• Abolish the Bedroom Tax
    The tax reduces the amount of housing benefits a household receives depending on how many spare bedrooms their house has. This is a problem as it is increasing poverty and leading to people getting forcibly evicted from their homes as they are unable to pay rent. in Leeds alone, 101 households who moved into new social housing had left their previous residents due to this bill. With the reduction of benefits, they were unable to pay their rent and support their families, so they ended up getting evicted from their properties.
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    Created by Harrison Zemura
  • Increase and maintain the support for the homeless after COVID
    The COVID pandemic has meant that the issues regarding homelessness have been in the spotlight, and therefore, it has been more important to address them during a time of need. The problem is that it has taken such a pandemic to take action, once COVID has become apart of the past what is it to say that homelessness will lose its funding and attention. Both the unemployed and homeless people face the return back to the streets of the UK when there is less priority to keep those vulnerable safe from such virus. This is why it is important to sustain the level of support that has been given over the past year, and to possibly increase it in order to meet the 2024 goals of eradicating homelessness.
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    Created by Joey Leigh
  • Help our children return to swimming lessons!
    During the pandemic many sports activities have been affected, yet swimming is not just a sport, it is a life skill. Many private leisure clubs have been afforded the privilege to offer swimming lessons to children throughout the pandemic, but local council run leisure centres have not. Children have missed out on learning how to swim and how to be safe in and around water. We must place pressure on our local government to allow our children to return to the water so that they can remain safe!!!
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  • Spread Awareness of Rural Homelessness
    Rural homelessness has doubled in the last 2 years and the sharp increase is now greater than in our towns and cities More investment and publicity is needed for rural housing services to reduce these growing figures.
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    Created by Ellen Jay
  • Basic First Aid Training
    A child could be the only person available to be able to save your life, without any basic knowledge you chances of survival are slim. A small child simply rolling you onto your side, if you are unconscious and vomiting, can give you a better chance of surviving. So many adults don’t know how to react in an emergency, don’t let the same be said for our children.
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    Created by Anna McGuinness
  • No to discrimination in schools
    Every child is unique and they should not be discrimated against for the way they wear there hair or footwear .. as long as there in school uniform and in school nothing else should matter. Children should be free to express there individually without judgement
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    Created by Stacy Cheadle
  • Improve road repair in Lincs and resurface Abbey Road, Broadley Crescent, and Park Avenue in Louth
    Abbey Road, Broadley Crescent, and Park Avenue in Louth are in need of more permanent repairs than the Council has been providing, and their concrete bay structure has been crumbling for years. Too often potholes are fixed with temporary repairs that soon break down, causing hazards for road users, and making the roads scarcely usable for drivers that live there. The Council must review its ways of dealing with all road repairs so that they are more permanent and durable, and to make sure it isn't wasting money with fixes that don't last.
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    Created by Ros Jackson
  • Save Ockbrook School
    Ockbrook school is a special place and community for all those involved. students, parents and Staff. Ockbrook school has hundreds of years of history educating children and turning them into wonderful young adults and we want this to continue to hundreds of years more. the school remaining open will also avoid major disruptions to our children's education and avoid almost 100 people losing their jobs and livelihoods.
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    Created by Stephen O'Brien
  • Improve Housing Conditions Received by Asylum Seekers
    Vulnerable asylum seekers in the UK are often placed in ‘squalid’ housing provisions, leaving thousands of refugees no option but to live in damp and dirty homes, as this is their only safety net from homelessness. The appalling conditions and living in these abject conditions can lead to serious health complications, raising serious safeguarding concerns as the country’s treatment of asylum seekers falls under deep scrutiny.
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    Created by Sadie Goldstraw
  • Save YOUR Cadbury Club!
    The Cadbury Club has been a stalwart of Bournville Village for decades and unfortunately, in August 2020, just after the club had reopened following lockdown there was a devastating fire which wiped out the club. Over the course of the last year we have been meeting with Mondelez International, who now own Cadburys, to talk about re-building the club. They have taken the decision to not rebuild. We want to work with the local community and anyone who has ever had an experience at the Cadbury Club or any of the affiliated sporting sections to sign this petition to inform Mondelez just how important the Cadbury Club is to our Community. Just how much we can make it into a viable and thriving business in the heart of Bournville.
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    Created by SAVE YOUR CADBURY CLUB Picture
  • Tackling temporary accommodation
    It is extremely important that the conditions some of the most vulnerable people in our society are housed in are improved. Families with children should not have to endure such conditions which have negative impacts on young children’s development. With homelessness increasing every year it is very important that more social housing is built that people on a low income can afford. This is even more important with two million people fearing they won’t be able to find a home after the eviction ban is lifted. Temporary accommodation has become institutionalised and it isn’t sustainable. This must be reversed by building more social housing.
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    Created by Edward Gilchrist
  • Robert Jenrick: Deliver on the governments promise to End No Fault Evictions
    During the pandemic, 700,000 renters were served with Section 21 notices, aka No-Fault Eviction notices. These allow Landlords to evict tenants without a reason at short notice, as opposed to section 8 evictions where a tenant is served on the grounds that they have broken the terms of their tenancy. Thankfully, for much of the pandemic, there has been a much needed ban on evictions, however, since the 1st of June this ban has ended leaving many renters threatened again with losing their home to these unfair evictions. Identifying the housing insecurity Section 21 creates for renters and its link to revenge evictions and rogue landlords. The Government promised in its 2019 Manifesto to abolish No-fault evictions as part of their 'Better deal for renters' pledge. However, no such Bill to this effect has been introduced. While there had been consultations during 2019 for a Renters’ Reform Bill, which includes the abolition of section 21, the government has since stalled excusing their inaction on dealing with the urgency of the pandemic. Now, however, given the cliff edge situation many households face, threatened with homelessness in the midst of a pandemic due to the end of the Covid ban on evictions, there is an urgency for this bill to be passed for the sake of thousands of people unfairly being evicted from their homes. This petition calls on the government to deliver on its campaign promise now! Finally, put an end to one of the leading causes of homelessness. And make renting a secure tenancy option. Renters deserve better, No more excuses! #endsection21 #rentersarewaiting
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    Created by Hanan Hassan