• You robbed us of our pension at 60yrs- now shield us from raising pension tax!
    It is important now because change is again iminent because of the national debt, fuelled by covid induced borrowing. Where will the government look to find money?...income tax is to be expected. Raising taxes are currently under discussion and this is bound to include raising tax on pensions. Once more it is the people who can afford it least, those who have invested most, huge amounts from thier salaries over forty or more years, who will be robbed of their life long intended benefits. This comes at a time when the same people will be denied any other benefits due to unemployment and lack of resources... because they have a pension of some kind. I feel we need to call for a 'shield' in raising tax on pensions, and most importantly the wasp women, who already had thier pensions stolen for six whole years in advance. I suggest that shielding pensioners and raising the personal tax allowance so that occupational pensions don't lower state pension, is one viable way forward to protect and compensate. In my own case , I spent almost £36, 000 of my lump sum from my occupational pension on the higher education for my family, when I was suddenly made redundant. This left a very small monthly amount, which has caused me to lose £150 of my monthly state pension, now that I finally can receive it. Where are the planned benefits of 40+ years of paying into a pension scheme for my older years? How can a teacher, for example, be called upon to work on until, now, 70yrs to benefit from pension rights? On the other hand , how many employers will employ you aged 66yrs, presently?... and yet you are expected to survive on this and pay your bills? After a life time of work and bringing up families, our contributions are being eaten up by the government both before we get them and after we have got them. There is no incentive in life for our children to pay huge contributions from their hard earned pay not to begin to begin to benefit until such an advanced age. What then will be our life expectancy? This is imoral.. from a government who claim expenses for thier meals whilst on huge salaries and deny the kids on the line of poverty free meals. A government with the loop hole to allow these 'business lunches' to by -pass the rule of 6 upheld for others an we can't celebrate our kids' graduations or family occasions. A government getting rich on abusing tax payers' money on PPE and giving jobs for their mates, while we all endure unemployment, instead of tendering contracts with transparency.
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    Created by Faja Newman
  • Stop appointing your mates to top jobs
    Conservative Peer Dido Harding was appointed as Head of the National Institute for Health Protection in August. The wife of a Conservative MP and friend of former Prime Minister David Cameron, Dido Harding didn’t pip other candidates to the post at the interview. There weren’t any other candidates. She was just handed the job. She’s not the only one to land a top job this way. Each week it seems another individual secures a role of vital public importance without any advertisement or fair process. Very often that individual has personal and political connections to the Government. In any other country, we’d call it what it is: cronyism. But just imagine what it would mean for jobs to be advertised and awarded on the basis of ability not who you went to school with. This Government's approach discriminates against those born without a silver spoon in their mouth. It’s unfair to those who don’t rub shoulders with high-ranking Ministers. And it’s unfair to groups who the data shows are shut out of public life. It’s time to put an end to it.
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  • Means test MP expenses in line with benefits and other govt support
    The average UK salary is £30k. The basic MP salary is £81k (putting them in the top 5%). On top of this MPs can take other well-paid jobs for example in journalism or public speaking and claim for expenses, sometimes in the region of £50k. The average person is unable to claim expenses, their only option is to seek extra help in the form of benefits where their incomes and assets are thoroughly assessed and help is denied if they are lucky enough to have over £16k in savings, and minimized if they have over £6k in savings. This disparity needs assessing. MPs complacency and reliance on expenses breeds contempt for the average person looking for a little extra support but it's the MPs who are truly receiving the "hand-out" that they claim to despise. With such a large divide between wealth, means and class, how can MPs truly relate to their constituents? Can an MP with savings worth £2M and claiming £40K expenses really understand what it's like to be living on £28K and struggling to sustain a family because you're oh-so-slowly saving up (£17k in 6 years!) to buy a house so the kids don't have to share a room?
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    Created by Claire Wilkie
  • Elbit out of Oldham!
    We believe Elbit Systems, an Israeli arms manufacturer based in Oldham, should be closed down and urgently call for its production to move to environmental and renewable manufacturing instead of weapons Elbit Systems Ltd is the sole owner of Ferranti Technologies based in Cairo House in Waterhead. Elbit is a major supplier to the Israeli defence Forces and makes a range of weapons systems developed through “extensive real world combat experience” in conflicts with Palestinians, others in the Middle East and around the world. In Gaza over 2200 Palestinians were killed in 51 days of Israel’s bombing in 2014 including over 500 children. Palestinians in Gaza have protested against inhumane living conditions created by a decade long Israeli blockade. Israel has responded violently to unarmed demonstrators by shooting dead at least 250 and injuring 18,000. Israel is one of the world’s largest arms exporters and India is its largest buyer. Troops in occupied Kashmir are likely to be using Israeli made arms against a besieged population, who have for years experienced human rights violations.
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    Created by Susan Piper
  • BARNET Council please fund free school meals for children this October half term and beyond
    According to the end child poverty coalition, 27. 2% children live in poverty in Barnet. This equates to 6566 children after housing costs in 2018-2019. We, the undersigned, urge Barnet council to take urgent action and join the councils across the country and provide free school meals for those Barnet children eligible over October half term and beyond. Please sign below to support the campaign.
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    Created by Amy Hayes
  • Link Ministers and MP’s Salary increases to rises in the minimum wage
    Previous government has secured a "get out" committee for the setting of their wages that ignores the state of the economy that their Government Ministers and MPs are ultimately responsible for. This has led to MPs salaries way above inflation while they vote against wage increases for others for reasons of affordability. Linking pay in this way is a simple way to use performance related pay to remunerate our leaders. It would hopefully help to bring back some fairness and trust to politics.
