• Elemis stop allowing your products to be tested on animals
    Testing on animals for cosmetic purposes is cruel and barbaric in 2021. It must be stopped. Greed should not win.
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    Created by Lindsey Dor
  • Save Cheere House
    Sir John Seabright, 19th Century philanthropist, founded and built the West Herts Infirmary in Hemel Hempstead, in 1831 at his own expense for the then massive sum of £13,000. The property, now called Cheere House, is still there at the bottom of Hillfield Road in Hemel Hempstead. Sadly though, like most of the hospital surrounding it, it has fallen into disrepair and unused, and is heavily rumoured to be levelled and replaced with offices and yet more housing. Cheere House is of historical importance to Dacorum, and at almost 200 years old, should have had a protection order on it. It is a disgrace that it is being left to rot and be wiped from the history of the town and Borough. If it can't be repaired and left where it stands, then it should be taken down carefully and rebuilt elsewhere in the town, perhaps as a museum, school or retirement homes for those who have been of longstanding service in the NHS? This wonderful building cannot be allowed to fall, as too much of the town has been "allowed" to disappear sadly.
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    Created by Darren Greenidge
  • Didcot Mountain Bike Park
    Didcot's population has grown rapidly due to the creation of three significant housing developments. Along with local infrastructure considerations there needs to be provision of leisure facilities. Didcot has a vibrant mountain bike community thanks largely to its proximity to the Ridgeway. While this offers miles and miles of bridleway to improve ones fitness those looking to develop other bike skills need to look much further afield, often involving a drive, an option not available to the younger generation. The physical and mental benefits of any sport are well defined and mountain biking is certainly no different. Furthermore by providing enhanced leisure facilities we may be able to discourage anti social behaviour in the community. I believe a mountain bike park in Didcot would promote the town in a positive way, in line with the objectives of the garden town plan and promote physical and mental health in our local community.
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    Created by Daniel Andrew
  • Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over summer
    Not only will it have a big impact on local business as when out with our dogs we may grab a coffee and food. People exercise a lot more down the beach with dogs.
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    Created by Paula Smith Picture
  • Ban the sale of water in plastic bottles
    This is important because innocent animals die every year through plastic bottles landing in the sea and being eaten by large fish and sea mammals. The process of making the bottle requires the use of fossil fuels but the use of fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is warming the planet, changing the weather patterns which will lead to mass extinction of animals and plants, as well as, people being displaced from their homelands. People also are mislead by the way plastic bottles are not always recycled as well as they thought. By the banning the sale of water in single use plastic bottles people will be encouraged to use their own reusable bottles and water filling stations.
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    Created by Nicola Waters
  • Include people with autism and Asperger’s into the covid vaccine policy
    It is important because people in the above groups have been forgotten about in this pandemic and it needs to stop. People with autistic spectrum disorders and all people with learning disabilities should be included not left out. And put on the scrap heap as they usually get done to them so they have a voice now
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    Created by Mark Barnett
  • A Fair Outcome for ALL Leaseholders
    Leaseholders in buildings over 18 meters high or that have more than six floors will have the remedial costs paid, but the many thousands of leaseholders in apartment blocks with fewer floors or that are less than 18 meters high will have to cover the costs themselves. The changes in the law regarding the specification, testing and suitability for purpose of cladding and insulation materials was long overdue, but it was never the fault of any leaseholder that developers were allowed to rely on inadequate tests to validate unfit materials, and it was never the fault of any leaseholder that the new laws governing the selection of materials were to be applied retrospectively. The new laws apply to ALL apartment blocks, NOT just those with more than six floors or that are more than 18 meters high, so it is is perverse and grossly unfair that the financial support does not apply to all affected leaseholders. I appreciate there is an argument held by some that taxpayer's money should not be used for this purpose in any case. Even so, whatever the rights and wrongs are with that particular point of view, the treating of leaseholders differently depending on the height of the building they live in is arbitrary. It goes against natural justice and cannot be justified by rational argument.
