• Save The Windmill - Weald's last remaining Pub
    The Windmill is the last of 7 pubs which once thrived in Weald. It is at the heart of the community and, along with the school, the shop and the church, is one of the four vital pillars of our village. However, the current owners and management are looking to move on, and so the pub is for sale again. According to research commissioned by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), carried out by Oxford university: “People who have a local pub are happier, have more friends and feel more engaged with their local communities. Many pubs help provide space for the local people to meet, tackle loneliness, and strengthen the local community.” Further to this, the value of properties in Weald could diminish significantly 'with the loss of the pub. A recent study by online estate agent Tepilo found that a quarter of homebuyers like to be within walking distance of a pub, calling it a 'must' when buying their next home. Less than 5 years ago The Windmill was CAMRA's Kent Region Pub of the year and therefore we feel that there must be life left in this village life-line yet. If you agree please sign this petition to help protect it's status as a pub by applying to make it an Asset of Community Value
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    Created by Georgina Lobo
  • Demand the BBC leaders debates include an independent fact checker
    After three years of smear, lies, stories and headlines, many of them bordering on libel, a simple apology is not acceptable when you're aiming for the most powerful job in politics. The UK is divided and volatile, this election is a very significant part of our history. The least we can ask for is the facts. Don't let a liar make it to Downing Street. It's time to call them out. Its therefore imperative that a fact checker is allowed to sit with the leaders during the debate.
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    Created by Paul Jeffrey Picture
  • In Family Fostering
    Grandparents, siblings and inlaws often take in children and are not recieving any subsidy. They do this from a position of virtue not moneygrabing. Out fostered children come with a budget. The infostered children frequently cause dire financial hardship; some infoster guardians may be well off most are not particularly grandparents and sibling. Please get a spell checker on this website, I am dyslexix after all. DerekN
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    Created by Derek Noden
  • Do NOT stop locking Slade Gardens at night
    Some of our bedrooms homes sit INSIDE the "trail path" in Slade Gardens. The park bench is already used during the day as a marijuana smoking bench, we do not want the party to continue into the night outside our bedrooms. Our car park and bike shed are next door to the park. By not locking the gates at night it will be much easier for thieves to jump over the fence and steal bikes/break into parked cars and break into our homes unseen. Slade Gardens at night is already a source of anti-social behaviour, which would significantly deteriorate if the park was to be left unlocked 24 hours a day. The biggest issue Slade Gardens faces at night (and even during the day) is drug use and dealing, with people jumping the fences to gain access illicitly. This is compounded by the fact that the park is not lit at all. If the park is left unlocked this would certainly increase. Drug-related crime is a significant issue for the area and this proposal from Lambeth shows a blind eye being turned to the issues surrounding it. There would be an increased fire risk from potential bonfires/BBQs held at night. There would be a risk of the park turning into a car/caravan park if the gates off Robsart and Ingleborough Streets are not locked. This happened in the last few months less that 100m away in an unlocked block. Slade Gardens is an invaluable community asset which would be ruined if left open at night. Yes there will be a saving on staff costs for closing the park, but this would likely be entirely wiped out by increased costs of rubbish collection, cleaning, and police attendance. WE DO NOT WANT OUR LOCAL PARK TO BE LEFT IN AN UNSAFE AND FILTHY STATE SO THAT WE CANNOT ENJOY IT DURING THE DAYTIME. WE DO NOT WANT OUR PERSONAL SAFETY TO BE COMPROMISED BY ALLOWING PEOPLE INTO THE PARK 24 HOURS A DAY.
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    Created by Kate Farmer Mestre
  • We Request an Urgent Review of Prescribing Risperidone Drug to Vulnerable Children in the U.K.
    There has been a very recent exceptional landmark verdict of a U.S. Court awarding punitive damages against the manufacturer of $8 Billion. The jury resoundingly decided to instruct the manufacturer that they had not adequately outlined the risks of the serious side effects that the drug had been shown to produce from their own research studies. The particular adverse reaction they highlighted was gynaecomastia which is the production of breasts in young males which can eventually produce milk due to excessive production of the hormone prolactin. This is a life changing condition which ultimately requires a traumatic surgical intervention.
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  • IOPC to release details of their criminal investigation into Boris Johnson before 12th December 2019
    We should all be equal before the law. Privilege, high office and politics should not delay or obstruct the law. If Boris Johnson remained Prime Minister after the election and then was found guilty of criminal misconduct resulting in a prison sentence that would disqualify him from parliament and render him unable to continue as Prime Minister, it would be a gross affront to democracy. It would be better to prosecute and 'Lock him up' before the election.
