropping the rents would hopefully entice traders back, and stop those we have from leaving. These are the first two things we need in order to save our dying market !!!
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    Created by Max McEvoy
  • Introduce 'automatic registration' - so everyone can have their say in elections
    Around nine million people are unable to have their say on who represents them - because they’re not registered to vote. That means millions of people – from young people to BME groups and those on low-incomes - won’t get a say in the future of their country, making our democracy more unequal and unfair. Let’s make sure this never happens again by moving towards a system that works for all of us. After this election, we call on all parties to commit to ‘automatic registration’ for all future elections in the UK. It's time to bring in the missing millions at last.
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    Created by Electoral Reform Society
  • Improve the quality of mental health services for young people in the UK
    Mental health services for young people in the UK are doing their best to support what can be a major issue for students, both in formal education and university alike, but many services across the UK simply cannot keep up with this increasing demand. Waiting list lengths for counselling are some of the longest they've ever been and many young people simply cannot get the help they desperately need due to a lack of people able to support them. This combined with soaring number of helpline calls surely suggest that mental health services should be improved right?
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    Created by Services 4 Students Picture
  • Stop using Amazon for government websites!
    Our government for years has been telling us that companies "like Amazon" have got away with their tax dodging for too many years. It's laughable then that Amazon is being allowed to provide services to a government department for which they are no doubt being well paid.
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    Created by Jamie Crampton