• Stop the NHS data grab
    Our medical records have always been private and confidential and the government are sneaking through a decision to allow our files to bought. Without any notice or consultation and under the proviso of making our care better in the future. They are using the covid crisis as a blanket to cover this story up.
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    Created by Rhonda Evans
  • Stop our personal medical records being taken by NHS Digital
    Unless each of us opts out by 23 June 2021, our individual medical records from the time we were born or first registered with a GP practice, are to be extracted by NHS Digital (at the Government's behest) from 1 July 2021. This will include data about your symptoms, diagnoses and physical, and mental health - your private and confidential health data. These data will then be used for planning and possibly for research purposes and potentially sold for financial profit. This includes the summary of conversations you have had with your GP in the understanding that you were speaking in complete privacy. These data should be protected, not shared. I ask you to support the urgent cessation of this data extraction.
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    Created by Helen McEvoy
  • Protect Housing Benefits
    Without Universal Credit and other forms of Housing benefit such as Local Housing Allowance, the 2.6 million people that have become unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will fall further into rent arrears and be evicted. This adds to the growing crisis of homelessness across the UK and prevent people escaping the cycle of poverty. The Conservative party in the 2019 Manifesto, pledged and end to 'no-fault' evictions, however by April 2021 700,000 renters had been served a 'no-fault' eviction notice since the start of the pandemic. The unacceptable lack of government priority, means increasing numbers of families and vulnerable people are at risk of being evicted, in the 21st century this is unacceptable behaviour by the national government. Current levels of Universal Credit and the £20 a week uplift, are set to revert back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of September 2021. Leaving thousands more susceptible to eviction and a decline in standards of living. Join this campaign say 'NO' to cliff-edge living introduced through cuts and freezing of housing benefits! Follow our pages for the latest support and advice: @protectHbenefit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Protect-Housing-Benefits-108864078081403
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    Created by Laura Martin
  • Save Warrior Pharmacy
    In total, more than 16,000 patients are registered at st leonards medical centre and many use warrior pharmacy due to ease of location and due to the outstanding, knowledgeable staff. Losing the ability for the pharmacy within the medical centre to dispense NHS prescriptions from site and to deliver them to the many vunerable and elderly patients would be a travesty. Many patients travel to the medical centre pharmacy specifically due to their longstanding professional relationship with Brent the Pharmacist there of over 20years.
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    Created by Michelle crane
  • Toothless in Suffolk - Bring Our NHS Dentist Back!
    Communities across Suffolk are suffering from NHS dentist closures and the widespread lack of accessible NHS dentistry provision. Health inequality in Suffolk continues to rise. Patients are being put at considerable inconvenience and distress. The physical and mental pain suffered by those who are unable to find an NHS dentistry provider local to them, has all too often been matched by the financial hardships of being forced to 'go private' as practices are not taking on NHS patients. A Campaign Group has been put together to hear testimony and urge 'NHS England and NHS Improvement (East of England)' to reinstate local NHS dentistry provision in Suffolk. We are calling for the full restoration of NHS dentistry services in Suffolk. The NHS was founded in 1948 as a free-to-all service. We want it back! https://www.facebook.com/groups/suffolkteeth https://twitter.com/SuffolkTeeth
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    Created by Mark Jones
  • Didcot needs a Minor Injuries Unit now
    Didcot has no walk-in urgent health care facility. Didcot’s population is currently 32,800 (official estimate) and because of the many surrounding villages, there are over 44,000 patients registered with its 3 GP surgeries. Further rapid growth in housing is planned over the next decade. The nearest MIU is 7 miles away at Abingdon; a 30-40 minute bus ride or an expensive taxi journey for anyone without a car. The journey is even more difficult for those living in one of the villages, for example, Hagbourne, Blewbury, Upton, Harwell or Moreton. There are Minor Injuries Units at Witney (pop: 30,500) which is smaller than Didcot and Henley-on-Thames (pop: 11,900) which is less than half the size of Didcot. Even little Wallingford (population: 8,250) has a First Aid Unit. Didcot deserves better!
