• Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon
    Bordon has next to no transport links other than using ones own vehicles. So many new houses have now been built that the already busy A325 is now substantially overcrowded. There are no additional jobs here as the Army have left and they provided many jobs, therefore people who live here, in most cases, have to leave the area for work. Also the local hospital is no longer here, plus there are very few shopping facilities other than takeaways and a couple of supermarkets. This ever expanding community which is fast becoming a dormitory town is in dire need of transport so people can commute to other parts of the country to work, shop and get to hospital without having to use their cars. Parking is one of the bigger issues as the new builds only provide 1.5 parking spaces to four bedroomed houses. Needless to say most households have two or more cars. If the railway were to be put in place, many households would be able to manage with one car and possibly, if bus links were provide to the station, do without a car altogether.
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  • Revoke the -12points for Wigan Athletic, EFL to change their systems
    This is a massive blow to our community. Wigan have fought so hard to gain the points they have and now through no fault of Paul Cook or the players they are back to fighting to stay in the same league after being given -12 points from the EFL due to being in administration. The EFL have made errors in their tests for football owners and Wigan should not be paying that price. This could effect any club, look how many clubs have been put into administration and the EFL is supposed to be there to protect the club's. This is not just a fight for Wigan Athletic this is a fight for football clubs!
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    Created by Natalie Sinclair
  • Clean up our Rivers
    Raw sewage flowing into the rivers and into our seas means that large areas of the United Kingdom are unsuitable for swimming and watersports as well as having a huge effect on the wildlife on the rivers and seas which has a knock on effect to the overall health of our ecosystem. Where we live in Scotland we regularly see sanitary towels amongst other waste all over the beach on rainy days straight from CSO's and into the river.
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  • Shut unethical garment factories in Leicester
    This is currently urgent and important because multiple factory owners have admitted to not locking down when none of them were producing essential goods. This has lead to an unfettered spread of COVID 19 in these factories and in the crowded living quarters and transport that the workers are forced to inhabit. Even without this currently lethal behaviour, the operation of factories who pay workers less than the minimum wage and feel it appropriate to force their workers into unlawful situations, is not to be condoned. A system which allows multi million pound retailers to take advantage of unscrupulous factory managers is broken and needs fixing forthwith, in order to drag Leicester away from the Victorian era and into a greener, fairer 21st century. Ideally, following factory shut downs, education and other assistance will be provided for the unemployed workers so that they have other choices and these factories can no longer operate amywhere in the UK.
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    Created by Jessica Southworth
  • Add a "Company Leave Date" filter on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    Problem: When looking for profiles from a company of interest (specifically "past not current"), the system pulls up all the people that have previously worked at the company, including people that have left 20-30 years ago. This means that for each search there are so many pages to flick through filled with people that aren't relevant to the search. Suggestion: When looking for people from a company of interest, it would be good to have an extra filter that links that company with a date bracket that people have left between (e.g. 2017 - 2019). This would ensure that only the people that have left the company between those dates are pulled up. Result: This would enable a highly-targeted, impactful and faster search, thus increasing speed and improving workflow, this would be an absolute lifesaver!!
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  • Ban Disposable BBQs
    Fires started by disposable BBQs have ireversably destroyed moorland and ancient forests, wildlife and habitat. They are a regular cause of property fires. They damage parks and other public spaces annually. Dealing with fires, their long term consequences and the litter they create is a huge cost to charities, local authorities and the taxpayer. Proposed regional bans will be ineffective. This is a major environmental challenge requiring a national ban.
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  • Release daily COVID-19 Pillar 2 stats
    Pillar 2 testing is the COVID-19 swab testing that takes place in the community, outside of clinical settings. Right now ordinary people have no visibility of the level of positive Pillar 2 tests in their area - information which could be vital to their own safety and that of their friends, family and work colleagues. Just look at what has happened this week as Leicester has had to go back into lockdown. If people had known the risk, they might have modified their behaviour, saving lives and removing the need to stay in lockdown. This petition asks that Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care release daily Pillar 2 test stats by local authority. Ideally this information would be made available as open data via the coronavirus.data.gov.uk portal so that developers could build situational awareness to health aware apps, travel and navigation apps and so on. But the crucial thing is that it is made available in a timely and open way, and at a local (borough or county) level. Please share this petition widely! Thanks :-)
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  • Deptford Town Hall Statues Must Fall!
