• Support OUTREACH RADIO's request for a permanent FM licence
    A permanent FM licence would mean that Outreach Radio is able to continue providing valuable local information and entertainment to everyone with a standard radio within the communities it serves. Outreach Radio will then be in a position to make plans for the future, and to extend its range of services.
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    Created by Matthew Ellison
  • Early pension payments to terminally ill
    Many people contribute from first starting work until well into their sixties towards a pension they will not live long enough to claim. Is this fair?
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    Created by Helen Atkinson
  • Save our horse rescue and mental health charity
    Equine Gentling are being made homeless in August and urgently need 60 acres of land for their work to continue. We work to rehabilitate rescue horses and take that healing to our young people with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. Our free grazing horses conserve the natural ecology of the downs whilst our work with young people and their families provides support where often there is none. We need support from the public to ensure us and other community projects are a key part of the future of the Downlands Estate. The Hope Charity Project is a charity supporting young people who are struggling with their mental health. They have been without a permanent home for over 18 months and have been forced to move all their support online. They work with young people and their families, offering counselling, therapy, emotional care and guidance. Desperately needed support services that provide for the most vulnerable of the community are being overlooked. This is happening during the pandemic, a time when the need has never been higher. These projects need to find a home where they can help these young people and their families. For more information on the impact these charities have on their communities, please visit their websites www.equinegentling.com www.hopecharityproject.org or visit the Brighton Downs Alliance website https://www.brightondownsalliance.org.uk to find out more about how you can have your say on the future of the Downlands Estate.
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  • Justice for Woodley Cow 13/05/2021
    The police are supposed to uphold the law yet they saw fit to brutally run over a terrified animal, rather than safely return her to her home. One of our campaigners called the RPSCA and was advised that if this incident had involved a horse, TVP's actions would be considered animal cruelty. Given that the House of Lords read the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill 2021 on the same day of this incident, the police's actions show that they are out of touch with laws they should be enforcing. The PCC and the IOPC have denied the police have done anything wrong, despite: the clear amount of public dissaproval on social media; the TVP protest on the 15th May 2021; & the vigil held on the 20th May 2021 at the site of her killing. She cried for 20 minutes after being run over 4 times and was then mercilessly killed - this is unacceptable. We invite you to join our campaign to get justice for Woodley Cow to ensure no animal ever has to suffer like she did at the hands of police, and to protect the right to life of any pet or farm animal who gets lost.
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    Created by Roberto Hogg Gomez
  • Keep prescriptions free for Over 60s
    The Government wants to move the age people can get free prescriptions up from 60 to 66 years old. This is directed to anyone in England. The devolved governments have chosen to offer free prescriptions for all. Raising the age at which free prescriptions are offered would further increase this disparity. Many women have been hit twice by the increases to state retirement age, please do not add a third. As this only applies to England, it makes such a change even more burdensome as less than 10% of prescriptions are actually paid for. The over 60s suffer increasing health problems, that could be exacerbated if prescriptions needed to be paid for. People could choose not to pay, which then puts a greater burden on the NHS. This is a shortsighted idea that needs to be nipped in the bud now.
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    Created by Serena Martin
  • The UK must match the rest of Europe and ban single-use plastic
    The government has yet to open a consultation on the issue which means a decision, or a ban could be months, or even years away. We are now in danger of falling behind the rest of Europe in implementing these very minimum of steps. Despite the welcome banning of straws, stirrers and cotton buds, in October 2020, the UK has yet to legislate for the banning of the rest of the items included under the Directive, which we know to be among the most polluting. Packaging from take-away food and drinks is a huge cause of plastic pollution and items like plastic cutlery and take-away containers are consistently in the top ten most polluting items found on beaches around the world. New research has revealed that food containers and food wrappers are amongst the four most widespread items polluting our oceans, rivers and beaches.
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    The trees under threat are 120 years old and a spectacular addition to the amenity of the Gardens, enjoyed by generations of residents and visitors. The Gardens have a recently renovated playground which attracts families from across the city. The proposed pollarding seriously disfigures the trees in perpetuity, making them unattractive and unnatural in appearance. At a time of environmental emergency, the city council should find more creative solutions to the problem of building subsidence than simply chopping back trees that have graced the neighbourhood for more than a century.
