• Offer non-invasive coronavirus saliva tests instead of nasal swabs for children
    Non-invasive saliva tests are available and can be purchased privately for a fee. Young children (and older children/adults with a range of other conditions) can find invasive swabbing incredibly traumatic. Parents are now less likely to take their children for a PCR nasal swab as children can find it so traumatic and consequently parents (particularly when alone) can find it challenging to get an accurate swab. Please support us in our petition to provide saliva testing for coronavirus instead of the invasive nasal swab for young children and those older that require it. More children would then be tested resulting in less traumatic experiences for them and more accurate results to protect the wider population. Why, when these tests are available, are they not offered yet?
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    Created by Hayley Clarke
  • Sign the petition to make sure the Environment Bill protects Bees and Pollinators
    Pollinators are essential to a healthy countryside and agricultural production, but recent pesticide use has caused a reduction in the overwintering success of honeybee hives, has driven 40% of wild bee species from large areas of the countryside, and has contributed to butterfly declines. This ecological damage reduces pollination services and crop yields. The current pesticide approval process does not protect pollinators. In 2010 the Government concluded that pre-approval tests for pesticides would not protect pollinators, but the UK has yet to introduce any new tests to help ensure that future pesticides are pollinator safe. Current approval tests for pesticides only look at short term effects on Honeybees. While the law says that pesticides that cause unacceptable harm to the environment must not be approved, if new chemicals are approved without adequate data then a blind eye is being turned. Risk assessments of pesticides must be independent and scientific, and the public must have the opportunity to participate in this important environmental decision making. The ‘Protection of pollinators from pesticides’ clause will achieve these outcomes and help to save bees and other insects. The Environment Bill was amended by the House of Lords to include a clause that directly protects our bees and other pollinators. Clause 75 will ensure that the long-term effects on bees and wild pollinators are carefully considered before pesticides are approved for use. We're calling on the government to adopt this clause, without the need for a vote in parliament.
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    Created by Paul Hetherington Picture
    TREES ARE THE LUNGS OF THE PLANET. They help the planet to breathe and we need action NOW. The earth needs a trillion NEW trees. The idea is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. By planting this volume of trees we can: - significantly improve air quality absorbing much more Carbon Dioxide across the globe - increase biodiversity - protect nature and wildlife - improve flood prevention - help reduce the impact of major climate events - AND HELP THE PLANET BREATHE BETTER. Waiting for global agreements and innovations takes far too long. Getting countries committed to this can START TO HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT RIGHT NOW.
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    Created by James Thorn
  • Stop the removal of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift
    We have just been through a historical time in human history. Never before have we seen such devastation. Covid-19 hit us all hard, thousands of businesses went bust. Many new claims were made to the Universal Credit system as families were plunged into poverty as their livelihoods were taken from them as the virus ravaged our towns and cities. The Universal Credit system is a lifeline for millions of people in the UK and the £20 per week deduction is going to cripple families who have been plunged into the benefit system through no fault of their own. Let's face it, £20 per week may not sound like a lot to many of you, but to claimants of the benefit system it is a fortune. This money is a week's food shopping! A weeks gas and electricity for our top up meters! This government has decided to reduce the allowance just as the winter hits us. What do we tell our children as they sit in the cold house this winter and ask why they can't have the heating on? Families are going to have to choose to literally eat or heat this winter with this deduction. A DEDUCTION THAT THE POPULATION OF THE UK DID NOT GET CHANCE TO VOTE ON! I want to inform the POPULATION of this country, the government is here to serve us, and do as we collectively say. Not the other way round! It's not rocket science is it? Those who are on higher salaries should be willing and able to help the poorest in our society by paying just a small increase on their national insurance stamp to help fund the extra £20 per week rise in Universal Credit. Or we could add a fraction of a penny to fuel prices to pay for this extra £20 per week allowance. This country has a moral obligation to help those who were hit the hardest by the covid-19 virus and were plunged into the welfare system. So this petition is for the masses of the country, the population of this country to HAVE THEIR SAY ON THIS IMMORAL DEDUCTION. I implore you to sign this petition and let this Conservative government know that the majority of the UK population that they serve, do not want this deduction to be implemented and carried forward. We did not get the chance to have OUR SAY, now YOU CAN! BY SIGNING THIS PETITION. Do what is morally correct and let the people who serve us, and don't have a clue about the welfare system, and the cost of living know that we do not want this deduction to continue. People will die from this decision. Children will get sick, malnourished and depression will rise alarmingly by this simple £20 per week deduction. Take the money off those who are blessed enough to be able to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. It's not really a hard decision to make is it? Keep the £20 per week increase to the universal credit system and help the families in need during this time in humanity that has never been seen before. Share this petition far and wide. Let the public decide, as it is our country, with rules and systems that we ALL Want to live with. Thank you. Signed, A universal credit claimant