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    Created by Carol Stavris
  • Bus times
    People are being refused travel and missing appointments and are late for work and having to get taxi s , there are not enough seats available, if this was 1 hourly service as before then this would benefit many , also the issue of there being no bus after 6pm and this is effectively causing problems for the local public house/restaurant as it is primarily losing 24 regular customers per week. This is not what businesses need post covid ,there is also a couple of flats that are rented out by a local man and he is concerned that if there is no regular transport available then why would someone want to live at one of the properties.
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    Created by Donna Warlow
  • Remove All Flammable Cladding
    Since the Grenfell fire in June 2017 which claimed 72 lives, thousands of other housing blocks nationwide have been identified as having flammable cladding systems which contributed to the Grenfell tragedy. Residents in these housing blocks are facing ridiculously high costs for insurance, waking watches and remedial works to remove the cladding, despite them not being at fault. The Government pledged £5 billion to remove all ACM Grenfell style cladding on buildings over 18 meters, however this is not enough money and 4 years on over 300 buildings still have ACM cladding systems. This figure does not include other flammable cladding systems and buildings under 18 meters. Residents live in constant fear of fires in their buildings. Sarah, a first-time buyer, bought her flat in Leeds at 28. At 29 she went bankrupt due to the crisis. Sarah will not be the only one to go bankrupt - thousands, if not millions, more will go bankrupt too. The Government must protect all residents from the cost of fixing unsafe buildings and they need to make more funding available so that all buildings can be made safe in the next 12 months.
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    Created by Annie Stirk
  • Apronectomy on NHS
    My husband had a Gastric Bypass a few years ago ,but when he was due to have the excess skin removed after loosing weight he was unable to have it done on the NHS as Apronectomy is now classed as cosmetic & became a cut back. He has COPD that is made worse with carrying the weight of the excess skin , has painful neck & shoulders ,walks with a crutch because he feels he could fall , also gets leg ulcers & could get them under the skin , he has a heart problem ,we can't have intimacy in our marriage . Because he gets breathless ,we can't go on nice walks together . Which makes me sad when I see couples out walking , and I walk with a group instead or on my own. How can the Government say this operation to remove excess stomach skin is cosmetic ,when it's medical & important for the health & wellbeing of the person concerned.
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    Created by Gwyneth Webberley
  • To name a road after PC Kenneth Grout
    To remember a much loved man who made a difference to a lot of people whilst in public office. It's fitting seeing that he served for many decades in Cosham Police station.
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    Created by John Marshallsay
  • Coronavirus Briefings - Scotland
    It is a LIFE and DEATH matter - a briefing by the First Minister on a serious pandemic is NOT a political matter. Offering the whole programme only online is a blatant disregard for the importance of ALL Scots having access to the latest Scottish information when the media is confusing us, constantly, with the English information.
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    Created by Anne Cunningham
  • End Barren Battery Cages for Quails
    A barren battery cage ban was introduced in through the EU to protect the welfare of laying hens but it wasn't extended to include the beautiful egg laying quail. The vast majority of Quail are farmed intensively in barren battery cages or overcrowded barns. The EU produces over 100 million Quail but the industry is unregulated and there are no official published stastics on this. It blows our mind that there is still an unregulated industry. Quail is positioned and marketed as a "luxury" high end product that is a delicacy. Yet Quail are farmed intensively in battery cages and overcrowded barns. Many have as little space as a beer mat. The Quail industry creates suffering on an enormous scale when there is a better way. You can be the change by signing and sharing this petition to regulate the Quail industry. We believe we really all can be the change when we work together. Barren Battery Quail industries don't exist for hens due to regulations and they don't need to exist for Quails. Be the change and sign today.
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    Created by Imogen Armstrong