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    Created by Neil Dixon
  • Give Local Leaders more power
    The Coronavirus restrictions and disagreements over them have revealed how little Central Government either knows about regions outside of London or cares. The creation of combined Local Authorities with Metro Mayors such as Andy Burnham and Steve Rotherham came with little extra money and few extra powers. Yorkshire has more people than Scotland, Greater Manchester is almost twice the size of Northern Ireland, Merseyside nearing the population of Wales. England is one of the most centralised countries in the world. In recent weeks Central Government has shown its contempt for the regions by not inviting relevant MPs, such as Lisa Nandy, to meetings because they don’t know who they represent, offering lower financial support than under full lockdown, ignoring the fact that Greater Manchester has been under the equivalent of tier 2 ineffectual lockdown for two and a half months. But they still don’t listen to local leaders, whether they be Labour, such as Andy Burnham or Conservative such as Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands. By signing you will be supporting local leaders in the North and Midlands of England to support their people.
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    Created by Moira Sykes
  • Provide furlough, loans and grants to Events Industry
    The Events industry has been hardest hit during the pandemic. Locked down since March they have seen none of the recent relaxing of restrictions that have enable other businesses to get back to work, and now the original furlough scheme is coming to an end, the industry faces approx 600,000 people unemployed and thousands of businesses collapsing as workers will not be eligible for the new winter scheme as they cannot work at all. We want the existing, simple meaningful furlough scheme to continue to support the Events industry, staff and Businesses
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    Created by Adam Backer
  • Give NHS Staff and Key Workers a payrise not MP's
    MP's have not suffered on Universal Credit, been forced below the poverty line, had to borrow money, rely on credit cards to get by or worry that they might be evicted this year. However, many millions have. NHS Staff and Key Workers have been lauded as heroes by the government whilst also being stabbed in the back by them financially via cuts and empty platitudes. To give MP's a payrise is a direct and agregious insult to these selfless and vital people and we must show the government we won't stand for it.
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    Created by Alex Gray Picture
  • Return Democracy to South Tyneside
    The emergency legislation that allowed Councils to suspend holding meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic also enabled meetings to be held virtually to allow democracy to continue. Almost all councils are now holding virtual Full Council meetings. This enables all elected Councillors to represent the views of residents and for democracy to continue. South Tyneside Council is a notable exception. The last meeting of South Tyneside Borough Council was held in February 2020. There are currently no plans in place to hold a Borough Council meeting before February 2021 by which time the majority of those elected to represent the people of South Tyneside will have been silenced for a year. As Councillors for Beacon and Bents Ward we have repeatedly asked why we are the only Council that are not holding these meetings. Responses received to these requests have included we aren't able to organise a virtual meeting of this size, it would be too difficult for officers who wouldn't be able to see every Councillor on screen at the same time and some Councillors are not IT literate enough to participate in virtual meetings. These are not reasons they are excuses. Councils far larger than South Tyneside have been holding virtual meetings since six weeks after lockdown began; the government have held virtual meetings with hundreds of MPs taking part; and a trade union recently held a virtual conference in which over 700 delegates took part. We have also requested that all virtual meetings that are held and live streamed are recorded and published on YouTube so people can watch them when they finish work. We have been told this is too difficult to do but other Councils have done this for months. There is no legitimate reason why South Tyneside Council cannot hold Borough Council meetings and why they cannot record and publish all meetings. As Councillors for Beacon and Bents Ward we have been contacted by residents from our own Ward and from others who want to know why South Tyneside Council is trying to stifle democracy. We have been asked why we voted to introduce local restrictions. But the truth is that we, and the majority of Councillors across the Borough, have had no say in this decision. We are being asked about plans for the future, for reviving our town centre, and for rebuilding our economy. Again we have to say that we are being prevented from raising questions about these and other important issues because Borough Council is not meeting. The residents of South Tyneside deserve better. They deserve to be represented. They deserve to have their voices heard. And they deserve to see democracy return to our Borough. The Chief Executive has left and can only be replaced by Borough Council. Officers have been left without leadership and residents without a voice. This is not about Party politics. It's about doing the right thing, returning democracy to our Borough and working together to create a better future when the pandemic finally ends. Councillor Angela Hamilton (Labour Party) Councillor David Francis (Green Party)
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    Created by Angela Hamilton
  • Stop the Westminster Power Grab on the Scottish and Welsh Governments
    The UK Internal Market Bill endangers the existence and viability of devolution. It would be a Westminster power grab, unacceptable to the Scottish and Welsh Governments. From a Scottish perspective, it directly contradicts promises of more powers that were promised in the event of a No vote in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. What the Bill means is less powers. Much less. Clause 45 of the Bill states that certain provisions of the bill will have effect "notwithstanding inconsistency or incompatibility with international law." This is a position that should not be acceptable to those of us who treasure democracy and the rule of law, international or otherwise.
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    Created by Graham Purnell
  • Give MPs a Parliamentary Vote on a future US Trade Deal.
    A US -UK trade deal is likely to have a profoundly negative impact on the lives of people in the UK. Many regulations that have kept us and the environment safe will disappear along with animal welfare standards. A Trade Deal with the US will be in reality a trade deal between the U.K and ruthless multinational corporations that wield huge amounts of power. Most trade deals contain clauses known as ISDS clauses, (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clauses whereby governments can be fined millions of pounds if an investor's profits are reduced in any way and for whatever reason. Big business is likely to play a major but negative part in our lives in the future. Parliamentarians should be granted a final vote on the US trade deal; secrecy should be lifted in support of transparency and democracy.
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    Created by Christine Wardlow-Kaye