• Switch off GB News
    GB News are currently facing 13 investigations relating to allegations of fairness and impartiality by media regulator Ofcom. But these investigations don’t seem to be making them change their ways. It’s time to clamp down hard on GB News and revoke their licence to broadcast. This is isn't about censorship, it's about making sure our news stays impartial. We don't have to agree with everything GB News does or says, but we should expect all news outlets to follow the rules. Ofcom needs to hold all channels to a high standard and punish those that break the rules.
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  • Ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars
    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues we face. Yet in hundreds of thousands of cafés, bars and restaurants across the country, we’re still being served food and drink in single-use packaging – even when we’re eating in! It’s wasteful, unnecessary and can easily be avoided by replacing single-use packaging with reusable cups, crockery and cutlery which get washed instead of thrown away after just one use. With only 12% of Britain's plastic known to be recycled, it’s time to take single-use off the menu – for good. This isn’t pie in the sky thinking or even a new idea. It’s how we always used to have our food served to us. And it's already law in neighbouring countries like France. If you walk into any food outlet in France, even fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, your food will now be served in ‘reusable packaging’ - usually just a plate and cutlery. Since France introduced this in January 2023, it has been estimated that they are saving 180,000 tonnes of packaging every year! That’s nearly 1,000 blue whales or over 25,000 African elephants in weight! The British Government has already committed to removing all avoidable plastics by 2042. Yet despite this, there hasn’t even been a feasibility study for this ban here. If they really are serious about eliminating pointless plastics, this ban is one of the easiest and most obvious steps the government can take to tackle the plastic crisis. Sign to tell Environment Secretary Steve Barclay to ban single-use packaging in restaurants, cafés, and bars.
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    Created by Natalie Fée
  • Prevent pavement parking
    Pavement parking has a serious health and safety impact on everyone as it makes it difficult to walk safely. Doing so regularly blocks the pavement to the extent that some pavement users, e.g. parents/carers with prams and buggies, wheelchair users, and people who have visual impairments, are forced into the road, and it has created access issues for people entering and leaving their homes on Morton Street – where the situation is especially bad. There is huge demand for parking in the area, as it is close to Lawrence Hill train station, meaning people are parking there before taking the train or walking into the city. This is of special concern as the road is close to Church Road, which is one of Bristol’s busiest roads. Cars turn onto Morton Street at high speeds, where people are often having to walk in the roads due to blocked pavements. Residents of Morton Street and neighbouring streets shouldn't suffer and put their safety at risk due to the lack of free parking spaces. In England, outside of London, addressing pavement parking is primarily the responsibility of the police as they have the legal power to enforce the laws prohibiting driving on the pavement and obstruction of the pavement. The council has limited power to enforce bans against pavement parking, but Bristol City Council should urge the government to devolve powers to local authorities, so the council can address the problem itself. We, the undersigned, call on: The police to use their powers more effectively and clamp down on illegal pavement parking on Moreton Street. The Government to devolve additional powers so that councils can address pavement parking. On behalf of residents, we need action before someone gets hurt. Pavement parking has a serious health and safety impact on everyone as it makes it difficult to walk safely. Doing so regularly blocks the pavement to the extent that some pavement users, e.g. parents/carers with prams and buggies, wheelchair users, and people who have visual impairments, are forced into the road, and it has created access issues for people entering and leaving their homes on Morton Street – where the situation is especially bad.
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    Created by Amal Ali
  • Stop Thames Water’s costly mega-reservoir – fix the leaks!
    The reservoir could only replace a fraction of the water they lose through leaks and, studies show, it would be unlikely to provide water in droughts. Why does Thames Water want to do this? A mega reservoir would be an asset on their balance sheet, rather than the ongoing cost of fixing leaks. By ignoring and not costing major issues such as flooding and safety, Thames Water has grossly under-estimated the cost of the reservoir in their aim to promote it over more sustainable options such as fixing leaks, water transfer and desalination. These solutions would also be more reliable in droughts and much quicker to implement. This would prevent unnecessary continued damage to our chalk streams and hose pipe bans for at least 7 years before the reservoir can possibly be delivered. Those that have looked in detail at the proposals - including local MPs and Councils of all political persuasions - all conclude that it is a deeply flawed project that is being driven by commercial ambition rather than what is best for a safe and secure future water supply.
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    Created by CPRE Oxfordshire & Group Against Reservoir Development
  • Help save Nuneaton Cemetery
    As you know Nuneaton Cemetery floods everytime it rains causing graves to flood and collapse. This is having a huge impact on families of loved ones they have lost. My family have just been impacted by this tragedy as my Nan and Grandads grave has now flooded. We need your help to solve this issue immediately to prevent anymore heartache for families. The council won’t listen to us and it’s causing more issues by the day. I know of one gentlemen who could not get down to put flowers on his wife’s grave due to the flooding. All we need is a proper plumbing system installed. To help the families of loved ones whose graves have been flooded due to the lack of care from the council.
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    Created by Millie Amy
  • Change the UK Employment law
    Some common issues raised regarding working conditions and employment laws in the UK include: Precarious Work: The rise of gig economy jobs, temporary contracts, and zero-hour contracts can contribute to job insecurity and unpredictable income, making it challenging for workers to plan for the future. Low Wages: Concerns about low wages and insufficient income to cover basic living costs have been raised in various sectors. The cost of living, particularly in certain regions, can outpace wage growth. Limited Employment Rights: The two-year qualifying period for certain employment rights, as well as the short notice periods during probation, can leave workers with limited job security and legal protection, especially in the early stages of employment. Mental Health Impact: As you mentioned earlier, the imbalance of power between employers and employees, coupled with challenging working conditions, may contribute to mental health issues among workers, including stress, anxiety, and depression. Lack of Union Representation: Some argue that the decline in union membership and influence has weakened the collective bargaining power of workers, potentially limiting their ability to negotiate better working conditions.
