• Stop fracking in the UK
    On Thursday 15th August 2019 the firm Cuadrilla started fracking a second well at Preston New Road near Blackpool in Lancashire. Cuadrilla had obtained permission to do so from the Environment Agency. This was despite a recent admission that Cuadrilla's well that was fracked in October 2018 has now suffered cement failure. They have also previously cold-vented gases over local communities. Already earth tremors have re-started. The site is located near to nuclear facilities. Lancashire County Council had voted not to permit fracking but had been overruled by central government. Other fracking sites are being opened up throughout England. Tell the government to ban this dirty, dangerous fossil fuel industry and protect England's green and pleasant land!
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  • Re: British Steel
    Recently the Scottish Government nationalised Fergusons ship yard When asked in parliament to help British Steel the then Prime Minister stated it would be unlawful. If it is lawful for the Scottish Government to do it, there is no reason why the English Government can not step in and help our steel industry. Why must Britain allow a Turkish pension scheme to have our British Steel Industry. Our jobs and Steel Industry need to be protected NOW and our Government needs to step up to the mark and prove that they are TAKING BACK CONTROL.
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    Created by Theresa Frost
  • UK Parliament to return from summer recess
    The country is facing a crisis. It would seem that the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is intent on forcing through a no deal Brexit which would be disastrous in a number of ways, including: · Serious damage to both the UK economy and to that of our European neighbours. · The potential loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. · The potential shortages of medicines with the potential for people to die. · Potentially hundreds of businesses folding. · Adverse environmental consequences including increased carbon emissions from people increasing trade with non EU countries (in general, much further away). It is clearly much more sensible and environmentally efficient to trade with our near neighbours. Given that we are facing a climate crisis this is particularly important. · Further uncertainty and anxiety for both EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in EU countries. · Subsequent to a no deal, all areas of our relationship with the EU would have to be worked through at a micro rather than a macro level, creating a massive amount of work for both the UK and our European partners. One of the factors potentially making no deal more likely would seem to be the lack of parliamentary time available between now and 31st October. Given the urgency of the situation, I believe that Parliament should be recalled as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for MPs to discuss and agree alternative options. No deal has the potential to be disastrous for the country so every effort needs to be made to avoid this.
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    Created by Adam Stirling
  • Save former Friends School for community opportunity & education. Protect the buildings & trees
    Friends School was very kindly bequeathed by local man George Gibson 'for the education and benefit of the community' Saffron Walden has a desperate shortage of both sports facilities and other public open space, and so it is important that these are protected. Last year, in response to widespread public concerns, the Town Council made its position clear in writing in relation to the developer's proposal to build on the former Friends School. Development of new homes on the site of the former Friends School is against both national and local planning policy and therefore should be rejected. All of the playing fields and other open spaces, as well as the sports hall and swimming pool, are specifically protected unless replacement facilities are provided that are at least as good in terms of location, quality and quantity. This planning application (Ref: UTT/19/1744/OP ) does not comply with these requirements, so the Town Council’s position has not changed. It is disappointing that the public consultation for this planning application is during the summer holidays (when many people are away) and the deadline is coming up very soon. The Planning Committee meet on the 4th of September) Public comments can sent to Uttlesford District Council. via email planning@uttlesford.gov.uk, via Uttlesford District Council online planning portal, or else via letter (several can be delivered in one envelope) Comments need to give Ref: UTT/19/1744/OP and It's helpful to give reason/s for objecting.
