• Criminalise the destruction of food by supermarkets
    Millions of tonnes of food, particularly fresh food, that is perfectly good for human consumption are destroyed every year by supermarkets because it is in some way "blemished". Meanwhile those living in poverty, housed or on the streets, are going hungry or even malnourished here in the UK. This is utterly immoral and must cease NOW.
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  • Stop Legal Aid cuts for custody battles
    The cuts mean that in the cases of divorce and separation the spouse denied legal aid will be the one who cannot afford to go out to work because they are looking after young children. The spouse who can afford legal representation is the more likely to win the custody battle. In very many cases he or she is really not the best parent to look after the child/ren and the heartache for both the children and the better placed parent will be grossly unfair. This matter should most definitely NOT be a case whereby the parent who has the money to spend on the case is the victor. Lives will be severely blighted. Many in particular only see their children as a key to the door of the family home and do not have the children's interests at heart. The withdrawing of legal aid in these cases is grossly inhumane and really must not go ahead.
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  • Help male rape survivors
    This is important to me, because there's a lack of awareness that men can get raped or sexually assaulted despite the recent male rape attack in Bristol. According to UK charity Mankind 1 in 29 have reported being sexually assaulted and 1 in 20 have been affected by sexual violence. There's a huge denial that male rape exists, rooted in mistaken ideas that 'real' men can fight off an attacker, women cannot rape men, and male rape only happens in prison. These mistaken beliefs make it hard for male survivors to come forward, because they are left with feelings of shame, confusion and self blame for what happened. That's why we need the council and police to publicly recognise male rape to make it easier for male rape survivors to get the help they need and to report the crime.
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  • Stop the proposed 17.5% cut in funding for 18+ students attending Further Education
    Did you catch the Benefits Street programme on Channel 4? You'll find a benefits street in most towns or cities, particularly in the north of the country. Many of the students affected by this cut in funding will have not followed a straight forward path through education. They may not have achieved GCSEs in Maths and English; English might not be their first language at home; they may have been in care; they may have behaviour or learning difficulties; young women who have been pregnant; young people who live independently; young people who have suffered any emotional or socio-economic trauma, all generally take longer to progress compared to others from more privileged backgrounds. Sustaining Britain's benefits streets by denying young people, particularly those who've had tough start in life is just not right. These young people need help and support to gain qualifications and life skills to get that first job.
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  • Oxfordshire School Building Expansions at Risk after New Funding Cuts
    With more than 5000 children already in temporary classrooms in Oxfordshire and an expected shortfall of around 1000 school places in the next two years, a funding gap of beyond £19m will have devastating effects on our children's schooling experience and the state of our schools We fear existing classrooms will be evermore cramped, increasing clutter, noise and stress levels. Where extensions have become un-fundable temporary classrooms might provide short term relief. But their cost can be up to a third of a new build, with an up to ten times shorter lifespan – not a good investment. And who is picking up the bill for exorbitant heating costs of temporary provisions? We fear some children will have to travel further where there is no space at their local or preferred school, breaking up friends groups, and generating costs where transport has to be provided, and traffic and pollution where it isn't. And it's not only classrooms that are affected - what will our expanding schools look like if halls - now deemed non-essential - are turned into classrooms, and new builds and conversions scrapped? School lunches in cramped classrooms, no room for PE in winter, no assemblies, no nativity play, no school community. With former play areas and sport fields sold off to generate funding or blocked by temporary classrooms, where are our future champions coming from, and where do our kids recharge their batteries to excel in their next lesson? Leaking roofs, crumbling walls and cramped conditions give a strong message to any school community: We don’t care about you. But as parents and voters we do care, and the state of our schools says a lot about the value we as a society place on our children's education - I would like my children to think that their school, and their learning, matters not only to me, but also to their government. Please convince us that it does. Below a list of schools at risk, with expansions scheduled between 20014-18 (source: Oxford Times, 21st of Jan): Bletchingdon Parochial CofE School Caldecott Primary School, Abingdon Charlton Primary School, Wantage Cutteslowe Primary School, Oxford Deddington CofE Primary School Faringdon Infant School and Junior School Fir Tree Junior School, Wallingford Frank Wise School, Banbury Grove CofE Primary School Hanwell Fields Community School, Banbury Harriers Banbury Academy Hill View Primary School, Banbury Hill View Primary School, Banbury Hook Norton Primary School John Hampden Primary School, Thame John Watson Special School, Wheatley Larkrise Primary School, Oxford Longfields Primary School and Nursery, Bicester Mabel Pritchard Special School, Oxford Marcham Primary School Matthew Arnold School, Cumnor Hill Queensway Primary School, Banbury St Christopher’s CofE Primary School, Oxford St Ebbe’s CofE Primary School St Francis CofE Primary School, Oxford St Gregory the Great Catholic School, Oxford St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Oxford St Michael’s CofE Primary School, Steventon St Swithun’s CofE Primary School, Kennington Watchfield Primary School William Fletcher Primary School, Yarnton Windmill Primary School, Oxford Wolvercote Primary School, Oxford Woodstock CofE Primary School
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  • Let People Power determine Privatisation of Public Services
    Public sector organisations belong to the public and should not be sold off to private interests without consulting those who currently own them, and have funded them so far. Privatisation outcomes so far have rarely been to our profit or benefit.
