• Legislative Law for the Static Caravan Holiday Parks Industry,
    To stop the bad practices that have damaged the lives of so many people due to no fault of their own .
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  • A new park
    It’s important because there is nothing for children to do around the housing estate as it is, a new park with more equipment for suitable ages will give children a safe place to play on their door step.
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  • Save Historic Mineral Water Hospital
    The hospital, for decades used by the local NHS trust under the name The Royal National Hospital For Rheumatic Diseases, has been sold to a Singapore investment company called Fragrance Group, who's plan for it include a massive 138 ft extension which will blot out the sky to the tennants of nearby flats. It will also bring more traffic into an already choked city, and do nothing to improve the city's severe deficit in available homes to rent
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  • Stop our local parks and playgrounds from closing down - #PlayMustStay
    My name is Leyla Preston. I have three children and I own a parenting magazine called Motherhood Diaries (www.motherhooddiaries.com). In the summer of 2019, I joined a campaign with The Association of Play Industries (API Play) called #PlayMustStay which encourages parents to visit their local parks and playgrounds with their children and keep them off the screens. Cast your mind back to when you were a child. I remember always being outdoors and spending most of my time playing with my friends. I only ever came home when it was time for dinner or sleep. It was such a fun time, and I really enjoyed being outside socialising and burning my energy. As a result, I have such fond memories of playing at my local park/playground, which was just minutes away from me on foot. Nowadays, children have a very different life, most of which is now spent indoors, because of diminishing parks and playgrounds and the constant lure of screens. In 2016, API Play researched into the state of England’s parks and playgrounds and found that local authorities had already closed 347 playgrounds to date. Next year, they plan to further decrease their spend on play facilities by almost £25 million per year, which means more parks/playgrounds will close. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! This means a lot of communities cannot get to their local park or playground, and the vicious circle of keeping our children indoors will continue–and how do you occupy your children when you have millions of things to do yourself? Screens! As with everything, a balance is key but this new world is seeing an epidemic of excessive screen time, which has led to childhood obesity, mental health issues and sleep problems because kids are not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation from unstructured outdoor play, which is deemed more beneficial than structured play. Don’t forget that play also encourages social interaction, physical and mental development and, of course, learning through play. We need to take back control and together with our local communities encourage our local government to increase their spend on parks and playgrounds and make them understand that this cut, which they think will save money will cost more in the long run through medical expenses alone. I am not alone in thinking this. Mumsnet surveyed 1,111 parents with children aged two to twelve years old and found that 72% of parents with children who suffer health issues like obesity agree that lack of outdoor play has played a role in their child's health problems. We need more access to parks and playgrounds, but we can’t do this on our own. The government must understand how vitally important our beautiful pockets of nature are to our kids by urging them to stop closing our parks and playgrounds and increase their spend so more parents can get to their local park. Not all parents have access to a car or public transport, so let’s build more parks and playgrounds and have them on our doorstep, so we are not pulled in by the lure of screens. We will be paid back in dividends for the rest of ours and our children’s lives. Please sign the petition so we can bring this issue of not enough parks and playgrounds to the government for review. Thank you so much for your time and consideration Learn more about the campaign here - https://www.api-play.org/news-events/play-must-stay-campaign/ Follow our story on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/motherhooddiaries https://www.api-play.org/playmuststay-a-winters-tale/
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  • Keep the mond community pub open
    This is an asset to our community as it provides a place with a large dance hall which can accommodate parties of all kinds, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, weddings, engagement, children's soft play parties and more. The hall is also used for afternoon bingo for seniors of the community, Zumba for more energetic, Ball room dancing, old time dancing, brass band practice. It also has two snooker tables which are always used to maximum availability and they are possibly the only two now in this area on which the teams host home games. This is also said for the pool table which is fully utilised. Dart board, multi screen TV's for watching sport, this has Sky channels so those of us who cant afford Sky watch our sport here. Weekends there are card schools run by older members who are keeping the old traditions alive. Rooms used for charity meetings . below is a line copied from Vale Canadian web site. Vision To be the number one global natural resources company in creating long term value, through excellence and passion for people and the planet Values 1. Life matters most 2 . Value our people 3. Prize our planet 4. Do what is right 5. Improve together 6. Make it happen I hope this will overturn the decision to close , and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR COMMUNITY. Make it happen. Please. Even if is better to rename it. Clydach Community pub.
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  • Remove the classification of unskilled worker from the new immigration policy
    This is important as the “unskilled” jobs that will suffer the most from this new policy actually require large amounts of skill and hard work from the dedicated people that undertake them. Hospitality for example is one of the biggest employers in the UK but is currently in the middle of a staff shortage despite being one of the largest employers of immigrants. The “unskilled” foreign workers that this government wants to turn away are what keeps this country going and are a strong fabric of our society!
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  • Save the young family’s supported accommodations
    Having both young family schemes in Cheltenham and Gloucester makes a big difference to many young people in those surrounding areas. Closing these accommodations is going to have such a negative impact on young families in the near future looking for housing. A lot of people placed in such schemes have either been referred by social services like Gdass and social services or because these Young families have nowhere else to go or because they have no support around them and are to young to live independently. Riverside are refusing to fund these 2 accommodations any further which is going to result in young people having nowhere to go ! By signing this petition you are going to give theses young people a chance !
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  • The Battle of Winnington Bridge
    the 1909 single-track bridge is woefully inadequate and ceased to be fit for purpose several years ago if not decades ago, also the addition of 2500 more houses close to the crossing with no infrastructure is a travesty in itself without any facilities ie shops medical centre school etc on the entire estate they are all bound to leave the site for these services
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  • Save free one hour parking in Erewash car parks
    If all free car parking is abolished, footfall and trade in town centres will be further impacted. Our town centres are already suffering due to the larger supermarkets and out of town shopping parks offering cheaper prices and extensive free parking. Save our town centres, keep up to one hour free parking in Erewash.
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  • Mayo dip option at McDonald’s
    They are the only fast food restaurant that doesn’t offer this. It is a must!
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  • Move The Crematorium
    The Council’s current proposal is not value for money and is a short term solution when compared to a new build site. The plans do not offer the dignity and respect for the deceased and their families which national guidelines suggest should be standard, because the deceased have to be separately transported to the Crematorium from the new Chapel. Furthermore, if the plans were to go ahead, there are no comprehensive or detailed flooding assessments, even though there is existing flooding and the planned buildings may exacerbate the already difficult situation. The issue of the capacity and future of the Crematorium has rumbled on for years. Now is the time to take decisive action.
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  • Morning Lane People's Space: Save Hackney Central
    The developer's current proposal includes tower blocks of up to 19 storeys with over 500 housing units, NO council housing and only 20% of the units being "affordable" (such as shared ownership and other forms of housing which are unaffordable to most people in Hackney). The developer is focusing on the commercial and work space in the plan. But as they are behind the disastrous Fashion Hub, we doubt that these will meet local needs. In terms of housing, the overwhelming need in Hackney is for council housing at social rents. We call on Hackney Walk and Hackney Council to ensure that there is a minimum of 50% in any new development on this site. We also call on them to ensure that any development is based on broad and deep consultation with local people so that the development creates the shopping, services, employment opportunities and housing that are useful for them.
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