• Please stop gumtree selling live animals
    Many, if not most, of the animals sold on Gumtree are from unscrupulous pet farms. Many of the animals are inter breed, which leads to whole host of health problems.Also , these pets are often kept in isolation, being fed by suppling food from a series of drain pipes. The only motive for these sellers is money. If we can't legislate against this, then please a least share so that NOBODY buys their pet from Gumtree
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    Created by Rosie Fegan
  • Prevent unnecessary euthanasia of abandoned animals
    Since 2012 pet abandonment has been on the increase, according to just one survey reported by The Dogs Trust it is estimated that, with dogs alone, in 2015 over 47,000 owners have abandoned their dogs in the past twelve months (according to the annual Stray Dog Survey by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity) Dogs Trust questioned all local authorities across the UK as part of the annual Stray Dog Survey and 2015 findings reveal that 47,596 dogs were left behind in council pounds, where they remained unclaimed by their owners. Of which it is known an unnecessary 5,142 healthy dogs were euthanised between 2014-2015 EQUAL TO 1 DOG EVERY 2 HOURS (this does not include dogs who didn't pass through the local authority, or cats, or other pets that are also abandoned and there is either no home found or basically no one wants them or can cope with more pets or pets who's owners request euthanasia http://www.telegraph.co.uk/pets/news-features/a-vets-most-difficult-task-euthanising-healthy-pets/ ). Domestic pets are all our responsibility as sentient creatures. With better, slightly clearer and robust legislation and higher taxation and compulsory prison sentences it's been shown that the number of abandoned dogs (in particular) but other animals too can be reduced. We must do everything we can to reduce the massive number of unwanted pets. (Estimate are for every 1 person born 45 animals are)
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    Created by Rinny Roche
    Invasive species cause the loss of biodiversity, as well as the extinction of native plants, animals and fungi. Invasive species are introduced into an ecosystem by humans who release the non-native species into the wild. The invasive species wreck native ecosystems and will eventually cause the extinction of hundreds of native species. THE PROBLEM In England a major barrier to the effective control of invasive species lies in the INABILITY OF RELEVANT AUTHORITIES TO ACCESS LAND where problem species have become established. Neither can they force the landowners to notify them of the presence of named species nor can they take action to address invasions where it is reasonable to do so. THE SOLUTION In Scotland this problem has been rectified within Scottish legislation with the creation of ‘SPECIES CONTROL ORDER’ under the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011. Ths act empowers authorities, LAND CAN NOW BE ACCESSED IN SCOTLAND, and COSTS CAN, if necessary, be recovered from landowners who do not take action. FINANCIAL COST In Britain approximately £1.7billion is spent every single year on trying to tackle the problem of invasive non-native species. The Woodland Trust spends approximately 4-5% of their total site management budget tackling Invasive Non Native Species (INNS), predominantly Rhododendron Ponticums
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    Created by Joel Duncan
  • Clear labelling on animal products
    Overuse of antibiotics are harmful- government agrees. Doctors are trying to restrict them. Why are they allowed in the food chain and if so put on label - simple
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    Created by alison davies
  • Make disposable plates, cups and cutlery compostable by 2020
    Only a tiny percent of the billions of plastic cups thrown away are currently recycled. The waste is phenomenal and the destructive impact on the environment is appalling. What point have we got to in society where plastic is created, formed into a spoon, wrapped in more plastic and shipped, only to be used for a few seconds before being thrown away, never to be reused and to exist on the planet for the foreseeable future? Plastic cups and cutlery clog up our oceans injuring and killing all that live in there. In response to this France has just passed another ground breaking law. The law, which will come into effect in 2020, will ensure that all disposable plates, cups, knives and forks will have to be made of biologically-sourced materials and can be composted. And this is just the latest part of France’s transition into a greener country. Earlier this year, supermarkets and stores in France were told they could no longer hand out plastic bags. We in the UK should be following suit. The large packaging companies and their industry groups will be lobbying against any such suggestion. But our government needs to override such protectionism for the greater good of us all. Recyclable is not good enough - we have all seen how difficult it is to actually find places in the real world to recycle these types of apparently "recyclable" plastics. The law must be to ensure these single use products are compostable. Ensuring all disposable cutlery and crockery is fully compostable will cut both the energy used in plastic production and the waste and pollution caused by its disposal. We ask the Secretary of State to follow France's lead and ensure that by 2020 all disposable plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons are made of biologically sourced materials and can be composted.
