• Provide support information after all TV shows that feature sexual violence
    Statistics show that three quarters of survivors contacting Rape Crisis centres do so over an incident that occurred at least 12 months earlier (1). It has been shown that where television programmes include storylines on sexual violence, there has been an increase in calls to support helplines. The Rape Crisis Helpline experienced a 132% increase in calls after the showing of Broadchurch (2), a similar spike in calls to support helplines was experienced following the rape of David Platt in Coronation Street (3). This information shows that survivors are often prompted to seek support following depictions of sexual violence on television. We are concerned that whilst terrestrial channels have moved to provide support information, they are inconsistent in their approach and this information is not available at all when the same programmes are watched via the internet/download apps (4). Having support information available consistently and across all platforms helps people access support when they need it. By not having this information available it can leave viewers unsafe when affected by such content. In addition, it can also give out confusing messages around consent, sex and rape, when support information is not given after storylines where content is less explicit – for example in storylines involving coercion. Further Information: 1. Three quarters of adults contacting rape crisis centres do so over an incident that occurred at least 12 months earlier https://rapecrisis.org.uk/get-informed/rcew-statistics/ 2. The Rape Crisis Helpline experienced a 132% increase in calls after the showing of Broadchurch http://thesurvivorstrust.org/news/broadchurch-impact-survivors-support-services/ 3. Coronation Street male rape scene: Helplines see spike in calls https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-43498590 4. Recent examples where support information is not available after programmes provided online include: • The rape of Ruby Allen in EastEnders and subsequent court scenes – BBC1 • Victoria Sugden Rape in Emmerdale - ITV • Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me – Channel 4 Image Copyright: Laura Dodsworth
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    Created by Karen Jardine - Notts SVS Services - No More Rape Myths
  • Save Southampton Bees
    Glyphosate has according to recent studies been linked to the death of bees. It weakens their gut bacteria making them more susceptible to disease leading to a higher bee mortality rate. A weedkiller containing glyphosate has also been found be a jury in Los Angeles to have been a substantial factor in a man getting cancer. Globally there are more honey bees than any other pollinating insects. They are vital to pollinate the food that we eat to surivive. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/roundup-weed-killer-cancer-bayer-ag-edwin-hardeman-a8830861.html https://www.newsweek.com/bee-death-scientists-warn-common-weed-killer-harming-honey-bees-1137103
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    Created by Elaine Hunter
  • Ban Live Animal Export Scotland
    In 2016, around 2,400 sheep were sent from Scotland for slaughter to Germany and France and 3,000 week old Scottish calves were exported to Spain. In 2017, it was even worse. 3,073 sheep, 5,595 calves and 661 cattle were exported from Scotland for either slaughter or fattening; More than 5,000 young calves discarded from the dairy industry were sent from Scotland to Spain in journeys lasting up to 135 hours. The long-distance transport of live animals to Europe is a serious animal welfare problem. Animals are made to travel in cramped conditions with insufficient water supplies, uncontrolled temperatures and inadequate rest periods. Older animals travelling often give birth in lorries, while other animals suffer injuries and even die before they reach their destination. For the animals that survive the journey, there’s a risk that Scottish animal welfare standards will simply not be met by abattoirs overseas. For example, there have been reports of sheep taken from Scotland to France being subjected to inhumane and illegal slaughterhouse practises. Calves in France beaten and abused at rest point . https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/calves-beaten-hit-video-footage-violence-animals-live-exports-europe-a8899631.html Animals are sentient beings that feel pain and stress in the same way as we do. There is no escaping the fact that animals are suffering. The Scottish Government has stated that no one is comfortable with the issue of male dairy calves being exported. The dairy industry ensures maximum lactation and production from dairy cows. Male calves have no value in the process, so the majority are exported for fattening in Spain and then moved on for slaughter in north Africa. It cannot be guaranteed that that will be done in compliance with the welfare standards that apply in Scotland. I ask the Scottish Government to at least consider a ban, it is clear that this cruel trade—and the suffering that goes with it—will continue under the radar until this is fully banned. The UK Government has made it clear that a ban could still be the outcome of the consultation. Therefore, instead of pressurising a ferry company to circumvent its own policies and begin accepting live exports again, the Scottish Government should be spending its time working with its Westminster counterparts to address the glaring and urgent concerns about animal welfare. We have a rare opportunity to update welfare standards that the European Commission itself has admitted show poor performance and in relation to which there is poor compliance. The current standards were set more than 12 years ago. before the sentience of animals was legally recognised and, since then, the scientific and veterinary evidence has repeatedly stated that we should avoid transporting young calves as much as possible. We should be embracing with both hands this opportunity to bring forward a live export ban. Will you listen to the 73 per cent of voters who support an export ban, the ethical dairy sector and the scientific evidence that says that the current practice has to stop? Alternatively, will it continue to resist change at all costs, painting Scotland as a nation that puts cheap high-volume production ahead of sustainability, ethics and animal welfare Source: one kind & from parlimentory debate raised by colin smythe - Scottish labour party on the Export of Live Animals for Slaughtering and Fattening – in the Scottish Parliament on 30th October 2018.
