• Give Dame Vera Lynn a Military Funeral
    She has been an icon for 80 years
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  • Nhs payrise
    Because it is very important that they should get a better pay rise
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  • Ensure rough sleepers don’t return to the streets
    Rough sleepers across the country could be about to be forced back onto the streets. With day and night shelters still closed because they’re simply not safe, and the Hotels for the Homeless scheme ending, there’s simply nowhere for hundreds of people to go. The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. With some schemes coming to an end, the government must take urgent action to ensure alternative housing and shelter is put in place for homeless people so everyone can be kept safe, not just those who qualify for benefits. For many vulnerable adults who are homeless, this could be the difference between life and death. So, if you think everyone deserves a safe roof over their head, sign the petition for the government to ensure no rough sleepers are pushed back onto the streets.
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  • Commission a sculpture of Dame Vera Lynn
    The publicly seen sculpture ‘population’ of this country needs a radical overhaul. We need many more sculptures of women who have made their mark and left a legacy of hope and kindness. In Dame Vera’s recent speech to remember the 75th anniversary of D-Day and with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind she said that the key to getting through any crisis is 'to come together to help one another and be kind'.
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  • Boris's painted aeroplane
    A flashingly painted plane may look good on TV as a backdrop to political sound bites, the money would be better spent alleviating the real poverty affecting huge numbers of families in Britain today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53082294
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    Created by Steve Bowen
  • Keep the Triple Lock Protection on UK State Pension
    To keep UK state pensioners out of poverty
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    Created by David Sheridan
  • Stop the PMs plane being painted
    The UK is going through turbulent times, people are going hungry, losing their jobs. This is not the right time to spend £900,000 on rebranding a plane. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53082294
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    Created by Catherine Barnes
    It is a total waste of money! The money should be spent on many other important things...e.g. Schools. NHS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53082294
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    Created by Tim Evans
  • Free females, free sanitary products
    It is important because females have no control over a natural bodily function. Anyone can go to their GP and get free contraceptive protection; why should females have to pay for hygiene products for something that they have no control over.
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    Created by Angela Wade
  • Stop the monopoly of live football games on TV.
    Fans pay to use a clubs website and some listen to live audio, not everyone wants to put money into the big corporations like Sky or BT Sports to watch the game live, Some want to support their clubs and would rather give them the money to watch live games.
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    Created by Gary Colville
  • give status of UK Overseas Nationals to the Citizens of Hong Kong
    This would put pressure on the Chinese regime not to enact measures that would allow them to extradite Hong Kong citizens to mainland china. They would in effect be extraditing UK nationals.
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  • Marcus Rashford for BBC Sports Personality of the Year
    We have the opportunity to honour a young person who has persevered in-spite of his upbringing to achieve his goals & achieved the respect of children & young people of all colours, creeds & races, no matter what football club ther follow or support.
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    Created by Brian Taylor