• Help Save the Lives of Innocent Animals
    The dire state these animals live in is shocking and appalling. Please help to save their lives from starvation and isolation. They are kept under cruel and inhumane conditions. https://www.rt.com/news/329620-armenia-zoo-abandoned-animals/
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    Created by Susan Haroutunian
  • What the Frack! Regular referendums. Let the UK public vote for their future.
    Members of the public find it difficult to support a political party 100%. Our system is out of date, our MPs out of touch, the public go unheard. We agree with points made by the Lib Dems, the Conservatives, Labour, the Green Party, the SNP etc and sometimes we disagree with them all. Either way we can't communicate with the government effectively. The system needs to work for us all but instead it's dusty, nobody really understands it or cares to sort it out with any long term vision. We need to start again. Simplify. Direct questions, direct answers. If regular referendums were to take place, the public are truly part of the process, allowing us to demonstrate what we care about, that we're united and want to invest in the future of this land and it's people. Less moaning and more doing, having a proactive and fair say, feeling satisfied that the decisions are being made and supported by the majority of the UK. Let the UK public vote for their future. This Kingdom can then begin to feel proud and respected, and most importantly, united.
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    Created by Tezia Perret
  • We Demand CCTV (monitored) in all UK & EU Abattoirs.
    The inhumane suffering and wilful torture of living creatures due to unmonitored mass-slaughter is a major negligence by EU and UK Govt. The involvement of the RSPCA and similar ethical EU agencies is paramount. The current behaviour (often secretly filmed) shows vicious attitudes in many of the ill-educated slaughterhouse staff toward sentient animals. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!
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    Created by Elis Webster
  • Support to get a Bee Haven Built in Horsham
    Bees are dying. This is having great affect on our environment if action is not taken quickly the damage won't be repairable. Bees provide us with food in the form of honey, pollination and they also produce many other natural products which we benefit from.
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    Created by Stephanie Fountain
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    Created by dan carraro
  • Stop Mega Dairies. Stop the lagoon in Hartland Devon.
    Mega Dairies, where over 1000 cows are held in sheds 24/7 all year, are cruel and cause serious environmental damage. It is often called 'zero-grazing' when cows are never allowed in fields. It is a disgraceful form of farming... and it is entirely unnecessary. It is motivated only by greed not a social need. In Hartland in Devon an enormous slurry lagoon has been built, without even asking for permission, in the middle of an AONB. Since then the whole area has suffered considerable environmental damage and several people blame their health problems on it. And the cows... well they are healthy when measured in terms of milk yield but just look into their eyes. It is sad to see. It is in complete contrast to cows in fields that show curiosity and a spectrum of social behaviors. Please help us stop this kind of farming. Stopping this lagoon is the first step. http://stopit.org.uk The farm in Hartland is owned by the same persion that was responsible for the Nocton that resulted in an uproar of protest and Early Day Motions in Parliment.
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    Created by John McKay
  • Retire all horses from police service.
    It is not necessary to control crowds by the use of horses to intimidate them. The horses are in danger as are the humans in the crowd and the riders. There are cheaper and more efficient and more humane methods available. Horses should not be put in dangerous situations.
