• Climate Emergency - Time for Action!
    There is now a global consensus that climate change poses significant risk to our health, our economy, our environment, our biodiversity and endangers the well being of future generations. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a vital report on the state of the world's climate. They have warned that if the planet warms by 1.5 degrees there would be some devastating consequences, such as the loss of most coral reefs, and increased extreme weather such as heatwaves and floods. But given that the planet is currently heading for a truly catastrophic 3-4 degrees warming, it requires all our elected representatives to make an urgent and radical shift to change the way our society and economy is organised. We are only too aware that Barry and the wider Vale of Glamorgan are coastal communities and as such are extremely vulnerable to sea level rises. Barry Action for Nature also fully realises that all its local conservation work by its volunteers will mean nothing if action is not taken to avert climate change. We call on all our elected representatives to put their political differences aside and to work together to achieve the change we need in order to protect people and wildlife.
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  • Keep our Manchester Dog Hotel Kennel Free
    No license is currently available that fits what we do. We are asking that the council either create us a dog hotel license, where dogs don't need to be kept isolated in kennels, that we can apply for, or find us exempt from needing a license until they come up with one applicable. Trying to pigeon hole us into one that doesn't fit is unfair and against the pioneering culture of amazing Manchester. We opened the first dog creche in 2007 - Daycare 4 Dogs. It has grown and lead the way with daycares now being the norm. 3.5 years ago we extended our service to a much needed home from home holiday hotel care for dogs. It has operated successfully since and once again we are trail blazing, we are certain others will follow suit as word spreads and this is a good thing. New laws came into affect Oct 2018 which tried to regulate the kennel and pet sitting industry but as hotel care isn't yet a thing we fall outside of the 2 licences available (kennels or dog boarding in your own home). We have been running the hotel, where the dogs live in a home from home environment with the staff and their friends, where they are safe and happy with usual comforts of TV, fire, couches, any a choice of any kind of dog bed. We have had no incidents in the hundreds of dogs we have looked after every day, week, month over the past 3.5 years of the hotel operating. It's most certainly the best a pet can get. We are passionate about dog care and our Daycare 4 Dogs runs to fund our Dogs 4 Rescue CIC, the UK's first free running dog rescue (separate location). The rescue doesn't require a license because we do not make a profit but it operates group care for dogs in the same way. This is not a welfare issue - we offer the highest standards possible the only issue here is that the new laws have been put in place without realising that we run a completely different operation for the betterment of all dogs and customers. Our customers are in uproar and many would never go away again as they just wouldn't leave their dogs in a kennel whether here or anywhere else. There is a huge lack of decent pet care services and things need to move with the times. Many of our customers are now made up of the over 1000 dogs that have come through our Dogs 4 Rescue who have had some horrific times in kennels prior and for whom kennelling would be detrimental to all the work that has gone into rehabilitating. When we opened the first daycare 2007 there had been none previously and so there were no licenses for it;12 years later the government comes up with one but, by this point, we have moved onto the next stage of pet care, always exceeding expectations and designing everything for the welfare of the dog in mind. We are determined to campaign against our closure and the immovable is that we won't kennel our dogs. We are proud to be the industry leader and set the highest bar for others to follow, it's unfair to the dogs and customers that we are being penalised because the legislation doesn't allow for it and so we urge the council to amend the legislation or determine us exempt. We are not trying to flout the law in fact we would welcome a hotel license and always strive to exceed expectations. We want to work with the council to allow us to continue to provide our incredible service of which we are so proud.
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  • NEXT - Stop stereotyping our kids!
    Are only boys allowed to like diggers or planes? Can only girls like Unicorns? Of course not. We are appealing to Next to change the way it sells childrens clothes so children can dress freely. We love shopping in Next but they need to up their game when it comes to selling childrens clothes. We would like Next to remove references to gender in their childrens wear. This will result in a wider choice for parents and children so stereotypes are not reinforced. We believe that a leading high street retailer like Next has the ability to change the way childrens clothes are sold and can have a significant impact on gender stereotypes. My little girl wanted to buy a Toy Story top so we asked the shop assistant, who told us the Toy Story clothes were in the boys section. Why did there have to be a boys section? Why not a t-shirt section where a wide range of options were available? Its fine for boys to wear blue clothing and for girls to wear pink but if these are the only options available to them then it limits them in their aspirations and conforms to the stereotype. If Next can take up the challenge it will be instrumental in breaking barriers and tackling inequality. Excited to be supported by https://www.letclothesbeclothes.co.uk Lets make change happen!
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  • More government funding needed for children's hospices
    The charity Together for Short Lives warns children's hospices in England will be forced to cut services or shut unless the NHS increases its funding. According to Together for Short Lives, children's hospices in England each spend an average of £3.7m per year - which works out as a total annual spend across the country of £125m. Their spending has increased by 4.5% since 2016/17, it said. But the percentage which the state contributes has fallen from 27% to 21% in five years, the report said - and hospices have been forced to use their reserve funds or stop services (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk) This is a terrible indictment of the welfare state under this government where hospices for sick children are severely underfunded, leaving them to seek funds from ordinary people often performing feats to raise money to support hospices. This is the role of government in a civilised and human society where sick children in this situation deserve dignity and humanity from the state in their sadly short lives. The Secretary of State should act now and at the very least increase the percentage of funding his department contributes to hospices to its previous level and show it has some humanity when it comes to supporting organisations looking after very sick and dying children.
