• Green Belt to Houses
    Five years ago Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council had voted and promised to turn Bedworth Woodlands, a green field site, to Green Belt. They are now pushing to build homes on it. When I bought my home I chose one that felt rural and was apparently going to be protected. I love this area because the richness of the wildlife is amazing but it is likely to be lost. My resident hedgehog will have to go, along with the dragonflies and myriad other wonderful creatures. Local developers have been building 200 - 240 new homes a year in the borough and struggling to sell them but under this 'plan' this has to be accelerated to about 650 a year. To build these extra homes the council want to move a population of protected Great Crested Newts for 1200 'executive' homes even though the area needs simple 2 and 3 bed homes for local families and the development is likely to remain largely empty. Their excuse is that they must build 14000 homes in their plan but many of these homes are overspill (approx. 8000 - 9000 they are hiding the actual figures so it may be more) so not necessary for the area. Especially if it means building on green field sites. There are many empty buildings and brown field sites that can be used before a green field site is built on. If they do build on it the last area of green fields in the Borough will have gone. Please help us save it from pointless development.
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    Created by Susie Pacey
  • Vets fees and charges
    As a pet owner myself I am disgusted by the amount of money being charged for a consultation with the vet. This can range from £25.00 - 30.00 depending on which practice you visit. On top of this fee you have expensive medication to buy which is often over priced compared to buying online and this can leave you with an extremely hefty bill at the end of the visit. Surely vets fees need to be regulated and made to decrease in order for pet owners to get a fair deal at the end of the day. Some may argue that if you have pet insurance this covers your bill but as every pet owner knows with most companies you have to pay the vet upfront and then after paying off excesses not to mention an increase in your premiums for claiming you never get back what you have forked out. As a result pet owners are finding it hard to keep up with medical care for their animals and vets and insurance companies are raking the money in.
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    Created by julia stockdale
  • Create post of Shadow Minister for Mass Extinction
    The total destruction of the vital environment and large swathes of animal life on earth, caused by the insatiable drives of capitalism threatens the entire bio-diversity of the planet in the long term and the foundations of human civilisation in the short term. Now, that wouldn't be very nice, would it?
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    Created by Connor Kelly
  • Let's stop this illegal slaughter of our migrating birds
    25 million birds are killed on migration every year. Please read this report from Bird Guides http://www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=5186
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    Created by Sue Sessions
  • Demand the Return of Echo from Denmark
    Around 3pm on 4th September 2015 the Danish armed warship HDMS Knud Rasmussen entered Lerwick harbour and took the small boat Echo aboard before leaving for the Faroe islands half an hour later. The Echo had been seized from the Dutch-registered Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon on 1 September by Lerwick police at the request of the Danish authorities, in response to a letter of request issued by the Faroese chief of police on 22August. The seizure followed the small boat’s involvement in the defense of 61 pilot whales at a grindadráp at Sandavágur on 12 August. On Thursday police informed Sea Shepherd’s lawyers that the Echo would be held for a week, giving the lawyers time to appeal the seizure but the Danish authorities fast tracked the extradition and the Scottish police released the boat to the Danish vessel. Insisting the small boat be returned to Lerwick at least until the appeal process is completed is an important signal to the Faroe Islands and their Danish protectors that they cannot ride roughshod over the justice system of another country without consequence.
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    Created by Graham Philpot
  • Ban ALL blue fin tuna fishing in UK waters
    The Blue Fin Tuna is one of the worlds most beautiful, large and yet endangered fish species. During August 2015 a shoal of upto 500 blue fin tuna was spotted off the coast of Cornwall.Due to their high demand as a good delicacy each fish could be worth over a million pounds. Current EU legislation whilst prohibiting UK fishermen from landing the Blue Fin Tuna permits French, Spanish and other European trawlers to land these fish. With warming of the worlds oceans the blue fin is being spotted more frequently in UK waters. Large industrial trawlers could decimate their numbers in hours. The UK government should push the EU to make UK waters a protected zone banning the fishing of blue fin. the will send a message to the world of the importance of marine conservation and that the UK and EU wish to make real progress in protecting the blue fin.