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    ALDI are now selling slug pellets that have metaldehyde in them. (Doff Slug killer) This is poison which can kill animals and birds. If hedgehogs (which are in decline) or birds ingest the slugs they will be poisoned. Aldi is a mainstream supermarket which means this product is now widely available in many of their stores. Please complain to Aldi and ask for it to be removed (and to any other store you find it) E-mail: customer.service@aldi.co.uk. Phone: 0800 042 0800 ."Metaldehyde can be deadly to humans and animals, and it pollutes groundwater. Metaldehyde has been banned by DEFRA from Spring 2020. 'The decision to prohibit the use of metaldehyde, except in permanent greenhouses, follows advice from the UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that metaldehyde poses an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals.' All very well to ban it next year, what about the thousands of birds and hedgehogs it will kill before then!
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  • New Bridge South 0f Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    The River Tyne has no crossing points between Newcastle and the Tyne Tunnel at Jarrow. For an area the size of Tyneside this is a ridiculous state of affairs. I suspect this could be to maintain a flow of tolls into the Tyne Tunnel. However 7 miles of Tyneside is cut off from the other side, this is unacceptable. People have to either commute to Newcastle to cross or go through the expensive Tyne Tunnel. Sunderland have just completed a fantastic new bridge the Northern Spire at less than half the cost of the second Tyne Tunnel. A bridge would ease the congestion and pollution caused at the Tyne Bridge. Please support this campaign so we can make an overdue change for the better for the people of Tyneside!
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  • Skatepark In Bukstone
    There is a lack of skateparks in Edinburgh and especially in the Buckstone/Mortonhall area. We and alot of others have to travel far to find a descent place to skate board.
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    Created by Niko Krokidis
  • Renovate the derelict building in West Park Jarrow
    We want to show the council that we are not happy for them to demolish a part of our history!! West Park Community Group are a relatively new group who put on local events in Jarrow Park to combat social isolation, bring people together, endeavour to increase the members of the other groups in the park by showing what's on offer and to raise funds for the parks continued regeneration. Members of the group were originally told that the council would gift the brick building if the funds could be found to 'put a roof on it'. The group members raised enough money to do this by holding music based events, coffee mornings as well as approaching the local community's and businesses for event sponsorship. When the group contacted the local council they advised that the 'gifting of the building' was news to them and that the brick building was going to be demolished. However the group could look at putting a wooden structure in its place. The group have continued to fundraise with a view to ensuring that there is a building in the park that can be used for people to use and ensure that there are accessible toilets and we are continuing to petition the council to retain the building rather than knock it down. The brick building has been and is part of the landscape of the park and a wooden replacement will have a detrimental visual impact on the landscape. The group have a number of quotes for the renovation work and a new structure and the renovation plan is the most cost effective. The Group already have the funds to put the roof on, would and continue to fundraise as well as 'call in' all the offers of help to fully renovate the building. Making this a true community project. Additionally the brick building is part of the 'fabric' of the park and if renovated will restore the aesthetic balance to the landscape. The plan is for this renovation to be a true community project with local people coming on board to do 'their bit' for their local award winning park. The building will have accessible toilets, multi use open space and a kitchen. The building will be for community use and to facilitate fundraising events to maintain the regeneration of the park and the continuation of the community events. How amazing would it be to see this building done up and sit and watch the bowling out of one side and the kids playing in the Muga out of the other. To have accessible toilets, to have a lovely space to meet friends, hold meetings, hire out for community activities, for school children to come a have as a classroom in the park; the uses are endless.
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  • Save Our Park...Save the Planet
    Surrey Health Borough Council is planning to dispose of more than 20% of the land at the London Road Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue, Camberley to use as a car park for the redevelopment of the Arena Leisure Centre. This is a significant reduction in open, green recreation space available to the local residents in an area that already has a minimum of such areas. This disposal of land will greatly affect the functionality of the recreation ground, the available space for residents to enjoy green open spaces and cause the loss of a significant environmental habitat for plants and animals.
