• 'Stop the BBC Mothballing BBC Four'
    As a public service broadcaster, the BBC has a long tradition of providing programmes that educate, inform and entertain. The BBC’s Annual Plan for 2021/22 announced that they are intending to stop commissioning original content for BBC4. While BBC4 will continue to broadcast live performances, the rest of the output will just be repeats of existing content from the BBC archives, while BBC3 will return as a broadcast channel. Over the years I've learnt so much from many fine BBC4 programmes on art, music, history, geography, science, technology and much more. I've been transported around the globe by wonderful accounts of spectacular sights and sounds, given privileged access to museums and galleries, learnt about diverse cultures and discovered just what a wonderful world we live in. To my mind, no other broadcaster comes close to the BBC in being able to offer this kind of content to its viewers, and BBC4 has been central to this. Audience figures for these fantastic programmes may be lower than in other areas, but those that watch them love them, and they are an integral part of the BBC's mission. BBC4 still has a unique and important role to play in helping to fulfil Lord Reith's original vision of the role of public service television in the UK. It should not be mothballed; it should be cherished. Please sign and share to support BBC4! https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/mar/29/bbc-four-to-become-archive-only-as-cost-cutting-drive-continues
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  • Utilising the Square in Petersfield for bars/restaurants
    It would encourage more locals to eat and drink out and sit outside whatever the weather. And could put Petersfield on the map for tourists as a nice place to stay and to eat out.
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  • End race discrimination in the culture sector - Reinstate Amanda
    There are real concerns surrounding the rampant institutional racism and discrimination that plague the cultural sector. Many prominent British cultural institutions have built the bulk of their collections on the back of colonisation and their interpretation continues to tell stories tainted with imperialism. As well as failing to address the legacy of colonialism, as employers, many museums galleries and heritage sites perpetuate a system of discrimination against PCS members who identify as Black, Women, Disabled or LGBT+.  2020 saw another outcry against racism in the Black Lives Matters demonstration following the murder of George Floyd. Numerous cultural institutions declared their support for the Black Lives Matter movement very publicly. However, this public support has failed to make a difference to our Black PCS members who are disproportionately employed on unstable, zero hour or fixed terms contracts.  Our union members who identify as Black, who are cleaners, security guards, and gallery/museum assistants continued to go to work as ‘essential workers’ putting their and their family’s lives at risk. In the Autumn, it also became evident that the redundancies at Tate, the Southbank Centre and Historic Royal Palaces disproportionately affected Black workers. Finally, a number of our Black reps and members have been at the receiving end of discrimination and victimisation when they have spoken out against racism and bullying. This worrying trend was exposed at Historical Royal Palaces. In Summer 2020 then in December 2020, PCS Black Culture Group reps wrote to many employers in the sector with demands to improve race equality in the workplace. Very few meaningful responses have been received. Those demands were: • Eliminate the racial pay gap, openly publish this information and draw up a plan to eliminate it. • Establish protections against privatisation, casualisation, exploitation, overwork and support for mental health.  • Put in place hiring committees that have clear guidelines, accountability mechanisms and training in place to consider issues around race and equality. Black members should be on such committees.  • Implement anti-discriminatory support measures for Black staff and put in place a set of accountable, procedures for promotion, including an external review process. • Improve dedicated anti-racism training and make it mandatory for all levels of staff, entailing ongoing refreshers. • Record racial breakdowns of disciplinary investigations and outcomes, publish the results and draw up plans to eliminate any bias. *Black: PCS uses the term black in the political context to apply to people from African and Asian diasporas, including people of dual heritage.
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    Staines upon Thames is a small market town with a defined character. Apart from a small cluster of high-rise developments at the end of town furthest from the river, most buildings in the town are three or four storeys high – and none more than six. Persuading Spelthorne Borough Council to abandon its draft plan for tower-block developments up to 15 storeys high at or close to the riverfront, including in the sensitive Staines Conservation Area, would protect the town’s distinctive character, appearance, amenity, townscape and skyline.
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  • RENTERS ARE WAITING: Bring Foward The Renters’ Reform Bill
    Since March 2020, 8% of private renters who responded to a Survation survey had received a Section 21 notice from their landlord, which would represent 694,000 private renters across England. While the initial Section 21 notice is only the first stage of the legal eviction process, a valid notice cannot be overturned in court. That means most tenants who receive one have nothing to gain by challenging the notice and move out before the case reaches court. Nearly a third of those surveyed (32%) said they were concerned about the possibility of their landlord asking them to move out this year, which would represent 2.78m private renters across England. The survey was commissioned by Generation Rent, with results published this week. The government must now bring forward the Renters' Reform Bill and follow through on its promise to deliver long term stability for renters. Only by coming together can we pressure the government to deliver the rights we all deserve. This change is only possible if we come together to push these demands on the government.