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  • dog parks glasgow
    Hi there my name is Michael I'm a Glasgow based dog photographer for many years, here's some of my thoughts on why we need dog parks in Glasgow Many behaviour problems in dogs are caused by a lack of physical and mental activity. Dogs were born to lead active lives. They’ve worked alongside people for thousands of years, hunting game, herding and protecting livestock, and controlling vermin. Dogs’ wild relatives lead busy lives, too. Their days are full of hunting, scavenging, avoiding predators and complex social interaction. Most pet dogs, on the other hand, spend the majority of their time alone at home, napping on couches and eating food from bowl ,no hunting or scavenging required. Many become bored, lonely and overweight. They have excess energy and no way to expend it, so it’s not surprising that they often come up with activities on their own, like unstuffing couches, raiding trash cans and gnawing on shoes. To keep your dog happy, healthy and out of trouble, you’ll need to find ways to exercise the dogs brain and body. visits to your local dog Park in Glasgow can greatly enrich you're dogs life. Benefits of going to the dog park include: Physical and mental exercise for dogs Your dog can zoom around off-leash to her heart’s content, investigate new smells, wrestle with her dog buddies and fetch toys until they happily collapse. Many dogs are so mentally and physically exhausted by a trip to the dog park that they snooze for hours afterwards. Opportunities to maintain social skills Dogs are like us, highly social animals, and many enjoy spending time with their own species. At the dog park, your dog gets practice reading a variety of other dogs’ body language and using her own communication skills, and she gets used to meeting unfamiliar dogs on a frequent basis. These valuable experiences can help guard against the development of fear and aggression problems around other dogs. Fun for pet parents Dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy dog parks. People do, too. They can exercise their dogs without much effort, socialise with other dog lovers, bond and play with their dogs, practice their off-leash training skills, and enjoy the entertaining antics of dogs. please feel free to comment with you're thoughts on how having a local dog park in you're area would be good for you and you're dogs thank you Michael
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  • Keep Nellie Sailing
    STS Lord Nelson is one of two tall ships owned by the charity Jubilee Sailing Trust, which takes mixed-ability crews to sea, changing people's lives. Following a recent emergency appeal to raise £1 million in a week, they raised about £1.2 million, but then very shortly decided to de-commission Lord Nelson. Many of us consider this to be a huge mistake, and wish the ship to keep sailing, doing what she does best.
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    Created by Alan Fisher
  • Stop Spelthorne Borough Council's Local Plan
    On 5th November 2019 Spelthorne Borough Council released details of its new Local Plan. It will affect YOU, YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR neighbours, YOUR community and YOUR borough for decades to come! Not knowing is dangerous and the decisions being made by the Council Leader and his cabinet of allies will negatively affect our borough for many years to come! Spelthorne’s Local Plan must withstand scrutiny and it’s up to every resident to challenge it. The consultation ends on 7th January 2020 and there are only 3 public events all in November and all within the same 7-day period. The Borough Bulletin, distributed to all residents the first week of December will only contain eight pages of Local Plan news and that's halfway through the consultation period. We want Spelthorne Borough Council to reschedule this consultation, be fully transparent and arrange more public events because every resident has the democratic right to participate, challenge, and respond to this invasive and disturbing plan. Please support our petition by adding your voice so Spelthorne Borough Council has no choice but to listen to the people they work for; it is unacceptable for the Council to act in such an inappropriate manner. The support of every resident is essential because it’s not their borough, “It’s Our Spelthorne” and we all have to protect it. https://www.itsourspelthorne.org.uk/ The Spelthorne Council Local Plan web page https://spelthorne.gov.uk/localplan The Local Plan Site Allocation documentation https://tinyurl.com/y67da5mm
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    Created by Martin Shortland
  • Save Stamford Park School
    Trafford Council are proposing to demolish both Stamford Park Schools & construct a new three form entry school on the existing school field. Trafford Council has published a “Vision “document promising a “state of the art “new school and referenced other new schools in the borough; Worthington Park, Bowdon Church Schools as examples of what the new school will look like. The existing school field is much smaller size than the footprint of the existing Infant and Junior school site and as the new school will be designed for three form entry it will have to be three storeys high with limited external space for playgrounds. This proposed building is likely to be completely out of character with the buildings in the surrounding streets and unlikely to be the state-of-the-art new school promised. At no time have Trafford published any plans for the new school. Surely if you are undertaking a consultation exercise it is not unreasonable to expect to see outline plans so the public can form their own opinion of the proposals. The new school will also result in the children losing their playing field. The existing Edwardian school buildings will be demolished to create some outdoor (artificial) pitches and 40 car parking spaces. The use of public transport should be encouraged not increasing the number of cars around a school. These local schools have stood in our community for over 100 years and the demolition of these buildings will be a sad loss to the local area and in an era where sustainability should be paramount, refurbishment of the existing buildings must be the way forward. Whilst we understand there are issues with the existing Infants School this proposal is not the solution. Trafford Council are currently undertaking a consultation exercise gathering opinions from the local community /residents/parents etc. If you have not already done so please complete the online consultation form on the Trafford website though you only have until 17th Nov to submit your form. Given that the new school is being promoted by Trafford it is vital to gather as much support as possible so that the council understand the strength of local opinion. The intention is that this petition is forwarded to Trafford to demonstrate the strength of feeling within the community. Could you please join our petition and it would be good if you could share with local residents as well? Many thanks,
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    Created by Peter Wilson
  • Stop the Royal Bank of Scotland charging £3 to use the cash machine
    Because if banks start changing us to withdraw cash from there machines they could start charging us for using their debit/credit cards so we have to put an end to this before it starts.
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    Created by Max Ross
  • Save our mature trees and wildlife
    If we lose the trees on this land we lose the living entities that filter pollutants keeping our air cleaner and soak up the tons of CO2 that contributes to Climate Change. WBC has agreed there is a Climate Change emergency and this must be taken into consideration. Animals like foxes, bats and owls will be disturbed and made homeless as a result. If we win, the trees carry on filtering our air, the community keeps the value of its majestic tree stock and its green buffer zone and the animals have shelter and food. There is only a short window to get signatures, but every little helps. We care about our mature trees. It is the last real tract of green belt in the area for our health and well-being and for wildlife to exist. Please help us save our trees by signing our petition. Thank you.
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    Created by Susie Dodd