• Stop honouring slavers
    We need to move forward from honouring people just because they had money. Slavery caused the deaths and misery for thousands of human beings. We live a cosmopolitan world City, we need to lead the world in to showing we don’t honour slavers.
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  • Make companies pay their fair share of tax
    Corporation tax - a tax that means companies will pay a little bit more tax, to help fund our schools and NHS and get us out of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Taxes fund our vital public services, they pay for our NHS, safe roads, schools and more. With COVID-19 costing the UK billions, we need to raise more money, to protect our vital public services. The government is considering raising corporation tax to help cover the cost. It means companies pay a bit more, and would put us in line with the global average corporation tax rates. Add your name to the petition if you agree that companies should pay more tax to help protect our NHS and public services.
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  • Save West Denton swimming pool
    Many people rely on this pool to stay fit and healthy, many have no transport to get to a pool in another area. Children rely on learning a valuable life skill with swimming, I pay for my son to learn how to swim, the other areas are fully booked so he just has to do without this skill. We need the council to listen, more and more houses are being built and more and more facilities are being removed. Stop the closure of West Denton pool, the council have an obligation to keep this open one way or another.
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    Created by Gavin Young
  • Stop rural speeding in Crowntown
    Rural speeding by motorists has become an ever more daily experience for all rural residents and this is especially so for those who live in the Crowntown area of Sithney Parish near Helston in Cornwall. The road between Helston and Camborne and Hayle has become a major commuter link and Crowntown experiences amongst the highest speeds through it as it is one of the few only straight pieces of road on the route. It has been estimated that speeds of up to 80mph have been witnessed on a daily basis. It is only a matter of time before serious injuries or fatalities occur. Sithney School is on the route and the substantial increase in new housing in the area has led to more pedestrians and people leaving their properties, both on foot and in their cars. Many residents report 'near misses' in this respect and have learned to be anxious about leaving their homes to use the road. The development of a local Speedwatch group was discussed in the early part of 2020, but the Covid-19 Pandemic has put paid to anything like that for the foreseeable future. The views and daily experiences of Crowntown and other local residents similarly affected (such as those in the Pednvounder area south of Crowntown), whilst supported by Sithney Parish Council, are not being listened to and heard by Cornwall Council, who have the power to introduce traffic calming measures, both to reduce speeds as well as to identify offending behaviour. The Council must listen, hear and, most importantly, act now.
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  • Traffic Speeds on Clifton Grove
    We have lost two cats and several more have died due to reckless speed entering and departing Clifton Grove. Children play in the street due to not having gardens. It is only a matter of time before a child is injured or killed in this very narrow cul-de-sac.
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  • Low Emission Zone Exemption for Taxis
    1) The Scottish Government has declared a climate emergency. Many local authorities, including Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow, have stated intentions to become carbon neutral by 2030, seven years ahead of schedule. Rather than push taxi operators into diesel (euro 6) upgrades by January 1st, 2023, with only modest CO2 reductions, 2027 would allow the electric taxi market to develop and offer future-proof vehicle upgrades. 2) The taxi trade has been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus crisis. The trade depends greatly on the hospitality, leisure travel and tourism sectors. It is no exaggeration to suggest that the future of on demand, fully wheelchair accessible Hackney cab transport is at serious risk.
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  • Clean up Newcastle's West End!
    For years, we've had a major problem with litter and fly-tipping in the West End. Despite the Council introducing communal bins to some areas, there has been inadequate action to tackle all of the issues. The shopping areas along West Road and Westgate Hill, Adelaide Terrace, Elswick Road, Slatyford Lane and Two Ball Lonnen and the back lanes in the terraces of Arthur's Hill, Benwell, Elswick and Wingrove are particularly badly affected. Children have to walk though rubbish on their way to school and when playing out. Local businesses are affected as the litter problems reflect poorly on the West End. Local residents are fed up with so much rubbish in their gardens, streets and parks. Litter looks unsightly, pollutes our environment, harms our wildlife and attracts vermin - the West End deserves better!
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  • Government funding for family members.
    Family members are treated like every other child in the inclusive childminding settings. Payment support is available for them too, such as universal credit, tax free childcare and childcare vouchers. It is only the funding which is not allowed. It is unfair to potentially move a settled child from their learning setting just because they are family and will not receive the 15/30 hours funding in the family members setting because of this reason.
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  • Reduce A55 speed limit to 50mph in Chester (Junctions 38-40)
    To protect the lungs and general health of our children and the other residents of Huntington by reducing air pollution and noise.
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  • Monkbretton Cemetery Barnsley
    Monkbretton cemetery has been a target of thefts from loved ones graves, including one of my family members. It’s clearly distressing to even understand why someone would steal from a sacred place.
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  • Protection for unmarried couples
    So many couples live together long term and have children, they live together as husband and wife, We may call it common law. So a common law wife/husband in real terms has no law at all to protect them, even thogh the term common law suggests it does. Not many couple are aware of this until they split up. Couples who are not married need to be aware of this and need to have the law to protect them as though they are married, So many couples get ripped off because there is no law out there that truly protects them. Not many have legal agreements in place as they are not advised to do so. Its time for this to be brought upto date and have equal protection for all. if someone gives their whole live over to a relationship and the other person walks out after 19 years, leaving the person without any legal protection is simply wrong. 15 years or even 10 years is considered a lifetime, especially if they have had children together. Its time we were given the same rights as a married couples and all the same responsibilities after they split up, they live together as man and wife so therefore should have the same rights. A lot of people also suffer violence and abuse, this needs to be taken into account because many people also suffer from long term abuse and violence within their relationship. Many people just get use to it and think its normal, but it is not normal. Again a partner can simply walk away and not have any responsibility because there is no law in place. There simply needs to be a law in place to protect these couples who have given their lives to a relationship, we are treated as a married couple, we live together as a married couple, so we need the law to protect us. THE LAW NEEDS TO BE UPDATED, WE ALL NEED EQUAL RIGHTS IN MODERN TIMES!
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    Created by Deborah Harper
  • Save Drumchapel law money advice centre
    Drumchapel needs support even more so re Universal Credit heavy austerity people would have to travel out of ward 14 and at a cost.
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    Created by Gary Kelly