• Save BBC 4
    BBC 4 has valuable, sensible, intelligent and interesting documentaries, with 'grown up' subjects, which are well presented. It also has excellent dramas. If, like me, you are elderly, then subtitles are essential and these could not be provided if BBC 4 were to be moved to small screens used by younger people. With an ageing population, account must be given to the more senior members of society.
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    Created by Sarah Padwick
  • No bailouts for tax dodging companies
    The government is handing out billions of pounds in bailouts to big companies who are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. This is really important to support the economy and keep people in their jobs. But some companies have dodged their obligations in the good times by not paying their fair share of tax. And now many of these same companies are asking for a handout when things get tough. This isn’t fair on the rest of us who do contribute. Paying taxes is essential to help fund public services like the NHS, schools and our care system. The Fair Tax Mark has set out three clear conditions for bailouts. Any big company getting a bailout should lift the lid on their tax affairs, disclose who ultimately profits from their activities, and promise not use tax havens and tax avoidance schemes. Politicians in Scotland and Wales are taking action. Join us in calling for Rishi Sunak to make sure that big companies getting bailouts pay their fair share.
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    Created by Robert Palmer Picture
  • Pay rise
    Very important as incentive in recognition of their dedication and hard work cause by virana virus pandemic. Increase of income is necessary to meet their ends meet with the potential economic meltdown instead of giving flowers, clapping or flying balloons because of their diligence in performance of their duties even their health is at risk with the virus.
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    Created by Alfredo Villanueva
    Homeless people deserve human rights
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    Created by Emily Palmer
  • Overnight accommodation available for all
    Within 21st Century Britain, it is completely unacceptable that thousands of people are sleeping rough every night because they are not properly supported by their local authority. 'Priority need' means that people are prioritised over others due to their vulnerability, however, surely it is not unreasonable to view every homeless individual as vulnerable? Local authorities should be providing beds for people that are sleeping rough, whether that be in the form of a youth hostel, hotel or permanent. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 states that "a local housing authority’s duty under section 189B(2) or 195(2) is a function of the authority to secure that accommodation is available for the occupation of a person only if the authority decide to discharge the duty by securing that accommodation is so available.” The simple fact of the matter is that accommodation can be made available if people are prioritised over profit. There is always beds available, even if this means that councils have to pay for beds themselves. Nobody should be without a basic human right.
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    Created by Harrison Scaman
  • A fair deal for key-workers
    Over 7 million British people still work in critical and dangerous areas such as health and social care, the emergency services, food supply, local and national government, transport, police, army and education. Without these people, Britain could not function. Yet, millions are being paid very low wages and aren’t being provided the protective equipment they need to keep their families safe.
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    Created by David Murray
  • Immigration Health Surcharge
    Today the government confirmed that is pressing ahead with its plans to impose the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) which must be paid by non-EU workers on long-term visas; this includes all non-EU doctors, nurses and health workers who are working in the NHS and care services. Someone who wishes to come to work in the UK has to pay this fee before they can progress their visa application - if it is not paid their application will be automatically rejected. The IHS must be paid once a visa application has been submitted online ; a simple redirect in the booking system takes you to the payment page. It is calculated with reference to the number of years someone wishes to remain in the UK, and in January 2019 rose to £400 per year (pro-rata) per applicant - it will shortly rise yet again to have £600. There are no discounts for dependants, including children, all of whom must pay the full IHS. This government is seeking to financially damage the workers who it stands and applaudes each week. These are workers who are giving their all to the people of this country - they should be paid properly for this and not penalised for using the institution that they wish to serve. This country is reliant on overseas health workers and yet this government is trying to deter them from coming to work here.
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    Created by Lucy Morton Picture
  • Governments of the UK: Support the children who will struggle most when school returns
    School can be tough for some children at the best of times – particularly those who are living in poverty, have experienced trauma, spent time in the care system or have additional learning needs. For some of these children, lockdown will have been a welcome respite from the challenges of school. For many, home learning has been an uphill battle without the support they would have in school. For most, the pandemic has stirred up strong emotions that are hard to live with, for them and their families. Schools will have their hands full just managing the logistics of a safe school return. We are calling on governments to give schools the funds, guidance and resources they are going to need to support the children who will struggle the most when they go back to formal education. All children deserve an equal chance to settle and thrive once schools re-start.
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    Created by Adoption UK
  • Self-Employed Income Support Scheme ending, but not the Furloughing scheme.
    Self-Employed are less likely to be able to continue working during the pandemic due to their type of work, whereas furloughed employees are able to seek alternative employment whilst they are furloughed from their normal jobs. This means that self-employed are much worse off, with no income whatsoever from the end of May.
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    Created by Brian Wright Picture
  • PetAloud: Response Plan
    Supporting all Ours Animals Guardians through out National Lockdown will increase the well-being of Ours Animals. Having a National Record of Animals Guardians and how many of Ours Animals they are responsible eases Ours Animals' Welfare Measures and Resolutions Debating if cod19 Animal vaccination its a possibility, encourages individuals to get involved with the Ours Animals' World.
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    Created by Dilva Andersen de Oliveira
  • tax relief for essential workers
    I as a front line emergency service worker, have worked extra hours and put myself and my family at risk dealing with Covid Infected patients. My latest wage slip, I have been deducted over a 1/4 of the money earned in Income Tax and National Insurance. I have had no opportunity to work from home or be furloughed for my family or my protection. I find the tax taken from me at this time, highly unfair. This is a petition to support all the ESSENTIAL WORKERS and ask for a tax relief for all those who have worked above and beyond in this global crisis
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  • Mayor of Hackney, Hackney Council, support food growing in Hackney!
    Both the climate emergency and Covid 19 have shown the importance of local community food growing both in driving down carbon emissions, more so than tree planting, and in providing food autonomy for the residents of Hackney. We know it is possible to grow good cheap food in cities as Growing Communities and Organic Lea have shown, but we are in an emergency and need to dramatically scale this up. Unlike Detroit, famed for it's urban farms, Hackney has little spare or free land. So we need the council to support this both by providing land and in terms of financial support. This petition has been produced by Clapton / Homerton Urban Growers Organisation
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