• Let's Get Britain Tidy Again!
    Some of the rubbish scenes in our cities and beaches over this past week have been so upsetting and distressing to see whilst we are in a Pandemic. Big fines and urging people to take their rubbish with them would be a good way to earn money and on the spot fines to shame people who are fly tipping or littering is so important. Only one year since Blue planet and David Attenborough talking at Glastonbury we have to stop the waste, clean the environment and dispose of our rubbish properly for the sake of our seas, creatures and future.
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  • Allow Forest Schools to Open as Soon as Possible
    The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 31 says “That every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.” Currently independent forest schools and outdoor educators are not allowed to offer activities to children under the lock-down rules. There are suggestions from the DfE that this will not change on 4th July. Being able to socialise with their friends and have access to nature based group activities is good for children's physical and mental health. The government have recommended that children get exercise outdoors, that schools take lessons outside as much as possible and that classes may contain up to 15 children. Children are allowed to access sports training outside. Adults are being encouraged to go to work, join sports clubs and visit shopping centres. If we were 'following the science' forest schools would be open now. Forest School Leaders are trained professionals with first aid qualifications experienced in managing risk and providing healthy, fun and stimulating activities for children of all ages. We are therefore perfectly placed to be able to offer activities to children that are Covid-19 risk assessed which will allow children to socialise and enjoy nature in a low viral-risk environment. Parents of school children and home schooled children are asking us when their children can participate in nature based activities with their friends. We believe all Forest Schools should be allowed to open as soon as possible for all children. Forest School Leaders have always put children's welfare at the top of their list of priorities. Forest School by definition is child centred learning, see https://www.forestschoolassociation.org/what-is-forest-school/ Children's emotional, mental and physical well-being is central to our practise. A study based on track and trace data has demonstrated that children are at low risk from contracting covid-19, from developing serious symptoms, from passing the virus between each other and from passing the virus from a child to an adult. See https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19/children-and-covid-19
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  • Ban travellers from US until Covid-19 is brought under control there
    The US is the top global hotspot for Covid-19 and the failure of the federal government and many states to contain the virus means it will continue to spread rapidly there for many more months. Those flying into the UK from the US are thus far more likely to transmit the virus than those from almost any other country. The EU, where countries have generally managed Covid-19 quite effectively, is considering just such a ban: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/world/europe/europe-us-travel-ban.html With R still at 1 or just above in the UK, the government here must do all it can to protect its citizens. This measure would ensure people here don't pay for the failure of the US to combat this deadly virus.
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  • Do not suspend trial by jury to catch up with court case backlog
    The right to trial by jury is an ancient and essential part of the English Legal System and to remove it or erode it in any form would be a disaster for the common people. Once rights are eroded it is almost impossible to win them back. We don't won't to start sliding down that slope.
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  • (More British Circuit's) Specifically Castle Combe on Forza Motorsport 8
    The previous Forza Motorsport's have lacked in the number of British Circuits and therefore I say it's time for change especially as other games such as rfactor have included Castle Combe in their track list so why not Forza?
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  • Protect flora and fauna on nature reserves
    As reported by Chris Packham and The Countryfile magazine - ' The Wildlife Trusts consisting of 46 nature charities across the UK — have been left reeling from the damage caused by an increased number of visitors to reserves as a result of lockdown restrictions being eased, combined with warmer weather. The organisation reported a huge increase in damage to its reserves and the wildlife that lives there' ...dogs have killed ground-nesting birds, rare plants disturbed or destroyed through dog faeces.
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    Canvey Island is being ruined by over building . Canvey Island seafront is unique and affordable for the masses and draws in thousands of families . They come because of Leisure Island Fun Park . A cheap enjoyable day out for families . Take that away and the thousands will not come anymore .
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    If People have proper Benefit rate then Food Banks could be removed give people the right to buy food the wish. this in turn would give back dignity which is removed by having to go to Food Banks also removes the stigma of being poor not able to feed there children. I am chairman of Loaves and Fishes Food Bank in East Kiilbride we experience mothers coming in tears humiliated because they have no money to feed there children mostly caused by waiting on benefit being payed o change of benefit when you live below poverty linehow can you survive if you have to wait 5 weeks to get money by that time they are in debt borrowing from friends some end up going to the very people the Government wanted done away with illegal money lender. why do go to them desperation all because benefits were cut so people would go out and work but no one provided work. not every one can work some have bad health biggest problem mental health. We have social workers coming to us on regular basis for lients who can't feed there selves. In reality why should You go to work to not only feed your family but feed others because benefits were cut its not hard to work out before benefits were cut there were no food banks 2010 benefits were cut within 3 months of cuts Food Banks arose time to give back not punish. please add your name to bring back a caring society you care enough to donate food please care enough to donate your name Denis Curran MBE Chairman Loaves and Fishes Charity
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  • Lift the alcohol ban on Glasgow's streets and parks
    This has always been an attack on Glasgow's working class. Not everyone can afford to go to the pub and not everyone has a garden. Yet, we are unable to drink alcohol in a park or on the streets like we see in Edinburgh. This is particularly damaging in the current Covid crisis. We must lift this ban to ensure people can enjoy what little freedom we have right now. We demand the same rights as Edinburgh. We are tired of being branded criminals for exercising freedoms while posing no risk to others.
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  • Ban disposable barbecues and sky lanterns
    Time and time again, portable barbecues and sky lanterns have caused havoc in the countryside. Portable barbecues and sky lanterns have been the cause of multiple forest, bush, and barn fires around the world, having been left and released by unthinking people. In addition, livestock and other animals have been ingesting and becoming entangled by the wires from sky lanterns that have landed nearby. This has to stop,
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  • Reinstate the Covid Daily Briefing
    Actions speak more loudly than words. The government tells us to be careful but its recent actions create a false sense of security. I know - it happened to me . . . After the last relaxation of regulations, I went out (in my car) for the first time since early March. As I drove in the lovely sunshine, my anxieties began to evaporate. Everything seemed so normal that I began to think, 'Why was I so worried? There can't be danger here!' I had to make a conscious effort to remind myself that the virus remains essentially unchanged. Yes, the probability of being infected is lower, but the effect if that happens is still as deadly - and we don't know who's infectious and who isn't. The government continues verbally to urge caution and emphasise that the virus has not gone away. But the action of stopping the daily briefings at the precise time that so many other restrictions were relaxed sends a dangerous subliminal message: 'We don't need to be as vigilant any more, so we're not going to update you.' Whatever the words may say, it now 'feels' to many people as if the crisis is over - a sunbather on a crowded beach said as much to a TV reporter: 'Corona isn't an issue, now'. Without the briefings it will be so easy to forget and relax our precautions and that will mean further unnecessary deaths. If we are to avoid a dangerous second peak that kills thousands more people and at least strains, or worse overwhelms the NHS, it is essential that the continued presence and potency of the virus is actively kept within our awareness. The briefing fulfilled a vital function in maintaining our awareness and really needs to be reinstated as quickly as possible
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  • Live entertainment, DJ, performers self employed furlough payments
    The government have allowed pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to re open on July 4th. This is wonderful news for many thousands of UK businesses and employees. However, the government also state that live entertainment, music and performances are not permitted until further notice. The 2nd and final furlough payment for self employed people will be made in August. This petition is to get extended furlough payments for self employed musicians, performers and DJ's (should they be needed) until the government state that they can return to their business of performing in front of live audiences in these venues. PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND ASK TO BE SHARED BY OTHERS. THANK YOU!
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