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    Created by Fernando Marrero
  • Red Shed, reform grocery food retail
    We don't need our local grocery chain to offer us a choice of over 70 sausages or water shipped 853 miles from the French Alps, and we want our farmers to be treated fairly by their buyers.There is an imbalance in the food supply chain which the existing GSCP fails to address. This campaign seeks to redress the balance by creating a Grocery Retailer Assurance scheme (Red Shed) to compliment the existing Red Tractor Assurance scheme for suppliers. This means the retailer will have to not only comply with the GSCP but broader requirements including a commitment to continuously improve food miles and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) complexity, thereby improving food production efficiency.
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    Created by Mike Highley
  • The Poppy Passageway - A project to brighten and add safety to a vital unadopted footpath
    The transformation of this footpath into a poppy-lined passageway will provide numerous benefits to the community, including improved aesthetics and a sense of pride in our local environment. The project will also contribute to the overall well-being and mental health of community members by offering a peaceful and visually stimulating natural space for recreation and contemplation. We believe that our work here will have a lasting and positive impact on our community. We are committed to ensuring the success and sustainability of this project and hope that you will consider supporting us in this.
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    Created by Mard Arts
  • Make it illegal to drive off after hitting a cat
    After losing our beautiful mainecoon cat due to a careless driver, I was shocked to read that it is not a legal requirement for drivers to stop if they are to hit a cat whilst driving, this absolutely blows my mind - it is a legal requirement for drivers to stop for other animals such as dogs, horses, pigs etc but why should cats not be included within this law? They are just as loved as any other animal. The impact it has on a family having to deal with their pet being killed and left is unexplainable until it happens to you, the on going questioning and wondering in your mind. It makes it very hard to get closure and move forward and grieve as you rightly should. There are so many incidents of this happening - only takes a minute to look through social media and see how many people are upset/angry/devastated that someone has left their loved pet to die! Surely something has to change, people deserve to have answers just as they would if their pet was a dog and so on. Please sign if you agree cats deserve the same compassion as other 'working animals'. Cats are still loved and are still part of someone's family.
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    Created by Maria Jenkins
  • Properly fund the NI Children's Hospice
    The NI Children's Hospice provides support and care to hundreds of children with life threatening and life limiting conditions on an annual basis. Rising costs have forced the charity to reduce bed capacity for respite stays for families from across Northern Ireland. The Department of Health have it within their power to ensure the relatively small funding shortfall is met.
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    Created by Phillip Brett MLA Picture
  • Restore Palestinian Artwork at Tynemouth Metro Station
    In July 2012 a group of young Palestinian teenagers and their teachers from Shatila Refugee Camp in Beirut, Lebanon, visited North Tyneside. During their time in the area, working in collaboration with two local artists Faye Oliver and Anthony Downie and supported by North Tyneside council, they created a large friendship mural (https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/shatila-children-finally-start-tour-1368800.amp). This friendship mural was put on display on a platform wall at Tynemouth Metro station - where it remained for over a decade without issue or incident. The friendship mural was a significant part of the local culture and heritage and it was seen as an example of the role art and culture play in bringing different cultures and communities together and part of a long-term project between the Shatila refugee camp and North Tyneside , which promoted various cultural exchanges. Refugees in their day-to-day lives endure conditions and hardships that many of us cannot imagine. Hence, this creative outlet was not just a piece of art, but also an emblem of solidarity, representing the plight and resilience of Palestinian refugees across the world. According to UNRWA, as of 2023 there are over 5.9 million registered Palestine refugees globally (source: https://www.unrwa.org/palestine-refugees). One of the main purposes of art is to provide an outlet and create a space for as many voices as possible. Encouraging children who endure horrific conditions and hardships as refugees to engage in creative works has a marked positive impact on their development and wellbeing. The mural was taken down by North Tyneside Council in October 2023, citing an undisclosed threat made to deface the art piece. Since then, there is no stated plan for returning it to public view, which seems counter to what it hopes to achieve. The mural is not overtly political, but by its very existence raises awareness about the Palestinian & refuges plight – not the culture of power, but the power of culture as the Palestinian academic Edward Said put it. As such, the act of removal is a direct attack on Palestinian & refugees arts and culture and fundamental principles of freedom in the arts. This has removed Palestinians from the view of the public in North Tyneside, an area proud of its cultural exchanges with people from many parts of the world. We urge North Tyneside council and all other authorities responsible for the removal of the friendship mural, at the earliest possible time, to reinstate this important piece of artwork at Tynemouth Metro Station or at the very least seek an alternative secure public place to put it back on display in the community.
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    Created by Gary Spedding
  • Combatting Water Pollution in the UK
    Over summer 2022, several UK beaches were closed to swimmers due to the high levels of toxic waste in waters. In addition, according to Surfers Against Sewers, only fourteen percent of UK rivers warrant ‘good’ ecological status with no river in England free from chemical contamination and there may have been many more that went untested. This is threatening river and sea biodiversity, ecosystems and causing illness to people who enjoy using the river on a regular basis.
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    Created by Isobel Lake