• Save Quarriers James Shields Project, Glasgow
    Quarriers James Shields Project has been delivering vital homelessness accommodation and support to young people, 16 - 25 years old, in the Glasgow area for over 20 years. The young people who use the service have complex situations including, histories of abuse, mental health difficulties and a lack of support. Some are completely isolated Asylum Seekers. This service is now being closed. At a time when Scotland has the highest drug death statistics in Europe and increased suicide, the loss of such a vital service, with no established alternative, will potentially have life threatening consequences for some young people. The safety of young people is the obvious priority for this petition, however Glasgow is also on the verge of losing 28 trained, specialised staff, who have been invested in with tax payers money. It is essential that young people, who have often been unprotected in childhood, continue to have access to safe, supported accommodation when in the crisis of homelessness.
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    Created by Frances Curran
  • Provide hoists and wide, adjustable treatment beds in all GP surgeries
    In 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. I live with Spinabifida and am a wheelchair user because I'm paralysed from above the waist down. It is not legally possible to prove, but it is my sincere belief that had I been examined earlier in the year using a hoist and adjustable wide treatment bed, my cancer may have been discovered sooner. Disabled people and particularly paralysed people, don't always feel changes in their body, so require better than average monitoring. This equipment would provide that extra safeguarding and would protect disabled people from developing further physical issues that cost huge amounts of tax payer's money to address and great distress.
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    Created by Tracy Locke
  • Ofcom: Put wellbeing of TV show participants first
    Reality TV shows are putting people at risk. Broadcasters are sacrificing the mental health and wellbeing of their participants and countless reality TV stars have spoken out saying that their participation in shows have left them feeling vulnerable, and battling mental health issues. It’s costing lives. This year the Jeremy Kyle Show was taken off air after the tragic death of show participant Steve Dymond. And in March Love Island star Mike Thalassitis was the second cast member of the show to die by sucicide following the death in June 2018 of Sophie Gradon, who appeared on Love Island the previous year. In response to the huge public outcry following these deaths, media regulator Ofcom has proposed new safeguards to protect reality TV stars. Under the new rules, British TV and radio stations will be explicitly required to protect the “welfare, wellbeing and dignity” of individuals who take part in their programmes. But broadcasters are pushing back against any regulations that might hurt their ratings - and we need to make sure that Ofcom stay true to their commitment and introduce new rules to protect the wellbeing of reality tv show participants.
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    Created by James Hastings
  • Stop Leveraging Students with RBS Debt
    Because with student debt rising at an unsustainable rate, the next generation will be even less likely to afford their own home. Their health will suffer. Universities are profiteering and not delivering value. Many Universities are in debt. The young are paying for their and the Governments mis-management
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    Created by James BRACHER
  • Stop making the problem worse
    Continuing to build to current standards creates buildings that release much more CO2 than necessary. This is unacceptable given the recognition of a Climate Emergency. The technology exists to build very low energy buildings. A small estate of Passivhaus homes has been built near me. In 2015 a small very low energy home designed by Swansea University was built within the budget for this size of home https://www.swansea.ac.uk/press-office/news-archive/2015/uksfirstsmartcarbonpositiveenergyhouseunveiled.php The Chinese are building Passivehaus flats https://passivehouse.com/.
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    Created by John Stott
  • Stop the UK sending our plastics abroad to dispose of
    Eastern countries are not using the proper procedures to destroy the plastics and there are risks of harmful environmental contamination . We should be helping these countries , not using them as a dumping ground .
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    Created by Nola Knowles
  • in Support of the Green New Deal in UK
    Because there is a climate and environmental emergency. The government's first responsibility is to protect its people. The UK Government is clearly not doing this in respect to the current climate crisis.. Given the urgency of the situation as described by the IPCC we need to put the climate crisis at the top of the political agenda.
