• Cruelty Free International Supported By Animal Testing ?
    Cruelty Free International aim to end animal experiments around the world yet are being funded by the Body Shop who are owned by L'Oreal a company well known for the use of animals in their research. Surely this shows a degree of hypocriticsm which needs to be dealt with and resolved. More information can be found at : https://crueltyfreeblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/buav-supported-by-animal-testing/
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    Created by Bea Benham
  • Meat-free Glastonbury Festival
    The huge scale of meat consumption in the west is not sustainable for much longer as the population of our planet continues to grow. It is very inefficient to get second-hand nutrients from livestock as it can take up to 16kg of grain to produce 1kg of meat. In turn this leaves less room for edible plant life to grow because we are overbreeding our livestock and they need to somewhere to graze. In terms of Glastonbury festival it is quite shocking to see how many people habitually gravitate towards the stalls which serve meat for every meal. There seems to be a great disparity between the ethos of the festival and the actions of the organisers when it comes to catering. Lets call on the organisers of the festival to stop serving meat, or at least to drastically reduce it's availability on site, and making it a less desirable option. This will not in any way affect ticket sales of the world's biggest performing arts festival. I'm in no doubt that feeding the population of Glastonbury festival (twice the population of the Isle of Man) with just vegetarian options would send a huge message to make people think twice about eating meat so frequently but also will save many hundreds of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.
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    Created by Dane Baker
  • Save Our Salmon
    Sea Lice numbers in the west coast of Scotland have exploded in recent years as a result of the increasing number of fish farms and their inability to effectively control sea lice numbers. This is not just a seasonal spike, the sea lice numbers have consistently been above the threshold set by the Scottish Government at many locations over the last 8 months, it is now time for the Government to enforce necessary 'cull orders' under section 6 of the Aquaculture Act 2007 Quotes from the Salmon and Trout Association Scotland: "Wild salmon and sea-trout are a key part of Scotland's world-renowned natural heritage, but the latest figures for wild salmon numbers are very poor indeed. We know that wild fish need a huge conservation effort. What we simply cannot afford now is fish-farms like those in Loch Fyne or Loch Torridon pouring millions of mobile young lice into the paths of migrating juvenile salmon and sea-trout. The question for Scottish Government is 'how much more evidence of failure to control lice do you need before you start to use your powers to protect wild fish?'" "Conservation bodies keep being told that salmon-farming is a highly-regulated industry, but regulations only work if they are enforced. Those parts of this industry that fail to control lice must now face robust enforcement action. The statutory powers to control on-farm sea lice numbers to protect juvenile wild fish from lethal infestations exist – they must now be used. Its time for the Minister to tell the inspectors to get tough." The levels are now upto 23 times ABOVE the threshold limit at some locations - action is needed now. Recent evidence shows that one juvenile sea trout was covered in over 500 lice which is unprecedented and almost certainly fatal. further information on sea lice infestations can be found at: www.standupforwildsalmon.org
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    Created by kelvin fraser
  • Bring Awareness about HRT Premarin
    Premarin is a form of HRT, widely prescribed to alleviate symptoms of perimenopause. It is harvested from pregnant mares using a catheter. The mares live their entire lives in a stall and forced always to stand up. They are repeatedly impregnated and their foals are killed at birth.
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    Created by Georgia Morandi
  • Derek Thomas please pledge to vote to keep the Hunting Act 2004 in place.
    I would Like the voices of the people of the St Ives constituency to be heard by our new MP on this important moral issue.
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    Created by tim mayo
  • Referendum on fox hunting.
    Because MPs are here to enact the will of the people. We tell them what we want and they do it. In a recent survey over 80% of the British public were against this cruel practice and if it is up to a vote in parliament then half the people voting are the ones committing this disgusting act. This issue has been thrown back and forth for years and its about time it was stopped. Help end the suffering of our native wildlife.
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    Created by jack rumbold
  • hunting laws
    We cannot stand by and let this happen so are you in? Lets stand together and keep them safe sign and make your voice be heard.
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    Created by penelope ghias
    People have their backs up trying to take an award from a great shower. It is ridiculous and uncalled for.
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    Created by amanda alam
  • Harvey Nichols are still selling items made with real fur
    I've just watched PETA's shocking video about fur farms in "Origin Assured" countries (http://petauk.org/originassured) and I can't understand why Harvey Nichols continues to support animal cruelty. Video footage shows how on fur farms in Finland, Sweden, the US and other Origin Approved countries, animals such as raccoons, rabbits and minks are kept in filthy wire cages, sometimes alongside the rotting corpses of other animals, and are often left to suffer from open, untreated wounds and even missing limbs. Please support this campaign and share it via soical media Thanks Tom
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    Created by Tom Moore Picture
  • Protect our natural world in Scotland from further harm
    “Someday, our children, and our children’s children, will look at us in the eye and they’ll ask us, did we do all that we could when we had the chance to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safe, more stable world?” - President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013 The Obama Administration is taking action to combat climate change. In June 2013, President Obama gave a speech where he outlined the Climate Action Plan — the steps his Administration would take to cut carbon pollution, help prepare the United States for the impacts of climate change, and continue to lead international efforts to address global climate change. For the sake of our children and future generations, we must act now. And we are.
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    Created by Sonia McLay
  • Lets Untrash Cornwall
    Plastic waste is persistent in the environment, highly toxic and poisons marine animals. It is working up the whole marine food chain to the extent that autopsies performed on beached whales and dolphins reveal a huge amount of damage to all organs. Unless action is taken immediately the seas and oceans will be a toxic soup. Already some areas of the Pacific are so contaminated that the mortality rate amongst sea birds and mammals is high and even albatross chicks have abdomens full of discarded plastic waste.
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    Created by Lindsay Southcombe
  • Protect animals from dangerous slug pellets
    My beloved Spanish rescue dog, Leo, died after eating slug pellets on a field bordering a public path. If I had been aware that pellets were used commercially on fields Leo would have been leashed, I always avoided fields for a week after spraying. In my frustration & anger at loosing my companion I decided to investigate the pellet problem & what I discovered is horrific. 1 tsp kills per 10 kl - what effect does this have on wildlife ?? No wonder we hardly see hedgehogs, toads, birds in abundance. Something must be done before we destroy populations of creatures that have a right to coexist with us. I am trying to collate data but its very difficult. If anyone can assist please contact me via this petition page. The government and companies will not listen to ordinary folk we need to approach them as a united group. I have just found a site that monitors poisoning so if anyone wants to report an incident this is the contact 0800 321600. It is run by Natural England. I have just discovered that the Vet practice where Leo was treated does not keep data on poisoning, therefore neither can they be aware of the above - I assume most people take their pets to the Vet when they appear poisoned so it woulds seem that a lot of useful, provable data is lost by not being officially recorded. Pls contact your Vet to ascertain wether this is a common mistake so I can try to persuade the Govt to make poison registration compulsory.
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    Created by susan herbert