• New Rules on Travel with Pets to the North of Ireland
    Review and change the new regulation that calls for Dogs to be inoculated against rabies when travelling from England, Scotland or Wales to Northern Ireland. (from one rabies free country to another). Plus a vet's certificate obtained 10 days before travel for every visit.This certificate must be obtained before any visit so those people who travel frequently with their pets will find this very expensive. Please revert to the former free travel which is still there for people. We travel four or five times each year with our two dogs this could cost us nearly £1000 per year. Many of the people we see on board Stena line with their pets are elderly and their pets are their life.
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    Created by Anne McCann
  • Rethink exams in England for our children and young adults
    In summer 2020 we witnessed the government deliver a chaotic (and for many disastrous) plan to deliver grades for students who missed teaching time, and were unable to sit exams, because of the pandemic. Students were let down. This must not happen again. The current government plan for students to sit exams in summer 2021 will be an equal disaster for students who have had just as much - if not more - disruption to their education, and have missed out on more teaching time (whether face to face or virtual) thanks to lockdowns, lack of access to technology or teachers/students having to isolate. Many students are unable to study effectively at home. Also, within school there has been huge pressure on teachers and students to prepare for exams where huge gaps in learning is causing extra pressure and uncertainty. Alongside this the fears over Covid 19 has had untold negative impact on our young people’s mental health. If the exam fiasco of 2020 taught us anything, it is that teacher assessment is the most valuable and fair way of evaluating a students learning and ability. At best, formal exams offer nothing more than a snapshot of students learning. In a year which has seen so much disruption and gaps in teaching, and as a consequence gaps in students learning, it is unfair to set exams where this snapshot of learning and ability will be narrower than ever before. Our children and young adults deserve better. Scotland and Wales have already addressed this fact. It is time the rest of the UK students were given the same consideration. Please help call for our government to abandon exams and find a fairer and more appropriate way to assess students, that reflects their ability in a way that exams cannot.
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    Created by Sharon Redhead
  • Piccadilly Market, St James Church
    Traders at Piccadilly Market were given a letter from Revd Lucy Winkett on 17th December 2020 advising them they can no longer trade after 23rd December 2020 - just one weeks notice!!! This was a bombshell for all the people whose livelihoods depend on trading in this market These people are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts etc who have been employed there for many, many years. There was no consultation, no communication and it is grossly unfair and immoral of the Church to do this - it could have closed for a short period until things picked up and included the views of the traders in the process, respecting their position. This market is well known and well established for decades. Peoples lives have been shattered. I myself worked in this Market for 26 years and I am devastated at this closure. My wife was made redundant in July 2020 as the organisation she had worked for was put into liquidation at very short notice too after 28 years working there We could never have imagined we would both be out of long term jobs within 6 months of each other and in such a way. The other traders are understandably extremely upset and angry at what has happened and the huge impact this has on them and their families. No one should be treated in this way by anyone, least of all by the Church!
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    Created by Jeab Intavarant
  • Increase Safety on The Brent zebra crossing
    The Brent is highly built up - with residential housing, shops and 2 bus stops along this one small stretch of road. Earlier this month a woman was knocked down by a car and badly injured whilst walking across the zebra crossing, which simply isn't fit for purpose! This is not a one off incident, and since then many have shared their own experiences of near misses. We the undersigned ask Kent County Council for the zebra crossing lights to be installed, replaced and properly maintained & for railings to be installed along the ends of the crossing, to stop people parking alongside and obscuring pedestrians. We also ask Dartford Borough Council for increased parking enforcement along here, to deter people from parking dangerously and stop reckless behaviour. We have formed The Newtown Road Safety Group, in order to make our ward a safer place to live, and ask that both the local authority and Kent council start working together, before we see yet more injury and tragedies on our roads.
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    Created by Laura Edie
  • Reduce the speed limit to 40mph on Mowbray Road between Bretton and Marholm
    The speed limit along Mowbray Road between North Bretton and Marholm Village is 60 mph. Therefore cars travelling towards Marholm Village from the North Bretton roundabout, and visa versa, can legally travel at 60 mph and most of them seem to do so. This makes it quite difficult sometimes to drive out of Dunsberry onto Mowbray Road. Furthermore, it can be quite hazardous to walk along the footpath to and from Marholm Village as cars travelling at the legal 60mph negotiate the bends towards the Peterborough Crematorium. It seems ridiculous that there is a speed limit of 60mph at the entrance and exit to the Peterborough Crematorium. In recent years there have been several minor accidents on this stretch of road. It would be common sense to reduce the limit to at least 40 mph before a serious accident occurs.
