• Free NHS COVID testing for British residents arriving back in the UK
    Testing is an NHS service British taxpayers already pay for and should be entitled to access it whatever the reason. It’s discriminatory: No other activity deemed “risky” by the government requires people to pay for testing eg if contacted by Test and Trace after a pub or cinema visit, testing is free. Why should travellers be different? It’s more efficient and safer: The NHS testing system is well established and efficient. Even at very low levels of uptake the private providers have failed to deliver a service of a similar standard. On performance so far it seems unlikely they could scale it efficiently which puts the testing efficacy at risk It balances health and economic risk: Private testing will significantly flatten demand for overseas travel particularly amongst low income families. By making testing free for British taxpayers it gives the travel sector a real chance to build itself back up and secure the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people who depend on it, whilst providing the government with scientific data on which to monitor variants
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    Created by Suzanne Lugthart
  • Make Cycling Helmets Manditory
    I went riding yesterday, stupidly we all chose not to wear a helmet bar one lad. One of our friends took a huge fall and the site and sound made me so scared. We did the best we could till the paramedics arrived. He now has broken bones in his neck and face and hopefully nothing more serious. He came off lucky, but wearing a helmet for sure would have saved him from alot more pain and suffering.
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    Created by Aaron Wilkinson
    conjugal visits Are important to both the prisoner and their loved ones. Being a partner on the outside it has proven and research shows not being able to be with your Partner in a intimacy way has a great strain on both mental parties health and causes more upset and tension and frustration that you could not possibly imagine. It’s proven to be a struggle to maintain a relationship when a loved one is serving years behind bars, and not being able to have a loving relationship with their partner is a far bigger effect than you may think. conjugal visits – which are not permitted in the UK but operate successfully in much of Europe, Canada and even the Middle East. So why can’t we have these visits in the UK? There’s a lot of evidence around how having a strong relationship on the outside is a very good indicator that you won’t go on and commit other crimes, and this could lead to prisoners being more relieved and stressed and agitated. The rigid structure of prison visits undoubtedly contributes to relationship breakdown. Visits take place around a table, often with a piece of wood underneath to prohibit anything being passed between. The security search process for visitors, and any delays getting prisoners out of their cells mean that a two-hour visit can easily end up being half an hour shorter. Women with children usually bring them – so time spent alone, partner-to-partner, is a rarity. If conjugal visits was allowed I’m sure so many would jump at the chance to have that intimacy with their loved ones. They do it all over the place because it improves outcomes for prisoners, it improves outcomes for their wives – we don’t do it in Britain because we’re really prudish. Help me sign this petition into having that closeness we lack with our partners.
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    Created by Jamiiee Lee Hollier
  • Urgent need to control GP workload
    General Practice is facing unprecedented demand after years of failing to address a mismatch between workforce and workload. If urgent action is not taken, GPs are in danger of burnout, and patients may be unable to access medical care.
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    Created by Katie Musgrave
    At the moment no such law exists. This means that irresponsible breeders, who don't care about anything except making money, are getting away with murder. The inspections that they go through are so minimal that they can obtain a license while hundreds of their dogs are dying slowly in cages that are barely inspected. This has to change. If councils say they have no money to do these inspections then make these breeders pay. £1000 is less than they make for selling one puppy. Yet this would fund a fully qualified vet to be present before a license can be granted. Please help us introduce a new law so that irresponsible dog breeders cannot continue inflicting such suffering. Make the RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDERS LICENSE a law.
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    Created by kate roxburgh
  • Put Indie Sage on the BBC
    Indie Sage is a group of scientists who are shadowing the work of SAGE the governments scientific advisory panel. The group was formed by Sir David KIng who was the governments Chief Scientific Advisor from 2000 to 2007. Unlike SAGE whose transactions are not public (minutes are provided several weeks after they have met) they hold a weekly briefing and discussion, summarising the latest data about Covid19, and taking questions from jounalists and the public. Many of the more obvious policy errors made by the government during the pandemic were flagged up well in advance by Indie Sage and might have been avoided had the quality of public debate been better informed. The quality of the information and the debate in the briefings is extremely high; the content is interesting, and of immediate relevance for all of us, and it is therefore strange that the BBC do not carry it as a matter of course. Much of the coverage given to Covid on the BBC features discussion between presenters, jounalists, politicians and others who at best display a patchy understanding of the issues. Some remain woefully ignorant while others are wilfully distorting the science from political considerations. The BBC has as part of its charter a duty to inform and it is hard to imagine how this could be better met in the current pandemic than by giving airtime to Independent Sage.
