the entire country wants to see this WE DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FISHING TRIP AND WE NEED TO KNOW (ps. does smithy say yes or not, what will happen to neil the baby if so?)
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  • Change the law so that landlords must accept pets
    Many people have no choice but to rent. Their landlords don't allow pets & this is deeply unfair.
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  • The Child Protection System in the UK is failing our families.
    The system is failing, broken and corrupt. Families are being traumatised and left with irreparable emotional damage as a result of false allegations that result in the removal of children from happy, safe and secure homes.
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  • Support refugee families
    It is important that we make the government aware of the depth of our feeling within our community. We need to ask why the government has introduced this apparent measure to scrap a scheme designed to enable refugee children and young people the opportunity to be reunited with members of their family here in the UK. This proposal adds more confusion and uncertainty to an already confusing situation. It will not stop young refugees from trying to come to Britain, but is likely to result in them taking increasingly dangerous routes to do so, putting them at the mercy of traffickers and people smugglers. This certainly feels like an extension of the hostile environment which we had hoped was a policy of the past.
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  • Keep paypoints in local shops for pay as you go Gas & Electricity Card/key meter users
    A lot of people who use prepayment meters do it because the are in very low income stream households & it avoids getting a big bill which could financially send them under. Also many of these users are not only elderly, infirm, but also disabled & in many cases unable to travel long distances. The paypoints traditonally have been in local newsagent shops, easy to walk to and access, plus open very early in the morning to very late at night (10pm in my local shop). I have learnt it is going to be introduced that people will have to go to a Post Office to top up from January. Also the minimum had been made £5 instead of £1.........well that I can understand, in a way but it does'nt help people who are really struggling hand to mouth. But the part that is really wrong is topping up at post offices - firstly loads have been closed down anyway, the hours are limited which doesnt help those who are working to top up easily, plus it may be very difficult for disabled, or elderly people to travel the journey to a post office to just get gas/electricity! I believe this decision is hindering not helping the people most vulnerable & in difficulty in our Society, who British Gas, with their huge multi million profits yearly, surely have a duty to try & physically make it as convienient as possible to pay their utilities. To force people onto a pay as you go smart meter is not practical.....there are still people without Bank Accounts and a lot of elderly who do not have access to or know how to use a computer. Lets keep society integrated and inclusive and leave the paypoint system which works perfectly well; well alone!
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  • Mill road speed reduction
    There's been an increased number of incidents on Mill road, residents on the road noted increase of traffic speeds. Previous Fatalities on the road. Breaking speed limit. Road traffic accidents coming in and out of Buckden Marina/Greenway/traffic calming area.
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  • Save The Cowley Chestnut Tree
    Chestnut trees are now on the endangered list, and more must be done to preserve mature trees like this one that can adsorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide in their lifetime, and emit 260 lbs of oxygen a season. Local residents are incensed public amenities have disappeared from the area in recent years, and now want to take a stand to protect this much valued chestnut tree. This chestnut tree was originally planted by the Gibbons family that ran a bakery on the site approx 100 years ago, and this tree is the only surviving feature of 'Old Cowley' and should be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, for the prosperity and amenity of future generations. 1,500 signatures will trigger a extensive debate at Oxford City Council on the Cowley Chestnut Tree.
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  • Don’t backtrack on £10.50 minimum wage
    The government promised during the election to raise the minimum wage to £10.50 by 2024. Now they’re backtracking, and saying it will only be raised if “economic conditions allow.” That’s not good enough for the thousands of people in work who are struggling to make ends meet on the current £8.21 minimum wage. It’s not enough to cover rent, bills, or feeding their kids. We need to make sure that the Government fulfills their promise and raises the minimum wage.
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  • Protect Child Refugees after Brexit
    Children are being left stranded all over Europe, living rough on the street, after fleeing their homes and being separated from their families due to war and violence. But it doesn't have to be this way - many of these children have aunts, uncles or grandparents in the UK that are desperate to take them in. But these family reunions are under threat. The Prime Minister’s new Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which sets out plans for the UK’s exit from the EU, has scrapped a previous commitment to protect child refugees after Brexit. The previous commitment stated that: “an unaccompanied child who has made a claim for international protection in a member state can come to the UK to join a relative” - and this has been recently dropped. We need to make sure that in amongst the Brexit chaos and political infighting these children don't slip through the cracks.
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  • Reject the Corporate Takeover of The Edinburgh Fringe
    As shameful as it is to admit, I knew about the problems at The Edinburgh Fringe long before the stand I am making now. I've been going as a participant and punter since 2011 and have had first-hand experience for the exploitation, shocking work-practices and health and safety concerns that many people are bravely being open about. You only need to read some of the articles of people who say 'Cambodia have better working conditions than the fringe' https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-fringe-whistleblower-says-working-16020203 - or the amazing work Unite have done around holding individual venues such as C Venues to account (and even getting the University to withhold their venues). I attended the Fringe Society AGM in August 2019 with a clear question; In the Articles of Association, it lists the powers of the Fringe Society under point. 4.1.2 to ‘to educate, support, advise, and encourage those who participate in the Arts’, SUPPORT is the word I want to concentrate on here, because I feel that this has not been publicly fulfilled as dozens upon dozens of participants in the Edinburgh Fringe have publicly declared instances of low pay, being overworked, harassed, ill-treated, who knows how many are too frightened to come forward. For example the case of Shira Kaliski, who was quoted in the Sunday Mail that the conditions working in Cambodia are better than the Edinburgh Fringe; quoted as living off ‘slave wages’ ‘working 17 hour days’ sharing a room with 3 other people, no food, in the whole month, just three days off’. I have witnessed scenes working at the fringe myself, and implored to speak out. Why hasn’t the Fringe Society supported these people under this point, why has there been no public show of empathy, I understand that society directors are asked about things beyond their control, but this issue is under the articles of association, you may say this isn’t from someone who has directly contacted you, but I am happy to sit with Shona McCarthy and any board members, the board chair to tell you and show you evidence of exploitation, negligence and actions which I am reliable informed of as illegal, I’ve endured and so have others. The great things about the Fringe Society is that we can meet here today in a supportive space, where chief executives and participants respecting each other as equals, that will listen to one another and work supportively towards positive outcomes, that is something to be applauded and championed, so please can you respond to the point; are you aware of the conditions participants are made to work in, confirm that they are illegal and do you offer empathy? I have indeed met with Shona McCarthy and have had a very good conversation about how to work towards a positive solution. The Fringe Societies powers are limited, which may be part of the problem. This petition is to show that many Edinburgh Fringe Creatives and Workers need to know that the only public face of The Edinburgh Fringe actually understands the importance of the issue, can show empathy and work towards meaningful action with the organisations who are responsible.
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  • Make social care fair and affordable
    Social care in the UK is in crisis. The cost of care is so high that over 400 people a week have to sell their homes to pay for their social care. It’s a scandal. For years the government's promises to fix our broken social care system have turned out to be empty words. Let's make sure the government finally sticks to its promise that no one should ever have to sell their home to pay for social care.
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  • Bristol City Council debate about the expansion of Bristol Airport
    Given that Bristol has declared a climate emergency, it is important to consider the impact of the expansion of Bristol airport. The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, has submitted comments to North Somerset council in favour of the expansion of Bristol airport but it is not clear if this represents the views of full council or the citizens of Bristol. To understand the impact of the proposal to expand the airport, we request a full and informed debate.
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