• Pay Rise and better conditions for Group Exercise Teachers
    It's important to keep the Fitness Industry alive with high quality classes and Qualified and insured professionals who work with passion and enthusiasm. But without decent pay and better working conditions and guaranteed hours many are leaving this Industry because honestly they can't make the ends meet.
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    Created by Rosne MB
  • Child Safety Enhancement Program
    We believe all individuals and supportive organisations should join in our campaign for change and that a conversation between us would greatly benefit our collaboration and provide a platform for us to exchange ideas and insights. By engaging in discussions, we can efficiently address any concerns, share valuable information, and explore potential solutions together. If there are any specific topics or points you would like to address, please feel free to share them with us at [email protected] We truly value your input and expertise, and are confident that our discussions will lead to productive outcomes. We look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to connect with you.
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    Created by Maitai CIC Picture
  • Full Fibre (FFTP) for Ardersier
    Improved Quality of Life: Access to fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury; it has become an essential utility that significantly impacts daily life. Full fibre connectivity can greatly enhance the quality of life for residents, enabling smoother communication, better access to online resources, and seamless entertainment experiences. Economic Growth and Competitiveness: A robust fibre-optic network can attract businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to the area, stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities. It can also enhance the competitiveness of local businesses by providing them with the necessary infrastructure for efficient online operations and improved connectivity. Educational Advancement: Full fibre can significantly benefit educational institutions, facilitating advanced e-learning techniques, online research, and access to a vast array of educational resources. This improved connectivity can create a more conducive environment for learning and academic excellence. Technological Advancements: With the increasing integration of technology into various aspects of life, including healthcare, entertainment, and communication, full fiber can pave the way for the adoption of innovative technologies and services, ensuring that the community remains technologically competitive and up-to-date. Community Development: Access to reliable high-speed internet can foster community development and connectivity. It can promote social interaction, enable better communication with local authorities, and facilitate the sharing of information and resources within the community, leading to a more closely-knit and well-informed society. Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Investing in full fibre is an essential step towards future-proofing the community's infrastructure. With the increasing reliance on digital technologies and the rapid evolution of the internet, a full fibre network can ensure that the community remains prepared for future technological advancements and innovations.
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    Created by Raymond Grant
  • Immediately scrap plans to close Chiltern House
    Chiltern House provides a home for severely disabled or people they are not fit to be moved. A change of address would be catastrophic for the physical and mental health and that's going to impact on the NHS at a time when the health service is struggling.
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    Created by Janet Taylor
  • Make RNLI the 4th emergency service
    We all know that this service does amazing work, but during a time of Financial crisis the people who would donate to keep this service running are unable to do so and therefore now is the time to make the change to a nationally funded service the same as the Unutes States of America.
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    Created by James L Foster
  • Call for a ceasefire in Gaza
    What Hamas did was evil but it does not justify the genocide of innocent civilians. People whose families, homes, livelihoods are being obliterated. What is happening is wrong and Britain needs to say so on the world stage and not allow these actions of terror and destruction to continue.
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    Created by Cerilouise Morton Thomas
    We all have a moral duty not to allow suffering of fellow human beings
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    Created by carole odell
  • Disability parking space in Ludwell close Winterborne
    To help the environment with changing to elictric cars And help the elderly and disabled residents in Ludwell close Winterborne
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    Created by ALAN HISCOX
  • Parking on Bowen Drive
    The local residents are allocated a small amount of bays on a first come, first serve basis. Often meaning that parking spaces are difficult to to acquire. Particularly for those who may be working throughout the day and come home late in the evenings when most parking space users are already home. The parking restrictions set in place disallow for families to even stop off for a short time to even do basics things such as dropping off shopping. Residents were continuously misinformed by Optivo/ Southern Housing association, who led us to believe that parking restrictions would not be set in place prior to residential vote. Whilst some of the residents were informed of the changes and issued permits, others were left unaware without permits. The NPC parking restrictions set in place will see the residents of Bowen Drive being issued a £100 fine each time they even so much as stop to unload their cars of groceries etc. The residential street is also home to many lone parent families with small children. Therefore meaning that, should there be no parking spaces, they may have to use local roads during the times outside of restrictions. The local restrictions on nearby roads are 8:30 am to 18:00. Therefore, meaning that parents would need to ensure their vehicles are moved within those hours. Please help the residents by signing this petition for Southern Housing to consider.
