• Right of Refugees to apply for asylum ‘safely’
    Refugees are legally entitled to apply for asylum in this country. Yet it is made nigh on impossible for them to do so without taking enormous risk. This has led to tragic loss of life which has included children. These desperate people are forced to take risks they should never have to take. We have no right to consider ourselves a civilised country if we allow this to continue. If we do not take action to change this we lose our humanity. Please act now and sign this petition
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    Created by Cathy Matthews
  • Control your Trolleys Asda St Austell
    It is everybodies responsibility to look after the environment, regardless of whether you are an individual or a large national company. Asda have a responsibility to respect the area in which they operate, and not become an environmental burden. It is not the customers that are at fault for taking them, that is the effect...the root cause is the lack of controls on Asda assets. Currently there are around 15-20 trolleys in plain view and in known hotspots within 1/2 mile of the store with a number more far-afield across town. They are also on a children’s playground piled up which is not only an eyesore but unsafe. Despite MP involvement, CEO of Asda involvement there seems to be an unwillingness to act responsibly.
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    Created by Paul Roberts
  • Liverpool against the Electronic Warfare Arms Fair
    On 16-18 November 2020 international arms companies are due to meet up with military delegations from around the globe to show off the latest electronic warfare technology at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. This technology is sold at great profit to countries in conflict, authoritarian regimes and countries carrying out serious and well documented human rights offences. This event should not be held in Liverpool, especially in a building that is effectively owned by the people of this city. It should be cancelled immediately and a firm commitment made never to hold any such event in the city's publicly owned buildings ever again. The Exhibition Centre is 100% owned by Liverpool City Council. It is managed for the city by The ACC Liverpool Group. The City Mayor and Deputy Mayor are on the board of the ACC Liverpool Group. The ACC Liverpool Group describes itself as an ethical and responsible company and has previously cancelled two events under pressure from the City Council.
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    Created by Martin Dobson
  • Refund cancelled bookings
    Many holiday makers have had their cruises cancelled because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Iglu cruises are breaking the law by not refunding customers within the statutory 14 days and some customer are having to wait 6 months putting them into a downward spiral of debt.
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    Created by Robert Riley Picture
  • Reintroduce the 13 week protection rule to UC
    It is important to families facing crisis due to the pandemic and to ensure they have a protection of 13 weeks whilst they source alternative employment and avoid rent arrears which could result in eviction at a later date.
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    Created by Lauren Bambi Picture
  • Allow those in social housing with a disability a support animal
    My child is 11 and ASD & ADHD - she had at least five violent melt downs daily- we all suffer, her especially. She will smash her head on walls, pull her hair out and she will attack me (her mum) , and the rest of her family. WE have been staying with my mum through a lot of lockdown and have noticed that the influence of her dog (Loki) is massively calming for her. He can sense when she is upset or angry or about to blow her top and he will go to her and snuggle with her and calm her down. In turn this makes the lives of the whole family more enjoyable. I am in social housing by circumstance, I had my own house and myself and my ex had well paying jobs when we had our children (I won't go into it|) but I never expected to end up in social housing ..however when being in social housing a lot of the time means that you get placed in a small fat with NO outside play areas it really does make life hard, throw additional needs into the mix and it is sometimes untenable. Allow these children to have the support animals that can benefit the whole family or just stop placing them into flats with no play areas and into houses with gardens where this would't be a problem.
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    Created by Kiya Ottaway
  • Get Penketh Pool open again
    The pool is a community asset and it is used to teach our children to swim and to provide classes for mental health, wellbeing and other exercise. Teaching people to swim, SAVES LIVES
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  • Goring Community Skatepark Project
    Skateparks are proven to increase health, well-being and community cohesion whilst reducing social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. The skatepark will not only benefit skatepark users, it will enhance the village and will be an asset to the whole community. The new skatepark will be a free-to-use, safe, inclusive and family orientated sports facility for users of all ages. It will be professionally designed and constructed by a company selected by the Goring Community Skateboard Project with design input from local skatepark users
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  • Extend Parking Permits for Pharmacy Staff
    Many healthcare workers have been at risk, and a a number have also sadly lost their lives. It is important that we continue to protect our NHS workers so that we can fulfill our roles sufficiently.
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    Created by Sharanjit Kaur
  • Justice for 20k A level students left without grades
    There are approximately 20,000 students who did A levels as external students. Some are homeschooling, some re-sitting, often because of a tragedy in their lives. Since they were not in a school or College, CAG doesn't work for them as centres are understandably saying they cannot give them a grade. But it means that unlike every other A level student, they have been left with nothing. Government have said they can re-sit in the autumn. That means they can't go to university this year. But they could be given predicted grades NOW. Most of these students cannot afford to take a gap year. They watch their friends move on and, through no fault of their own, they are left behind. Again. Ferdaus, for example, got a place at Kings College to do medicine. He re-sat due to family illness last year. "I was very very anxious during the confirmation [of results] period. I'm depressed. It's not even limbo. It's nothing. I'm in a black hole." Israt didn't do A levels last year as her father was dying. Now she's left with nothing and says she's 'never felt so low or suicidal.' Another BAME student from a working class family had mental health problems and didn't get the grades they knew they could. Re-sitting was a financial burden on them and their family. Had got a uni place. "I'm a future psychologist. We're all future 'somethings' but our futures are being held hostage for another year. I'm devastated. I can't do this again." Please sign the petition, circulate and contact your MP urgently.
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    Created by Gabriella Braun
  • Newhaven SKATEPARK Coping removal
    So today we found out by luck that all the COPING in NEWHAVEN Skatepark is being removed and going to just be concrete sadly this has been decided without any input form the Skateboarders,Scooters,Bmx riders. A Man from the council that has never skated before has decided that the coping will go rusty and need replacing every 10 years. Without coping the skate-park will not be the same, also all metal on the grind boxes are being removed. We had no idea this was happening to the skatepark, can anyone tag me in who I need to speak to in the Council. This would not even be an option at the Level in Brighton or Eastborne or Lewes. How is this going to happen without input of the daily skatepark users. Many thanks. Morgan Smith OWNER OF SURF N SKATE NEWHAVEN Lewes District Council Cllr James MacCleary Clark & Kent Contractors Ltd
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  • Tony Abbott is not fit to represent the UK in trade negotiations
    The government is due to make Tony Abbott a UK trade representative. But this man should not be representing the UK. He will go down in history as one of Australia's worst Prime Ministers. His only claim to fame will always be - now and forever - as the target of Australia's most unforgettable television moment of all time: Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech. As Kay Burley on Sky News pointed out today "he's a homophobe and a misogynist". And as she rightly asked, is he a "fit and proper person to represent us, as far as trade is concerned, given the views that he holds?" Abbott also renounced his British citizenship to serve in the Australian parliament - do we really want someone who has renounced his British citizenship? There are so many brilliant and diverse candidates that could do this job brilliantly. Why have you chosen a man who believes women should be at home doing the ironing?
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    Created by Jane Evans Picture