• Strip Sir Christopher Chope of his title
    Sir Christopher Chope has repeatedly blocked legislation intended to protect the lives and rights of young women. Today, he killed legislation intended to protect young women at risk of female genital mutilation. He does not represent British society and should not be entitled to influence British politics.
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  • Oppose Dangerous Fire Staffing in Derbyshire
    This practice endangers the safety of firefighters and the public of Derbyshire alike. It puts an immense amount of moral pressure on firefighters and junior officers to act in an unsafe manner using unsafe practices that will put our members and the public at risk. We have had decades of experience and training for riding with at least four crew members and it is incomprehensible to believe that these methods that have been instilled for years can just be switched off overnight. Firefighters will act, and forcing our members to take these risks is unacceptable. The actual effect is minimal. There has only been approx. 60 calls per year that this could impact. That is barely 2 per RDS unit a year! It will not improve the retention or recruitment of on call firefighters due to the fundamental issues still going unchanged. Those being the low remuneration, migration opportunities and the failure to recruit in sufficient numbers with effective means. The project was supposed to improve reward, retention and motivation for on call firefighters, it will none of these. The Fire Brigades Union has consistently made its case throughout the project meetings to managers, but to date without any realisation. This project is led by a simple notion that because other services do it, we should. This is a weak planning method and does not put Derbyshire at the forefront of firefighter safety. Like the introduction of small appliances, Derbyshire made bold and solid decisions to remove them and The Fire Brigades Union applauds our service for this. In a different set of circumstances, there could have been a firefighter fatality, or serious injury. The introduction of riding with three crew members is no different!
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  • Save Holcombe Beach
    Following storm damage in 2014, Network Rail are currently working on a resilience programme to upgrade the London to Penzance railway between Exeter and Newton Abbot. In 2018 they hosted public forums and presented plans to build a new line 30 -40 metres out to sea at Holcombe - a scheme which would have annihilated the beach. In November last year they then announced that revised plans were now being considered. Subsequent Freedom of Information requests for details have been denied, "in the public interest". In February 2019, Network Rail advised that their current proposal between Parson's Tunnel and Teignmouth is, "to deliver a new railway alignment involving a new sea wall beyond the footprint of the existing." Holcombe Beach, with it's open sea aspect framed by the towering red Devon cliffs, is possibly the most visually outstanding part of any journey on the iconic train route, and has been a cherished destination for both local's and visitors for many generations. Whilst it is agreed that the railway must be maintained and updated, we enjoin that this must not be to the detriment of a special and unique location. Network Rail must use their best endeavours to ensure that any development they undertake specifically maintains or enhances the visual and environmental merits of Holcombe Beach. Appropriate independent cost benefit analysis should be included in order that the opportunity cost of particular actions can be evaluated.
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  • Make Music Tuition Free in Hampshire
    Music is what separates us from savages, and everyone should have the right to learn an instrument- regardless of how wealthy they are. Furthermore, every hour, creative industries contribute nearly 11 Million Pounds to the UK economy. Making music tuition in schools free-of-charge would mean that more people could have the opportunity to go into a multi-million pound industry, as well as gain a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to express themselves, which they might not have got before.
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  • End fossil fuel sponsorship of Edinburgh Science Festival!
    The science is clear – the activities of fossil fuel companies are incompatible with preventing catastrophic climate change. Fossil fuel companies, including many past and present Edinburgh International Science Festival sponsors, such as Total and ExxonMobil have been aware of climate change for decades. Yet they have deliberately suppressed the science and continue to destroy the environment. It is dangerous and hypocritical that the Science Festival continues to provide a public platform for these companies. Scotland strives to be a world leader when it comes to fighting climate change. Other festivals and cultural institutions, such as the Edinburgh International Festival, have already gone fossil free and are thriving. Edinburgh Science Festival should join this movement, supporting sustainable innovation for a fossil fuel free future for Edinburgh, Scotland and the world. Get anti-science fossil fuel companies out of our science festival!
