• Give Knightswood and Jordanhill back their link to the 4 bus service
    In 2016, Firstbuses Glasgow axed the 4 bus service from Knightswood and Jordanhill, disconnecting our two communities and denying them direct access to their town centre, the Byres Road area, Glasgow University and Sauchiehall Street. To get to these places now, the 27,000 residents have long walks or have to take two buses or means of transport and go long ways round. Journeys that used to take 10-25 minutes now take up to one hour. The cut affects families and people of all ages, making it harder to get to schools, nurseries, work, health services, education, friends, families and social activities. Older people, the disabled and women are worst affected. The Sauchiehall Street area is a shopping and entertainment centre, with cinemas, theatres and concert halls as well as a transport hub with Buchanan Street Bus Station and Queen Street Station. The drop in numbers of people being able to access these areas must be affecting businesses along the route. The cut is forcing people who previously opted to use the bus to use their cars. This is the exact opposite of what Glasgow Council and the Scottish Government are calling for, that is for people to leave their cars at home as they account for 68.1% of overall transport greenhouse gas emissions. Cuts to local bus routes like this make it more difficult to reach carbon neutral targets. The cut is also contrary to local and national government policy which advocates greater connectivity, reliability, frequency, affordability and accessibility of public transport services. The current situation increases social isolation for residents, making many prisoners in their own homes and adversely affecting their physical and mental wellbeing. We are calling for the reconnection of our communities to the number 4 bus route so that we can once again access our town centre and local services with ease.
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  • Save our democracy from media bias
    Newspapers hold massive power - they are read by millions of people every day. But that power is abused when facts and opinions are mixed. Most papers answer to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), whose own rules say they must “make a clear distinction between comment, conjecture and fact”. But IPSO isn’t enforcing its own rules. Studies show that election coverage across many papers had a clear bias. Freedom of the press is crucial and newspapers can support whoever they like. But facts are facts - so news reports must be fair, accurate and clear. Sign the petition now and tell IPSO to act now to protect our democracy.
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  • Ban single use cable ties
    millions of cable ties are cut and thrown in the bin every year
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    Created by Mark Perkins
  • Save Risca Citizens Advice !
    Risca Citizens Advice provides people with free and independent advice on many issues, including welfare benefits, debt, employment, family and relationships and consumer matters. The office is currently open for drop-ins on Mondays and Thursdays, and pre-arranged appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If the Risca office is forced to close, the nearest alternative within the Caerphilly Council area will be over 11 miles away in Bargoed.
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    Created by Siobhan Hayes
  • Don’t scrap the Department for International Development
    Over its 22 years in existence the UK’s world-leading Department for International Development (DFID) has saved millions of lives. It’s led the world in tackling Ebola, extreme poverty and gender inequality, and provided life-saving aid following devastating disasters. It’s world renowned for delivering value for money and impact, and is by far the most transparent department in government. It’s a national asset we should all be proud of. But Boris Johnson could choose to scrap or merge DFID as one of his first acts as Prime Minister. This would be disastrous for those struggling to survive poverty, climate change and disease – especially women and girls, who often suffer the most. Rather than building a ‘global Britain’ it could see aid being spent on trade, defence and commercial interests. Undoing the UK’s place as a positive leader on the international stage and turning our back on those who need help most. Will you sign the petition asking Boris Johnson not to scrap DFID?
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  • Clean up our electoral system
    The 2019 general election has seen some truly dodgy behaviour: fake news, misleading leaflets, untruthful ads on social media. And parties have been getting away with it. Why? Because the organisation that oversees elections is just too weak. The Electoral commission is the organisation tasked with this crucial role but its powers are limited and outdated. For instance, its rules are based on how elections were run decades ago, before social media and fake news played such a key role. Our democracy won't work if it's polluted by disinformation. The Electoral Commission needs more power so it can impose bigger fines - and help clean up our democracy
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  • Release the Russian report
    A report by MPs which reveals whether or not there has been secret Russian interference in British politics has been delayed for months. No reason for the refusal has been given. Everyone in the country has a right to know if a foreign power has been trying to influence our politics. The British public should be told the truth about whether or not there was interference in our politics. The government should release the report as soon as possible and be honest with the public.
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  • Crackdown on dodgy political ads
    This general election has seen untruthful ads or plain lies on social media. At the moment Facebook do not do enough to get rid of ads that spread lies or misinformation. Other social media platforms have already taken action. Twitter recently banned all political ads. The spread of misinformation and lies in our politics could have a serious impact on our democracy. Facebook have the power to change their rules to crack down on the spread of political ads which mislead people. They make a lot of money out of these adverts so they have a duty to do better.
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  • No excuses: make the climate crisis a priority now
    During the election, Boris Johnson failed to show up to the Channel 4 leaders debate - demonstrating that he doesn’t see the climate crisis as a priority for his government. Environmental experts are saying that urgent action is needed far earlier than the 2050 deadline set in the Conservative manifesto. Boris Johnson needs to take real action on climate NOW - and the only way he will, is if he knows the public expects him to. Will you add your name to the petition before it's too late?
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  • Protect the BBC and other public broadcasters
    Our most cherished public broadcasters could be under threat. In the recent election, politicians hinted they would make moves to undermine Channel 4 and the BBC. Key figures in the Conservative Party first said they would review Channel 4’s broadcasting obligations if they win an election. Then, Boris Johnson hinted he would look at scrapping the BBC licence fee. Now that Boris Johnson is Prime Minister, we need to make it clear: strong public broadcasters are vital to our democracy. The government must take steps to protect the BBC and Channel 4 for future generations. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/28/ice-sculpture-to-replace-boris-johnson-in-channel-4-climate-debate https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/culture/news/108452/boris-johnson-hints-bbc-licence-fee-could-be-scrapped-if-tories-win
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  • Take leadership to solve the social care crisis and give social care the funding it needs
    The Conservative Party manifesto was shockingly empty of ideas to make sure people will be supported and cared for in old age. It's because they don't want to take on such a complicated task of fixing social care - but they must. At the moment elderly people, kids, and other adults who need support aren't getting the help they need to get dressed, wash or eat their lunch. The new government cannot shirk their responsibility. They must take concrete action now to overhaul how social care works, so we can all live out our days with dignity.
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  • Justice for kidney patients
    Having had this illness for over 20 years,I feel medications should be free, we never asked to be ill with this dreadful illness, and it's not right we have to pay for them where other illnesses like ms, epilepsy, diabetics etc have free drugs, kidney disease is a terminal illness eith no cure only treatment options in the form of medications, diaylis or possible transplant, we deal enough with the stress of the unknown let alone fight for something that should be free, also I'd like chronic kidney disease to be more known and have a benefit in place for the patients with this illness, and not one that's based on pip where we have to fit into a category of needed help, most patients like me dnt need help but due to diaylis and being tired and can't work but can't get help I want this changing to be fair for all, why should some get help and not others we are all suffering in are own way.
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    Created by Teresa King