• David Holland Way
    As we know David passed away two years ago and he loved Scarborough Athletic and was a great Chairman as he stopped at nothing to get the club back home from thier temporary base 18 miles away in Bridlington. David never got to see the ground completed and seen a ball kicked in anger at the ground. But he did everything to get what we see today and with that the club has gone through a promotion to the league the old Scarborough FC left the footballing pyramid. I have gone to the council on my own to get this Street that currently has no name, only to be declined on a technicality that David had only passed away 2 years ago. I feel I’ve met all the other criteria like permission from David’s family and given enough reasons why the street should be named ‘David Holland Way’. I now want to get the Seadogs & the world of football if I can to try and overturn Scarborough Borough Council decision. Please help me with my request.
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    Created by Ant Taylor
  • Scot Rail timetable Disadvantaging Areas North of Dundee
    Individuals who do not have their own transport have had opportunities to work in towns and cities reduced. Individuals with transport have had the option to help reduce their carbon footprint seriously limited as direct rail travel is not available at peak times.
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    Created by Shereen Kenyon
  • Change anthem sang before England sporting matches
    I think it is damaging to the union of the UK for England to assume to sing the UK national anthem whereas the other countries do not.
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  • Make maternity pay fair for those with multiple jobs
    Currently, if you are eligible for statutory maternity pay through an employer, you are not eligible for maternity allowance- even if your income from your employer is a small fraction of your total earned income. This means that many new mothers are missing out on thousands of pounds in maternity pay because the system does not provide an option to take your full income into account. For those on a low income already, this is the difference between eating and not eating, at a time when the health and wellbeing of new mothers and and babies are hugely vulnerable. I am shortly to have a baby and was saddened to discover that because I work 2 days a week for an employer and qualify for statutory maternity pay at 90% of my income (a total of £103/week) from that job, I will loose out on an extra £42/ week because my total income is split over both employment and self employment. That is £168/ month just for working two jobs. This seems wildly unfair, but I can imagine that my circumstances are the tip of the iceberg. There will be people out there who only work fewer hours on lower pay, in the same trap but losing more of their entitlement because the system doesn't recognise their situation.
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  • Stop sending misleading letters to GPs
    The department for work and pensions (DWP) are sending doctors misleading letters stating that their patients do not need a “fit note” anymore because they’ve been found fit for work. This letter will leave severely ill and disabled claimants unable to obtain Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to which they are entitled pending appeal. This threatens the doctor – patient relationship and puts patients at risk of damaging their health further and leaves them in serious financial difficulties. Case Study Like thousands of others, Louis* was too ill to work and needed the vital income ESA provides – but his claim was refused. Louis was blocked from claiming ESA as he awaited his hearing, due to a misleading letter sent from the DWP to his doctor without Louis’ knowledge. Louis had to rely on food-bank vouchers, went into debt, accrued rent arrears and faced an increased risk of eviction. It took moving GPs and relying on new evidence from a clinical psychologist stating how his mental health would deteriorate further if he did not obtain the fit note, and therefore the benefits he needed to survive. Louis is not alone. These letters are sent to the GP of every person after they have been refused ESA - before they've finished the appeal process. 88% of our clients win their appeal and are entitled to ESA again. It is not for the DWP to interfere with the GP and their patient. Sign the petition today.
