• Beds For Homeless Over Christmas
    Homelessness has risen by 128%. There are 6,182 potential beds available. 55 deaths in December on average. Therefore if less than 1% of students choose to opt in these deaths would be wholly avoidable. It will provide a warm bed during the coldest, bleakest months. You could save a life by ticking a box
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  • Slow Down, Fast Fashion!
    The fast fashion industry produces poor quality, low cost and disposable trends every week. In the UK, on average, every person purchases around almost 30kg of clothing a year; 4 times the amount of clothes than we did in 1980. 140 million pounds worth of clothing goes to landfill every year. If the fashion industry were a country, its emissions would rank almost as high as the entire European continent. On top of environmental degradation, our insatiable demand for fashion has led to exploitative conditions for workers, with the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh causing the death of at least 1,132 in 2013. There is not enough legislation protecting workers and the environment. This needs to change. Slow Down, Fast Fashion!
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    Created by Usha Bholah
  • Save the Victoria Hall from developers
    Victoria Hall is not owned by the council,it was built by public donations and safeguarded by creating a charity to maintain its status. Ealing council have applied to the charity commission to change the status so that it may be sold to developers. It is the only large viable space in central Ealing for Festivals,meetings,performances etc.
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  • End needless plastic bags in online shopping
    In a period when we’re all supposed to be reducing our plastic consumption, why is this much plastic even an option? Companies should be made to use paper or card for the majority of packaging. If plastic really is required, why so much of it?
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    Created by Sam Thorn
  • Sky pollution
    Most useful astronomy is done using ground based instruments which rely on uncluttered views of our sky. In places like Chile where, in the mountains, the weather permits a predictably clear view of the sky every night. Many experts are now saying that the latest 'trains' of communication satellites will end useful ground based astronomy for ever. Also, a great deal of useful and pleasurable astronmy is carried out by amateur astronomers all over the globe. In the last few decades much has been done to reduce light pollution of our skies by legislating for and increasing awareness of appropriate lighting of our cities. All that work will be for nothing if these satellites continue to pour into our sky.
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    Created by Simon Poulter
  • Stop Viagogo taking over Stubhub
    Stubhub is currently Viagogo’s only competitor in the UK for ticket reselling. If Viagogo takes over Stubhub, Viagogo will have no competition when it comes to reselling tickets online. That means fans will only have one place to shop if they miss out on a sold out event. This should be stopped. Viagogo makes huge profits by capitalising on high demand on sold out events, and was recently investigated by the CMA for misleading customers. If they’re the only company in the UK reselling tickets, more and more fans will have no choice but use Viagogo. The Competition Markets Authority can stop this takeover happening. If they intervene in this deal, it could mean that fans have a customers and fans have better choice when trying to get tickets to their favourite concerts and events.
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    Created by Emily Carroll
  • Regenerate Our UK Concrete Jungles Into Permanent Urban Wildernesses...
    Our wildlife, pollinators and birds are facing a near apocalypse due to loss of habitat/litter/pollution & humans are suffering (our mental and physical health) from a disconnection from nature. I've been lucky enough to speak to leading UK ecologists who think that small mammals, insects and birds will use these spaces and have even brought up other benefits that I hadn’t considered, like the savings on carbon emissions by stopping the land from being mowed continuously and the lack of water pollution because we will be stopping any pesticides that may have been being used before. With 100,000s of these patches of grass land being available, rewilding them will have an immense environmental impact AND improve the quality of human life for those in all regenerated areas, having a positive socio-economic impact too.
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  • Stop selling real fur in House of Fraser
    Behind every animal fur trim, bobble and lining, there's a story of cruelty and agonising death. The coyotes used for their fur by Canada Goose, for example, are caught in brutal traps and die slow, painful deaths. There is nothing quite so unnecessary as real fur in garments, when faux alternatives are so realistic and possess the same qualities, without the inherent cruelty. By introducing a moratorium on products containing real fur in your stores, and working with suppliers who have already switched to faux alternatives, you can demonstrate a commitment to stamping out cruelty in your winter clothing range.
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    Created by Graham Godwin-Pearson
  • Stop the catering cuts on Greater Anglia
    Abellio, which operates the Greater Anglia rail franchise is proposing to reduce the catering provision on its service between Norwich and London Liverpool Street. Currently the majority of trains on this route have a buffet car service and during the week many trains have an additional trolley catering service. Under the proposals, a number of weekday and Saturday services would no longer have a catering provision, and no catering at all would be provided on a Sunday. The proposals would also lead to the buffet car being closed for periods during journeys. The RMT firmly believes that these proposals are about maximising profit and will have a negative impact on passengers who value the presence of catering facilities on intercity routes. Between 2014 and 2018, Abellio, which is owned by the Dutch state railways made a profit of £85 million on the Greater Anglia franchise, and paid out a massive £61 million in dividends to its shareholders. The RMT is also concerned that if these proposals go ahead, Abellio will attempt to cut the catering provision even further. In fact, it has done so before – it axed the trolley service on the Stansted Express route. The RMT is calling on Abellio to halt these cuts and commit to retaining the current level of catering provision on its Intercity Service.
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  • Set up a new independent body to keep party leader debates and interviews fair
    Election TV events like debates and interviews are important in making sure all party leaders face the same amount of scrutiny, so viewers can have all the facts when they vote. This election has seen several instances of leaders not getting the same coverage - with Boris Johnson not having an Andrew Neil interview like other leaders did, and leaders not turning up to the climate debate. In Canada and the USA there are bodies that organise any leaders’ debate to make sure that they are fair. In the UK, party leaders and channel execs negotiate directly - meaning parties with more power end up with the upper hand. If we set up a body we can ensure in future elections all election debates and party leader interviews are fair.
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  • Stop our children being exploited
    Remove the app as it’s disgusting and heart breaking to watch our children being exploited by the hands of peadophiles on these apps. They are utterly disgusting,and parents need to not be letting their children on any of these kind of sites or apps,as they may not realise they are also exploiting their children to this abuse too. please help and get new laws set up for child exploitation,as a mother and grandmother I need other adults to be by me,all the way with this!
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    Created by Zoe Brandon
  • Equalise the Speed Limit through Woodmancote
    There are some 14 accesses and 6 frontages over this short distance. On the North roadside are two cottages the front doors of which are within 4 metres of the road edge with no pavement. On the South side is a path which is so narrow it is unsafe for pedestrians being passed by lorries doing 50mph creating a suction force tending to pull the less strong, dog walkers, children walking to the bus stop and baby transporters towards the road itself.
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    Created by HARRY LINFIELD