• Fleecehold over 5 million plus affected
    This is equally if not worse than the post office scandal The government is aware Leaseholders are trapped in homes they cannot sell, there have been suicides, bankruptcies, severe mental health issues, all because freeholders are literally fleecing LH We cannot sell, mortgage and the properties are not maintained? Wales, and England are the only countries in the world with this feudal system, which the conservatives will NOT change as most are freeholders themselves
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    Created by Carol Robertson
  • Stop GP practices shutting their doors
    My name is Dr Adam Janjua, and I’m an NHS GP in Lancashire. In my job, there’s nothing more important to me than making sure that everyone is able to access good care in their community. But I’m very worried because due to funding cuts, there are hundreds of practices across the country that risk closure. In 2023 alone, nearly 60 GP practices closed their doors. In my own area, over a hundred practices have seen reduced income and rising costs, while 10 are at risk of closure. I'm working with 38 Degrees to demand our political leaders come up with a serious plan to fix the impending crisis of GP practices closing. The benefits are obvious. Investing in local doctors creates a ripple effect throughout the healthcare system. If we strengthen our GPs it helps make us healthier, reduces the burden on hospitals, and creates a healthier society. We need to change how GP surgeries are funded so they can afford to stay open without charging patients. In the past few years, money meant for individual surgeries has been split between hundreds of practices. This has made it harder for GPs like myself to keep up with costs. We need leaders who care about the health system to step up and make sure the NHS doesn't fall apart. Our politicians should listen to doctors and patients, and stop trying to divide us by trying to shift the blame for the problems in the NHS on to staff like me who care. This is a serious problem, and we need a solution NOW!
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    Created by Adam Janjua
  • Free school meals for all from reception to year 11
    In the middle of a cost of living crisis where even families who are working are struggling to make ends meet and relying on food banks or starving why are we treating prisoners better than our children? In prison three meals a day are provided at the tax payers expense but we don’t give our children a free school Meal after year 2. Teachers can see the effect a decent meal has on children’s academic performance but the government would rather them stave. For some a hot meal provided at school might be all they have that day but yet our government deny them this basic human right unless parents pay. Why do prisoners deserve better than the next generation? In a time where millions are choosing between heat and eat and many are pushed into poverty why are we choosing not to provide all pupils in the uk with a hot school meal. The current maximum income permitted to be eligible for a free school meal is so low it’s a joke and it doesn’t alter even if you have more than one child it’s time to rethink the system. Parents are struggling with rising bills and are having to make choices between heat and eat. Pupils are going without hot meals or even a meal so let’s take one worry away and have universal free school meals for all from reception to year 11. Prisoners get three meals a day but the our children are only provided with a free meal until they finish year 2, how is this right that we treat criminals better than our future?
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  • New law which prevents shooting beside people, animals & someone else's land or garden
    There is no law as to how close you can let off firearms beside people, animals or someone else's land or garden. Sadly not everyone who has a gun license is responsible or considerate of other people, or their safety. This has resulted in a number of accidents and injuries, some serious, to people and animals when those who were shooting, did so at such close proximity. Currently someone can let off a gun adjacent to someone land, with them standing on their boundary, with horses or other animals present and there is no law which prevent this. The fact that someone can run a pheasant or grouse shoot, or shoot animals, right beside you, causing great fear, alarm, distress and injury, and there is no law to protect you, is simply wrong. I have sadly experienced years of injuries to myself and my horses as a result of an irresponsible landowner shooting right beside my rescue horses, on my land. Despite begging he shoot elsewhere on his large estate, he has regularly caused awful injures to horses which have run through fences, bolted or run over me. I’ve also had reports of people shooting so close to someone’s garden, that the led shot fell into the pram of a baby, causing alarm to the parents. Others where people with guns have climbed fences into their garden to pick up dead and injured birds, when they have been in their garden, despite asking them not to shoot so close and denying access to their garden. There is no law to say this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour is illegal and the police will not act. I am calling for the Government to act and introduce a new law, with a minimum distance of 500m, to protect the safety of people and animals from those with guns.
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    Created by Karen Inkster
  • House building and affordable housing including rural areas
    The housing programme currently being operated is doing very little for people with a small or no deposit who want to get on the housing ladder, either by rent or purchase. Each area, including, rural areas, have been designated a target housing stock number by you , the Government, to instruct Local Authorities to implement this programme. This flies in the face of democracy and public opinion of these developments on what sort of housing and furthermore it does not state a suitable price. Builder Contractors are enjoying a building boom by building properties that are selling for an average of £300,000. This is totally not a programme for people who are on a low financial budget but are trying to find a decent home for them and their family. Houses should be built for young families with enough suitable space to accommodate them at an affordable rent or purchase, and all new builds should as standard, install solar panels. I suggest you take a step back and have a plan to reintroduce council housing and suitable, sustainable housing for all families, which are not undersized, but adequate for all needs. Do you not agree that the house building programme currently ongoing is not suitable for those with very little income to support these new builds? If you don't agree, can you suggest how people can find an affordable sustainable home in the area where they wish to be? Because there are many people struggling to secure decent, sustainable living accommodation for them and their families. whereby they can live in the area of choice and near other family members, if they so wish. Currently the building programme is altering the dynamics of an area and not allowing young adults who have grown up in these areas to remain there. It is important to build community not just housing. A house is a home and that is the difference between these estate built dwellings, where there is no infrastructure or support to allow residents to integrate in the local area or economy.
