• Provide Canonbie Primary School with WiFi internet
    There have been multiple unsuccessful attempts made to the local education department by the headteacher and the Parent Council to try and get WiFi for Canonbie Primary. Both Langholm Primary and Langholm Academy have WiFi access and as a partner school in a cluster with them, we believe Canonbie Primary should be treated equally and be given WiFi. We live in a digital era and for Canonbie Primary pupils to be successful they have to have digital skills. The ability to use computers and other digital equipment, use online applications, find information online, assess its quality and value, and make use of it in daily life is crucial in their education and their future as they enter the world of work. It is widely recognised that WiFi can improve the quality of education in many ways: • it enables access to a much wider range of information, knowledge and educational resources, increasing opportunities for learning in and beyond the classroom • it helps to keep lessons interesting which helps to keep pupils enthusiastic and passionate in their learning • interactive teaching methods enable teachers to tailor lessons and give more attention to individual pupils’ needs and abilities and support shared learning • it helps pupils in understanding the lessons being discussed • it helps pupils and teachers accomplish tasks faster • accessing online materials and digital technologies helps to reduce costs associated with textbooks and materials • pupils need to learn how to use the internet safely and to do everyday tasks such as online buying, internet banking and social media • pupils can develop research skills by exploring online content on their own and can immediately find the learning materials that they need while they are in school. The national curriculum and associated assessments are all changing to take account of the internet and digital technologies. The Scottish Government's Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy states that all learners should benefit fully from learning and teaching enhanced by digital technology. Reliable access to the internet is fundamental to achieving the government’s vision for the future. In addition, the Parent Council and wider community fundraised to purchase tablets to help Canonbie Primary pupils with their learning and they are not being utilised due to lack of internet provision. It is therefore not unreasonable to ask our Education Department to provide WiFi as a matter of urgency.
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  • Keep our Coop
    Midcounties cooperative have announced a consultation period from October to December 2019 with a potential closure date of 26th January 2020. This food store with Post Office and pharmacy is central to the town and great example of a supermarket in the town. Midcounties Coop have said The long-term viability of our Hednesford Food store has been reviewed, and despite the hard work of our colleagues sales have fallen and continue on a downward trend, with the profitability of the store being impacted. As a result, the Society has taken the difficult decision to propose to close the Hednesford Food store. It is anticipated that if the closure proceeds, the store will close at the end of the financial year on 26th January 2020. The proposal is to continue to trade the Post Office as normal, and the Society is considering the building design to allow that to happen once the Food store has closed. The consultation period commenced on 4th October 2019 and is proposed to conclude on 10th January 2020.’
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  • Stop Disability Tax
    APRIL 2018 SAW THE INTRODUCTION OF THE DISABILITY TAX FOR THOSE WHO OWNED THEIR OWN HOMES AND WHO ARE ON LOW INCOME BENEFITS. We require the government to reverse the immoral removal of the Mortgage Interest Relief Scheme (MIRS) for people with Disabilities, for whom the replacement has become a regressive tax (charging interest on interest) that could potentially lose them every penny that they have paid for their home. Further, institute a form of payments towards essential upkeep of owner occupied homes for those on low income benifits, providing parrity with private landlords of people in receipt of LAHA This is especially important given successive governments encouragement of home ownership. Changes in assistance with housing costs in 2018 have proportionatly adversly affected those with disabilities and thus immorally. In the 2017 general election Theresa May's "Dementia Tax" was severely critised and ultimately dropped. This proposal would have seen much of the persons home value used for care but would have left a substantial sum for them to use or leave in a will. Despite the public uproar at the Dementia Tax an effective wider affecting "Disability Tax" (which would have seen people who have become disabled and reliant on benefits, potentially loose every penny they have paid for their home as well as, possibly rightly, any increase in house value), has gone unchallenged and virtually unreported. Up until 2018 the system by which some help was given to people on low incomes (e.g. Employment Support Allowance or its equivalent in Universal Credit) was