• Stop poultry farms from potentially turning the river wye into a wildlife deathtrap
    due to how close proximity of the farms to the river , the birds deposit their phosphate-rich excrement across the ground, and the rain potentially flushes this into streams and eventually the Wye. The phosphates then trigger algae blooms when the sun comes out. Oxygen is removed from the water and plants and fish will die off. We cannot allow the ecological destruction of the wye and it’s decline in wildlife happen !
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    Created by Harry Akers
  • Legally require all commercial establishments in the UK to switch off their lights at night
    Unnecessarily lighting inside businesses is a waste and a significant contribution to the negative impact of human induced climate change/global warming.
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    Created by Mark Brownbridge
  • Random selection on netiflix
    Because I sick of flicking through and not finding anything to watch. Then end up watching something I’ve already watched because I can’t decide
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    Created by Dalton Qualter
  • make racism an offence within the NHS
    Our Black Asian and ethnic minority NHS staff have worked on the frontline during the corona virus pandemic some losing their lives and receive no respect from some patients. Therefore in memory of those who lost their lives its time the NHS stood up and were counted by displaying these notices. Patients must be aware that this behaviour is unacceptable.
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    Created by Anne Henry Picture
  • Open public toilets for the sake of people with IBD
    To help people with Crohn's disease/Ulcerative Colitis be able to go out like everyone else and not have to worry about not being able to use the toilet.
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    Created by Sophie Langan
  • Stop the trashing of Wandsworth Common!
    Wandsworth Common is a huge, beautiful space enjoyed by so many, and has been especially important to us all during lockdown. But it is now being regularly trashed with industrial amounts of litter left by huge crowds of people who leave their plastic bottles, beer cans, pizza boxes and coffee cups for someone else to clean up at our cost. On my morning walks it is truly heart-breaking to see so much rubbish dumped on this beautiful space. And just as saddening that the council or the police do nothing to enforce responsible behaviour. A council worker told me he collects one-and-a-half truckloads of rubbish every morning (see picture) just from the part of the common opposite Bellevue Road! If authorities were on site to enforce the £100 fixed penalty notices for littering, the council's coffers would be full in no time! Further, if people had to pay a deposit of 50p or a £1 for their pizza box or plastic beer cup when buying them from the businesses on Bellevue Road, that would strongly encourage them to return them rather than dump them on the common.
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    Created by Philip Chant
  • Getting understood what hip dysplasia is and how it effects people!
    Seems like there isn't enough understanding off what hip dysplasia is and how it effects people that have it day to day lives. After going years and years off being told that I had nothing wrong to then being told I have bilateral double hip dysplasia and having one pao and having to have another one done aswell I went from being told nothing wrong to I actually have a problem with my hips it took so long when it could have been helped earlier on if it was understood more
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  • Call for Resident Parking Zone in residential roads adjacent to The High Street, Newmarket
    Residents will and are being unfairly ticketed by parking enforcement officers, especially given people are still working from home
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    Created by Craig Warren
  • Museum of British Colonial History
    A demonstration of a willingness to face the truth about British History
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    Created by Jill Green
  • Make secondary scans before diagnosing miscarriage mandatory
    Early October 2019, I'd recently found out I was pregnant. Not planned and I'm not ashamed to say that my plan going forward at that time was uncertain. Shortly after, I began experiencing bleeding. Sometimes very light, sometimes nothing, sometimes heavy. Although I was aware that some bleeding in pregnancy can be totally normal, I was concerned it wasn't normal for me, having had 3 healthy pregnancies with no early bleeding. I spoke to my EPU and was referred for a scan. By the time my appointment arrived, I'd been bleeding on and off for 12 days. Firstly I was greeted by a lovely trainee GP who I spoke with, explained my choices were uncertain but I had suspected a miscarriage. I made it clear that had that been the case, I would like to progress with the