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    Created by Celina J
  • Close PuppyFarms in Ireland
    Ireland has become the Puppy Farm Capital of Europe. A recent Panorama programme exposed the untold misery the animals endured. Filthy conditions. Kept in crates they can hardly turn around. Deprived to natural light, water & human company.
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    Created by Gerry Cummings
  • Sheep Need Shelter
    I am campaigning for Shelter 4 Sheep. Animals are left out in appalling weather conditions and they have nowhere to go to get relief. farmers should be made to provide adequate dwellings for shelter. It is important because animals deserve better. No animal should have to endure days and nights out in the freezing, icy winds, rain, snow, frost! Why do people think animals do not want somewhere nice to retreat to in bad weather? Why do they think they do not want a place to go out of the cold? Animal welfare rules state shelter MUST be provided, and it seldom is. I've even had an official from a council come out to look at some sheep in a field with nothing more than a water trough, and tell me `Yes adequade shelter has been provided, there are hedges all round the field` that is not good enough! Shelter needs to be also a building, a dwelling to go into, to get out of the chilly winds, the wet rain, the freezing cold snow! I have seen sheep die infront of my eyes due to farmers failing to provide shelter for them, due to farmers failing to provide veterinary care for their stock. It is cruel it is evil. Then you get the crowd who say, " They wouldn't have buildings in the wild." That's as maybe but what they would have had is trees to go under, Bracken, foliage, bushes, all the things Humans take from them, to put them in a field surrounded by an electric fence. Also the one's who say - " They have very thick fleeces, they are hardy animals." Yes they have thick fleeces, but they still deserve a place to go to get out of the wet and cold. Would you sleep well if you had stood out in the pouring rain all day, nowhere dry to sit down, nowhere to go to get away from it, you had to endure it until it stops, then you do not always get sun to dry the ground immediately or dry your coat. Would you sleep well and feel ok if you had to stand out all day and night in blizzards of freezing snow? Then only have wet, frozen ground to sit or lie on? No. You would be very ill and most likely die.
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    Created by Patricia Allenby Picture
  • Stop subsidies to grouse moor owners.
    Grouse moor owners receive many millions of pounds in subsidies from EU and UK. This is public money and is given on the premise that landowners do something to benefit the public. The poor management of these moors has been a contributory factor in increasing flood risk and in dramatically reducing raptor numbers in the UK. These moors are run for financial profit, are used by and benefit only a very few rich people who choose the killing of grouse as a pastime. There is absolutely no justification for public funding of these estates and I ask that you sign this petition to end it.
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    Created by Timothy Watson
  • Save our Bees
    Bees are endangered within our area and provide many positives for the community.
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    Created by christianne straker
  • Palm oil in biscuits and chocolate
    Palm oil production has destroyed vast areas of forest in countries including Indonesia, which is home to orangutans, the Rainforest foundation UK says palm oil companies are now planning to expand into the rainforests of the Congo basin in Africa, home to lowland gorillas and other threatened primates. Palm oil companies are also partly responsible for the recent devastating forest fires in Sumatra, which caused pollution episodes in Malaysia and Singapore.
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    Created by Diana Powell
  • Bring back the climate change department
    By removing the climate change department it is essentially sending a message that says the conservative part don't care about climate change. Theresa May has selected a cabinet that could be detrimental to the environment. The conservatives, in their election promises, promised a greener government. We now have Boris Johnson, a climate change denier, Andrea Leadsom in charge of energy; who had to ask if climate change was real and a team of people just as likely to care little for the environment. Climate change matters to everyone whether left wing or right wing. It is your future, your children's future. Please share the petition hashtag #climatematters More info: https://30daysofwildparenting.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/bring-back-the-climate-change-department/ https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/15/decc-abolition-major-setback-for-uk-climate-change-efforts
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    Created by Mark Johnson
  • rewilding trial of European pond turtle back to uk rivers and England
    Its important to me get this e petition campaign to look at bring back to uk rivers and streams with support of farmers and anglers across england and uk.
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    Created by Paul hayden