• Provide PPE for teachers and pupils
    Children have been shown to be asymptomatic carriers of Covid 19 and could infect staff who take it back to their families.
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    Created by Alan Watkins-Groves
  • Stop our council funding climate change.
    a) fossil fuel companies are driving the climate crisis. It is morally unacceptable that public money should be invested in them b) divestment sends a clear message to governments and to the companies themselves that fossil fuels will no longer be allowed to continue polluting our world and destroying the health and environment of all its peoples c) divestment would protect the fund from the well-documented risk of falling share value.
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    Created by Extinction Rebellion Gloucestershire
  • End Unfair Foreign Aid Policies that Rob the Poor
    On The International Day of Poverty Demand an End to Unfair Foreign Aid Policies that Rob the Poor As people across the world are taking to the streets to protest in the name of Inequality, why is a huge chunk of the taxpayer funded $150bn Foreign aid budget going back to donor nations at the cost of prolonging merciless poverty? Disparity film exposed the contradictions in donor aid policy whereby donor countries who give aid with strings attached; almost 20% of aid is given or ‘tied’ to recipient countries in order to get trade and influence in return. This is equivalent to 3 major UN budgets combined; WHO, UNICEF and UNHCR. For example, 90% of British aid contracts flow back to UK firms, which increases project costs by 25% - a huge obstacle for developing countries who are denied access to these contracts or ‘Real Aid’. Alas, from the total aid budget only around 12-13% goes to international NGOs. Frontline organizations need more funds to empower the marginalized. Sign this petition to call on Governments on the International Day of Poverty on 17th October, 2020 to take up the proven, working and scalable $100bn MM Aid Model - to untie foreign aid and to unlock billions for frontline NGOs. Sign this petition so we can present the voice of our brothers and sisters who are desperately battling hunger, disease and discrimination. Sign this petition so we can express our voice to help end the structural problems of rampant inequality and poverty that ravage more than half the world's populations. We are providing these tools in the fight against insidious inequality. Disparity, is now available for free viewing and sharing to enable as many people as possible to be informed and empowered to take on these entrenched vested interests. Disparity, featuring 9 Nobel Laureates, Noam Chomsky and narration by Sir Ben Kingsley is a long overdue reckoning to help reverse the appalling gap between the rich and the poor. WATCH DISPARITY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sas7-kT-IdI The Real Aid Campaign is connecting citizens to charities in a brand new way to influence policy, to unlock the macro money needed to scale up the work of international charities. This initiative is backed by; 16 Nobel Laureates, UN Ambassadors, cultural icons as well as academics, economists and World Leaders. www.real-aid.org
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    Created by Renu Mehta
  • Animal welfare Requirement to walk dogs in the UK
    Because did you know it's not a legal requirement to walk your dog in the UK? This is really quite sad. I have an email from the RSPCA saying it's not a legal requirement to exercise your dog, plus it's not a wellfair issue.. This all began due to my neighbour refusing to walk their dogs and the fact I've noticed they do not clean up their dogs mess in the communal garden. When my neighbours are out, the dogs bark all day, which is causing them to become distressed. I believe it's in every dogs right to be walked exercised, socialised and stimulated. I am going to stand up for these dogs in the UK and I hope you will join me. *Petition time: I hope you will all sign it, because our dogs deserve better 🐕*
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    Created by Nathan Wylam Picture
  • Extend the furlough
    The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will remain open until the end of October, the Chancellor announced Tuesday 12 May 2020. We are now in a recession and the pandemic is still here.
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    Created by Scott Gilbert
  • Give all care workers a wage rise
    Very important to all them that work so hard and the long hours and caring for our most vunreuble and elderly , They work hard and they seem to be forgotten yet again its so sad . I looked at my partners wage on a normal 3 days 12 hour shifts no overtime and was getting only a , , £1000 pounds clear and that her working nights its shocking . We and our goverment should consider this with high proirty , I personally have voted the goverment in and live in scotland and boris please do the right thing it could cost you next election
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    Created by Mark Mcgill
  • Stop fertility patients being penalised due to Covid
    So here is our story and why i feel strongly enough about this to start a petition. Myself and my husband have been trying for a child now for close to two and a half years, after a year and a half we were referred to a fertility specialist in Glasgow and we got our first appointment in Oct 2019, we saw Dr Sastry who was wonderful and extremely helpful, we were advised however that we could not go on the list for IVF until we had been trying for at least 2 years which we expected so this was fine. We had some scans done to check that everything was ok and it was found that i have what looks like a cyst on one ovary and also on the other side what could be a cyst or a possible blockage of a tube they couldn't tell so at this point we were advised the best thing to happen would be surgery to check, we were fine with this and were placed on a waiting list. There were some other conditions for the IVF too i had to lose weight and get my BMI under 30, this was also expected so i got to work on losing the weight. At this point we were so relieved that things were moving forward and we had a plan, for anyone going through struggles with fertility its easy to feel lost and like your getting no where. All was going well we received a date for surgery the 31st March and we received a letter for our next appointment with the fertility specialist for April this would be to get weighed and be put on the IVF waiting list. Then Covid struck and everything fell apart, not just for us but for every other couple waiting for fertility treatment. A week before my surgery i got the call that it was cancelled, it was expected but still a shock and upsetting and then in came the letter that the appointment at the fertility clinic was postponed then shortly after cancelled. I was devastated, id lost the 22lbs to get my weight where it needed to be and id been mentally preparing myself for the next stage of our journey. Luckily we contacted our specialists secretary who advised our specialist that i'd lost the weight and she agreed to add us to the waiting list. Now to why do a petition? In Scotland if your under 40 you get 3 rounds of IVF on the NHS if your 40 as long as they think your chances are good, and you have a good egg reserve etc you will get 1 round, so, what about those people including ourselves that would of had time for 2 or 3 rounds but due to Covid will only get 1, what about those of us waiting on surgery whose surgeons aren't doing gynecological surgery at the moment but when you ask about being referred to a surgeon who is they suggest they send you materials on having it done private? Why should couples be penalised for delays outwith their control? This petition is for allowances to be made for those couples effected by the delays, if someone turns 40 before treatment can be given however they are in good health and have a healthy egg reserve why shouldn't they receive the 2 or 3 rounds they would of had if Covid hadn't hit. My specialist advised that the best way to get the government to look at this was to shout about it, so here i am, shouting, please shout with me.