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  • Save Foley House Children's Centre
    We'll let the service users explain in their own words... 'Someone got in touch with me regarding the cuts to Newmarket's Children's Centre. People are way more switched on than the Tories take them for. They see through the double speak. I've taken out the name. If this brave individual wants to come forward I'm leaving it up to her. 'With regards to Foley House being part time and how it will affect people locally , the childrens centre is a life line for new isolated mums! It is chance to meet new people in the same boat as you when you are all of a sudden stuck at home with a newborn. I have used their groups the past 2.5 years with my daughter all of their groups and classes seem popular such as wiggle and jiggle and infant massage. If anything they should be offering more groups and classes for people to attend. The help and support is there all week, they welcome new mums to breastfeed, bottle feed and change their babies at foley house if they are in town. This ican be quite important for new breastfeeding mums as it can be quite a daunting prospect feeding in public early on. Also their groups are all free, there are other baby toddler groups in town but not all mums on maternity pay and low income families can afford the going rate of £5 per group (without paying for siblings!) 3, 4 or 5 days a week. Im not sure what the 'revamp' means but i can only presume part time means a cut in support for mums, families and their children and a cut in what foley house has to offer as a whole! Fair enough there are other childrens centres in red lodge and mildenhall but not everybody drives or can attend centres further afield.' ''When I was pregnant with my first child I didn't know anyone in Newmarket and I really wanted to meet other mums and learn more about babies and parenting. I went with my husband to Foley House to sign up and that's how it all started. I have attended so many different groups, classes over the years..from baby sensory to potty training sessions, toddlers groups, weaning, breastfeeding, almost anything that was offered. I have met many mums that some of them are now my best friends. In a short time I went from not knowing much about pregnancy, babies and not knowing anyone here to then having so much support and many great friends. It felt great, I was doing groups every day, seeing people every day. Sometimes people on maternity leave say they feel lonely and don't know who to ask for help and staying home with small babies can sometimes be very isolating - that's why having a place like Foley house is so, so important! This is definitely not the area where the money should be cut and rather where it should be invested even more. Parents who have more support are I believe happier and will be able to raise their children in a calmer and more educated way. This is investing in our future. I do hope that the cuts won't affect the Foley house as they are really providing a great support for local families.'
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    So we can actually cheer for our team when we score a goal and make football fun again
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  • Rescue Skeletal elephant From Sri Lankan Parade
    “Sri Lankan authorities must stop allowing such atrocious cruelty and send this poor elephant to a reputable sanctuary where she can be assessed by veterinarians and, if treatment is viable, live out her remaining years in peace,” she said. "No one sees the tears in her eyes, injured by the bright lights that decorate her mask, no one sees her difficulty to step as her legs are short shackled while she walks. "For a ceremony, all have the right to belief as long as that belief does not disturb or harm another. How can we call this a blessing, or something holy, if we make other lives to suffer?"
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  • More stringent building regulations for eco friendly new homes
    In the age of an official climate emergency, it is vital that we address the carbon emissions from our homes now, this minute, not in 50 years' time because it is less disruptive to the building industry. A big part of our individual emissions comes from burning gas for heating and hot water. This has long been successfully addressed in the housing designs of "Passivhaus" which combine a draft free exterior with a stable indoor temperature all year round, virtually without any heating. This is achieved by a clever circulation system, using the residual heat from the exhaust air. No more turning up the gas fired heating to counter cold drafts coming in. This technology has been known for many years, yet it seems there is a reluctance to take it up by the wider construction industry. This is where the Council needs to step in to pass new building regulations and enforce eco friendly new building developments, otherwise nothing will ever change. We need to look beyond short-term monetary profit to doing what is best for our planet if we want to pass it on to our children and children's children.
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  • Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass
    Suffolk County Council have declared a Climate Emergency and an intention to make Suffolk the 'Greenest County'. Yet they have joined Ipswich Borough Council in a plan to build a dual carriageway through some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside, including the lovely Fynn Valley, where critically endangered Turtle Doves can still be heard. They plan to pay for this road by building 20,000 new homes, concreting over yet more countryside. There is not work for anything like that many people in the area. This will result in tens of thousands more car journeys as people commute long distances to work and result in an environmental catastrophe for the county and the country as a whole. Please stop this madness.
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  • NHS Surcharge Fees
    It is important so applicants that have family in the UK don't go into debt and are not able to feed their family whenever they extend their stay because the renewal fees is almost 2 months worth of their wages.
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  • Ban all single use Plastic by 2021
    To clean the country of Rubbish from plastic waste and protect the Oceans.
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    This is important because it is ruining the biggest and the best sport in the world. It is ruining it because fans don’t even know when to celebrate. For example, Manchester City vs Tottenham. In the UCL, where tensions are the highest, no one realised that the player was offside which is the referees fault for not realising and the players fault for not calling it. I know it makes the game more fair but it also slows the game down tremendously which is unfair for people who buy the ticket just to go watch referees decide whether that was a penalty or not. Also, it takes away the atmosphere factor in the game as it slows the game down so much. For example, there were more penalties in the 2018 World Cup than any other World Cup, which resulted it in being more boring as it took too much time out of the game looking at VAR. Right now, football is trying to counter that by not listening to every VAR call which is very unfair. For example, Tottenham VS Manchester City, the referee didn’t review the city player being fouled in the box but reviewed the slight handball later on. If You want football to return the way it was sign this petition. If you have PASSION and If you have LOVE for the game then you would sign this petition to remove VAR or make it better. Thank you for reading through this
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