• Keep Rugby Union 6-Nations games on free-to-view TV
    Over many decades, for many rugby enthusiasts, watching the 5-Nations and later the 6-Nations on TV has been the highlight of the sporting year. If it goes behind a paywall, as has been suggested, Rugby will go the same way as Test Cricket, losing dedicated fans, will failing to get youngsters interested, and will just wither away. This would be tragic. Don't let it happen.
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  • Provision of public toilets
    The bill was an answer to the Public Health England report ‘Taking the P**s’ which found that the lack of public toilets was a serious health issue. In light of the present Corona virus emergency, a large union has highlighted the fact that there are insufficient public toilets where the public could wash their hands.
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    Created by Ian Winstanley
  • Wilko: don’t scrap sick pay
    From 1st April 2020, Wilko are set to scrap sick pay for 21,000 workers across the country. This means that Wilko will not issue sick pay for all workers after their first absence. The rules effectively mean if you're ill more than once in a year - you will not be paid for it beyond statutory minimum. The maximum statutory sick pay is only £94.25 a week The new policy will increase the likelihood of people going to work when they are unwell and contagious because they could not afford to miss out on much needed wages. Wilko should scrap the policy and make sure their employees are looked after correctly with acceptable sick pay.
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    Created by Antonia Short
  • Simplify self-care and cosmetic ingredient labels
    As consumers, we want to be able to make educated and informed choices about the products we use for our self-care and cosmetics. At present, the ingredient labels are confusing and misleading, due to the complicated scientific language used. Many products available in the British market are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins that given both education and choice, we may not use on our family's bodies. It is extremely difficult to understand the ingredient labels as they are written in complicated scientific terminology. Around 3 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with hormone-receptive breast cancer. Until that time, I had given no consideration to the ingredients in was using on my body or those of my family. But her cancer diagnosis triggered me to investigate the products we were all using on our bodies. I was horrified to discover that some of the ingredients in our trusted household brands were carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive and highly irritant. I am a mum to a blended family of 4 young children. We are conscious about the environment, eat well and stay fit. We do our bit for British society in any way we can. As a conscious mum, I know that there will be many other parents and individuals that given the correct information, would want to ensure they are limiting the dangers that they are exposing themselves to. There are a growing number of natural, harmful-chemical-free alternatives on the market. But with simplified labelling, society can be clear on what goes into a product and make an informed decision about whether they still choose to use that or opt for a safer alternative. There has been a movement in food labelling to highlight the known allergens in ingredient labels. This makes it far easier for consumers to make an informed choice. I am suggesting a similar movement with self-care and cosmetics products, whereby, known harmful chemicals or toxins must be highlighted.
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    Created by natalie elliott
  • Improve the compensation scheme for Windrush survivors and family members
    In April 2019 the government launched the Windrush Compensation Scheme in response to the Windrush Scandal. But as recently as January 2020 only 36 cases had been awarded compensation - out of 1000 applications so far. The compensation scheme was meant to help people get their lives back on track and for the government to acknowledge and apologise in how they abused the rights of Black British Citizens. But instead the scheme has been far too complicated for victims to use, with very little support for those making claims. This has affected people's entire lives, like Michael Braithwaite who was born in Trinidad and came to Britain in 1961: ‘Over the last two years my life has been turned upside down. The mental stress and turmoil that caused me ill health still impact my daily life. The government compensation scheme has not been fairly documented, it was constructed behind closed doors, no public input and no one to represent the Windrush victims.’ Stephanie O ‘Connor, who moved to the UK in 1967 as a child says: 'For my mum the compensation scheme has come too late and I’m so disappointed that it is still taking this long for people to get what is owed to them. I just hope that people get compensated fairly for everything that they have been through.'
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  • Ensure People on Benefits Receive them while Covid 19 is active
    The government are worried about those who are employed for a company but so far nothing has been done to help those who need benefits to survive. Panic over Covid 19 and benefits not paid will not make it any better for anyone.
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    Created by Debbie Evans
  • Regulation of the funeral directors industry.
    I am aware that many people would regard the present fee structure as extortionate at a time of deep grief when finances are under severe strain and emotional blackmail is able to be put in place. It is high time that this iniquity is stamped out. This is especially relevant at a time when a pandemic might befall the country
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  • Bus service alterations
    In order to prevent runaway climate change carbon emissions need to fall drastically as soon as possible. Public transport needs to be joined up to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Matlock Interchange stop (outside Matlock rail station) provides easy access for people who get off trains and need to get onto buses. Current plans to cut services from this point give people only 3 minutes to get from the train to another bus stop for the bus to Chatsworth. It is nearly impossible to get to this in time as it involves crossing two busy roads. If the bus is missed people will have to wait for an hour for the next bus.
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    Created by Christine Grocott
  • Improve mental health provision in prisons
    Prisons have suffered severe cuts in funding which has resulted in prisoners suffering mentally. As you may be aware, re-offending rate has been higher than ever with 60% of prisoners re-offending. With lack of support due to cuts, can you blame them? By signing a petition, you make the government aware of this rising epidemic to all prisoners. Improving the mental health of prisoners is a difficult and complex task, but it is an essential step to reducing re-offending and ensuring that those who are released from prison can rebuild their lives in the community. Despite this, Government’s efforts to improve the mental health of those in prison so far have been poorly co-ordinated, and information is still not shared across the organisations involved, and not even between community and prison GP services. We want to help the inmates feel like they can reform and that society is supporting them in this. We all have a responsibility to help them because we are all affected when prisoners reoffend on their release.
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    Created by Hannah Kinchin-Frost
  • Save The Hungate Centre in Pickering North Yorkshire
    Many of the older people of the town and surrounding villages rely on the Hungate Centre as a place where they can enjoy companionship and gain a sense of belonging. It is a well loved venue for activities and events which strengthen community cohesion and improve well-being and mental health outcomes, especially for older people. It's continued existence plays a major role in combating loneliness and isolation in the community. It must not be lost for the sake of corporate gain and short term profit.
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    Created by Neil Hannah
  • Mandate better science for safer medicines
    Thalidomide made animal testing a regulatory requirement for new medicines more than 50 years ago. Science has changed beyond recognition since then – but the regulations are stuck in the past. Advanced human relevant technologies* can predict many side effects that animal tests cannot – but they are not mandatory, while animal tests are! No other area of science still relies on the flawed methods of 50 years ago. Scientists around the world agree: we must move safety testing into the 21st century, for all our sakes. *including ‘organs-on-a-chip’ and other 3D cell models, ethically donated ‘waste’ human tissues (with patients’ consent), computer simulations and non-invasive imaging techniques. More information at SaferMedicines.org
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    Created by Jan Turner
  • Stop MOD Increase in Nuclear Waste Dumping in Scottish Waters
    An increase in Nuclear waste dumping could be catastrophic for Scotland.
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