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    Created by Nalina Johnson-Zuberi
    As well as squeezing middle-earners, it’s cruel, because it hits those at the bottom – pensioners and the low-paid – the hardest. Many pensioners will be dragged into the tax bracket for the first time, paying tax on incomes below the official poverty line. Much of the recent increase in the State Pension is simply being snatched back in tax! Many of those affected are pensioners who have followed government advice and saved into a small private pension, only to find they are now just above the threshold for Pension Credit. The better-off may have to forgo some luxuries, but we have to forgo necessities, choosing between eating and heating. More people will need to use food banks, and more old people will die during the cold winter months. Punitive taxation of low incomes is counter-productive for the government, as it deters people from saving for their old age. It also discourages the unemployed and those on benefits from entering the jobs market, as taking low-paid jobs may mean they actually end up worse off. Neither is what the government professes to want, yet their current policy has precisely that effect! The government are shooting themselves in the foot, as they are treating the Electorate like idiots, thinking we wouldn’t notice the extra tax bill! And meanwhile they have just removed the cap on bankers’ bonuses….. Here are a few other things the government could do to help the less well-off: 1. Reintroduce a 10% starting income tax band, which we’ve had in the past. 2. Restore the Age Allowance for pensioners, so cruelly stolen by George Osborne in his 2012 Budget (whilst lowering the top rate of tax!). 3. Uprate the thresholds for Pension Credit in line with inflation, as they have done with Universal Credit. 4. Increase the Warm Home Discount by more than the measly £10 we got last year. I ask you to support this Petition and spread the word to your friends. The Government MUST unfreeze the tax thresholds, especially the basic rate, or they will forfeit our support at the ballot box!
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    Created by Judith Howard
  • Support for British Farmers
    Farming communities in the UK have faced unprecedented challenges in the last few years. Uncertainty around Brexit and future policy, the pandemic, market volatility, the war in the Ukraine, declining BPS payments and avian flu. (Clarkson 2023) Small farms are struggling to survive. Dairy farmers have had to contend with milk prices reducing, in December 2022 standard milk price was 49ppl. This years price as of 1st November will be 34ppl, this is also affected by quality brackets of milk sent, and is deducted if butterfat and protein is below a certain level, - cost of production is 41ppl average. We are in a cost of living crisis and everything else is rising. Farmers have this to content with in every day life as do the rest of us though additionally they have the rising feed bills etc ? vet bills, cost to get a calf raised to a milker, costs to repair buildings, machinery and fencing etc How are the cows being blamed for climate change when the country is shipping meat and dairy products in from abroad. Products which are readily available here. What is the environmental (carbon footprint) and financial cost of this? We have the highest animal welfare standards in the world - though produce is shipped in from abroad, how can that be right? Ethically, environmentally? Badgers are protected though they spread TB to cows and can result in loss of livestock, income, business, livelihood etc. How is this justified? How can this be right? It costs more to shear a sheep than farmers are paid for the fleece. This is despite how beneficial the fleece from a sheep is. It is fire retardant, biodegradable, breathable, waterproof, insulating etc. Despite this plastic and other materials are shipped in from all over the world. What happened to build back better? Have we learned nothing since the pandemic/brexit? Britain used to be great, sheepskin and leather, the by-products of the meat industry though as we now have no tanneries, they are wasted. It is estimated that the number of full time UK farm businesses will fall from about 54,000 (2020) to 42,300 by 2030. A reduction of around 20% (Anderson - farm business consultants). In comparison to the previous decade which was 4%. Loss of the Basic Payment Scheme BPS, support for English farmers, which is set to half by 2024, (Richard King). Will cause further financial hardship and loss of small farms. Farmers are vital. “You need a doctor once a year maybe and a fireman once in a lifetime, if you're unlucky. But you need a farmer three times a day” (Kaleb Cooper) They don't get the credit or support they deserve. They work at times 14+ hours a day in all weathers in a thankless job. Bogged down by paperwork and policies. According to the National Farmers Union, 5pc of dairy farmers left the industry in 2022. According to a survey, some 70% of the farmers who grow cereals said Brexit had been negative for their businesses, while 76% of oilseed rape growers felt that way. Similarly, 68% of farmers with beef cattle, dairy cows or sheep had a negative perception.(23 Jun 2023) This is also the same for fruit and vegetable growers, basically the whole of agriculture is in dire straits. It should not be this way. Figures from the ONS show that there were 36 suicides in in 2021 in the farming and agriculture industry. This cannot continue. How many more farmers are we going to lose? I have set up this petition to call on you to make a change. To support farming and the agriculture industry to make Britain great again
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    Created by Vikki Powley
  • Scrap the new Slack layout
    This will affect people's productivity because workers across the UK will be confused and upset.
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    Created by Grace de Blaca