Brockenhurst is a tourist hub and also host to a large student population during the day. Currently there is nowhere to recycle rubbish in the centre of the village. Recycling helps protect our environment which is currently under threat. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that the rainforests and other raw materials can be preserved.
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    Created by Camilla Pearse
  • Solar Panels on All New Builds
    Climate change is the biggest crisis facing the world. Unless we act decisively now the planet will become slowly but surely uninhabitable for life as we know it.
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    Created by Michael Rawson
  • Hand over ownership of Lough Neagh
    Lough Neagh is the largest lake on the island of Ireland and in the UK. Steeped in history and unique biodiversity. Experts have said without intervention Lough Neagh will become “a stinking septic tank that’s 400 square kilometres with no lid on it” from which we can no longer draw drinking water. The owner of the lake-bed makes huge profits by selling licences to sand extraction companies. It's not enough to offer to sell the Lough, it must be given freely over to the people so that the desecration can stop.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Act now to tackle the bed bug crisis!
    Parisian bed bugs are causing havoc, covering people in bites, and forcing them to chuck out clothing and bedding. It’s not just Paris - bed bugs are here, too. There’s a few reasons for the perceived rise in the critters, but one factor is local governments have been forced to slash pest control budgets under austerity cutbacks. We should all have local pest control teams to call if bed bugs burrow into our homes instead of spending hundreds of pounds on private fumigation. With bugs all over the news, it’s time to put this crisis at the Government’s doorstep so we can get local pest control teams back in our areas. The Chancellor and the PM aren’t expecting us to bug them to find solutions to the bed bug invasion. That’s why we need a huge petition demanding they release emergency funding for pest control across the UK and increase local government budgets so our councils can invest long-term in pest control and other issues.
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  • Halt the sale of all land purchased for HS2.
    Over a decade of cross party support, including members of the current Government Cabinet, have said that HS2 is vital to share prosperity across England and across the other countries that make Great Britain. There have been billions spent in reports, surveys, compulsory purchases and planning to make this levelling up a reality. At the Conservative Party Conference Rishi Sunak made the rare decision that united in anger both business leaders and environmentalists by cancelling HS2 North of Birmingham. This is a nationally important piece of infrastructure that will take decades to build and deliver centuries of gain. It should not be a decision made by one Prime Minister at a conference.
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    Created by Joshua Sanders
  • Grandison Close Pathway
    We suffer with terrible flooding, slip and trip hazards. it becomes impossible to pass in the winter months for the elderly, disabled, wheelchairs and pushchairs. its a muddy wet slippery mess and we would like this situation resolved as soon as possible please. The walkway is the main thoroughfare for all walkers wanting to enjoy the green spaces and beyond, its a very popular area for children, dog walkers and cyclists, as well as the residents that live here. It would benefit so many people who use and frequent the area concerned.
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    Created by Jane Willcox
  • Reopen or beloved Greyhound
    The closure of the Greyhound Pub in Newport, UK has left a void in our community. This place was more than just a pub; it was a gathering spot, a place where memories were made and friendships were forged. Despite its reputation as being 'rough', many of us loved it for its authenticity and charm. The Greyhound meant so much to so many people. It was an integral part of our local culture and history. Its closure has not only deprived us of a beloved hangout spot but also impacted local businesses that relied on the footfall generated by the pub's patrons. According to data from CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), pubs contribute significantly to local economies, with each pub generating an average of £80,000 per year in community benefits (CAMRA, 2018). By reopening the Greyhound Pub, we can restore these benefits to our community. To make more memories in a special place. Please sign this petition if you too want Jack to reopen the Greyhound Pub!
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    Created by Stacey Newman
  • Oppose Hampshire Homelessness cuts
    Cutting homelessness funding is a dangerous and short-sighted decision that could lead to the closure of hostels across the county. Not only will it cause a sharp rise in rough sleeping, it will also place additional strain on valuable health and social care services, meaning the proposed savings represent a false economy. It’s hard to see how these cuts represent any financial savings overall, and it is a cruel choice in a civilised society. Please sign to stop this cut.
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    Created by Kim Taylor
  • GWR - Keep Our Vital Train Services Running
    GWR's revised timetable from December 2023 for the Banbury to Oxford line removes two of the most vital commuting services for the intermediate stations Kings Sutton, Heyford and Tackley. These services are used every day by many workers and schoolchildren – not just from these villages but from the surrounding areas. Specifically, these are the morning service which arrives into Oxford at 0905, and the evening service which leaves Oxford at 1755. These trains are very well used, and are the services which are most closely aligned with an average person's working day, so this seems an extraordinary change to make. The re-timing of the services mean that (for Heyford) there are trains at 0741 and 0955 in the morning but no other trains stopping in between – meaning that there are no trains available at the key times many people need to travel to work. In the evening there are return services leaving Oxford at 1653 and 1859, but again nothing in between. This would result in a significantly longer working day for many, and if this change goes ahead, many of the affected people from these areas will inevitably end up driving instead (if they are able to), meaning additional cars on the road. These train services that fit with the working day are vital for people in living in Oxfordshire villages – help us continue being able to use public transport for our daily commutes, and avoid unnecessary car journeys. After signing the petition, please also consider lodging a complaint by contacting GWR Customer Services directly at G[email protected] and let them know how you will be affected.
