• Get Black Sabbath to Christmas number one
    It’s important to people who are tired of the same music and artists every Christmas and to give a homage to one of the greatest British bands of all time, Black Sabbath!
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    Created by Tyrone Lankstead
  • Withdraw fees and charges at our parks
    During Covid-19 and in general, these health and wellbeing activities are extremely useful and keep people motivated and positive, particularly those who can't afford more expensive ways or want to be close to nature. This money making exercise is regressive, unhelpful and a draconian measure and should not be excused under any guise. Please stop this. Please sign, share and support. Maium Miah Talukdar
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  • Make Goudhurst a safer village to live in
    At the moment families that wish to walk to school are not able to because the A262 is unsafe to cross and cars speed along this stretch of the road.
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    Created by Goudhurst Traffic Action Group GTAG Picture
  • Save Colchester League of Friends Shop.
    The Hospital League of Friends shop generates a large amount of money each year towards much needed equipment. Without the LoF, the hospital will miss out on at least £18,000 of funding raised purely by the shop alone.
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    Created by Patrick Mead
  • Keep the social security lifeline
    It’s unthinkable that the Government would whip away £20 a week from people, like me, on the lowest incomes, at a time when we’re faced with a wave of unemployment. The extra £20 has made a huge difference. It means I can afford one weekly shop, which is good because I am isolating. Without it I don’t know what I’d do. If the £20 is taken away I’d struggle to keep the gas and electric on and do my weekly shop.  This November the Government will decide how much support Universal Credit and other benefits will offer people next year. As we face the winter and further restrictions, families who have lost income and faced financial hardship over the past few months need stability and certainty that they will not face a further income cut in April. That’s why I set up this petition, calling on the Government to act with compassion and do the right thing – keep the lifeline of an extra £20 a week in Universal Credit, and throw this same lifeline to people on legacy benefits, the majority of whom are disabled, sick or carers. It is simply not right that they have not received the same uplift. The decision this November is between right and wrong. The Government could keep doing the right thing, keep the lifeline and keep families afloat. Or it could cut the lifeline, cut people’s incomes and cut families adrift. Please will you sign my petition to urge the Government that it will pledge to make the £20 uplift permanent, and to extend it to people on legacy benefits. Thank you, Joanna - petition starter and Universal Credit claimant from Malvern.
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  • Make wearing masks in school and college classrooms mandatory
    Science has proven that the wearing of masks, does lower the risk of viral load, from the covid-19 virus. Also this would help avoid any more local or national lockdowns, help prevent more serious illness, relieve any pressure on the NHS and would be a common sense solution. Even if a small minority are exempt from wearing masks, the majority wearing them in classrooms, would increase levels of safety at work and study, for everyone, but especially those at higher risk, from serious illness, if they contracted the virus and those caring for the elderly and more vulnerable, also at higher risk of serious illness, from contracting the covid-19 virus.
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    Created by Kirstin Moth
  • STOP planned new dual carriageway through Sheffield South Street Park.
    We are concerned that for Sheffield City Centre, this Development Framework in its current form would increase air pollution and carbon emissions and would diminish a vital city centre green space. Sheaf Valley Park has been widely commended as an innovative and essential part of our city centre infrastructure. The Development Framework’s proposal to drive a dual carriageway through this park is deeply damaging, retrogressive and contradictory to the Council’s own transport, carbon and air quality targets. How can building a new dual carriageway ( swapping the existing dual carriageway with the existing tram line ) in the centre of the city reduce carbon and improve air quality when most independent research clearly states that new roads increase traffic and carbon emissions? It will not contribute to improving air quality and in fact will make air quality worse for Sheffield City as well as residents of Park Hill and the wider neighbourhood. New roads increase carbon emissions: It will not contribute to lowering carbon emissions and will have a substantially negative impact on total net carbon emissions for the project. Of equal concern is the apparent lack of strategic linkage to a clear vision for Sheffield City Region and Sheffield City Centre. The Development Framework is predicated on a series of engineering and land-based asset assumptions. It does not respond to a long-term net carbon zero future for Sheffield nor does it comply with or respond to the City Council’s own multiple strategic and policy commitments. There is so much more which requires an approach that goes beyond specific sites, traffic circulation and engineering design. The whole document appears to be lodged in a 20th century car dominated policy framework, driven by trying to address historic road-based development objectives, without any balanced evaluation of the viability, practicality or value of these assumptions. It is a deeply retrogressive and old-fashioned perspective on city development. The regeneration of the Midland Station ought to be a beacon and demonstrator for Sheffield City Region, pioneering less car traffic on roads; more active transport infrastructure; more greening and a brave and ambitious commitment to integrated, zero carbon transport systems. Instead it feels like a throwback to the 1960s where ring-roads of polluting traffic encircled our cities and personal mobility trumped mass transit systems and where there was scant regard for the impact of fossil fuels and their impact on our natural environment. We welcome the principle of the grey to green conversion of multiple roads as part of the wider strategy. This should be the opportunity for our city of Sheffield to grasp taking a new direction rather than a process of retrogressive transport planning.
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    Created by Kim Swan
  • Fourways Pedestrian Crossing - Chalford
    Each day over 100 children cross twice at this crossing, which is just metres away from a straight run of road where nearly half of the vehicles regularly recorded exceed the speed limit.
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  • Act on the Climate Emergency
    Parliament declared a Climate Emergency over a year ago - and still not enough is being done to stop the worst effects of the climate crisis - in the UK and across the world. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, which already has the support of 70+ MPs, calls for the UK to make and enact a serious plan to cut our emissions, protect our nature, and give ordinary people a real say on the way forward, through a citizens’ assembly. The climate and ecological crisis is the biggest threat to all life on Earth we have ever faced, it is vital we act now and this bill would be a very encouraging step. But for this Bill to stand a chance of becoming law, a majority of MPs need to support it. That’s why I am calling on our MP Rushanara Ali to please support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. Please join me! You can find out more about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill here: https://www.ceebill.uk/
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    Created by Grace McMeekin
  • University’s to provide free, advanced wifi to student households.
    Broadband is imperative for productive home study due to limited library access.
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    Created by Lexi Greenstein
  • Request to change speed limit on B6097 Wath road to 30MPH
    There have been numerous incidents over the years on this stretch of road and something needs to be done about it now. There are residential areas on this stretch of road, Pit Row and Tinglebridge. It is very precarious on that road currently to put it mildly because of all the blind corners. We propose that 30mph speed limit be put in place from elsecar side before Pit row, round to past junction with Tinglebridge & Tinglebridge Lane.
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  • Ask David Mundell to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill
    We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis crisis and the UK government simply isn’t doing enough. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill can help us change our course—making the government act with the urgency we need and involving everyday people in a Citizens’ Assembly that has real bite. If the CEE Bill is made law, the government would have to act fast, accounting for our entire carbon footprint while actively conserving nature here and overseas. The bill could set a precedent that can be replicated across the world. According to They Work for You, a website that documents MP voting records, David Mundell "generally voted against measures to prevent climate change". It is vital that local environmental groups and concerned citizens have the opportunity to convey to David Mundell the severity of the crisis we are facing and to demand his representation in parliament. Encouraging him to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would be a great start!
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    Created by XR D&G