• Bring Back Zero Carbon Homes
    Over the past couple of years, we've become aware that climate crisis is approaching even faster than we expected. We've seen record-breaking temperatures around the globe, and that's given rise to some apocalyptic scenes. Bats and birds dropping out of the sky during heatwaves in Australia. Wildfires in Greece and whole towns destroyed by wildfire in America. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned us that swift action must be taken in the next eleven years to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. 40% of the UK's emissions come from households. Every year, the average household emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 just from heating. That's more than a person should emit every year from ALL sources - travel, food, shopping - if we're going to avoid climate chaos. Before the Zero Carbon Homes policy was scrapped in 2015, we were on track to reduce this 2.7 tonnes to zero in new homes. That wouldn't just have helped the planet - it would have helped people to keep their energy bills down, too. The abolition of the Zero Carbon Homes policy was called "short-sighted, unnecessary, retrograde and damaging." Ed Davey, former secretary of state for energy and climate change suggested the then PM, David Cameron “may as well hug a coal power station”. But we're in a new era now. Politicians across the political spectrum are being forced to admit just how important it is to cut out the carbon. Bringing back the Zero Carbon Homes standard would be a massive step forward, showing the public and the world that the UK Parliament's declaration of a Climate Emergency isn't just empty words.
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    Created by Josephine Ellis
  • Rename the condition Bile Acid Diarrhoea
    We don't typically name conditions/diseases/illnesses based on their symptoms. Recently Bile Acid Malabsorption was renamed to Bile Acid Diarrhoea. We shouldn't label this condition by its already stigmatised and extremely horrid symptom. From the age of 12 I have suffered from debilitating and soul destroying unpredictable diarrhoea. For 20 years I was told that I was 'probably just an anxious person' and 'must have a lot of intolerances' by medical professionals. It was so bad that I couldn't eat out, or really go on holiday, and some days, it made it hard to leave the house. I've had accidents when out with friends, family and at work. Honestly, it is absolutely soul destroying. I would later find out that because I could actually leave the house sometimes, I had it better than some... In 2017 I finally got answers as to why I constantly had diarrhoea; my digestive system had an overload of bile - I was constantly producing it (our bodies only usually discharged when we eat then reabsorb and produce if needed) so overall it was too much for my body to handle. It wasn't caused by anxiety/nerves, but it certainly caused a lot! When I was diagnosed by an amazing consultant in 2017, the condition was known as Bile Acid Malabsorption. It was first discovered in 2008. It has three main types: Type 1 BAD affects people who have BAD as a result of either inflammation of the small bowel due to Crohn's disease or surgical removal of the small bowel. Type 2 BAD (previously referred to as idiopathic/primary bile acid malabsorption). Type 3 BAD affects people with various gastrointestinal diseases such as removal of the gallbladder (Cholecystectomy), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), post radiation treatment for cancer, coeliac disease and chronic pancreatitis. Research studies suggest that 1:3 people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhoea (IBS-d) as a prominent feature could have primary BAD. (Source: https://bad-uk.org). Type 2 is the most prevalent, and is no other disorder affecting the small bowel. It's believed those with Type 2 BAD have a hormone defect - our bodies don't produce enough of the 'off' hormone to tell the liver to stop producing the bile. This is the biggest proportion of sufferers of the condition. Estimates say that around 17% of the UK population suffer from IBS. (Source: https://www.bjmp.org/content/irritable-bowel-syndrome-primary-care-physicians) So, a nasty condition, that causes debilitating diarrhoea, and all the pain, low energy and serious mental health issues that go along with that. Top that with 1:3 of those diagnosed with IBS potentially having it, (that's 5.6% of the UK population, or roughly the same amount of the population who are diagnosed with depression*!), and you see it's a major concern to those who have it, and those who may have it. Rightly, in 2017/2018, the NHS teams working on and with Bile Acid Malabsorption decided that the name didn't really fit with the latest findings - only one of the three causes was to do with malabsorption. They decided to call it Bile Acid Diarrhoea, because diarrhoea is the one thing all three causes had in common. Unfortunately for those suffering with the lifelong condition, this meant that we now have to explain to medical professionals, friends, employers, and anyone else who may need to know, that we suffer from bile acid diarrhoea, but the reality is that most people will just hear the "diarrhoea". As a sufferer, I want to be in some control over who knows what symptoms my condition comes with. Though we completely agree that there should be no stigma around diarrhoea, or any other 'embarrassing' bodily conditions, the truth is that the new name of our condition is making it even harder to live with. Imagine if you had to explain an illness/disease/condition primarily by one of its symptoms - it's horrid, isn't it. I therefore would LOVE to see the lovely and incredible medical professionals within our wonderful NHS and across the world rename our condition to something that doesn't include it's biggest and most embarrassing symptom, or even better perhaps after one of those who discovered it. This petition is by no means meant to offend those who worked/work so tirelessly in discovering the condition and how to treat it, and the wonderful charities that support it - they have changed all of our lives for the better. We just want to be able to talk about our condition openly, and not worrying how non medically trained people might perceive it. We might not be able to cure the condition, but we can make it a little easier to talk to people about it. *Source: 3.8 million in the UK suffer from depression according to https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/publications/statistical/quality-and-outcomes-framework-achievement-prevalence-and-exceptions-data/quality-and-outcomes-framework-qof-2015-16, and 5.7% of the UK population is 3,591,000.