by payments towards their mortgage interest payments, Mortgage Interest Relief Scheme (MIRS), this did not pay for all of their mortgage payments nor, as in the governments reasons for its removal, make any assistance with the actual cost of the property. It merely just gave some money towards the mortgage interest rate. Unlike Local Area Housing Allowance (LAHA), which nominally pays the average cost of the full price of rent ( and thus the actual purchase price of a property, mortgage interest payments and upkeep of the property at a profit for somebody who isn't even living in the property, I.e. the landlord), MIRS was already a far cheaper scheme. As can already be seen that those in receipt of MIRS also received no help with most aspects of maintaining their home. The government decided that MIRS needed replacing as erroneously they stated that the welfare system should not be seen as assisting somebody to pay for their home whilst quite willfully not only buying a landlords property and upkeep but also providing them with a profit. In 2018 the new arrangements were introduced these provided a loan on some of the mortgage interest payments (a interest on interest loan scheme that would be considered unacceptable/imorral by the Financial Services Authority). These loans are to be repaid upon sale of the home or death. The only limit to the extent of the Loan repayable is the final sale price of the property. As such, the person could loose all the money they have paid into the property, a scheme worse than the proposed Dementia Tax but which has been allowed to be enacted. Worse is the fact that those who are more likely to be on benefits long term, and thus most affected by this regressive Tax are those with severe disabilities or long term sicknesses (and their families, who often act as cheap carers). This new Disability Tax means that rather than getting help with housing costs, they face additional charges, the mortgage its interest, and then the interest on the interest-in the loan provided by the government. As such under the new Disability Tax, not only does the disabled person probably loose every penny that they pay towards the purchase cost of their home, they effectively get no assistance in the long term with the cost of their home be that mortgage interest or upkeep, items that successive governments are happy to provide to landlords including effectively buying the property for them and providing a profit. Such a regressive and discriminatory reform of the benifits system in comparison to the treatment of those on LAHA and their landlords has to be seen as immoral and reprehensible. If The Dementia Tax was wrong then this Disability Tax is totally Immoral.
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  • Government help for working parents with childcare
    As a 2 full time working parents household with two children needed childcare for us to go to work, we cannot get help with our childcare cost and it’s leaving us next to nothing to live off, why should we work 37 hours a week 5 days a week for nothing?? Things need to change 15 hours funding for 2 year olds go to low income families or for non working families! Is this right??? 30 hours is amazing but it doesn’t help me till my child is 3, my childcare is twice my mortgage, help is needed for us working parents, universal credits is a joke with a income cut off point which is so low this needs lifting as minimum wage goes up but so does the cost of living,
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  • Our Call For The London Living Wage For All Barnet Group Employees
    Since ex-Fremantle care workers transferred into the Barnet Group this year, The Barnet Group now has a large number of employees paid below the London Living Wage (£10.55/ hour). This means that the skilled caring work done by staff is paid at rates lower than those paid to cleaners working in the Council buildings. It is absolutely right that cleaners are paid the London Living Wage but care workers are no less deserving. The London Living Wage is identified as the hourly rate of pay needed to more realistically cover the real cost of living. For more information see here: https://www.trustforlondon.org.uk/issues/work/london-living-wage/
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  • Give Staffordshire University students the Adobe suite to use at home for free
    The whole Adobe suite is a crucial part of the toolkit for any creative students. Whether it be after effects or premiere Pro for media students, photoshop and light room for photography students or illustrator and indesign for graphic design students these programmes are baked into the whole creative gambit of course and the majority of students simply cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription to be able to utilise these softwares at home. I am petitioning to the higher ups at Staffordshire University to grant access to all students including ones outside of the creative courses the ability to use the aforementioned software at home. It is a small price to pay for your students education and development. By signing this petition you will be showing the bosses at the University what having this software readily avaliable 24/7 will mean to you.