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    Created by Maureen Norwood
  • Protect the title 'Veterinary Nurse'
    Veterinary Nurses our your pets advocates. We are highly trained members of staff who look after your much loved family pets as if they were our own. Currently anyone can call them self a Vet Nurse. You take you family pets to the vets and expect high standards of care and for them to be looked after by fully trained and qualified staff. We spend years learning and earning our qualification, we have to know the anatomy of many different species, we take blood and other bodily fluids and look for micro organisms, we monitor anesthetics and know when problems arise and how to correct them, we work out complicated calculations and give complex medication, we are x-rays/CTs/MRI technicians, we are dental hygienists, administrators, grief counselors, and without us your pets are at risks. We take our work home with us, we put your pets before our own sometimes. We need your support. Protect your pet, by protecting us! Under direction from a veterinary surgeon, registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) are allowed to give medical treatment to, or carry out minor surgery on, animals under (Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966). They commit to follow our Code of Professional Conduct, keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date and, if they should fall short of their professional responsibilities, they may be subject to our disciplinary process. RVNs found guilty of serious professional misconduct can be suspended or removed from the Register at the direction of the RVN Disciplinary Committee. We therefore believe that it is inappropriate for people without formal training to describe themselves as a ‘veterinary nurse’, and that to do so potentially puts animal welfare at risk. Protecting the title ‘veterinary nurse’ is widely supported by the veterinary nursing profession and the public. This is evidenced by a 2012 HM Government e-petition, calling for the statutory regulation of veterinary nurses, which received over 2,500 signatures. Furthermore, protection of the title is supported by the British Veterinary Nursing Association and the British Veterinary Association, the respective representative bodies for veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons in the UK.
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    Created by Jazmin Davies
  • Le Vacherin, Chiswick: please stop selling Foie Gras
    Le Vacherin is a small restaurant in Chiswick that persistently keeps Foie Gras on their menu despite complaints from local residents who do not want this accepted form of animal cruelty going on in their neighbourhood. It is time that restaurants like Le Vacherin started to care about the ethical treatment of animals bred for food, and to make their establishments happy environments that are suitable for all customers. They need to come in line with 21st century views on animal welfare. Foie Gras is an extremely cruel food product that comes from ramming pipes down the throats of male ducks up to three times a day. Grain and fat is then into forced into their stomachs. The force-feeding causes their livers to swell up to 10 times their normal size. The process is banned in the UK but this vile product can be imported. Le Vacherin must do what is morally right and remove this vile product from their menu. https://s.bsd.net/38degrees/main/page/-/CBY/a-la-carte.jpg
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    Created by Sarah V
  • Animal Welfare Team Brighton and Hove
    Brighton and Hove receives an invaluable service from this department. Any reduction in its' services will lead to pain and misery for both animals and humans in the community. Charities such as the RSPCA cannot manage this workload alone!
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    Created by Chris Pickles
  • Green Belt to Houses
    Five years ago Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council had voted and promised to turn Bedworth Woodlands, a green field site, to Green Belt. They are now pushing to build homes on it. When I bought my home I chose one that felt rural and was apparently going to be protected. I love this area because the richness of the wildlife is amazing but it is likely to be lost. My resident hedgehog will have to go, along with the dragonflies and myriad other wonderful creatures. Local developers have been building 200 - 240 new homes a year in the borough and struggling to sell them but under this 'plan' this has to be accelerated to about 650 a year. To build these extra homes the council want to move a population of protected Great Crested Newts for 1200 'executive' homes even though the area needs simple 2 and 3 bed homes for local families and the development is likely to remain largely empty. Their excuse is that they must build 14000 homes in their plan but many of these homes are overspill (approx. 8000 - 9000 they are hiding the actual figures so it may be more) so not necessary for the area. Especially if it means building on green field sites. There are many empty buildings and brown field sites that can be used before a green field site is built on. If they do build on it the last area of green fields in the Borough will have gone. Please help us save it from pointless development.
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    Created by Susie Pacey
  • Vets fees and charges
    As a pet owner myself I am disgusted by the amount of money being charged for a consultation with the vet. This can range from £25.00 - 30.00 depending on which practice you visit. On top of this fee you have expensive medication to buy which is often over priced compared to buying online and this can leave you with an extremely hefty bill at the end of the visit. Surely vets fees need to be regulated and made to decrease in order for pet owners to get a fair deal at the end of the day. Some may argue that if you have pet insurance this covers your bill but as every pet owner knows with most companies you have to pay the vet upfront and then after paying off excesses not to mention an increase in your premiums for claiming you never get back what you have forked out. As a result pet owners are finding it hard to keep up with medical care for their animals and vets and insurance companies are raking the money in.
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    Created by julia stockdale