• Northern rail gaps danger
    Some one will die. People have fallen down to the tracks including staff and a conductor in 2015. It's a danger stop train company's before it could be you. A simple signature could make a huge difference to safety for a child on a train. Shipley train station is one of the worst.
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    Created by Kyle Caddick
  • Give Bramford's 89 Bus back please.
    Hundreds of people have been isloated and stranded without the bus. Appointments, shopping and socialising is only possible with taxis and an obscure skeleton 'alternative' bus, early morning or two late afternoon that offers a limited route, which doesn't serve the whole village. The carbon footprint of villages has increased immensely and the anxiety for many is crippling. With the expansion of the local primary school and housing, the 89 bus is vital transport from Ipswich and to Needham Stowmarket also.
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    Created by Angela Morgan
  • Stop and Think
    Xenofobia that has been promoted as a means to an end, so that those who wish to see the UK leave the European Union hate European citizens has been on the increase and as many other immigrants I have been on the receiving end of it many times since the referendum. My very first job in the UK in 1998 was with the NHS, it still is. I as European immigrants all over the country have been providing health care, services, and working towards the good of all whilst earning a salary that allows us to survive without resorting to ask for any benefits, when applying for a job no immigrant had an advantage they had to have the skills and knowledge to be able to do the job they applied for, so there was no jobs stealing, there is enough jobs for all and we can all, as we did for so many years work happily together. We immigrants as a whole contributed so much to the UK economy trough our taxes, paying rent, buying food, clothes and generally by living in the UK . And are being portrayed as something we are not. The abusive and misleading campaign against our presence in a European country that has always welcomed immigration needs to stop. Please Stop and Think we are all human with the same rights is it ok to abuse others based on their nationality or country of birth? Please sign the petition let's not politics change our society for the worse.
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    Created by Ariete Pinheiro
  • Petition to Protect Blog Owners from Negative SEO Attacks
    The Problem: Negative SEO is the practice of using Google’s penalty system to attack your search competitors. It’s an unethical practice that’s against Google’s webmaster guidelines, but thousands of attacks take place every day, putting the search rankings of innocent bloggers at risk. Negative SEO is only possible thanks to Google’s penalty system. Competitors can use the penalties to ‘attack’ their opposition by manipulating the backlinks going to their opposition’s domain in order to land them a penalty. This is a terrible practice that needs to stop, and the responsibility falls onto Google to stop it. The Solution: Google needs to better protect ethical website owners and bloggers from negative SEO by changing their algorithm. Web owners shouldn’t be penalized for black hat SEO carried out by their competitors. If Google can’t sufficiently distinguish intentional black hat link building from fake negative SEO attacks, they should cease handing out SEO penalties for them immediately. Website owners will then be able to rest easy knowing that their ranking potential on the SERPs can’t be sabotaged by their competitors. Website owners can find out more about how to better rank for their target keywords on https://smashdigital.com/onpage.
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    Created by Smash Digital Picture
  • Amber LED Street Lights for the UK: New tech without the health risks
    The UK government is pressing forward with replacing old High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with new, solid-state LED lighting. It is clear that technology must go forward, but there are better ways of doing it. Citizens in the UK and other countries have already complained about the invasive aesthetic of bright-white LED lights, and health experts have warned about possible health risks. These lights are interfering with our biology and they WILL affect us. John O'Hagan of Public Health England wanred that high qauntities of blue light can 'cause damage to the retina', and the frequency of these lights can 'result in headaches and migraines'. This is of course, on top of the well-known fact that blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm, leading to sleep problems. However, there is already a credible solution. Many companies already offer PCA (Phosphor Converted Amber) options for road lighting that lowers the lamp colour temperature from a blinding 4000 kelvin down to a warm and comfortable range of 1800-2000-2200 kelvin. This would alleviate a great many problems with the new street lights, while maintaining the economic advantages and energy efficiency of LED technology. Companies that offer Amber LED lights include, but are not limited to: -OSRAM https://www.osram.com/corporate/ -SITECO https://www.siteco.com/en/home?catalogue=uk_en -LUMICAN http://lumican.com/darkskyseries/ -PHILIPS LUMEC https://www.signify.com/en-us/brands/lumec Consider this, and keep our streets safe and warm!
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    Created by Steven Brown
  • Abandon plans to demand photo ID at general elections
    The proposed Electoral Integrity bill will require voters to produce a passport, driving licence or other photographic ID before they are allowed to vote. However, it has not been clearly demonstrated that levels of voter fraud are sufficient to warrant such a step. The bill would merely deny millions of eligible voters the opportunity to cast their ballot. The affected groups of voters - those most likely to be unable to provide a driving licence or passport - predominantly includes: young people, people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women and the elderly. It's just plain wrong. This petition calls on the government to abandon the requirement for photographic ID to validate an individuals right to vote.
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    Created by Calvin Nadin Picture
  • End inbuilt obsolescence
    Global warming, mountains of garbage, unnecessary waste and expense. These companies, and many more, contribute to all of them in their drive for ever greater profits. How? By designing their tech to fail when there is actually nothing wrong with it. With Apple and Samsung it's non-replaceable batteries in their phones and tablets. Not only have they stopped making phones with interchangeable batteries they've done everything they can to make it impossible to change them for the average consumer. Add in a feeble two year update cycle and at least one of them being caught out remotely crippling their devices performance and you see a time scale in which they intend you to give them more and more cash every time you're forced to upgrade. With Canon it's printers. My last one failed after 18 months. Why? Because of a piece of sponge the size of a postage stamp that's used to clean the print heads. Over time this becomes saturated and the printer refuses to work. There is nothing wrong with any other part of the printer and this spine has been buried in the middle of it requiring a long and complicated process to replace. One which is rejected by any repair shop because it will cost more than a new printer. Canon's ceo has been quoted as saying that they expect their printers to have a two year life time with consumers. The waste of resources caused by these policies cannot be sustained by the planet any longer. Plastics, metals, minerals wasted and dumped in land fill. Even recycling doesn't recover more than a fraction of the resources used to make these devices.
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    Created by James Fleming Picture
  • New Asda Employee Contract
    Asda are trying to sack good people whom have given a lot for the company over the years. If they don't sign the new contact they will be sacked. The new contract consists of no paid breaks and will be expected to work hours that staff can't do due to family etc.
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    Created by Gary Ballard
  • Barclays Bank to stop using Post Office
    In towns like ours, where there are no bank branches and only one ATM in the local co-op, the current post office facility is essential, particularly for people without access to transport.
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    Created by Vernon Hewett
  • Ditch the dispenser
    I use one Clenil Modulite every six weeks, but the plastic dispenser doesn't need replacing every time. We should have the option of getting the refill aerosol on its own so as to reduce our plastic waste.
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    Created by Tim Hogan Picture
  • Green Space in Greenwich
    SOme of the planned areas that the councils plan to build on will remove the only safe playing area for children. On top of this their plans do not provide for car parking to match the number of properties to be built and traffic will increase in side roads making it even more dangerous for the public, especially children. Finally, the council are talking to residents but in total isolation so that a group of residents at one end of a street are not aware of the plans for the other end of the street and vice versa. In this way residents are not getting a full picture of what the full plans are for their area.
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    Created by Danny Mott
  • Get BBC to make their new BBC Sounds App compatible with older devices
    BBC Should be accessible to all fee paying licence payers
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    Created by John Rampton Picture