• Learn the lessons from Grenfell - make our housing system work for tenants
    We lost our loved ones, our neighbours and our homes in the Grenfell Tower fire. One of the things that makes the heartbreak so difficult is knowing that some of us raised concerns about safety before the fire but we were ignored. And today, over a year and a half since the tragedy, people living in social housing are still so often ignored and mistreated when they raise issues. With your help we want to change this. We are calling for the Government to create a new housing regulator that works for tenants. Please sign this petition to support us. The current housing regulator, is focused is on keeping housing associations in profit. It’s not enough. We need a new independent regulator that puts people before profit. After the banking crisis the Government set up the Financial Conduct Authority to look after consumers interests and after the food crisis it set up the Food Standards Agency to protect customers. It’s time for the same approach for housing. This summer the Government will publish its plans for the future of social housing in a White Paper, so we have just a few months to send a clear message: People living in social housing deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They need a regulator that will fight for them, not just for their landlords. Please help us, sign this petition and let’s send a message that Grenfell has not been forgotten and make sure that the loss of 72 lives leads to real change for people across the country.
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  • Reject This Cruel Budget
    Aberdeen City Council are seeking to fill the hole created by their mis-spending by not only hiking up tax, but also slashing public spending from almost anything worthwhile in the city. Everything from Lollipop Men & Women, to Libraries, Road repairs, Sports Facilitates and even charities like Aberdeen Performing Arts and SHMU face the chop. All so that public money can be spent to prop up private spending on money-pits like Marischal Square. This budget should not be passed without a transparent open book investigation into public spending, to find out why Aberdeen's finances are in such a desperate state, and hold those responsible to account.
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    Created by Aron Smith
  • Stop Public Funding for New Non-renewable Energy Projects
    Man-made climate change is scientific fact [1]. It is a national security problem unprecedented in scale that requires radical action. Without action we will see severe environmental and social damage like drought, famine and mass displacement of people within our lifetime. We want change. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are contracts where government pledges public money to private investment plans, reducing the financial burden on the private company and attracting investors to the UK. With the recent collapse of public-private nuclear energy deals at Wylfa and Moorside, we the undersigned ask the government to reconsider its energy policy. Passing legislation prohibiting the government from investing in the construction of new fossil fuel and nuclear energy infrastructure projects will help phase out these environmentally damaging technologies [2]. The future of energy is carbon neutral and renewable and it's time government policy reflected this. Renewables have the potential to meet our energy needs [3], but the sector lacks the public investment that the fossil fuel industry enjoys [4]. Legislation of this kind would encourage governments to make this investment available. [1]: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-climatechange-temperatures/evidence-for-man-made-global-warming-hits-gold-standard-scientists-idUSKCN1QE1ZU [2]: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/15/immediate-fossil-fuel-phaseout-could-arrest-climate-change-study [3]: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/11/scotland-completely-powered-by-wind-turbines-for-a-day [4]: https://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/3069766/uk-has-biggest-fossil-fuel-subsidies-in-the-eu-finds-commission
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  • Regulate Rent Charges
    Financially, it's imperative.
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    Created by Ian Marinello
  • Reject 1% Pay Offer
    The Permanent Secretary, Department of Finance has determined the pay remit for NI Civil Servants is 1%. This happened without consultation with Trade Unions and against a backdrop of year on year real term pay cuts of more than 7%. The Permanent Secretary, Department of Finance is the person who can change this.
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  • London Minimum Wage
    Is the minimum living wage recognised for London
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  • Stop uk schools over using isolation/isolation booths
    UK guidelines suggest isolation should be used as a last resort not an everyday occurrence. There may be many reasons why a pupil may not have the correct uniform or equipment including poverty, loss if equipment, theft of equipment by another pupil, parent's are ultimately responsible for supplying their child with the correct uniform and equipment so why are schools punishing children. Sometimes the child may simply have forgotten equipment, will punishment result in improving their memory, no it will not. Children's mental health issues are rising dramatically, this form of unforgiving punishment will increase the number children suffering with poor mental health.
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    Created by Dawn OSWIN
  • Against a new car park in front of Barrfields Pavillion in Largs
    Barrfields was left by James Barr to Largs albeit to Ayrshire Council to be looked after for the people of Largs not to be turned into another concrete block as it is the only public green space on that side of the road in Largs.Who wants to see that?
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    Created by James Borrie
  • Outlaw the digging out of foxes
    Digging out terrified animals who have tried to hide underground is a hideously cruel and unnecessary activity. Those who get their kicks from slaughtering our wildlife in this way are posting their grisly images and videos on social media and bragging about their exploits. Sometimes, after hours of digging to reach the terrified creature, s/he is hauled out and thrown to the dogs. Often the mutilated corpse is mocked and photographed and displayed as a sickening trophy for the groups who take delight in killing animals. This ugly pastime has no place in the UK in 2019. The police have powers to punish hare coursers by crushing their vehicles and confiscating their paraphernalia. Hare coursers may also be sent to prison. If your government is serious about protecting our wildlife and the environment, we the undersigned respectfully request that you make the digging out of animals that have gone to ground illegal, and punishable by imprisonment, confiscation of equipment and dogs and hefty fines.
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    Created by Patricia Betty
  • Nottingham ‘Car Free Day’
    To forward the aim of making Nottingham a cleaner, more pleasant, more sustainable and happier city
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    Created by David Lally
  • Protect our children
    I never thought as a parent to a 3 year old, that I would ever have to sit down and talk to my son about suicide and self harm because of video content he has seen, that has been allowed on YouTube kids! I only let my son watch educational videos on kids YouTube, a site that is meant to protect our children and have more in place to stop inappropriate content! I quickly discovered that some videos that came through was teaching my son to hurt himself, teaching him about suicide and to hurt others! I feel sick that I am not the only parent whose child has been subject to these videos, they also come in advertisements and target children on social media. No parent should ever feel that they can’t protect their children, that they feel their child is in danger within their own house! No one is being held responsible and nothing is being done to stop this and protect our children. More needs to be done, it may violate social media community guidelines
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  • Connect St Neots to Cambridge by rail
    St Neots is the largest town in Cambridgeshire with local area expansion plans to double in size over the next decade. There are a vast array of professionals already commuting to Cambridge but mainly along congested and polluted roads and many more would like to trade their London train commute for Cambridge. St Neots is a great hub and should not be forgotten in one of the greatest infrastructure investments we will have seen in a century.
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    Created by Michelle Woodbridge