• Stop anti-vaccine lies spreading on social media
    Conspiracy theorists spouting lies are running rampant on social media. From the anti-vaccine movement which is threatening lives, to the anti-5G movement which is burning down telecoms masts - they're having a huge and dangerous impact on society. Yet social media companies are taking no responsibility for publishing these lies. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called on Facebook and other social media platforms to do more to make sure harmful, fake news is not spread on their platforms. And with the news that a life-saving Coronavirus vaccine could be on it’s way, it’s more important than ever that these harmful lies aren’t being spread. A huge petition calling on Facebook and other social media media platforms to clean up their act will show them that when so much is at stake, they need to take this seriously. It could be enough to force them to clamp down on dangerous lies being spread on their platform once and for all.
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    The Oxford-Witney-Carterton A40 corridor is already congested and thousands of new houses are being built or planned, with consequently even more cars on the existing roads. Previous County plans going back to 2001 had envisaged the urgent need for the creation of alternative forms of transport on this busy corridor, exploring various possibilities including a rail link. The previous MP pledged in his maiden speech to work towards the reopening of a rail link between Oxford and Carterton. Twenty years later we the people of West Oxfordshire and Oxford are still waiting. We, therefore, request to: a) plan a viable and sustainable rail route from Oxford to Carterton alongside the A40 corridor protecting the proposed route from further development b) cost the route in question and work with central government and the rail authorities towards the creation of this link
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  • Hermes: Protect all your drivers now!
    Parcel delivery firm Hermes are hiring for 10,000 new jobs to cope with the huge increase in demand for online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. But, Hermes is facing criticism that it doesn’t protect all of their delivery drivers. Many drivers still don’t receive any sick pay and aren’t guaranteed the legal minimum wage. It just isn’t fair. It's time Hermes did more to ensure all staff receive basic workers rights. Sign the petition to pressure Hermes to do more to protect all drivers now!
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  • Protect ATMs and access to cash in the UK!
    Banks and building societies have closed or scheduled the closure of more than 3,500 UK branches since January 2015. For some of us, this is an inconvenience. For others, especially those of us who are elderly, vulnerable or live in rural communities, it can mean we’re left stranded without cash to pay for our weekly shop or left without access to basic face-to-face bank services. The Financial Conduct Authority - the regulator for banks across the country - has drafted a set of guidelines that would help protect vulnerable customers from bank closures, by forcing banks to consider the impact of closures, and consider alternatives.With 1 in 10 adults already saying they don’t know how they’d cope in a society where cash wasn’t easily available, this is very welcome news. But so far, nothing is set in stone. The regulator has opened a consultation to see what people think of the guidelines. A huge petition calling on the regulator to hold banks to account over closures will give them the support they need to follow through with their plans.
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  • British Wool for British Insulation and Carpeting
    These 1000 wool fleeces are about to be incorporated into the manure heap. What a waste of a once valuable resource. A sustainable product that could be used to insulate homes for all government grant supported buildings. Sheep farmers receive less for their wool than the cost of shearing the sheep. Last year David Jones, who is pictured with his wool above, received 28p a fleece and paid the shearer £1. This year the value it set to drop by at least half. Hence he and many other farmer's across the country, decision to plough their wool into the fields as fertiliser. Last week Stuart Fletcher a farmer from East Sussex posted a similar photo on Facebook and to date has had nearly 2 million views and tens of thousands of 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments'. When asked as to why Stuart posted this photo, he said "because is made me sad". https://www.facebook.com/Fletchersflock/posts/1671402433029379 Wool is sustainable, fire-retardant, bio-degradable, and the most efficient form of insulation. On the 1st January 2021 sheep farmers may be further affected by possible new tariffs on sheep meat of at least 40%. Currently over half our sheep exports go to the EU and will never be substituted by trade deals with the USA or Japan, for example. Sheep farmers' incomes are being squeezed at every point. This Campaign has now been endorsed by; NFU NFU Scotland NFU Cymru Ulster Farmers Union Wool Board National Sheep Association Please sign this petition, because; - We want to revive our wool manufacturing industries, - We want to make this government use our money to insulate our buildings with a home-grown sustainable product, - We want to help sheep farmers make a decent income from their fleeces, - We want to create manufacturing jobs, - We want to maintain the upland landscape, - We want to put a smile back on Stuart's and other sheep farmers face's. Links BBC News - Chancellor announces £2Bn of grants for home owners to install energy saving improvements. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53313640 NZ Campaign Newshub (New Zealand) article https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/rural/2020/07/govt-accused-of-greenwashing-over-failure-to-use-kiwi-wool-in-public-buildings.html BBC Radio 5 Live https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53421546 The Shropshire Star https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/farming/2020/07/20/low-cost-of-wool-forces-shropshire-farmer-to-use-fleeces-for-compost/ BBC Radio Shropshire (at 1hr.06m.25s) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08k2bjz
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  • Improve Plastics Recycling Provision Merthyr Tydfil
    Whilst Merthyr recycling levels are reported as some of the best in Wales, there is always room for improvement. Without fail, the "non recyclables" bin at Merthyr recycling centres is always full to the brim. Plastics are to blame. With the rise in home deliveries in a Covid and post Covid world, Merthyr needs to move in line with neighbouring councils in providing a service for plastic (including polystyrene) recycling. When manufacturers are working to reduce their waste, its a personal gripe of mine to be sending packaging that's clearly marked with "recyclable" markerings to landfill. It's of particular irritation that, prior to kerbside sorting, the "all in one bag" option in Merthyr (still operated by RCT and Cardiff Councils) used to accept these things, as they would be sorted at the MRF. We seem to have moved backwards. Powys County Council last year introduced compactor bins for "soft plastics" and for polystyrene. Surely there's room for this in Merthyr? Please may I kindly ask that you add your name to this petition so we can raise the issue in numbers. Thank you
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  • Regenerate Squire St
    This street has been an eye sore for years. It is targeted by fly tippers, litterers, criminals and is an environmental issue with many rats often spotted. It is pulling down prices of houses costing home owners thousands and making it harder for people to get insurance. The people of Whiteinch should not be left behind anymore whilst Partick and other areas are being redeveloped.
