• Save Phoenix House Community Centre
    Phoenix House and The Bus Shelter Kent Community Hub need your help. Please could you sign this petition so that the people of Swale can keep Phoenix House. KCC are trying to sell it. There are very few community centres in Sittingbourne as KCC are selling them off or closing them down. The community are running out of spaces for local clubs to be held. It is currently being used by The Bus Shelter Kent Community Hub which is a local homeless charity, food and clothes bank for the homeless and vulnerable of Swale. It is a life line for many families in this area. Please will you help me by signing this petition and getting justice for the community and those who really need the community centre. Thank you. I really appreciate your help. Kind regards Leigh
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    Created by Leigh Bacon
  • Ice Rink in Devon
    It is a truly happy place to be especially in winter months and that experience has been taken away from many families.
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    Created by Alexandra Gray
  • Stop selling weapons to Isreal
    We want to be a proud nation that hold high moral values and would be highly respected by the people of this world
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    Created by Ullas Patel
  • Thames water
    This your health, your families health at risk for an essential service the responsibility of which could be recognised as being met by basic government tax not as an afterthought.
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    Created by Mike Shopland
  • Re-open MEEKA WINES
    100,000 signatures and this will be discussed in parliament. Most important issue in UK right now. Sign immediately. You know it makes sense.
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    Created by Lak Deol
  • Children’s’ vaping and premature death
    As stated in the previous letter, anyone who thinks this problem should no longer be ignored and feels compelled to act to prevent this terrifying problem from reaching such proportions that it becomes too late to do anything.
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    Created by Derek McCamlie
  • Fibromyalgia ! Better Assessment & Treatment With The NHS
    Many people do not understand Fibromyalgia or even know what it is, therefore cannot understand the suffering that comes from having this medical condition & all the others associated with it.
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    Created by Fay-Amie Aspen
  • Help change the law regarding headstones
    I'm name after my dad, who I lost when I was fifteen years old. A few days after he died, his girlfriend bought the plot for his grave and had the rights regarding his headstone because she owned the plot. Once she bought the headstone, she changed his surname on it, despite him having two daughters (including me) with his surname. She also took it upon herself to not only change his last name on the headstone but he has no mention of being a dad on there either. I believe regardless of who owns the plot, no one should have that power over someone in death, so much so that they have the ability to completely strip them of their name and identity. A law should be put in place regarding the rights a person has to alter a name on a headstone, unless the person dead has it written in their will or has had their birth name changed legally before death. My dad was born into this world with the same name as me, surname included, and he deserves the same respect in death. I wanted to start this petition to get the attention of anyone who can sympathise with my story and help make a change. No one has the right to tamper with a persons name in death, regardless of them owning the plot of their grave unless it’s been written in a will stating otherwise. This issue hasn’t only effected me, and I want to make change as soon as possible so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’ve read multiple stories online of people experiencing something very similar. One that resonated with me deeply was of a man who had a young daughter with his ex wife. His ex wife went on to remarry, and she had every right to the headstone. She changed her late daughters surname from her own biological dads to her new husbands surname without permission from the daughter or the daughter's own biological dad. There was nothing her biological dad could do, as his ex wife had bought the plot therefore had every right to do what she wanted with the headstone. I believe these things should not happen, and I want nothing more than to make the laws regarding headstones and the ability to change a dead persons name much stricter to prevent this tragedy from happening to anyone else.
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    Created by Jamie Alderton
  • Don’t let Prince Andrew return to royal duties
    Sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew led to him being pushed out of royal duties in 2019 and prevented from using his royal titles in 2022. But at a vulnerable time for the Royal Family, Prince Andrew has begun stepping in to undertake royal duties. This is despite the fact that the allegations against him remain active; Prince Andrew may have settled the sexual assault civil lawsuit against him out of court, but US court documents still allege connections between him and the case against the convicted child sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. In view of this, it is vital that Prince Andrew is not permitted to undertake royal duties or use his royal titles.
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  • Suspend arms sales to the Israeli government
    Innocent civilians in Gaza are dying every day because of the conflict there. Seven aid workers, including British citizens, were killed “systematically, car by car” in a targeted Israeli air strike in Gaza while leaving a food warehouse. As the UN Secretary-General said in February, the “tragic human toll of the conflict in Gaza,” is appalling. This is why last week over 130 MPs and peers from different parties asked David Cameron to suspend arms export licences to the Israeli government, this week he reportedly warned Israel that the UK may cut off arms supplies if they don’t let aid into Gaza and respect international law. Pressure is mounting for the Prime Minister to act, 56% of voters back a ban on arms sales to Israel, and over 600 legal experts signed a letter today saying that the UK is breaching international law by continuing to arm Israel. But Rishi Sunak hasn’t heard directly from us yet - and a huge petition signed by all of us could be the final push he needs to suspend selling arms to the Israeli Government until they let aid into Gaza and respect international law.
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  • Reinstate the hard shoulder on smart motorways
    If a car breaks down, stops or has to go very slowly for any reason they need to be able to go onto the hard shoulder and avoid being run into by other vehicles. Although smart motorways have created emergency laybys its complete luck to be close to them when your car stops. It's virtually impossible for a vehicle travelling in the current inner lane to be able to stop or move lanes to avoid hitting a vehicle which breaks down just ahead of them.
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    Created by john price
  • Increase SEN sessions, including during school holidays
    According to the Family Resources Survey (2021 to 2022), 16 million people in the UK have a disability. 11%, or 1.76 million of these are children. SEN children deserve the same opportunities as all other children but face many barriers to achieving these. Why does my child not have the same Opportunities to play as his sister does?
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    Created by Emily Oliver