• Affordable Housing for all in the South West
    Key workers are struggling to live near where they work, damaging communities. Communities are falling apart as properties are left vacant in winter months. People's mental health is heavily impacted as they struggle to manage financially
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    Created by Robert Palmer
    The Housing Crisis isn't something that's new, if anything its getting worse. We need your help to be able to pressure the people in power to provide for us and our needs.
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    Created by Ellie-Mae Shelton
    6 years of licensed activities without complaint has proven we offer a popular locally distinctive leisure facility which boosts the local rural economy and conserves a heritage landmark to a high standard. It has also shown the site is safe, helps meet the social needs of existing residents and will support the social integration of new residents from the >3000 NEW houses approved since 2020 - within 5 miles of us but without any new social infrastructure. Leisure use since 2016 has rescued the barn and setting from redundancy and by NYE 2022 we will have welcomed nearly 25,000 guests to Coggeshall from all over the world! PUBLIC leisure activities include LIVE MUSIC, LIVE COMEDY, CIRCUS SKILLS etc and takes place between PRIVATE weddings, milestone parties and corporate events. Stock Street offers unique and varied social facilities to all age groups in an area seeing rapid expansion in communities. Reusing our site for leisure is seen locally as entirely positive. Our role is recognised in Coggeshall Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2021, supported by Coggeshall and Bradwell Parish Councils, both Coggeshall District Councillors, local residents and brings many visitors to Coggeshall and Braintree District – BUT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BRAINTREE DISTRICT COUNCIL. Stock Street is the target of heavy-handed tactics designed to deal with planning offenders where harm is reported by local residents, Parish Councils and District councillors. We have never received any complaints from anybody including Highways. Multiple efforts to address concerns and secure planning approval have been prevented; our valid 2020 application 20/00009/FUL was declined public consultation and our reasonable request to submit a new application in April 2022 was denied by a Council press release on 26 April announcing the start of Enforcement Action. The Council press release has badly damaged our business. During the Appeal we aim to show that D2 Leisure activity is a betterment of the site from heritage, public benefit and safer highway access perspectives when compared with the current B8 storage and distribution use (or any other use).
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    Created by Michael Staines
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    Created by David Streadwick
  • Why is there no governing body on motor track days?
    My son was killed on track due to an inexperienced rider being on track. There needs to be a governing body so this happens to no other family.
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    Created by corrine godfrey
  • Life threatening! Pelican crossing urgently needed on Shaw Road!
    The crossing point just before the bridge between turf lane and edge lane in Royton is an accident waiting to happen. There are no indications for drivers that this is a crossing point and pedestrians cant see traffic coming due to parked cars. A pelican crossing is needed before a serious accident occurs. It would be so easy to prevent a serious accident from occurring if the local council installed a pelican crossing. After several near misses with my children I fear that something serious occurring is inevitable without change.
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    Created by kris Bennett
  • Treat feeder insects better
    Regardless of them being feeder insects, they ate still animals and should be treated with respect. Its disgraceful that they're left to die in a tiny container.