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    The ancient and beautiful Jones’ Hill Wood in Buckinghamshire is being felled as we write. We have a legal case awaiting hearing, but each minute is precious and trees are still being felled. HS2 entered Jones Hill back in October 2020, with intention to fell without surveys, let alone a licence from Natural England. Earth Protectors and Ecologists on the ground had been surveying the woods and identified several bat species, including the endangered barbastelle bat. Over the past 6 months, the team has been represented by Lawyers and supported by the Woodland Trust to hold both Natural England and HS2 to account and to ensure that adequate surveys were carried out and that Natural England fulfilled its Statutory role to protect the natural environment by issuing a well-considered licence that would protect the barbastelle bats in particular and ensure their conservation. Despite constant scrutiny, Natural England have now issued a licence to destroy bat roosts on tenuous grounds. The mitigation put forward by HS2 for the loss of habitats for the barbastelle and other families of bats were on flimsy and highly questionable grounds. We believe that Natural England has failed in its statutory duty and that the needs of barbastelle families are nowhere near being met by the compensation proposed. As such we have resorted to the Courts to initiate legal proceedings and hold them to account. However, legal action takes time. This is time the trees and the creatures they home do not have. HS2 continue to fell and seem adamant to destroy what they can before they can be stopped by the law. Another minute, another tree felled. We the undersigned, on behalf of the endangered barbastelle refuges, plead that you pause all felling of this irreplaceable natural assets and rethink, with an open mind, the other options available to you and certainly do the right thing and HALT ALL FELLING UNTIL THIS CASE IS HEARD. This issue is important, not just for the barbastelle bats at Jones Hill Woods but for all other endangered species of wildlife that are under threat from construction projects. We need to hold Natural England to account and make sure the law is enforced to protect all wildlife that is meant to protect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P87YldhTQ0c
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  • Save Whiteinch Library
    It is a precious resource for the local community. Is accessed by local schools, nurseries. Provides access to computers and internet and assistance to those who don't have access to these resources. It is an old building and should be preserved. Unlike the town hall adjacent which is a listed building which is disused and in terrible disrepair. To receive emails from the petition ensure you tick the box giving permission. Regular updates via the facebook campaign page "save whiteinch library "
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  • Block New Coal Licences for Cumbria
    BLOCK WEST CUMBRIA MINING'S LICENCE TO DRILL Leading Cumbrian Councillors had already reassessed their previous unanimous support for the first deep coal mine in decades in the UK and voted “No.” Through this No vote they have voiced their opposition alongside leading academics, scientists, politicians, the public and many organisations. The reasons for saying No to new licences for West Cumbria Mining are not just “compelling” as Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng MP has stated, they are overwhelming. There is zero need for a public inquiry at the expense of the public purse. The mine could be stopped tomorrow. All it would take is for the Coal Authority to block the developers new applications for a Licence to Drill. It is shocking that details of the new licence applications are being kept secret and from public scrutiny despite Freedom of Information requests from nuclear safety group Radiation Free Lakeland. CLIMATE AND NUCLEAR SAFETY ...OR RECKLESSNESS? A block on the developer’s new applications for a Licence to Drill would not only save the public purse the huge expense of a public inquiry it would also send a strong message to the UK and our international neighbours that the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, who are responsible for the Coal Authority, are committed to both climate and nuclear safety. While the significant climate impacts of this coal mine would be EXACTLY the same if this development had been proposed anywhere else in the UK, this coal mine is NOT JUST ANYWHERE in the UK. The mine would be largely subsea off the West Coast of Cumbria, would extend to within five miles of the WORLD"S RISKIEST NUCLEAR WASTE SITE and be directly under a massive nuclear waste dump known as the Sellafield Mud Patch. COAL MINE UNDER AN EXISTING NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP? Sellafield has been pumping eight million litres of “low level” radioactive discharges into the Irish Sea every day. It been doing that for decades and nuclear wastes (military and ‘civil’) still continue to arrive in West Cumbria. The nuclear waste discharge pipeline out to the Irish Sea is in constant use. The coal mine developers say there would be “EXPECTED SUBSIDENCE” of the Irish Sea bed. Recent reports have indicated this would most likely result in the resuspension of decades worth of Sellafield’s radioactive wastes now largely (but not completely) immobilised in the Irish Sea bed. Radioactive wastes including plutonium would be resuspended back into the water column, to ours and to neighbouring shores. The one thing not to do with a radioactive waste dump is disturb it. COAL MINE ADJACENT TO A NEW HIGH LEVEL NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP? The mine itself would be adjacent to the area being promoted as a “possible" Geological Disposal Facility for heat generating nuclear wastes under the Irish Sea. The CEO of the coal mine Mark Kirkbride has been appointed to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management to advise government on "Delivery" of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The