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  • Keep TV licence free for over 75's
    Due to high levels of ill health and disability, people over 75 can become isolated and dependent on their TV for companionship, entertainment, news and information which in turn can aid their mental health
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  • Boris Johnson: uphold your tree-planting pledge
    This is a climate crisis. The UK is one of the least wooded areas of Europe, with just 11.7% woodland cover compared to around 37% for the EU.* Under the Conservatives' initiative - Nature for Climate fund - it said it would treble the tree-planting rate to cover 30,000 hectares (approximately 30 million trees) every year by the end of the next Parliament in 2025. Not enough is being done. Some major environmental benefits: - Adapting to climate change and reducing its effects. - Improvement of waterways and decrease in incidences of flooding - Protection and conservation of our UK wildlife diversity, including protection of livestock. Major economic benefits: - Creation of green jobs - trees don’t plant and nurture themselves - Decreased flooding risks mean reduced government spending - Climate change damages economies: investing in the planting and management of trees will remove carbon dioxide and create a healthier, more productive society for all. Plant trees, not tarmac. *House of Lords European Union Committee, Sub-Committees (Environment and Agriculture) ‘Inquiry into the adaptation of agriculture and forestry to climate change: The EU policy response’
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  • Protect Renters -- Now and After the Virus!
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed how deeply broken Scotland’s housing system is. Before the pandemic, tenants were already living paycheck-to-paycheck with exploitative and unaffordable rents. Because of coronavirus, many workers have lost their jobs or faced reduced incomes and have been unable to pay rent altogether. While some people have been lucky enough to quarantine in comfortable, warm, spacious homes -- far too many renters have had to see out the pandemic in cramped, dangerously poor-quality housing. So far, the Scottish Government has been woefully inadequate in its support for tenants, doing little more than introducing a temporary ban on evictions while home-owners and landlords have benefitted from mortgage freezes and millions in interest-free loans from the Scottish Government. We are now nearing the end of the eviction-ban, and as things stand, tens of thousands of people who have not been able to afford their rents are now shouldered with crushing debt burdens. This will cause an unprecedented wave of evictions across the country and will only further prolong this health crisis. It can’t be allowed to happen. That’s why we are demanding that the Scottish Government immediately: 1) Extend the evictions-ban for all tenants who have fallen into rent arrears as a result of the pandemic 2) Introduce emergency support measures to stop tenants facing enormous and unaffordable debt burdens from unpaid rent And in the long-term: 3) Implement rent controls to protect tenants from sky-high rents and punitive increases, as well as to guarantee that landlords can’t take advantage of new support measures for tenants by increasing rents 4) Build more social housing that is healthy, safe, affordable, and in quantities that will meet everyone’s needs
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  • Stop Costa Coffee from hurting Bella's
    Costa Coffee has applied to set up a cafe in the Eastbourne railway station, right next door to Bella's Cafe, a local business. This move threatens the very existence of Bella's, a cafe that has survived rail strikes, austerity, a COVID19 lock-down and is now faced with overwhelming opposition. Costa has already three coffee bars in Eastbourne and one of them is directly across the road from the station! Bella's is well liked in the community and has won awards for its service. It has endured a terrible business climate to serve its customers to a high standard. They are a local employer and have even provided discounts for NHS front-line staff. Costa's move, if it goes ahead, will be seen as commercial predation and domination where a large corporation rides roughshod over a local business. We therefore ask you not to go ahead with the establishment of a coffee bar in the Eastbourne Railway Terminus.
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  • Make mortgages affordable
    as it stands mortgage lender and banks will only times you annual wage by 3 maybe 4 so if you work at a low income/ minimum wage job its impossible to afford even the most basic or run down property let alone affording a property that can provide a standard of living that is acceptable. it is absolutely ridiculous perfectly acceptable for people to pay £700 plus pcm on rented accommodation yet apparently can't afford £400 pcm on a mortgage. This has to change!
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