• Don’t axe the bankers’ bonus cap
    Rishi Sunak has just approved Liz Truss’ move to lift the cap on bankers’ bonuses that she floated in her disastrous mini budget last year. At a time when so many of us are struggling with the cost of living crisis, why are wealthy people being given a helping hand? You can almost hear the champagne corks popping! The Government says lifting this cap will make London a more attractive place to do business. But it was put in place in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis - to make sure those in the financial industry don't take dangerous risks that could damage the economy for everyone. So if you agree that the Government should be helping ordinary people up and down the country - not some of the wealthiest - will you add your name to the petition today?
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  • More Pembury, Less Circus
    Pembury Circus is one of the most polluted parts of London with nitrogen dioxide levels exceeding 100ug/m3 – 10x the WHO recommended limit of 10ug/m3 and in breach of the UK legal limit of 40ug/m3. It is also one of the most dangerous and inaccessible junctions in the borough. It has one of the highest records of traffic incidents in the borough with more than 123 collisions and 142 casualties in the last six years. On a daily basis school children from the LEYF Pembury Community Nursery, Rooftop Nursery @Brook, Mossbourne Parkside Academy (primary), Mossbourne Community Academy (secondary), Stormont House Special School and Nightingale Primary School have to navigate this hostile and polluted junction. It is used by thousands of residents, visitors and commuters passing through Hackney Downs station on a daily basis; and by more than 750 cyclists daily without any road markings or protected cycle lanes. Hackney Council are well aware of the dangers, having noted the lack of any adequate, safe and accessible pedestrian crossings in the Hackney Central Footways map produced as part of the Hackney Central Impact and Ideas Fund. We're calling for action now.
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  • Save Crossgates Library
    It has been reallocated to the local shopping centre and it would be far better suited to its original, purpose built building. We do not believe the shopping centre unit is large enough nor secure enough to allow patrons to use the library in the way they have been able to in its own building. Children do not have their own quiet space, the units feel cramped and too full. This space was intended to be temporary and behaves as such. Local libraries are community hubs, they help with not just reading but internet connection, learning, toddler groups, the elderly population getting to connect with other people in the community.
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    Due to Government incompetence during the Covid-19 Pandemic, many UK citizens now suffer from Long-Covid. Meaning loss of earnings, and loss to quality of life. Many are now unable to work, many like myself have had to give up a well paid job, for lower pay, as we are now unable to continue with heavy work. Many are still in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay of the meagre amount of £99.95 per week, which is grossly insufficient to live on, meaning having to claim for other benefits such as Universal Credit, to top up. The stress of going from well paid jobs to very low benefits, and even lower paid employment, only undermine our health further. At this time, there is no cure for Long-Covid, we are still unaware of what causes this condition. Meaning anyone who had had, or in future suffers from Covid, may well end up also suffering from Long-Covid. It is an awful disabling condition, which leaves you breathless, fatigued, and at times unable to move. You go from being full of beans one second, and in the next, you have no beans at all, every muscle in your body aches, it's like living with 24 hour flu, every day, meaning menial tasks are impossible. Government incompetence during the early stages of the pandemic, left everyone open to contacting Covid, and becoming a Long-Covid sufferer, and with Covid still rife, meaning anyone could still become a sufferer of this awful condition. Many have had to give up work and survive on benefits, or like myself, give up a well paid job, for a lower pay, as we could no longer do the work we used to.
