• 20’s plenty for Malmesbury
    There are no full paths down Gloucester road meaning any walk forces pedestrians to cross at least twice through fast oncoming traffic. Being a beautiful ancient town the existing paths are too thin for safe passage for more than 1 person at a time, meaning small children are forced to walk ahead of parents and carers exposed to the road which is a school zone. As the area is also double yellow lines, pedestrians have no further protection from the direct traffic meaning one wrong move from a vehicle at a speed of 30mph would be an instant fatality. People have been hit by passing cars as well as local houses having been crashed into and rebuilt because of the speed and carelessness of drivers. Malmesbury should care more for the safety of its residents than the daily fast passage of through traffic.
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    Created by Bethan Juliff
  • New Dry Cleaning outlet in Hook required!
    The nearest location for Dry Cleaning for Hook residents now that Trees Newsagent has closed down is either Odiham, Hartley Witney, Chineham or Basingstoke. None of these locations are accessible by foot. A Dry Cleaner that provides dry cleaning and laundry is a vital service in a community such as ours.
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    Created by Teresa Fahy
  • Keep Walnuts Shopping Centre Open
    People should be aware of what is happening and going on and going to happen about this.
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    Created by Simon Barnshaw
  • Petition for a Community Governance Review of Penrith
    As Cumbria heads into changes to local government with the county and district councils replaced with the new Westmorland and Furness Unitary council. A governance review will help place Penrith and neighbouring communities in a stronger place to represent the focused areas of the communities served as Cumbria head into the new local government structure as part of the Westmorland and Furness council area. Parish Council across the country often find it hard to fill vacancies with people willing to become councillors in the volunteer capacity of the role. Penrith Town council when created had 19 seats across its 6 wards this was reduced to 15 in 2019 after the council had a number of seats unfilled. Since 2019 the council has had to fill vacant seats through co-option to the council and over the last year has seen at a number of meetings less than half of the 15 councillors attending meetings and some meetings forced to be cancelled due to insufficient councillors attending for the meeting to be quorate. It is felt that a smaller more focused Penrith Town council were members are elected to represent all of Penrith rather than just the 6 wards will help make the council more representative and benefit Penrith as a whole while also becoming more agile and accountable to the community of Penrith. Our call for a governance review is not inference of any negative views of the current town council but a view that the changes outlined will help make the council more agile and ready to take on the future for Penrith and work to Unlock the Potential of Penrith.
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    Created by Evolve Penrith Picture
  • Do not close and relocate Bank View High School
    Bank View School is an exceptional special school that opened in September 2015. It was purpose-built for children and young people with complex learning difficulties including autism and provides an excellent educational and learning environment that provides an all-inclusive and bespoke approach that enriches the educational outcomes and quality day-to-day life experiences of all of the children and young people that attend the school. Liverpool City Council is now planning to close this school and move it to another location 14 miles away. The council does not have a good track record in it’s approach to supporting many children with SEND and confidence among parents is very low due to historic negative experiences in their efforts to obtain the appropriate education and learning support for their child. This was highlighted in a damming Ofsted report in 2019. We believe the decision to close and relocate Bank View school will have a devastating impact upon many of these autistic children including the overwhelming disruption and confusion towards their education and learning development. There will also be other negative outcomes including transportation issues creating long delays getting to and from school. Parents/carers and other family members will also be impacted by this decision as they try to adjust and deal with the unprecedented anxieties and negative consequences that will placed upon not only their child but the whole of the family. Please sign this petition and support us in helping to retain this much valued special school within it's current essential location. Thank you
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    Created by Liverpool Autistic Children's Alliance
  • No Changes To Bus Routes. Don't Isolate Our Village.
    -We will not see our residents isolated. -We will not see our residents miss vital hospital appointments due to a lack of transport options to the hospital. We will not see our village's businesses starved of footfall and custom due to isolation brought about by these changes.
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    Created by Tom Gibson
  • Pay 50% Council Tax Instead of 75% for Single Occupants
    As a single occupant I struggle with the cost of living and every year the council tax bill goes up by nearly 5% which the wages do not go up by that amount. It would help massively if I only had to pay 50% council tax.
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    Created by Andrea Weller
    Start action now with poverty and the energy crisis at all time low the working class cannot afford private. Do we want a nation with related health conditions brought on by poor dental hygiene are we still looking at the poor, rich divide. We pride ourselves on our NHS services envied by the world over yet the government are destroying the very establishment which makes us who we are. Invest now, action now, no more excuses. Sign the petition get it in front of the people we voted to represent us and we want answers and a solution not for 10 or 20 years down the line we need action now with a worldwide recruitment campaign and investment in this country to equip our own residents with knowledge and the expertise to work and invest in the country they live in.
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    Created by Claire Powderly
  • Child poverty is not going away
    No child should go hungry. No parent should have to choose between eating or heating. How would you feel not knowing when your next meal might be?
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    Created by Sallie Fitzgerald
  • Make Russia Pay Ukraine War Reparations from Frozen Assets
    Thousands of Ukrainian men, women and children are being slaughtered by Russia while the world watches on TV like an Armageddon horror movie. It is upon all humanity to stop Putin. Adolf Hitler killed Jews in gas chambers and firing squads. Putin is doing the same by bombing and depriving them of food, habitat and every means of supporting life. He must be stopped and NOW!
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    Created by Charles Nhova
    Every year on 28th April, all around the world the trade union movement and worker organisations unite to mark International Workers Memorial Day (#IWMD). We remember those who lost their lives at work, or from work-related injury and diseases. We renew our efforts to organise collectively to prevent more deaths, injuries and disease as a result of work. This plaque would be the first of its kind in Liverpool dedicated to ALL workers who have lost their lives because of work. It would provide a central meeting point in Liverpool on each and every 28th April where people gather to remember lost loved ones and work colelagues & renew the IWMD pledge. This agreed plaque reads as follows: IN RESPECTFUL REMEMBERANCE OF ALL THOSE KILLED AT WORK OR THROUGH FAILURE OF RESPONSIBILITY-REMEMBER THE DEAD AND FIGHT FOR THE LIVING IWMD 2021 “THOSE WHO PUT PROFIT ABOVE WORKER SAFETY SHOULD NEVER GO UNCHALLENGED” TONY MULHEARN IWMD 2019
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    Created by Union Safety Picture
  • Better care and treatment for survivors of childhood trauma
    Psychological injury is invisible. Thousands if not millions of people across the UK are suffering on a daily basis. All we want is to heal, just like anybody from any other injury.
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    Created by Leanne Thomas Picture