• Stop the use of bee killing pesticides
    The pesticides that contain thiamethoxam, a neonicotinoid, were banned throughout the EU two years ago and backed by the UK government at the time. The current government explicitly pledged to keep the restrictions in place once we had left the EU. Michael Gove has previously stated that “The weight of evidence now shows the risks neonicotinoids pose to our environment, particularly to the bees and other pollinators which play such a key part in our £100bn food industry, is greater than previously understood … We cannot afford to put our pollinator populations at risk.” He also wrote in the Guardian: “Unless the evidence base changes again, the government will keep these restrictions in place after we have left the EU.” Government pesticide advisers said it would “cause unacceptable effects to bees in flowering crops and flowering plants in field margins” and added that it would harm “birds and mammals eating seedlings from treated seed and birds consuming pelleted seed” and risked “adversely impacting populations of aquatic insects”. And Defra have stated that “Protecting pollinators is a priority for this government.” Given all this, we must fight to save our bees and other wildlife as well as our environment. Please will you sign to give your support.
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    Created by Helen Fitzpatrick
  • Fibromyalgia as a disability
    So fibromyalgia patient are taken seriously and their pain seriously Their daily routine is never the same Each day It’s different The ppl look normal But the severity of aches are like we are been put in a crusher ,
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    Created by Ghazala Paul
  • British Gas must negotiate with the GMB
    “In July, British Gas owners Centrica unveiled plans to fire and rehire the entire workforce if they didn’t accept detrimental changes to their pay and terms and conditions” GMB Despite the loyal service of its workers, working above and beyond especially during the winter months; despite putting their lives on the line because they haven’t stopped working throughout this pandemic British Gas is threatening to fire 200,000 workers, and then rehire them on a worse contract which will see pay cuts, longer hours and losses in pension entitlements.
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    Created by Jennifer Barker
  • Stop National Lottery and all scratchcard sales during lockdown
    I work in mental health, but before I began doing so I was able to see the pernicious effects of the National Lottery when it began in 1994. National lotteries prey on the vulnerable and tickets are almost exclusively bought by poor people, to finance the kind of national initiatives that could be paid for by taxing the rich. My clients have dementia and many cannot remember having just bought one so they buy another. A common effect of buying scratchcards is to receive a small win that prompts people to return to the shop to get more. We now have an extremely dangerous health situation to deal with and I know for a fact that many people on benefits will be leaving the house purely for this reason. All sorts of organisations are selling the scratchcards, not just Camelot. However, I think banning their sale across the board could be a quick win. This is important.
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    Created by jeremy smith
  • Priority inoculation against COVID 19 for Taxi, Private Hire, Coach, Bus Drivers & Couriers.
    The workers in these roles are potentially super spreaders and are also carrying out transportation and delivery roles that are important to the economy from driver who transfer the vulnerable & Key workers to those who provide delivery of packages and food couriers come in to contact daily with many others. Giving these individuals priority inoculation will lower the risk in these groups. Furthermore data proves these roles have been at greater risk than many other groups within the UK. We feel that all of our combined membership throughout the UK, many from the BAME communities, and with a wide spectrum of ages and health conditions; should be in the list of those in top priority to receive the vaccine in order to protect the NHS, prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. Drivers and ancillary workers in these transportation roles are by the very nature of their role, in close contact with people from all walks of life, from those in extremely high risk categories, to frontline NHS and private sector care staff, business people, doctors, nurses, children with special needs, and the elderly and infirm for food deliveries, hospital appointments and shopping trips. As such, not only are these roles at high risk of becoming infected from their passengers, but also if they do become infected are likely to become "super spreaders" of the Corona virus without their knowledge, even more so with the discovery of the new mutation which is spreading much faster among all walks of life. This is a combined petition in partnership with several of the largest representative bodies who all feel very strongly about this, which includes the NPHTA (National Private Hire and Taxi Association), PHTM (Private Hire and Taxi Monthly, GMB, Unite the Union, LPHCA (Licensed Private Hire Car Association) ADCU (App Drivers and Couriers Union) GMDF (Greater Manchester Drivers Federation) DLTA (Durham Licensed Taxi Association) LTDA (London Taxi Drivers Association and many others)
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    Created by Steve Garelick Picture
  • More transparency in our estate fees and completion of meadow
    Residents have no idea how their money is spent. Fees are increasing, with little to show for the charges.