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  • PRIVACY OVER PROFIT: Restrict the use of ANPR in the private sector
    People's privacy should be respected! Their movements should NOT be monitored by big corporations for the purpose of managing contracts and increasing profits. The use of ANPR technology and associated data analysis should be reserved for the prevention and detection crime, or the enforcement of civil laws. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is something most people will now be familiar with. Used correctly, it is invaluable in the fight against crime and disorder. Used incorrectly, it can be used to invade people’s privacy and boost profits for greedy companies in the private sector. The problem.... ANPR has been around for a number of years. It was designed to enable law enforcement agencies to prevent and detect crime and other offences. More recently, however, private parking companies have been using ANPR cameras to monitor breaches of contracts and worse still ‘MONITOR CAR PARK USAGE, IDENTIFY TRENDS AND PREDICT CUSTOMER BEHAVIOURS’. Let’s be very clear here; when you don’t park correctly or overstay in a private car park, you DO NOT commit a criminal or civil offence, you breach a contract with the parking provider. The use of ANPR cameras is therefore not being used to prevent and detect crime or offences as set out in legislation, instead it is enabling large companies to further increase profits by allowing them to observe our vehicle use remotely. Using ANPR to invade people’s privacy in this way is not proportionate or necessary, but IS currently legal. How it works.... ANPR cameras at the entrance of a private car park detect the number plate of a vehicle upon entry, recording the time, date and sometimes the make / model of vehicle. They also capture an image of the vehicle, as well as the occupants, if the camera is of a high quality. Another camera at the exit performs a similar function. The captured data from both cameras is compared to see if the car park user has breached the parking contract by overstaying or parking incorrectly. More worryingly, the data can be used to analyse the days, times and durations of people’s stays at the locations, or in the words of one parking company ‘MONITOR CAR PARK USAGE, IDENTIFY TRENDS AND PREDICT CUSTOMER BEHAVIOURS’. The parking companies then share this data, which includes: ‘Live car park occupancy, Heat maps of peak occupancy, Capacity and utilisation, Dwell times, Revenue, Vehicle details (make, model, colour, fuel type), Vehicle of interest alerts’. NB - If you’re wondering what the last category means, one such company refers to it as a way of knowing when ‘vehicles owned by undesirables, trouble-makers, or criminals arrive in your car park.’ Whilst that sounds like a positive thing, unlike in law enforcement, there are no rules governing which vehicles / individuals can be placed on the ‘hotlist’. They can therefore deem any vehicle, they so wish, to be a ‘vehicle of interest’ and pass that information to their client. In the case of a supermarket car park for instance, in theory, the parking provider could be alerting shop staff every time young people dressed in scruffy clothing arrive at their location. This could then give security staff an opportunity to unnecessarily follow and monitor those individuals, or ‘undesirables’ as one of the companies so eloquently calls them. Although customers are advised ANPR is used at car parks, they are not advised as to exactly HOW and WHY it is used. One company only says that parking is ‘camera’ monitored at the entrance points and is not specific as to what type of cameras are used. Ultimately, parking companies are charging their clients (shopping centres, supermarkets, local councils) for services that ONLY INCREASE PROFITS. The services do not enable laws to be enforced or crime prevented. The parking companies themselves are paid handsomely for what they offer their clients, with CEOs reportedly earning more than the Prime minister, while all they have to do is sit back and let their computer programs do the work for them. Potential consequences... The misuse of ANPR technology, in the way described, means that private companies can know when and where you are going and for how long. They can know what car you drive and in some cases, even what you look like. Whilst such companies will be keen to tell you that they look after your personal data, the past few months have seen data breaches within even the most secure organisations (police, NHS, etc.) Imagine how valuable it may be to criminals to know where you are likely to be at a given time and for how long. It’s a scary thought, but sadly not an unlikely eventuality, so long as this application of ANPR is allowed to continue.
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  • Say NO to Cornish school bus route closures
    School attendance has already dropped off a cliff since the pandemic, hitting the most disadvantaged students hardest. Slashing school bus routes will make things worse. Many of the routes deemed "Suitable to Walk" lack pavement, have very poor pavement, and are on roads with the national speed limit. And for some, this will mean around two hours' walk to school and back each day which, whilst whilst a nice thought on a bright, sunny day with no time pressures, is a huge blow to many families. This is just another example of small short-term savings by Cornwall Council that will lead to huge long-term costs, for both families and taxpayers. Full list of proposed closures is as follows: - Hatt to Landulph School - Minorca Lane to Bugle School - Penwithick to Poltair School - Joan Moffat Close to Liskeard Hillfort School - Porthtowan to Mount Hawke Academy - Tregadillet to Launceston College - South Petherwin to Launceston College - Prince Phillip Estate to Launceston College - St Cleer to Liskeard School and Community College - Lamellion to Liskeard School and Community College - Dobwalls to Liskeard School and Community College - Foxhole to Brannel School (St Stephen) - Burlawn to Wadebridge School - Cury to Mullion School - Truthwall to Cape Cornwall School (St Just) - Delabole to Sir James Smith’s School (Camelford) Please sign and tell us how the route closures would affect students in your community.
