• Eye care for the homeless
    Research shows that homeless people have more eye problems than the general population. Problems include high prevalence of uncorrected refractive error, cataract and binocular vision problems. This is why we would like to benefit homeless people by providing them with the access to vision care.
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    Created by Izzy Aldred
  • Walkers Crisps: clean up your mess
    As a nation we consume approximately 6 billion crisp packets every year with the vast majority of those being made from plastic. They don’t rot. That's an awful lot of landfill and poison for the environment. Crisp packets have been found on beaches intact more than 33 years later. Imagine during that time the effect on wildlife and the environment. While Walkers committed to the UK’s first crisp packet recycling scheme back in 2018 following a huge campaign by 38 Degrees, it’s simply not good enough with only 0.38% of all Walkers crisp packets being recycled in that time. It’s time they looked towards a better solution. Ideally Walkers should stop producing waste plastic, but until they change their production methods, Walkers should introduce thousands more recycling points in more convenient places such as supermarkets and train stations.
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  • Ban Plastic in Schools
    Why allow schools to destroy the environment to save a little bit of money? Disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates are used in schools for the mere fact that they reduce costs by less than 20%. None of these are recyclable. Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. Schools use so many of these - mostly not for educational purposes either such plastic drinks bottles and disposable cutlery. Why is the use of plastic bottles so prevalent in UK schools? The world is currently producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year - a significant amount of which will end up in the oceans killing innocent animals and destroying our planet. We only have one Earth. Unfortunately, although plastic is a useful product, many of these products are created for single-use - with an estimated 50 per cent of plastic used once and thrown away. Laminating documents is unnecessary and only used to improve the look of displays but display boards are replaced, on average, every 3 months. Why allow schools to destroy the environment to save a little bit of money? Disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates are used in schools for the mere fact that they reduce costs by less than 20%. There are many ways school can find alternatives. Schools should be educating the youth into caring for the environment instead of destroying it with preventable overuse of single use plastics. So why aren't they?
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  • Make ARFID treatment as accessible as treatments for Anorexia and Bulimia
    Malnutrition causes the NHS £1 billion per annum each year as prior to 2014, this disorder was not recognised by the DSM-5. This meant sufferers have learned to live on diets unsuitable for long term and as a result are nutritionally deficient which can cause an alarming amount of problems such as diabetes, lowered cognitive function, necrosis, and even death considering eating disorders have abundant fatalities each year, as every sixty two minutes, a person dies from an eating disorder.
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    Created by Megan Cowan
  • Leaf Blowers and Vacuums destroy insect life unnecessarily
    Insect life is so important as one of the building blocks of the food chain, and the use of leaf blowers destroys insect life in the leaves. We have already lost an enormous percentage of our insect life, and we need to preserve those that are left so they can reproduce and do their job maintaining the balance within the environment. It takes a little longer to rake them, but maybe think about leaving them and stop being so tidy unless the leaves are on paths or roads.
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  • Bouquet wrappings should be biodegradable
    It is so important not to fill landfill sites when the items could be composted so easily if no plastic based items are included. When I see beautiful bouquets of flowers beside the road, as tributes to a loved one, it makes me so sad to know that all of these will be scooped up and thrown into landfill, as the plastic wrappings make it impossible for them to be composted and re-used in a useful manner.
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  • Improve railway services in Seaham
    Seaham is a flourishing town with an increasing number of people moving into and visiting the area and requires a reliable train service for work or leisure purposes for the local community . Direct access transport services from Seaham to popular destinations such as Newcastle and the Metro Centre are limited and the train service is therefore vital and well used. However trains are limited to one an hour and two carriages, this is inadequate to meet local demand resulting in customers waiting for hours trying to get a train as they are often full.
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  • Stop Waitrose selling bottles of water from Fiji 10,000 miles away
    To me it is a no brainer that we stop burning fuel to ship water in a plastic bottle from such far flung places and generating all the unnecessary waste.