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    Created by John-Paul Clough
  • Remove Cotham School’s illegal fence at Stoke Lodge Village Green
    After a long legal fight, Stoke Lodge Playing Fields were registered as a Town or Village Green (TVG) on 22 August 2023. By law, it is a public nuisance and a criminal offence to enclose, encroach on or interrupt the use and enjoyment of a TVG. However, Cotham School is refusing to remove the fence and is even claiming that it is not on TVG land! A quick look at the registered map and Google maps shows what a blatant lie this is. It is irrelevant that 5 pedestrian gates in a 1.5km fence are now open; the whole fence interrupts use and enjoyment of the land which is now a legal right for Bristol citizens. It is irrelevant that the school claims it intends to challenge registration - the law says this fence is illegal NOW. Cotham School has found alternative facilities for PE and has announced that it intends to cease maintaining the land. The fence serves no purpose and its removal is clearly in the public interest of the people of Bristol. Thousands of Bristol Citizens have a right to access and uninterrupted use of this Village Green. There are over 1,400 meters of fencing that enclose and sit on our village green - over a mile of illegal fencing. Across the UK, Councils protect thousands of Village Greens. If Bristol City Council don't do the same on their own land - why not ?
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    How would you feel if you sat in class listening, paying attention, focusing but nothing seems to be sticking in your head? When you try to read the board but you keep losing your place, and the letters seem to move, but when you finally manage to read it you can't understand any of it and it doesn't seem to make any sense. So you end up just sitting there waiting for somebody to notice and come and help you. Well this is the truth for 1 in 5 children. Dyslexia doesn't just affect their reading abilities but also their writing, spelling, comprehension, speach, and so many other aspects of their life. The “one way education” system is old, outdated and certainly not fit for purpose. If we can send people up to the moon, develop new medicines, and the technology to create new medicines, then surely we have the capabilities to add new strategies to classrooms to make sure that every child gets an education suited for their needs that will actually help them in the future? I am not asking for a new curriculum to be made up overnight or millions of pounds to be spent on useless technology, but instead new strategies implemented into every classroom so children can actually have a shot at living in our world. For too long dyslexic children have been made to feel stupid, unworthy, and idotic. But with your help, that's not going to be reality for these children anymore. No child deserves to feel like that any longer, no child should be made to think that this their fault, no child should ever be picked on or made fun of because they can’t read the board. We can’t fix dyslexia, and I would never wish for that, but what I am wishing for is that you agree with me and help me to get every child screwed for dyslexia so work is catered to their needs and can start to enjoy learning again. For many people reading, spelling and writing will just come naturally, and it won’t be something you take for granted. However, for dyslexics every sentence can feel like a marathon, just trying to get a sentence out is a challenge at times. So I hope that you stand with me and agree that it's time for a change to happen. Help me give children a new way to learn, that won’t make them feel stupid or inferior. Do you know how much it costs just to have a dyslexia diagnoses? Over £400. Many families will struggle to raise that kind of money. Its so unfair that people are forced to gather that sort of money, just to be taken seriously and to receive the help they need. If just 80 people donated £5 then we would be able to get a somebody the diagnose they need and deserve. So what do I want you to do now ? After reading this I hope that you have a better understanding of what dyslexia is and how effects people. Now I ask you to please sign this petition, tweet, repost, comment, wear a wrist band. This campaign needs to get as big as possible, tell your friends and family. I want this change to happen with your help.
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    Created by Alice Bellamy
  • Free Tamar Tag
    With the abolition of HS2, the government have promised to reinvest in other areas of transport. The (much larger) Severn road bridge, as an essential transport arterie ,has been made free for motorists for years. Many people rely on the Tamar bridge to commute every day. It is also the route to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, which serves Cornwall as well. The Bridge is self funding without any help from the Government. Is it not now time, that in line with other main traffic routes, the bridge was made free for local users? There is already a "Tamar Tag" system in .place that offers a discounted automatic drive through option which could be modified for local users. At it is, the toll is an unfair tax on the people of Devon and in particular Cornwall and it's time it was abolished.
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    Created by Simon A Hordley