• Stop the closure of Aldi Hylton Riverside Park
    The local community rely heavily on this store. The store is a vital part of life for some of the customers. Especially the elderly. They have formed bonds with the staff there and like the store as it is smaller than others and feels more welcoming. The local business too would suffer as the majority of people come to the park solely for Aldi and then visit other retails while there. It is a very busy store and I can’t understand the closure.
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  • Allow the beauty industry to open up along with Hair salons on 15th July
    Many self-employed people and small businesses are on the brink of going under. 4 months without any income has been devastating for many. It cannot be sustained for much longer.
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    Created by Katherine Winston
  • Pizza Tipi and Bar - Rice Box Events
    Rice Box Events is a professional hospitality business. We usually attend weddings, corporate functions, food and drink festivals, agricultural shows and music festivals with our street food and bar units. In March 2020, due to the pandemic we lost 90% of this years business and we really need to find an alternative business strategy that will support the business until the pandemic is over and we can resume normal business activities.
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  • A statue of Diane Abbott outside Hackney Town Hall
    Diane Abbott has been an inspiration to many ethnic minority communities. Just like many ethnic minorities, she experienced racist abuse on social media. We are saying that enough is enough. Black Lives Matter! We want a statue of Diane Abbott outside Hackney Town Hall!
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  • Compensation for the residents of johnstown
    The people of Johnstown have for a long time opposed the landfill, pointing out many times that it is dangerously close to a residential area. We have now been proven correct with the dangerous levels of pollution released. Many people pay for a home with outdoor space and were unable to use the entirety of their property while being denied clean safe air to breathe.
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    Created by Thomas Darlington
  • Not Going Out to be released on dvd. Series 8-present
    Its important to the fans to complete their collection of a very popular comedy series.
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  • Dr Murrison Push for a Green Recovery in Government
    In the wake of the economic fallout of Covid-19 the UK Government is going to have to set in place a recovery plan. Out of the heartbreak this disease has caused we have been given a clear opportunity to enact genuine change and turn the tide of the climate crisis. The time to act with this crisis is now, and green investment has the potential to aid economic recovery greatly. We cannot let this opportunity pass.
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    Created by Alfie Hoar
  • Kent County Councillors 4.2% basic allowances increase
    On 17th June this year "FAT CAT" Councillors at Kent County Council, during a vitual meeting of the full council, voted to award themselves a 4.2% increase to their basic allowances. In total £1.3million will be paid out to the 81 council members. This is despite having awarded themselves a 15% increase in their allowances less than two years ago and today announcing a budget shortfall of at least £50million over the next 12 months. Having already increased council tax by 4.4% for this financial year and having recieved £67m of Government emergency Covid-19 funding in March and May KCC continues to lobby Boris Johnson for more money and are considering yet another hike in council tax along with redundancies for council staff. Considering KCC's recent track record on financial dealings beginning with their considerable losses during the Icelanic banking crisis, £50m invested by the council which represented £32m from its own reserves, £16m from Kent Pension Fund and £1m from Kent Fire & Rescue Authority, this is an apalling state of affairs and MORALLY CORRUPT to boot.
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  • Teach School Children About Mental Health in Greater Detail
    Not understanding mental health and why you feel a certain way can have a huge affect later on in life as people will bottle up their feelings without dealing with them. This can lead to people having severe mental health issues which could have been avoided if they understood their feelings better. Some statistics that demonstrate this are: 9% of men and 5% of women have no one to rely on for emotional support, 50% of men and 40% of women feel uncomfortable talking about emotion and 52% of men and 42% of women are uncomfortable opening up.
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  • Let's End Period Poverty in Uttlesford
    This petition was launched on 7th March 2020 at an annual celebration of International Women's Day at Saffron Walden day centre open to the public focused on relieving women from the indignity of a lack of menstrual products, as well as discrimination issues faced by women due to taboos associated with menstruation in different parts of the world. (See Picture above: "Leviticus Illustrated 10" by adamrice) On average, menstruating women in the UK spend around £5000 in their lifetime on period products. Low-income families should not have the additional burden of struggling to afford menstrual products, or young people having to use socks in their pants, or missing school once a month because they just can’t afford menstrual protection. An estimated 137,000 young women and girls missing school every year because they do not have the products they need. Uttlesford has a high level of inequality with 21.4% of children living in poverty in 2019 (End Child Poverty Coalition). Nearly 2,300 girls living in poverty in Uttlesford. In one of the richest districts of the fifth richest country in the world, this is completely unacceptable It is a real, local issue which we as a collective can resolve. For the sake of dignity for girls and women, Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party call on Uttlesford District Council and other local authorities in the area to provide free menstrual products in all of its public facilities. Schools, libraries, youth centres, public toilets, should all provide full access to a range of period products. The petition calls for non-means tested distribution in public buildings such as toilets and libraries, and a drive to assist vulnerable sections of the population, notably households dependent on food banks and people facing housing insecurity.
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  • Bring Back Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll!
    Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll show had a loyal - and steadily growing -following here in the South West. Beside appealing to the broad popularity of classic 50s and 60s rock'n'roll, Geoff Barker helped promote local rock'n'roll bands and venues and gave airplay to new releases that would otherwise rarely have been heard on mainstream radio. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre, priceless archive of interviews and genuine passion for the music has been entertaining BBC listeners for many years now, and at a time when morale is low due to Covid-19, we need that entertainment more than ever. We understand that all pre-recorded shows on BBC local radio were TEMPORARILY suspended due to the need for live Covid updates, but as the world begins to return to normal, the frequency of these updates could be relaxed. Please bring back the Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll show!
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  • Save Somerville Hall
    We have already lost the Pre School which ran for 50+ years due to St Chads Church closing the hall. Also, our Guides, Karate Group and other functions/groups have all ceased because of their decision to close Somerville Hall. Somerville Hall also has a Covenant dating back to when the land was given to the church and the council in 1957. This was to protect the land from any development that didn’t facilitate the needs of the local community. In 2019 it was also awarded an Asset of Community Value listing by Redbridge Council. This essentially saves buildings that are proven to perform a unique service when there are no other places locally that can perform that task. It is in a nutshell a asset to the community. It says exactly what it does on the tin! It was a valuable resource that has been taken away from us and will remain so if St Chads Church isn’t made to look at its conscience and reopen it for our community. Contrary to some reports, the hall is not derelict. It is not pretty, and at the moment could be tarted up with a lick of paint and some tender loving care. Our campaigners have even offered our services to the Church to help them in cleaning up the Hall. However, these offers of help have fallen on deaf ears. Just to clarify, at the time of closure the hall had been awarded and passed an Ofsted inspection. So very far from derelict. Up until recently our plan was to petition The Church of England to just re open the hall and for it to be used as before by our community. But as of the beginning of May the Church Reverend has lodged an Appeal to overturn Redbridge Councils decision. We were hoping the Church would see sense about this as we need precious community space due to this Covid Crisis. However, the Church is still pursuing this property development cash raiser. Please help us and sign our petition.
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