surgical management option to recover, at least physically from the ordeal as quickly as possible. She agreed. I was then scanned by another lady. My scan confirmed something I didn't expect. Twins. I was shown the screen and immediately felt a wave of guilt that I'd even considered termination. Seconds later, the sonographer told me One twin is significantly smaller than the other, I'm sorry but twin A has no heartbeat, I'm going to move on and check twin B' Seconds felt like hours. Then, ' twin b hasn't either. I'm sorry but your pregnancy isn't viable' At this point, my ears were ringing I couldn't process the information I'd been told. Twins. No heart beat. Neither have heartbeats. Non viable pregnancies. I felt like I was underwater while the world above continued. I was escorted in to the room next door, back to the trainee gp I'd seen earlier. The dr placed my scan photos, faced up on the table, clearly visible. I asked if I could take them, i was told no, due to data protection. But I could take photos while she had her back turned and pretend it hadn't happened. Still to this day, I'll never understand why photos of my babies would cause a data protection breech... I was handed a few forms to sign and a brown bag containing medication. At this point I reminded them of my want for surgical management route to be informed that because I'd miscarried, I would need to go to gyne and could be waiting days. She handed me the 1st tablet after explaining that she'd given medical management to 'help me out' I was informed I needed to take the 1st tablet in front of them and then I was free to leave to continue my treatment at home, 24 hours later. I walked out of the centre and I wasn't quite sure I even understood what just happened. I went home and looked at the pictures I had taken of my scan. Twin 1 measured 4.6mm and twin 2 measured 4.7mm. Going by my LMP, 5th September 2019, I was 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Mentally, I struggled. The days rolled in to nights, I led awake rearranging sernarios in my head. Forums, Google search and information pages became my life. I obsessed over it. Something didn't add up. I was told during my scan that one twin was 'significantly smaller than the other' My scans confirm that there was .1 of a mm between them. After my nights and days of scanning the net, I was also aware that there are many cases where mothers attend scans and it's simply been too early to see a heartbeat and they attend a week or so later to see a healthy flicker on the screen. Then it clicked. My babies were too small to confirm miscarriage. But it was too late. The misdiagnosis had already been given and the medication to expell them from my body had been taken. I began to explore the guidance set out by NICE. They state if the Crown to rump length is less than 7mm and no fetal heart beat is detected, perform a second scan a minimum of 7 days later, before a miscarriage can be confirmed. In my case, this did not happen. I was not offered a re scan. I was not given the opportunity to let them develop. My choices were taken from me. Because, I trusted the guidance of a professional. A professional that do not choose to follow the guidelines of NICE that day. For what reason, I have no idea. But there will never be an acceptable reason to justify what happened. I want to change that. I want to make it mandatory that in early pregnancy, if a heartbeat isn't detected and there is a possibility that a heartbeat is not yet established, health care professionals should ensure expectant mothers should be called back, before a diagnosis of a miscarriage can be given. Hospitals are given guidance to follow. But what I still struggle with on a daily basis is a prime example of why the change is so important. Living with the uncertainty of whether my pregnancy was a healthy one or a non viable one is something I'll have to live with for the rest of my life. That could of been prevented by simply calling me back for another scan. Please help me change 'guidance' to mandatory to ensure many more women don't have to go through the experience that I, and no doubt so many others have had to. Thank you.
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  • Open Letter: We want a Healthy, Greener, Fairer Tomorrow
    Ahead of hosting the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow in 2021, the UK must lead the world by ensuring our recovery gets us on track to net-zero emissions and limits the rise in global temperature to 1.5 degrees C. Our best chance of building a resilient economy goes hand in hand with tackling climate change. We are ready to play our part, and we call on you to join us.
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  • Will the UK government hold large companies to account for not issuing cash refunds?
    Large businesses are blantently flouting UK law and not being held accountable. If a consumer attempted to hold on to money in such a manner it would be deemed as fraud. Why are large companies allowed to act outside the UK law?
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