The surgery does not only cover Bishops castle but many surrounding areas. It is a 60mile round trip by car to the nearest hospital and a 2hr round trip at least by bus. Those with medical conditions would be unable to travel by bus and if they have no vehicle would be unable to travel - what then?
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    Created by Sue Cieciora
  • Stop fines for taking your children on holiday in school term
    Imagine not taking your child out of school to make memories and then losing them in there 2nd year of primary school.. before we found out about Jaydens cancer we had letters about his attendance that it was far to low (87%) and he shouldn’t miss anymore time .. I am so glad I never worried about his attendance and I made it a priority to make memories as a family .. I understand learning is important for children but so is soaking up as much time as you can while there young, life is far to short to be worried about them missing the odd week here and there after Covid I don’t think they could really complain about childrens attendance atleast till they hit atleast year 9 in secondary! Make the memories while you can! Tomorrow is never promised! I lost my son to cancer at the age on 6 years old! If I never took him out of school I’d never have the memories I do with him! Memories are just as important as getting an education and unfortunately for some families it’s not financially feasible in the school holidays so many families miss out
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    Created by Chelsea Johnson
  • Clean Up Our Kids Route to School
    Kids deserve a safe and pleasant walk to school. Many Chatsworth pupils walk to school down the alleyway near Hounslow Station which is surrounded by bags of rubbish, food waste and flytipped waste. These piles of rubbish look disgusting and I believe they are attract rats and other vermin. I believe they are a health and safety hazard. I contacted Network Rail but received no reply. I believe I am being ignored my and nothing is being done to address this issue. They must act now!
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    Created by Steven Littlewood
  • EV charging in the UK sucks! Make accommodation providers offer chargers where guests park at night.
    To encourage adoption of Electric Vehicles reliable charging infrastructure is required outside of the typical commutes to work and home, in particular where vehicles are parked overnight.
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    Created by Laurie MacKay
  • Benefit cuts for people with disablities and scrapping sick notes
    The prime minster has decided to get universal credit cut for people that suffer with anxiety and depression. I am on universal credit and pip and i suffer anxiety attacks with no warning. I also have Essential tremor and ibs. Because disabled people need to be noticed that they are not being awkward, difficult or attention-seeking. We are just trying to take things from day to day and it would help if people stood up for us more
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  • EU Youth Mobility Scheme
    Don’t make our young people suffer for the past mistakes made by the government and let’s implement this so they can still have the opportunity to travel and work in the EU without visas. This is a generous offer from the EU, which has been rejected out of hand for petty or unexplained reasons to appease older voters needs rather than those of youth and our future. Anand Menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London and director of UK in a Changing Europe, said: “Clearly there is a debate to be had about the costs and the benefits of a youth mobility scheme, but I find it utterly depressing that both of the major political parties, one of which will form a government after the next election, do not know the difference between free movement and a limited youth mobility scheme which involves visas.”
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  • Do not abolish FA Cup replays
    FA cup replays are vital to the success of the FA Cup. The most famous football competition in the world has thrived from having the unexpected moments that come from a cup replay. The decision deprives lower league clubs of a much-needed source of revenue, if they were to get a lucrative home game against a Premier League team or earn a replay away at the likes of Old Trafford or Anfield.
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  • ITV: No political ads on our TVs!
    Imagine watching Coronation Street and being interrupted by Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer on your screen. Well, it could happen soon as Labour and the Conservatives gear up to spend millions more than ever before on ads, and ITV bosses are considering using a loophole to rake in the cash. For the first time in British TV history we could see American-style political ads all over the telly, because our laws that ban party ads haven’t been updated since streaming services like ITVX were invented. Sky, Channel 4, Amazon Prime and Netflix don’t accept these ads despite the loophole. ITV bosses are just considering this right now. If we don’t act quickly, they could start a race to the bottom. If we accept political ads on one channel, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes standard and our democracy will be in the hands of parties backed by wealthy donors who can buy up advertising space on our favourite shows.
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  • Say No to Desalination in St Austell Bay
    The proposed desalination plant will be totally detrimental to both the marine and land environment. It will use significantly more energy than other means of securing water and be more expensive to run and increase our water bills.
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    Created by Lee Argent
  • Don't link children's access to food with "Attitude to Learning" at School.
    ATL is a system which monitors a range of factors including a child’s engagement in their learning and their learning resilience. The system should be used as a tool for supporting children's growth and development. It is effectively being used in this instance as a form of reward and punishment with respect to access to food. We recognise that there is a need to manage canteen overcrowding at break-time. However, using the ATL is the wrong way to do it. 1. ATL scores should remain private between pupils, families, and teachers. The headmaster of Dorothy Stringer school has written that those with high ATL’s are celebrated in assemblies. We presume that those with low ATL’s are not shamed in assemblies, yet this is what is effectively happening in the canteen queue, where children’s ATL scores are broadcast in front of their peers and staff. Those with lowest ATL’s have equal hunger as their peers but will always be last in the break queue. As well as shaming children, this is hugely damaging for a child’s self-esteem and of course children with lower self-esteem are less likely to try their best. So, this system worsens the behaviour which it seeks to address. 2. The system could have negative impacts on children who have disordered eating
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    Created by Robert Woods
  • Get ID, Get a Vote - are you election ready?
    New rules mean you now need specific photo ID to vote in person in UK elections. The Government’s changes to voting rules - which will be enforced at May’s local elections for the first time - means that millions of us are at risk of being locked out of having our say. And worst of all, most don’t even know it! We can’t stop the Government’s new rules from going ahead but, together, we CAN make sure as many of us as possible know about the changes, so we can still make our vote count. If each of us reading this told three friends or family about the change, word would spread across the country in no time.
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  • Scrap Fujitsu’s new Government contract
    The Post Office scandal is one the greatest ever miscarriages of justice. Yet reports suggest Fujitsu - whose software is behind the Post Office scandal - have just been handed a new Government contract. They promised they wouldn’t bid for contracts until the Post Office Inquiry was finished - but according to reports of leaked documents, they’ve been training staff on how to bid despite the ban. We have to act quickly to stop those responsible from being given any more of our money while the victims are still waiting for compensation. It was our people power that got Paula Vennells to hand back her CBE - now it’s time to hold those to blame accountable again.
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