• Corona tax relief for small business
    Many small businesses will fail and high unemployment could result.
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    Created by Oliver Burne
  • Stop SLDC in Kendal from Discriminating against the Disabled
    The council are completely failing to uphold their obligations to those with disabilities and protected characteristics by infringing their right to practice their religion and faith, access to and use of goods, facilities and services, including access to public buildings, shops and leisure facilities and to healthcare, housing and transport, membership of private clubs and use of their facilities. The council has a duty as well as the general rules against subjecting people with disabilities to disability discrimination, most public authorities are under two other duties to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities, amongst others. They are also legally required to have due regard to: * promote equality of opportunity between people with a disability and people without (Section 75) * promote positive attitudes towards people with a disability (Section 49A) * encourage the participation of people with a disability in public life (Section 49A) The plans to change the use of area are enforcing completely unfair restrictions and alternatives that are indirectly and directly discriminating against those with Disabilities as they will allow Hirsts and Market Trader traffic to use it but no longer allow access to those who need dropping off outside the door. Some have incredibly heavy and large electric wheelchairs, some that have failed to work in recent months and have required pushing. The councils 'reasonable adjustments' of enforcing that the disabled people must be dropped off at the bottom of the hill and make their way up there is a disgrace. It is a steep and challenging hill for the more able-bodied, let alone those in wheelchairs or their carers. They have already been unfairly restricted by having a very narrow time limit enforced for blue badge parking in the town only between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm which automatically impacts their ability to attend groups and appointments. The council is causing so much disruption with their plans for changing Kendal's town center which is already negatively affecting shops, shoppers and services and now religious freedom and Disability rights, completely disregarding their legal obligations. The Unitarian Chapel has already spent the last few years heavily investing in a new sensory garden and environmental space which is in the process of being rolled out. A large part of this has been to make the Garden space relaxing tranquility for all and have made the plans wheelchair friendly. The council's decisions are not only affecting those who currently attend the Chapel but those new visitors or residents who will be welcomed to spend time in and use the sensory garden in the future. Please sign this petition in support of our Disabled brothers and sisters and stop the infringement of laws and rights that are designed to uphold everyone's rights and ability to access services, groups, and places of worship.
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    Created by Danielle Willsher
  • Have drive-in Coronavirus testing in every UK town
    If people are NOT being tested for CV, how on earth will anyone know if they have had this infection & they have built up a resistance to this deadly virus. The government keeps saying stay at home, ,2 weeks for some, for up to 4 months for the elderly. If people knew that they had already been infected and not just had a dose of flu, they could return to work. Schools etc.
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    Created by Martyn Rogers
  • Stop six nations coverage moving to amazon
    It brings everyone together, and joins communities. Not everyone can afford to pay membership to watch the six nations which means less will watch it and rugby won’t get the support it has, and risks losing its community and funding due to lack of funding
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    Created by Alice Norman Picture
  • Stop all debt repayments until the Corona Virus Crisis is over.
    It is not peoples fault this has happened they should not suffer.
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  • Abolish the coarse fishing close season on rivers
    With increasingly wet winters, river fishing is becoming more and more restricted due to the amount of time the rivers are carrying flood water. The last river season for coarse fish (2019/20) has seen some rivers unfishable for 6 of the available 9 months, and now as flood waters recede, fishing them is banned due to an archaic byelaw which serves no useful purpose.
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  • A Basic Income for all citizens during the coronavirus crisis months.
    Coronavirus is a worldwide crisis requiring emergency government measures to support essential services - along with citizen action. We are all learning and adjusting rapidly. Businesses, organisations and individuals are making the best decisions we can. The consequences of those decisions for a lot of people mean keeping children, elderly relatives and neighbours safe while worrying about reduced or no income for the foreseeable future. The UK government could lead the way in valuing citizens as active participants in working through this crisis and could provide a model for other countries. Afterwards, in the summer months, when we are learning from how we dealt with this crisis and making the changes needed to be better prepared next time, there will be UK wide data available to study how people used the basic income payments and what difference it made. In response to the 2008 financial crash, the UK and other governments bailed out the banking sector. That didn't stop the following years of austerity. It's worth trying out a different approach and investing in citizens.
