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  • We oppose the governments plans to dictate what goes on in our own homes to our own bodies
    We welcome the government's proposals to regulate the aesthetics industry by ensuring all practitioners are fully qualified, licensed, and indemnified under a common set of standards for the benefit of improving safety and protecting the general public. We believe this ban is a fundamental abuse of the freedoms of the general public and that the government has no right to say where a person chooses to have their treatment provided that treatment is carried out by a fully qualified, licensed, and indemnified practitioner and that the treatment setting does not put undue risk on patient, practitioner or treatment. If we allow the government to dictate what is going on in our own homes to our own bodies on this occasion, what will be next? It is imperative to act now. The Health and Care Act 2022 allows for secondary legislation. That secondary legislation is now under review and a consultation period with the general public and industry stakeholders is open until 29th October 2023. This petition sets out to show the government that people object to a fundamental abuse of their freedoms in this matter whilst supporting the overall need for an improved framework for their safety. Aside from the fundamental right we have to decide what we choose to do with our own bodies in our own homes, there are many sole traders and micro businesses serving as mobile practitioners for their communities. There are many valid reasons why a person would want to have treatment at home or in another suitable location outside of a clinic setting, including but not limited to, mobility, mental health, convenience, discretion, and many more.
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  • Please Don’t Cut Library Services in Denbighshire
    The council plan to make 50% cuts to an already bare bones library service. Further cuts would mean a great loss to people of all ages from the youngest to the oldest who rely on library services for learning and development, keeping in touch, using IT equipment, reading, researching and coming in from the cold. The council should be proud of their library service and should be investing in the service, not making further cuts. They propose to cut opening hours at libraries across the county of Denbighshire. This has a potentially detrimental effect to other services that use the library. Take Bookstart Cymru for example. Denbighshire Bookstart gives every baby the opportunity to develop an early love of sharing books and reading, and to become members of their local library by: - giving each baby and toddler a free gift of a bilingual Bookstart bag - offering advice to parents and carers on the benefits of giving books to babies - encouraging library membership - running Rhymetimes in libraries - working in partnership with other early years agencies - Libraries love babies and toddlers, and young children will be given a great welcome. Children under 5 don’t have to pay fines if books are returned late or charges for damaged books. We also know that children can be noisy at times - that's no problem! A vital service for babies and toddlers that helps them learn and develop. Cuts will directly affect children’s learning and development and the proposals will see libraries closed on the days that Bookstart run their sessions. As we know, babies and toddlers do not have a voice so please sign this petition asking the council to re think their plans to cut these vital services Children and young people do not really have a voice and cuts to library services directly affect the smallest and most vulnerable in our society. Children are having their opportunities eroded by a Government that don’t care. The council need to listen and continue to provide a library service to those in our communities that need it the most, they need to invest in Library services, not make cuts
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  • Restore Rubbish Bins in Exeter
    Recently Exeter City Council have taken the baffling decision to remove rubbish bins from multiple areas of the city, stating they're "underused and in the wrong location" as a reason for this (from the council's own website, which tries to put a positive spin on it yet admits it will make it harder for the public to dispose of rubbish: https://news.exeter.gov.uk/targeting-resources-on-cleansing-will-help-exeter-stay-looking-great/ ). This is manifestly untrue as the bins they have removed (e.g. Nadder Park Road; Dunsford Gardens; near the prison; near the university; by the Cathedral Green) were all well-used. No doubt they plan to remove many more well-utilised bins. The real reason is likely to be the cost of emptying them, but providing bins and keeping the streets clean is one of the council's responsibilities. I have heard multiple people voice frustration at the difficulty of finding a bin, especially for dog poo. While a majority of people will take their rubbish home (or maybe not, in the case of bags of dog waste?!), a lack of bins will inevitably lead to more littering. As well as the inconvenience to the public of a lack of bins, and the unsightly prospect of litter blowing everywhere, this will surely end up costing the council more to clean up than they would have spent on just providing bins. It's highly unrealistic and unfair to assume everyone will simply take their rubbish home with them if they can't find a bin. Without public bins there will be litter everywhere, just like how the incidences of fly-tipping significantly increased when Devon County Council made it more expensive to take things to the recycling centres. Bring back the bins! If enough people sign this perhaps the council will listen; we can protect the environment and stop Exeter and its green spaces becoming an ugly city full of litter.
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  • Pedestrian crossing for RCPS West Sussex
    There are no signs of slowing down or children crossing, zebra crossing, pelican crossing, no crossing patrol. Parents witnessed a series of incidents involving children and parents trying to cross in front of the school that could have ended badly. RCPS is a big school and there are parents, grandparents, school children, siblings (in pushchairs or scooters or bikes), pregnant women, teachers and other staff members trying to cross safely. We don't need an accident to happen. Life has priority, not cars. No one can replace a life or a lost leg. Prevention is better than treatment! Also, what example do we give to our children if the society doesn't help them get safely to school?
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  • Living wage rise
    The cost of living is effecting many people and industries therefore we need a higher wage for employees
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  • Ask the Secretary of State (DLUHC) to intervene in the PfE Greater Manchester spatial framework.