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    Created by Southwell Park Residents' Association
  • Sheffield Star must tell the truth about climate catastrophe.
    On May 31st 2019 the Sheffield Star published a letter with a bold headline saying "Man-made climate change is a myth". The contents of this letter have been thoroughly debunked in this article. http://www.lse.ac.uk/GranthamInstitute/news/climate-change-deniers-haul-out-a-daft-conspiracy-theory-about-attenboroughs-new-programme/ Not only did the Star print the climate deniers letter without checking it was factually correct, but they also chose to give it "Star letter" treatment and print a headline that is entirely opposed to scientific fact. The Star must stop misinforming the public and start to educate them about the massive issue of climate and ecological catastrophe. Unless the public understands the dire consequences of continuing "business as usual", it will be impossible for the Government to implement the emergency measures required to prevent mass extinction. Newspapers that actively oppose the measures required to stop climate and ecological catastrophe will be complicit in both genocide and ecocide. The science is clear: It is understood that we are facing an unprecedented global emergency. We are in a life or death situation of our own making. We must act now. “We are in a planetary emergency” Prof. James Hansen, former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies “Climate change is a medical emergency…It thus demands an emergency response…” Prof. Hugh Montgomery, director of the University College London Institute for Human Health and Performance, Lancet Commission Co-Chair “This is an emergency and for emergency situations, we need emergency action.” – Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary-General “Act now to save our planet and our future from the climate emergency.” Antonio Guterres UN Secretary-General At the end of 2018, the UN Secretary-General warned us: "Humanity and life on Earth now face a ‘direct existential threat’ The world must act swiftly and robustly to keep global warming under 1.5°C and try to avoid utterly catastrophic impacts to life on Earth. Human activity is causing irreparable harm to life on this world. A mass extinction event, only the sixth in roughly 540 million years, is underway. Many current life forms could be annihilated or at least committed to extinction by the end of this century." The air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we plant in, the food we eat, and the beauty and diversity of nature that nourishes our psychological well-being, all are being corrupted and compromised by the political and economic systems that promote and support our modern, consumer-focused lifestyles. We must act while we still can. What we are seeing now is nothing compared to what could come. Effects on global human society, if the climate and ecological emergency are not addressed, may spiral out of control. Sea level rise Desertification Wildfires Water shortage Crop failure Extreme weather Millions displaced Disease Increased risk of wars and conflicts But our leaders are failing in their duty to act on our behalf. Our current systems of governance are compromised by a focus on profits and economic growth. Politicians can be influenced by lobbies of powerful corporations and the media are hampered by the vested interest of corporate advertisers undermining our democratic values. We have run out of the luxury of time to react incrementally. We must radically and immediately begin reducing emissions and improving carbon absorption, drawing it down and locking it up again. Only a peaceful planet-wide mobilisation of the scale of World War II will give us a chance to avoid the worst-case scenarios and restore a safe climate The task before us is daunting but big changes have happened before. Let’s make a better world. (Thanks to Extinction Rebellion for this text)
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  • To keep Poundland in Alloa
    There are fewer and fewer 'shops' in Alloa that add value to the town, Poundland stocks everything you need at obviously, a low cost, items you can get at last minute without having to order on line or pay triple for in other shops, poundworld went last year and for poundland to close too would be tragic for the town not to mention the staff that work in Poundland, i would like it to stay, as I'm sure many others would too.
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  • STOP the Penrith 'pong'
    Disgusting smell pollutes the air residents breathe. It is sickening, so residents are objected - without choice - to the horrible smell in their nostrils, in their homes, on their clothes. Plus, the smell distracts tourists to the area ie: it harms the tourist trade.
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  • Bring back the Judith Kerr postbox to Barnes as a permanent memorial to the much loved writer
    One of the ways Judith Kerr was celebrated during her lifetime was with the decoration of a postbox near her home in Barnes. To mark World Book Day in March 2019, the Royal Mail decorated four postboxes across the UK honouring the most popular British children's authors. The transformation of the box only lasted one month but we're campaigning to have the postbox permanently decorated. Judith Kerr was one of the UK's most beloved children's authors. Her books from The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Mog the cat stories have been read by generations of children across the world. After escaping from Nazi Germany as a child in the 1930s she decided life was not for wasting and she was working as an illustrator and author right up until the time she died aged 95. She is a hugely important figure and deserves a permanent monument. She was thrilled when the Royal Mail decorated a postbox in her honour and it would be a fitting memorial if they were to allow the postbox to be permanently decorated with her illustrations.
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