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  • Dominic Cummings must face the parliamentary committee to answer questions on the leave campaign
    Mr Cummings was incharge of the worst case of misleading the people of Uk ever, he was the major campigner and director of the leave campaign. This has been shown to have broken electral law and the missused data against GDPR rules. He refused to answer to the commons committee on his actions during the campaign and is in contempt of parliament. He has no respect for either our laws or our parliament and is it i therefore of utmost impotance that he face the parliamentary committee to answer questions re his conduct in the leave campaign
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    Created by Chris Stirk
  • Give Bristolians the Bike Infrastructure They Deserve
    Bristol has one of the highest rates or bike usage in the UK, in fact 57,000 walk or cycle to work, the highest in England & Wales. Over a quarter of Bristolians ride a bike at least once a week, let's get those numbers up by improving safety and consideration on the roads. We must ensure there is less traffic wars between cars and bikes by, when it is possible, providing dedicated bike lanes. 80% of Bristolians feel traffic congestion is a major problem, an increased use of bikes would have an immediate effect on car usage, just removing 10% of cars at peak time has a huge effect on traffic flow. In order to meet the Net Zero target for 2030 we should really be pushing to encurage bike uptake. Bicycles are safe, clean, green, convenient and fun, not to mention all the health and social economic benefits, so let's build a city than Bristolians want and so rightly deserve. Thank you, Bristol Citizens
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    Created by Jacob Bryant
  • Stop Heinz selling multi-packs wrapped in plastic
    I was shopping with my son the other day and we saw that Heinz soups and beans are available as single cans or multi-packs. The multi-packs are wrapped in plastic yet sell for less per individual item. We feel that it is morally wrong that individuals have to make a choice between buying affordable food with a higher plastic footprint or spend more on a product with less packaging. We are asking Heinz to cut stop this wasteful practice now.
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  • Take fossil fuel extraction out of the Welsh National Marine Plan
    This clause contradicts the commitments made by the Assembly in their declaration of a "climate emergency". It was used by the oil and gas giant, Eni, to justify their application for a license in Cardigan Bay this May. It will be set in stone for twenty years, according to Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths, this month, when the WNMP is approved.
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    Created by susanna Kenyon
  • Trees for Schools
    Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than anyone else. In London there are already kids who don't go out on days when pollution levels get too high. Poorer families are more likely to live in highly toxic areas and can't afford to move out, which makes this a social justice issue too. Planting trees outside of our schools is one of the ways we can make a difference. Please help!
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    Created by Nina and Rowenna
  • Reinstate the ban of Metaldehyde Slug pellets
    These slug pellets are responsible for killing Hedgehogs, Birds, Dogs, Cats and many other animals that have ingested the dead slugs that have been killed by these pellets. An example of the consequences of the use of these slug pellets can be found here. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/please-stop-putting-down-slug-16505226?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar These are innocent victims from the use of these pellets, and this type of toxin should not be used if it kills other innocent wildlife that comes in contact with these pellets. The animals, hedgehogs birds etc. suffer an agonising death as this toxin causes liver and kidney failure, it attacks the nervous system and other vital organs. I myself have had to euthanise hedgehogs that have been brought into our care suffering this poison, of which is distressing as they cannot be treated. The Right Hon Michael Gove former Environment Minister banned the use of these slug pellets, which following a successful legal challenge by Chiltern Farm Chemicals has now been overruled. Much of the British Wildlife is endangered now, with hedgehog numbers diminished to under a million. It is estimated that between 5 and 10 years the British Hedgehog will become extinct. I do not understand why anyone would want to kill the gardner’s best friend an animal that eats much of the pests that cause harm and damage to arable crops and gardens. Metaldehyde is extremely toxic and is extremely harmful to other animals apart from slugs and snails. Morally a toxin that kills slugs and snails without harming other animals should only be used. Metaldehyde is a toxin that has been around for 40 + years now. Surely now there are more up to date methods of keeping slugs and snails away from crops and gardens. It also is possible that Metaldehyde is responsible for the drastically diminishing population of hedgehogs although nothing has been proven, but statistics also indicate a rapid decline of hedgehogs over the last 40 years.
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  • Get Andrew Scott on CBeebies Bedtime Stories
    Andrew Scott has such a talent for storytelling, he has demonstrated this on stage for many years. Recently, he has recorded audio for a small amount of Beatrix Potter books. This is not widely available though and, if he appeared on the world-renowned Bedtime Stories, he could reach a greater range of people who are missing out on his spell-binding accounts of wonderful authors/writers. The programme would attract a large parent following due to his appeal from before and after his Moriarty/Hot Priest roles. After all; tired parents need a little present at the end of the day.
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    Created by Lucy Gumble
  • DEAD nice beach
    The entire north coast of the Wirral is a site of special scientific interest ! The Dee estuary has been steadily silting up since the last ice age ! This process is now continuing around the corner on to Hoylake beach ! Vegetation is taking hold and a salt marsh will form . The council have sprayed the beach with glyphosate weed killer directly onto the beach !! It goes without saying that chemicals and the ocean don’t belong together!
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  • Save part of Everton FC stand
    We wish to save a huge part of Everton's history by saving just 20% of our Archibald Leitch, designed stand, which sits on Bullens Road in Walton, Liverpool. The reason for this is that Everton are planning to move to a new stadium, leaving the old stadium to be fully demolished and with it the end of an era. For many years Everton fans have sung from the rooftops of this stand "and if you know your history" and yet we are about to lose it.
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  • Make Edinburgh Fringe Paperless
    Flyering in Edinburgh during the Fringe is out of step with the desirable direction Scotland is moving in, and it is a practice that is inconsistent with care for our domestic ecology.
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    Created by Henry Mulligan