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  • Airport Expansion Opposition - Southampton
    Expansion of Southampton International Airport will lead to: - More noise pollution (5600 local people are already living with levels of noise that are double those recommended by the WHO for airport emissions) - Increased air pollution (from both flights and associated traffic increases) - Worse road congestion - Increased greenhouse gas emissions (inconsistent with achieving zero net carbon by 2050 - flight numbers need to be cut, not increased, to prevent climate breakdown) - Few, if any, benefits for Southampton residents (we get a worse quality of life to enable more flights) In addition: - The promise of low-paid jobs is not enough to cover the cost to us, as council tax payers, of all the above - Flights from Southampton are decreasing anyway, and if Heathrow is expanded regional airports will lose traffic, making expansion of Southampton unnecessary - More flights will undermine Southampton City Council's own Green City Charter and make a mockery of the Council's efforts to achieve a low carbon future for our city aXoSOU@gmail.com
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  • Pedestrianise Union Street
    if Union Street does not back on the car free then shops will become empty apart from the big brands
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  • Put Still Game Live 3 on DVD
    As it's the last ever live show.
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  • Stop the Whopper in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    The proposal to build a drive-through burger king has a number of key elements which should mean that the proposal is rejected out of hand in favour of consideration of how to manage the development of the site to promote the greater good and prosperity of the residents of the west end of Newcastle. Working with the developer to provide a commercially viable alternative which benefits the wider community in a positive way. Specifically : • Increased traffic and flow disruption on the already congested Westgate road. o Bentinck Rd. and Dunholme Rd. have not been considered in the traffic survey and are already subject to traffic calming measures and a fatality occurred last year on Bentinck Road. o Increase air pollution from idling traffic at the site exacerbating the already problematic air quality in Newcastle. • Long operating hours o 6 am-12 am hour opening means that the site will be busy throughout morning, noon and night o Delivery service and waste collection will inevitable be scheduled early in the morning and late in the evening • Increased Noise o The development proposes the removal of the west wing of the Police Station which will increase the exposure of noise to the residents of the existing traffic on the west road PLUS the additional contribution of the drive-through. This has not been considered in the noise assessment. • Increased litter o It is widely seen that Junk food retailers create large amounts of litter due to poor handling of wrappers off-premise. o Vermin are already a significant problem in the back allies – more food waste and discarded and dropped food will only add to this. Generally : • The exploitation of a deprived area o A number of studies have shown that the number of Junk food takeaways is correlated with deprivation in an area. o Obesity and deprivation are also shown to be strongly correlated o Type 2 diabetes is currently the largest burden on the NHS • Community Health Concerns o The key concerns of the Hot Food Takeaway Supplementary Planning policy have not been considered in the application ( https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/sites/default/files/2019-01/hot_food_takeaway_spd_-_october_2016_-_final_0.pdf)
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  • Glastonbury: Introduce a Ballot
    The current system is skewed towards those who can afford faster broadband, own several devices and live in locations where internet speeds are higher. Thousands of people reported site crashes on SeeTickets.com whilst inputting their registration or payment information. Glastonbury Festival was created as a way of bringing people together to share the joy of music and enjoy an atmosphere of unity and love. But with the demand for tickets increasing every year, it has simply become yet another money-making enterprise that skews in favour of the privileged few - including celebrities (from A list down to Z-list) who always get free tickets, and corporate tickets. A ballot system would enable a fairer distribution of tickets based on luck rather than internet speeds.
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  • No More Plastic Packaging in JW Mag
    This magazine always comes in a plastic bag with at least one more plastic bag inside it. The free gifts that come with it are also packaged in plastic, even when they are things that do not need to be protected from being damaged in the post. For example some hairbands came wrapped around a polystyrene ball and in a clear plastic case. Other magazines have switched to compostable packaging. Jacqueline Wilson is a role model for young girls who see, through her magazine’s packaging, that she does not seem to care about the environment.
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