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    Created by Daniel Beer
  • Nuclear Treaty Ban
    The Ursuline Sisters UK have created this campaign to urge the UK Government to rethink their stance on nuclear weapons and sign the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted on 7 July 2017 and has been ratified by its 50th State Party therefore it entered into force on 22 January 2021. However, none of the nine nuclear weapon states have signed or ratified the treaty, including the UK. The UK signed the Chemical Weapons Convention in January 1993 and ratified the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in March 1975, so why not sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons? Pope Francis himself has signed the treaty on behalf of the Vatican State. The Catholic Bishops of English and Wales have petitioned Parliament to sign. Most Christian and interfaith leaders in England have also given strong backing to the treaty. Ever since the city of Hiroshama was obliterated by a single bomb in 1945, our world conscience has been ill at ease. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died and countless more had their lives blighted by the horror, by sickness and by loss. Those engaged in nuclear weapon manufacture, development and training are also exposed to long term ill health including cancer and genetic damage. A modern day nuclear war is unthinkable. Casualties from a major nuclear war between two of the nuclear powerhouse countries would reach hundreds of millions of people. The simple reality is that the international community could never hope to deal with the impact of nuclear weapon use. Less than 1% of the world’s nuclear weapons could disrupt the global climate and threaten as many as two billion people with starvation in a nuclear famine. Having nuclear weapons as a sabre rattling is very costly and it is becoming less and less possible to justify the huge costs involved in maintaining and developing them. In March 2007 alone, the UK Parliament voted to renew the country's Trident nuclear submarine system at a cost of £20bn. In March 2021, the British government reaffirmed their commitment to upgrading and maintaining Trident as a continuous at-sea deterrent. Billions of pounds are being mis-spent annually, money that could be reinvested to alleviate the suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable of our society. We urge the UK Government to rethink their stance on nuclear weapons and sign the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
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    Created by Una McCreesh
  • Ban Cars in Bristol City Centre
    This is important because; - air pollution kills at least 28,000 people a year in the UK (PHE review 2019) - We are not on track to meet the Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets - we need to move away from cars to reduce our transport emissions. - make the city centre more safe.
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    Created by Anita Sunderland
  • Make it mandatory in the UK, to learn basic British Sign Language (BSL) in school
    To get attention and the message across to the government and learning sector. It will reduce some bullying, help children communicate more and boost their moral and confidence.
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  • Dorset Council: Save Swanage Ambulance Car
    The 24/7 Swanage based Purbeck Paramedic Car is 'tethered' to Purbeck in a way that no Ambulance can be, as it does not routinely take patients to hospital, it supports Purbeck GP's home visits, and it provides cover while Swanage Cottage Hospital urgent care is closed overnight. Because the Car is tethered to Swanage and Purbeck, it is most likely to be available when we need it, and it is usually the first on the scene, preserving life until the Ambulance comes, which may be a long wait. 1,875 Purbeck patients are treated by the Car Paramedic in a year, with more than half being category 1-3 emergencies, the most serious, where there is a threat to life or of permanent disability. Swanage is the 'hot spot' in Purbeck - there are more overall call outs, category 1 imminent danger of death call outs, and category 1-3 serious emergency call outs to Swanage in a year than to the rest of Purbeck put together. Furthermore, the Paramedic Car, a fast 4x4 that can go off road to reach patients if needed, has a single Paramedic, and saves scarce double crewed Ambulance resources by treating 50% of patients at the scene. Yet the Swanage Paramedic Car is under threat of withdrawal. As noted by Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership, Swanage and Wareham Town Councils, and Langton, Corfe, Studland and Worth Parish Councils it is a matter of life and death for Swanage and Isle of Purbeck residents that the Car is retained.
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  • Extension of foreign drivers license from 12 months period due to covid and test cancellation
    Foreign drivers can drive after 12 months of residency in the UK making it hard for people to go to work, dvla keeps cancelling practical test since 2020
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    Created by David Loorig