• Speed camera
    Children's park , lots of walkers crossing the road and children cycle on the road . People speed up this road too often . Been lots of near misses witnessed!
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  • Stop plans for unitary authority in Warwickshire
    We are asking for your support to stop Warwickshire County Council’s plans to abolish Rugby Borough Council and replace it with a single unitary authority for the whole of the county. Plans for a unitary authority would mean your local voice would be lost; decisions affecting the district would be made by people at a county level who would prioritise the needs of Warwickshire over those of Rugby. The current ongoing parking fiasco is good example of Warwickshire County Council’s heavy handed approach to regional matters. We should be able to govern ourselves and decisions should be made by people who actually live in the area. As of the end of August 2020, Shire Hall has already pressed ahead with matter before a major meeting on September 22nd. There’s still time to stop this . . . or at least let them know how we feel.
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  • Give MPs a Parliamentary Vote on a future US Trade Deal.
    A US -UK trade deal is likely to have a profoundly negative impact on the lives of people in the UK. Many regulations that have kept us and the environment safe will disappear along with animal welfare standards. A Trade Deal with the US will be in reality a trade deal between the U.K and ruthless multinational corporations that wield huge amounts of power. Most trade deals contain clauses known as ISDS clauses, (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clauses whereby governments can be fined millions of pounds if an investor's profits are reduced in any way and for whatever reason. Big business is likely to play a major but negative part in our lives in the future. Parliamentarians should be granted a final vote on the US trade deal; secrecy should be lifted in support of transparency and democracy.
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    Created by Christine Wardlow-Kaye
  • Save G15 youth project
    ⚠️⚠️ G15 YOUTH PROJECT UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ 50% cut in funding ⚠️⚠️ Dear parents of G15 Youth Project Members Due to recommendations from Glasgow city council Glasgow community fund future funding, G15 youth project is set to receive 50% reduction in our funding. This decision will have a devastating impact on the future of the project and the support to local young people of which your son or daughter maybe a member. G15 is also the lead support for Drumchapel D60 which hosted all your community events like D in the park, Halloween in the hills and Winter wonderland/Free Santa’s Grotto that we organise each year. G15 youth project is in danger of closure due to this decision and we need your voice and support to express your value of the service and to help save G15 Youth Project. This can be done by writing or contacting your local elected members MP and MSP expressing your concern. (please see their email contacts below) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] We have always appreciated your support and would welcome your voice in this difficult situation. WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE
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    Created by Gary Kelly
  • Sharp disposable bins
    Syringes are not only unpleasant to see lying around, they could have infections on, never mind the obvious they have traces of drugs, witch could be fatal if a child or animal come in to contact with them.
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  • All Airline Passengers Over 6'5" Should Be Given Upgraded Legroom on ALL Flights
    Even on a flight of two hours a person can experience large amounts of discomfort not being able to sit the way their body naturally should. This increases chances of DVT and a build-up of lactic acid. Moreover, it is hard to fully accommodate the brace position, if necessary, in such a situation.
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  • Pay parents to parent not strangers.
    Family life has been eroded. Child mental health is depreciating . More people want to avoid covid and stay at home . It .makes no sense , to pay strangers with goverment money . When it could enable parents, to care for their own children.
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    Created by Jill Freeman
  • Save Our Tree
    The tree is part of Goat Street and the only street tree we have. It is important for the environment, for the quality of air we breath, for the nesting birds and great source of pollen for the bees in spring.
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    Created by Rosina Coe
  • Exemption badge mandotory for not wearing a mask, help stop questions being asked
    I have a child with a rare medical Condition and Cardiomyopathy (Heart Problems). I have to be extremely carefully when out and about with my child, so he doesn't catch the coronavirus.(Numbers are on the rise AGAIN). I know it's an extremely hard time for everyone, and a lot of people's disabilities or health is not visible, which make it hard, this is why I'm asking that proof of exemption is made mandotory. The reason for this is stop anyone commenting and also allows staff to do there jobs to the government standard(this isn't happening in a lot of shops around the country). My child and I have already been refused entry to a SHOP, I had my mask on but otherwise was told either my child was to wear a face mask or we needed proof. THIS IS EMBARRASSING WHEN THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND It is unfair that people with disabilities or health related issue have to be subject to this when it is currently not LAW, It's embarrassing THIS SHOW BE LAW. EXEMPTION CARD SHOULD BE MADE MANDOTORY JUST LIKE WEARING A Mask IS MANDOTORY
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    Created by AL Still
  • Increase the number of SEND school places in Kent
    SEND children are being denied their human right to an education appropriate to their needs due to lack of suitable schools places
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  • Student transport assistance
    A lot of parents cannot afford to pay daily bus fayre for their children to attend school or college on top of school meals and uniforms and normal daily bills and spends. Children have to attend school and we encourage college in order to progress education for our future economy. Currently children that live more than 3 miles away receive massively reduced bus fayre, yet those that live less than this are expected to pay full bis fayre. This is personal to me as my daughter has started college and there will ne times when we cannot take her and as the cold dark nights creep in there will be time when she has to walk home alone, in the dark for a 49 minute journey. We live 2.5 miles which might not sound much but 49 minutes in the cold and dark is plenty. Ironically enough, any children 5 mins around the corner from us are able to get the bus for 50p a day, £1.90 a day cheaper than my daughter all because she lives 5 minutes closer. So a 54 minute walk warrents travel assistace yet a 49 minute walk does not. How is it that students are given student discount on an array if items because it is deemed they need the discount, yet traveling to school and college safely is not paramount. I am not saying it should be free, all I am is saying is that all students should receive a consession when it comes to travel. Ultimately we want our children to be safe and get to school or college on time without the worry or a massive hole in the wallet.
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    Created by Stephen Cook
  • Fair Marking for Counsellors during COVID-19 at Salford University
    Most student counsellors on these programs have worked for free during COVID-19, providing telephone and/or online counselling to clients, having had minimal training on practicing in this way. Previously, students were not allowed to practice remotely due to ethical implications, but the global pandemic made a sudden change of policy necessary. This has put us at a disadvantage in terms of the marking of our audio submissions (recordings of a session with a client), which had to be recorded under unusual and unprecedented circumstances that fell outside the criteria of the taught program. We want a review of the recent results and marking criteria, taking account of these unusual circumstances in which the work was forced to be done due to COVID-19, and reflecting the commitment and the hard work of student counsellors during these exceptional and difficult times (as well as the disruption to the taught program and student support). They could, for example, calculate average marks based on work handed in before the pandemic. In adhering to pre-COVID marking criteria for work that was carried out in a way that was, by necessity, at odds with the teaching of the program, Salford University is effectively punishing us for the impact that lockdown has had on our studies. Having been unfairly penalised and prevented from qualifying, we will have to continue to work for free and obtain a second audio recording only to face the same dilemma, as most organisations are still not allowing face-to-face counselling sessions to take place. If the same marking criteria are applied a second time and we are similarly penalised we would be liable for an extra year of fees. For those funded by student finance the only financially viable option is to defer for a year. This means that there will be fewer newly qualified counsellors at a time when they are needed more than ever.
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    Created by Sarah McGrath