• New affordable housing for Dorchester
    Local housing provision is in crisis, more should be done to put the housing needs of local people first. Successive councils have failed to do this and have encouraged developments that have served the local population poorly.
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    Created by Richard Filer
  • Adhan ( Call To Prayer)
    Allow the Adhan (Call To Prayer) to be said out loud from the Masjids (Mosques) during the holy month of Ramadan.
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    Created by Mohammed Mohammed
  • Adequate help for mental illnesses
    This is extremely important to myself as I suffer from anxiety and my oldest son suffers with extreme anxiety and on occasion low mood. I had to fight for years, constantly taking my son to his gp just to receive an initial referal for him. He is currently being seen through CAMHS, where is he supposed to be seen on a fortnightly basis, however he hasn't had an appointment since November! I have contacted CAMHS on a number of occasions to be told he is still an active member on their list, however, they cannot tell me when his next appointment will be. This has left my son and myself feeling frustrated, deflated and we feel we have nowhere else to turn for support. As a sufferer of anxiety myself, I know how awful it feels and how it gets in the way of your day to day life, but for a child this must be unbearable. There is no worse feeling as a parent trying your best for your children but not knowing how to help them. In my area alone, the suicide rate has almost tripled in the past few years. I find this figure to be extremely alarming as it shows just how extreme the impact of mental health can have on people. Most of these people taking their own lives are kids....our children and the next generation. Our kids are living in a world where so much is expected of them, and the pressure to fit in and do well in life clearly shows it can all be too much for them. We need to end the stigma relating to mental health and we need to teach our children it's ok to talk about their feelings and it's ok to feel overwhelmed at times. I was deeply shocked and concerned to see the handful of MPs who attended the debate just earlier this month regarding the issue of child mental health. If our MPs are not going to take this matter seriously and fight for our children then we must. It's about time they realised how important this issue is as the problem is growing and growing year by year.
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    Created by Louise Kirkwood
  • Pedestrian Safety at Edge Hill Station
    There is a constant stream of traffic coming in both directions, and even if someone chooses to walk to the traffic lights at Wavertree Road, crossing is difficult. We need to encourage use of our suburban railway stations in order to reduce road traffic and pollution.
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    Created by Terry Phillips
  • Living with Disabilties
    My wife Leanne is only 45 years old and is suffering with a multitude of life changing health issues, the one that depresses her is the liver issues which is making her body retain fluid, causing her weight to spiral out of control...unstable type 1 diabetes is making it virtually impossible to lose the weight, other health problems are not making it easy for her ie COPD, limphodema, kidney problems, IGA (no immune system) fybomyalgia etc. The council said I have to pay for a wet room to be built in our council flat as I work, over £5000 I'm having to pay for this just so my wife can bathe... I work hard, pay all our Bill's but because I work I'm penalised, it's so wrong.
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    Created by Richard Nadin
  • Military pentions
    When joining the military at a young age you give up the best years of your life, the physical effect on the body causes you much pain and discomfort in later life. I personally believe that due to the stress put on my body during my 14 years service , has caused me to suffer from much joint pain. During my time as a serving soldier I was expected to run march and walk fully kitted carrying excessive weight, this has obviously caused lots of stress to the joints over a 14 year period. In fact at my time of joining the army in 1979 we were issued with what can only be described as plastic and rubber boots, some 13 years later the MOD decided that these boots were no longer fit for service as they were causing injury. I feel very strongly that we as ex servicemen deserve access to our pentions at the age of 55 like the rest of the public, we have after all done our bit for Queen and country dont we deserve to be treated as equals.I have already undergone surgery on my shoulders, I currently suffer with pain in both knees ankles and wrists. Any ex servicemen reading this will know only to well what the body goes through during your time serving your country, please support this so others can hopefully get what some form of comfort in later life.
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    Created by Neil Smith
  • Review the sentences of Wayne Bell and other IPP prisoners
    Wayne Bell was just 17 when he was locked up for robbery. He was sentenced in March 2007 and more than 12 years on, he is still in prison. This is because he was among the first convicts to be handed a new type of sentence called "IPP" - since discredited and abolished as 'unjust'. In 2005, the then Home Secretary David Blunkett introduced Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences (IPP). In these sentences prisoners are only released once they can prove that they are no longer a risk, it means prisoners are serving huge sentences for minor crimes. Read more here: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/son-locked-up-17-robbing-16073921
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    Created by pete kennedy
  • Get the Scottish Government to go Carbon Neutral by 2030
    Global Warming is the most important issue of our time! It effects our lives. It effects our children’s lives. It’s effects the future of the world. We need to act now, before it’s too late! We’ve been given this incredible gift that is our planet, don’t go throwing it away now.
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    Created by Finlay Lunn
  • The Safety of Lion Lane, Haslemere
    The lane is home to two schools and lots of families. Currently the increasing speed of cars driving down the lane, lack of speed calming measures and uneven pavements threaten the safety of children and residents using the footpaths and crossing the road. By reducing the speed limit to 20mph, increasing speed calming measures and resurfacing the footpath we will be protecting our families and residents within the community and ensuring that Lion Lane is a safe and pleasant area for our children and local community.
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    Created by Louise Gallagher
  • Unbarr A Friend Who Administered CPR
    Our friend administered CPR to our friend who lives at the Homeless hostel Mount View Court in Chatham. Our friend died a few days later in hospital and we all need eachother at this time. Pathways To Independence have given us us the reason that he "was in past 11pm and visiting hours end at 11pm" We think, considering the circumstances, our keyworkers at the hostel should have waved the visiting hours as without the person staying and administering CPR our friend would have been found dead in his room. We all need eachother right now and this is impacting all of us.
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    Created by Lilither Way
  • Replace all own brand packaging with biodegradable alternatives
    It has become harder and harder to be an ethical consumer when it comes to packaging. Even fruit and veg is packed in plastic punnets most of the time. There are several, biodegradable alternatives to the plastic packaging used by the big supermarkets for their own brand items. Too much emphasis is put on customers and their duty to make the right choice. This is impossible when there is no choice presented. The banning of free plastic carriers bags has shown how big an impact can be made when those who create and sell the problem take a measure of responsibility.
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    Created by Leon Reed
  • Recyclable Plastic Packaging Labelling
    At present a large proportion of food packaging does not provide the consumer with recycling imformation either on the plastic tray, or the accompaning paper information. This lack of information means that a lot of recyclable plastic still goes to landfill. Conversely consumers may be presenting plastics for recycling having assumed them as recyclable when they are not.
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    Created by Roger Martlew