• Action against raising the Small Claims limit to £5000
    The proposal has been presented as necessary to target fraudulent whiplash injuries suffered in Road Traffic accidents. This is not correct. The proposal affects victims of all injuries, however suffered, including injuries at work. The Government has already relaxed the Health and Safety obligations of employers and the data on whether this has resulted in an increase in works accidents is not yet available. The consequence of raising the small claims limit is that anyone who suffers an injury such as a fractured ankle, caused by the negligence od another, is unlikely to be able to employ a solicitor to fight for recompense. Solicitors fighting for justice for injured people already work on a no win no fee basis so if there is no negligence then there is no legal fee for the injured person and if there is no negligence then there will be no entitlement to be compensated. The injured vulnerable person who is a victim of negligence is therefore immediately placed at a disadvantage against an insurance industry with vast amounts of money and legal resources available to them. The law of negligence is complicated, the court systems are complex and expensive and the insurance industry are increasingly employing tactics to intimidate legitimate victims of injuries to avoid payments out from the vast amounts of money from premiums paid to them to increase their profits . The combination of all this will leave the vast majority of victims of accidents who suffer physical and financial loss without access to justice.
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    Created by Kerry Kirkbride
  • Wealth Tax on Homes Worth £1M+
    So many social issues the UK faces today are to do with the fact that "trickle down" economics proved to be a myth. Societies down the ages have faced the choice: redistribution or revolution. The U.K. may be far from the latter; but anger and frustration is felt by millions. A sensible wealth tax is always possible. All that stands in the way is political will. An unbalanced society is healthy for nobody. Make the change before anger turns into rebellion.
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    Created by Trevor Barton
  • Save Our 394 Glossop - Marple - Stepping Hill Hospital Bus
    The Monday to Friday service is to be withdrawn from 28th March 2014. The bus links the rural areas of Charlesworth and Chisworth to shops and doctors' surgeries and shops of Marple and Glossop and provides a link to railway stations at Glossop, Marple and Hazel Grove.The bus is a direct link from Marple and Hawk green to Stepping Hill Hospital.
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    Created by Stephen Slater
  • Homes for a growing population
    It is a simple fact of economics that if demand increases without a corresponding increase in supply then market forces will drive up prices. Our countries inability to build enough homes for the growing population is well documented. What is not so well documented is that the governments various schemes to help first time buyers onto the housing ladder simply exacerbate the problem of high house prices. The schemes may be welcomed by those in or near a position to buy their first home, but in the long run all the schemes do is drive house prices higher. Exorbitant house prices force a growing percentage of the population into private rental. As house prices increase private rental costs also increase, which in turn makes it far more difficult for those renting to build the deposit required to own a home. Those renting are forced to save a far larger percentage of their disposable income in order to build their deposit; and this of course relies on there being any disposable income left to save. Reports this week suggest that the average first-time buyer will have already spent £50000 on rent. With all this money being saved by those looking to build a deposit, there is less and less money being put back into the economy. The growing percentage of the country who are building a deposit will be eating out less, limiting their purchase of luxury goods and generally saving money wherever possible. There is a concept known as the velocity of money that effectively states that the faster money moves around the faster the economy grows; money sat in savings accounts is stagnant and does very little for the economy. The upshot of this is that growth of the economy is limited, which in turn limits the number of jobs paying a decent wage, which in turn forces more of the population to rely on taxpayer funded benefits. Less taxpayers money would be required to fund benefits if there were more jobs paying a living salary. The money made available by the reduced reliance on benefits could be used to increase funding for the NHS, reduce the tax burden on the population, make higher education free again, and many other causes. In short, it is my opinion that a large number of the problems facing this country could be resolved if the government truly committed to investing in a long-term infrastructure and house building program rather than wasting taxpayer money driving up the cost of already exorbitant house prices. This is a policy that would fairly benefit the whole country rather than just a few.
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    Created by Alasdair Murray
  • Don't let our Junior Doctors be bullied by Jeremy Hunt
    Time is running out. 7 day-a-week access to hospitals is possible but it must be paid for. If Jeremy Hunt gets his way with these bullying tactics against one of the greatest assets we have within our NHS, our junior doctors, it will be a terrible loss to all of us.