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    Created by Julia Barfield
  • A petition for the preservation of the Manchester International Society
    The University of Manchester has one of the largest international student communities in the UK. The International Society, previously housed in the beautiful and spacious William Kay House on Oxford Road, where it hosted events and activities for the international community, has long been a major part of the student experience in Manchester for many international students. In 2016, the University reviewed its support for international students and concluded its preferred strategy is to fund only one organisation to support its many international students. Consequently, it decided that, from 31 July 2019 onwards, direct University funding of the International Society will stop and be diverted to the Student Union instead. As a result, the Society has had to vacate its previous premises and has relocated to the Student Union building, and the Society’s Small World Café, one of the main meeting points for Manchester’s international community, had to be closed. For the time being, it seems the Society will remain a separate charity entity operating from the Student Union premises. However, given the limited space allocated in the Union building and the future uncertainty, this petition calls on all individuals who have enjoyed and benefitted from the programmes of the International Society, to highlight the importance of the existence of an independent International Society for our university community and international community. This petition thus seeks to draw attention to the University management board, and calls for the guaranteed continuation of all the long-running events and activities that the International Society has been able to host throughout its years, which have been a major part of the student experience in Manchester for many international students, including myself. In my personal experience, as an international student, half-German and half-Japanese, born in the UK but raised in various countries, the International Society acted as a home-away-from-home, as it provided a warm and welcoming space for international and British students and staff, as well as members of the local community, to come together and connect with people from every corner of the world. Popping in to meet familiar or new faces, to have a coffee, to play piano, or to work on language skills– the International Society always provided a welcoming and inspiring cross-cultural atmosphere none of the single-country Student Union societies were able to offer. Besides the many language classes, trips, cultural workshops and families groups the Society has been hosting for years, exemplary of this was the "International 16" project which I was predominantly involved in during my past 3 years at our university. It included a series of events to encourage students, staff and all community members to come together in a welcoming place to meet new people and learn about different cultures through cuisine and activities, thereby enriching our cultural awareness and appreciation. Previously supported by all three universities in Manchester (UoM, MMU and the University of Salford), through these activities and events, the Society has thus been positively contributing to community cohesion, and has celebrated cultural diversity since 1966. Run by international staff and volunteers themselves, the Society does an outstanding job at understanding and meeting the needs and wishes of our university’s international community, and as an international student far away from home, it is beautiful to see an entire entity dedicated to the wellbeing of internationals as its top priority and purpose. To sum up, looking back on the International Society as one of the fondest university experiences for many, including myself, this petition strives to ensure that future students, as well as the wider (international) community of The University of Manchester, will be able to continue to enjoy the International Society too.
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    Created by Aya Wietzorrek Picture
  • Tell us where our school uniforms come from
    Trutex is one of the UK’s oldest suppliers of school uniforms. They produce uniforms and sportswear for thousands of schools across the UK and worldwide. This important company, which often has a monopoly on producing uniforms at many schools, does not provide any information at all on where their clothes are made. This needs to change. Trutex’s website offers vague promises of a commitment to ethical production and assurances that its production sites are well managed and safe. Yet unlike many other brands who have published lists of where their factories are located, Trutex remain silent and provide absolutely no evidence that what they say is true. Garment and shoe supply chains are hugely complex and brands often hide the data about where their clothes are made. What we do know for a fact however is that unsafe working conditions, extremely low wages and suppression of unions are found in many factories and workshops. Trutex has a sourcing office in Bangladesh where wages and conditions are very poor. Rumana, 26, is a worker in factory there and tells a typical story of garment workers' life. She said: ‘We have two school going children. Life is very expensive in this city. My children complain because I have to work very long hours, but if I do not work extra hours I will have to send my family back to the village to live with my mother. I have no way open other than doing the only job I know.' More publicly available information on the supply chains of major companies can go a long way towards improving human rights. What you know, you can change. In the last few years as transparency in supplier factories worldwide has increased, respect and protection for worker rights has become more possible. Trutex needs to step up and be honest, open and transparent about where its factories are as the first step to ensuring uniforms are made with safety and respect.
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  • Save our Librarians* - No Closure by Stealth
    Having been reassured during July, when the leader of Essex County Council, David Finch, publicly announced that no libraries would close in the next 5 years, the truth came out at the Cabinet meeting. We now know that Essex County Council wants its libraries to be run by volunteers in community buildings. They have asked for groups to put in expressions of interest in running the libraries and have promised the miserly sum of £18,000 over 3 years to resource them. So dedicated library buildings will go, as will the store of books, computers, resources and trained staff. In will come well meaning volunteers working from a shared venue, where there will be no computers and books will need to be packed away at the end of the session. Librarians presently employed by the council, will either be redeployed or lose their jobs. Of the libraries threatened with closure, we know that some 80 groups have expressed an interest in running them. These are developers, parish councils, churches etc, but ALL will be run by volunteers in a non dedicated building. Very little funding will be available with just 250 books per community library, changed every 12 weeks and the hours of opening will be dictated by whenever the community building and volunteers are available. However good the volunteers are they cannot replicate the skill, expertise and professionalism of the present paid library staff. So we ask you to sign our petition to Save our Librarians and ensure that Essex County Council continues to provide the library service which it is legally obliged to. Essex needs fully staffed libraries. The people of Essex have and continue to pay for this service. They deserve a properly funded, properly resourced and properly staffed local library. You can find out more here: https://38d.gs/essex-libraries https://www.facebook.com/SaveOurLibrariesEssex/
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  • Sacking of off duty coastguards
    A large organisation taking this action against worthwhile thoughtful and brave men while doing a car rescue in their own time is unforgiveable and stupid
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  • Keep Britain in the interrail scheme
    Interrail travellers will now have to buy additional tickets in Britain. This will create extra cost and inconvenience fior people travelling from Britain Also impact negatively om tourist industry as will put off tourists coming to Britain on their pass.
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    Created by Cath Bibby