• If landlords are to get mortgage free periods then they should give tenants rent free periods
    People are unable to work due to COVID-19. Pregnant women, asthmatics and the elderly are being asked to self isolate for 12 weeks. This is going to cause major debt and homelessness nationally. If landlords cant afford mortgages how are tenants supposed to be able to afford rent, which is at a higher cost than the mortgage?
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    Created by Faye Stevenson
  • Protect renters during coronavirus!
    On March 18, the government announced a 3-month ban on evictions, thanks to the efforts of 38 Degrees members, London Renters Union and the renters movement. However, the legislation that the government announced is weak, meaning thousands of people struggling to pay rent could still be chucked out of their homes in just three months. Some evictions are still taking place. The government has also so far failed to take action to suspend rent payments. No one should have to pay rent or get in to debt to their landlord during this crisis. This is a public health issue. If renters have to continue to earn large sums of money to pay rent, they will be unable to stay at home or look after those around them after the end of the current lockdown. Without action to suspend rent payments, large numbers of renters are now entering into debt to their landlord. Tens of thousands of people will be left trying to rebuild their lives while in huge amounts of debt. There will be an evictions crisis. People who already face the worst impacts of the housing crisis are likely to face some of the worst impacts of Coronavirus. The poorest and most vulnerable will be hardest hit. Homeless people need safe and secure homes to keep healthy. There are 216,000 empty homes across the UK. - these should be made available to homeless people to live in.
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    Created by London Renters Union LRU
  • Fair Pay, Fair Chance: Ban Long-Term Unpaid Internships
    Thousands of young people every year work for months on end for no pay to gain some work experience to help get a job. Many others – people from poorer backgrounds - lose out because they can’t afford to live without a wage and find themselves blocked from getting the experience needed for good entry-level jobs. . Now MP Alex Cunningham is bidding to change all that and the Second Reading of his Unpaid Work Experience Bill will take place on 27th March. The Bill would ban unpaid work experience that lasts longer than four weeks. The Bill doesn’t ban work experience – it just stops employers getting away with not paying their staff. In 2018 it was found that the average unpaid internship costs the person about £1100 in London just to live – meaning they are essentially paying for getting experience that most people cannot afford. If we are to make the race fair, we need to ensure that everybody starts from the same starting position. Sign the petition now to show your support for the Bill that ensures work opportunities aren’t open just to those who can afford to work for free.
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    Created by Alex Cunningham MP Picture
  • Coronavirus: A temporary universal basic income for everyone
    In light of Government advice to minimise the scale and spread of coronavirus many people, especially freelancers, self-employed people and people on lower incomes will be left with little to no money for the foreseeable future. The Government must adopt emergency measures right now to support people across the country, by providing temporary universal basic income so we all have enough money to survive. Universal basic income is a sum of money given to everyone to help pay for essentials like food and bills. Already Labour and Conservative MPs are calling on the Government to do it, and politicians in the USA and other countries are also calling on their Governments to do the same. There is a lot more that needs to be done to mitigate the impact of coronavirus - from helping people get support from their workplace when they are sick, to making sure tenants don’t face eviction. But ensuring everyone across the country has a set sum to get by could save lives. If you think everyone should be guaranteed enough money to pay for basic essentials at a time like this, will you add your name to the petition now? Notes here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/mar/17/boris-johnson-coronavirus-press-conference-rishi-sunak-cabinet-as-rishi-sunak-set-to-announcing-coronavirus-financial-rescue-package-politics-live?page=with:block-5e70afeb8f085e564ad859ba#block-5e70afeb8f085e564ad859ba
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  • Bills and fees wavered during COVID -19
    To stop the spread of Coronavirus everyone must act, by helping taking away the fear of paying bills people will feel less guilty and reluctant to not go to work where possible.
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    Created by Holly Edwards Picture
  • Demand Boris Johnson issues a compulsory order to close to protect businesses during Emergency
    If The Prime Minister issues a compulsory order, this will at least enable all businesses listed above to claim on insurance to mitigate some of their losses during this emergency. Leaders of other European countries have done this, to enable the businesses to close, protect the public, help the health service, and enable these businesses to continue to trade after this emergency. We need this to happen to protect these businesses. Don't let this be as Don MacLean once sang " the day that music died". This could otherwise be the death knell for businesses we rely on for much needed entertainment and leisure.
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    Created by Carol Edwards
  • Provide assistance to the hospitality industry during this Coronavirus pandemic
    Sales are down 60-85% depending on venue, they can’t sustain employment of our people being largely cash businesses for much longer - further a significant portion of these people are temporary workers on hourly rates who have little access to redundancy. Many hospitality businesses will otherwise not survive this period. With self isolation and government advice to further stay away from these venues to understandably bring this virus pandemic under control - these venues and people are increasingly at risk of not being able to survive financially. We need action now.
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    Created by Anna Dolan
  • Support Sutherland Space Station against legal action by Wildlands
    I have run the SPUR support group since the Sutherland Space Port Project took roots. I have started this petition because this is extremely important for the future of our area. We have a massive problem with depopulation in Sutherland & Caithness . The real difficulty lies with lack of full time nonseasonal jobs to keep the young in the North. So the promise of up to 40 jobs created by this Space Port will be fantastic, especially if it attracts young professionals with families !! . It also will give autonomy to the local area with money to spend as we wish. Projects we would never be able to afford as things stand now, unless it was on Wildlands agenda!! The links to be set up between the SSP & schools & colleges - universities will be great for any children with interests in science . But most of all i absolutely believe that we should not be so heavily influenced by one land owner. In that unless the project suits his agenda he will throw his fortune behind a court case to stop it with no regard to local opinion or regard to best interest for our community . This is our home we should have the final say not an absentee land owner !! For generations Highlanders have been told what to do by rich land owners THIS HAS TO STOP we must take a stand . The SSP must go ahead for future generations & for those that have always wanted to come home !! So please, put your name to this petition & show the government & Mr Polvsen that we support the SSP.
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    Created by Scott Coghill Picture
  • Tax dodging Virgin - no bail out!
    Branson has avoided paying taxes in our country. He has taken vast amounts of money from the railways and bled the NHS dry. He has a huge amount of personal wealth, and should not be subsidised by our nation.
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    Created by Wayne Jarvis Picture
  • Stop Ebay allowing the resale of essential baby items at high prices during Covid 19
    It poses a serious threat to the wellbeing and lives of babies.
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    Created by Amber Bloom
  • Stop private health companies charging the NHS for beds during Covid-19
    People's health and lives are at risk. Private hospitals should not make profit from health crisis. It is inhumane.
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    Created by Ruth Lynch
  • Introduce Universal Basic Income as an emergency measure in the fight against coronavirus
    With industry and the economy as a whole at the mercy of coronavirus, bold, decisive action from our Government is essential to safeguard businesses and livelihoods. Universal Basic Income is the lifeline needed to ensure business can continue to thrive in the throws of the pandemic that lies ahead. Not only this, but it would ensure the poorest and most vulnerable in society - including those in unstable employment - retain a safety net.
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