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    Created by Pippa Rubinstein
  • Ban The Sales of Live animals on Gumtree and all social media websites
    Animals can and will be used as entertainment eg Dog Fighting and the use of kittens as live bait on dog fights
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    Created by Andy Ives
  • Social groups for autistic adults in Scotland
    Adults with autism and ASD find it very difficult to maintain friendships in mainstream society. We rely on public funding to make this possible but right now because our funding pot is dry we are relying on a membership model to maintain the running of our social groups. We shouldn't have to resort to this drastic measure but we have no choice. I personally have ASD, which means me and my fellow service users can find making sense of the world around us difficult at times. We're all on different levels of the spectrum so our difficulties vary from person to person. Autism is neurological and lifelong. It affects girls as well as boys, but goes undiagnosed in girls most of the time because they hide it better. It is a developmental disability that starts in early childhood and continues throughout adult life. My Social Programmes Manager is Sandra Buckley and she cares about her service users and their right to socialise within a secure group setting. We need on average £50,000 or more to keep our social groups running in their current format and possibly fund short breaks as well as other events. If we can get as many as 40,000 signatures to persuade Nicola Sturgeon to put my request into action I believe my petition will pay off. Even if we get less than 40,000 I would still be very grateful for this amazing effort. Just help me get as many signatures as possible. Our Glasgow office is at Central Chambers, 1st floor, 109 Hope Street. Thank you very much.
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    Created by Sandra Fraser Picture
  • personal independent payment
    Just think the government and Department of Work and Pensions need to know what they are doing to genuine disabled people feel as though we are being tied with the con artist and fiddlers of the system. He dosen't want to be disabled, he has worked but now I have to come to terms he can't. And the people who interview you are not medical nurses doctors or anything of the sort they as questions tick boxes. Hows that getting a true picture - it's affecting families financially causing stress, making people more ill than they were before and they don't care
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    Created by michelle robinson
  • Stop rip off loan companies
    The poor, needy and vulnerable need help, not to be ripped off by companies charging extortionate Apr Rates, the maximum allowed should be a maximum of 50% not over 100% or more like some loan companies are charging people, the government need to do something about these modern day loan sharks ripping people off with obscene aprs of well over 100%
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    Created by Terry Winstanley
  • For social cause
    Please add more Transportation for Employee so they can
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  • European Parliament not Brussels
    The language appeals to xenophobes and irrational nationalists. The city of Brussels is itself not politically involved. The BBC should set the standard and not seek to inflame opinion by giving the false impression that another country is passing laws above our own. They are passed by something we are members of which seeks to establish common democratic standards. This is not a minor grammatical mistake, it is part of a systematic bias, a poor habit and poor journalism.
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    Created by Terry McAndrew
  • Do not remove the second fire engine from Oakham Fire Station
    If you are not aware, the decision has been made to remove the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station on the 31/03/16. Removing the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station will mean slower response times to emergencies, which will have a significant impact, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas. There is also a very high likelihood of the Heavy Rescue Unit (HRU) also crewed by Oakham retained Firefighters and used for incidents involving larger vehicles also being removed. You may be aware that Uppingham are now recruiting retained Firefighters…..! This is because they are under crewed and struggle to keep their fire engine “on the run” (available for calls). If the second fire engine at Oakham is removed, the fire engine at Uppingham in most cases will be the fire engine to cover Oakham when the first fire engine (Oakham’s first fire engine) is on a call. When Uppingham are not available it could be a fire engine from Melton or Leicester covering. We all understand that money has to be saved, but removing front line services in not the way. We all pay our council tax with a proportion of it going to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Combined Fire Authority (check your council tax demand notice for details). We do not mind paying this as we all feel that if we are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or a fire, with rapid response from the fire service hopefully the outcome will not be too severe. If the removal of the second fire engine goes ahead leaving a greatly reduced service, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas, do you think we will then be getting a discount in our council tax to reflect the change…? I doubt this very much, so we would be paying the same for a greatly reduced service. We cannot let this happen, we need to keep all the people of Rutland and surrounding areas as safe as possible and respond to emergencies as quick as possible. This will be your last chance to make your opinion count; I fear that if the second fire engine is removed there will be no chance of it returning. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Steve Atterbury