• Plastic Toy Manufacturers Mattel to Make Spare Parts Available
    Plastic Toys come under 'non recyclable' by most (if not all) local council's refuse departments. There is nothing wrong with these tracks otherwise and as we all know plastic lasts forever. These Hotwheels tracks, together with countless other Mattel plastic toys around the world could be enjoyed by children for years to come. Instead there is no alternative but to send them to landfill. There is no need whatsoever for this. Other toy companies provide spare parts. Why wont Mattel?
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    Created by Ellen Potter
  • Save Aberdeen City Libraries and Employees
    The city has lost far too much of it's cultural and community value. The removal of libraries will destroy any positive future for the population Reading, Writing and Digital skills of already isolated communities will be irrevocably damaged. Libraries - a listening ear, a friendly face, internet cafe, reading room, family history research centre, children's storytelling circle, home of Bookbug, emergency source when uni library books are out, reference desk, exhibition space, reminiscence centre, quiet place, fun place, USED BY THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY! LEAVE THEM BE! http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/reading/2017/05/libraries-matter-to-scotland%E2%80%99s-digital-future We are driving this campaign to deliver real results & have set up a just giving campaign which can be found on our Facebook Page and Linked In pages.
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    Created by philip bailey
  • Councils in Derbyshire- declare a Climate Emergency!
    There is global consensus that climate change poses significant risk to our health, our economy, our environment, and endangers the wellbeing of future generations. Scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that we have no more than 12 years to limit a climate catastrophe and even locally, here in Derbyshire, we are dealing with significant challenges closely linked to a changing climate. These include extreme weather events, severe impacts to Derbyshire’s rich flora and fauna, and threats to food production and supply. Communities across Derby and Derbyshire are becoming frustrated by governments that are unwilling to take the urgent steps needed, to deal with these issues. Humanity’s future depends on today’s bold and brave leaders to put traditional political differences aside and make the necessary decisions now in order to safeguard the environment, our future and those of generations to come.
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    Created by Peter Robinson Picture
  • Save Belle Vue Park
    There are already many eateries and hotel/B & B's in this small market town. The plan to put a Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant in an already suffering high street will cause many small, independent companies out of business. Notwithstanding, the environmental cost and the loss of outdoor space. There is a sever lack of facilities for children and young adults in this area, and this would exacerbate the problem. Removal of the skate park and the historic Belle Vue House is a kick in the teeth for the community. The council are also rubbing salt in the wounds by seeking to borrow 6.5 million to build, whilst raising council taxes and business rates.
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    Created by Belle Vue
  • Save Heart Sussex
    The presenters provide vital ‘feel good’ their delivery of the show is second to none. The local travel and news is integral to the area. It has huge benefits to the people in Sussex and no one else is capable of filling in Jack, Nicola, Tom and Brians footsteps. Their passion, knowledge and humour they provide for our county is need not a want, its a public service!
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    Created by Tanya Pilkington
  • Tougher laws on littering & fly tipping
    Because our local green areas e.g. ponds, parks, woods, fields are choked withlitter & fly tipping.
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    Created by Serena Fox-Brown
  • Stop proposed Cumbrae fish farms going ahead!
    The Firth of Clyde is home to populations of porpoises, seals and occasionally there are pods of dolphins and orcas that hunt far up into the Firth in the warmer months. The Firth of Clyde is also one of the last thriving ecosystems for migratory salmonids in the west of Scotland, however it is already in decline like everywhere else. Fish farms are a great danger to sea mammals as they are often caught up in pen nets or shot due to their predatory nature. Furthermore the excess feed and the fish faeces from the pens falls to the sea bed and these areas become a dead zone with great impact on reef, shellfish and inhabitants on the sea bed. Then we have the sea lice infestations, which we have already learned cannot be controlled by any means due to the ideal climatic conditions of our waters for their population densities to explode. These little pests can travel tens of miles to find a host, so they would certainly cause great impact to the smolts and adult migratory salmonids that run both the Lomond and Clyde systems and also the many smaller rivers along the North Ayrshire coast. Angling and Sea Mammal sight seeing in the Clyde and North Ayrshire catchments provides a permanent economy and a way of life for tens of thousands of people in the area. These two large, environmentally unfriendly fish farms will provide only 12 permanent jobs and will affect all of the people and wildlife mentioned above. Please take a stance and hopefully stop these plans from being approved. I would hope the beautiful people of Largs and Great Cumbrae will stand with me and the rest of the Firth of Clyde in saying no to fish farming in the Firth of Clyde. Our ecosystems have already suffered enough from the nearby Striven salmon farms. Save our waters please.
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  • To Maintain UK Food Standards Post EU
    The quality of the food we eat is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. This is neither a pro or anti-Brexit petition but one that focuses on our fundamental right to eat food that does not increase risk of harm either in the short or long term, to know what we are eating through full disclosure labeling and to have full choice in the consumers' hands. It is also vital that the US Ambassador understands that we as a country will not tolerate US imposition of US standards decided by the US food industry rather than by those who eat it.
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  • Nhs walk in
    To free up a&e for emergencys
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    Created by Kimberley Warren
  • Compulsory Licencing of UK car wash sites
    Car Wash Advisory Service have been working within the car wash industry since 2011 and are specialists in the issues that surround unregulated washing. Further to the Environmental Audit committee's investigation in to hand car washing and their findings that the main faults lay with lack of understanding of the industry and lack of engagement from enforcement of current legislation. The EAC asked for mandatory licencing but the Government failed to grant this and offered voluntary licencing instead. They have clearly failed to understand that without mandatory licencing, the issues that surround unregulated vehicle washing (modern slavery, environmental damage, tax evasion) will not change, as the issues are so deeply ingrained, after years of neglect by successive Governments and their agencies. The only way to ensure that the issues that surround unregulated car wash sites stop is to introduce mandatory licencing.
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    Created by Dawn Frazer
  • Make Tuttles Lane 30mph
    Over the past few years there has been an increase in the volume of traffic along Tuttles Lane, mainly due to the new housing that has been built in Wymondham and the expansion of Robert Kett, Ashleigh and Browick Road schools to full primary schools. More people are crossing Tuttles Lane near the Melton Road junction to access the "Paws For Play" dog walking field and pedestrians have commented that it no longer feels safe to walk along Tuttles Lane, particularly during the rush hour when the volume of traffic is at its greatest. Local drivers have observed that it has become more difficult and dangerous to negotiate the junctions with Barnham Broom Road, Melton Road and Hewitts Lane and some residents struggle to safely exit their driveways. The time has come to reduce the existing speed limit of 40mph along Tuttles Lane down to 30mph. Part of the road has already been reduced to 30mph (the section from the Garden Centre to the Waitrose roundabout) and we believe that making the speed limit 30mph along the entire road will be safer for everyone. We therefore ask Norfolk County Council to respect the wishes of the residents of Wymondham and make Tuttles Lane a 30mph speed limit road.
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    Created by Clare Suter
    The universal credit benifit system is a sham and is causing more and more people into poverty and in some cases loosing their homes. The whole system is flawed because its supposed to encourage people back into work, but the only thing it does is get people into debt and pay Lower amounts compared to any other benefits, so it only holds people over a barrel making them have no choice but to be pushed into work. Also the agreement you make in order to receive this benefit makes it highly likely for you to fail and be sanctioned eventually stopping the benefits all together. It needs to go and a better system and process needs to happen!!!
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    Created by Simon Page