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  • Ditch Multipacks - Ditch Plastic
    We need to reduce waste in this country, canned multipack goods, the cans are recycled the plastic wrap isn't.
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  • Safe Acorn's Children's Hospice
    A hospice gives treatment no other place can do I lost my wife who sadly died in a hospice but she was happy there and came to terms of what was going to happen to her it was a pleasant place for her to go and would defend it if I had to if it was going to close.
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  • Time to take back our buses!
    First Glasgow are selling up. After axing routes and ripping off passengers for years, First Bus are putting their whole Glasgow business up for sale. There’s a perfect buyer just waiting to take over: the public. New powers in the Transport Bill allow councils to own and operate bus services. These will let Glasgow City Council buy First Bus and operate the company in the interests of passengers, not profit - like Edinburgh's Lothian Buses. Bus services in our city have been inadequate for far too long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to take back our buses and build a better public transport system for everyone in our city. Please sign the petition to tell Glasgow City Council to get our buses back! ------------------------------------- Strathclyde’s Buses have been privately-owned by First Glasgow since they bought out the company in 1996. In the last two decades, with First in charge, we have seen routes cut, communities abandoned, and fare prices soar so a single is now £2.40. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, where Lothian Buses have always remained in public ownership they have a comprehensive, reliable and affordable service, with a cleaner fleet and growing passenger numbers. A single fare is just £1.70. Our city needs these assets back in public ownership, so that we can properly plan and integrate our public transport network to reach all corners of our city region, and reduce fares. If everyone can get around easily, affordably, reliably and sustainably it will help expand our city’s economy, address inequality and social isolation, reduce congestion and toxic air pollution, and cut carbon emissions. Sign and share this petition if you want Glasgow City Council to help us take back our buses! Re-municipalising Bus Services (bringing them back into local public ownership) helps improve services AND saves money. Read all the evidence here: https://www.transportforqualityoflife.com/u/files/160314_Building_a_World-class_Bus_System_extended%20summary%20report_FINAL4_for_web.pdf Read about our campaign and the new powers coming in the Scottish Transport Bill: 12 June 2019 ‘A great step forward’: Campaigners welcome move to let councils set up bus services. https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/14352/great-step-forward-campaigners-welcome-move-let-councils-set-bus-services Read about First's plans to sell up: 30 May 2019 ‘FirstGroup confirms sale of UK bus division to focus on US business’ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/30/firstgroup-to-sell-greyhound-as-it-bows-to-activist-investors Read the sad story of how we lost our buses in 1996: 10 May 1996 ‘Takeover nets bus workers pounds 35,000’ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/takeover-nets-bus-workers-pounds-35000-1346448.html
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  • Provide Recycling for Medication Blister Packaging
    Hundreds of thousands of medication blister packs currently go to landfill - they are mixed materials (plastic and foil) and therefore not recyclable with household recycling. Walkers did it with crisp packets, now it's the turn of the pharmaceutical giants to take responsibility.
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  • Keep our Public Services Public - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust
    UNISON and Unite the Union members are taking strike action to protect their jobs and to stay in the NHS Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust are forcing our members out of the NHS into a wholly owned subsidiary. They will no longer be employed by the NHS. Our members have given decades of hard work and committed service to the NHS and now they are being kicked out of the NHS Family. One worker stated “I’ve worked for the NHS for years, I never thought I’d be kicked in the teeth like this. Kicked out of the NHS and now I have to worry for my family and potential future attacks on my pay, terms and conditions”. Another asks “what will be next? Once they’ve kicked us out of the NHS who will be next in line?”. Many workers say they can’t afford to strike but feel there is no alternative "if we don’t fight now there’ll be no NHS left!”
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  • Getting access to paediatricians for autistic children
    After waiting for a paediatrician through my doctors referral service after 4 months, my son was refused by Barts health Specialist childrens service. The problem is my sons panic attacks and lack of sleep, my wife and I are very tired and 4 months ago we visited our Doctor to get help. We were told she could not help and that we needed to see a paediatrician as they are the only ones who can help us (in case we needed medication) but as they have refused to see our son I need to see if other parents are having the same issues as me and my wife namely that my son cannot get any help with his medical condition.
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  • To Put CCTV on all Tube Trains
    These are crime spots and people are being mugged and sexually assaulted daily, 25% of crimes on the LU are committed on the Central Line. CCTV cameras could serve as a deterrent. If a crime is committed at least there will be cameras to show the perpetrator or what crime was committed
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  • Keep childcare level 3 at Broadwater
    This is effecting the educational choices of many students.
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