• The residents of Tendring ask the council to replace toilets that have been closed
    The toilets that are being closed were considered necessary in the past when the population of Tendring was smaller, now it has increased. It is a basic human right to be able to use a toilet when one needs to, residents with health issues like IBS and prostate problems are being denied that basic human right along with postmen and women, other mobile workers and holiday makers. The impact on health of being made to wait to use a toilet, is well documented and the fear of not being able to find a toilet in time is increasing social isolation and loneliness amongst vulnerable people, this is turn leads to more health problems. Tendring District Council should now use the money that they have gained from land sales of the existing toilet closures to build new facilities, the residents of Tendring do not accept that this is not possible
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  • Save The Railway Tavern In Hensall
    This is our village pub. It has a long and proud history. It has the potential to be a great asset to our community like many other pubs in neighbouring villages. It would be devastating to see it knocked down and turned into housing.
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  • Ask BP to Invest in Native Woodland Renewal
    We are all becoming increasingly aware of the need of woodland for our future survival, as a carbon sink and ecosystem (home to wildlife big and small). Additionally, doctors are prescribing a walk in nature/the woods to help with mental health issues - this helps reduce the impact on the NHS, ultimately. Trees breathe in the bad stuff and breath out the good stuff. There aren't enough trees to breathe in all the bad stuff we've been creating, so we need to plant a lot more. We need more of the good stuff, and we need it quickly. We've been given a decade-twelve years to change things, before we reach a turning point for the planet. Companies and industries need to change their ways. This is where BP comes in. They need to be encouraged to see this current situation as an opportunity for strengthening their reputation. I want to put pressure on BP to set an example for the polluting industries and companies around the country and world, and work with The Woodland Trust to establish native woodland across the UK in places and sizes which will be of benefit to the entire population.
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    Created by K Ward-Edwards
  • Renovation of clayfield copse skatepark
    This needs to happen for such as: the concrete is uneven and ramps are losing screws (which makes it a hazard for all users. Furthermore, the skatepark is very restricting and is very dense when people are there, this problem could be solved by expanding into the free and unused area of land around it. We believe they should relay the concrete so it is level and smooth, replace the old, rusting and hazardous ramps with new concrete ramps which won’t rust or cause danger to any users.
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    Created by Jack Wright, Luke Holland
  • Don't imprison British volunteers in Rojava
    Brits are being banned from travelling to Rojava under the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Act, even though the UK is part of the International Coalition against ISIS, which relied on Rojava throughout its campaign. 8 British heroes, including Anna Campbell, lost their lives volunteering with YPG & YPJ in the fight against jihadi terrorism. The bravery and sacrifice of these volunteers should be honoured. Far from being an ISIS stronghold, Rojava is a beacon of women’s resistance against the oppressive jihadist mentality, and a grassroots, direct-democratic alternative to the brutal regimes which rule elsewhere in the Middle East. This law must be scrapped, so British volunteers can keep joining the struggle to eradicate ISIS' mentality, without facing ten-year jail sentences. Fighting for a better world is not a crime!
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    Created by Matthew Broomfield
  • Maintain the Trinity Catholic School ethos
    Trinity Catholic School has always maintained that it is different to all other schools in the area. That's why most parents chose Trinity over the better funded schools in Leamington and Warwick. Trinity is/was a progressive, inclusive, and caring environment for kids to learn. Difficult to fully define the ethos, but it encompasses the enthusiastic and committed teaching staff. You got a feeling when you first set foot in the school that your child was going to be safe there. That they would fit in, be happy, be encouraged and do well. This change is the start to dehumanize the teachers and to turn Trinity in to a factory of education. We as parents, guardians, past pupils and current pupils fear that this latest change will dramatically change the community feel of the school and potentially influence parents to move their children to another school.
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    Created by Emma Golbourn
  • Litter Pick Grass Verges First Before Cutting Them
    Mowing grass before litter picking creates a whole host of problems for the environment and us, One single piece of litter cut into minute pieces, often dangerous as in shards of aluminum, glass, plastic. Affecting wildlife habitat, infants play areas, parks, dog walking areas etc who all are vulnerable to injury by this senseless act. These pieces are often washed into storm drains where they are carried out to sea to return to our beaches as micro plastics etc, eaten by fish then by us, polluting everywhere as they go. Litter is a big enough problem without accelerating it. Visually it’s an eyesore to the street scene. Should the grass be cut as often with nature’s pollen collectors struggling to exist, they need all the help we can give them. So it makes sence to me cut grass less and before doing so clear the area of litter, it’s not rocket science
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    Created by Eric Brown
  • 20mph zone with speed restriction measures for Hollickwood School
    This is important to ensure the safety of pupils attending Hollickwood School, as well as for parents, staff and local residents. We consider these measures to be required urgently to prevent a serious incident. It has been consistently witnessed that cars travel down Sydney Road at unsafe speeds. As they are travelling down a hill cars pick up speed and do not seem to be aware that there is a school and a large number of children and families who cross this road regularly. A residents cat was recently hit and killed by a car and our children have said that they do not want it to be them next. There have been several deaths in the local area due to pedestrian and car collisions, a child was killed by a car not far away in East Finchley just days ago. As a school we are doing everything we can to promote road safety and ensure that all of our children understand how to be safe when travelling and crossing roads. We call upon the Council to do what they can also.
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    Created by Stephanie Turner-Proud
  • Say NO to Stobart's and Six/56
    WBC's planning department together with Stobart's, Langtree and Panattoni (all multi-national property and logistics companies) are determined to forever destroy 346,000m sq of South Warrington's Green Belt land. That's equivalent to 54 Wembleys. It will mean easily 2000 additional vehicular movements PER HOUR 365/24/7 on our already overloaded roads, junctions and surrounding motorways. Air pollution in Warrington is one of the worst in the UK. It is THE worst for the most dangerous small particulates (PM2.5) in the whole of the UK (World Health Organisation Air Quality Database, 2018). This is a legacy that we MUST NOT PASS ON to our children and future generations. RSWF will use this petition to hand over when each application comes before the DMC. Please sign this petition to make your objection clear and share widely. Thank you.
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  • We need a Police Station in Cambridge City Centre
    Cambridge needs a city centre base for our police officers to be able to walk and cycle from, with patrol cars to be able to quickly respond to an emergency situation. Our city is growing fast, and copes with seven million visitors each year already. We need to maintain a high level of police presence on our streets. An information point is simply not good enough.
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  • Get road safety outside Ysgol Carreg Hir
    This is important for the safety of our children getting to school
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    Created by Eleanor Birchall
  • Prohibition of Verge and Pavement Parking (Traffic Regulation Order)TRO
    The residents on Ashland have had issues with people parking their cars inconsiderately for a long time now. This causes problems to people who are either with pushchairs or have to use mobility aids to gain access to the pathways around the estate estate leaving them vulnerable to be hit by a car when they have to go on the road to pass a car parked illegally. We also have a huge issue whenever there are football matches or other events on at the stadium MK, where people park on footpath‘s, blocking people‘s driveways or on the corner of roads and verges. This is becoming dangerous and there have been so many near misses to the most vulnerable who live on our estate. Pavements are not designed to have cars half or fully parked on, this will eventually cause the pavements to break and potholes appear. The estate has been built with adequate parking. Parking in a footpath is illegal either half or fully is illegal. So we are requesting that the council put in the regulation to stop this issue. So we can live in a safe estate.
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    Created by Francesca Hill