• Make education on homelessness compulsory
    We want to make sure that all children and adults are educated on how people could end up on the streets and what homeless people have to go through everyday. In particular, we think this is important because we live in Brighton and homelessness is a problem locally which is only getting worse. We do not believe that the people of Brighton treat homeless people fairly because everyone assumes they have drug problems or that they don't want to work and educating everyone would help them understand that this is not always the case.
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    Created by meme elliott
  • Demand a Judicial Review on Gateshead councils plans to build on the Green Belt
    The local councillor for Ryton campaigned to stop building on the greenbelt, however, she was then given a seat on Gatesheads housing committee and all of a sudden it seems the plans to build have been 'pushed through, the local infrastructure will not cope as the local roads are already gridlocked in the morning and in the evenings and also schools in the local area are almost up to capacity
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    Created by Aidan Cairns
  • Save the Thomson court dementia centre isle of bute
    The dementia centre is a life line for clients on the island they get hot meals help with personal hygiene medical help and socialise with other people in the same position as them .they get interaction .the befriending scheme they are proposing to use maybe a good thing for doing shopping or sitting with clients for a coup,e of hours to let carers do something for themselves but what about the clients who don't have anyone else .they go to day centre for the day it is a life line for them .
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    Created by Alison Dunn
  • Single use plastic must stop
    Single use Plastic as a whole needs to stop. I feel as though this should not need petitioning and should just be done, every bit of plastic we have ever made still exists today, killing animals and destroying environments. Let alone to mentions the chemicals in plastics that enters our body via food and beverages.
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    Created by George James
  • Hold a General Election to decide Brexit Government
    Because the UK must now to take steps to begin to function as a sovereign country independent from the European Union, it is only democratic that the people of Britain are given the chance to elect a party who they believe are best suited to run the country following the Brexit vote. The state of the country has changed vastly since the last election and many would agree that a conservative government are not desirable in a post-Brexit Britain. The people must seize back the power by voting in a new election for the government in which they now have confidence.
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    Created by Alistair Shanks
  • Say No to Jericho's Stolen Resources
    The Dead Sea cosmetic products company Jericho Cosmetics trades from stalls in Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre. Dead Sea products are made with minerals illegally extracted by Israeli authorities from occupied Palestinian territories surrounding the Dead Sea. We appeal for a peaceful boycott of all Dead Sea products and for the closure of Jericho Cosmetics stalls on the following basis: 1- The extraction and commercialisation of resources from an occupied territory by the occupant is prohibited by UN resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention [1]. This is exactly what Israeli authorities are pursuing by commercialising Dead Sea cosmetics. Notably, Palestinians have no access to such resources. The exclusive access of resources to a section of the population based on ethnicity amounts to apartheid as defined by the UN. 2- The Israeli army has created 4 military checkpoints in the West Bank and has enforced inhumane restrictions of movement on Palestinian civilians. This seriously impairs the life of tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the West Bank, including children, who have to go through these checkpoints every day to reach their schools and hospitals [2, 3, 4]. The Israeli army is also fostering an apartheid culture by stopping Palestinians from accessing the beach resorts while these are being used by Israeli citizens [5]. 3- The Israeli settlements have hijacked the fresh water resources, with the consequence that now some Palestinians are consuming less than 40% the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization. This also means that the traditional Palestinian agriculture is becoming unsustainable [2]. Sustained campaigns in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh have resulted in the closure of Dead Sea cosmetics stalls in shopping centres across Scotland. We urge Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre to also distance themselves from the theft of resources and human right abuses by removing Jericho stalls from their premises. Aberdeen Branch, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign References: [1] http://www.cjpme.org/fs_146 [2] http://www.btselem.org/publications/summaries/dispossession-and-exploitation-israels-policy-jordan-valley-northern-dead-sea [3] http://www.btselem.org/jordan_valley/other_resources [4] http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.677426 [5] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/palestinians-barred-from-dead-sea-beaches-to-appease-israeli-settlers-846948.html
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    Created by Aberdeen Branch Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Allow Secret Garden in Hitchin to open on a Sunday
    The Secret Garden in Hitchin, is an indoor play area for young children used by many local parents based in Hitchin and the surrounding towns and villages. This facility is currently unable to open on a Sunday due to the concerns of local residents who suggest that it might create noise. However other restaurant businesses including a large Turkish restaurant underneath are permitted to trade throughout the day. The noise levels created by Secret Garden would be no more than is created by these other businesses. The play facility provides a much needed community business in the town centre which is sadly lacking in communal play areas. There are few facilities that exist in the town centre to support parents with young children, particularly at the weekend. The opening of Secret Garden on a Sunday would provide a much needed haven for parents particularly on a wet day. Please offer your support in persuading the council to permit the business to open on a sunday, even if it is on a trial basis. Thank you.
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    Created by Liz Bannister
  • All Lane Running
    The government are trying to introduce "all lane running" on more motorways. In other words the plan is to use the hard shoulder as an extra lane to ease congestion without spending the money to create wider roads. Having driven on this type of road, whilst towing a caravan, and without towing, the thought of breaking down or engine failure is quite frightening. In the event of an emergency there is no way to pull out of the flow of traffic. Some parts I have driven on actually have fences within a metre of an active traffic lane. This can only result in more accidents happening in an effort to save money.
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    Created by Rob Watt
  • Parliamentary Elections by Proportional Representation
    1. The influence of the 2 main parties (both currently in chaos) is reduced avoiding the confrontational debates (- and we can have a new circular debating chamber outside London designed to avoid opposing benches) 2. Minor parties (Greens, UKIP) get fairer representation. 3. The Labour and Conservative parties could split yet still retain their voices. 4.The resulting Coalitions require politicians to COMPROMISE. 5. We avoid being governed by a party which represents a minority of the people.
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    Created by Richard Hibberd
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    Created by Toby Clarke
  • Stop proposed cuts on home to school transport for special needs children
    I have children that need this service as do many more children throughout the country, it is a vital service and changing the criteria and eligibility will have consequences for many of these children and their families. Just because L.A's and councils need to make spending changes does not mean it should happen at the expense of our children
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    Created by Lindsey Hickman
    I am a 76 year old was born with club feet and my last operation was in 1954. I was very grateful to the NHS, for I never had any trouble ALL my working life, as a HGV Class ! driver. Two year's ( at 74 ago I had to visit the doctor for a well person check up. I was told that my Cholesterol was High 6.7 and that I must go on Statin's, which of course I did , after 3 month's I could hardly walk and the muscle's in my legs started to disappear, the answer I got from my doctor was "ALL TABLET'S HAVE SIDE EFFECTS ". Over the last two years I must have cost the NHS a fortune , but they all have the same answer Oh No it's cant be statins because everything goes back to normal when you STOP taking them. That's rubbish for they have ruined the nerves in my feet, Handling my feet is not a problem, but WALKING is a different , I now have to use a arm stick, so now I have knee and back problem's trying to lean against the sore feet.
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    Created by Peter Cannon