• Voting Fraud
    Our voting system is no longer fit for purpose and open to fraud, in particular postal voting, which should only be an option for our elderly, disabled and those who can prove they are unable to get to a polling station. Sir Eric Pickles' investigation and report in 2016 should be reviewed. Compulsory ID's, strict vetting in election campaigns and vote counters should also be considered. This issue must be addressed in order to prevent fraud and get true election results.
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  • Call a general election
    This is extremely important because of the amount of people suffering due to the way the conservatives have governed. Businesses are suffering our economy is suffering and our image to the world has been damaged beyond belief. Britain is not acting like a democracy the conservatives are guilty of allowing foreign states to interfere in our rights to a fair vote
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  • Don't imprison British volunteers in Rojava
    Brits are being banned from travelling to Rojava under the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Act, even though the UK is part of the International Coalition against ISIS, which relied on Rojava throughout its campaign. 8 British heroes, including Anna Campbell, lost their lives volunteering with YPG & YPJ in the fight against jihadi terrorism. The bravery and sacrifice of these volunteers should be honoured. Far from being an ISIS stronghold, Rojava is a beacon of women’s resistance against the oppressive jihadist mentality, and a grassroots, direct-democratic alternative to the brutal regimes which rule elsewhere in the Middle East. This law must be scrapped, so British volunteers can keep joining the struggle to eradicate ISIS' mentality, without facing ten-year jail sentences. Fighting for a better world is not a crime!
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    Created by Matthew Broomfield
  • Trump not welcome at D-Day event In Portsmouth.
    The invitation to Donald Trump for the D-Day commemorations is completely unacceptable. The D-Day commemorations are about the human sacrifice made in the struggle against fascism. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to receive the backing of the Ku Klux Klan. When Nazis chanted "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville, he described people demonstrating on both sides as "very fine people". He failed to distinguish between fascists and anti-fascists on the very same weekend that Heather Heyer was mown down in a car and murdered by a Nazi. Trump has retweeted posts by "Britain first" (the fascist grouping along with the EDL and BNP that have been banned from Facebook). Far from being a unifying figure, Trump's presidency has promoted bigotry. There are so many other reasons why his presence here is not conducive to the public good. His general racism, his boasting about grabbing women's genitals, because he thinks you're entitled to do it if you're privileged. His appalling misogyny, his transphobia, and hostility to the LGBT community and his general philistinism. It is an insult to all those who died fighting fascism that Trump, who has done so much to encourage fascists and the far right, has been invited to the D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth.
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  • Petition for Morley Town Council To Return £1,012 Mayoral Robe
    Morley as a town has been hit by constant cuts and our services are being affected by austerity, this spend clearly shows how out of touch our Town Councillors are. This petition aims are highlighting that the people of Morley will no longer put up with our taxes being spent like this.
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  • Add a "None of the above" Box for Voting
    This is important because there has been less voter turnout in the last years. From surveying young people, we have gained information that eludes to younger people not voting for parties because they don't agree with what they are offering and have little education about the politcal standpoint of these parties. Many people who we interviewed would rather have a "None of the Above" box and tick that than not voting.
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  • Lower the UK voting age to 16
    Lowering the voting age to 16 gives the British youth a chance to get politically involved in decision making. Evidence from the electoral reform society suggests that when given the opportunity, this age group vote in high numbers. It is important that we also have a say on issues that will affect us and our futures.
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  • Make the Lords work for their money
    As I understand it, the Lords get paid £300 or thereabouts per day in the House of Lords and all they need to do for this money is to sign their name. They can then go home or go to the cheap bar in the House and have a drink, pop into the House and listen for 5 minutes or even pop in and go to sleep. I think if they come to work they should actually have to work.
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  • Don’t sell off public land in Adur
    The foundation of a cohesive and thriving community is people’s ability to live in decent, secure homes. There are over 900 households on ADC’s housing list who need to be able to access housing at well below market rents. Between April 2018 and December 2018, 50 households in Adur were placed into emergency accommodation. The Conservative Government’s definition of affordable rent at 80% market value does not tally with real wages of the local workforce. People who live in public housing should not be stigmatised. 42% of households are in work, 28% are retired, 7% unemployed, 93% are British nationals** Public land managed by councils should not be considered out of bounds for public housing because they are sited in desirable locations. Until 2019, Adur District Council has not built any public housing for 30 years. ADC has very little land to develop and is currently assessing council garage compounds as sites to develop therefore recognise that they need land. ** http://benefittosociety.co.uk/campaign-research/ Further reading https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/20/council-houses-were-once-a-glory-of-the-public-realm-lets-return-to-those-days https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-new-generation-of-council-housing https://www.socialhousing.co.uk/insight/insight/is-lifting-the-council-borrowing-cap-good-news-for-has-58524 http://www.arch-housing.org.uk/news/latest-news/lga-offers-financial-support-for-council-house-building.aspx
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  • Reject This Cruel Budget
    Aberdeen City Council are seeking to fill the hole created by their mis-spending by not only hiking up tax, but also slashing public spending from almost anything worthwhile in the city. Everything from Lollipop Men & Women, to Libraries, Road repairs, Sports Facilitates and even charities like Aberdeen Performing Arts and SHMU face the chop. All so that public money can be spent to prop up private spending on money-pits like Marischal Square. This budget should not be passed without a transparent open book investigation into public spending, to find out why Aberdeen's finances are in such a desperate state, and hold those responsible to account.
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    Created by Aron Smith
  • Fairness, equality, and transparency.
    MP's expenses are a blatant abuse of the system, and corruption of the worst kind. Perhaps a review of MP's expenses could be carried out by the DWP fraud department, using the same criteria, and penalties, as benefit fraud. If we are going to accept the rule of law, as decided by our elected representatives, then it must be applied fairly to all.
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