• South Cambridgeshire stands up to hatred in politics
    The Conservative Party’s candidate for South Cambridgeshire, Anthony Browne, is reported to have used racist and offensive language in articles he had written. He wrote that the UK’s immigration policy risked “letting in too many germs” by welcoming people from the “Third World”. What our politicians say matters. When powerful people say hateful things, it can have a real impact, spreading fear and division - and turning people off of politics. The kind of comments made by Anthony Browne have no place in our politics - and we need to prove to him that people in South Cambridgeshire think it’s wrong. Will you sign the petition and demand a proper apology from Anthony Browne? It’s time to stand up against hatred in politics.
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  • Demand the BBC leaders debates include an independent fact checker
    After three years of smear, lies, stories and headlines, many of them bordering on libel, a simple apology is not acceptable when you're aiming for the most powerful job in politics. The UK is divided and volatile, this election is a very significant part of our history. The least we can ask for is the facts. Don't let a liar make it to Downing Street. It's time to call them out. Its therefore imperative that a fact checker is allowed to sit with the leaders during the debate.
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    Created by Paul Jeffrey
    Without this information the public are not fully aware of all the issue behind the results of previous elections. Furthermore, since one of the biggest issues of the coming election is Brexit we need to be aware of any meddling in the 2016 referendum. Finally, if there has been interference in previous elections we need to be reassured that it is not a current ongoing situation before casting our votes on December 12th. How can we be confident of fairness and probity in the election process.
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    Created by Steve Thompson
  • SKY - Allow SNP on Leader's Debate
    Scottish voters will be listening to the debate and will be restricted to the policies of two or three political parties who do not speak for a large proportion of the Scottish Electorate. Further-more, by not allowing the SNP a platform, you are reducing their ability to convert non-SNP voters to consider voting for the party and their policies. We are not asking for any preferential treatment, only that you treat all parties the same. As Scots, we pay the same SKY fees as the rest of the country and it is important that our voices are heard. We were told this was a Union of Equals and we ask SKY TV to ensure that during this election we are made to feel that statement is true.
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    Created by David Lindsay
  • Support the 1950s Women
    3.8 million women have been caught up in government efforts to cut the costs of paying for the state pension and to equalise the age at which men and women receive the state pension. We are your moms, grans, wives, sisters, aunts and friends and never ever thought we would be protesting in our 60s following what many term the ‘Great State Pension Robbery’. I start this petition in support of all the campaigning pensions group who all want justice.
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    Created by Bridget Green
  • Elevate John Bercow to the House of Lords
    John Bercow has served the House of Commons unstintingly with honour, professionalism and dedication for a decade. It is unthinkable that the current UK government should deny his elevation to the upper House breaking with all tradition, common decency and good sense. John Bercow is far more worthy of this honour than many who currently enjoy it. Boris Johnson should not be allowed to throw his toys out of the pram and block this.
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    Created by Nadine Schofield
  • Fair Election Debates
    We live in an multi-party democracy and in a general election voters will have a choice between at least three major national parties and several credible smaller parties. Newspapers are reporting that the Conservatives are pressing for a debate just between the Conservatives and Labour falsely narrowing the options open to voters, denying the public a balanced programme and unfairly advantaging two parties at the expense of the others.
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    Created by Nick Baker
  • No to Car Parking Charges in Clackmannanshire
    We should be supporting local businesses by trying to increase the number of people visiting Clackmannanshire and spending in the local economy. The introduction of parking charges will impact local businesses, reduce tourism and be a tax on local people trying to access their own community. This is a bad decision and the Councillors who supported the charges should reverse their decision without delay.
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    Created by Lorna Robertson Picture
  • Change Chichester District Council Meeting Times
    All Chichester District Council meetings are held during the day making it impossible for working people or people with day time commitments to attend Council Meetings. 95% of the District and Borough Councils in England and Wales hold evening or late afternoon meetings. Chichester District Council is one of only a very few of over 200 second tier councils to hold all meetings during the day. Day time meetings make it very hard for working District Councillors to attend Council meetings to fulfil the roles for which their communities duly elected them. This also affects Parish Councillors and residents who work and need to attend meetings at Chichester District Council.
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    Created by Marieta Evans
  • Ban UK arms sales to Turkey
    Turkey's military action will disrupt the fragile stability of the region, harming and displacing thousands of civilians and paving the way for Isis to reestablish itself in the region. The EU states that military action is resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance. A number of major European powers have unilaterally pledged to halt arms sales to Mr Erdogan’s government, including Germany, France and Finland. But the UK, one of the world’s largest arms exporters, is absent from the list. Dominic Raab, the UK’s foreign secretary, was absent from Monday's meeting (EU foreign affairs council meeting in Luxemburg 7.10.19). The Financial Times reports "the UK has licensed £1.1bn worth of arms to Turkey since Mr Erdogan became president five years ago, according to the Campaign Against the Arms Trade. These include £206m of licences for aircraft, helicopters and drones, £84m on armoured vehicles and tanks, and £82m on grenades bombs, missiles and countermeasures."
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    Created by Anne Morgan
  • Abandon plans to demand photo ID at general elections
    The proposed Electoral Integrity bill will require voters to produce a passport, driving licence or other photographic ID before they are allowed to vote. However, it has not been clearly demonstrated that levels of voter fraud are sufficient to warrant such a step. The bill would merely deny millions of eligible voters the opportunity to cast their ballot. The affected groups of voters - those most likely to be unable to provide a driving licence or passport - predominantly includes: young people, people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women and the elderly. It's just plain wrong. This petition calls on the government to abandon the requirement for photographic ID to validate an individuals right to vote.
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    Created by Calvin Nadin Picture
  • one old age pension for everyone
    because i am one of the lower state pensioners (pre april 2016) and receiving £100 per month less than pensioners (april 2016) new pensioners !!!
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    Created by michael sewell