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    Created by Rebecca Scott
  • IKEA cuts sick pay during Covid-19
    IKEA doesn't just sell furniture it serves food. Having restaurant coworkers drag themselves in to work when they are infectious is extremely dangerous to the public. Do you want to be fed by someone with Covid-19? IKEA's profits are very high at the moment due to a boom in home furniture sales caused by people not being able to go abroad on holiday and by other venues being closed. Therefore this is most probably a case of pure corporate greed.
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    Created by Mister Bumble
  • Stop the senseless killing of Minks
    Minks form part of our habitat and they have replaced other predatory species such as Lynxes which have become functionally extinct in the UK. Also with the ever so increasing Global Warming and species shifting across the continents in search for temperatures closer to their Natural Habitat we cannot carry on a senseless genocide of NON Native species. We ought to call upon DEFRA, Natural England and our UK Governments to embrace Compassionate Conservation, abolish obsolete regulation and allow/create areas across the country where minks can find sanctuary and live in harmony with other species...just as successfully achieved in Kent Wild Life Trust, where minks coexist harmoniously with beavers and water voles.
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    Created by Giovanna D'Orso
  • Campaign to save the Shooting Star charity shop in Ashford, Surrey
    Even before Covid-19 and the lockdown, the Shooting Star charity shop has always been extremely popular in our area, particularly as it specialises in selling good quality second hand (and often brand new) items for babies and children of all ages at reasonable prices, and all for a very important cause. There are a huge amount of young families (many on low incomes) in Ashford who benefit from the large selection of toys, games, equipment and clothing. Not only is it the only place in our local high street to have such a large selection of children’s items, but if you needed something urgently, the only other choice would be to travel to Staines and many don’t have their own transport to do so easily. It is an absolute asset to our community and has been for many years, being only the second Shooting Star shop to open. Without it and it’s fundraising the Shooting Star House hospice wouldn’t have been able to be built. At this present time, many families are struggling financially because of the affect of Covid-19. Many have lost their jobs due to lockdown or are unable to work due to shielding. People in this situation really will miss the benefits of this essential charity shop. So although we are all in difficult times, it doesn’t make any sense to close the shop for good, especially as it was so popular and is now in more demand than ever before. We all need it as much as they need our donations. Also a large housing project is being built on Church Road which will mean that very soon, even more families will be in the area, so a shop like this will be in even more demand. Not only this, but the wonderful ladies who work there will be without jobs. There are all so friendly and welcoming and have worked so hard for this great cause We implore Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice charity to please think again about keeping this absolute asset to our community in Ashford.
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  • Say No to mobile mast on Paxton Road
    We, the local residents, strongly object to such an installation being carried out at Paxton Road, Bromley. The proposed development causes numerous adverse effects on both the neighbourhood and the local residents. Plaistow Green in which the proposed development sits consists of many Edwardian and Victorian period feature properties and historical buildings such as St Mary's Church. The proposed development would not only create visual clutter, but also destroy the character, appearance, and heritage of the area, and reduce land and housing value permanently. Additionally, the position of this structure within one of the few areas of green public space, open and available for the community to enjoy, would be upsetting. If anything, the council should be proposing to plant more greenery to offset the carbon impact of heavy traffic in the area. Importantly, the location of this monopole is very close to residential properties, the nearest is less than 5 meters away according to the proposed site plan. The ES-UK publication 'Adverse Health Effects of Mobile Phone Masts and Planning Policy' advises a minimum 500-metre distance between a mobile mast station and a residential area in order to reduce the risk of adverse health on nearby residents. The report specifically highlights risks to those people sensitive to electromagnetic energy such as children. It should be noted that there is a nursery and a preschool located on College Road, both less than 100 metres from the site, and also a primary school approximately 200m from the proposed site. It is inappropriate to install such tall infrastructure, more than double the height of any of the trees or buildings shown in the plan, within a high-density residential area. Not only is it out of keeping with the surroundings but also creates a potential hazard as a distraction to drivers on a roundabout already known for several crashes. We urge Bromley Council to take on board the concerns of local residents and refuse this application outright. https://searchapplications.bromley.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=QEH3D1BTN3B00&activeTab=summary
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  • Refund University Fees for Periods of Missed Teaching
    Students deserve to be reimbursed for the period of teaching that was heavily disrupted by this year's unforseen circumstances. Due to the disruption, university students were suddenly transferred to online teaching, most of which was sub-standard allowing only a small portion of the missed period to be made up. This does not warrant the extortionate fee of up to £9,250 for a university education. Students should be offered full reimbursements of fees as compensation for the poor quality of teaching including, but not limited to, online lectures, online discussion forums as tutorial substitutes, cancelled field trips, unnecessary accommodation fees and delayed grading. Alternatively, students should be given the opportunity to repeat periods of missed teaching caused by the strikes or the COVID-19 pandemic, without incurring any extra fees.
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    Created by Ciara Savvides