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    Created by David Jackson
  • Include ALL LOW RISE buildings in the CLADDING FUNDING
    Leaseholders have been left to pay to remediate the institutional failures left by Developers and anyone involved in approving as safe the use of flammable material. We are VICTIMS and should not foot the bill. Robert Jenrick has left all Leaseholders living in properties below 4 storey in the dark and more worried than ever. We risk bankruptcy, homelessness, chronic stress and in the worst cases suicide as some are feeling unable to cope.
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    Created by Nathalie Orlandi
  • Harrods, Stop Selling Cruel Foie Gras!
    Seen as an expensive ‘delicacy’, ducks and geese are kept in torturous conditions before they are then killed to produce foie gras. They are force-fed enormous amounts of grain and fat which cause their livers to swell to many times their normal size. This is a painful and terrifying process for the poor birds who are forced to endure a tube being rammed down their throats several times a day. The ducks and geese are then killed for their bloated livers which are then sold as foie gras, claimed to be a cruel ‘delicacy.’ In foie gras farms the birds are forced to stand all day and night on wires in crammed cages where they can’t turn around or clean their feathers. They cannot carry out any normal routines essential to their physical and mental well-being such as being able to socialise, swim, fly or explore. Sadly, there is little to no veterinary care. 15 countries have so far banned the production of foie-gras, including the U.K. due to the complete barbarity of its production and many celebrities have joined and started campaigns to see this cruel practice stopped once and for all. We call upon HARRODS, London to do the right thing and STOP selling this disgusting product in their store. Other department stores have ceased the sell of cruelty, why can’t they?
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    Created by Hayley Caldaralo
  • Save Bewerley Park & East Barnby
    Both Bewerley Park and East Barnby have been providing Outdoor Education to pupils in North Yorkshire for many years. The staff at these centres are the most experienced you will find. It's not just a case of taking some kids on a trip to try a few activities. What they provide are vital life skills. No other centres (that I have taken school groups to) come close to the knowledge, understanding and support like BP & EB do. In a time when mental health and the aftermath of COVID will have a ripple effect for many years to come EB & BP are equipped and ready to roll out support across the county ASAP. They support schools with learning outside the classroom, pupils with SEND, introducing pupils to new activities, provide experience to gain life skills. They support staff with training, confidence to deliver, first aid and Midas training along with opportunities to gain qualifications in various Outdoor Adventurous Activities. There are 45 staff at risk of losing jobs but also North Yorkshire and all the schools within North Yorkshire losing a vital place that can't be replicated anywhere else. UPDATE PLEASE READ NYCC OFFICIAL STATEMENT https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/news/article/review-outdoor-education-following-impact-pandemic
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    Created by Stacey Howard
  • Improve Central Hill, Crown Dale, and Elder Road junction
    Elder Road junction has split highways management between Lambeth and Croydon and for years has been left without improved crossings. It is cross border, where Central Hill is principally managed by Croydon, and Crown Dale is principally managed by Lambeth. We request a joint cross-border approach to: - investigate, consult and report what layout changes and other interventions would improve road safety at the junctions with Elder Road and Central Hill and Crown Dale; - introduce new road safety measures by schools (Croydon and Lambeth side), especially to address school opening and closing; - reduce dangerous speeding by drivers, and consider 20mph due to the concentration and number of local schools, and its steep hills; - and encourage increased walking and cycling locally, to make safer access to local parks, to many local schools and health services on this road, and to seek funding for highways improvements. Also important, is to tackle other dangerous junctions on Central Hill (at the Salters Hill and the Westow Street junctions), and further along Crown Dale. This section of A214 (from Crown Dale to Crystal Palace) sees too many Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties. We want a safer future for everyone who lives, works and goes to school on these local roads. Add your reasons for signing with concerns you have about safety on this road.
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    Created by Alan Raymond