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  • Keep Batley Library in its much-loved Carnegie building
    Kirklees Council is planning to dispose of many assets to help overcome its £47 million black hole. Part of this plan would involve closing the Grade II listed Batley Carnegie Library, and operating a “modern library” service from the Town Hall. This would enable the council to sell the original library building. The money to build Batley Library was donated to the people of Batley by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation, and the plot of land for the library was donated by the William Akroyd Foundation, also to the people of Batley. This enabled the building of the iconic library which opened in 1907 and which still dominates the Market Place today, an area which is widely acknowledged as a gem of late Victorian/early Edwardian architecture and a superb legacy for future generations. With its towering illuminated clockfaces, the Batley Carnegie Library building acts as a beacon of inspiration, comfort and familiarity to the residents of Batley, and as a proud reminder of their heritage and hope for the future. Batley Library’s inviting atmosphere has established a place where people have created memories, nurtured long-lasting friendships, and helped build Batley’s strong community spirit. Moving the library, even for such a short distance, would damage this precious legacy. Thanks to the building’s superb design, it is still fit for purpose and perfectly suited to the twenty-first century, accommodating the traditional lending and reference library services and a great deal more besides. The modern library is so much more than a book depository, it now hosts many activities, local groups, performances, displays, and community services, both regular and ad-hoc, for adults and for children. Many of these activities can take place simultaneously. It is a Library of Sanctuary, a Safe Place, and a Warm Space, where anybody can find safety, comfort, and reassurance (and a cup of soup or a hot drink and a snack) whatever their circumstances, and it holds a special place in the hearts of the community. The layout of the building provides the ideal location for all these facilities, providing social space as well as quiet areas of privacy. The Town Hall is not a huge building, and this new proposal could result in a reduction in the number and quality of services provided. Years ago, when the library was refurbished, the service – which had far fewer activities than nowadays – was temporarily relocated to the Town Hall annexe, and it was agreed by users and staff that it was not possible to carry out all the normal functions anywhere other than in the original building. Due to its location, if the building were to be left empty for any length of time it would suffer undetected vandalism from the rear of the building, and would eventually become derelict through lack of maintenance. This would be a tragic loss to the heritage of Kirklees as a whole. Therefore we strongly urge the Council to reconsider this proposal, which would have a severe impact on the quality of life and the wellbeing of local residents.
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  • End violence and protect civilians in Palestine and Israel
    A crisis has broken out in Palestine and Israel. More than 1400 Israeli people and more than 3000 Palestinian people have been killed by terrorist attacks by Hamas and by devastating airstrikes carried out by Israel in response. It can be hard to imagine what it’s like for the innocent children caught up in this conflict, and their parents and guardians struggling to keep them safe. That’s why we're adding our voices to calls for UK political leaders to call out attacks on civilians, demand an immediate ceasefire, ensure life-saving aid is increased and provided safely, and that civilians have their rights respected and are kept safe. The news right now can be overwhelming and it’s easy to feel powerless - but at the heart of this are innocent people like us who need help. On our own, it can feel like there’s nothing we can do to stop the violence, but if we join our voices together we can petition all political leaders in the UK to do more to protect innocent people caught up in this devastating conflict.
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  • A cleaner greener Easton
    There are structural unacceptable levels of street littering and fly-tipping in Easton, with overflowing bins, ripped open bin bags, rubbish spread around residential and shopping streets, and fly-tipping of household goods. This attracts vermin such as seagulls, foxes, rats and flies, particularly in the warmer months. Please can you liaise with BCC cleansing department to significantly increase the levels of street cleaning weekly, and ask Enforcement Officers to raise awareness and target those businesses and households who are structurally causing this problem to improve the situation for all residents of Easton. Easton is an amazingly vibrant and diverse area of Bristol, however the state of our streets makes the public environment unsightly and unhygienic, and detrimental to the mental and physical wellbeing of all residents - no other residential area of Bristol is as densely populated or as litter-strewn as this, so the residents of Easton urgently need higher levels of service from BCC's Cleansing Department in order to establish and maintain pleasant, clean and hygienic streets and parks for all residents, young and old, to enjoy and benefit from.
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  • Save Ayr's Historic Station Buildings
    After the fire at the old Ayr Station Hotel, there is an opportunity to save the historical facade of the building and build a new environmentally friendly building within it, to repurpose the building for the townsfolk to meet the needs of the 21st century. The exterior could be restored to house a modern building, giving the best of both worlds. If you want to see the beautiful parts of auld Ayr maintained for you and future generations to enjoy, this is important. If you would like an independent charity to get involved to manage such a project, including sourcing independent funding and working with the town to repurpose the building for our needs today, then support this by signing the petition. This is in danger of disappearing forever if the gable wall is allowed to be demolished. We would like an independent expert engineer to make an assessment before a contractor is appointed to demolish the wall. Repurposing and rebuilding a modern environmentally friendly interior, and restoring the exterior will be less disruptive to surrounding road networks than demolition. Act now to save our history for future generations to enjoy. The Ayr Development Trust
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  • Repair Football Pitch on London Road
    It only lasted just short of a year and was really fun to use. It's literally just some cones now to use as goals and the green poles sticking out the ground. If you join the petition, your child can use this to play football, play with friends and even make some friends!
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