proposed coal mine would make a void of 136 million square metres. Would this handy hole be used to dump mountains of rock spoil excavated for a GDF from neighboring rocks? What destabilising impact would this have on the neighbouring rocks? Is there a massive unresolvable conflict of interest at the heart of the forthcoming coal mine public inquiry? The final decision about the climate and nuclear dump-wrecking mine will rest with the government – the same government who have appointed the coal mine boss to position of top government nuclear dump advisor (for highly active wastes). FARCICAL PUBLIC INQUIRY? These questions (and more) should, but are not likely to be within the remit of a forthcoming public inquiry focussing on planning rather than key issues of governance and nuclear safety. PUBLIC MONEY The public have already paid out £millions for this coal mine, to be precise, £2.5 Million in Heritage Lottery Funds for the Haig Colliery Museum which was then handed over to the developers for £1. This is a coal mine that the public would keep paying for in more than money and climate impacts - the many headed hydra of both a slow burn and immediate nuclear catastrophe are overwhelming. There is no credible case for this mine either on the basis of Finance (no market ), Climate (flies in face of COP26) or arguably the most serious concern, Nuclear safety (the mine would be under decades of "low level" nuclear waste, also undermining the geology near the world's riskiest high level nuclear waste site Sellafield). BLOCK WEST CUMBRIA MINING’S LICENCE TO DRILL! DO IT NOW References BEIS Ministerial Responsibility for the Coal Authority "Ministerial responsibility 11. The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is accountable to Parliament for the activities and performance of the (Coal) Authority ... Sellafield Radioactive Discharge on the Irish Sea Bed directly beneath the coal mine plan and question of 'Who is Responsible for Safety of the Discharged Nuclear Wastes?' is subject to complaint being dealt with by the Information Commissioner https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/responsibility_for_discharged_ra Coal Authority Licences https://keepcumbriancoalinthehole.wordpress.com/2021/01/18/do-not-rubber-stamp-new-coal-authority-licenses-for-cumbria/ 6th Climate Budget https://www.theccc.org.uk/publication/sixth-carbon-budget/ note the Climate Change Committee is appointed by BEIS British Geological Society Lack of Testing in West Cumbria https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/west_cumbria_mining_abstraction#incoming-1625582 Who is Responsible for Radioactive Waste on the Irish Sea Bed – Call from Nuclear Free Local Authorities https://www.nuclearpolicy.info/news/nfla-troubled-uk-communities-minister-not-calling-in-decision-deep-underground-coal-mine-west-cumbria/
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  • City Of Edinburgh Council - Commission a Memorial for Derek Ogg - Influential Gay Rights Activist
    It is important that modern day activists are recognised for their positive contribution to society and to honour their legacy.
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  • Ban trawl nets in the UK
    This is important because trawl nets are the most destructive fishing method as they permanently wreck habitats and produce tragic amounts of bycatch. These nets often operate in kelp forests. These forests contain more CO2 than the average rainforest and therefore are crucial to maintaining the climate. They are also an important habitat for countless species of marine life. These forests are wrecked by the trawl nets which destroy the sea beds for miles. This damage is often permanent and therefore irreparable against the climate. The nets often produce bycatch as well which can harm the animals we love most, like dolphins and whales. These animals are also crucial to the food chain as they are often apex predators and prevent overpopulation by eating other large animals. Recently the UK government banned trawl nets in Sussex kelp forests which is good but not far enough. A country-wide ban could greatly help our effort towards helping the planet. The ban would only economically hurt large fishing corporations and therefore continue to allow local fishermen to do their job and even increase catch due to the increased population of fish in the ocean. Though much less prominent in the UK, trawl fishing is also linked to slavery in places like Thailand which is a clear violation of human rights. I was inspired to start this petition by the Netflix film, Seaspiracy, which explains this all in much more detail with shocking facts. This ban could help local fishermen, the climate, animals, and the world.
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  • Stop the Home Office’s New Plan for Immigration
    We believe many of the proposals contained within the New Plan for Immigration to be a harmful violation of refugees' and asylums seekers' rights. To read more about the reasons for this, along with key facts and statistics about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, please read our open letter by following the web link below: https://www.solidaritee.org.uk/open-letter-home-office
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  • Save Our Librarians
    Across the five Idea Stores and two libraries in Tower Hamlets, we have over 1.92 million visits a year. Idea Stores are more than just a library or a place for learning. As well as library services, we offer a wide range of adult learning courses and an extensive activities and events programme for all the family, seven days a week. The community is at the heart of everything we do but with 30 job cuts and with minimum staffing levels, we will not be able to deliver the services that you know and love. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased residents social isolation and it is now more than ever that residents need a fully staffed library service. Your support is vital to stop excessive front line job cuts at the Idea Stores and libraries.
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