• Help struggling businesses - not fox hunting groups
    Shropshire County Council has given money that was intended to help businesses struggling because of COVID...to fox hunting groups. While shops on our high streets close their doors, aid that's meant to help them weather the Covid-19 crisis has gone to fund cruel bloodsports instead. Animal welfare groups and some MPs are already kicking up a fuss. Now what's needed is a massive outcry from the public - to show we don't want public funds going to groups that are propping up this cruel practice. Will you sign the petition now?
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  • Save Our Hedgepigs
    Many hedgepigs loose their lives on our roads. Motorists are not hedgepig aware and frankly many don’t even care. End this carnage now.
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    Created by Rick Hutchinson
  • Don't buy a puppy from a puppy farm!
    Mainly because the dogs are being 'farmed' in pitiful conditions, whilst the breeders will pretend that they are bred at home with mother and father available to see. This isn't the case. They are bred in disgusting dirty outhouses, and brought into the 'home' to be viewed by prospective buyers. Often the puppies are diseased, and come from such distressed backgrounds that they cannot easily settle in a home without a lot of additional care and veterinary expenses.
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    Created by Glynis Lee Picture
  • Animal welfare Requirement to walk dogs in the UK
    Because did you know it's not a legal requirement to walk your dog in the UK? This is really quite sad. I have an email from the RSPCA saying it's not a legal requirement to exercise your dog, plus it's not a wellfair issue.. This all began due to my neighbour refusing to walk their dogs and the fact I've noticed they do not clean up their dogs mess in the communal garden. When my neighbours are out, the dogs bark all day, which is causing them to become distressed. I believe it's in every dogs right to be walked exercised, socialised and stimulated. I am going to stand up for these dogs in the UK and I hope you will join me. *Petition time: I hope you will all sign it, because our dogs deserve better 🐕*
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  • Stop grouse shooting’s war on wildlife
    Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals - foxes, stoats, weasels, and hedgehogs - are killed on the Scottish moors every year. Why? So a small group of people can participate in the elitist sport of grouse shooting. The economic benefits of grouse shooting are tiny - but the environmental impact is massive. The ‘sport’ takes up huge swathes of the countryside and causes the deaths of huge numbers of innocent animals, which are caught in traps laid down by the shooters. The Scottish government have the power to fix this. Right now, they are considering what they should do about grouse shooting in Scotland. The answer is simple: ban the needless killing of hundreds of thousands of animals just so that moore grouse can be shot.
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  • STOP Tesco’s selling caged eggs now!
    STOP Tesco’s and other establishments using this barbaric treatment of these innocent creatures!... To bring awareness of what supermarkets are honestly ensuring regarding sustainable cruelty free sourcing.. To be aware of what supermarket chains are in fact working toward by improving all animal welfare!
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    Created by Eileen Hardie
  • Make it law that all vets are trained in exotic animals
    Do you have a guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, lizard etc? Did you know, these are all classed as exotic animals and the only vets that have any knowledge about them, are exotic vets. Unfortunately, due to recent experience, its so hard to get hold of an exotic vet in an emergency and unfortunately, recently, I lost my guinea pig as a normal vet was baffled. I recently seen 2 vets and they pretty much suggested euthanasia because they didn't know what to do. One even admitted that. Small animals are being put to sleep because of this and it could be something that is minor to an exotic vet, and it could save many animals lives. So please, sign the petition and share with your friends and family and get this changed. Let's save more small animals lives.
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    Created by Deb Briggs Picture
  • Help Local Dog Boarders Reduce Barking Mad Licence Fees
    We are micro-businesses and sole traders offering a very special, home-from-home, dog boarding experience for dog lovers. We are not massive kennel operators, yet the license fee doesn’t differentiate, and we are being asked to pay exactly the same fee as a Commercial Kennels. There are more than 110 micro businesses and sole traders across the Joint Public Protection Partnership area who may now be forced to close as a direct consequence of this license fee increase. We desperately don’t want to close because we are all passionate about the dogs we take care of and we pride ourselves in offering a unique boarding experience for our clients and their dogs. As an example of the license increase we are facing: for the financial years 2018 - 20, the Bracknell Forest renewal licence fee was £119 per annum. From this year (2020-21), the Joint Public Protection Partnership increased the fee by a massive 375% to a total of £570 per annum. The fine laid down by DEFRA, for failing to obtain a licence, is set at £500 which is less than the total cost of renewal! Such a large increase cannot be considered fair or justified and, is contrary to the principle that local government is there to help and support local businesses thrive. There was no consultation process with us as home boarding providers, and the Joint Public Protection Partnership did not provide affected businesses with any prior notification of the license fee increases. Many home boarding providers have a very low turnover, and are already struggling with a downturn in bookings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; a significant number will be unable to pay. They will either be forced to cease trading or have to increase their prices considerably to cover this huge increase. And this is why it affects us all! Please sign this petition and help us to prevent this from happening.
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    Created by Karen Fleck
  • Stop cutbacks within the RSPCA
    We need more people not less to help our animals. Without us they don't stand a chance.
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  • Stop the barbaric use of choke and prong collars on dogs
    These collars are designed to control dogs by inflicting pain and discomfort if the dog pulls. They can cause serious physical and emotional damage including whiplash, spinal cord injuries, crushing the trachea and puncturing of the skin. The list is long and considering that there are many less invasive alternatives to addressing this problem it is an outdated and unnecessary practice. In short it is a form of torture which would not be tolerated if inflicted on a child but is lawful when used on a dog who, like a child, is totally dependent on an adult to meet their needs. Most dog owners consider them to be part of the family. Is deliberately inflicting pain on a family member acceptable in our society?
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    Created by Libby Hutchinson Picture
  • Stop the closure of our Zoos
    The Government wants all our zoos to close down indefinitely. Zoos in this country provide great care and protection to animals in their care, many of them at the brink of extinction. Alton Towers is allowed to open on the 4th of July. Most public parks and beaches are open, with many of them getting packed on warm days. Yet, our zoos which are generally vast outdoor areas, have been told to close down indefinitely. Zoos like Chester Zoo are doing hugely important conservation work, and are a major tourist attraction. Our children learn about wildlife animals by visiting zoos. Following 10 years of austerity with most children centres closed down, hundreds of children's services reduced or disappeared altogether, and now our children locked down and most of them out of school for more than 5 months in order to protect their grandparents, the closure of the zoos is a shockingly ill-informed decision that will further undermine the quality of life of our children and communities. Please help save our zoos by petitioning the government.
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    Created by Irina Hauler
  • Disband all Mounted Units from Police Scotland
    Horses are strong and powerful animals that take years of training or “breaking in” to tame. Like any animal they are never 100% under control and nor should they be. The use of horses within the police force as a means of “crowd control” has and never will be acceptable. The unpredictability of an animal so large amidst crowds is reckless at best. For the safety of the animal and the general public we advocate for the liberation of all animals from public service and demand the Scottish Government start by reviewing the use of horses within the police force.
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