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    Created by Graham Murphy
  • Import of Trophy Hunting of Wild Animals
    To protect sordid and unnecessary harm, suffering and the ultimate extinction of wild animals. In the 21st century there is no excuse or valid sensible or justifiable reason to hunt wild animals to obtain their skins, heads or horns.
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    Created by Malcolm Wilson
  • Dog breeding Licensing
    Rescues are overcrowded with dogs, sold by people indiscriminately for a few pounds, they are not interested in the future care of the dog, they see it as a money spinner. A lot of these dogs are bred by people that are "out of work" and see it as a means to an end to earn undisclosed income. The law should be tightened up like they have done in Bradford, where anybody that breeds even 1 litter should have a licence This should be made law so councils should be made to police it and charge for the number of litters per year. It is unfair to the taxpayer that some people are earning lots of money without disclosing it. Also Rescues end up taking the brunt once the "puppy" gets older and they can't afford to look after it. The laws need tightening up rapidly. The legimate breeders face a tough challenge from these "unlicensed" breeders and get inundated with dogs with no where to put them.
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    Created by Eddie Roberts
  • Stop supermarkets profiteering at the expense of UK farmers
    Currently the big 5 supermarkets control the price paid for farmers production where once dozens of small dairies, abattoirs, butchers and other small businesses bought at a fair price to the farmer of 50% of the end price. Now the supermarkets buyers control that price, and profiteer pushing farmers to the brink of bankruptcy. The marvellous countryside of the UK is cared for largely by farmers if we do not support them, our countryside will cease to be a vibrant place Our lambs here in the Scottish Border hills sold for £80 at this time last year are now down to under £60 - the supermarket price is nearly unaltered
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    Created by Neil Ewart
  • Ikea UK - end the use of wild animals in your ads
    Ikea have released a series of images and an online advert featuring monkeys and a toucan. On the surface this seems harmless, cute animals being funny with everyday objects. However, wild animals belong in the wild. They have complex welfare needs, and shouldn't be used to sell products. In the UK we have moved past this type of advertising, no longer do we think that the PG tips ads, with monkeys selling tea, are acceptable. In the same way there is an overwhelming sense that circus with wild animals should be banned. Whilst the centre who cooperated with Ikea on this ad will have considered the animals in their care - using wild animals in this way sends out completely the wrong message. Ikea have judged this incorrectly, you only need to look at the comments on Instagram to see this. Whilst some are complaining, others are saying how cute the animals are and how they want them as pets. Something which is totally unacceptable.
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    Created by Rachel Alcock
  • Fair price for Milk at the Farm Gate
    This endless pressure being placed upon the dairy farmers of the UK is about to implode and will bring down the dairy industry that is unique and of tremendous value to the UK , the industry supports thousands of jobs in the rural communities across the UK for every dairy farmer and employee there are over 35 people employed in the service industries that support them, not to mention banking , insurance etc. the usual service industries we all use. The knock on effect to other agricultural sectors will also have major impacts on our economy, environment and the whole infrastructure of the UK countryside. All sectors of the food producing industry are under pressure from world prices, we are unique as a country in that we are able to produce almost 100% of our food requirements if we were allowed to, we also have growing export markets in food and food producing machinery , our produce is seen as the best and safest produced world wide. This export market will also be threatened if the home market is not maintained. UK farmers will turn their backs on food production as we can now grow crops and utilise land for renewable energy production with profitable secure long term income. This would put UK food security under great pressure and we would have a greater reliance upon imports with unreliability of supply and a lack of traceability of our food supply. If you want our unique to the UK, fresh dairy produce, fully traceable farm assured wholesome produce sign this petition and buy 'Red Tractor' assured produce when you next do your shopping. BUT if you want UHT or POWDERED milk on your breakfast and your children's breakfasts tomorrow move on.
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    Created by Rod MacBean
  • Cruelty Free International Supported By Animal Testing ?
    Cruelty Free International aim to end animal experiments around the world yet are being funded by the Body Shop who are owned by L'Oreal a company well known for the use of animals in their research. Surely this shows a degree of hypocriticsm which needs to be dealt with and resolved. More information can be found at : https://crueltyfreeblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/buav-supported-by-animal-testing/
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    Created by Bea Benham