• Stop the BBC referring to terrorists as Islamists
    Britain used to be renown for fairness and tolerance. Some of our right wing newspapers are demonising Muslims. The BBC as a public broadcaster should not fall into the same trap. The perpetrators of the Paris attacks were terrorists. There is nothing Islamic about their actions, so why refer to them as Islamists?
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    Created by Chris Gardiner
  • New crossing to save lives
    There has already been one child fatality. Shaun McDermott was killed so lets not wait for another before installing a crossing.
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    Created by Stephen Taylor
  • Urgent Medical Care Defibrillators For Prisons
    I have personal experience of this unfortunately as my own father died prematurely whilst in HMP Brixton Prison of a Myocardinal Infraction ie a heart attack. He was on beta-blockers at the time. I still have his watch stuck on the exact time. I think that if every Prison had a defibrillator onsite and the staff are trained in Urgent Medical Care then many incidents could be prevented or at least alleviated whilst waiting for Emergency Care Providers. Especially when they may have a condition which could affect their Mental or Physical Health or both. We are all human and even if we are sent to Prison don't you think we owe it to the prisoners to take care of them too. It is a Human Right's Issue and it should happen. There are so many Prisoners and Overcrowding is a Huge Issue. I Urge you to join this campaign thank you for reading this issue
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    Created by Luciana Gibbins-Lanteri
  • Back to work programme for long term lliness
    Because it will stop the worry and anxiety of being pushed into a job that you can't due to your health problems
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    Created by Neil Absolom
  • Lower the University International Students Fee
    It's important for the future to make Education available and to keep it equal for everyone. Studying first year at an University in England has showed me that there literally is no point of having different tuition fee categories based on nationality. There aren't any extra help for us. We pay extra for nothing more than what every other students gets. It feels like theft! If you for example came from Scandinavia, you would still be recognised as international student in the UK, even if your home is only two hours away - it doesn't make any sense.
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    Created by Stian Engebo
  • Shops can help
    To help homeless and hungry people have something to eat, to help them have more strength to apply for jobs.
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    Created by Eva Lewis
  • Solar panels for every home.
    The UK needs to invest in renewable energy but the cost of wind turbines is high both financially and to the landscape. Solar panels on each home will generate electricity for the home owner and feed excess back into the national grid. Costs of solar panels are falling and could provide the answer to our energy needs.
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    Created by David Blackburn
  • Please don't close the Haberdashery!
    John Lewis has a long tradition of excellent quality and variety in the products they sell in the Haberdashery department. It is the main reason I visit the store. It is also easily accessible to many customers. There is very little customer choice left in this field and this closure will only narrow it even further. There are many outlets for bikini waxes or wine drinking. Please don't close the Haberdashery!
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    Created by Jan Hendry
  • Stop agency fees for tenants and provide a more reflective referencing and contracting price.
    A letting agent provides a service to a landlord, and that service is to find them a customer (the tenant.) The landlord will pay the agent their agreed commission, job done.... This is how it should be. However, Agents have begun the practise of also charging the tenant ludicrous amounts just to move into a new property. In actually fact they are being paid twice, by two different parties for one job. Why on earth is it the tenant's job to pay for a service provided to a landlord and which, in actual fact, has already been paid by the landlord? This is just completely ludicrous? Along with the usual months rent upfront, the deposit of a month and a 1/2 rent, the totally unreflective and completely unfair referencing costs and administration charge, (usually hundreds times more than the actual cost to the agent.) tenants are being priced out of a home they should be able to afford and it often forces them to take a loan just to move into a new property. This affects not only the tenant. The landlord is also losing out. In order to justify the extortionate costs of moving into a property, the average monthly rent, has to be slightly decreased. This, of course directly affects the landlords' income. So as well as a shortened market, the landlord is also paying even more, straight into the pocket of the agents without even realising it. I believe we need to stop the disgusting habit of double charging two different parties against each other for the same service, and also to have a more reflective rates of referencing and contract drawing. Agencies should no longer be allowed to get away with this...
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    Created by Jay Aitch Art
  • Don't change the Clocks
    It will save the hassle of changing the clocks twice a year and will let people get used to the darker evenings/morning naturally rather than this awful abrupt change. This will probably save several road deaths every year.
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    Created by Michael Crocker
  • We do not consent to Smart Water Meters
    Haringey residents have six concerns about the Smart Meter installation programme: 1. Not being consulted prior to installation; 2. Not compulsory (?); 3. Penalise poor people who live in crowded homes; 4. Risk to the health of humans, animals, pollinators, trees and plants; "10. The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorised RF EMFs as a Possible CARCINOGEN (Group 2B), the same as lead, DDT, chloroform & methylmercury (31 May 2011)". "11. Dr Andrew Goldsworthy’s research warned that electromagnetically-conditioned water flow could strip lead from pipes (after firstly removing limescale) leading to lead poisoning. (1998, 2007, 2012 and 2016)". 5. Surveillance of water, gas and electric usage; and 6. Security risk through (nuclear) electromagnetic pulse attacks, space weather and hacking (“cybercrime”). Our focus is on Smart Water Meters but not exclusively. Full details about the Stop Smart Meters Haringey campaign can be found on our website below. This petition will be initially delivered to Haringey Council. The target is 2,200+
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    Created by Ron Hawkins
  • Parking on pavements
    This is a very dangerous practice for blind pavement users, parents with prams and disabled persons. It also hampers drivers backing out from driveways as their vision is restricted.
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    Created by Anne Vyskocil