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    Created by Marian Farrell
  • Demand UBI so people can afford to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic
    We have to help support people through these challenging times and help them cope with the economic effects of not bringing home an income. What’s needed is some form of Universal Basic Uncome (UBI). Universal Income is a modest basic payment to all citizens - there’s more information here https://www.wired.co.uk/article/universal-basic-income-explained Some places are starting to get wise to this. Japan is now preparing to give parents $80/day to stay home with their children, and Hong Kong is setting up a one-time $1,200 stimulus for its adult citizens to help weather the difficulty and keep the economy running. Australia, too, is planning to start putting cash in its citizens’ hands. In the USA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, too, is now championing UBI as part of the solution. This need not be just a temporary fix. When this virus passes into history, a continued UBI would continue to help us deal with our many other daily disasters, both individual and communal, from hurricanes to layoffs to heartbreaks. Shit happens, and it never stops happening, and we can always face it better when we have guaranteed security in the form of a steady income. The coronavirus just might test our society beyond anything we’ve seen in decades. Will we pass this test? It will certainly be painful, but can we use the opportunity of this shared catastrophe to come together, beat back the worst of its potential consequences, and emerge stronger? Maybe it takes a pandemic to realize just how important it is for people to never have to wait for the government to rescue them before they can start taking action for themselves, before they can feel protected. Maybe it takes a national crisis to see how important it is to strengthen every link in the great chain that is our nation. If there can be a silver lining to this particular disaster, I really hope that’s it.
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  • Hospital For Cumbernauld
    Cumbernauld in the largest and most populous town in North Lanarkshire and the 10th largest town in Scotland and has no hospital and no out of hours service and no transport links to enable the residents of Cumbernauld to access healthcare out with the town. A local business man has offered a piece of land for FREE to have the hospital built in Cumbernauld and yet Cumbernauld has been rejected as a possible site for the new hospital. Why? Because apparently it will detract from a nearby hospital in a different region ( Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert ) some 10 miles away. A hospital that the residents of Cumbernauld are actively discouraged from using. Instead NHS North Lanarkshire is looking at Gartcosh as a potential site for the new hospital. Gartcosh being just 8 miles from Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Since the majority of patients will be from Cumbernauld i think it’s only right that the hospital be built in Cumbernauld.
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    Created by Gillian MacKay
  • Keep Kendal Markets Public
    Since 1974 South Lakeland District Council (S.L.D.C - now currently Lib Dem controlled) and Kendal Town Council have been responsible for the upkeep, management and promotion of Kendal's historic indoor and outdoor markets. Due mainly to a lack of proper investment, management and promotion on their behalf, they now want to "outsource" the running of the markets into the private sector. This decision has come at a time when other nearby local authorities, such as Allerdale Borough Council are bringing back former "failed privatised" markets in their area back under public sector control. A recent survey of Kendal Market Traders undertaken by SOUTH LAKES LABOUR PARTY concluded that 90% of traders were opposed to outsourcing, 85% wanted the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C to continue running the market and 70% said that they had not been properly consulted. One of the most successful markets in the North of England is Skipton which is solely run by SKIPTON TOWN COUNCIL. We beleive that the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C and Kendal Town Council should re-think the situation that they, over the years has neglected. Our markets are a valuable, local community asset and with a small amount of creative will power, they could thrive without being flogged off.
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    Created by Trevor Batchelor
  • Let children have free play on Corams football pitches
    Companies paying for pitches should not be more important to a children’s charity then the children they receive funding for to improve their lives. Coram football pitches are the only pitches in this inner city, deprived area. Being a children’s charity they have always allowed children and young people the use of the pitches. Even the evenings when they were available for hire there was one dedicated pitch for free play. The new pitch restrictions, means outside of the dedicated (1-3pm Saturday & Sunday) children are not welcome. Other times young people must book in advance. So as well as taking away young people’s safe place where they can channel there energy into something positive & participate in sports Corams is also preventing siblings, cousins and friends playing football together. As well giving them silly time slots. So if a parent works in the morning for example and wants to take the kids for a kick about in the late afternoon this is no longer possible. This is an important cause-Corams is a hub of the community. Half terms, summer holidays, after school & weekends our children and young people should have the same access to the football pitch (at least one pitch) like they have always had.
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  • Protect tenants during Coronavirus
    For renters, coronavirus is not only a major health concern - it’s a financial one too. People renting are some of the people most likely to be in the kind of precarious, low-paid work where taking time off to self-isolate is near impossible. If we're serious about containing the spread of the virus, tenants need to know that they won't face destitution for doing the responsible thing. That has to mean stopping rent collections for anyone affected - both those who are unable to work or who need to self-isolate - and making sure nobody faces the threat of homelessness or having to find another home during this time. If banks can grant home-owners ‘mortgage-holidays’, we need to see tenants given the same protections.
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