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    Created by Marc Mearns
  • Protect Dulwich Upper Wood trees - Farquhar Road
    Southwark have proposed to fell up to 34 mature trees, in Dulwich Upper Wood along Farquhar Road, in order to repair the retaining wall next to the footpath. At the same time Southwark are proposing felling more trees in Sydenham Wood in order to repair the Cox's Walk Footbridge. In this climate emergency we should be protecting our habitat and this is another project where Southwark are proposing cutting down mature trees. There are better engineering solutions that Southwark and their consultants can come up with that provide the retaining structure for Farquhar Road or repair the bridge whilst keeping the trees. Cutting down the 34 (or so) mature trees in order to repair the retaining wall is not acceptable and an unnecessary destruction of this habitat. We want you to consider stepping the wall out in to the footpath, to provide the retaining structure, whilst protecting the trees and reducing the width of the footpath to 1.5m or locally to 1m if needed. Alternatively reduce the width of the road locally to provide a traffic calming measure on Farquhar Road whilst rebuilding the retaining structure. Engineers can find a cost effective solution if given the opportunity (and brief) to do so. Southwark need to have the policy of protecting our local habitat, and give consideration to use all available and viable space, if needed, to provide a solution. Work was aborted to repair the wall for nearly a year and trees roots are being exposed due to the extended and prolonged delays from Southwark. We are asking Southwark to positively design, cost up and inform the public of solutions that can retain our green habitat. By building out you provide the opportunity to plant further habitat that supports our pollinators and the biodiversity. Local groups such as the TCV who do a fantastic job of managing the woods can help. The local scouts group (1st Crystal Palace) can help plant a new space and other groups like The Friends of Gipsy Hill can also help. If Southwark want the local community to be involved then we can crowdfund to help pay for the solutions that protect our environment. It should be noted that we have discussed this with our local councillors but we haven't seen any proposals that protect most of the trees now at risk. The tree felling order for Cox's Walk oak trees was halted, after a petition, but again no firm commitment as yet with Southwark to save the trees they have put have risk. We are concerned that Southwark will fell many unnecessary trees both the Sydenham Wood trees then come for the Dulwich Wood trees. We want positively engage with the Southwark Highways team to find the best engineering solution. Southwark confirmed the trees in Dulwich Upper Wood are sound and that they will (or have) undertaken some work to reduce the mass of them. We now want the retaining wall replaced and the trees protected Sign this petition and then please sign the Cox's Walk Trees petition https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-cox-s-walk-footbridge-oak-trees
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  • Refund for Unfinished Grid Game
    Breaching of the The Consumer Rights Act which gives consumers protection when it comes to digital downloads that fail to work, i.e. are corrupt. Consumers are entitled to a repair or replacement if the digital content is faulty and even compensation if other downloads or devices are affected https://www.rocketlawyer.com/gb/en/quick-guides/consumer-rights-when-purchasing-digital-content.
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  • Alexandra Palace Parking Charges - Consultation December 2019
    Proposed changes will impact negatively on local residents. Please see consultation - closes 31.12.19: www.alexandrapalace.com/parking Following on from a meeting of Springfield Avenue residents, it was decided that, given the choice between paying from £1.50 up to £8 to park anywhere in the grounds of AP, and finding a nearby street in which to park for free, there will be a lot of displacement of parking in all the surrounding localities. Before long, the council would probably offer the neighbouring streets a CPZ, which can cost anything up to £289 per car/ per annum depending on size of CO2 emissions. If this were to happen we need to be sure that the timing of the parking restrictions are applied in such a way so that local residents experience the least disruption or inconvenience. URGENT - not long to make your voice heard Please sign this petition if you share concerns
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  • Retain and improve First Leeds bus services 33 & 34
    Cutting these services means long waiting times where there is no alternative service, or when a service is – as happens all too often – cancelled. The 33 and 34 routes serve a number of areas with no rail service and are the only public transport option available to many residents. Bus users find it hard to rely on the current service for timely access to school, work or important appointments and a reduced service would only serve to worsen this and may reduce bus use as a result.
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    Created by Eleanor Thomson