• Protect young people from violence: give youth services the funding they need
    Youth violence in the UK is at an all time high, and the government aren’t doing enough to prevent it. In the past 5 years, knife crime has increased by 71%, and the number of young people who lost their lives to violence rose by 45% from 2017-2018. In the meantime, youth programs and services have faced massive cuts to their funding. If the government wants to tackle the youth violence crisis, they need to fund youth services that can intervene early in young people’s lives, making sure they have safe places to go to and trusted adults to help them and protect them from harm. I started this petition because I have children myself, and I want the government to do more to give them opportunities, and keep them safe. Please sign and share.
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    Created by Kimberley Butterley
  • A more sustainable Transplant Games in 2020
    in 2019 UK Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency and there is a pressing need for each and everyone of us to take account of how much energy we use, how much waste we generate, of what the social and environmental cost of our actions is. The Transplant Games is a world leader in awareness raising about organ donation, it can be world leader in sustainability too. Please will you consider this petition and make Coventry 2020 the most sustainable Transplant Games there has ever been.
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    Created by Robin Layfield Picture
  • Ban tvlicensing.co.uk from sending junk mail!
    Jeremy Corbyn said "This is no longer about a distant future, we're talking about nothing less than the irreversible destruction of the environment within our lifetimes." If this is really what he thinks, this is one way of stopping a tremendous waste.
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    Created by Dimitri Katz
  • Better community mental health services for brain injuries
    My husband has a brain injury. He has changes to his whole life. It can make him moody , volatile , depressed even agressive. He also suffered badly from severe side effects from his epilepsy medication. This gave an incorrect assessment as when he came off it he improved. Not many people realize but once you have a brain injury you are classed under mental health. There is no access to regular mental health services as you are rejected because you have a brain injury so it's specialized. You can't go back to the Neuro services because you are no longer acute. There is a false idea that everyone will get compensation because it's usually been an accident. Not if it's been a bleed or a fall of nobodies fault. We have stroke services but not the services for brain injuries. My husband couldn't get a new report. He couldn't get an outpatient appointment with a Neuro psychologist or even a psychologist. He snapped . He ended up out of city a brain injury unit in a medium secure hospital as there where no beds. It hasnt helped ,it's been horrible and now He faces being placed in some kind of home. Of which there are few. Often brain injuries are placed with sever dementia patients even if their cognitive abilities are fairly good. It's a national disgrace. Until this happened he took part in regular community groups with support from a PA. Gained an NVQ. Now he faces being shut away he's not over 65. How many others are there?
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  • Allow Non-binary people to get passports
    This is a basic right. I pay taxes and vote, but as things stand I am not allowed to get a passport. It shows the inherent transphobic nature of the government and this needs to change.
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  • Keep the Romsey Parklet on Mill Road!
    The temporary closure of Mill Road railway bridge has shown us a glimpse of how the area could be. The street has been transformed from a traffic-logged vector into a place for eating, drinking, and community activities. Cycling and walking, have become safer, and sitting outside a cafe or restaurant no longer means breathing endless exhaust fumes. The Parklet is the first foray into a long list of physical changes to Mill Road that could permanently transform it into one of Cambridge's best urban outdoor spaces. Since construction, it has been almost permanently filled by those adding custom to local businesses, or just stopping by to relax and chat on a sunny summer evening. Just as local businesses are realising the potential of such quickly erected street furniture - the primary concern now being that they want it in front of their shop front instead - it would be a huge lost opportunity to rip it out again. Obviously, the closure of Mill Road bridge to motor traffic and the resulting serene street environment has helped the Parklet's success. But an extension past the bridge closure would allow a test of the concept on an open street. If traffic can still be discouraged from Mill Road by one or multiple Parklets whilst the road is open, then we can begin to analyse the impact on the surrounding road network, and on Mill Road itself. In summary - keep the Parklet, even for just a few more months. It's good for the community, it's good for businesses, and it's the first step to transforming Mill Road from traffic-logged vector, to a clean and vibrant public space.
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  • Bring Parliament back to debate Brexit. Time is running out
    This is the biggest single issue in 75 years for the British Government, with less than 90 days, it is not time to going on holiday. The British people deserve focus and this matter deserves all the time it can be given.
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    Created by Laurence Joslin
  • Stop Halite Pumping Toxic Brine Into The Sea
    Defra recently announced proposals to establish Marine Conservation Zones and Blue Belt Marine Protection Areas around our coast. How does allowing Halite to dump toxic brine fit in with this? There is evidence that the Honeycombe Worm (Salabria) is establishing itself along the outfall pipe. This is a protected species and a vital part of the food chain. There are also investigations into a colony of Great Crested Newts, another protected species, at Harbour Village, close to where Halite intend to place a sediment tank and pipes to carry the toxic waste into the sea. If this is allowed to go ahead it will create a 'Dead Zone' in our sea for some considerable distance , no marine creature will survive and other wild creatures depending on them for food will also suffer and decline in numbers. The pumping is planned to last for 10 years but the consequences will last for considerably longer, this will change our coastline for years to come and in some cases permanently. Please sign to try to stop this from going ahead.
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  • Save our police station
    Because Darlaston desperately needs a local police force
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    Created by Karl Lewis
  • Zero time for zero hours
    Zero hours contracts don't offer a fixed wage so nobody on them has a stable financial situation thus leading to homelessness.
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    Created by Team Perham
  • Recall Parliament
    The Government of Boris Johnson is hellbent on inflicting a No Deal Brexit on the British people, despite the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto promising a “smooth and orderly departure” from the EU, and a “deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across Europe”. Parliament needs time to prevent this impending disaster, and so must be recalled immediately.
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  • Roy Hudd to be Knighted
    Roy Hudd OBE has been entertaining for 63 years. His career has covered all genres and comedy and laughter has featured heavily. He has worked hard to raise money for many charities.
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    Created by The British Music Hall Society