• Youth Centre for Southend
    I feel that the age group between 11 and 17 are becoming really bad in the Southend area due to a mix of things: Drugs, County Lines gangs pressured into doing things they don't want to do, along with many other bad things that they shouldn't be subjected to. I feel that if we had a building with the right people in there - some from support work backgrounds, people that can provide confidential one-to-one or even group sessions - we would be able to offer real support and advice to the local youth. I'd say there are a lot of vulnerable people out there that won't speak out or seek advice. But having the right place to make those people feel comfortable, where they can come down and get involved in activities such as indoor football/pool tables/computers/films etc. along with educational programs and access to help and guidance for a better life future to be pointed in the right direction would be beneficial. Of course each person would be monitored inside assessed spoken to. It would be a place where they can open up with no judgement and give them the best possible advice for moving forward - and when anything severe arises or that is a big concern, information can be collected and passed on to the right department to look into and solve. In reality when one young person is in a bad place and at a loose end they won't seek help via adults services as they feel they will get into trouble or look weak. Whereas going through as what they would see as a mate at the centre a fun understanding normal day to day person that they build a repor with outside of the public service ie uniform . Give young people a safe environment and they will open up. Provide the right services and people - social workers/mental health assessors/job centres and advisers - to help find work and get on the right track, supported by friendly staff and in a space where they can enjoy themselves (with games etc.) It's all about our next generation. And as we can all see, the up and coming generation seem to be increasingly lost too soon, with no interest in drive or progression in life.
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    Created by Nicholas Stratton
  • Speed ramps on Fairway
    Because most people in the area are in their later years and the intrusion of noise makes them feel uncomfortable. Cars race up and down a residential area causing a nuisance, especially on the weekend.
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    Created by Rob Mountain
  • A better park for our children
    As a parent of a young child that loves to play out she often attends Hardy's Recreational Ground "ploggers". Here, there is maybe two things she can go on and children are often waiting and queueing for their turn to use the one swing they have (which can cause chaos!) I know a lot of parents that would love the park to be a proper playground with swings, a slide etc., to make it a fun place to go as once it used to be. So please could you consider this for our children's future. I care about this issue a lot because it's for our children, as I know other parents will too. We want a safe, nice place for our children to go. So let's get together and make this happen.
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    Created by Sally Jones
  • Petition for getting Mangrove Restaurant listed as a heritage building
    The Mangrove was a hub of black resistance in 1970. Activists organised a march to protest police harassment but were arrested for incitement to riot. The trial of the Mangrove 9 led to the first Judicial admission of police racism in Britain. The building should be preserved and memorialised as a place of historic interest. This petition will be sent to English Heritage to support the application for listed status. Help to support the application to English Heritage. Black British history is an integral part of British history and must not be marginalised.
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    Created by claire Robey
  • We want Severn Trent & WCC Highways to close the A441 during current works
    Bordesley residents in particular, but also other residents of Millward Meadows and Hither Green Lane will suffer massive delays over 5 months resulting in lost income, lost time and increased traffic fumes.
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    Created by Karen Kilbride
  • Create a new permanent bank holiday
    Bank holidays bring us together: A day when we can connect with friends, families and our local community. A day when things slow down a bit and we can take a breath. This year we have been given an extra Bank Holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee - 70 years of incredible service. But instead of scrapping it next year, I think we should keep the extra bank holiday and declare it an annual “Thank Holiday”. A day when we recognise service in all its forms. As a business leader and investor I’m making this case because I think it would be good for business, especially those sectors damaged in the pandemic. But more importantly I think it would be good for the country. The UK has among the fewest public holidays in the western world, but days like this aren’t just a nice thing to have; they help us build closer and more connected communities. If we announced this new day as part of the Jubilee celebrations and coming out of two of the most difficult years in recent history - it would have even greater power. Covid reminded us how important our local communities are - a new 'Thank Holiday’ would show we are taking them seriously.
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    Created by Deborah Meaden
  • We want a better environment for Bordesley Village
    Harmful emissions from vehicles are responsible for 90% of air pollution – and in Birmingham alone, up to 900 people per year die early as a result of air pollution. High speed limits, high traffic volumes and queuing vehicles significantly increase air pollution – and we recognise all of this on the A441 in Bordesley. Over the years, Bordesley has seen an increase in traffic levels, traffic queues and heavy vehicles. In addition, Bordesley has seen a significant increase in speeding vehicles. As a result of all these factors Bordesley has high levels of air and noise pollution which is now affecting the health of the residents.
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    Created by Karen Kilbride
  • Pedestrian crossing between Mceiver Lane and Borrans Park Ambleside
    Pedestrians walk from Ambleside via Mceiver Lane and attempt to cross the A5075 which has a 20mph max speed limit. Very few motorists adhere to this speed especially as they come from the south past a blind corner which is the Wateredge Inn. Pedestrians are at serious risk of being ran over here. It needs a Pedestrian Crossing. Please sign this petition for a safer road for all.
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    Created by chris taylor
  • Enforcement rules regarding Cycling
    Laws for drivers have changed in favour of cyclist against the driver. However, if I took a cyclist out at night, in dark clothing with no lights etc, am I really at fault?
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    Created by Nick S E Jones
  • Fighting POTS discrimination from the medical profession.
    I have, I believe, suffered with POTS since I was 16/17 years old. The symptoms I developed at 16/17 years old have got worse over the years. I was told repeatedly it was all anxiety related. I was even wrongly diagnosed with BPD, mainly because I always argued my case around my physical health problems which were denied. I was repeatedly admitted to hospital and not listened to. Finally I was diagnosed with POTS in November 2021, before this symptoms such as breathlessness on walking from one room to another and passing out when standing up were put down as anxiety. I have heard repeated stories from around the world of people suffering endlessly because sufferers of POTS are not taken seriously! This needs to stop NOW.
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    Created by Gemma Thompson
    British Gas is the UK’s largest fuel supplier with around twelve million customers. Ofgem has so far passed them about 700,000 accounts when other companies had to stop trading. I can see no reason to think I am the only person they are overcharging. We are amidst an energy crisis AND a cost-of-living crisis. The poorest customers will be hit the hardest. The poverty-stricken may well also be the least able to spot what is happening with their bills. Too many people do not check their bills. British Gas continues to use false readings when billing me. How many others? Even after recent phone conversations with someone from their complaints management team, I am unable to get them to use the actual meter readings. I am now switching suppliers. At least I have chosen a supplier who believes in customer service. I can speak with them; they listen and act professionally. From what I have found, they will only bill me for the fuel I have used.
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    Created by Tim Wood
  • Fish derived gelatin in beer
    Many brewers use isinglass, a gelatin made from dried fish bladders, to speed up the fining of their beer. Unfortunately most do not reveal this. They are not required by law to do so. If you are vegan or vegetarian, these beers are not suitable for you. But finding this out is often difficult, or next to impossible. Faced with a choice at a crowded bar, unless the owners are considering this and label them on their chalk boards, and most don't, the situation can get impossible. The bar tender can usually at best try and search on line, only to come up against the same wall and offer their apologies. Is this acceptable? Every other food or drink product has to make its ingredients clear. Alcohol should be no exception. Do you know your beer has been fined down with fish bladders? If you didn't want to accept this, how could you make your choice when the brewers choose not to tell you?
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    Created by Duncan McEvoy