• £20 should not be made from palm oil
    The use of palm oil in products is causing serious environmental harm across the planet. It is linked to major deforestation in many countries, causing widespread loss of habitats, including the rainforest habitat. In fact, 27 million hectares of the earth's surface has been used for the cultivation of palm oil. It is now widely used in a range of products, and is currently in up to half of products sold in supermarkets. Flying over countries where palm oil production is concentrated is shocking. Seeing huge scars across landscapes which should be covered in rainforest is unacceptable when there are suitable alternatives. Allowing palm oil to be the substitute for tallow is not acceptable. This must be stopped. This is not the right substitute. It is unnecessary to add another demand and reason to increase palm oil production.
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    Created by Rebecca Buckland
  • Hedgehog emoji rights
    The hedgehog population is in serious decline in th U.K, it is estimated that during the 1950s, they had a total population of 36.5 million, shockingly, that figure now stands at roughly just 1million. Having a hedgehog emoji would put theese creatures in people's minds, thinking about what they could contribute to their welfare, they shall not be forgotten about. They should not be left out of the 'emoji club', they are far too worthy and adorable!
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    Created by Holly Hunt
  • Palm Oil
    The devastating effect the farming of this product has on the land, environment, animals and the local population is heartbreaking.
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    Created by Pauline Jenkins
  • List the chemicals used in the production of foods sold in our shops.
    How can we choose to eat healthily if we don't know what's in our foods? We know that many of the chemical used in growing and processing our food have deleterious effect on health, but if we don't know what they are we cannot safely avoid them. For instance "Roundup" has been found in many cereal based foods, such as bisquits, breads and breakfast cereals and has been linked to hormonal, reproductive interference and to cancers (Scientific American). Roundup is used by almost every farmer in the US and the UK. There are 47 different pesticides used on apples. 4 are known or probable carcinogens, 16 are suspected hormone disrupters, 5 are neurotoxins, 6 are developmental and reproductive toxins and 11 are honeybee toxins (whatsonmyfood.org). Apples are supposed to be good for you! The public need to be informed of the toxins in the food they buy and eat.
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    Created by Eva Tombs
  • Caged single Rabbits deserve freedom, and must never be kept alone.
    Rabbits are surprisingly intelligent, very loving too, when people spend time with them, handling them. They also need stimulating. Without these two factors, and without some freedom they become deeply depressed. Rabbits, like humans, are social animals. Rabbits, like dogs, are extremely intelligent, but also highly sensitive. They can be amazing pets, but the majority of people who have rabbits, get them for children, which is inappropriate, as they are best handled by adults, and the majority have also fallen for the myth which grew into being acceptable at around the time caged chickens became an acceptable practice, that says a lone rabbit, with zero stimulation, kept in a hutch is acceptable. All modern research says otherwise, as do all modern animal welfare organisations.
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    Created by Nina Roberts
  • edible beer rings in uk
    Around the world it is estimated 1 million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine animals and sea turtles become trapped in plastic rings from beer cans. Over half of those animals will ingest them and die. These rings are also biodegradable. This innovative technology is as resistant and efficient as the original plastic rings but better for the environment.
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    Created by Cora Cundy
  • Save the animals at southlakes zoo
    the animals are being neglected very badly indeed and they need saving from such harm
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    Created by Wendy Wright
  • Cats have rights
    I see so many stories on social media regarding lost cats and cats found dead on the road, I've spoken to many people who feel the same, I've lost four cats to road hits and have been very lucky that I've managed to retrieve them, most people do t get that honour as drivers can just go about their business without reporting a hit
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    Created by Amanda Mcdade
  • Free our caged hens
    Its cruel and inhumane! Yes we do need meat but treat them right first!
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    Created by Cortney Spragg
  • Ban illegal animal breeders from keeping animals for life
    It is important to protect our animals, it appears that it is dogs that suffer the most. A recent case brought to a court in Wales and the breeder got a mere 4 year ban from keeping animals. How can that be right?
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    Created by Joyce Berwick
  • National Rules and Legislations for Taxi Companies Regarding Access for Guide Dogs and their Owners
    At the moment there is no set national legislation for rights and responsibilities for taxi companies towards guide dogs and their owners. This is currently dealt with on a regional level and not a national one. Nationally, there are no penalties in place to deter these companies, or their drivers from refusing guide dogs with their owners. Our aim is to impose penalties on drivers and the companies that they work for if they refuse anybody with a guide dog. Refusing guide dogs and their owners by taxi companies leaves individuals in a precarious and vulnerable position, especially if they are out at night. This needs to be stopped.
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    Created by imran arshad
  • Assist Japan In Solving the Fukushima Crisis
    The continuous spread of radiation from the destroyed nuclear plants at Fukushima will not only affect those who live locally, but also many countries with coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and to a lesser degree the whole world. Therefore it is not just in the interests of the Japanese Government and TEPCO to solve the crisis, but the whole international community. On March 11th 2011 a tsunami knocked out the generators of the cooling systems of the Daiichi Nuclear power plant, resulting in explosions and three meltdowns of the reactor cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster
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    Created by Chris Young