• Vote of no confidence in David Morris MP
    Mr David Morris MP is so out of touch. Brandishing school and doctors as liars. The state of Morecambe poverty lies at his feet yet he has little empathy. His reluctance to communicate with his constituents accusations of falsehoods and bullying should no longer be tolerated
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    Created by Angela Scanlon
  • Calisthenics park in Eastbourne
    Street workout is growing worldwide in maximum speed. Thousands of people at all age practice this kind of workout. Eastbourne is one of the places in the UK where the World Cup of calisthenics took place two years ago. But there is no park to train and it's a shame. It would give a young people opportunity to improve a good health, strength and to develop a fitness skills. Please help me change that. Everywhere around parks are being built. If you are not sure what the calisthenics is , don't worry and don't be afraid to check the link below and see what this is all about. This is a short clip of the World Cup Stage in Eastbourne in 2015. https://youtu.be/HWvWGRDw6oY
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    Created by Jacek Zietal
  • Stop Unsolicited and nuisance calls from anonymous companies
    Companies are setting up all over the country (and abroad) and making unsolicited calls to our homes and mobiles. You can never find out whom they are because they hide. This despite them having been issued with a telephone number (and yes, often it is a UK number), yet there is no register of them! One company in Swansea (the review centre on 01792 917559) call to tell you that your life insurance is due for review. When you question which policy; they swear and hang up. Some of these companies are legitimate and just making a living, so the legitimate ones surely would have no issue being on a register? How difficult can it be that when a new telephone number is issued, it's registered on a national data base so that you can report the company? The government need to step in and take control of this because people are being ripped off left right and centre. It costs the U.K. Economy £193 Billion in fraud every year. That's £6000 a second! It rips the life out of OAP's who lose their hard earned savings and it destroys life's. In this day and age something can and must be done. Sign the petition and let's make some noise and stop the rip of scammers because it could be you, your parents, your grandparents or your friends next.
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  • Stop Brexit
    The real consequences if Brexit occurs are becoming increasingly apparent and have huge negative consequence for the people of the UK. Better to pull out now than to keep going on this course just because the process was started
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  • Allow fortnightly council newspaper publications
    The Government has instructed councils to stop fortnightly publications of council newspapers. Councils have received a legal direction from Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The national ‘Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity’, published in 2011, states council newspapers should be published no more than quarterly. Some councils continue to publish fortnightly newspapers. It saves money on advertising statutory notices and provides a chance to keep residents up-to-date with services, events and opportunities in their borough. The Council has a legal duty to publish statutory notices – such as proposed traffic measures and certain planning applications – in a newspaper. Some councils are currently publishing these in council newspapers and publishing these fortnightly. Producing a council newspaper on a quarterly basis and paying to advertise statutory notices in the local press might cost £100,000 more than current production of a council newspaper fortnightly costs. The local press also has a far lower circulation than a door to door delivered council newspaper, meaning fewer people would see the information. Council newspapers also focuses on stories about council services, initiatives and consultations, and community events and opportunities. It also provides space for local groups, charities and organisations to highlight their work. Much of this content is not covered in the local press. Many residents value their council newspaper for these reasons. It is often particularly valued among older residents, disadvantaged groups, and people who have limited access to the internet and social media.
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    The Department of Work and Pension (DWP) is sending out letters to those whose State pension is not paid into a Bank Account, Building Society or Credit Union. Those holding a Post Office account are being singled out. The DWP urges them to open a bank account so as to make it easier for the DWP to pay them. These letters that the DWP are sending are upsetting many pensioners. Many pensioners don’t live within easy reach of a bank, building society or credit union, particularly those in rural areas. Many live on limited means and the travel costs will be expensive for them. Bank accounts also incur charges. It could affect their food supplies, health and welfare if they are poor, sick or incapacitated. Whether because of their geographical situations, their physical and/or mental ailments or other personal reasons pensioners should have the right to receive their pensions where it best suits them - whether a Post Office, Bank Account, Building Society or Credit Union.
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  • Save the no 1 and no3 rural bus route service
    The no1 and no3 bus service is due to be discontinued leaving rural villages with elderly residents, working people and students without transport to Chelmsford town centre, Southend town centre and Rayleigh station. This isolates service users and stops transport to doctors surgeries, colleges, universities, train stations and hospitals.
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    Created by Helen Earp
  • Ban plastic straws
    Plastic is the great polluter of our age and there is no excuse to use items of plastic that are unnecessary or available in an environmentally friendly material
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  • Lower mammogram age to 30
    I have just had a breast cancer scare and have had to have alot of my breast removed and reconstructed and I'm 39. Whilst in hospital there were so many young women I see with breast cancer so it really is important to get the age for mammograms lowered. I was the youngest there at 39 and the oldest was 50. Since my scare I've had so many people on Facebook telling me their stories...They are all under 50 and some of their patents and sister's have died in their 40's. I'm sick of the hard working public that pay their taxes getting treated like this cos of all the cuts. It's time for us all to stand up and say our health comes first!! Big love to you all ❤❤❤
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  • Save Dilk
    Local people depend on this Hospital.
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    Created by Georgina Smith
  • closure of padiatrician and adult heart surgury at Royal Brompton Hospital
    This hospital serves adults and children from this country and from abroad due to its high reputation in heart surgery and has received the highest Order of merit, a most excusive civilian award. Order of Merit are chosen personally by the Queen. he Brompton has previously scuppered a previous attempt and one a High Court battle arguing the process was flawed. Why then would the NHS Executive who will rule on Thursday the fate of the Brompton by dismantling the highest quality heart care service in this country. This could result in an unforgivable act to dismantle the most important heart disease in Britain.
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  • Sex and Relationships Education Introduced to National Curriculum
    While teen pregnancy is on the decrease in the UK, we still have the highest rate in Western Europe. Teen pregnancy rates here are 5 times higher than in the Netherlands and around twice the EU average. We believe that this difference is down to a reluctance to talk about the realities of sex in the UK.
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    Created by Tom Colderwood