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    Created by Faye Shardlow
  • University students paying private rent & utilities to a property that is empty.
    These young adults are paying dead rent plus utilities costs electricity etc. For being home due to a National lockdown. They are going to have to eventually pay back the said fees for university yet they are paying for a service they will not be getting. So that includes rent for property’s that are empty. Yet still having to be payed.
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    Created by Scott Beard
  • We want minimum standards for Liverpool’s homes!
    2020 demonstrated more than ever the importance of a safe and comfortable home. But too many people suffer in poor quality, even dangerous, houses. And with the government making it easier to build homes without proper local scrutiny, we could be looking at thousands of “slums of the future”. Liverpool’s local leaders are currently figuring out an ambitious long-term plan for housing right across the region. These decisions will play a huge role in the quality of housing for years to come - and could have a massive influence on the rest of the country too! That’s why we - the people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas - are demanding that any new housing meets eleven basic principles: 1. Be safe in relation to the risk of fire. 2. Have adequate space. 3. Have access to natural light. 4. Must meet people’s lifetime needs and be adaptable. 5. Be accessible and located in accessible environments. 6. Prioritise walkable services and sustainable transport. 7. Be built in line with the Climate Change Act 2008. 8. Have access to green space and play areas that are accessible to all. 9. Be resilient to a changing climate. 10. Be secure and meet design standards which reduce and prevent crime. 11. Meet standards to eradicate noise pollution. The eleven principles have been developed by the TCPA (Town and Country Planning Association) as part of their Healthy Homes Campaign. You can read more about them here: https://www.tcpa.org.uk/healthy-homes-act
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  • Universal basic income
    There are to many people losing their business and struggling to feed themselves and their family. Urgent help is needed for self employed and those who need it. The current help has to much criteria that either mess up housing benefits or to many people do not fit into the current criteria
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    Created by Wendy Burns
  • Provide Free Data and Unlimited Broadband for Students
    Students are currently being hit by the triple whammy of still needing to pay rent and fees, not being able to work part time and having reduced access to hardship funds due to increased demand. As a result of this lots of students simply cannot afford the data and broadband which is now required in order to keep up with their studies. These factors further exacerbate the pre-existing attainment gap between disadvantaged and their advantaged counterparts in Higher and Further Education. According to research by the Office for Students, across the UK in the first term 18% of students had their ability to study affected by a lack of access to the internet, a figure which is higher for students with disabilities, students who are the first in their family to attend university, student parents and students of colour. It is therefore critical that free data and unlimited broadband is made available to students so that students don't suffer from 'digital poverty'. It is time to provide Free Data and Unlimited Broadband to Students.
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  • Repair and replacement of the paths, steps and walkways on the Calvert Way Estate
    There are a number of health, safety and welfare concerns about access and egress on the estate which is becoming more of an issue by the day due to increasing use since the opening of the Keswick to Threlkeld railway path. A number of pedestrian paths, steps and access routes are in a poor state of repair and are hazardous . The step and walkway access to the site on both sides is very hazardous and there is an increased risk of slips, trips or falls. The steps are extremely large, buckled, warped and rotting away. The wooden handrail alongside the step access to the road by the leisure centre is rotting away and loose. At the base of the steps a hole has appeared in the tarmac. The path running adjacent to the leisure centre at the back of the houses has completely collapsed at the end nearest the Keswick Bridge time share. The steps on the central mound on the estate are also collapsing and the paths are made from loose hardcore rubble posing a trip hazard. The increase in footfall through and around the estate is degenerating the paths further. The estate is home to a range of different people. The poor state of repair to the access and egress route on the estate is particularly challenging for those families with young children, elderly residents and disabled residents. It is important that the access and egress route are repaired and improved without delay to prevent avoidable accident or injury.
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    Created by Franchesca Robson
  • Review Mental Health Act 1983
    I have been through a mental health crisis and misdiagnosed and maltreated
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    Created by Samuel Olanrewaju