• Help exploited Amazon workers this Black Friday
    This Black Friday we need to show Amazon that we are on the side of the exploited and underpaid warehouse workers. The best way to do show this is to refuse to buy anything from Amazon this Friday. When the Amazon accountants see the drop in sales this Friday they will realise that their customers have real power to affect their bottom line. This will worry them. Will they feel more inclined to listen to their workers' demands?
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    Created by Diana Basterfield
  • Scrap the cruel welfare cut plans
    Reports say the Government is planning a change to benefits that would force hundreds of thousands of people to find work despite suffering from a range of physical and mental health conditions, and waiting for operations and other treatment. This might not affect you right now, but any of us could fall ill at any time - and with the current NHS crisis this may mean having to wait months for treatment. These changes could force us to work no matter how unwell we are. The good news is that these plans aren't set in stone, which means we have a chance to stop them. If enough of us sign this petition it could convince the Government to do the right thing and scrap these plans for good
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  • Petition to prevent the implementation of unfair restrictive parking in Goodmanham
    We feel that this petition is important because the decision to add further parking restrictions to the village not only affects local businesses to Goodmanham but also hinders anyone wanting to visit the village. The village is in the heart of the Wolds Way and is a prime location in the community for people to visit for Wolds Way walks, to visit for dog walks and to get out and about for their mental health and enjoy the peaceful scenery of the village. The village also has a significantly historic church which attracts people to visit and is an important factor in the community. The parking restrictions applied will hinder people from visiting the village for those positive factors. The parking restrictions will also be applicable to residents of the village and for any visitors wanting to visit friends and family. Further, the area in which the restrictions are due to be applied is actually a safe zone for parking within the village. These restrictions will only encourage people to park in dangerous areas of the village and will not resolve any alleged parking issues. There has been no risk assessment conducted in relation to the parking restrictions due to be imposed. The decision will ultimately effect the local livelihood of the community in the reasons detailed above and will encourage dangerous parking. The Parish Council has already restricted parking in the village car park and now the decision to impose more unnecessary parking restrictions is unjust and unfair. The decision is against the community and ultimately only in the interests of the Parish Council rather than the wider community. Goodmanham Parish council are supposed to support the community, rather than oppose it.
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    Created by Vincenzo Logozzi
  • Petition for a signage board at Front Entrance not to leave parcels unattended
    Make sure we keep our parcels safe and correctly delivered to our flats. No more missing parcels!
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    Created by Jeebin park
  • Get vital £600 Energy Bill Support to remaining off-grid households currently excluded
    Boating households were promised energy bill support back in 2022, as were all other households in the UK. People living on boats urgently need this support to heat their homes, especially those on low incomes or who have a health condition or disability. 27% of boaters on Canal and River Trust waterways have an annual household income below £20,000, compared to 10% of the general population working full-time. Boaters, as with other GRTB communities, also have worse health outcomes than the general population due to difficulties accessing healthcare, and they urgently need the support promised for rising energy costs. Exclusion from this support is not just pushing Boaters towards hardship, but also eroding their way of life on the waterways, their role in maintaining these waterways, and their contribution to local and national economies. Currently, 6000 boater households are missing out on historical energy bill support. No-one should be told to make themselves homeless because they cannot get support due to living on a boat. Many households need extra support in the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis, and boater households deserve to be warm as much as any other household.
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    Created by Alex Montegriffo
  • Traffic congestion in Derby: Enough is enough
    This is a petition for motorists to join who are fed up sitting in traffic, crawling along trying to get onto the A38 from the Kingsway Shopping Centre area outside of Derby and further beyond to those coming from Derby itself, Mickleover direction, past the fire Station just to eventually get to the roundabout and have to take their lives into their own hands trying to pull out if there is a reasonable gap in the continual stream of vehicles coming up from Markeaton Island towards Burton upon Trent. How much longer will we put up with this when the solution is so easy to see and rectify ? Obviously, those coming from the Markeaton Island direction need to be stopped from entering the roundabout at that point with a set of traffic lights to allow traffic from Kingsway to get onto the A38 and relieve the congestion. If the lights were on Red for only 10 seconds out of 40 at a time, it would make a huge difference and end the risk of a major collision occurring. I can see this will happen eventually. If you agree with all I’ve written, let’s get something done about making our lives less stressful, less costly and safer. Please like and comment to show solidarity to get these lights installed and I will present the figures to the correct people concerned in erecting them. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you join the movement. G
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    Created by George Prime
  • Preserve Park Road Allotments Isleworth and protect it from development
    For everyone's benefit. Wildlife, the planet and people alike. The council has more than matched their housing targets year in and year out and now needs to show it's seriousness regarding its commitment to the environment as laid out in their manifesto. PRA site has benefitting physical and mental attributes not only to the people that use it but also to the wider community. Growing and harvesting locally produced fruit and vegetables is a very worthy, necessary and encouraged, both locally, nationally and internationally, pastime. Surplus/donated produce also helps with ever increasing demands for stock at local food banks. It also benefits local city flora and fauna established havens. Rare pieces of city wildlife are paramount in saving .... history will judge today's people/decisions of their seriousness in tackling environmental matters and commitment to keeping sections of their community as green open spaces. Fragile wildlife (both creature and fauna alike) cling to such havens for their very survival. PRA is very special indeed for being home to such wildlife. Preserving open green space not only as a source of carbon capture but also as a benefit to people (physically and mentally) and all that wildlife includes. With added kudos of continuing the landscaper Capability Brown's vista until now protected through diligent and common-sense actions of authorities for hundreds of years. Historical ring-fencing of the highest order. A sensible agreement for maintaining open green space adds gravitas to the councils commitment to its environmental aspirations and respect to the Duke of Northumberlands estate for bequeathing important sites such as these to a forward thinking, progressive and sustainable, green future. Please consider this petition with heartfelt compassion as we only have one planet. Thank you. P.S. I hope the King sees this and impresses his green agenda and influence upon Earl Percy as he is friends of the Duke of Northumberland albeit slightly poorer than the Duke!
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    Created by tim rugg
  • Road Safety in West Bretton
    We need as many residents as possible to join our campaign to make West Bretton a safer village. Please sign our petition so we can make change.
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    Created by Jade Botterill
  • Save cash in the UK, no to an entirely cashless society
    The UK is sleepwalking into becoming an entirely cashless society, some shops and venues already refuse to accept cash as a form of payment. Tapping your card, or using an app is incredibly convenient and helpful for many of us, but not everyone has easy access to smartphones and banking. A move to an entirely cashless society would exclude many people particularly older people or those without homes. Government and businesses should work together to ensure that cash is always accepted as a form of payment, to prevent a two tier society.
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  • Double yellow lines and parking permits
    The Sidings is a popular spot for lecturers and students from Darlington College to park. The road is often full of vehicles which park on both sides of the roads, this makes it difficult for residents to enter and exit the area. It also makes it impossible for emergency vehicles to enter the area. This situation is dangerous and we are worried that this might cause accidents.
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    Created by Michael Walker
  • Ban padlocks on slave memorial bridge
    Pero’s Bridge is named after an enslaved person, someone our city chose to honour by naming the bridge for him. To have it weighed down by the very symbols of oppression disrespects his memory.
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    Created by Helen Tierney
  • Speed Control on Fraserfields Way
    There is no speed control on Fraserfields Way which has led to accidents, speeding and now also welcomed racers over weekends
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    Created by Andrew Van Eeden