A very big thank you to everyone who helped in our fight against Tesco. Now we need to fight Round 2!! This green lung, just to the east of Halstead High Street comprises woodland containing 9 Trees under Tree Preservation Orders and natural springs that provide a wetland environment for amphibians. There are also 16 WWII air raid shelters, 9 of which are listed: as a group this is a very rare thing. Braintree District Council plan to ‘regenerate’ the site, to build more roads, properties and shops and demolish all but one or two of the shelters. We want this land to be conserved for present and future generations, to be a green haven, a heritage site and something that the town can be proud of. Thank you again for your continued support - let's see if people power can win again!!! Eileen Penn Halstead 21st Century Group 'Preserving our past for the future' This is a large area of natural woodland, with several very mature trees, full of wildlife: deer, bats, owls, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits, newts, frogs etc. It is also home to one of the largest collection of Air Raid Shelters in the country, sixteen in total, which are of a huge historical importance. The many bats are also known to roost in them. These shelters were for the use of the mill workers (Courtaulds Mill was nearby) in Factory Lane East and the Mill Managers who lived in cottages in Vicarage Meadow. It would be lovely if this could all be retained for the people of Halstead and others to visit. All the mature trees could be retained and some of the grassy areas made into parkland, with the rest being maintained as a nature reserve.. Each air raid shelter could have an information board, with likely items from the war years on display. And the many deer and other animals could be allowed to continue roaming free. Alison shea
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  • Vaccine Now!
    Current attitudes to the problem are outdated, unimaginative and dangerous. The regulations for the movement of cattle restricts the movement of cattle that test positive for TB antibodies making a vaccine non viable under current rules, as vaccinated cattle would show TB anti-bodies. Modern medicine would solve the problem tomorrow if it were children and not cattle. Millions are wasted every year compensating farmers whose herds have to be slaughtered and the British government is committed to the culling of a protected species, already proven to be a failure, based on bad science and bad statistics.
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  • Stop Migrating Birds being slaughtered in Malta and Cyprus
    Cyprus and Malta and other Mediterranean continually break EU legislation by allowing "hunters" and other cruel methods to kill lovely birds migrating across their countries every Autumn. This must be stopped NOW, otherwise our bird populations will be gradually wiped out forever. Cyprus is President of the EU for this 6 months, why don't they use this to stop this unnecessary cruelty? STOP IT NOW!!!!
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  • Stop lead poisoning our birds
    Lead is highly toxic. We have removed it from fuel, from paint, but it is still used for shooting in the UK. A single shotgun cartridge sprays up to 300 pieces of lead shot across the countryside where it is eaten by birds. It only takes a few pieces of lead shot to poison a bird, causing suffering and death for thousands of birds each year. Non-toxic alternatives are readily available, yet many UK shooters still choose lead. In 1983 a Royal Commission recommended phasing out lead shot, but that hasn’t happened and it is still poisoning our wildlife. More details can be found at: www.wwt.org.uk/stop-lead-poisoning-our-birds/ SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP THE USE OF LEAD SHOT.
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  • Please do not cull Badgers
    We do not know what the long term effects would be on other wildlife and surely it must be wrong to cull using methods which can cause injuries before a slow lingering death.We already have many organisations opposed to this policy, please listen to us!!
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  • Stop The Farm
    The is no longer the need to use animals for testing. To breed & farm animals for testing is atrocious, unnecessary & unethical.
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  • poisonous plastic peril
    Non biodegradable plastics and packaging are poisoning the seas, killing animals and entering the food chain on which we depend. We are a part of this wonderful world; not apart from it. But time is ticking. The old, outdated materials do break down. And then join the soil along with the leaves and other organic matter. Petrochemical plastic is a silent assasin which we have unleashed upon our dearest friend. There is simply no other choice but to phase it out fast. We have all seen the news. Isn't it a pity and isn't it a shame that we can't watch the Blue Planet without so many horror stories at the end of every episode. This maybe the most chilling tale so far. Anyone who watches the world closely will have noticed this menace creeping its way into the ecosystem and choking its innocent inhabitants. What we cannot see is that is also seeping into the very lifeblood of this planet and becoming a part of us and our children...
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  • Stop Network Rail destroying trees and wildlife
    1.To protect wildlife (bats, squirrels, badgers, foxes, birds) 2.Removing oxygen producing plants which contribute to sustaining the local ecosystem will have a negative impact environmentally 3. Removing natural defences (from the sound of the railway to natural flood defences) will have an impact on the homes in and around the planned tree felling area
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  • Prosecution for people leaving dogs in hot cars
    At this time of year, with the unusual constant high temperatures, & the high visitor numbers, we are seeing a lot of dogs suffering immense distress at being left to bake in cars. It is a grey area with the Police as regards of what action can be taken - needs addressing as to what immediate action can be taken, rescuers need to be immune from "criminal damage" prosecution when it had been established that the dog needs to be released from vehicle to prevent further suffering & death. The dog owner should be prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.
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  • Lets stop envelopes with plastic windows!
    Plastic is a major polluter of landfill sites and more and more of our plastic is ending up in our oceans. Every year the amounts increase. We need to take steps, even small ones, to protect our world for our children and grandchildren.
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    No animal deserves to die a slow and agonising death with very unnecessary suffering. Glue traps are also indescriminate - they can trap loved pets and wildlife that was not under target.
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  • Ban the cruel trapping of magpies, crows, jays and rooks
    The wild “decoy bird”, its most vital instincts frustrated and abused by confinement, suffers a terrible fate. Close to the ground it is terrorised by predators, and watches as its fellow birds are brutally killed in front of it. A number end up being found dead through neglect. The Larsen trap is a cage bird trap made of wire and either a wooden for metal framed cage where one live bird (decoy bird, or call bird), usually a crow or magpie, is placed to encourage another bird, not always of similar species, to come down to it. This visiting bird, not knowing its fate, falls through a false floor into a compartment, where it awaits its fate with the gamekeeper. Larsen Traps were designed by a Danish gamekeeper (Larsen) in the 1950s, but are now banned in that country because the traps are viewed as inhumane for trapping magpies and crows. The live traps use a “decoy” bird, which is kept in one compartment, and when another bird lands on top, it falls through a one-way gate. Legally they must have a perch, shelter, food and water, but this is often neglected.
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