• Save St Clares Hospice
    Our little hospice is the only one in South Tyneside to provide palliative and End of Life care for the people of South Tyneside. We have provided excellent palliative care for 30yrs and will be a huge miss to our community. Many families in South Tyneside have had a loved one who has received treatment or has died peacefully in our care and them memories stay with these families knowing their love one had been looked after at that sad time of their lives
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  • End opencast coal for good
    Opencast coal extraction is a reckless and dirty industry that is fuelling climate change while hurting communities in the UK and abroad to fuel UK power stations. Over the next few weeks, the UK government faces a choice: it can let this dirty industry get bigger, or it can end opencast coal extraction for good, honouring it’s promise of a 2025 coal phase-out to the British people, saving communities and protecting the climate. Right now, the government is considering whether to allow two opencast coal mines in the North of England 1. Bradley in Pont Valley, which is already destroying the countryside, and 2. Druridge Bay, which threatens a pristine stretch of coastline. Both mines are being pursued by Banks Group; the only company in the UK pushing for the expansion of coal extraction. They have already extended their operation at Shotton, Northumberland and are undertaking a scoping inquiry into a new one at Dewley Hill, near Throckley, Newcastle. Together these four projects would extract over 6.5 million tonnes of coal and release around 13 million tonnes of Co2 . There’s no time to lose - at the Bradley mine in Pont Valley, each day that goes by means more coal being burned and more countryside being lost. The government is due to make a decision on Bradley by 25th February 2019, and is expected to make a decision on Druridge Bay in a similar time-frame. Banks Groups lawyers and lobbyists are putting forward their arguments in favour of their damaging projects. Let’s make sure we get heard too. Sign our petition to make sure that the government makes the right decision and ends opencast coal mining for good.
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  • Save Dv8 Sussex from possible closure
    As you may be aware, Dv8 Sussex was recently inspected by Ofsted, and received a final grading of Inadequate, despite our best ever year of results in 17/18. We published a statement detailing our response to the inspection on 18th January (see link below). The Ofsted inspection report can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/2WyzeBa. Our response statement can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/2Sle3mU The Inadequate grading has now however triggered a process within the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) that has led to an immediate suspension of student recruitment within this year and our 2019/20 contract being placed on hold, pending review. There are currently around 25 students planned to join Dv8 programmes in February and March this year that will now not be able to do so and over 100 current applicants to date for September’s courses. We urgently need the support of parents, students, stakeholders and partner agencies to help us make our case that we are a unique provision locally that cannot easily be replaced and that our contract should be reinstated as soon as possible. If Dv8 were not to deliver in Sussex next year, there would be around 200 students having to find an alternative college in September to meet their needs. Around 100 students would be in the middle of two-year courses, around 20 High-Needs students who are settled and supported at Dv8 would need to find an alternative college. There is a real risk that a number of our students would not find suitable provision and may become disengaged from education completely. There is an excellent range of provision on offer locally through larger colleges, however our students are often looking for something different. Our students join Dv8 due to the unique kind of provision we offer; not just a creative college, but with small class sizes, a highly supportive and inclusive environment, where young people are nurtured to develop confidence, achieve and progress. Young people and parents tell us that Dv8 was the only place that they have ever felt comfortable and able to achieve. The majority of our young people progress back into further education at the end of their course, ready to move on and to have successful lives. Many of our students simply do not thrive in larger educational environments and may not have achieved previously in school, or in the larger main colleges. We do not feel that there is any like for like provision locally that offers something similar. Our learner numbers have grown by 20% each year over the last four years. For the last two years the ESFA have approved contract growth at Dv8 to meet local need, based partly on the closure of other local independent providers such as Access to Music and Nacro in Brighton. There is a real need and demand for the sort of provision that Dv8 offers and the positive impact we have on young people’s lives. We want to hear your stories so that we can provide this evidence to the ESFA to help them make the right decision to enable Dv8 to bounce back from this most challenging period and become the Good or Outstanding provider that we have always strived to become. If you are a parent of a young person who has succeeded at Dv8, if you studied with us and went on to a successful career or just that we made a positive impact on your life, please get in touch and leave your story. If you have worked with us and were inspired by the work that we do, please leave a message of support. If you just know of us and want to support us in our mission to “enable creative thinkers to be successful in work and life”, then please sign this petition. If you are a current student or parent / carer of a current student or someone that has applied to join us in September please leave a message of support highlighting why you chose / are choosing Dv8. It would be helpful if you could leave your name, if happy for us to use this, and also if you could state if you are an ex or current student, parent or other interested party. We aim to send hundreds of responses to the ESFA by next Wednesday so please leave messages this week if you can. Please show your support not only for our current and future students who could be left extremely disappointed but for the future of Dv8 and to protect one of the last truly independent providers in the region. Your help and support is very much appreciated. Some supportive messages we have already received: “Dv8 has changed me so much! They have built up my confidence and improved my skills and all of my family and friends have noticed the positive changes in me.” Ex Dv8 Student “Since doing the Level 1 course at Dv8 I have progressed to a Level 3 Music Production course. Learning in a small class was brilliant and really allowed me to find the things I was best at” Ex Dv8 student “I was moved to email you following the release of Ofsted's report and express my solidarity with you as educators, and gratitude for all the work you put in. You have made an enormous difference to my daughter who has struggled to engage with formal education throughout her school career. It might not look like it but her engagement with your staff and your course is the single most positive learning experience she has had.” Current Dv8 Parent “This ofsted decision is so so wrong. My son was at Dv8 for 2 years and came out with a distinction. He is autistic. And found when we were looking for a college it was his favourite. The staff are amazing and very supportive not just to my son but to me too. How can a college be classed as inadequate when they believed in my son and his dream. They could see his ability and worked with him to develop it and improve it. Giving him confidence and belief in himself. Which his school didn't, if anything they stripped it away. My son wouldn't of been able to move onto a bigger college if it hadn't been for DV8” Dv8 parent of Ex student
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  • Disabled Parking
    Important to all disabled drivers who are unable to access accessible parking space, adding more stress and physical pain to conditions which necessitate having easy access to a vehicle.
