• Public inquiry into Medomsley detention centre
    I was a victim of this abuse and i feel the house is not acknowledging the severity of the abuse by offering the such a insulting sum of compensation to the victims
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  • Change the Childcare Rules in Local Restriction Areas
    Many families use a mixture of formal and informal childcare in order to continue working and ensure their children are looked after while they are working to provide for them. Local Restriction rules ban them from using informal childcare arrangements, such as grandparents, other family members and friends, unless they are part of their support bubble. This includes many key workers such as NHS staff, police officers, teachers, shop workers and factory workers - people that have worked throughout this crisis to keep our country going. Many have used up their annual leave to cover childcare during the national lockdown, leaving them with no options now. People with informal childcare arrangements tend not to be able to afford to pay for childcare or they work hours that do not fit in with paid childcare or paid childcare is not available or their children have disabilities that means formal childcare is not an option for them. They are also highly likely to have employment contracts that state that they will not be paid for time off to look after children. Not everybody can work from home, not everybody can work school hours, so how will they cope with the drop in income? Many are worried about losing their jobs. We urge the Health Secretary to think again as these rules are just not practical or workable for many families, they cannot afford to employ private nannies and it is completely unrealistic to expect that they can arrange formal childcare within a matter of days or that they can afford formal childcare.
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  • No Mask, No Service
    I have, over the last number of weeks and months, seen countless people ignoring wearing a mask when shopping. Even the stores say it isn't mandatory.. so they simply aren't. MANY of us are following the rules, these are spurring the new wave of infection. Make it law, No Mask, No Service unless proven to be exempt via a lanyard or similar.
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  • Stop limited parking in Main Street alexandria
    Affecting local businesses during challenging times
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  • Protest against the closure of Richmond Road Hackney
    I understand the situation with trying to make a greener borough and as a cyclist myself I have no problem with limiting roads around schools. However unless you provide an alternative route for the weight of traffic needed all you do is concentrate that traffic into a smaller area which creates terrible traffic jams and terrible amounts of pollution. I have been a resident of Graham Road for over 15 years, I now have a daughter who has severe asthma living in a house constantly filled with trucks idly sitting outside the house 24/7 in traffic since these road closures have been implemented. We must stop these changes immediately before irreparable damage is done to the area around Graham Road and the surrounding areas! We were not consulted about these changes that will dramatically change our lives. Please sign my protest.
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  • Release all pregnant people from prison
    One baby died at HMP Bronzefield in September 2019 and another at HMP Styal in June 2020. In both cases the mother gave birth in a prison cell rather than at hospital. The prisons and the Ministry of Justice have refused to release information publicly about why the mothers were not taken to hospital, despite being in labour. These deaths, and the resulting trauma for the families of the babies, could have been prevented with appropriate support and access to health care. This issue is now even more urgent due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Pregnant women have been included on the government’s list of those clinically vulnerable to COVID-19. In addition to this, prisons have responded to the pandemic by keeping prisoners locked in cells for 22 - 24 hours per day, increasing the risk of pregnant people going into labour in cells or being unable to access maternity care. The government acknowledged this with a promise in March 2020 to release pregnant women and women with babies in prison Mother and Baby Units, in order to allow them to safely self-isolate in the community. Despite this promise, according to the last figures stated by the government on 18th June, only six pregnant people and 16 new mothers have been released. We call on the Ministry of Justice to act immediately on this promise and release all pregnant people and mothers with babies in Mother and Baby Units, in order to prevent further harm and deaths.
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  • To keep and improve cycle lanes in Crawley
    Cycling can not only reduce congestion but more importantly reduce pollution and help people with healthier lifestyles
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  • To introduce Traffic Calming Measures and Safety along Broad Walk
    We would like the council to urgently introduce effective traffic-calming measures to reduce the risk of another tragic accident and to encourage cycling and walking. For example, by: • Setting up a width restriction or chicane between Corelli Road and Samuel Montagu youth club to slow drivers and deter large vehicles. • Replacing current speed bumps (which are hard to see) with something more visible and effective • Installing 'children crossing' signs, 20mph roundels and vehicle activated speed signs around the Samuel Montagu Youth Centre • Create passing points between Woolacombe Road and Samuel Montagu youth centre to prevent gridlocks from forming • Put down a double yellow line between Rochester Way and the new electric charging points and reinstate the bollards by the entrance to Woolacombe Road.
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  • Save NHS dentistry in England
    I am based in London and I have noticed a steady decline of dental practices offering NHS dental treatment. Most dental practices have reduced their services to private treatments only and the very few that do offer NHS treatment limit this to often only 10% of their capacity. This makes it virtually impossible to find an NHS dentist or if your are lucky to have one, you will have noticed that waiting times have increased dramatically, simply because the very few NHS dental practices left are horrendously oversubscribed. This was the case even long before Covid-19. Good dental care is vitally important to general health and also mental well-being and should therefore not be neglected. Most people with ordinary professions cannot afford private dental care, which is why it is so important that NHS funding for dentistry needs to be increased now before it is too late and we lose our last remaining NHS dental practices.
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    Created by Barbara Hoffmann
  • Belhus chase accessibility problems
    By not having disabled access from aveley though belhus chase run by woodland trust, disabled and elderly people are forced to risk their lives by going in fast driven country roads in wheelchairs or scooters to be able to walk their dogs or to just visit the country park. Just this week an elderly woman with her dog was almost hit.
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  • Fly tipping and illegal dumping in Whitton
    The dumped waste and fly tipping problem is having a huge impact not only on the environment but also with the families and the general public that live here and use/walk through these spaces. The rats are getting into cars and gnawing through cables and infesting homes! This is a huge issue and also over a prolonged period of time has affected the wellbeing and mental health of some residents. We need to act collectively as a community and get Richmond Council to listen to our voice! Please sign and show your support through this petition to get our community areas cleared and looking respectful again.
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    Created by Sharna Beckles
  • Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
    Due to the Corona pandemic, and from April 2020, all forms of practical driving training have been stopped, and the practical examinations have also stopped, and at the same time the certificate of success in the theoretical exam is running out. This should not be borne by individuals, as there is a major pandemic, and the Ministry of Transport must not overburden people, and it must deal with reality and not be literal in applying the rules and instructions because the current circumstances are of an exceptional type. Extend the expiry dates of those who currently hold a valid theory test to after September. This would allow time for those who have rightfully passed this theory to attempt their practical test once the pandemic has eased and society is back to running smoothly. Those who have passed their theory deserve the right to have a driving test. At current, they are unable to do so as the driving tests have been cancelled with no clear answer on when they will start back up again. This will affect many people who have worked hard to pass their theory and be able to sit a driving test.
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