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    Created by David Moll
  • Citizenship for healthcare professionals
    To recognise their efforts during this pandemic from March. To reward them sincerely for their hard work.
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    Created by Amparo Amparo
  • Stop killing animals for fur
    It’s important for the world
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    Created by Amanda Devine
  • Boston skatepark night lights
    This is important so that people can ride after work, after school or at night if they feel like it.
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    Created by Kirils Grosevs
  • Vaccinate ALL teachers against COVID-19
    Teachers and support staff in schools are vital to the continued education of our children but they are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 because they have to work face to face with students. Vaccination will not only help protect teachers from the virus, it will allow them to teach in person, and ultimately keep schools open to the benefit of the children, their parents and wider society. Unlike for other professions, including GPs, careworkers, hairdressers and shop workers who are required to wear masks or be behind protective screens, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in education settings (except in corridors and communal areas) Many colleagues have already been infected with the virus affecting their health AND leaving already overstretched staff to cover whole classes or send classes home. Safeguarding the future of the next generation should start with those who are delivering their education. Please don't scapegoat teachers any more than has already happened and consider vaccinating teachers and other education and childcare workers who have been on the frontline of COVID from the very start.
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    Created by Isobel Monaghan
  • Heal damage done to entertainment industry from brexit
    Brexit as it has been negotiated as of 26th of December does not give any consideration to the entertainment industry. The creator of this petition believes the entertainment industry deserves even more consideration than does the fish.
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    Created by Luke Fictitious
  • More of the LGBTQ+ flags in the emoji gallery
    Because it is more inclusive and can include nearly everybody. It can give recognition to the different people in the LGBTQ+ community.
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    Created by Tiana Watters
  • Cancel Student Rent in Scotland
    The Scottish Government has issued guidance advising all university students to refrain from returning to halls until the end of January. We are calling on it to cancel all rent due in this timeframe where students would have otherwise returned to their residences. We all saw what happened to Glasgow in September, when the return of students saw the ‘second wave’ of the virus rip through the city, forcing it into tight restrictions which remain in place. The worrying new strain of Covid-19 identified in England will surely creep its way up the UK, and the real possibility of “many, many more deaths” is stark, according to Professor Andrew Hayward, Director of Epidemiology at UCL. If the Scottish Government is serious about curbing this strain, and expects students to stay away from what is for many people home, and not just term-time accommodation, then it must cancel expected rental payments for January. We are not asking for public money to cover these costs, nor do we expect universities to shoulder the burden. We are simply asking that, in the interest of public health, the government relieves all student tenants, in halls and in private accommodation, of their responsibility to pay rent for the month of January and until public health experts deem it safe for them to return. The reality of asking students to stay away from their own homes is not simple. Many students have left their homes, lives, and livelihoods behind to spend time with loved ones for Christmas (in line with government advice), and for many, keeping January’s rent will be necessary for coping with the displacement which they must undertake for the sake of slowing the spread of the virus. For many, the places visited by students over the festive period are not somewhere they had planned to be for such a long time, and all ranges of issues might make such a stay difficult. Expecting rental payments on top of this is too much to ask, and relieving this pressure on students will assist them in staying away from their cities and towns of study until a safe return is possible. The University of Glasgow has already set a precedent by issuing a rent rebate for the entire month of January and beyond to all students in its University-owned halls. This move has been taken with an understanding of the real risk posed by students’ return, and the necessity of guaranteeing that students stay away has seen them in their capacity as landlords shoulder the burden. We ask that the Scottish Government pledges to extend this to all student tenants. One month’s rent for landlords across the country is an inconsequential small but vital contribution to the public effort at a time when so many people are making the greatest sacrifices for our public safety. September’s calamity will be repeated (and potentially eclipsed) unless the Scottish Government disincentivises any return to term-time homes for students studying in Scotland by cancelling all rent until such date as students return.
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    Created by UofG Tenants