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  • Scrap Disabled Parking Charges in Newcastle
    Disabled Blue Badge holders rely on their cars to visit the doctor, go shopping or take part in leisure activities. They can't use public transport. Charging Disabled Blue Badge holders to park is punishing them for being disabled. It sends out a message that disabled people aren't welcome in Newcastle. Blue Badge holders may choose to go elsewhere, impacting on the city's economy or park on double yellow lines causing congestion. How is this Creating Decent Neighbourhoods? How is this tackling inequalities? How is this showing that Newcastle is open for business? Charging disabled residents and visitors to the city to park is detrimental to both the disabled person and Newcastle.
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  • Reinstate private tongue tie practitioners
    Private tongue tie practitioners are highly specialised service providers, taking burden off the NHS and ensuring choice for parents seeking frenotomy in the UK without having to wait sometimes in excess of 8 weeks for an NHS referal. Tongue tie can lead to damaged nipples, mastitis, breast abscess, slow weight gain, Failure to Thrive, and fussy behaviour. To essentially remove the choice of speedy access to frenotomy is outrageous. In addition to the harm caused to families private practitioners have been unable to work for over a month now causing stress, anxiety, and heavily reduced income.
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  • Keep our dogs safe, Wittering wants a dog park!
    It seems as though we have alot of walks around wittering and it's the perfect place for your pup to be...however, if your dog escapes, if you let them off lead and they chase an animal or get distracted, we are faced with the fear or loosing them to the A1 or a47. Not only this but not all dogs can come off lead, not all pups can be off lead straight away. We need a place to safely train them, to safely let them run and play with other pups.
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  • Dog fouling
    It's very dangerous for everyone specially for children. Children's can fall into it. I think the council needs to buy and put cameras up in the area to catch them dog owners for not picking up there dog mess.
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  • McDonald’s: take responsibility for reuse/recycling of old happy meal toys
    Much as I would like to live a perfect eco-friendly life, I have children, and with children come happy meal toys. Lots of them. They are (except for a select few) mostly ignored after the first hour. So what am I supposed to do with all these toys? Some are collectible and can be sold on eBay, but as a busy mum I don’t have time for that. Charities won’t accept them as donations. Most local authorities don’t take toys in their household plastic recycling. As an eco-conscious person, I try to avoid landfill, and I know McDonald’s are aiming for zero landfill too. So why aren’t they taking responsibility for all the happy meal toys and the tonnes of plastic waste that comes with it? I’ve tried to contact McDonald’s about it, and received poor answers that simply do not acknowledge the scale of the problem.
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  • Dropped kerbs
    It's a death trap as it is!
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  • Provision of Specialist Autism Support for Sandwell Families
    We have already written to you to raise this subject but this is a brief summary of why this issue is important. Autism is no worse or more complex than any other condition. It’s just different. Families need advice that is specific to autism as many of the usual ways of communicating, teaching and managing behaviour is different to the norm. Every autistic person is different so you need a specialist who can tailor advice to your individual needs. Autism is the only disability to have its own act of parliament to focus upon and direct the services that should be available to autistic people. Having the wrong advice can make the situation worse. To support their children parents need to understand their child and how they can help them. When carers are better supported the cared for has better outcomes.
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  • Destruction of Oxford's Greenbelt
    There has been NO consultation on this plan, which is significantly different from the original Plan. There are many major changes, including most of the housing sites being proposed now. • The “exceptional circumstances” that allow for development on the Green Belt have not been satisfactorily established. The harm caused by removing the Grenoble Road site from the Green Belt is greater than any benefits obtained. • The proposed development will have a major impact on the nature of the local environment and people’s enjoyment of it. • The proposed development will reduce access to the countryside as an amenity for many residents, of Oxford, Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys - paths, dog walking routes, etc. • The figures used to estimate the number of houses needed are questionable and out of date. • The proposed estate of 3,000 homes would inevitably increase noise, air and light pollution. • The proposed density of 70 dwellings/hectare is out of keeping with the area and inappropriate in a semi-rural location. It is higher than most new developments except in city centres. • The Grade I listed Nuneham Courtenay Park has views over much of the surrounding countryside and views from the Park will be very adversely affected by a large housing estate south of Grenoble Road. • There are inadequate plans to improve the infrastructure (roads, public transport, shops, doctors and other amenities) to support this development. • The proposed Park & Ride will attract more traffic up the A4074 through Nuneham Courtenay—especially if the Redbridge P&R is closed as has been proposed elsewhere. • The proposed Cowley branch line passenger rail service would be too far from the Grenoble Road site to be useful. Therefore, those working in Oxford or commuting from further away would add traffic to already congested roads. • The Plan is not coordinated with other plans like the expressway.
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