• Cladding scandal
    People died and many are suffering. The wrong people are being forced to pay and live in mental turmoil not knowing what is going to happen with no clear news on how this will be resolved. It’s simple mega rich should pay money back not residents who bought or rent property’s that were built not fit for purpose
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    Created by Andrew Beech
  • Children in Scottish Schools need to repeat the School Year
    Since March 2020 children in Scotland have spent the equivalent of 6 months home schooling. In the majority of public sector scenarios this has involved little or no direct teacher contact. Children need and benefit from being 'taught' by teachers. Reading and self guiding through work is not an adequate substitute. Our Curriculum for Excellence promises an education which considers every child and their needs individually. This cannot and has not been delivered over 2020/ 2021. Not all children can learn in the same way. Self guided material is impossible for the less able particularly when children's home circumstances are so varied. There is no guarantee of parental support. The gulf between the have's and have not's grows ever wider. The negative impact on our children's mental health over these months is unimaginable. Do we want to ramp this pressure up a level by returning them to school under the cloud of needing to catch up on all the education missed? We need to acknowledge how much we value 'teaching' and allow children in Scotland to move forwards together by repeating the last academic year.
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    Created by Gillian Smith
  • Safe Wath wood jumps
    Because we have a lot of fun on these jumps throughout these tough times and it also keeps us away from the streets and vandalism
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    Created by Arthur Goodall
  • United Kingdolls to represent UK at Eurovision 2021
    The United Kingdolls wowed the nation with their recent performance of the hit song 'UK Hun?' on RuPaul's RuRuVision Song Contest. With Eurovision 2021 fast approaching, an entrant must be selected to represent the nation and it has to be The United Kingdolls - the best chance for the UK's first Eurovision win since 1997. Choose the United Kingdolls as this year's entry with 'UK Hun?' and give some hope to the people of this country at a time when we need it more than ever. In 1969 the UK won the Eurovision song contest with Lulu's 'Boom Bang-a-Bang'. Now it's time for Bing Bang Bong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9wRiNzM6Ww
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    Created by Kate Grace
  • PIP for Amputees
    It’s important that this disability is recognised as such and all Amputees are given PIP enhanced rate.
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    Created by Kim Smith
  • Fake news consequences - Educate UK teens
    Just check your social media feed - it won't take long.......... Fake news is becoming a regular occurrence in everyone's social media feeds. However, youngsters in the UK are the first generation to be exposed to this radical fake news whilst being at their most impressionable age. According to the National Literacy Trust (2021a) only 2% of children and young people in the UK have the critical literacy skills they need to tell if a news story is real or fake. Moreover half (49.9%) are worried about not being able to spot fake news (National Literacy Trust, 2021b). Fake news not only increases anxiety among teens and damages their self esteem, they can also reduce teens trust in formal news. All this can have far-reaching and dangerous consequences, such as when teens lose the fear of dangerous diseases, start to exclude and separate on the basis of political propaganda or trivialise radical groups and to the extent they can be brainwashed into becoming members. This is never more important, with the government delaying the online harm bill until 2022, we need to act now to protect our children's mental health and futures. Please help by signing our petition and united, we can spread our message across the length and breadth of the UK.
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    Created by Sharon Sinclair
  • Save The Mill Hall, Bellingham lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS67ED.
    For the health and well being of the community.
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    Created by Ron Lyall
  • Save badgers in Notts and Leics
    We are a group of people who live in and around the Vale of Belvoir (an area that straddles the Leics/Notts border). We deplore the culling of badgers wherever they are, but here badgers have been vaccinated as part of the Defra-sponsored Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS) since 2015. We understand TB poses a serious threat to the livelihood of cattle farmers but we believe, rather than making war on our native wildlife, the focus should be on achieving a vaccine to administer to cattle. In order to bring about the cull a company was formed by a group of people who approached the local farmers asking for them to sign up to their application. It is as a direct result of an orchestrated campaign by this local group of landowners that has brought about the cull. This cruel and barbaric treatment of a previously protected species is at odds with the governments’ recent policy announcement that it wishes to move in the direction of cattle vaccination and away from culling badgers. Those farmers who supported the BEVS project in previous years have now dropped out; we can only speculate whether this was a result of intimidation, peer pressure, or other reasons. No scientific evidence has been shown that these badgers are transmitting bovine TB. This is one of the few areas allowed to produce Stilton Cheese. The producers are proud that their cheese is made from local milk, so their milk suppliers are the very farmers involved in the cull. Stilton cheese is now, in a very real sense, tainted with - and the producers complicit with - the ongoing slaughtering of badgers. We are calling on the Stilton Cheese producers to terminate their contracts with local milk providers unless the latter withdraw from the culling programme immediately. To show we are serious we also call on anyone who cares about British wildlife to stop buying Stilton Cheese until the cull in this area has been abandoned and vaccination reinstated. BOYCOTT STILTON - STOP THE CULL Further reading: Current government policy: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-55840829 Cull statistics for 2020: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bovine-tb-summary-of-badger-control-monitoring-during-2020/summary-of-2020-badger-control-operations#effectiveness Recent National Geographic article: https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/environment-and-conservation/2021/01/badgers-cattle-and-scapegoats-is-controversial-science-putting
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    Created by Claire Turner
  • Elemis stop allowing your products to be tested on animals
    Testing on animals for cosmetic purposes is cruel and barbaric in 2021. It must be stopped. Greed should not win.
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    Created by Lindsey Dor
  • Save Cheere House
    Sir John Seabright, 19th Century philanthropist, founded and built the West Herts Infirmary in Hemel Hempstead, in 1831 at his own expense for the then massive sum of £13,000. The property, now called Cheere House, is still there at the bottom of Hillfield Road in Hemel Hempstead. Sadly though, like most of the hospital surrounding it, it has fallen into disrepair and unused, and is heavily rumoured to be levelled and replaced with offices and yet more housing. Cheere House is of historical importance to Dacorum, and at almost 200 years old, should have had a protection order on it. It is a disgrace that it is being left to rot and be wiped from the history of the town and Borough. If it can't be repaired and left where it stands, then it should be taken down carefully and rebuilt elsewhere in the town, perhaps as a museum, school or retirement homes for those who have been of longstanding service in the NHS? This wonderful building cannot be allowed to fall, as too much of the town has been "allowed" to disappear sadly.
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    Created by Darren Greenidge
  • Didcot Mountain Bike Park
    Didcot's population has grown rapidly due to the creation of three significant housing developments. Along with local infrastructure considerations there needs to be provision of leisure facilities. Didcot has a vibrant mountain bike community thanks largely to its proximity to the Ridgeway. While this offers miles and miles of bridleway to improve ones fitness those looking to develop other bike skills need to look much further afield, often involving a drive, an option not available to the younger generation. The physical and mental benefits of any sport are well defined and mountain biking is certainly no different. Furthermore by providing enhanced leisure facilities we may be able to discourage anti social behaviour in the community. I believe a mountain bike park in Didcot would promote the town in a positive way, in line with the objectives of the garden town plan and promote physical and mental health in our local community.
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    Created by Daniel Andrew
  • Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over summer
    Not only will it have a big impact on local business as when out with our dogs we may grab a coffee and food. People exercise a lot more down the beach with dogs.
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    Created by Paula Smith Picture