• Sustainable Grass and Hedgerow Cutting on Highways
    Conservation of British wildlife whether it is birds, bees and butterflies or badgers, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs will be lost if the hedgerow cutters do not care. There are more hedgehogs in urban Cheriton, Folkestone that in Lyminge a country village.
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    Created by susan Chitty
  • Save the Erasmus Programme
    Students from all over Europe can benefit by studying abroad for a year through the Erasmus Programme. For UK students this hugely beneficial programme will end in 2020 as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. The benefits of Erasmus are many, but one of the great achievements of the programme is to have brought Europeans closer together, exchanging ideas and lifestyles. British students will lose out to their European counterparts after the funding for this programme ends next year. If ever there was an action that showed how Britain is raising the drawbridge and keeping out our European neighbours this symbol of unity among people being unceremoniously dropped is a symbol of our isolation. We must let future generations benefit from this great programme and help UK students share in this fabulous programme.
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    Created by Nick Savvides Picture
  • Ban fox hunting/trail hunting from public land.
    Despite annual correspondence to the three hunts in Co Durham saying no hunting allowed on public land to the three fox hunts in Co Durham hunting continues. On public land and footpath nature reserves , even blocking the entrance to a car park with 4x4’ s. I have witnessed a woman pushing a pushchair with a child in it , through the riders as they waited for hounds to search a small wood for any foxes lurking there. Hunting is a dangerous sport, not just to the hunted animal but to the pedestrian who gets in their way. Hounds have been seen crossing a railway line. Last season a hunt entered Wingate Nature reserve despite a large orange notice saying dogs must be under control so not to disturb nesting birds.
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    Created by Marjorie Embling
  • Bring Abiodun Juba home
    Your signature will hopefully bring Abiodun home and reflect how institutional wreckless and inhumane the idea of an out of country appeal really is. Give this young man a chance to be active in the most important decision to shape the outcome of his life and pivotal moments in his families. Abioduns case represents the miscarriage of justice faced by British people, that have been made to feel unwelcome in there own country due to there colour of there skin. Bring Abioden home.
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  • Stop The Proposed 30 Metre High Telecommunication Mast at Braintree College
    This ugly mast will ruin our beautiful countryside views of Braintree and Bocking, devalue our homes and could affect our health and our children’s health.
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    Created by Debbie Dawson Picture
  • Responsible Retail
    Retailers need to care, otherwise they are just the same as heroin dealers, irresponsible.
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    Created by Ben Stubley
  • Tamworth Road (a51) Speed Control
    For the safety of the local population, especially cyclists.
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    Created by Tho Bal
  • Make Hay Lane Safe
    The Hay Lane crossing is used by school children, including young children attending Tregoze Primary School which is around the corner from the crossing. Residents regularly hear cars screeching down the road and there have been multiple near misses. Ultimately the road is a death trap and action needs to be taken now not after another collision takes place. Over two years ago my son was hit by a car while he was crossing Hay Lane and suffered severe injuries. Since then I have been promised on multiple occasions that the council would make the road safer but nothing has happened.
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    Created by Clarisse Grother
  • Raise awareness of Suicide in prison
    Recently I lost my young son who was in prison. He hung himself whilst on suicide watch. I don't want other families to go thro what I have just experience and will always experience if there was the extra support for him to reach out things may have turned out so different.
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    Created by Samantha Warren
    It encourages education and alleviate parents of students of Access courses (18 years) the sufferings and stress of paying their wards tuition fees. Inability to pay the tuition could deprive a child of the right to education. Besides at 18years they have turned adults.
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    Created by Chimezie Ukaegbu
  • Sanctions on India
    Indian army has been oppressing Kashmiri people since last 70 years. In the light of recent events, where India has started to extend its illegal occupation of Kashmir, human rights of people there are at stake. Kashmiri people are under siege with no freedom. India’s extremist regime is similar to Nazi regime, and minorities are facing serious risks to lives in India. There are mobs of Neo Nazi extremists, lynching innocent people on streets. Sanctions on India will force India to step back and solve the issue of Kashmir as per the will of Kashmiri people. it is our collective responsibility to protect rights of Kashmiri people and minorities in India.
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  • North Tyneside Council to abolish parking charges
    North Tyneside Council currently have a system of parking charges which unfairly discriminates against anyone who has not got/ is unable to use either a mobile phone or debit card to pay for parking. The council also charge till 8pm every evening which is later than all surrounding council areas. Up and down the coastal car parks the council are replacing coin machines with pay by APP or debit card payment only. This means that people who use cash only cannot park as many people do not routinely carry mobile phones or debit cards whilst walking dogs, exercising, using the beach etc.... This ridiculous ruling will also undoubtedly have an undesirable knock on effect of additional parking in residential streets by visitors to the area. People who do not have mobile phones & debit cards for payment are being unfairly discriminated against by the council.
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