• Give us back our lost pay
    We have endured 3 years of no government and yet we have continued to fund lazy, lack lustre politicians yet RCN, NIPSA and UNITE staff have lost a day’s pay rightly protesting unsafe staffing levels and lack of pay parity with the rest of the UK
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    Created by Karen Pauley
  • Stop Flashing Lights causing Epileptic Seizures
    This is causing people to have seizures and causes great distress and difficulties for people who struggle with seizures.
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  • Don't give public money to fossil fuel companies
    In 2018, the UK Government gave over £10 billion in subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies. We often accuse our politicians of doing too little to prevent irreversible, and runaway climate change. The truth is more alarming than that. A significant part of the UK fossil fuel subsidies identified by the commission is the 5% rate of VAT on domestic gas and electricity, cut from the standard 20%. There should be effective taxes placed on the biggest polluters and other measures put in place to ensure people across society have access to affordable, clean energy. The UK government hands over billions to the industries whose activities could render much of the earth inhospitable to human life. It is now universally recognised that climate breakdown poses an existential threat to humanity and habitat worldwide. Failure to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees will trigger crop failures on an unimaginable scale; a huge leap in the number and severity of extreme weather events, be they typhoons, floods, droughts; sea level rise that will engulf vast swathes of the planet; unprecedented migration; new conflict and diseases; and the mass extinction of flora and fauna. Yet 2018 saw a 2.7% increase in carbon emissions, the highest increase ever on record. We are going in the wrong direction, and the UK Government is fanning the flames of this fire. We call on the UK Government to end the fossil fuel subsidy at once.
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  • Save our democracy from massive media companies
    More than 80% of the national newspaper market is dominated by just three companies. That means only a handful of people at the top of the companies control how most of our news is reported. Having a free press - where media companies have their own opinions - is important in a democracy. But when just a handful of views are represented by just a handful of companies, it can end up influencing the majority of the news read by millions of people every day. If you think massive powerful media companies need to be broken up so our media can have a fairer range of voices, add your name to the petition toady.
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  • Lower Dietary Requirement Food Prices
    People with special dietary requirements currently have to pay double the price for the food and drink products that they must consume for medical reasons, which is no fault of their own making. This therefore causes their food shopping bills to be significantly higher compared to people who can eat normal foods etc. These are often people with a series of complex medical needs and are in a position of financial disadvantage compared to people who are fully healthy and financially more comfortably off.
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  • We don’t want no-deal
    Boris Johnson wants to rule out any extensions to a Brexit transition period. He says this is to stop any delays, but really it just makes a no-deal Brexit more likely. Even though he’s just won an election, it doesn’t mean our Prime Minister can put our jobs, our access to medicines and our economy at risk just to score political points. Leave or Remain, none of us voted for a no-deal Brexit that could see our food standards at risk, our NHS struggling with price hikes to vital medicines, and job losses across the country.
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  • Keep the Red Button Service
    Many people, especially older folk, rely on the Red Button Service for news and information on a wide range of subjects. Not everyone has access to a mobile phone or the internet.
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    Created by Barbara Orme
  • Northampton Market Square
    NBC has not given the people of Northampton the opportunity to say they do not like the plans put forward in their new consultation on the future of Northampton Market Square and have presented a fait accompli - this petition redresses the balance. Our Market Square is reputedly the largest and oldest enclosed market square in England. It has been in existence since 1235 and has been the centre of town life since then, with many locally and nationally important events taking place there. As such, it should not be changed and those events that took place in the square over its long history commemorated.
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  • Encourage Jacob Rees-Mogg to resign over his comments on the Grenfell fire disaster
    Jacob Rees Mogg went on record to suggest that those who were killed in the Grenfell Fire disaster, lacked "common sense" for not leaving the burning building. The advice the victims and residents were given was government legislation rolled out by the fire service. These comments are totally unnaceptable .The Grenfell disaster was fueled by a lack of government funding and the neglect of properties homes to some of the poorest and most minority based communities in the UK. Jacob Rees Mogg has shown his lack of sensitivity and is no longer appropriate to serve in parliament. In memory of the victims of a neglected community, abandoned by their own goverment of 9 years.
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    Created by Joseph Barlow
  • Make 'Nurse' a legally protected title/designation
    Nursing is a degree-entry profession. Registration with the NMC is paid for and renewed annually with regular reviews and revalidation. There are requirements to satisfy continuing professional development and a minimum of practice hours. Nurses are subject to a Code of Practice and can be struck off the register if found unfit to practise. In the recent General Election, a parliamentary candidate (Ian Levy, Conservative, Blyth Valley) claimed to be a nurse, whereas he was a mental health health care assistant. Some voters may have assumed that he had specific knowledge or expertise and this may have also extended to his credibility. Nurses are regarded by the public as one of the most trusted and reliable professions. He was duly elected. The skills and experience of healthcare assistants and the wider nursing family are vital to healthcare provision; it would be impossible to provide a service without them. This petition in no way denigrates their role or ability - it merely seeks to provide a legal limitation on the use of the term 'Nurse.' The Nurses Registration Act 1919 established a register of nurses and the foundation of nursing training, but did not protect the designation. The term 'registered nurse' is protected, but is ungainly and rarely used in everyday writing or speech. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”, in honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. It is time to acknowledge the impact of the title Nurse by protecting it.
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  • M65 Colne to Burnley
    The M65 is extremely dangerous from Colne to Burnley. It floods in several places because the drains cannot cope with the amount of surface water trapped by the concrete barriers. There are no lights resulting in difficult driving conditions at night; especially in winter, culminating in many accidents every week. This situation is only going to cost lives. It is time action was taken to improve the M65 and stop using 'money' and the reduction in 'carbon footprint' as an excuse. Lives are far more important.
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    Created by Rebecca Holme
  • Compostable Cigarette butts
    Millions of people globally smoke cigarettes and the impact the filters are having on our environment is awful.
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    Created by Joe Cooper-Gers