• Get fit free
    For them to get fit, meet new friends, get together with other members of family, get out of the house, improve health and wellbeing.
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  • Common food additive toxic to dogs, make warnings mandatory.
    Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs. It is a sugar substitute and increasingly found in manufactured foodstuffs. The most common source of poisoning is chewing gum, but it can be found in sweets, jams, peanut butter, toothpastes and many common household items. Even quite small amounts can cause vomiting, liver failure and death. Three pieces of sugar free gum can contain enough xylitol to kill a small dog. Many people and even manufacturers are not aware of how serious xylitol poisoning is. Please raise awareness and make it compulsory to include a warning on all products that contain xylitol.
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  • Stop Merseyflow's Penalty Charge Notices and use of Bailiffs
    Stop this bridge system destroying lives!!
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  • Mandatory child protection training for all dance teachers
    Responsible dance teachers and parents have become concerned by various social media posts whereby children are being exposed to dangerous practices including (but not limited to) children stretching box splits with one foot on a chair and the other on the floor with comment from the teacher about 'pain and tears, children as young as two years old being celebrated for taking part in acro/'strength' classes wearing ankle weights, teachers boasting about children training for hours on end and more. We know that the dance training industry is not regulated, and we know that teachers who are guilty of dangerous practices may or may not be qualified or registered. We also know that some of the schools who partake in this sort of activity are also highly successful at large, financially rewarding competitions including international ones such as representing the UK at the Dance World Cup, and have a lot of media exposure including being scouted for tv shows such as Britains Got Talent, The Greatest Dancer etc. It appears that parents are willing to put their children in harmful situations for this level of ‘success’ and reward and while ultimately parents are responsible for their children, we as responsible dance teachers believe that more should be done to help educate and inform parents of the dangers involved with heavy training loads, extreme overstretching and other pressures. If all teachers were reminded yearly of the need to consider the safety, health and happiness of their students this would go a long way to helping.
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  • Stop council demolishing my home of 30 years
    I have lived in my home for 30 years in queens Meadow cherry hinton where I Brought up my 3 children with my husband who I married when I was 16 I am now 54 and sadly lost my husband a few months ago. My home is all my memories of my life with my partner who I am still deeply grieving for and always will. I cherish every part of my home as my husband built so many memories there. I am currently still looking after my husband mum in this same home. The council only want to knock down my home for access to build more houses in my back garden. The garden I have looked after for all these years along side my husband. I cant put into words how scared I am of losing my home as all I have left of my husband is in this home. I thank you all for your support in helping me.
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  • Tameside Council should declare a climate emergency
    The planet faces dangerous levels of global warming. We have recently seen bush fires on a massive scale in Australia, droughts in Cape Town, forest fires within the Arctic Circle, the melting of the polar ice caps, more violent storms in South East Asia, increased flooding across the UK and locally we had the moorland fires above Mossley in the summer of 2018. The poorest on our planet will suffer the most from sea level rises in Bangladesh and extreme drought in Africa. Local councils from Camden to Oldham have issued a climate emergency but so far Tameside has not declared one. We the undersigned strongly urge Tameside Council to declare a state of climate emergency in line with national policy
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  • Revoke Lloyd’s Bank Closure (Belvedere)
    Belvedere is home to a vast number of elderly residence, many of whom cannot travel on public transport or travel at all to Bexleyheath, to use the bank. Some of this ageing community do not feel comfortable using online banking and also may not have families to help guide them with their financial needs. Closing the Belvedere branch will also massively affect the small businesses within the village who regularly use the bank for business and change purposes. This bank is vital to our village and I believe reconsideration is needed regarding this closure.
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  • Stop the construction of Britain's largest gas plant
    Building new dirty power directly contradicts the government's legally binding target to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050. Gas-fired power is a major contributor to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions; we must move away from this fuel if we stand any chance of tackling the climate crisis and improving air quality. The government is already being sued by ClientEarth over the decision. We need to build support for the legal case and show people want clean power instead.
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  • Consider elderly, Firstbus!
    Late November 2017, a local resident had tumbled into a garden which didn't maintain railings. In pictured item. it can easily be seen by traveling bus drivers.
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  • Build Council Houses on Colchester's publicly owned land
    The land on the former Essex County Hospital site was given to Colchester by wealthy benefactors for the benefit of the town. The current plans for this site will not provide any significant benefits to the town or meet the current and future needs of Colchester residents. With just under 3000 households on the council’s housing register the pressing need for Colchester is the provision of homes for the most deprived members of our community; young families, unable to get on to the housing ladder, key workers like nurses and other NHS staff and elderly residents, often isolated and living in family homes, with little prospect of moving into smaller, town centre located houses because of a shortage of secure rented accommodation. The current plans are also likely to significantly increase the number of cars in the area, as high value properties tend to attract two or even more cars per dwelling. Despite plans for 149 parking spaces it is highly likely there will be overspill parking in the already congested local streets. Our town centre is already blighted with congestion and serious air pollution. Given the school traffic in this area, there will be dispersal problems for pollution of morning and evening rush hour traffic with such tightly packed houses. A more open design of social housing would avoid such problems, especially if targeted towards the elderly or young families who often have fewer vehicles. The County Council and NHS Hospital Trust are being irresponsible in the design and target market of £500,000 plus homes for the wealthy. The land was originally given to the town to benefit the people of Colchester, not so that future councils could play at property speculation. This publicly owned land should be used to benefit Colchester residents and used for 100% social housing, not the derisory 4 units of unaffordable ‘affordable’ homes you are currently proposing. On behalf of Colchester People's Assembly Against Austerity
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  • Increase the number of front line police officers in England and Wales
    Over the last 10 years the number of front line police officers in England and Wales has decreased by almost 20,000 officers with the number of violent crimes increasing year upon year. Additionally, the Office for National Statistics has reported that individuals in England and Wales have a 1 in 5 chance of becoming victims of crime. It is time that things changed and we need your support. With enough signatures we can get this issue discussed in Parliament and hopefully see a much needed increase to the numbers of front line police in England and Wales.
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  • Ban gambling advertising on TV
    Gambling is a health hazard it causes misery when it gets out of hand. It wrecks families, destroys futures and can stain your whole life with debt. Advertising influences young people to join in with a click, promises status and quick riches which are not true. The impact on lives is as bad as cigarettes, please ban this unnecessary advertising.
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