• Standardise Prescription Medication Packaging
    For the elderly, or mentally challenged, it can be quite daunting to be faced with a change in packaging of medication. What has been a yellow box suddenly changes to a blue or pink one when the pharmacy uses a different supplier. Not only can the change in outer packaging be confusing the pills inside can vary in shape, colour and size. For someone who is accustomed to taking two of the large pink "Smarties" to be faced with two white, flat pills can be quite disconcerting and potentially dangerous. We, the undersigned request that an industry wide standard for shape and packaging be implemented, so that all medication of the same ingredient and strength are the same irrespective of the manufacturer.
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    Created by Anthony Turtle
  • Urban tree planting
    Important for the environment as the planting of trees helps to mitigate global warming
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    Created by Hazel Richardson
  • Driver license renewals
    It is causing massive hardship to families who cannot manage their finances.It is taking anything up to 10 months for drivers to get their licences back
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    Created by Edward Hugh Jackson Picture
  • What Next for Kendal Post Office - Stamps and Banks
    Earlier this year South Lakes Labour Party, the CWU and our local MP Tim Farron simultaneously launched SAVE KENDAL POST OFFICE campaigns after it was proposed by the Government that Kendal Crown Post Office would be closed and franchised into a totally inappropriate WHSmith premises. We successfully managed to convince the Government that Kendal Post Office should remain where it is. However this situation is not permanant as the current Conservative Government is likely to try to outscource our state owned assets at any cost. We are campaigning to stop this and in the event of any forthcoming Government change, in order to secure the future of Kendal and all Crown Post Offices , we believe that Post Offices should incorporate state sponsored NATIONAL & REGIONAL INVESTMENT BANKS (Labour) or BRITISH HOUSING & INFRASTUCTURE DEVELOPMENT BANKS (Lib Dem) as a way forward to help sustain Post Office viability and further enhance Britain's floundering High Streets and Town Centres. Having campaigned to Save Kendal Post Office from the clutches of WHSmith, it would be nice to think that Tim Farron MP can committ to Saving Kendal Post Office for good by giving his support for our radical but sensible suggestions.
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    Created by Trevor Batchelor
  • Increase the number of trains on the Northern Line
    Major overcrowding on the platforms comes with serious safety concerns related to people on the tracks. Major overcrowding of people in tube carriages carries serious concerns related to both health and safety. What happens if the train develops a fault, has to stop in a tunnel for any reason or worse, there is another terrorist attack similar to 7/7? Over the years this problem has been getting worse so I feel now is the time to lobby TfL to provide more trains to accommodate the ever-growing population of London.
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    Created by Jennifer Lau
  • Pay GP Receptionists £12 per hour!
    Being a GP receptionist myself for 2 years I understand that the care for a patient starts with the initial contact with a Receptionist at any GP. However receptionists in healthcare are so underpaid that they can barely make ends meet even working full time! These people are helping save lives and after tax they are paid ~£8 per hour. A slight increase in pay would reduce staff turnover rate and make the patients much happier to be greeted with well paid, happy and helpful receptionists rather than stressed out and financially burned out ones! Also, it might even end up saving your own life!
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    Created by Morvarid Ahmadijah
  • Build more council housing
    Because people like my grand daughter who has a baby and due to have her second child in January but they don't earn enough to rent privately at over £900 p month as they would be left with NO money for bills or food they need a council property its not as though they are not working and willing to pay rent just NOT private
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  • Ban Christmas Crackers
    The prizes are usually made of non recyclable plastic that will end up in landfill and the wrappers are covered in silver or gold foil that is not recyclable so the whole lot ends up in the bin. There were 27.2 million households in the UK in 2017 & most will have crackers!
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  • Raise the retirement pension to be in line with the EU
    The State is not paying the majority of retired British citizens their true and fair return on their contribution and work to the British Economy.
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  • Stop the Cancelling of London's buses and Limiting Bus routes
    This text is taken directly from an article i read and could not agree more; “Hackney residents will be disproportionately affected; these bus routes offer more affordable travel for some of our borough’s poorest residents in our least connected neighbourhoods. In my own words despite the amount of money which the goverment has spent on transport supposedly the buses seem to be left on the back burner, although I use both bus and train there are a significant amount of people who solely rely on Bus services especially our senior citizens and changing them for the worst in my opinion is no help for anybody. If they can get away with this who knows what they might try to get away with in the future. I believe we can apply positive pressure and make sure we are all counted whether tube/train or bus user. These changes in the long run could see buses continually over crowded and people having longer commutes to and from home/work for e.g. I am sure there is a better solution especially with the continual rising costs to travel each and every year, we are owed a service which is effective for all and to allow it to expand not be restricted.
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    Created by Malachi Baptiste
    Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has opened a public consultation on restriction of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to women who are unable to have a child. According to the National Institute For Health and Care Excellence (NICE), women aged under 40 should be offered 3 cycles of IVF treatment on the NHS. In Stockport, only two cycles are offered, but now the CCG wants to reduce this to one. The CCG says that other areas in Greater Manchester have already reduced the number of cycles and therefore it is OK for this to happen in Stockport. But this is a RACE TO THE BOTTOM. The CCG’s proposal infers that some medical conditions are more worthy than others. But people needing IVF know the importance and true value of the procedure. The website of the organisation ‘Fertility Fairness’ says that the World Health Organisation classifies infertility as a disease and, as with any other medical condition, it is deserving of treatment. If left untreated infertility can result in stress, anxiety, depression and the breakdown of relationships. Locally, Trafford CCG tried to end IVF treatment last year, but were forced to drop their plans. In Warrington they tried to start charging people for procedures like hip replacements and cataract operations, but public opinion resulted in a U turn. Please share the petition widely. Please read our leaflet https://tinyurl.com/y67erxxf Please respond to the CCG’s consultation http://ow.ly/UKLI50wwR9t Promoted by Stockport United Against Austerity
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    Created by John Pearson
  • Stop anti-abortion protesters from harassing and intimidating women
    It’s hard to imagine just how traumatising walking through an anti-abortion picket must be. Women have holy water thrown on them, leaflets on drug addiction stuffed into their hands and are followed by shouts of “mummy, mummy don’t kill me”. That's not peaceful protest, that's intimidation. Right now, Britain is being increasingly influenced by US-style tactics, where women are harassed and intimidated as they enter clinics. It’s time for the government to make sure that women making the private decision to visit a family planning clinic are treated with dignity and respect, not bullying and abuse.
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    Created by Tatum S