• Speed Bumps for Brooklands Road, Bletchley
    We the residents of Brooklands Road would like the safety of our families, elderly and the everyday members of the public to no longer be ignored. Brooklands Road is an important roadway and connection to Queensway, which sees an increasing number of motor traffic and pedestrians. We believe that speed bumps can no longer be ignored for the safety of residents and it should not take an incident to spur our Councillors to take action.
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    Created by Marcello Bianco
  • Legal Aid - Justice for All
    Because legal aid cuts have an enormous economic and social cost on welfare and fabric society. Inequalities erode trust in the UK Justice system, without which there is no order.
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    Created by victoria salomon
  • Stop supermarket bosses from using misleading British food labels
    Supermarkets need to stop misleading us so that they can undermine British farmers who have higher standards. They’re accused of stamping Union Jacks and “Made in Britain” on food grown abroad so you think you’re buying local but it undercuts us with cheap imports. When the Government saw the media backlash this caused, they immediately opened a public consultation about how to make sure food labels tell you where your food comes from. They're deciding right now how to address misleading food labels, and we're worried they won’t know how sick we all are of being ripped off and misled. They need to hear it’s time to crack down on supermarket bosses. We saw them spring into action in March, but to show the backlash hasn’t died down we need hundreds and thousands of people like you to sign the petition so Defra knows that they have to do whatever it takes to make sure food labels aren’t meaningless to protect our food standards.
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  • Implement Minimum Wage and Personal/Travel Expense Policies for Politicians and Ministers
    I, like many of you, have seen the disconnect between our politicians and the reality of life in our state. The very individuals who are meant to serve us seem to be exploiting their positions for personal gain. This is why I am calling for a change in how we compensate our MPs, PMs and Ministers. No state can exist without its population; it's the people that make a state thrive. Yet, it seems that those elected to represent us have lost touch with this fundamental truth. They use their positions as a means to an end rather than serving the interests of those they represent. By introducing these policies in our state, we will ensure that those who govern us do so with first-hand knowledge of what life is like on an average income. There must be no divide and no disconnection between the state and its citizens. It is time we held our politicians accountable not only through votes but also through policies that reflect reality rather than privilege. Please sign this petition if you believe in creating a more equitable system where one cannot rule over another without understanding what their life is like.
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    Created by Aleksandr Zabolotnov
  • Save Our NHS Fylde And Blackpool And Wyre.
    I have four 4 disabilities I have a moderate physical disability and a moderate learning disability and PWS Prader Willi Syndrome and Autism and Hyper Tonia Hypertonia and two 2 health problems health conditions and two 2 long term problems long term conditions and two 2 long term health problems long term health conditions and two 2 MSK Musculoskeletal Problems MSK Musculoskeletal Conditions I have Osteoarthritis and Hyper Mobility Joint Hyper Mobility and I Am on PIP Personal Independence Payment and I Am on a low income I have a low income I Am on ESA Employment and Support Allowance and I do not have enough money for private health care I can not afford private health care and health care is a right not a privilege and the NHS National Health Service has always been free for all Who need the NHS National Health Service when We need the NHS National Health Service lets save the NHS National Health Service and keep the NHS National Health Service for all Who need the NHS National Health Service and save the NHS National Health Service and keep the NHS National for all Who need the NHS National Health Service.
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    Created by Joanna. Miller.
  • Save Manchester spring Gardens Post office
    Save the post office crown network, and ensure the town's high street
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    Created by Neil Barry
  • Term Time Holiday Entitlement
    Being able to take your child out of education for a Maximum of 10 days per school year without having to pay the ridiculous school fines it enables our children to see the world and experience different cultures as parents will be able to afford to go away as Term Time breaks are often cheaper! Let’s Take back control of our children’s childhoods!
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    Created by Claire Hickton
  • Stop bombarding us with gambling ads on public transport
    Gambling companies spend over a BILLION pounds on ads every year to convince us to gamble. And it works - studies show a clear link between seeing gambling ads and gambling more. Gambling isn't a harmless hobby. Hundreds and thousands of people across the UK are addicted to gambling and every day someone takes their life due to gambling. In 2021 Sadiq Khan pledged in his London Mayoral manifesto to ban gambling ads on the London transport network, but three years later as he heads into another election the ads remain all over TfL. There's outrage over “This bus is now a casino" ads on TfL, which forced the gambling company to promise to withdraw them. Every day thousands of children, people experiencing gambling addiction, those in recovery, and families bereaved by gambling, will have been forced to see them, when they were just trying to get from point A to B. We shouldn't have to wait for companies to decide to take gambling ads down. TfL has shown they're willing to turn down advertising cash before out of concern for commuters. They removed ads for strawberries and cream at Wimbledon because of health concerns - why do treats at tennis force TfL to act, but the risks of addiction don't? We can show TfL and the London Mayor that it's time to take the damage done by gambling seriously. Right now, they mostly hear from the advertisers instead of us, the people the Mayor and TfL are meant to serve. With a huge petition, we can show them that the backlash isn't worth the money they might get from casinos and betting companies, and turn promises into action.
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  • Trees not Cars - a new park in Manchester!
    Our last petition was spring boarded our campaign and helped us stop Manchester City Council when they wanted to turn the car park into a temporary car park.  We are now making progress on the idea of a park, plans for the site as a response to our campaign had been to fully pave over the lot!  Now we need a fresh push to show the council that after 5 years, local people and visitors still need a park on that site. In addition: • New Islington Green is now being replaced with offices, locals have lost 3 acres of green space. • Cotton Fields (not publicly owned) and Cutting Square are absolutely packed on nice days. The area desperately needs a safe place for people to enjoy the sun and for children to learn to ride their bikes away from the canal and cars. • Local people need green space for exercise, mental well-being and cleaner air. The GP office behind see the damage the pollution is doing to people.
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    Created by Gemma Cameron
    Bannan fitness has been providing a very valuable service to the local community of coatbridge for many years. The club brought fitness to the area through the art of boxing and was based at langloan for a number of years. Not only was the club providing this service, it was very affordable for the community being only £2 for adults and 50p for kids. On top off all this it is also a charitable organisation raising thousands of pounds for various charity's. The club got threw out of the gym at the end of January of 2023 with no valid reason as to why and we have been fighting tirelessly to get back in. This is where we need your help to help get the club back to their original home.
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    Created by Bryan Kennedy
  • End Hostile Architecture: Prioritise Housing Justice
    Hostile architecture perpetuates systemic inequality by excluding and marginalising homeless individuals from public spaces, reinforcing stigma, and violating basic human rights. It's a manifestation of a larger issue of homelessness and housing insecurity that affects vulnerable populations worldwide. By advocating for compassionate solutions and inclusive urban design, we can create communities where everyone is valued and respected, regardless of their housing status. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are most in need.
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    Created by David Cruzat