• Drivers should stop once they hit a cat
    Because the cats have a family lt maybe a family with young children or for elderly or people with problems to keep them company and for them to get the news that their cat has been hit is very heartbreaking, if it was another drivers cat that got ran over by someone else they e be upset so I don't think it is right at all to have it that you don't have to stop. I really think drivers should stop and alert somebody or take them to the nearest vets
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  • Oreo Biscuits use Sustainable Palm Oil
    Orangutans are losing their habitat due to it being destroyed. One century ago there were around 23,000 orangutans but now that number has shrunk to less than half. Sustainable palm oil means less damage. To find out more about palm oil you can go to either of these websites. https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/top-10-facts-you-need-to-know-about-palm-oil/ https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/8-things-know-about-palm-oil
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  • Ban the sale of animals on social media
    Animals are not commodities to be used to 'make an extra bit on the side' Although Facebook have renewed guidelines about selling animals, it is still rife on many popular selling sites and community websites. Selling animals in this way encourages impulse and casual purchases. Checks are not necessarily made on potential owners meaning animals can be subjected to inappropriate ownership or unsuitable conditions for their needs. The temptation of an 'easy sell' encourages 'hobby breeding' while rescue centres are full to bursting with animals needing homes. Social media and selling sites provide disreputable breeders with a means to reach the wider public who may not be informed or aware of the risk involved. There is no justifiable reason to sell an animal on a selling site. Rescue centres exist for the very purpose of helping people re-home unwanted pets or surprise litters. Professional breeders can sell through official websites. Please sign this petition to try and stop animals being sold in this casual and dangerous way. Thank you
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    Created by Ruth Hall
  • PetAloud: Response Plan
    Supporting all Ours Animals Guardians through out National Lockdown will increase the well-being of Ours Animals. Having a National Record of Animals Guardians and how many of Ours Animals they are responsible eases Ours Animals' Welfare Measures and Resolutions Debating if cod19 Animal vaccination its a possibility, encourages individuals to get involved with the Ours Animals' World.
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  • Nugget law
    A cat may not have good road sentence but after all , it’s still a living animal , some pet and part of the family . It’s unfair that people get away with this , as it’s very upsetting to lose a pet
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  • Save the horses field on hever road
    The horses on hever road have been there over 50 years , now it’s all being sectioned off with sharp metal fencing the horses are scared and unsettled . We need to come together as a community and speak up to save them and the field that they belong in from any unsightly changes. Many family’s have, do, and will enjoy spending time down this natural beauty spot petting and feeding the horses. Why change such a beautiful place?
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  • Stop killing sharks
    I feel this is important because underneath our human bodies we are just like them we eat we sleep we kill we stay together. To kill a shark would be to kill a human example 'if you kill a human you may love damage to family and friends and loved ones,what's to say these sharks dont gave familys and friends and loved one. I have followed sharks all my life they can be the most gentlest creature if just watch them and approached in a calming matter they have no reason to cause you any harm. I see a lot of countries like cutting them up for soup'food'clothing or medicine I find it absolutely appalling what if that was you they were chopping up for food'clothing or medicine or what if it was a family member for example a mother'father'daughter'son'relative or friend you would be heart broken and you would want justice brought to the people that did it. Well now I feel that justice should be brought forward for the sharks dont see why a creatures life is worth more than any humans,we evolved around these creatures for millions of years and learnt to live with them but now people just want to use them for there parts. Soon there wont be any sharks around for people to look at or sea either in the wild or in captivity because the people of different countries wish to kill them all. So I'm asking the world to now notice this is wrong and help petition for a ban against the killing of sharks'take a look at yourselves you wouldent kill your family for items,well sharks have families to think of what your doing before it's to late Thank you I hope you listen Sincerely,Brenden skeet
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  • Memorial in Parliament Square for dead NHS staff.
    I’m a retired nurse, who’s trying to support friends and colleagues still working. It’s utterly heartbreaking. They’ve been sent into war without body armour. I’m deliberately drawing parallels to war remembrance. Their sacrifice, knowingly going into battle, knowing they are not protected properly is a demonstration of incredible bravery. Not all brave people are warriors.
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  • Ban the sale of sky lanterns
    They are unsafe, being effectively uncontrollable incendiary bombs They are also harmful to wildlife Several councils in the UK have banned their release on council land.. so let’s just stop them altogether https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/care-for-the-countryside/sky-lanterns/
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  • Help the Residential Homes with the Extra Cost to Combat the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic in UK
    Covid-19 already may have killed many residents & may be carers in those homes
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  • Keep animal welfare charities afloat during the coronavirus crisis
    Govt help has been announced for some charities but appears not to offer any support to animal rescue charities. This despite the fact that much of their work comes from statutory agencies asking for help to take on animals left behind by domestic tragedies of all sorts. In the light of lots of misinformation recently, many animals will be abandoned at this time in addition to the normal intake of dumped, abused and lost animals. The animals in their care now risk being euthanised if they are forced to close, and the future impact on animals needing care will be huge if many centres are forced to close. I have adopted many dogs from rescue places over the years, and their impact on mental and physical wellbeing is well researched. Dedicated staff and volunteers make this possible, and they deserve support.
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  • The Impact of Intensive Animal Agriculture on Farmland Bird Species in the United Kingdom
    -Farmland birds have declined by 54% between 1970 and 2017, according to the State of Nature Report. -7 Species in the RSPB farmland bird indicator showed an increase in population, however, 12 other species of farmland birds showed a decline in population. These species included: Tree sparrow -94%, Corn bunting -90%, Turtle dove -89%, Grey partridge -87%, Yellow wagtail -73%, Starling -68%, Linnet -58%, Lapwing -58%, Yellowhammer -54%, Skylark -51%, Kestrel -35%, Reed bunting -27%.
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