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    Created by Mandi Louise Picture
  • Teach BSL in Schools
    Students are taught a range of languages, such as French, German, and Spanish, however the language lacking from the school curriculum is British Sign Language (BSL). There are 11 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK, and these people are much more likely to suffer from mental illnesses (up to 50%, compared with 25% of the general population). So, I believe that adding a BSL course to the school curriculum would be a perfect way to uphold our responsibility to those who are hard of hearing; we must step up and take the simple solution to a problem affecting millions. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, quality of life for the hard of hearing has only worsened as these people lost the ability to lip read due to face masks and their silent world became even more silent. Even now, when regulations are much calmer, I still watched a deaf woman struggle to communicate with the worker at the pharmacy when she had an issue with her prescription.
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    Created by Felicity Barker
  • Keep open Llefrith Nant Dairy Vending in Cemaes Anglesey
    Anglesey council are planning to close our new milk vending machine. This not only supplies our community with top quality local produce but also provides employment and innovation to the way we support our local businesses. The loss of this service will not only damage a small family business but also be a loss to the community.
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    Created by Katie Hayward
  • Rights for Lorry drivers!
    For the comfort and cleanliness of all truck drivers - the down trodden workforce who have been forgotten in this Country for far too long.
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    Created by Phil Capon
  • CCTV Installed in Thurnscoe Cemetery
    I've personally had my dad's resting place violated on numerous occasions and it’s absolutely heart wrenching. I've also heard many other incidents occurring in the cemetery of the same nature and it’s about time the local authority took serious action again this and hand out severe consequences for the culprits. We all visit our loved ones and like I said it’s heart wrenching enough for bereaving families! I strongly feel that it’s about time that Thurnscoe Cemetery had concealed CCTV installed in areas where items of personal sentimental belongings have been stolen from loved ones graves. Please sign this petition to get some action taken, finally!
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    Created by Luke Hudson
  • To recycle or ban all poplypropylene plastic in Bristol
    Since poplypropylene can come in very small shapes and sizes it can be very easy for fish to digest since there's a very long break-down process.
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    Created by Miss Panda
  • Pandora Papers: Close tax loopholes for the rich and powerful
    The Pandora Papers have exposed how the rich and powerful can use offshore structures to slash their tax bills and hide what they’re up to. A former UK prime minister, a major Conservative donor and even the Crown Estate are caught up in the story. It is deeply unfair to see rich people and politicians paying less tax at the same time that the government is raising taxes on ordinary workers. The Prime Minister and his government have to stand up and fix the system. This means closing loopholes and investing properly in HMRC so that everyone pays their fair share. The government should finally introduce the stalled plan to shine a light over the offshore owners of UK property.
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    Created by Robert Palmer Picture
  • Recycle or stop the use of polystyrene plastics in Bristol
    Time is ticking! We must stop producing so much waste before it's too late. Polystyrene is one of the least recycled plastic types and can easily end up in the rivers, seas and ocean. From there, it travels up the food chain into dolphins, turtles, whales and even humans!
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    Created by Miss Panda
  • More access to food banks
    Unfortunately there are no laws to guarantee that all humans deserve the right to have food, therefore no one is held accountable for when people have to live without for periods of time, this needs to change so people can have a better standard of living. Afghan refugees in Haringey need to be fed. Having food is a basic necessity that all humans, anywhere in the world, need to survive. These food banks may be the only source they get and if there are only a small amount of these banks in an area, how can the thousands needing to be fed eat?
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    Created by Sophie Kirton