• Social work should have some mental health training
    It's important because at the moment they don't have an understanding of how mental health affects everyone differently especially children & young people and I believe that they should have some training in mental health so that they have a better understanding of each case and how to deal with each case specifically and what help and support they can offer Families to help keep children & young people at home instead of not knowing how to deal with children & young people who suffer from mental health conditions and so they don't end up being placed away from Families which can have a negative affect on the children/young people.
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    Created by sarah-louise clarke
  • Reduce international student's university fees in UK
    During this pandemic, international students are paying hefty university fees for their courses. They are unable to find any part time jobs to support their living and further education in the UK. Landlords and university accommodation are charging them full rent without considering the difficulties which the students are facing due to frequent lock downs and joblessness.
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    Created by Soma Mulla
  • More recognition for care workers in the community
    As a carer it is hard to work 14-16 hour days all week and not get any type of recognition during this challenging time.
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    Created by Sophie Ellis
  • Make Chartwells pay back the profit they took for free school meals.
    Free school meals funding should be for the families and children who need it. Not for a company to profit from.
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    Created by Harry Nova
  • Pay rise for NHS
    Without doctors or nurses we would be lost
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    Created by Ruby Sagar
  • Call for a Statutory Public Inquiry into Essex Mental Health Services (NHS)
    Dear Supporters, We are calling for a statutory public inquiry into Essex Mental Health Care provided by various NHS Trusts over the years. North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (NEP) and South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) now Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) following a merger. Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT), which now runs mental health services in Essex, has already admitted to failures of care relating to the deaths of 11 patients between 2004 and 2015. There are now 62 families represented by Hodge Jones & Allen (HJA). Many have already been campaigning for years for better mental health services from the NHS, following the tragic deaths of their loved ones. Nadine Dorries MP has launched an indepedent inquiry into events at the Linden Centre over a 20 year period. However, the families would like a statutory public inquiry, due to the extra powers it has: • Any person or organisation can be made to produce relevant documents. It is a criminal offence to intentionally withhold a document required by the Inquiry or deliberately to obstruct its work. • Core Participants can suggest lines of questioning that should be pursued by the Inquiry. • Inquiries hold hearings and any person or relevant organisation can be called as a witness to give evidence. • Witnesses can be asked questions by Counsel to the Inquiry or by legal representatives of Core Participants (with the Chairman’s permission). The families are also requesting that all NHS mental health care providers across Essex are included and that it is not just limited to the Linden Centre in Chelmsford. Nina Ali, Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors, states: “families have fought too hard and for too long to be now fobbed off with yet another investigation that we all know will simply not provide the answers so desperately needed. If the Government are serious about improving mental health care, then it must be the case that those responsible are obliged to attend and compelled to give their evidence on oath, and the only way to do that is via a statutory public inquiry.” Deborah Coles, Director of the charity INQUEST said: “An independent inquiry without the backing of the families affected will not take us further than the countless previous investigations and inquests. None have prevented further deaths or enabled accountability and change. Now nothing less than a full Statutory Public Inquiry will suffice. If not for the dedication and persistence of families affected, the failings in Essex mental health services would never have come to light. The minister owes it to these families, who have been already been repeatedly failed by the state, to meet their demands.” Thank you for your support. #StatutoryInquiry #419days #QBAIN
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    Created by Allister Frost
  • Inquiry into Government Contracts
    Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money have been wasted by giving contracts to individuals with ties to the Conservative Party, sometimes companies with no experience of that product, given preference over recognised suppliers and not subjected to competetive tendering. This is, at best, financial incompetence and at worst, blatant fraud.
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    Created by Richard Mason
  • No to students flats by our nursery
    Selly Oak Nursery School is a historical building and establishment, part of the Cadbury history in the local area, and has stood here for over 100 years. We pride ourselves on providing an Outstanding provision for our children and families, and with the proposed structure, a huge part of this would be removed. There is a huge priority in our methods of educating children to use outdoor spaces, one of which is our Forest School area. We have planted trees and various other garden plants and established a strong boundary for our children. Without natural light, these plants would not survive. The structure being planned, would take out a huge part of our nursery environment. If this proposed building was created and used for the purpose stated, there would be safeguarding concerns, as it would directly overlook our outdoor area and nursery building. Children would be in full view of anyone staying in this accommodation, which is obviously something which should not be taken lightly. This building would also cause much more traffic in the local area, creating pollution issues and congestion. We are disappointed that the planning application document was received by ourselves only on Friday 8th January, due to our Christmas holiday post being held by the post office, therefore this has given us very limited time to prepare a formal objection.
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    Created by Jackie Hindley
  • Allow free movement of domestic animals between Great Britain & Northern Ireland
    One of the adverse impacts of the new Brexit regulations on travel between GB & Northern Ireland for dogs, cats & ferrets and the pet owners is that they must have an animal health certificate travelling from GB to Northern Ireland. As a result of the Brexit legislation It will mean pet owners, guide dog & assistance dog owners who wish to travel with their pets, will incur unnecessary expense and potential to unnecessarily over-medicate their pets This will have a significant adverse effect on: •            people who regularly travel back from GB to Northern Ireland with pets to visit family in NI or returning from family visits in GB to Northern Ireland; •            As a result of these changes Guide Dogs for the Blind are even stopping using volunteer puppy raisers & potentially compromising replacement guide dogs being available to guide dog owners in Northern Ireland; •            a lot of pet owners enjoy holidaying with their pets & won't be willing to travel here with the new regulations. •            Northern Ireland championship dog shows which is an enjoyable pastime will become unviable. •            The viability of field trial events will be questionable. The EU Commission and UK Government can easily resolve this by allowing free movement of domestic animals between their jurisdictions.
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    The government has replaced free school meals vouchers with food parcels, which are being provided by a private company. Parents are posting pictures all over social media of the shocking contents in these parcels and the ingredients provided are worth only a fraction of the original £30 free school meals voucher. This is a massive disrespect to families across the country and to parents trying to feed their children at home. Back in November, parents up and down the country told the government about the struggle to feed their children throughout this pandemic. But families with children feel like they’re back to square one again. This is unacceptable. A petition signed by thousands of people like you and me would send a clear message to the government: free school meal vouchers cannot be replaced with food parcels.
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  • Keep Our Post Office and Co-op Shop in Headington
    The Co-op shop has existed in the community for many years and is a valued local retail outlet with a loyal local customer base attracted by its strong ethical principles and member-ownership model. Within the shop is the Post Office. The Post Office is a service that is relied upon by many people in the communities both in and surrounding Headington. Not only is it important for postal services and social interaction - the Post Office also provides a place for banking. The Co-op and the Post Office are important to local people and we want to make sure the public continue to receive this vital service
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    Already, celebrities, businesses, politicians and the British public have come together to send a clear message - our children deserve better. Now we need a huge petition to add to this pressure, signed by thousands of people like you and me, that would send a clear message to the government: free school meal vouchers cannot be replaced with food parcels.
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