• Stop the installation of an Electronic Billboard at Elm Grove
    This will create a new night-time light that may be bright and impact the current "quietly-lit" residential street. The applicant claims this is "consistent with the current visual amenity" and is "not materially different than the existing position". However there is every reason to believe that this electronic billboard will be a detriment the aesthetics of our neighbourhood, will be distracting to drivers as they go up Elm Grove and will adversely affect our property values and quality of life.
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    Created by Robert Bissell
  • Reduce/eliminate plastic at concerts
    This is important because we are in a climate crisis right now and we need to go to dramatic lengths to stop the damage we are doing to the world. Knowing there are such simple changes we can make right now to lower our plastic use and they’re not being done is something I find quite weird,I’m 18 and what’s happening right now honestly terrifies me because it’s my future that’s being taken away from me,I’m fighting for change everyday as are millions around the world and I think this needs to be done now. The amount of plastic you see covering the floors after a concert is ridiculous and all of it is single use,the majority of it doesn’t even end up in the recycling bin,by making reusable water bottles available,they can be used 1000s of times and not just thrown away/on the floor when empty. I couldn’t walk 1 step when I saw Shawn Mendes in April this year without treading on a plastic cup,the arena floor looked horrific as everyone cleared out without taking their rubbish,it makes me so sad to see what we’re doing to this planet. We need change and we need it now. This is such a small but well needed change that we need to implement now.
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    Created by Nicole Stephenson
  • one old age pension for everyone
    because i am one of the lower state pensioners (pre april 2016) and receiving £100 per month less than pensioners (april 2016) new pensioners !!!
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    Created by michael sewell Picture
  • Ban Zero Hour contracts
    We need a minimum hours contract in order to succeed. and pay our rent and bills.
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    Created by Michael Lambe
  • Stop sending people away from their home
    People will be more happy to leave where they want, and they have their families, friends, school, but by sending them away is taking their happiness and Joy away. I am victim of that because after living for 10years for a private flat. They are forcing me to go outside London, to put my children away from their friends and school which is gonna be very hard because I got an autistic child who has difficulty for any single change.
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    Created by Cathy Rwakazima
  • CPR Training in All Schools
    I had a Traumatic experience while working as a Staff nurse in the E.D. / A.& E. department of a district general Hospital in southern England. The incident involved a 14 years old School girl, who had a history of epilepsy,a supply teacher who was supervising a group of school children,was unaware of this girls history,and was alerted to the child having collapsed in school playground. The supply teacher had no training in CPR or even basic First-aid, teacher thought the child had fainted [mid-summer] and left the child lying on her back and covered her with school blazer and called for Emergency Ambulance. The paramedics arrived some 12 minutes later and only then was resuscitation measures [CPR] commenced. The child was intubated and received emergency care en route to the Hospital by ambulance staff. Resuscitation protocol was continued in the A.& E. for almost an hour with no return of vital signs, sadly the child was pronounced dead after all Advanced resuscitation measures were exhausted. Some time later I heard a "blood curdling" scream from her Mother upon being informed of her childs demise. One of the saddest aspects of that terrible day was placing the childs school uniform into a hospital property bag to accompany her to Hospital mortuary. I feel strongly that anyone supervising or responsible for school children should have Emergency training at the basic level in C.P.R. Later I was horrified to learn that there was / is NO requirement by local Education depts for these life-saving skills.
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    Created by John Monaghan
  • Stand with Naga Munchetty - Countersign to agree with Lenny Henry and colleagues
    BBC Breakfast host, Naga Munchetty, was found to have broken the corporation’s editorial rules following her criticism of Donald Trump for telling politicians of colour to “go home”. Racism is not a valid opinion which you can have an “impartial” stance on. For communities and people who experience racist abuse – including Munchetty – being expected to treat racist ideas as somehow valid can have a devastating effect on their dignity. Along with many other celebrities and campaigners, we believe that the BBC’s decision to uphold the complaint made against Munchetty is deeply flawed, potentially illegal and goes against the spirit and purpose of public broadcasting. The BBC’s current position will also have a huge effect on future diversity within the BBC, to suggest that future BAME broadcasters will be hired at the BBC, providing that they remain “impartial” about how they feel about their experiences of racism is ludicrous.
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    Created by Ash Zaman
  • Pay increase
    Working in the security industry for an hourly rate £8.25 shocking for what we have to deal with when we are front line people
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    Created by Tony Barber Picture
  • Extend “ULEZ extension” Exemption for Residents until 2025
    No resident will be able to afford the charge so will be forced to sell theirs cars and buy new more compliant cars, the problem is the cars will loose significant value , or may be impossible to sell, what is being done about the losses that people will face due this law being introduced?
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    Created by Ashlee Barnes
  • Are Smart Motorways Dumb?
    For the safety of motorists.
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    Created by Charlotte Northbrook
  • Make the death certificate system easier.
    When people get paper death certificates for a recently deceased person they often have to send a copy to a number of places - banks, probate office, premium bond office and a variety of other places, Each copy currently costs £11. When my mother died this February we got four. Most organisations ask for an original copy and suggest you send it recorded delivery. This means queuing in a Post Office and paying extra several times. The certificates are then generally sent back by recorded delivery which means that if you happen to be out when the post arrives you have to make an arrangement with the Post Office to be in on a certain day for a number of hours - and this happens several times. Since the fact of a death is a public matter, not a private one, I would like there to be a system where there is a Government web-site showing the verified information about that death which could be accessed by any party who needs to have that information. There is a lot to do after a death and this would make one aspect of it so much less time consuming.
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    Created by Pam Laurance
  • British Mps should live in UK and pay UK tax
    Because its immoral to use your wealth and position to set up a different tax arrangement to ordinary British taxpayers but then represent them in Parliament its corrupt
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    Created by Anne Cooper