• National household recycling template
    Every council have differing recycling plans , all very confusing inconstant and inefficient , in cost and what gets recycled , So one template rolled out across will sort this out once and for all , winners the environment, nature , us , collection template , followed by new packaging laws
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  • Ban the Grand National or make it safer
    "Too many horses are being killed or injured." Sylvia Clelland. More information: The 2019 Grand National meeting at Aintree racecourse, resulted in the death of three horses including one in the main event of the weekend. Despite changes being made to the course for safety over the years far too many horses are dying as a result of racing. Twelve horses have died in the showcase race since 2000. Safety measures could easily be implemented to improve the safety of the Grand National. These include having smaller and fewer fences, fewer participants and a shorter distance.
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  • Longer Shopping Hours & Later Trading Hours in Tower Hamlets
    Early closing means customers miss out and Traders find it difficult to get vehicles to their stalls whilst the streets are still crowded. Please sign this if you agree, so that Tower Hamlets can amend the trading hours.
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  • Save Cannock Chase AONB
    Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is used freely by thousands of visitors each and every year. Visitors are not only from the local area but nationally and internationally. Users include families with children, ramblers and walking groups, cyclists, runners, dog walkers and horse riders, who not only enjoy the benefits of the Chase but support local businesses and the local economy. Cannock Chase is particularly unique in the area due to the beautiful open landscape that is safely accessible by all, without restriction. All users have the benefit of the large area which allows them the freedom to safely enjoy their activity without encroaching on others. Any proposal to alter and restrict this access will have a significant and detrimental effect on the local community, residents, visitors and local economy. Allowing the free roaming of cattle within areas that will be used by families, children, horse riders, dogs and cyclists will put the safety of all at risk. Cattle are large and powerful animals who can take to flight easily and without warning. The proposals to fence off large areas of Cannock Chase has been undertaken without any proper, open and public consultation and without consideration of the detrimental impact upon the area and the risks to public safety. We request a full open and public consultation and the disclosure of all consultation meeting minutes, decision making reports, cost schedules, wildlife and natural beauty impact studies, local business impact studies and public safety impact studies.
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  • Make Medical Marijuana Easier To Access
    In the U.K. medical marijuana was made accessible through the NHS as of last November. Yet very few prescriptions have been made. Currently it is viewed as more acceptable to give a patient Opiates which are not only addictive but have little to no effectiveness on chronic pain. This needs to stop, there is a treatment out there that could help thousands and yet those seeking medical marijuana are often left frustrated by not being able to access it. Many are having to turn to purchasing the drug illegally in order to see some pain relief. People should not be criminalised for seeking a quality of life. The U.K. government needs to make access to this treatment easier for those who need it.
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  • Reopen Hawkenbury One Stop Post Office
    Local services are important to many- it's imperative that they remain available
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  • Ban zero hours contracts
    People on these zero hour contract are at the mercy of there employers.
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  • Investigate the soldiers seen shooting at Jeremy Corbyn’s photo
    The people of the United Kingdom need to feel safe from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and not under threat from them. Soldiers have no business to be intimidating our elected representatives in this vile, despicable manner.
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  • Permanent Ewan McGregor Statue on Ben Nevis
    It is the right thing to do to honour Scotland's greatest actor. This will allow future generations to observe Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi. He can then watch over all 5 million of us.
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  • Abolish minute by minute pay for carers
    I have seen a lot of excellent colleagues, with years of experience leave the industry because of the impossible wages being paid. Travel time isn't factored in I see staff shortages putting pressure upon services, staff and clients. There is less continuity of care. There is low morale amongst carers not knowing what will happen in the future. Companies are finding it harder and harder to recruit and retain staff. Complaints are rising, people are becoming increasingly unhappy and stressed. Start putting people first, carers and vulnerable clients. Stop the cuts before it's too late for home care.
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  • Dog breeding regulations
    Over the last week or so Wonky Pets Rescue took in around 15 shar peis who were badly treated. The breeder Yuanpei were registered with the kennel club assured breeder programme and had used the peis as a money making programme for years. Yuanpei handed the peis over to the rescue with many needing eyes removing due to not been treated early enough, various skin conditions and bad health. Today Ivan yuanpeis boy had to be put to sleep due to renal failure, this boy had sired hundreds of puppies which could now be effected by this condition. These breeders need to be held accountable with tougher laws and the kennel club should also be held accountable for having breeders like this registered. People see a breeder registered on the assured breeder programme believing checks are carried out.
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  • Add a "None of the above" Box for Voting
    This is important because there has been less voter turnout in the last years. From surveying young people, we have gained information that eludes to younger people not voting for parties because they don't agree with what they are offering and have little education about the politcal standpoint of these parties. Many people who we interviewed would rather have a "None of the Above" box and tick that than not voting.
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