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    Created by Helen Anglum
  • Former 36 bus service for Bristol
    I am reaching out to residents and asking them to support my open letter to Dan Norris addressing the former 36 bus route, which connected Bristol South, Bristol East. Dear Dan, I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of Withywood and Hartcliffe regarding the lack of bus services in our area. As you may be aware, there are currently no buses taking passengers from our community to Knowle or Brislington. This has caused a lot of inconvenience for the residents, especially when it comes to important daily activities such as going to work, visiting family and friends, and even doing our weekly shopping. For instance, to get to Jubilee Pool in Knowle, we have to take a bus to central Bristol and then another one to Knowle. This is not only time-consuming but also costly, especially for those who rely on public transport. The same goes for those who work or want to shop at the Brislington retail park. We have to take a bus to central Bristol and then another one to the retail park. This is not feasible for those who work there or for families who want to do their shopping with their children. Moreover, for care workers, it is nearly impossible to get to their place of work by bus. The former number 36 bus used to provide a direct route from Hartcliffe and Withywood to Knowle, Brislington, and beyond, but it was cut years ago. We understand that there may be various reasons for the lack of bus services in our area. However, we would like to request a meeting with you to discuss any plans to improve the bus services in Bristol. We believe that ordinary people must have access to reliable and affordable public transport to go about their daily lives. We hope that you will consider our request and meet with us to discuss this matter further. We are eager to hear about any plans or initiatives that are being considered to improve the bus services in our community. We believe that with your help, we can find a solution that benefits both the residents and the city of Bristol. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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    Created by Kerry Bailes
  • WASPI scandal: apologise and pay out compensation to the women affected
    A major government watchdog says thousands of women were “failed” by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) over the rise in state pension age and must be compensated for the “significant injustice” caused. Yet the DWP refuses to apologise, leading the Ombudsman to take the rare move of calling on the Government to intervene. An entire generation of women have endured decades of financial struggle because of this scandal. The Government must act swiftly by bringing in emergency legislation to compensate all the women affected with the watchdog’s suggestion of £2950, and apologise for the immense suffering caused. It’s time to finally give thousands of women the justice they deserve.
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  • Keep the Day Centre Open
    it is important we keep the day centre open to meet the needs of the individuals and families who use this service currently, and for those to come. it allows families to have peace of mind to go to work or recharge their batteries, in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and receiving person-centred care
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    Created by Leigha McMillan
  • Pledge of support: temporary Skylark fencing on Wanstead Flats
    Several pairs of the iconic ground-nesting Skylark breed on Wanstead Flats. These birds represent the closest population of breeding larks to the centre of London but for how much longer? Nationally, the population of Skylarks has been in decline for decades so the Wren Group – in conjunction with the City of London Corporation – is determined to do all it can to protect their numbers locally.
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  • Post Office Scandal: Axe Caroline Richards from the compensation scheme
    Caroline Richards, who has worked for the Post Office for more than 30 years, played a significant role in the wrongful prosecution of former sub-postmistress Jacqueline McDonald. Ms McDonald, a mother of three, was convicted of stealing almost £100,000 from her branch in the village of Broughton, Lancashire, and sentenced to 18 months in prison. To allow someone with previous links to the Post Office Horizon computer scandal to manage the compensation claims of its victims is outrageous and wrong. It is an insult to all of the 550 Post Office Staff who were wrongfully prosecuted, including all those still awaiting compensation. Caroline Richards played a key role in the wrongful conviction of a sub-postmistress and must be removed from her role in the Horizon Shortfall compensation scheme immediately and placed in a different department - one that is not involved in any way with justice for Horizon victims.
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  • Stop the closures of Marks & Spencer stores
    If this shop is making a profit, why close such a flagship store, putting people out of work and seriously inconveniencing customers that use it? It isn’t always convenient for customers to visit the alternative stores in Birstall, Pudsey or Halifax, especially the older demographic.
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    Created by Wayne McManus
  • Austin’s Lane congestion
    To everybody who lives in Horwich we can make a big change by addressing this problem
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    Created by Arthur Goodwin