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    Created by Chris Oakes-Monger
  • Make All Motorcycle Gear A Legal Requirement
    People i was close to or Know and seen In motorcycle accidents have either ended up only bruised, few broken bones, wheelchair bound or worse lose there lives because they think they will be find if something happens. If you walk away first time it luck it highly likely wont happen again the way you expect. I want try educate and protect as many people as possible from injuries or death. All of these things should be common sense when riding a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist we are more at risk of injury or death than any other vehicle and the gear is what gives us more of a chance to survive and walk away. Seeing people in shorts, tshirts, flipflops , normal trainers etc makes me and many other motorcyclist have mixed emotions when seeing this.
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    Created by Chantelle Morgan
  • Save The Nursery School! Don't ask the Nursery School to vacate Addlestone Salvation Army hall
    The Nursery School team have spent 20years building the safe and nurturing environment. Mrs Mulea and her team have worked tirelessly to deliver outstanding care to local pre school children in the local community. They have been served notice to vacate the Salvation Army hall by July leaving no nursery provision for children in the local community. We are appealing to the Salvation Army to reconsider their decision and allow the nursery school to continue to use the space.
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    Created by Laura Robinson
  • Force Exam Boards to give FULL refunds to UK schools this year (2021)
    This year UK examination boards have charged schools IN FULL (which is thousands of pounds per school). For what? Under normal circumstances schools pay the boards to a) generate examination material such as exam papers and b) pay examiners to mark and moderate said examination papers. This year, exams have been replaced with "assessments" - exams in all but name and additionally what is essentially old style coursework. These are being marked in their entirety by school staff, FOR FREE and at exceptionally late notice, thereby saving private examination boards huge amounts of money in examiners' fees. The exam boards have not even generated new exam material - merely regurgitated past exam papers. At a time when the vast majority of schools are struggling under the continued underfunding of the education system and staff are at breaking point from the demands of Covid-induced special procedures, we the undersigned feel that tax-payers money would be better spent ON SCHOOLS as opposed to lining the pockets of the boards who are charging for services either not provided at all or rendered lazily. We demand that government intervene to force exam boards to refund schools IN FULL - and not the paltry partial refunds offered thus far.
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    Created by Richard Burgon
  • Keep East Street for shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists
    East Street's pavements are too narrow to allow for social distancing, especially with queuing systems operating to be able to enter many shops and banks. We do not want to see a rise in coronavirus cases again in Taunton Deane that crowded pavements would likely cause. The shops have also benefited from an increase in footfall since reopening and really need that to be maintained in order to recover from the terrible year they had last year. East Street without cars has created a pleasant and safe environment for all, including those people with mobility issues who previously struggled to negotiate the parked cars and dense traffic. SWT’s consultation on the project received approximately 2000 responses, with a significant majority in support. There are also wider environmental concerns. We all know that we are in a climate crisis, one of the best recommended actions we can do as individuals is to walk, cycle or take the bus more and leave the car at home. We would appeal to people to consider these options, and many others, if at all possible in order to reduce the traffic going through the centre of Taunton. This would have huge benefits for the residents of both roads affected as traffic pollution is known to cause asthma and cancers, whereas cycling and walking have great benefits to our own health. In addition, increasing road space available to traffic will only increase the traffic using it - many studies show that traffic simply increases to fill the space available to it. Conversely traffic will reduce when roads are closed, so we would expect traffic to gradually ease over the next week or two as people get used to the new restrictions and find other ways of completing their journeys. Increasing road space now, is simply increasing the amount of traffic able to use the road, which will increase pollution and greenhouse gas emissions now and for the future. Some very informative links on this subject are here: How increasing road space doesn't solve congestion! and here: New Roads Create Traffic – Faith the Green Way (wordpress.com) The value of spending from increased footfall is often underestimated. See https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/media/3890/pedestrian-pound-2018.pdf There are many examples of public realm improvements increasing footfall and spending in retail centres. So please, we appeal to David Fothergil of SCC and Mike Rigby of SWT to keep East Street closed to vehicular traffic for the sake of our local economy and our children's futures!
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    Created by Ian Bright
  • Boston Manor Park: Let's Build it Back better - and Greener!
    Boston Manor Park in West London was recently fortunate enough to receive £3.6m from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery Community Fund to improve access, ecology and facilities at Boston Manor Park. Unfortunately, following a limited initial consultation, poor communication and flawed management the park looks like it’s been swept by a cyclone. Over 100 mature trees have been felled, hedgerows removed, and wildlife habitats destroyed. Local residents and visitors to the park alike have expressed their considerable upset and confusion over the damage done.
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    Created by Jim Conroy
  • Ban the use of fire and rehire
    Thousands of workers across the UK are at risk of being held to ransom by their employers through a practice known as ‘fire and rehire’. Companies can force their staff to accept pay cuts and poorer conditions, or face the sack. And the worst thing? At the moment it’s legal, so soon many others could follow suit. Countries like Ireland and Spain have already taken decisive action to outlaw fire and rehire, but our government hasn’t. The longer we wait, the longer people’s livelihoods remain at serious risk.
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