• Frequent 309 bus or new bus
    The public and kids rely on this bus in morning and evening to travel to and from school efficiently, no more buses pass by bus stop as full. No more travel delay or late to school or detention.
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    Created by R Begum
  • Free medication for asthmatics
    Asthmatics currently pay for their inhalers. People who are also unfortunate to have diabetes do not pay for their medication these people are born with the condition or develop type II later in life in which lifestyle can play a major role in this development. Although this is great, asthmatics however develop this chronic illness and. although it may not really be known how this develops it would seem this is through no fault of the person. 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving asthma treatment and on average 3 people die from an asthma attack every day. The NHS spends an average £1 billion a year on treating and caring for people with asthma in contrast they spend £14 billion a year on treating and caring for people with diabetes who obtain their prescriptions for free. There are a lot of articles on the internet regarding people unable to afford their medication and people who have skipped taking it because of the cost. One article I read last year particularly sticks with me about a 19 year old girl dying from an asthma attack all because she could not afford her medication. This was heart breaking. This was someones daughter, someones sister, aunt, cousin, or niece. Now imagine this was your child.
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    Created by Clair Slatter
  • We want Aldi to open a store on the Isle of Skye
    The island and it’s population is growing with many developments happening, not to mention the thousands of tourists that visit throughout the year !! Another supermarket is badly needed for more options and choices for us all . It would also benefit the island by supplying jobs for many people that live here.
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    Created by Marion Colven Picture
  • Save Chineham Library
    In addition to signing this petition, if you have 10 minutes to respond to the consultation in full, you can find it here: https://www.hants.gov.uk/library-consultation?fbclid=IwAR0cAQ8G21HQdiTvG-gJu5VA57-e3qF27F9WxS6dReAE8LKzL2y2oCovCOU You can also attend a drop-in session about the proposed closure on Tuesday 4th Feb 14:00 to 16:00 at Chineham Library. Our libraries do more than simply loan books. They provide events for children, internet access for the elderly, book clubs and more. They’re places for the whole community to come together and learn. Libraries are a door into the world, we need to protect them for future generations.
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    Created by Louise Skeats
  • Safeguard the Dublin regulation when we brexit
    Boris Johnson’s withdrawal bill, which passed the Commons unamended on Thursday, leaves the children whose rights have been removed with no means of joining their family in the UK – other than using illegal traffickers or other dangerous routes. The most vulnerable people imaginable are lone refugee children - those few hundred who have family here deserve our support to come and be looked after here. They are often fleeing war, and may have witnessed horrors, torture and the destruction of their communities. If they are not traumatised when they leave their homes, then they certainly are in the aftermath. We shouldn’t allow Brexit to cost them their futures.
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  • Food waste management
    Current process of utilisation of food waste , leads to increase of CO2 emissions. It would perhaps teach people that they should care about their environment, about the fact that waste is a problem which must be passed on further and it doesn’t end with placing used wastes in the bin. Conscious consumption and shopping
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  • Park Home Reduction In Council Tax
    Other than for refuse collections, many park home owners pay through their ground rents for their own street lighting, roadworks, street cleaning, drainage and other services. Many Councils also receive license fees and business rates from site owners. In addition, home owners on residential sites pay Council Tax so it is a double whammy. Isn't it about time a reduced tax was introduced for mobile homes? I will do my best to get this to The House Of Lords for debate ?
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    Created by Richard Kuch
  • Retail & Commercial out of hours lighting cut
    Tackling the Climate Crisis means cutting back our energy use everywhere possible and this one would capture a very good percentage of wasted energy.
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  • Stop bosses paying illegal wages
    Too many companies are breaking the law by not paying hard working staff the legal minimum wage - and they’re getting away with it. The people who are being short changed the most are those who can least afford it - carers looking after the elderly, people in hospitality working back breaking 12 hour shifts. HMRC is in charge of investigating companies for paying below minimum wage but catch only a small number of the companies paying illegal wages. When companies are caught, they pay on average only 90% of the wages they owe - making it cheaper to break the law than pay workers properly. HMRC can fine dodgy companies up to 200% of the lost wages, but they rarely do. Bigger fines would make businesses much less likely to break the law and make sure fewer workers are paid illegally low wages.
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  • Stop closure of St Damiens surgery in Melksham
    It isn’t safe. It is putting stress on patients worrying about how they will get to the next town to see a doctor. Melkshams infrastructure won’t cope as they are building more houses but closing a GP surgery.
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    Created by Lorna Coton
  • Bristol Boycott of Murdoch media
    The future of our existence as a race is at stake. False news is clouding people's judgement. Tell the truth. No more lies.
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    Created by Marada Manussen
  • Open Letter to the Management of Bhaktivedanta Manor
    We want to bring to the temple managements attention the shock and dismay felt by the undersigned community, regarding the temples hosting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative and the Home Secretary Priti Patel during a general election in early December 2019. The head of the Communication department at the temple is quoted as saying “Bhaktivedanta Manor is a place of worship and spiritual education [and] therefore is not affiliated with any particular political party. However, we respect and honour all who want to visit here, at any time.” However, hosting a candidate during an election has been received by many as a political act. Boris Johnson stood in our temple room in front of Srila Prabhupada and in full view of Sri Radha Gokulananda, saying, "the values that you espouse here in this community..., I hope you don't me saying, since the election is only four days away, ...these are the values we wish to support in our Conservative party." He then went on to say that on Thursday, the day of the election, he wanted to "get Brexit done." He quoted his parties tag-line several times. This is a political speech at a very political time which we feel strongly that the Manor should not have allowed to happen. Many people have claimed that this is Lord Krsna's mercy, an auspicious event, a victory for ISKCON and Hinduism in the UK and a great favour bestowed upon the community and the congregation. However, many of us are upset, confused and angry. To allow them to make a speech exhorting their politics is unacceptable in our place of worship. The subsequent claim that the temple is not aligned to any one party is naivety at best and shameful at worst. Furthermore, if the values of these politicians are the same values that we hold as Hare Krsna devotees then we have moved very far away from those that Srila Prabhupada has given us. It is understandable that the Manor feels like hosting politicians is a positive thing for the community. Many of us know full well the struggle it has been to be regarded as a genuine faith group, to move away from the branding of 'cult,' but there are many, many other days that Johnson and Patel could have visited if their attraction to the temple and its perceived 'values' is real. But hosting them four days before an incredibly important election and allowing a campaign speech in the temple room is irresponsible, offensive and divisive. We need these actions to be considered so that in future; political speeches are not made in the temple room and the Manor holds true to their politically neutral stance.'
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    Created by yamuna soto