• Test prisoners for Covid 19 upon release from custody
    The close proximity of the prison community means they are at high risk of virus transmission. They are contained in an area where they have access to medical resources. Tracking via testing and containing the spread of the virus especially in the community, is imperative. This would be an effective way to help towards protecting the community themselves, public sector workers and the general public.
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  • Say No to Outside Seating at the Duke of Buckingham Pub Old Portsmouth
    1. Anti-social behaviour associated with the pub is an ongoing problem that the Landlords do not adequately deal with in a quiet residential neighbourhood close to schools and sheltered housing. We believe the proposal will make worse the noise, littering & intimidatory pavement blocking already occurring at a time when social distancing is mandatory. 2. The Safety of drinkers and residents will be impacted with seating placed on the road in parking spaces & at the rear in the public highway turning circle on a very quiet residential street. 3. The proposal takes scarce parking spaces from local residents.
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  • Help Local Dog Boarders Reduce Barking Mad Licence Fees
    We are micro-businesses and sole traders offering a very special, home-from-home, dog boarding experience for dog lovers. We are not massive kennel operators, yet the license fee doesn’t differentiate, and we are being asked to pay exactly the same fee as a Commercial Kennels. There are more than 110 micro businesses and sole traders across the Joint Public Protection Partnership area who may now be forced to close as a direct consequence of this license fee increase. We desperately don’t want to close because we are all passionate about the dogs we take care of and we pride ourselves in offering a unique boarding experience for our clients and their dogs. As an example of the license increase we are facing: for the financial years 2018 - 20, the Bracknell Forest renewal licence fee was £119 per annum. From this year (2020-21), the Joint Public Protection Partnership increased the fee by a massive 375% to a total of £570 per annum. The fine laid down by DEFRA, for failing to obtain a licence, is set at £500 which is less than the total cost of renewal! Such a large increase cannot be considered fair or justified and, is contrary to the principle that local government is there to help and support local businesses thrive. There was no consultation process with us as home boarding providers, and the Joint Public Protection Partnership did not provide affected businesses with any prior notification of the license fee increases. Many home boarding providers have a very low turnover, and are already struggling with a downturn in bookings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; a significant number will be unable to pay. They will either be forced to cease trading or have to increase their prices considerably to cover this huge increase. And this is why it affects us all! Please sign this petition and help us to prevent this from happening.
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  • Get Rid of the IPP sentence that was abolished
    I was given an IPP sentence on the day they made changes that to the sentence so you could not receive small tariffs. I have been out of prison since Oct 2013, but not everyone has Bren lucky to get parole and since all of this the sentence has been abolished. It is important to me as an IPP released prisoner, the sentence messes with people mentally and people are suffering and being forget about in prison.
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  • Cycle tracks in Farnham
    Farnham has worse air pollution than 97% of British towns, plus serious road and car park congestion threatening the viability of Farnham's shops. Worse still, air pollution now kills more people than smoking. Getting people out of cars and onto bikes can help with all of these problems.
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  • Elderly Care Home Residents Left Stranded Without Family
    Many elderly people are confined to their rooms and in some cases bed-bound. Despite the best efforts of care home staff, they are heavily reliant on meeting family members to maintain a reasonable quality of life and mental well-being. The families of care home residents also experience great stress through not being able to see elderly relatives. Recent research has established that elderly people deprived of visits by family and friends will deteriorate both mentally and physically.
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  • Pharmacies
    These are local businesses and are a form of care in the community and also jobs are seriously at riskin this industry. Many elderly and disabled peple rely on their local pharmacy for many things and many go obove and beyond dishing out tablets.
