• Subtitles should be an option at all cinemas
    Everyone should be able to access the cinema without any problems occurring. In this case having subtitles in all cinemas will allow deaf users to be able to watch the film. It will allow deaf families to enjoy a day out at the movies. This isn’t possible for deaf users as they are unable to hear the film. This isn’t equality, this is discrimination to all deaf users.
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    Created by Cathy Cook Picture
  • To limit the extent of bus fare increases on Humber Fastcat
    Many users are low income or apprentices that have this as the only means of travel
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    Created by Mike Young
  • More skate parks around London
    It will give teenagers more things to do so they don't lurk and cause trouble
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    Created by Kit Zerafa
  • Save Donkeystone Brewery Tap
    The brewery tap is a crucial part of a modern day brewery business. It is used to promote the brewery’s products and increases brand awareness in a very competitive market. It also provides a great community space for local families, walkers and tourists to meet and socialise in a comfortable friendly environment. Your valued support will help us to carry on our good work supporting local charities including Saddleworth Round Table, Oldham Mountain Rescue, Oldham Foodbank and many more. It will also help us to carry on our work in helping to promote and showcase other great local businesses and events such as Cotton Clouds Festival, Oldham Comic Con, Common Ilke, Suki’s Wardrobe, Little Deerhill, Mann’s Wharf, Saddleworth Distillery and Little Saddleworth Pie Company.
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    Created by Stephen James
  • Access for all at Birkenhead Park Station
    It is unfair that local residents and visitors who cannot use stairs should have to make their way to other stations. We demand a lift be installed to correct this injustice.
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    Created by Stephen Andrews Picture
  • Irresponsible Dog Guardians and Dog Poo
    Dog Poo is hazardous to health, smelly, sticky and dificult to remove from car, carpet, shoes etc.Discarded Poo bags are unsightly, dangerous to livestock and wild life and are not generally bio-degradable so will remain where deposited for years.
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    Created by Roy Bogstrup
  • Resolve Bus Shelter situation outside Gym, Gosforth High Street
    Up to 90 buses per hour use Gosforth High Street. Passengers have put up with no shelter for over two years outside the Gym. The current situation is confusing, with two obsolete bus shelters either side of the current bus stop. Passengers often get wet through to the skin whilst waiting for a bus. Others shelter in the obsolete shelters and have to run for the bus. Some don’t get there in time.
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    Created by Peter Lovatt
  • Regulate funeral firms and the role of local authorities in funerals
    At a vulnerable time families, especially the poorest, are pushed into 'death poverty'. It is not necessary as body disposal is not their responsibility. Funeral firms should be regulated and should provide a nationally standard statement to potential customers, making them aware they are not responsible for funerals. Local authorities should oversee this and provide statutory information about responsibilities for funerals. 'Many families left behind end up in debt as a result of funerals' according to the Independent. The average price for a cremation now stands at £3,596 and £4,561 for a burial. Prices are increasing at four times the rate of inflation. With unregulated operators, and local authorities keeping quiet about this, there is no compulsion for full disclosure to let families know they need not incur 'funeral poverty'.
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    Created by Brian Lehaney
  • Stop junk food advertisers targeting our kids
    It's tough being a parent trying to help your children make the right choices. You want your kids to have treats but you also want them to eat healthily. It's a tricky balancing act. As a parent I want my child to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of watching something without being bombarded with ads for junk food. Kids can be impulsive. It's not right that companies are making a quick buck exploiting our kids like this. It needs to stop. Parents need to know they can send their kids off to school without advertisers flooding their phones and screens with ads for sugary drinks and snacks. Our kids are unhealthier than ever. One in three are leaving primary school obese, and with a higher chance of developing diabetes, asthma and other health conditions later in life. For the first time ever kids aren’t expected to live as long as their parents. And this is making our kids unhappy too, as it’s leading to depression and low self-esteem in our young people. There’s a simple solution - ban junk food advertising before 9pm. Will you sign my petition telling the government to do it?
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    Created by Louise Newton Picture
  • Animal abuse
    Instagram is littered with photos of overfed animals or animals that have been bred for “cuteness” despite it being detrimental to their health. The suffering of animals is being exploited to create revenue for cynical animal accounts. Animals are being fed unnatural foods from chocolate to milkshakes and even cannibalistic meats. Hashtags like #ChonkyCat are used to promote the overfeeding and most people are non the wiser that this amounts to serious animal abuse for human gain. It’s up to Instagram to make sure that animals can’t be used in this way.
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    Created by james Earp
  • Halt salmon industry expansion around Arran!
    The Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament have stated in regard to large-scale open-cage salmon production "If the current issues are not addressed this expansion will be unsustainable and may cause irrecoverable damage to the environment." The Community of Arran Seabed Trust say that the consequences of large numbers of fish deaths, contamination by fish sewage, food waste, chemicals and medicals will be detrimental to the environment, health and economy of the Isle of Arran and its neighbours. The proposal by the Scottish Salmon Company for a new and larger site off the north-east coast of Arran will not only spoil the enjoyment of a previously undeveloped part of the island, but also disturb the native wildlife such as otters, seals, porpoises and basking sharks.
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    Created by Russ Cheshire
  • Lower the age limit for smear test from 24 to 16 years old
    The sexual age is 16, So why can the smear test be lowed to 16, Iv heard of young girls and women finding out they have cervical cancer, If smear test was lowed to 16 they could catch it more early.
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    Created by Alison Meredith Picture