    The four statues: Drake, Blake, Nelson and even a nameless white man as a ‘representation’ of Imperialist. Racist. Power. All have strong roots in the slave trade. Down with honouring white supremacy and people who subjugated nations and enslaved people! Deptford Town Hall opened in 1905 as the town centre, but since it was taken over by Goldsmiths in the late 1990s, it’s no longer open to the local community. Not only are community members denied access to the building, but we must also endure glorified emblems of slavery on the front of the building. The four statues are of: Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – 1596), a pioneer of the slave trade making at least three royally sponsored trips to West Africa to kidnap Africans and sell them. Elizabeth I awarded Drake a knighthood in 1581. Robert Blake (1598 – 1657), an admiral who served under Oliver Cromwell throughout the English Civil War. He fought the Dutch to secure the (slave) trade triangle between the Caribbean, West Africa and England. Cromwell was responsible for trafficking the first waves of enslaved people to and from the Caribbean; installing the plantation system in Jamaica; and the massacres in Drogheda (1649). Horatio Nelson (1758 – 1805), was a naval flag officer whose leadership was during the Napoleonic Wars (1803 – 1815). Nelson spent a large part of his career in the Caribbean and developed an affinity with the slave owners there, using his influence against the abolitionist movement in Britain. The fourth statue, understood to be a ‘representative’ figure, rather than a specific person, from the period when the building was constructed. It shows a modern admiral, with sextant and binoculars. Deptford was strongly connected with the transatlantic slave trade, with many ships built, fitted and repaired in the local docks before heading out to Africa. Olaudah Equiano was initially trafficked to Deptford; he fought to become a freedman and was one of the key figures in the abolitionist movement. Here is a man we want to remember. Original text and text that is on the placards here: https://www.gold.ac.uk/about/history/dth-statues/
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  • Merchant City Park
    Glasgow City Centre is drastically lacking in green spaces. A City Park built a mere 5 minutes’ walk from George Square, surrounded by lovely local cafés and restaurants, will be an invaluable boost to our wonderful city. Merchant City & Trongate Community Council (MCTCC), following the withdrawal of a Planning Application for an hotel at 69-76 Ingram Street Car Park, agreed that a City Park would be the best use of this site. A City Park on this site would protect the beautifully world-renowned Fruitmarket Mural by Smug, which has become a much-visited sight of the city. The City Park would be entirely inclusive, open for residents, visitors, tourists and the wider general public. People could simply relax in nature, rest, read, meet up, mix, chat, walk the dog or play games. All right in the City Centre of Glasgow.
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  • Decolonising the Curriculum
    A comprehensive understanding of Britain's own influence in colonial rule should be at the epicentre of the social understanding of current and essential issues such as racism. Britain’s role in colonialism and the effects this continually has globally, as well as upholding white privilege and institutionalised racism, are subjects that, if taught to teenagers, would do so much for deconstructing racism in our current society and in British culture as we know it. This is especially important in an area like Burghfield Common, where over 93% of the population is white. Although this is a subject that should be taught in schools across the UK, the homogeneous population in Burghfield Common and the surrounding areas means that it is particularly important that this issue is taught at The Willink School. We would like nothing better than ensuring that future generations of Willink pupils have a whole, comprehensive education at the school.
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  • Don't bring back benefit sanctions!
    Imagine arriving to work five minutes late and having your pay docked. For anyone who depends on benefits, it only takes missing the bus to the JobCentre to be given a sanction and lose payments. With the UK economy going to be hit hard with job loses in the thousands, we cannot let benefit claimants have their money stopped or cut. During the height of the coronavirus crisis, there were no sanctions. The government stopped them for 3 months. We know that the benefits system can function without sanctioning people. But benefit sanctions are set to return in England. Huge public backlash could force the government to rethink their decision, and stop the unfair and cruel sanctions for good.
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  • Delay the opening of pubs and clubs untill after pandemic has passed
    This is important because as a nation we are still recovering from covid-19 and its way to early to allow pubs and clubs to open or sell alcohol until the pandemic is over. Most people can control them selves but you always get those who can't and will drink to excess and get drunk these intoxicated people will then get loud, disorderly stop social distancing and even start trouble like get into fights, and that's how the pandemic could get going again because at least a few of those people will have covid-19 symptoms and it only takes one or two spreading it for a few days to force another lockdown. This would also put pressure on police and the NHS who could do without having to deal with intoxicated people arriving in A&E when they could be helping people who rally need it, its to early to be doing this.
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