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  • Get the 410 back on Auckland AND keep the Low Traffic Neighbourhood
    We've enjoyed the quieter roads that we've had because of roadworks and lockdown. We want to keep Auckland Road as it is: 1. No longer a rat run with threatening speeds and dangerous overtaking. 2. Less polluted, less noisy, less traffic jams. A liveable neighbourhood. 3. The freedom to allow people to walk, cycle and scoot. This all contributes to a stronger, healthier community. We DO want to see a return of the 410 bus. The bus gate will: 1. Allow the elderly, the young and the less able-bodied the chance to visit Crystal Palace and Croydon without walking too far. 2. Allow the bus to travel without getting stuck in traffic jams. A quicker, more efficient service! This would begin to transform the area. This will be a "change for good".... #streetspace
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  • Upper Tooting LTN
    This area is increasingly used as a rat run by traffic from outside the area. Huge volumes of traffic are crossing a residential area, causing air and noise pollution that affects the health of everyone, including children attending a nursery school. We want to reclaim the streets for local people, to make it easier to walk and cycle, and to improve the Common for all. We would also encourage the Council to create LTN's in neighbouring areas, and to look to reduce traffic on residential roads throughout our borough. Why now? Elmfield and Oakmead Roads are already blocked. These barriers make things better for their area, but worse for everyone else at the Southern end of the estate. Without your support for this wider neighbourhood scheme there is a big risk that the traffic will continue to worsen and that more isolated measures will help some roads to the detriment of others.
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  • Protect our justice! Keep trials by jury
    It is all of our human right to have access to a fair trial. But right now there is a risk that trial by juries could be scrapped, to try to deal with the backlog of court cases because of coronavirus. It could mean those of us waiting to get justice, won’t get a fair trial. Removing jurors from court hearings can have huge implications on those of us who face oppression and discrimination. The diversity and variety of jurors helps ensure the justice system is fair and efficient by having more experiences and voices in the room. The risk of taking juries away and leaving a decision on a trial to just one person could have lasting impacts and hit certain groups in our society harder.
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  • Save the Historic Landscape at Cuckmere Haven
    “ It is the one place I know that if you were to sum up the essence of our country I would have no doubt in recommending it to other people. …… it must be preserved. “ Dame Judi Dench 2019 For hundreds of years, the Coastguard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven have framed views across the Downs towards the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. This world famous iconic view may soon be lost forever. The seawalls that protect the unique view are under attack from severe storms and rising sea levels, and will not hold for very much longer.. If the seawalls are not repaired and strengthened soon, then one by one the cottages, cable hut, and old sea defences will fall into the sea destroying some of our heritage, the landscape and the world famous view. An ambitious, community-funded scheme to repair the seawalls and save the cottages, could begin as early as this September 2020 – but only if the South Downs National Park Authority agree. A planning application has been recently submitted to the SDNPA and now the park authorities must decide what they feel is for the best. The fate of the cottages and this precious part of the coastline could be sealed as early as this summer. The SDNPA could decide to turn down the application, causing the loss of the cottages and landscape as we know it.. We don’t think this is right. Preserving heritage assets is part of the SDNPA manifesto, and it should be in the National Park's interest to save such a well loved, unique and popular site. Do you agree? The SDNPA must take account of everyone’s views before making their decision - so your opinion really matters. If you agree that the historic cottages and the view should be saved, please sign our petition, and even better, submit a comment direct to the SDNPA by following the links below. If you would like to comment on, or find out more about our planning application and how our scheme has been sensitively designed to protect this most precious and unique part of the SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK, please go to: https://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QC0CVFTU08600 , or search for SDNP/20/02390/FUL on the SDNPA planning portal at https://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/ you can comment on the application here or alternatively you can send comments to them by post, addressed to SDNPA, South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH or to [email protected] More about Cuckmere Haven, it's history, and the campaign can be found at www.cuckmerehavensos.org
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  • Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon
    Bordon has next to no transport links other than using ones own vehicles. So many new houses have now been built that the already busy A325 is now substantially overcrowded. There are no additional jobs here as the Army have left and they provided many jobs, therefore people who live here, in most cases, have to leave the area for work. Also the local hospital is no longer here, plus there are very few shopping facilities other than takeaways and a couple of supermarkets. This ever expanding community which is fast becoming a dormitory town is in dire need of transport so people can commute to other parts of the country to work, shop and get to hospital without having to use their cars. Parking is one of the bigger issues as the new builds only provide 1.5 parking spaces to four bedroomed houses. Needless to say most households have two or more cars. If the railway were to be put in place, many households would be able to manage with one car and possibly, if bus links were provide to the station, do without a car altogether.
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