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    Created by Ella Abraham
  • Save Our Fire Service
    When a fire is reported the first appliance should reach it in 10 minutes or less, this standard should be achieved in at least 80% of cases: Under these proposals this will not be possible. The response across Surrey would increase by 38 seconds but Runnymede would be hit particularly hard: Fordbridge has a 12 minute run to Egham using blue lights, Camberley is approx 18 mins and Chobham (with only intermittent ‘retained’ staff) around 16 mins. 3 appliances are needed for an incident on the M25 or M3 and 4 appliances needed for a house fire, despite these demands Egham station regularly attends incidents in Berkshire. What has Egham and surrounding area done to be excluded from very minimum standards? The potential for disaster and life-loss is self evident. Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has experienced brutal cuts, with 131 firefighter positions slashed between 2010 and 2018 – a 17% reduction in the workforce. The proposed cuts would see a further 70 firefighter posts axed in the area, cutting numbers by 22% since 2010. This follows a December 2018 report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) voicing “serious concerns” about the service’s effectiveness and efficiency in keeping people safe and secure from fire and other risks. Proposals from Surrey County Council would see drastic reductions to fire cover at night, with Egham, Painshill and Banstead fire stations closed at 18:00. Fire cover at Guildford, Woking, Camberley, and Fordbridge would be cut in half. The drastic reductions to firefighter availability at night are under the guise of what the council calls “risk-based cover”, as more fires occur during the day than in the evening. However there is, in reality, a far greater chance of fire deaths at night, as victims are often asleep. Home Office figures show that, from 2017-18, 73% of all deaths from residential fires and 77% of all deaths from accidental residential fires occurred between the hours of 18:00 and 09:00. The appalling Grenfell fire started with an electrical fault at 1 am. Response times in the area have already suffered, with it now taking an average of nine minutes and 13 seconds for a crew of four firefighters to arrive at a fire, the longest response time for Surrey on record. In 1994/5, it took just six minutes and 52 seconds to send a larger crew of five, showing the cumulative effect of decades of cuts to the service. These proposals offer no improvement in public safety and do nothing to address how firefighters are supposed to keep themselves safe. We value the work of our fire fighters, their safety and we value our lives and we reject the proposals. Additionally you can reply to this consultation, the comments box is the most useful part: https://www.surreysays.co.uk/environment-and-infrastructure/surrey-fire-and-rescue-service-making-surrey-safer/?fbclid=IwAR3aKxMm4psO81f53Twzq_RJGx91OEkRDEmU1reUstGt6f3L2wAw1BR-NCY
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    Created by Fiona Dent
  • Animal cruelty Bill, sentence increase
    To ensure that our animals are better protected and animal abusers punished appropriately
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  • Clean up Britain’s roadsides
    Have you ever taken notice whilst driving the sheer amount of rubbish along the kurbside, in the grass, bushes etc on nearly all roads now including motorways? It’s everywhere, we need to act now before it gets unbearable!
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  • Ban single use plastic condiment sachets
    These single condiment sachets are littering our streets and ending up in our water ways and oceans. Not only can they only be used once, they can not be recycled and in order to get to the product inside, it involves tearing off a small piece of the packaging that often litters. Fast food and connivence stores are serving these sachets all over the world. We don't need them. We don't want them. So please stop.
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    Created by Emmajo Haslam
  • Transparency for Benefit Claimants
    Giving claimants a copy of their assessment interviews is important. It provides them with vital personal information. It increases trust and transparency in the system. In the past Assessment Providers have not recorded interviews for either PIP (Personal Independence Payment) or WCA (Work Capacity Assessment). As a result, claimants have had no record of their assessment interviews. We welcome the Scottish initiative which allows audio recordings of ALL interviews. We therefore call upon the Government to require Assessment Providers to follow the Scottish model by: • recording both PIP and WCA assessment interviews • providing claimants with a copy of the recording with their decision letters This petition is sponsored by Stockport United Against Austerity
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    Created by John Pearson
  • Make the Lords work for their money
    As I understand it, the Lords get paid £300 or thereabouts per day in the House of Lords and all they need to do for this money is to sign their name. They can then go home or go to the cheap bar in the House and have a drink, pop into the House and listen for 5 minutes or even pop in and go to sleep. I think if they come to work they should actually have to work.
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    Created by Zed Rodgers
  • Give people more time to pay the Mersey Gateway Bridge toll
    Some people don’t have access to a bank account. Some people may rely on paying by Payzone and may have to wait for nearby shops to be open before being able to pay. Some people may have disabilities and find using the automated system a problem. Some people may not have internet access. Some people may be elderly and find it hard to deal with technology, and may struggle to pay so quickly. Many people end up with penalty charge notices simply because they forget to pay their toll, and most of those people have been using the Runcorn Bridge for a long time and are used to it being free. Giving people 7 days to pay their toll will help those who find it hard to pay more time, and stop Merseyflow from being perceived as highway robbers from the millions of pounds they collect in charges. This one simple action would improve the public perception of this organisation, help thousands of law abiding citizens from making a simple mistake, whilst still routing out those intent on taking advantage of the system. Please support this petition and force Merseyflow to change their attitude towards the public they serve. Thank you.
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