• plastic wrapping on chocolate bars
    we no longer want to buy products wrapped in plastic due to the impact plastic is having on our planet. Our oceans are full of plastic as are landfill sites. We want a healthy clean planet for our children & grandchildren. We want you to use biodegradable wrapping instead of plastic.
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    Created by Carol Stapleton Pollitt
  • Fund our Ambulance Services to arrive in time every time
    A BBC News investigation shows there are "some rural areas in Britain where it took over 20 minutes on average for the ambulance service to reach a patient during January to October last year." Let's make it personal. In February an ambulance was called for me by the 111 service because of a suspected life threatening condition. The Community First Responder was on duty and arrived first. The ambulance itself took 80 minutes to arrive. We've had instances of elderly people lying-in the cold pavement with broken hips in my area waiting, waiting, waiting, for one of the 22 ambulances we have in our very large area. Twenty two! We have an ambulance station in our town, but it goes to any incident where it is required, as it should. There are insufficient staff and vehicles to cover our and every other area correctly, and this is down to funding and government cuts. The Ambulance Services are backfilling the lack of funding, vehicles and staff with volunteer Community First Responders, who are unpaid, though well trained. But this minimal cost service is not 24/7, and cannot replace a Dual Crewed Ambulance. Nor can a single manned emergency response vehicle, a Paramedic Car, manned by a single technician, however well trained and skilled that technician is, because it cannot provide emergency transport. The UK is being sold short. Our rural areas are beautiful, but those living there pay a heavy price. Ambulances simply do not arrive in time. Even our city areas fall outside the expected national service levels Austerity has crippled our public services. It is beyond time to fund the Ambulance Services fully, but not at the expense of other services,. If we need to pay more tax to fund it then we need to pay more tax.
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    Many of Sports Direct, Deliveroo and Cineworld employees face quite a lot of disrespect and unpaid hours just because they have a zero hour contract. They have statutory rights which employers must follow. The number of zero-hours contracts rose by 100,000 in 2017 and there are around 900,000 workers in the UK who don’t know how many hours a week they’re going to get. We must have a voice. Employers must find a way to help zero hour contracts as we are facing an injustice and unfair labour. Let’s help each other to understand and end precarious contracts. #0hrcontractemployeesmatter #stopexploitingzerohrcontracts #ihavetheright
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    Created by Raquel Freitas
    After being involved in an accident recently and gaining whiplash from it, thankful only whiplash but someone could have been in a worse state than myself all because buses don't have seatbelts, some go down the motorways at the national speed limit without having belts for the passengers. I think we should make it law because normally on the way to college we have secondary school children as well as college and elderly. We need to act on it now as it becomes more apparent that buses can be involved in accidents on the road.
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    Created by Amelia Norton
  • Closure of my local Telford hospital A& E, children's Telford wards and move it miles away
    The government have been trying to move the services for a long time and the council are having a hard time to stop it we need to stop it now before Telford hospital goes off the map.
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    Created by Chris Poole
  • Stop Closure of the Whetstone Baby Clinic!
    The first year of your baby's life can be the most challenging especially for a first time mother. So having the drop-in Clinic was a lifeline for me. They provide child developmental checks and the opportunity to discuss concerns with, for example, sleeping, feeding and child illnesses. Knowing I would be seeing the same Health Visitor at each visit was also reassuring. It is the only service in the locality and is extremely popular, with mums queuing for some time to be seen. Please help us save this service!
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    Created by Jenny Lewis
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  • Build Social Housing on the site of St Peters car park
    1. SOCIAL HOUSING NEED: Winchester has become an increasingly unaffordable place to live, especially for those on whom the everyday functioning of the City depends. The City Council had a good record of council house building until the Right to Buy and deliberate central government policy to deter investment in social housing. The replacement policy of building property for rent as part of commercial development processes, was based on the notion of ‘affordable’ house provision. In a place like Winchester the criterion for affordable property, that it should be leased at 80% of commercial rent, meant that it was not affordable at all for those most in need. Central government has, moreover, reduced the availability of ‘affordable housing’ through its concessions to the dubious ‘viability’ claims of the developers. A well known local architect has produced a capacity study which shows that the site could accommodate 14 x 2-bedroom units and 11 x 1-bedroom units on the space currently allocated for car parking. These type plans are based on ones devised by Peter Barber Architects which are built & occupied on 2 London sites. 2. Use of 'Brownfield' to PRESERVE GREEN OPEN SPACE: Recently, WCC has invested in a limited amount of new social housing, but it has so far achieved this at the expense of important urban open space (at Hillier Way in Abbotts Barton and expected in the Valley at Stanmore). ‘Brownfield’ is supposed to be the land of first choice for development and St Peter’s car park is an appropriate area. 3. St. Peter’s Car Park was ONLY ever intended to be TEMPORARY: It was built on the site of St Peter’s Primary School in the mid 1980s. St Peter’s School was demolished and turned into a temporary car park while the Brooks Development car park was being constructed. WCC always asserted that it would close once the Brooks opened. That promise is 30 years old. At each new provision of Park and Ride car park capacity WCC undertook to the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency, to remove an equivalent amount of central car parking capacity. Of the 1654 spaces thus promised for closure only 178 have gone, through the forced demolition of the ageing Friarsgate multistorey. The Winchester Town Access Plan (WTAP) 2011 promised an initial removal of 500 spaces. It is time to keep promises. 4. There is a PRECEDENT for this kind of conversion with the loss of car parking in Chesil Street to housing. 