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    Created by Emma Gray
  • Don't allow HSBC to "Pinkwash" Birmingham Pride
    The last couple of years have been a challenge to say the least and I think it’s fair to say we could do with a good time. I do understand why Birmingham Pride might need corporate sponsorship, BUT, by allowing HSBC to sponsor the event, they, and Becky Hill's management team, are allowing themselves to be "Pinkwashed". Four reasons why Birmingham Pride should not accept HSBC's sponsorhip and why Becky Hill should not perform at Birmingham Pride if they allow themselves to be "Pinkwashed" by HSBC are: 1: HSBC allegedly still provides loans to companies that are destroying the eco-system that all life on earth depends on. Since 2016, they have provided approximately £72billion to fossil fuel companies. Approximately £26billion of that has gone to coal, gas and oil companies expanding fossil fuels. In 2019, it was linked to livestock and soy companies (that have allegedly been linked to illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest) to the tune of approximately £626million. 2: They have also been widely criticised for publicly supporting China’s anti-democratic legislation in Hong Kong where people face lifetime imprisonment if they dare to stand up to the system. 3: “In July 2017, War on Want released a report which found that HSBC had provided £19.3 billion in loans to and held £832 million in shares for companies supplying Israel with arms”*. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign wrote an open letter (https://www.palestinecampaign.org/open-letter-to-birmingham-pride-from-11-lgbtqia-groups-drop-hsbc/) to Birmingham Pride in 2020 asking them to drop HSBC as a sponsor as they finance the atrocities that are taking place in Palestine. Side-note, by trying to claim Palestinian land as their own, haven't Israel been doing to Palestine for decades what Russia is currently doing to Ukraine? 4: In the year 2020, HSBC allegedly had the worst gender pay gap of all the British banks. Side-note, can you imagine how quickly pay gaps would close if a black man was being paid more than a white man or a gay man was being paid more than a straight man for doing the same job? LGBTQIA+ communities around the world have fought long and hard against oppression. Sadly, in some parts of the world, they are still fighting, sometimes for their lives, against oppression. If Birmingham Pride accepts sponsorship from a business that not only plays a part in the oppression of Hong Kong citizens and the killing of Palestinian citizens but is also financing the destruction of the planet and if Becky Hill performs at a festival that is sponsored by a business as toxic as HSBC, the messages they are sending to the LGBTQIA+ community in Birmingham, oppressed people the world over, women and our children is loud and couldn't be clearer: Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill don't care about the oppression and killing of people in other countries, Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill don't care about the destruction of the eco-system that all life depends on (including the lives of our children and our children's children) and Birmingham Pride and Becky Hill also don't care about financial inequalities between the sexes. If Birmingham Pride, the LGBTQIA+ community, the people of Birmingham and Becky Hill allow themselves to be "PInkwashed" by HSBC, the message they will send is that none of those things matter, just so long as people get to have a good time at Birmingham Pride. Is that really what Birmingham Pride, the LGBTQIA+ community, the people of Birmingham and Becky Hill want to be known and remembered for? *https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/money-finance/whats-wrong-hsbc-barclays
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    Created by Malikai Andrew Picture
  • Get conversion therapy illegal for transgender people too
    Conversion therapy is an outdated idea and should be illegal. No matter what your gender or sexuality other people should not be allowed to choose for you. As the bill does not include transgender people it appears that they are less important than cisgender people.
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    Created by Floris Tyrrell
  • Paid Bank Holidays for ALL workers
    It is important to be fair to all workers, it shouldn't be down to who you happen to work for. What a boost the extra Bank Holiday would give the nation. Never has it been needed more, to lift the spirit of our workers, families and friends.
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    Created by Helen Richards
  • Don’t privatise the Passport Office
    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened to privatise the Passport Office if it does not sort out the delays and start delivering better value for money. Getting a passport should be something everyone can access and be a simple process, but selling the passport office off to the highest bidder could increase costs with no guarantee that current issues would be solved.
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  • Youth Centre for Southend
    I feel that the age group between 11 and 17 are becoming really bad in the Southend area due to a mix of things: Drugs, County Lines gangs pressured into doing things they don't want to do, along with many other bad things that they shouldn't be subjected to. I feel that if we had a building with the right people in there - some from support work backgrounds, people that can provide confidential one-to-one or even group sessions - we would be able to offer real support and advice to the local youth. I'd say there are a lot of vulnerable people out there that won't speak out or seek advice. But having the right place to make those people feel comfortable, where they can come down and get involved in activities such as indoor football/pool tables/computers/films etc. along with educational programs and access to help and guidance for a better life future to be pointed in the right direction would be beneficial. Of course each person would be monitored inside assessed spoken to. It would be a place where they can open up with no judgement and give them the best possible advice for moving forward - and when anything severe arises or that is a big concern, information can be collected and passed on to the right department to look into and solve. In reality when one young person is in a bad place and at a loose end they won't seek help via adults services as they feel they will get into trouble or look weak. Whereas going through as what they would see as a mate at the centre a fun understanding normal day to day person that they build a repor with outside of the public service ie uniform . Give young people a safe environment and they will open up. Provide the right services and people - social workers/mental health assessors/job centres and advisers - to help find work and get on the right track, supported by friendly staff and in a space where they can enjoy themselves (with games etc.) It's all about our next generation. And as we can all see, the up and coming generation seem to be increasingly lost too soon, with no interest in drive or progression in life.
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    Created by Nicholas Stratton