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  • Keep Lancashire Break Time funding
    There are many children/older Adults who attend the essential Break Time funded services in the school holidays and also in after school sessions. This allows them to access safe and appropriate inclusion activities which they would otherwise not be able to access. It gives them opportunities to participate in invaluable social interactions and play activities in a safe and supported environment. Without this they would be isolated and it would have a significant negative impact on their ongoing personal and social development and also have a major impact on the wider responsibilities of many parents, many of whom work full time. People affected need to petition this potential cut by completing the following questionnaire https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=154783695393
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  • Keep South Lakes Leisure Public
    As rate payers in the local Lurgan and Craigavon area, are you aware that on the 25th of February your local elected councillors will take a vote on how your new 35 million South Lakes Leisure project will be managed and that it could be possibly outsourced as a private enterprise or arms length body where the control is taken away from the rate payer and council. NIPSA, GMB and Unite staff are fighting to keep the management of this facility in-house, run by council staff and accountable to you the rate payers.
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  • Save Our College DV8 from Closing!
    We are a group of students who currently study at Dv8 Sussex, following our recent Ofsted grading we now run the risk of closure due to the Education and Skills funding agency placing the college under review and potentially cutting our funding. If this happens the college will close and we won't have anywhere to study from September. DV8 is not your typical college. It doesn't go along with the "by the book" approach of heads down with textbooks. With small class sizes and unique courses it allows those to get one on one help during class and afterwards. They have set days and guaranteed times which allows students to plan around this, have time for work and a social life, as opposed to scattered time slots for a day with one off lessons like some colleges do. This is important as it is truly unique with the courses they have, for example, having one of the few true games development courses which genuinely has the class make a fully fleshed out video game! If DV8 closes then current students cannot continue their course for another year for a better qualification. Students looking to transfer to a college which best suits them will be stuck and struggling by staying where they are now with no other option. New students for the next academic year will be forced to go towards other colleges which they do not like nor want to attend courses which won't help them in their future. Please share this around with friends, family and whoever else you can get this to! Follow this link for further information about this scary scenario: https://www.dv8sussex.com/news/
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  • Nut Free School
    My Granddaughter has nut and sesame allergies and carries an epi pen at all times. She has a choice of whether to go into a restaurant or eat from takeaway food outlets and can use her own judgement about her choices. However, it mandatory to attend school, but schools can be deadly places for children with serious allergies.
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  • Stop the Mersey Tunnel fast tag increase
    It will impact on peoples jobs, incomes and sets communities against one another
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  • No more PIP assessments for people with Life long disability or conditions
    Young people and Adults with special educational needs and a lifelong disability cannot self-advocate, nor can we rely upon the system to protect them any longer. Advocates come and go and social workers are not always available for the most vulnerable people in society, this must be addressed as soon as possible. These people are not shirkers, or workshy, they are genuinely disabled and being told despite evidence to the contrary that they must work, or that they don't qualify. They cannot defend themselves and quite frankly, our government should be doing its level best to protect these people, instead poorly qualified assessors employed by an American company, whose sole aim is to earn profits is in charge of this. We are being let down and it must stop, this interrogation type of assessment whereby an assessor assumes guilt before assessing is not protection, it is intimidation.
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  • Increase pedestrian and cyclist safely on the A38 footpath between Lee Mill and Ivybridge, Devon
    There have been fatal collisions between pedestrians and vehicles on this particular stretch of road in the past. It is a regularly used footpath for both pedestrians, cyclists and school children. The footpath is extremely narrow in places. There are particular areas of the footpath which are extremely close to fast moving traffic (70mph) with no protective barrier should cars diverge off the road or bicycles slip into oncoming traffic. The slip road from Lee Mill onto the A38 in the Exeter direction is of particular concern as if traffic is unable to filter onto the often heavily congested A38 there is a risk they will drive onto the pedestrian footpath as there is no protective barrier in situ. The footpath is pitch black at night time making it unsafe for pedestrian walking. This stretch of road has a bus stop which requires passengers to disembark along it.
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