• Safeguard recovering wildlife now: create a positive Coronavirus Legacy
    As Spring approaches in the UK, the lockdown will mean less disturbance for wildlife in their natural habitat, which could allow it to thrive and recover, while also allowing the nation to reassess their relationship with nature. People are increasingly aware of and connected to sustainability movements and the need to respond to the Government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, as demonstrated perhaps most effectively on social media. Scores of accounts are visible encouraging safely reconnecting with nature in gardens or outside of windows and this reconnection might lead to a greater appreciation of our natural world and a desire to do more to protect and nurture it. We ask the UK Government to take the opportunity now to ensure that a return to ‘business as usual’ mitigates damage to these emerging species and habitats and does not destroy nature’s hard work. The economic, community and wellbeing benefits to be realised from acting fast to identify, preserve, protect and enable nature to recover while we are protecting ourselves from virus is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Animals, insects, fish, flora and fauna do not need much time to recover, but they do require our cooperation. Coronavirus has forced people to self-isolate, reducing polluting activities and in these spaces, animals and insects may return. We, the undersigned, ask DEFRA to act now to identify where wildlife is showing signs it is recovering or benefitting from the decline in human activity due to Covid-19 lockdowns. We request new measures to ensure this recovery can continue once normality resumes, thus creating a positive Coronavirus legacy.
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    Created by Catherine Jebson
  • Save Jess the Cat
    Jess would leave a huge hole if she left our community in Leek, this is her home she is part of so many people’s life. Jess would also be confused, stressed and potentially unhappy, she knows and loves the entrance of Morrison’s in Leek.
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    Created by Kate Laurance
  • Make stopping whale hunting a condition for future trade deals with Japan, Iceland and Norway
    Whales are intelligent and social creatures. Their populations have been decimated by indiscriminate slaughter in the past. The oceans are quickly becoming a hostile place with pollution and there is a very real chance these giants could be lost forever. The whaling industry makes money. But trade with Britain makes more. Let's use this unique opportunity for Britain to force the end of whaling in these countries for good.
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    Created by Barney Hobbs
  • Common food additive toxic to dogs, make warnings mandatory.
    Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs. It is a sugar substitute and increasingly found in manufactured foodstuffs. The most common source of poisoning is chewing gum, but it can be found in sweets, jams, peanut butter, toothpastes and many common household items. Even quite small amounts can cause vomiting, liver failure and death. Three pieces of sugar free gum can contain enough xylitol to kill a small dog. Many people and even manufacturers are not aware of how serious xylitol poisoning is. Please raise awareness and make it compulsory to include a warning on all products that contain xylitol.
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    Created by Fiona Mackinnon Picture
  • Stop killing male chicks
    To save the senseless slaughter of billions of chicks every year
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    Created by Peter Eley
  • Stop eBay selling fox furs
    Because it can encourage hunting of our wildlife and killing of these magnificent animals
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    Created by Andy Fielding
  • Horse poo
    Will stop anyone having to dodge it or in the dark step in it
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    Created by Brian Barnett
    To stop this woman and all people thinking it is okay to hunt animals for sport Why anyone would think it is morally just to kill a innocent creature is beyond me and for nothing more but because they believe it to be fun
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    Created by Lewis Kelly
  • free parking at hospital
    Its important for the well being of the patient when its serious I had Sepsis unsure if I would pull through & survive loved ones obviously are worried I was also given permission for my dog to see me much to my surprise having a loving pet also aids recovery I don't think profit on parking for visitors seriously ill or long term in hospital should have exorbitant parking charges a patient could be issued a free pass the nhs is for the people not making profit the charges should at least be much less plus a pass would allow the visitor to stay longer not keep looking at the time patients health should be considered visitors often bringing with the some magazines fruit or some food they enjoy lower the amount for visitors to pay plus not to penalise if their stay is longer than anticipated large hospitals on many levels isn't just a pop out extend your parking then go back in the patient should be put first before parking charges daily visitors could have a pass the nurse in charge of the ward will know regular visitors
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    Created by Linda Blanchard Picture
  • Stop selling real fur in House of Fraser
    Behind every animal fur trim, bobble and lining, there's a story of cruelty and agonising death. The coyotes used for their fur by Canada Goose, for example, are caught in brutal traps and die slow, painful deaths. There is nothing quite so unnecessary as real fur in garments, when faux alternatives are so realistic and possess the same qualities, without the inherent cruelty. By introducing a moratorium on products containing real fur in your stores, and working with suppliers who have already switched to faux alternatives, you can demonstrate a commitment to stamping out cruelty in your winter clothing range.
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    Created by Graham Godwin-Pearson
  • Stop precious forests being destroyed to make chocolate
    Precious forests teeming with life are cleared so palm oil can be produced. This is used in a range of products, including chocolate. This has a devastating effect on the environment and it can harm endangered species, such as orangutans. Palm oil production damages some of the world’s most precious forests, destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino.
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  • To save gorse hill farm from being closed down
    We support this farm and we want to keep it open
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    Created by Harry Burton