• Zero time for zero hours
    Zero hours contracts don't offer a fixed wage so nobody on them has a stable financial situation thus leading to homelessness.
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  • Recall Parliament
    The Government of Boris Johnson is hellbent on inflicting a No Deal Brexit on the British people, despite the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto promising a “smooth and orderly departure” from the EU, and a “deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across Europe”. Parliament needs time to prevent this impending disaster, and so must be recalled immediately.
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  • Roy Hudd to be Knighted
    Roy Hudd OBE has been entertaining for 63 years. His career has covered all genres and comedy and laughter has featured heavily. He has worked hard to raise money for many charities.
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    Created by The British Music Hall Society
    DEMENTIA is an accumulations of symptoms it is a disease which is not recognized as such by the current government. Whose only help is by means testing on the assets of the patients home:::
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    Created by Anna Lockwood
  • Make the Hungerford-Grafton A338 safer
    There has just been yet another (fatal) accident at a junction on this stretch of road (the Sanham Green turning). This road, which many drivers and bikers treat as a 'racetrack' owing to its elevated position and the illusion of it offering a 'clear stretch' with no settlements, is in fact often narrow, winding, with hidden dips, and MANY concealed driveways and junctions, which have been the site of numerous accidents over the years. The Sanham Green junction, and the Bedwyn-Shalbourne and Bedwyn-Oxenwood crossing points, are notoriously difficult junctions which even locals find unsettling due to the speed of traffic approaching on the main road (often in excess of 60mph).
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  • Leeds transport
    Too much traffic in the city
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    Created by Kristian Fujdiar
  • Save Clarendon College Nottingham
    Clarendon College is a Nottingham landmark and part of the fabric of society that is Nottingham and a major part of the community. Nottingham College is closing 3 of its sites and building one in the centre of town. We think the Clarendon site is worth saving. It is a safe place for students to study while not having to go to the city centre. It has adequate disabled parking for students and staff plus a nursery for the children of people who want to get back into education and who would not be able to study without it. This in turn encourages social mobility and supports our children to fulfil their potential. It is connected by tram, bus and car which is essential for some of our students and staff with disabilites. Please sign this petition to save Clarendon College, support the future of Nottiingham and give our children the opportunity to study at Clarendon.
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    Created by Dawn Adams
  • Political party funding
    Parliament is there to serve the nation, the whole population, not to further the interests of small sections of society to the exclusion of others. It is not new; many countries such as Germany and Denmark have such a system. It has it faults but it is not open to the kind of abuse that is rife in the UK. It's an old adage but still true "He who pays the piper calls the tune". We must reform this corrupt system.
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    Created by James Phillips
  • Newcastle under Lyme centre improvement
    Redevelopment to attract businesses and improve the look and feel of the centre of Newcastle under Lyme
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  • Save the Cox's Walk Footbridge Oak Trees
    These two, hundred-year old oak trees stand on each side of the west end of Cox's Walk Footbridge, Sydenham Hill Woods. They are like sentinels, welcoming and guarding the bridge, and their magnificent canopy dapples the bridge in green shade. But these trees are due to be felled this autumn, just to make life easy for Southwark Council when they carry out repairs to the footbridge. That would be a loss of hundreds of years of life for these beautiful, healthy oaks and the life they support. • Southwark Council is trying to blame these trees for damage to the bridge but the engineer’s assessment states it is lateral pressure from the soil on both sides of the bridge that is the problem. • There has been some damage to the brickwork by roots, but ivy roots not oak roots. • The abutment walls that need repair were rebuilt in the 1980s (exact date unknown) without needing to remove the trees, so we know it can be done. • No assessment appears to have been done of the impact on the stability of the slope and the water table removal of these trees will have. • Oak trees have a rich biodiversity, supporting hundreds of insect species, birds, fungi, mosses and lichens.
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    Created by Pennie Hedge
  • Stop Killing Our Town Centre
    Lowestoft is losing shops in its town centre almost weekly. The latest announcement that Tesco is to close its store in London Road North is the last straw. Although the Tesco store closure may be part of a national strategic re-think by Tesco, we know that town centres and high streets up and down the country are having to deal with competition from out-of-town retail parks and online retailers. We also know that footfall in Lowestoft town centre is discouraged by high business rates and the cost of town centre parking. These issues are compounded by cynical leasing practices: as leases come up for renewal, property owners frequently raise the rents making the businesses unsustainable. Property owners are often living in other towns or countries and have no interest or stake in local communities: basically, they are speculators. On top of all this, seaside towns and former fishing ports like Lowestoft are struggling to replace lost industry and livelihoods. People who don't drive are finding it harder and harder to shop. People with disabilities, older people and families are particularly affected by shop closures, especially those on low incomes. Not everyone has access to the Internet, and many of those who do still prefer to shop in store, for the social interaction and company that it gives them. Loneliness is recognised as a significant social problem for many people: especially the elderly and those with mental health issues. Access to local shops helps to combat the isolation of vulnerable people. Lowestoft Town Council, East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council have all backed 'Climate Emergency' motions. This means in part encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport rather than drive. Retail parks are aimed at car drivers and they do little to build and support a sense of community. Lowestoft now has several retail parks. Town centres are a community link. A vibrant town centre is necessary for the economic regeneration of this town. But it is more than that: it should act as a hub for our community, something that we can build out from, and build a future on.
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    Created by Wendy Brooks
  • Let's make Birstall safer!
    The A6/Loughborough Road in Birstall has seen a tremendous increase in traffic flow. This is due to the A46 junction, the introduction of the Park and Ride, and massive housing development seen primarily in Birstall, but also in the surrounding areas of Rothley, Thurcaston, Mountsorrel, Syston and Quorn. It also one of the few residential areas that does not have any form of speed regulation. Consequently, outside of peak times the majority of traffic along this stretch travels at speeds well in excess of the 40mph limit. This is a particular problem in the evening and into the early hours of the morning, when vehicles have a free rein to speed without the risk of being caught. Construction lorries and freight trucks are a grave danger from the early hours of the day; their high speeds also add to noise pollution levels. Despite the increase in traffic, there has been very little done to maintain the A6/Loughborough Road, and this requires review. The introduction of noise reducing tarmac would decrease some of the sound and reverberation that residents living on, and around this stretch of road endure. Furthermore, the speed limit should be reduced to reflect the fact that the A6 is, in fact, a residential area with a playing field/park, children's nurseries and school along its route. Action is required to improve the road surface to reduce noise and reverberation. A reduction in the speed limit to 30mph should be introduced, from entry to Birstall at the Red Hill roundabout, to the junction at the A46. Speed monitoring equipment should also be installed to deter speeding drivers and to punish those making the road a danger. Please now sign on two other important issues for Birstall. 1) A new health and leisure centre for Birstall, see petition: Let's improve Birstall's health and wellbeing. 2) Improvement of Birstall's environment, see petition: Let's make Birstall beautiful again! Please share with your family and friends. Thankyou!
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