• Registration of Animal Rescue Centres
    There is currently nothing to stop anyone setting up as a Rescue, some centres are registered charities, some are not. One non-charity centre was raided by the RSPCA and animals were found in appalling conditions. If animals are being Rescued, they shouldn't have to suffer more at the hands of their rescuers than they did before.
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    Created by Christine Mason
  • Get the EU commission to reverse their ivory ban decision
    Because by allowing even a limited trade in ivory it will lead to the extinction of elephants in the wild within 25 years. The ivory trade is also a driver of criminal activity that causes misery and hardships to many African Communities.
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    Created by Steve Peach
  • Ban Dangerous Pesticides in the Scottish Borders
    The use of glyphosates has already been banned or restricted in 8 countries. It is not acceptable that ourselves, our children and the animals we share our community with are being routinely exposed to these chemicals whether we like it or not. This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about each other's health and the health of our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this area, of course including our beloved bees. If you don't live in this area, click here to start a campaign for your city: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/start-a-pesticide-campaign
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    Created by Helena Richards
  • New Homes for Wildlife Too!
    There is huge pressure on Britain to create new homes/ infrastructure for it's people. Affordable homes for ordinary people have never been so hard to acquire. When these homes are (and must be) built- consideration must also be given to the displaced wildlife/ plant life. Green belt - which supports much wildlife in pressurised areas is greatly at risk of development, but wherever intensive developments are, humans are not the only creatures requiring accommodation! Many people would be less antagonistic to new builds if they thought these issues were integral to the building industry machine. We need only think about bees to see how compromising the existence of seemingly minor creatures can jeopardise the balance of the whole. An imaginative approach is needed; green corridors, non sealed gardens to allow wildlife traffic, eaves that are able to be utilised for nesting/ swift and bat bricks, hedging etc. Older large housing estates like the one I used to live in in S Gloucestershire allowed breathing space and a pleasant environment for walking/ cycling with plenty of open green areas with hedges and trees supporting many birds. Despite relatively high density population the dawn chorus was stunning! More recent schemes (particularly in the lower socioeconomic areas - of course appear devoid of these essential components of harmonious existence - for man and beast. Please sign this petition to galvanise the minister responsible to 'encourage' the building/ housing industry to boldly have the courage to do things differently. Perhaps they would be pleasantly surprised that the public were not so hostile towards their schemes!
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    Created by Fiona Saunders
    All animals and wildlife need to be cherished & protected.
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    Created by Mary Vines
  • For a bee hive in Cherry Tree Woods
    The bees are dying out, the plants need pollinating, without that we would have no flowers let alone food, from the trees to the shrubs, bees are critical to the environment. Not only would a bee hive in Cherry Tree Woods provide honey, but it would be a great boon to local businesses, putting East Finchley on the map. Where East Finchley leads, others will follow, teaching children about nature and securing our future. Thank you.
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    Created by George Lazou
  • Dog Chip 24 Hour £500 Fine Deadline
    It is up to the dog owner to decide whether they microchip their beloved dog. What is to stop a dog thief from mutilating a dog to remove the chip anyway.
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    Created by Peter Mortimer
  • Pets, Vets and Tax - UK Should Follow Portugal's Lead
    We know that companion animals are good for people's health and the development of good emotional intelligence in children; and that many families have to make tough decisions when faced with vets bills.
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    Created by Gideon Roberts
  • STOP the slaughter of elephants and rhinos
    These creatures are nearing extinction due to the few in the East and the game hunters who pay huge monies to kill. We need them to take responsibility for their actions and think about putting their money into saving human life instead of killing animal life.
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    Created by Wendy McLachlan
  • Bovine TB control needs reduction of badgers
    Farmers with infected herds are unable to move live animals off their farm, and suffer loss when infected cattle in their herds are culled
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    Created by Michael Donovan
  • Pets 4 Well Being
    I suffer from a long lists of medical conditions of which I suffer daily chronic pain. This limits my ability to get out at times. Having a dog for support and emotional comfort has at times been the 1 thing that has kept me going. It has been proven that a pet can be of enormous benefit to someone's well being. Also it can make that person go out as they have to consider their pets well being as well.
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    Created by Tracy Tilney
  • Keep Fatima Naoot Out Of Prison
    Fatima Naoot's case should never have made it to court. It suggests the state is turning a blind eye to the advocates of religious extremism. As for the nature of the religious festival Fatima criticized - I won't upset you with the details. But if you want further information, Google the following: Eid al-Adha animal sacrifice More info here: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-egypt-courts-poet-idUSKBN0L121M20150128
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    Created by John Ravenscroft