• No alcohol in Parliament
    Firstly,I don't believe there should be alcohol in the workplace. Efficient working and alcohol don't mix.I have never worked anywhere where the staff are able to drink on the premises.(Clearly different rules might apply in the hospitality industry) Secondly,given the health consequences of alcohol consumption,it would give a very clear and positive message to the nation. I would point out that I am not anti alcohol,and enjoy sociable drinking on the right occasions.
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    Created by Tony Barrett
  • Reinstate the 14C bus from Hangleton during rush hours
    This bus service is a vital lifeline for many residents of Hangleton, Goldsmid and Hove Park. It increases the freedom and independence of residents. This is why Hangleton & Knoll and Goldsmid & Hove Park Labour Party are calling for the reinstating of the number 14C bus from Hangleton during rush hours 7.00am - 9.00am and also 4.00 to 6.30 pm and on Saturday morning to the Old Steine.
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    Created by Jack Spooner
  • Integrate Health and Social Care Now.
    The costs to the NHS are crippling. A & E departments are struggling to cope because the elderly are becoming unwell for want of adequate social care provision and are being forced to attend hospitals where, once admitted, they are likely to occupy specialist beds that they do not need, because there is nothing else available in the community. All old people deserve much better treatment than is currently available in Britain. As a country we spend less on health per capita than do most advanced economies. We are a wealthy nation but our disgraceful provision for the elderly is more like that experienced in a third world country.
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    Created by Jeff Wood
  • Fracking Referendum
    House prices are already falling behind other areas of the country and the already crumbling roads cant cope with the extra traffic. The environment will be destroyed and the money will not remain in the Fylde and maybe not in the UK. A study shows that the increase in employment is dwarfed by the loss of agriculture jobs not to mention the reduction in the tourism industry.
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    Created by Derek Ball
  • English/Welsh/Scots bus passes to be valid throughout UK
    Anyone with a bus pass who lives near the borders of Wales or Scotland and needs to visit or spend time in the adjoining country is unable to use their bus pass there, apart from probably only one linking route.
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    Created by Jacqueline Bowles
  • Ban telecom companies from charging consumers for fraudulent or excessive call charges
    People are having their lives wrecked simply because they've either had their mobile phone stolen or cloned or they've been tricked into calling a fraudulent number. The telecom companies are quite happy to pay the insane call charges to criminal gangs because they then charge their customers for the cost of the call.
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    Created by Doug Horrigan
  • Parking Action For Disabled Persons
    Disability and especially persons in wheel chairs need access more convenient to local shops. A disabled person driving with a blue Badge has difficulty finding places to Park and Surrey County Council action in Removing High street disabled Parking Bays is immoral. Our friends had driven down from London to Cobham ---could not find a disabled bay for Parking in Cobham -high street.
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    Created by Patrick Hamm
  • Speed Safe
    Children walking to school are at such high risk of an accident a fatality is waiting to happen due to the SPEED Already we have had cars ( one car on its roof passenger trapped inside)
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    Created by Helen Negus
  • Clear labelling
    Because so much information is (other than on food labels) is printed in size 6 and even size 5 point and is impossible for most people to read and understand. The elimination of ridiculously small print will allow he public to be properly informed.
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    Created by David Boaz
  • Register "legal owner" and "registered keeper" on V5C log book
    When you buy a second hand vehicle you have no way of knowing whether the "registered keeper" is legally entitled to sell the vehicle. If you buy it and the "legal owner" disputes the sale you would have to give it back to the legal owner and lose your money paid. This would also stop the taking back of vehicles bought as "gifts" by the legal owner and given to the registered keeper. This has happened to my son, his dad bought him a car, and registered my son as the "registered keeper". They then fell out and the dad transferred the car into his own name as the "registered keeper", claiming that he was the "legal owner", then sold the car. Unbelievably, the dvla say this is allowed. The V5C document requesting the transfer was not signed by my son (the registered keeper) even though the document states that the registered keeper "must" sign. Apparently, the V5C wasn't signed at all! This isn't "fair" so by changing the V5C, prospective buyers and registered keepers will know where they stand as far as "ownership" is concerned.
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    Created by Lissa Newton
  • Recycle all IT equipment
    The government destroys or throws away too much It equipment due to security risks if the hard drives are removed from all laptops and pc's and a factory restore performed on all tablets and mobile phones to remove all data, then the equipment can be recycled without the risk of any data being compromised. Also by setting up workshops to train the unemployed you are giving them a skill set which will help them gain employment within the It industry.
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    Created by Martin Hancock
  • Lone child refugees at Camp Jungle
    The French authorities are about to demolish the refugee camp in Calais, known as Camp Jungle. They are making alternative provisions for all refugees, including children with families. But there are up to 1000 lone child refugees who have nowhere to go. There is a high risk that these children will disappear, and potentially fall victims to exploitation. As a civilised society, we cannot allow this to happen. These children have not done anything wrong, and they have already lost so much. The French authorities are hoping that the UK will finally fulfill its promise to move them to the UK where many have relatives. David Cameron promised to take up to 3000 unaccompanied children. It is about time the UK government made good its promise to these most vulnerable members of the refugee community.
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    Created by Andrea Thomas