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  • End ATOS from continuing their Work Capability Assessments
    Figures released by the government in July 2012 showed that 10600 people died within 6 weeks of stopping claiming ESA. Campaigners believe that the majority of the 10600 who ceased claiming and subsequently passed away were found fit to work by ATOS. It is unacceptable that the management of ATOS are pressuring assessors to fail so many claimants and deny them the benefits they are dependent on and entitled to rather than accurately asses the ability of claimants to work. Ultimately campaigners are calling for fairer treatment of all benefit claimants, especially the disabled and chronically and terminally ill.
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  • Stop Osbornes bid to end democracy by the back door!
    It looks like the gagging bill is a precursor to this Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership that the U S is trying to push through and are pressing Osborne and Co to sign up before the next General Election because once it has been signed it becomes irreversible whoever gets elected. A pure piece of Evil and the end of Democracy as we know it, multi-national corporations will rule and control us all if this succeeds.
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  • Fracking and the Water Bill
    Fracking is a potential environmental hazard. It is unjust that the public purse would be used for any environmental damage as a result of Fracking companies activities and not the companies themselves or an external Insurance organisation.
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  • Hands off Brighton's Pavilion Gardens, please
    These proposals are a callous and cynical attempt to radically change the green heart of Brighton, an area dearly loved by all Firstly I don't think John Nash envisaged a cafe just off New Road so forget the 'return to the Regency' feeble attempt to win us over. Secondly the proposals seem to be concentrated in the area at the back of the Pavilion between the Corn Exchange, Museum and New Road which is the area most lucrative for both the Pavilion and the Museum. The Pavilion Cafe within the grounds is due to be demolished. The Cafe is privately owned and since the 1920's has provided tea and cakes for grateful walkers,strollers and families etc , My grandson had his first encounter with one of their fearsome rock cakes in 2001 almost bigger than he, a healthy option!.The Pavilion Cafe is up to be demolished and for what,?So that another cafe can be built there Thirdly Do the plans involve the area to the front of the Pavilion, which are underused and have no immediate or apparent fiscal value at the moment. Finally , but I'm sure there will be others if this petition is supported . It seems to me that this is a selfish and money making proposal, entered into without any regard for the people of Brighton. I did complete the survey created by BHCC,I was stopped by a council worker as I strolled through the gardens , he told me that this wasn't really his job, he just worked as a general handyman,but that he and his colleagues had been told by BHCC that this is what they would be doing that morning. I'm not sure that this survey was conducted with any real intentions of gathering information and whether the information gathered covers a broad enough spectrum of the population to have any value.
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  • Stop the British Government joining the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
    Investor-state rules could be used to smash any attempt to save the NHS from corporate control, to re-regulate the banks and to curb the greed of the energy companies, to name just a few areas. See here for more details: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/04/us-trade-deal-full-frontal-assault-on-democracy The rules are not enforced by courts but by panels. The hearings are held in secret. The judges are corporate lawyers, many of whom work for companies of the kind whose cases they hear. Citizens and communities affected by their decisions have no legal standing. There is no right of appeal on the merits of the case. Yet they can overthrow the sovereignty of parliaments and the rulings of supreme courts.
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  • Fair pensions for Gurkhas
    To prevent the mass hunger strike planned for 7th November. After all haven't they served this country over the years when the British Government has needed to call on their services.
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