5. AIR POLLUTION would be REDUCED: Both Councils recognise that Winchester remains significantly in breach of air quality legislation and this is indeed one of the reasons for the Movement Strategy proposing traffic reduction. St Peter’s Car Park is on the central circulation system and is thus a traffic attractor to the centre. It is, moreover, immediately adjacent to St Bede’s Primary School and worrying air pollution levels have been demonstrated there. WHY NOW? (a) the need for more social housing is URGENT (b) WINCHESTER MOVEMENT STRATEGY: Winchester City Council (WCC) and Hampshire County Council (HCC) have published a draft Movement Strategy for Winchester which explicitly recognises the need to reduce traffic in the City and points to the need to remove central car parking. These proposals have received widespread support during public consultation. The Movement Strategy needs to be activated or it is in danger of fading away like previous plans (e.g. the WTAP) but is not so far displaying any sense of urgency and hesitates over uncertainty of funding. Since there is adequate Park and Ride capacity available now and underused edge-of-centre car parking capacity, there is no particular funding difficulty in relation to transport budgets. (c) FAILURE TO MEET AIR POLLUTION LEGISLATION: WCC has an urgent need to address its legal failure to meet air pollution legislation. It has been in an illegal state for more than 9 years and last year’s High Court and Supreme Court rulings were that authorities should meet their obligations in the shortest possible time, stressing that that meant no excuses of convenience or cost. You can find more info about this campaign with many more photos on our website here: https://winchester.greenparty.org.uk/social-housing.html Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/winchestergreenparty/
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  • Give schools the money they need
    I've started this petition as my children's school is currently trying to shut early on Fridays to save money. It would mean parents having to leave work earlier to pick their children up, or paying for childcare in the school. And it would disrupt children's learning. And my school isn't the only one proposing this. Schools across England are struggling. Schools across the country are affected thanks to real terms funding cuts of £2.5bn. Schools are having to make cuts to staffing, dropping subjects and other activities, and asking parents to chip in to help them run. As a parent I think it's ridiculous that in 2019 schools are being forced to shut their doors early, or cut entire subjects because the government won't give them the money they need. Investment in schools is an investment in our children's future. The government should be doing everything it can to make sure children in England have the best start in life, and the best education to help them succeed.
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    Created by Amanda Baxter
  • Trevor's Treaty
    Trevor’s Treaty was born from the arrival of Bulldog Rescue’s first seriously deformed Lilac Bulldog called Trevor and launched at Crufts in 2019. Realising that the sudden increase in dogs bred purely for colour over health was creating a problem of its own, we realised that something had to be done to not only educate the public about this current fashion trend, but also ask the Kennel Club to rethink their current registration system The Kennel Club have always maintained that the registration of dogs considered “Colour Not Recognised” (CNR) was not a problem based on the fact that there is no proven evidence to suggest coat colour could have an impact on health (with the exception of Merle). But by enabling registration of these pups has encouraged the breeding of dogs classed as “Rare” endorsed by having the term “Colour Not Recognised” on the registration document. In turn this has meant that the breeders of these dogs can then go onto charge 2, 3, 4 and sometimes 5 times the price of a standard colour bulldog. In fact we have seen Standard colour bulldogs registered as CNR dogs simply to inflate the selling price and it is our opinion that until DNA profiles are required at registration there is nothing that can be done to change this. There is no evidence that coat colour can affect the health of the dog (with the exception of Merle) BUT the onset of indiscriminate breeding simply to create a specific coat colour has had a huge impact on the health of the breed as a whole. The breeders of these dogs have no other thought over the mating except what the colour of the pups will be. On the one hand the Kennel Club are promoting Health testing and making commitments to the media about how they are committed to improving the health of the Bulldog by investing in and supporting various health testing schemes BUT none of this matters if our gene pool is being contaminated by unhealthy dogs bred for profit by breeders who have no intention of undertaking any form of health testing or to comply with the breed standard. Many of these litters will have Standard Colour pups within them, these dogs are out there in the gene pool and as the numbers increase the health tested dogs will soon be outnumbered. As a breed we cannot fight the health argument if the Kennel Club continue to allow the registration of dogs bred purely for profit. So what are we asking? The kennel club have already said they will not stop registering them so we are asking them to use some of the increased registration revenue to help us pay for the increase in badly bred and now deformed dogs coming into the rescue system. Black, Black and Tan, Blue (or Lilac) and “Dudley” (ie no black pigment) occur naturally in the bulldog but they don’t naturally occur very often. The very first breed standard written in 1865 allowed these colours but by 1902 they were written out and considered undesirable and as the standard has been altered throughout the years the undesirability of these colours has never changed. But it is this wording that encourages breeders to class them as “rare” because they can still supply a Kennel Club Registration document at the point of sale. Trevor’s Treaty is an effort to collect signatures to take to the Kennel Club to ask them to either a) Stop allowing dogs to be registered as CNR or b) Use some of the increased revenue created by these registrations to help the breed rescues deal with the ever increasing number of unhealthy, non standard dogs.
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  • Save Preston's Old Tramroad Bridge
    The tramroad bridge is an important pedestrian and cycle route into Preston. It is well used, providing a link to the footpath network based around the old railways and the Lancaster Canal tramroad. Many people have fond memories of the bridge, which has evolved from its original purpose as part of the canal, to being the much loved strucutre that it is today. Given that walking and cycling to work are far greener than using a car or even public transport, it would be foolhardy to remove this vital link in the network of pathways to the south of Preston.
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    Created by Michael Nye
    WE the public pay in our taxes for policing, but they are struggling with the sheer numbers of crimes and lack of resources. The number of young people murdered this year is abhorrent , and we are only in March! Mrs May , you cannot allow this to go on any longer. How many more needless deaths before the Government take action?
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