• Remove Picton from Cardiff City Hall
    Thomas Picton’s statue has stood in the collection of Welsh Heroes in Cardiff City Hall for a hundred years, honouring his military exploits and ignoring his crimes. Even by the standards of the early 19th century, Picton was a particularly brutal figure in the transatlantic slave trade and the harsh exploitation of the sugar plantations. He was convicted of the torture of a 14-year old girl. He was no hero. Cardiff today aspires to be a welcoming city. People from across the world have settled here to work and to live, bringing vibrancy and diversity. Thomas Picton has no place in the capital city of Wales. Removing this statue will send a message to Black people in Cardiff and across the world that the city recognises the role people like Picton played in slavery, and that we must address the systemic racism that still exists due to slavery and Empire.
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    Created by Lyn Eynon
  • Save Aigburth Cricket Club
    A much loved local sports club is at threat of being forced from its grounds after nearly 140 years because their landlord is refusing to extend its lease. The club has over 400 members, most of whom live within a mile of the club. There are two cricket teams that play every Saturday, and many “Last Man Stands” matches played on weekday evenings (this is a shortened version of cricket aimed at getting more people involved in the sport). The bowls section is very strong with 10 teams playing from the club every week, 2 of these are pensioners teams, playing in the afternoons. The other 8 teams play on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon, all teams have men and lady members. Apart from the outdoor sports, there are many other activities, the very well attended chess club meets every Wednesday and has 5 teams playing in the Liverpool Chess Leagues. There are three quiz teams that use the club as a base, playing in the Liverpool Quiz League. On Thursdays the club has a darts team in the Dingle & District Darts League. The Cribbage team plays their league games on Wednesday nights. All the above activities take place on a home & away basis. This means that when we play the fixtures, we are supporting the local facilities & injecting money into the local economy The Formby Brass Band are based at the club. Despite their name all its members live in Liverpool, many of them close to the club. A number of the band have gained scholarships in universities around the country adding kudos to the cultural aspect of Liverpool During the summer months, we host Options for supported living. The group get tuition in bowls, quoits, enjoy the fresh air & meeting other people The club also hosts an art class which takes place during the day on Wednesdays. The club is also used by the following organizations. Friends of St Michaels station. Dingle Vale Allotment Society. Southwood Road Residents Association The local Labour Party. The local Green Party. The local pigeon fanciers. This wide range of social & sporting activities highlight the importance of the club in the local & wider area of Liverpool. It would be a devastating loss to the local community if this cherished local club is lost because an absentee landlord prefers to try to increase its value for personal gain. We call on the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council to utilise every power available to secure the clubs long term future.
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    Created by Tom Crone
  • Save the Poppy Pantry
    The Poppy Pantry in the City of London cemetery is a family-run cafe and wake-catering service, which proudly supports the British Legion. Our lease is due for renewal and we don’t want to lose the opportunity to keep serving the local community. Please sign and share this petition to bring attention to our cause.
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    Created by Paul Charters
  • Jasmins law
    After my sister took her own life after been abused by a man she felt it was her only way to escape. We need to punish these people
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    Created by Natalie Johnson
    Florrie fell victim to a domestic violence assault in Utero and at 29 weeks 3 days gestation which is a viable gestation outside the womb she sadly passed away from secondary illnesses she suffered as a repercussion of malicious actions. These actions were unjustifiable and led to the fatality of unborn Florrie. These are babies we meet on screen and feel move,we already know and love them before birth. Until birth a mother should protect her baby,which through no fault of my own,could not. Not only should that be a Mother's job but the Father's job also .... Florrie's father knew the harm he was causing to both myself and our daughter and he proceeded despite this. I hope by doing this parents similar to myself wont have to fight to prove their baby was deserving of life and robbed of that .... And that ultimately someone must be held accountable!! It is important to myself as I know first hand how it feels to lose a child in this way,to feel isolated and that there is no Law in place to protect pregnant women or our unborn babies ... Our babies do not get the recognition of the deserving life of which they are. We attempted to collect data from the Office Of National Statistics and we found the bare minimum ... In result of that I have gone on to collect my own data and have spoken to victims first hand to find out the similarities between my case and their case and there is alot of similarities which isnt acceptable. However if Florrie's Law had already been in place beforehand then the outcome of the prosecution would have been a firmer punishment than what was given in all of these cases.
