• Make Dominion Road in Worthing safer for pedestrians and cyclists
    This stretch of road incorporates 2 primary schools and a high school, not to mention the other schools in the local area which are connected by dominion road. Our aim is to show the council that basic road measures could make a big difference. For example a crossing on dominion rd/ way junction and one at the Southdown/Angola road junction. A cycle lane would improve children's safety when riding to school and decrease traffic as well as improving air quality.
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    Created by Lizzie Chilvers
  • Call on Heathrow Airport Limited to provide free staff parking
    HAL has mandatorily increased Staff Parking Costs by up-to 133% to recover the loses from last year due to the pandemic. This could not have come at a worse time, due to the competitive nature of the airport environment and the race to the bottom that staff have endured for years, below inflation pay rises and through the pandemic further suffering due to reduction in working hours and furlough. Staff Car Parking is essential in order for the airport to operate and as such is a legitimate business cost and should be met by the employer not the employees. HAL has up until the pandemic made year on year record breaking profits. This has been achieved by the hard work of staff using the car parking facilities, You would not have been in the same position without the support of the working man/woman.
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    Created by Derek Rawlings
  • Make first aid mandatory for new parents
    To help save the lives of babies, allowing new parents to have the skills to know what to do to prevent a Baby from choking, or in an emergency.
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    Created by Soph Davis
  • 1% payrise for NHS is not good enough!
    NHS workers and staff deserve a proper pay rise. The government saying that 1% pay rise is enough is quite insulting, as the staff work hard during this pandemic to protect and care for patients, therefore it is unacceptable and may be the last straw for many employees. It is about time that a decent deal is made for NHS staff that is fair, necessary and affordable. It is time for Britain to speak up for NHS to put pressure on decision makers to approve of additional investment in health services and funding for a significant pay rise.
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    Created by Marzia Jafari
  • Make Prof Sarah Gilbert a Dame
    The UK should recognize her role in our vaccination success.
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    Created by Amin Hoque
  • Free parking Elgin
    without it Elgin high st will get more and more quiet! Free parking in our city centre is vital!
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    Created by Cj Bowie
  • What’s Your Carbon Footprint
    About three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions that are attributed to humans come from burning fossil fuels. We burn fossil fuels — non-renewable energy sources — when we transport goods either by planes or huge container ships or operate other vehicles, heat our homes, etc, etc. Many of us are not aware of where a product was made as the likes of Amazon and eBay do not currently have to mention where something was produced. The same applies to retail stores and supermarkets as they do not have to state where something was produced or grown. I strongly believe that as consumers we should be given this information so that we can decide if we want to buy something that was made overseas. The carbon footprint for something made in Beijing, China and sold in London, England is a whopping 8,140 km (5,058 miles). For something made or grown in Buenos Aires, Argentina and shipped to London, England its carbon footprint is 11,270 km (7,002 miles). With your help I can present this petition to the British Parliament and hopefully succeed in getting a Law passed where we are informed of the products Country of origin. If Britain makes it Law, then other countries will surely follow. Everyone can do their bit to fight climate change and I hope you will take a few seconds of your time to sign this petition.
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    Created by Frederick Linden-Wyatt
  • To get lincolnshire county council to turn on the street lights at night
    I am calling for Lincolnshire County Council to reverse this decision and turn on the lights in the evenings so as to give the taxpayers of boston and surrounding villages piece of mind and the confidence to leave their homes at night whether it be to walk a dog ,go to a friends ,cycle to work or simply to put their bins out.People feel safer with light. Please join me in signing this and to get some action taken.
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    Created by Dale Broughton
  • Withhold Welsh Support for Nuclear Weapons
    Currently, the UK Government has announced that they will be increasing the stock of Trident by 40%. I, and I expect the people of Wales, believe that this is a worrying move. Is it really in the Welsh public’s interest to be part of this expansion? Does this make us safer? Soon, the Welsh Parliament must ask itself; “What side of history do we want to be on?”. Let’s make it the right side.
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    Created by Tobi Wells
  • Renaming the Sports field in honour of Owen Fitzpatrick
    Owen contributed so much to the village and set up the youth football team that ran for 7 years and was a massive part of a lot of people’s lives. Owen was a very generous man that gave up a lot of his time to help a lot of young boys in and around the village and this would be a great way to remember him by.
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    Created by Will Barrass
  • Stop Airport Expansion - Call a Public Inquiry into Leeds Bradford Airport
    As we stand on the brink of climate breakdown, airports through the UK are trying to expand. This would result in a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions at precisely the time we should be doing everything in our power to reduce them. It goes against the latest advice to the government from the Committee on Climate Change. In Yorkshire, Leeds City Council has approved the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. This would almost double passenger numbers by 2030. The Council claims that the greenhouse gas emissions from international flights is not a matter for local authorities to consider! We believe that this is legally incorrect and morally reprehensible. But we are calling on Robert Jenrick to take responsibility for this. He can order a public inquiry so that the climate impact of expansion can be assessed in a national context. This is not just about Leeds-Bradford. Approval of this application would open the floodgates of expansion at other regional airports. You can hear it from the experts. Over 200 Leeds Uni Academics already agree. https://www.galba.uk/post/press-release-246-uni-of-leeds-staff-and-researchers-ask-robert-jenrick-to-call-in-lba-decision Most importantly please share with your friends and family. Tell them why this matters so much to you. Thank you from GALBA
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    Created by Ian Coatman
    The new online safety laws being proposed by the Government will give Ofcom power to crackdown on social media companies - but will fail to cover online scams. This means that millions of people across the UK are at risk of scammers committing financial fraud. With all of us increasingly being forced to turn online, it’s now more important than ever that the government does all it can to protect us from online fraud. That’s why we, the British public, are calling on you to tackle the quickly escalating problem of online fraud in the government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill.
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