• Free permit for parent and child parking
    It is important as these spaces are being taken advantage of to the disadvantage, frustration and difficulty to people with young children in car seats. The space that these have also make unloading and loading the children safer than a regular space. mention the safety aspect. Some parents rely on these spaces to ensure that prams and trolleys are parked at the side of their vehicle while they unload their children. If they don't get one of these spaces it means that the children have to be placed at the back of the vehicle with traffic passing by. The spaces are also generally next to walk ways and/or zebra crossings to allow safer walking which is especially important when you have more children than hands. Parking in these spaces when you do not require it is directly putting children in danger by forcing parents to park prams and trolleys on the road and then cross the carpark with children
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    Created by Louisa Rossi
  • Demand Hyperoptic Connection for Maynards Quay
    We need better and more affordable access to internet to conduct day to day activities and enable working from home.
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    Created by Linda Burchhart
  • Decrease pollution in residential area
    Air Pollution and increased traffic damages lives and makes everyday life unpleasant and dangerous
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    Created by Lezly Churchill-Birch
  • Urgent backup for care staff
    The people these carers look after each day can be the most vulnerable in our community. In some cases, their carer is the only person they see each day. To have staff over worked, stressed and feeling alone means they cannot offer the level of carer they want to provide and that should be available While there are government departments to which complaints can be raised, these are insufficient and allow the care companies to over work the staff and provide a sub-adquate service Staff need to be better protected to make them feel supported and safer to raise concerns knowing that these concerns will be not only fully looked into but also dealt with fully
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  • Strictly limit discharges of raw sewage into UK waterways
    It is critical for the environment, as well as for the quality of life and sense of local amenity for all UK citizens. Discharging raw sewage into rivers and coastal waterways is also a significant health hazard.
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    Created by Keith Chadwick
  • Bottle the bottle
    If we are really serious about taking positive action re. the environment. How about immediately stopping the manufacture of all plastic bottles and instead recycle the billions of them already in circulation. Why is water sold in plastic bottles when tap water is equally good ,if not better, than bottled water? How many transport miles could be saved by not carrying unnecessary bottles of water around the country? It would be one simple action to confirm the governments commitment to taking real action on global warming and reducing the amount of plastic that is choking the environment.
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    Created by Alan Rogers
  • Years worth of successful rental payments in place of mortgage deposit.
    It’s important because whilst the price of everything is going up, incomes and salaries are not going up at the same pace. It is getting harder and harder for young people to get onto the property ladder all whilst there is a shortage in rental accommodation. Making it possible for people to get onto the property ladder by proving they can pay a larger amount every month successfully through rent, would improve so many peoples quality of life.
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    Created by Ellie Lewis-Wood
  • Paid Miscarriage Leave
    Suffering a miscarriage is not an illness, it is a loss that can be traumatic for expectant parents. It is therefore unfair to expect those grieving to rely on either their employer’s good will or sick leave. Unfortunately, there is also a stigma around miscarriage, with many parents feeling unable to discuss their loss with friends, family, or their GP. By introducing paid leave, it will open the door to more parents seeking the support that they deserve.
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    Created by Angela Crawley MP
    Because then you might not see the wood for the trees ....🤔🤫
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  • We Want Action on Cleaner Bridges
    If residents do not express how strongly they feel about these issues, the three parties responsible will continue to pass the buck and there will be no appropriate action to tackle the existing risks to health and safety.
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    Created by Paul Basham
  • Get the government to stop funding in fossil fuels and to invest in true green energy souces instead
    The current plans and accounting methods used by our government to meet the challenging targets for 2030 and 2050 are more blah blah! and greenwashing than they are real plans to achieve a carbon neutral future. Comparisons with other countries in this scenario are unhelpful as we "export" our carbon footprint and pretend to be leading the world in cutting emissions when the truth is far from this. We need a proper plan which clearly outlines HOW we are going to make progress and WHAT we are going to spend on it.
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    Created by Roy McElwain