• Let MPs represent constituents’ views
    Rishi Sunak sacked an MP from his parliamentary position for representing his constituent’s views after Paul Bristow wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a ceasefire in the Israel and Gaza conflict. MPs should not be disciplined for bringing attention to their constituents’ views. So far, Labour has allowed MPs to deviate from the party line without disciplinary action. The sacking is all over the news and Keir Starmer is being asked if MPs will be disciplined for breaking from the party line. This is a huge opportunity to show all party leaders that MPs must be allowed to discuss their constituents’ wishes. A huge petition signed by people up and down the UK could force the Prime Minister to change his mind and show opposition parties that they shouldn’t follow Rishi Sunak’s lead. Our MPs are meant to represent us, and they shouldn’t be punished for that.
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  • MPs pensions should not be different from the rest of us!
    Jeremy Hunt is calling for pension funds to invest our money differently. This could effect how much money we have when we retire because the value of most pensions goes up and down depending on how they’re invested, but it won’t affect MPs' because they get a fixed income from their pension. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) decides the conditions for MP's pensions. A petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people demanding that MPs' pensions follow the same rules as all of us, could make them act quickly because they won't be used to huge public attention.
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  • Make public transport accessible to the clinically vulnerable
    Accessibility should be for all. Making spaces safe for clinically vulnerable people is an accessibility issue that we need to address moving forward.
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    Created by Nico Reznick
  • Give all companies and agencies certificate of sponsorships
    Carers are humans and should be treated as such.
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    Created by Loreen Matuku Another Chance
  • SAY NO TO timber plantation killing prime farmland - plant for timber in marginal land instead
    High quality South West farmland, the renowned historic landscape and distinctly beautiful countryside of this area are at risk of irrevocable damage from planting the wrong trees, in the wrong place. The prospect sets a dangerous precedent for farmland across England being taken over for timber, or other greenwashing projects, approved through the back door, when it should be conserved for imperative food production to feed the nation. Plant for commercial timber in marginal land, and do not blight this rare and spectacular, expansive landscape. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be conducted, at a bare minimum, in accordance with EIA regulations. Under the regulations this land, known as Bonham Plain, is a “sensitive area” (project of over 50 ha or where any part is in an AONB) Afforestation in a "sensitive area" is deemed to have significant impact on the environment, warranting an Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure a full understanding of the ramifications of planting here. It is duplicitous of the Forestry Commission to create regulations, designed to ensure their slogan "Right Tree, Right Place, Right Reason" , and then ignore them in their approval process. They have further violated the regulations by not providing any coherent reasoning for no EIA. It is useful to note the failure of process that led to the Forestry Commission's errors in approving the forestry project for Wallshield, Northumbria, which they claimed to have learnt from: https://www.channel4.com/news/forestry-commission-admits-it-was-wrong-to-allow-trees-to-be-planted-on-peat-bogs The very same failure of process has led to the approval of Bonham Plain Protect this top quality arable land to produce our food - plant for timber in marginal quality land
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    Created by Bridget Wayman
  • Complete the Great Western Railway Electrification to Bristol Temple Meads
    To reduce the effects of climate change and improve the environment in the vicinity of the railway. To improve journey times and make the journey more pleasant for the passengers
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    Created by Richard Harman
  • David lloyd Beckenham light up the walkway!
    To look after each other and help make members feel safe during their visit
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    Created by Karen Brodie-Kebble
  • Lift the suspension on MP Andy McDonald
    This is blatantly an attack on freedom of speech and an alternative narrative.
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    Created by Rupert Gane
  • Open Safe Corridor for Palestinian Refugees in Gaza to come to the UK
    As one of many citizens of the United Kingdom urge the UK government to take immediate action towards establishing a safe corridor for Palestinians in Gaza to seek refuge, while also securing their right to return when a two-state solution is agreed upon. We condemn the continuous human rights violations endured by the Palestinian population at the hands of the Israeli government forces and Hamas, and believe it is imperative to address this pressing issue. The Need for a Safe Corridor: Similar to the Ukraine scheme there is an urgent necessity for the UK government to establish a safe corridor for Palestinian civilians in Gaza to be able to access a safe haven away from the current war where 1000's of innocent people have already been killed. Key Issues: A. Humanitarian Crisis: The war led by Israel which has destroyed living conditions, limited access to clean water, healthcare, education, and food, has necessitated the need to create an urgent need for a safe corridor in order to safeguard the lives and well-being of innocent civilians. Already 1000's have died, mainly children. B. Protection of Civilian Lives: Already 1000's of people, many of them children have been killed. The constant threat of violence and military operations disproportionately affect innocent Palestinians, including women, children, and the elderly. A safe corridor would provide an escape route for those seeking refuge. C. International Responsibility: As a humanitarian global leader, the UK has a moral obligation to protect vulnerable populations and uphold human rights. Establishing a safe corridor would demonstrate the UK's commitment to justice and peace. D. Guaranteeing Right of Return: The importance of guaranteeing the right of Palestinians to return to their ancestral homeland is crucial because: a. Historical Context: The right of return is a fundamental principle upheld by international law and numerous United Nations resolutions. Palestinians deserve the right to return to their homes when a viable two-state solution is agreed upon. b. Dignity and Justice: Denying Palestinians the right to return undermines their dignity, perpetuates injustice, and perpetuates the cycle of displacement and suffering. It is crucial to address this issue in order to achieve a just and lasting solution.
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    Created by Nadeem Murtuja
  • Safer School Streets in Coddington
    As both a District Cllr for Coddington and a Mother of three, who uses these footpaths almost every single day, I believe that by taking these steps, Nottinghamshire County Council can demonstrate its commitment to the safety and well-being of the Coddington community and its dedication to providing safe access to our local school and promoting active and sustainable living.
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    Created by Emma Oldham Picture
  • Turn HS2 route into a wildlife highway
    Any building/ vehicle yards already built can be turned into enroute playgrounds and exercise areas and the government along with wildlife charities can make this a positive landscape feature that would enhance property values and create a wildlife corridor as well as a route to complete charity and well-being events that link cities and communities. We can’t replicate what was lost but we can replace for the future.
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    Created by Rachel Buckland
  • Make large multinationals lift the lid on their taxes
    The vast majority of multinational enterprises that operate in the UK refuse to disclose how much corporation tax they pay here or in any other country. Which means that we have no way of telling whether the likes of Amazon and Facebook are paying their fair share of taxes. What we need is a breakdown of exactly how much income, profit and tax is being generated – otherwise known as “public country-by-country reporting” (pCbCR). The more transparency we have, the less likely multinationals are to stash profits away in tax havens. Across the globe, 35% of multinational profits (US$1 trillion) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a 10% reduction in corporate income tax revenue. Within this, the UK was found to suffer a staggering £64bn of profit shifting, leading to an estimated £12.5bn reduction in corporation tax revenues. A small, but growing, number of responsible enterprises voluntarily embrace the need for such transparency and say what they pay with pride - such as Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses. Furthermore, pCbCR will soon be mandatory for large multinationals operating across the European Union, with similar requirements recently announced in Australia also. It is now time for the UK to require similar action. Especially as in 2016, MPs from all sides of Parliament voted in support of such action being taken – although the Government has, to date, refused to enact legislation. So we say: don’t delay – it’s time to #ShowMeTheMoney and for all multinationals to lift the lid on the taxes they pay in the UK and around the world.
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