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    Created by Amie Upton
  • Closure of all local Embroiderers’ Guild Branches
    The Trustees froze all branch bank accounts with no notice on Friday 19th February 2021. They are asking members to approve a resolution that proposes that all branches will be closed and that all the branch monies will be redeployed to cover HQ debits and the future activities of the main Guild. The proposal is not supported with any financial planning or budgeting documentation. We are concerned that members have not been given the opportunity to understand if the Trustees of this National Charity have correctly carried out their duties and that no provision has been made to allow for members to suggest an alternative solution. If members do not vote for the resolution then all branches will close anyway and their financial assets will be seized. The local branches have existed for many decades and offer a fabulous place for individuals to share their knowledge, exchange ideas and encourage the art of both contemporary and traditional stitching. Many branches are also involved in outreach work in the community, encouraging and teaching textile arts and crafts to both children and adults. All aspects of crafting are currently enjoying significant growth in interest, particularly during the pandemic and the local branches have worked hard to keep their programme of events running. Now, with so many people feeling isolated and with mental health issues, is not the time to force branches to close and redeploy branch funds. For more information see https://embroiderersguild.com/general-meeting-2021/
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    Created by Eliza Bruml
  • Clean up the fuel oil on the North Denes
    The oil is toxic to our environment and could potentially harm wildlife including local seal colonies if it is left to wash out to sea.
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    Created by Jonathan Baker
  • Covid PPE contract public enquiry
    As more and more stories get released such as the latest with Matt Hancock the health secretary gave his local landlord a £30 million pound contract to make ppe equipment with no such experience in the field. We cannot have government ministers and civil servants giving out these contracts at a time when everything covid is treated as a blank cheque, I strongly suspect it’s not only illegal to give these contracts out to individuals but you can also bet there is a 360 degree arrangement in place. People need to be held to account
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    Created by Nigel Denny
  • Wigan Council - Fix the Subsidence at Wigan Rd Park Atherton before a serious accident occurs
    The Council Officers have been in contact but are not reacting quickly enough even - it has been over a year - even though Councillors have tried. It is an accident waiting to happen and could be either geographical or climate change that is causing it. Either way there is a serious risk of potential harm to Children should it completely collapse. As the summer months arrive more children will be playing and should the worse happen it would be an avoidable disaster if the councils environment and parks dept act now as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by Michelle Morris
  • Stop the closure of the Mental Health Unit in Bassetlaw Hospital
    If this unit is closed people that require mental health support will have to go to Millbrook in Mansfield - 18 miles away. This is a long car journey, but if you do not have access to private transport, its an even longer journey by bus. I have been a patient at both Millbrook and Bassetlaw, and as I was fortunate enough to have a car, my family was able to visit me. However, I am concerned for families that do not have their own form of transport. This could act as a barrier to treatment, or family support during treatment. The pandemic has put an extra strain on mental health support services, and exposed how important they are. I believe that it is important to keep the services at Bassetlaw Hospital open as a result.
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    Created by Jean Cullen
  • Building Back Better: Securing the pipeline for future housing research and development
    29million homes still need to be retrofitted and the built environment sector (Transport, Planning, Housing, Health, Land Use) are all siloed in their approach in building/ retrofitting our homes/ communities to be fit for the future. The sector has never had a ministry to combine all of the thought leadership occurring across the UK instead it has led to competition across the industry rather than collaboration, preventing us from reaching our carbon zero target in 2050. This is the ideal way to create a sustainable pipeline of research and development to realise places fit for the future, creating jobs, creating economic, health and social resilience across the UK.
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    Created by Annalise Johns
  • Save John Carroll Leisure Centre - No Cuts!
    John Carroll is the last real community facility available in Radford, one of the most deprived areas in Nottingham, which is now at risk of closure due to council budget cuts. Nottingham City Council has made £272 million worth of funding cuts in the last decade, but rather than standing up to the Government's austerity policies, the Labour-run City Council is forcing the poorest communities in the city to pay the price. John Carroll could become the latest victim in this attack on community services but you can help by signing this petition. For decades John Carroll served as place where children could build the confidence they need to succeed and as a sporting facility for under-funded schools. It has been a polling centre, a base for political campaigning and a hub for Notts County to inspire local budding sport prospects. It has even served as an information and confidence building point for victims of Female Genital Mutilation. Most importantly, John Carroll Leisure Centre has served as a meeting place for a diverse range of groups and plays an enormous role in fostering co-operation and trust between people in the community. The centre is a vital asset for the residents of Radford who now, more than ever, need support to keep their community centre going. Help us get to 5,000 signatures! Save the John Carroll!
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    Created by Save John Carroll