    Places for Everyone is Greater Manchester’s Joint Development Plan for housing, the economy and the environment (previously known as the GMSF). For the reasons set out below, we believe that it needlessly proposes Green Belt and Protected Open Land for development, which will cause harm to the climate, the environment and people’s well-being, without providing sufficient affordable homes, sustainable transport, health care facilities or schools. It should be carefully assessed by the Secretary of State on behalf of the citizens of Greater Manchester. The plan covers nine of the ten Local Authority areas in the Greater Manchester conurbation and proposes to build over 178,000 homes, of which over 28,000 will be in unsustainable locations in the Green Belt or on Protected Open Land, along with over 3 million square metres allocated for warehousing and industry. Save Greater Manchester’s Green Belt and its partner groups have grave concerns about the impact on the countryside, the environment and valued community green space. Our chief concerns are: 1. OUTDATED THINKING – National policy is being updated, and we believe that Greater Manchester would be best placed to meet the challenges ahead by having a plan based on the most up-to-date guidance. This planning process commenced in 2014 and has since been overtaken by various significant national and local events. The citizens of Greater Manchester deserve a forward-looking plan which meets THEIR needs. 2. GREEN BELT – The proposed premature and unnecessary release of 2,388 hectares of Green Belt (equivalent to 2,985 football pitches) is not consistent with the Government’s stated aspirations to channel growth towards major cities in order to protect green space. The plan’s own evidence base shows that by adopting a high-density strategy directed at the city and town centres and along sustainable public transport routes, approximately 214,000 homes could be built over the plan period without needing to release any Green Belt. The recent announcement about scrapping the Manchester leg of HS2 removes PfE's premise of aggressive exponential growth. The Plan’s spatial strategy should be changed to deliver the Public Transport Max spatial option, which would be affordable, achievable and sustainable! 3. ECOLOGY – Given that the allocated Green Belt will be released on the day that the plan is approved, there is a lack of evidence about the ecological and biodiversity impact of the plan and no clarity about why such environmentally rich sites have been selected rather than prioritising the regeneration of brownfield sites. 4. SCHOOL PLACES/HEALTH SERVICES – Despite the plan proposing sufficient new housing to create the equivalent of two new boroughs in GM, there is no land set aside for a new hospital to support the consequential 450,000 additional citizens, no evidence that sufficient school places will be provided (an issue that is already a red risk for some GM districts), nor that there will be sufficient sites for GPs and dentists. 5. NET ZERO – We believe an alternative strategy that integrates development with sustainable public transport would better support the country’s commitment to net zero. As the carbon assessments for the Cambridge Local Plan show, the right kind of spatial development will have a substantial impact on reducing emissions without the costly overhead that climate mitigation measures usually carry. 6. CLEAN AIR ZONE / ULEZ – Integrating development and public transport would also organically reduce dependency on private transport and would have a positive impact on reducing air pollution, which should avert the need to impose punitive and unfair charges on car users through the CAZ. 7. AFFORDABLE HOMES – The plan originally committed to delivering 50,000 affordable homes over the plan period, but the Greater Manchester Combined Authority reneged on this policy commitment during the Examination in Public. We believe this is disingenuous and makes a mockery of the name of the plan, since the people of Greater Manchester have been conned into believing that Green Belt is being sacrificed to build affordable homes. 8. TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING – There is no evidence that funding is available to deliver the extremely long list of “Necessary” transport infrastructure requirements of the 34 unsustainable Green Belt locations, as set out in the Places for Everyone Plan.
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  • Make black boxes mandatory for all new drivers
    To help save more lives, especially young lives. This will help to reduce the amount of accidents and deaths on our roads. Recently a road traffic accident killed a young lady. Her name was Laionie and she was such a beautiful, bright and popular young person, her death has sent shock waves of grief across the whole of the community. Laionie was 18 years young and had her whole life in front of her but now, a mother and father have lost a daughter, an uncle and aunt have lost their niece, a brother and sister have lost their sister and a family have been forced to grieve over the immense loss that they are facing. If the car had been fitted with a black box, the vehicle that she was in would have been still on the road today and a life would have been spared.   We are calling on the government to make black boxes mandatory for all new drivers. Please sign and support this worthy cause so we can sit down with parliament and pass this into law, Laionie's Law
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  • Public Transport in Tendring
    Many who live in Tendring (Clacton) are pedestrians of all ages but many are pensioners who rely on buses and their bus pass to visit schools (escorting grand children), hospital appointments, shopping and visiting friends and clubs. When the bus service is cut or is late many are marginalised, miss hospital, dentist or GP appointments.
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  • Call for an independent investigation into the recent VAR controversy in the Premier League
    The integrity of football rests on the cornerstone of fair play and unbiased decision-making. Recently, however, that integrity has been put into question due to a glaring VAR error in a pivotal Premier League match between Liverpool and their opponents. This isn't just a mistake; it's a stain on the reputation of football, casting doubts over whether competitions are truly fair or marred by incompetence, or worse, corruption. Imagine your favourite team is battling it out for the league title, only for a blatant refereeing mistake to cost you crucial points. It's a scenario none of us want to entertain, but one that is increasingly plausible if we don't demand transparency and accountability now. This petition isn't just for Liverpool fans; it's for every fan of football who believes in the sport's capacity to inspire, unite, and thrill us in equal measure. If we don't act now, who's to say your team won't be next?
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  • Create a safe children's play area on Andrew Lane Park
    Let's create a children's play area on Andrews Lane Park so our children have a safe area to play close to their homes. Let's create something that our children and our children's children will be able to enjoy safely.
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  • Reinstate 24-hour urgent care service at Newark Hospital
    The cessation of this service during the pandemic has put our community in a vulnerable position, and we believe that residents requiring immediate urgent care should not have to seek it outside their hometown. When children or babies get ill they can deteriorate very quickly which highlights the need for accessible local healthcare. We appreciate the tireless efforts and work of the NHS, alongside the expansion of services during the day. However, we firmly believe that the return of emergency overnight provision at Newark Hospital is vital for the health and well-being of all Newark residents.
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