His final and lasting recommendations (including an award for his wife's stylist!) reek of croneyism and will only serve to diminish any reverence for, or belief in, the Honours System. It is time for a thorough review of the rules and practices governing these matters.
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    Created by Timothy Donovan
  • #SaveTheBirds
    This is an injustice towards a charity which works at preserving life and caring for the well being of our environment. Also, large companies like this shouldn't be allowed to control peoples lands and charge such ridiculous amounts.
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    Created by Fahad Khawaja
  • Close Bookies Down
    It is important because if the bookies were closed down or there was no bookies at all the people that lose money on fruit machines, horse betting etc would have that money in their pocket. Instead of thinking that they can use the last pounds that they may have in their pockets to be taken by a machine.
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    Created by Ardit Hasa
  • Pay National Living Wage To Those Over 18years
    Do I really need to explain why this is important? I thought that would be obvious. Inequality, exploitation, discrimination are just 3 reasons. Maybe an incentive too?
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    Created by Lee Dobson
    Libraries are used by everyone from schoolchildren to pensioners. They were given to the people mainly by philanthropists and are now being stolen from them.Some have been closed already despite protests and are costing more to guard than keep open.
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    Created by Robert Morris
    Many people are really struggling as this is actually an extra tax on the poor and vulnerable of our nation and people are being uprooted from their homes where many have lived for years and disabled people who use their spare room because they need it are being unfarly penalised
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    Created by Samuel Huntley
  • Reinstate South Ayrshire Council Gala Equipment Service
    As you may already know gala equipment charges were imposed by South Ayrshire Council as decided by Councillors at a budget meeting on 3rd March 2016. Community representatives have agreed to gather signatures on a petition asking Councillors to reverse the decision to impose gala equipment charges, and ask that this service is fully reinstated. The gala days do not make enough money to cover the costs to pay for this equipment, and many are at risk of ceasing if the support offered by South Ayrshire cannot be provided, which would have a real impact on our communities. We were invoiced over £1400 for Kirkmichael Gala Day this year. We were lucky enough to secure funding for this years event but do not have the funds for next years gala. We intend to present our petition at a Public Processes Panel meeting in the autumn, and are being supported in this process by our Councillors. We would like to gather as much support as possible, and have been advised that the best chance of getting Councillors to overturn this decision would be for all affected communities across South Ayrshire to get behind the petition to show the impact that this budget cut will have. I am going to take the petition to the village shop where everyone can sign it. Please please take the time to pop in and sign this petition for us. It is so important for the future of Kirkmichael Gala Day. We work tirelessly throughout the year to fundraise for the gala as the costs are increasing as the event becomes more popular. This added expense is one which we feel will jeopardise the future of what has just become a date families look forward to each year so please help me with our fight. I have until 1st Aug to gain as many signatures as possible. Thank you
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    Created by Alexis McRae
  • Climate Change Department Abolished
    This issue affects us all, our families and our futures. We ignor this at our peril. There are massive research and manufacturing opportunities in industries associated with climate change and the U.K. could still be a world leader in wave technologies and other such areas, if prioritiesed, subsidised and invested in.
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    Created by Trevor Gardner
  • Motor insurance scam
    Solicitors are "encouraging" motorists to falsely claim for personal injury thus increasing motor insurance policies. Having informed my insurance company I was NOT injured in an accident, to-date I have received calls from four different solicitors "encouraging" me to falsely claim for personal injury. A week after the accident the other driver involved in the accident angrily stopped me and said he had been contacted by a solicitor who told him I had made a personal injury claim and he should do the same thing.
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    Created by Terry Southwell
  • Ban "bait out pages" and videos on social media
    It harms the lives of thousands of girls everyday and I believe that by banning pages and videos like this, lives will be saved.
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    Created by Mollie Busby
  • Launch an inquiry into far right hate groups
    Following the death of Jo Cox MP, and last years attack on Dr Sarandev Bhambra Singh in a north Wales supermarket, both of which are linked to far right militant groups, we the undersigned compel the government to investigate such groups as Britain First and National Action with a view to proscribe them under existing terrorism or hate crimes legislation. The recruitment tactics, web presence and ideology of these groups is abhorrent and constitutes incitement to harm or kill time and time again. A simple look at Britain First's Facebook page shows the extremist ideology their followers share, with heinous calls to "kill all Muslims" repeated in the comments section numerous times. A number of these groups specifically target vulnerable young people and homeless veterans, radicalising them with smartly engineered PR, romanticised Nazi ideology, and an ignorant hatred for non whites. They have targeted universities in recruitment drives and patrol low income areas to capitalise on the disaffection of our most hard-up communities. Websites such as www.national-action.info include a call for the eradication of "sub humans", endorse violence as a legitimate means to affect change, publish authentic Nazi literature and even include instructions on weapons manufacturing, including home made handguns, bombs and poisons. We the undersigned assert that it is entirely unacceptable for these groups to continue to operate on social media, publish Nazi literature and call for racially motivated violence on public websites and in our streets. It is vital that the home office outline an initiative to combat the rising tide of racist and xenophobic hate crimes and the radicalisation of our youth by these terrorist organisations. Without proper classification, the most secretive of these groups will continue to spread influence under the radar and further influence violent hate crimes.
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    Created by Thomas Freeman
  • Defer the debate on Trident
    MOD costings for renewal of Trident are still based on 2007 estimates, and are said to be between £15 and £20 billion. We are now entering a period of at least two years when the value of the pound and our country's credit rating will be at best uncertain, and possibly lead to recession. Whatever happens once we have left the EU, for the next two years there will be less money to spend on the NHS, schools, care for the elderly and disadvantaged, not more, and it makes no sense to committ such a proportion of our dwindling resources to this project. Let us at least wait until we have more idea of what our relations with the EU and the rest of the world will look like, and how our economy is faring, before the debate is held.
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    Created by Sarah Mackinnon