• Stop Puppy tail docking
    This is an uneccesary procedure.It was banned along with ear cropping why do the Scottish government feel the need to re-introduce this ? It is done when pups are only a few days old Tails are cut off with scissors Puppies cannot be sedated or anaesthetised at that age They cry with pain and it often upsets the bitch when she smells blood on the pups I speak from experience The DIY botch jobs are worse People try to save money and do it themselves This can result in blood loss , infection and pain It is like having a toe cut off with scissors without anaesthetic The governments excuse is, if a working dogs tail gets damaged the surgery would be painful In all the years I worked at the practice we had one dog, an Irish Wolfhound have part of his tail amputated Because of his size he damaged it against a wall from wagging it
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    Created by Joyce Whitton
  • Let our dogs on the beach
    It's important for dogs to be allowed on the beach to have a paddle in the hot weathers even if it's in the evenings When most people have gone home ,because most responsible dogs owner don't take there dogs out in the blistering heat anyway but would be nice after 7 for them to have a paddle and cool down . And most responsible dogs owners clean up after there dogs unlike some humans lately, which annoys me greatly, us dogs owners would really appreciate if this was to be put into consideration,
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    Created by Sarah Harle
    I think this is important as it becomes unfair towards people who's difference in age is possibly less than a month for some and one of them gets a whole another year on ponies. This needs to change.
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    Created by BSJA petition
  • Ban the Ivory Trade
    With the General Election coming up, Theresa May and the Conservative Party have stated in their latest (2017) manifesto that they will give a "general pledge" to "work with international organisations to protect endangered species and the marine environment." We need more than this to protect the vulnerable creatures, this country's leaders need to live up to our reputation of being a nation of animal lovers and put a total ban on the ivory trade and not bow down to pressure from their colleagues in the party like Lady Victoria Borwich who is the President of The British Antiques Dealers’ Association, and the Conservative MP for Kensington.
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    Created by Janette Massey
  • Stop Animal cruelty
    It's important to acknowledge that animals should be treated equally and should not be put through some of the horrendous things mankind do. Animals can suffer, feel pain, feel love and feel scared they are just like you an I, except we choose to treat them as though they are below us and have no rights.This is totally and utterly wrong we should be the compassionate beings that we are supposed to be, we should treat these animals with love and respect. Your desires and what you want should never be put first if it means putting something in harm and causing suffering; this is what I call selfish. You don't get to say it's worth it because all you had to do was buy it, that animal would have spent most of its life confined without freedom; freedom to be with their family, freedom to run, freedom to be an animal and then only to have its short life end. What's a life if don't get to live it ?
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    Created by Zoe Brown
  • Say 'NO' to the re-introduction of Fox Hunting
    I am an animal lover, I'm not a animal right's crusader. I find the leaked plans to re-introduce FoxHunting goes against everything it means to be British in the 21st Century. Please support my petition which is the first I have ever begun.
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    Created by Dan Worthy
  • Stop Giving Goldfish Away As Prizes on Hook A Duck Or At Any Fair Stall
    I care for the welfare of animals (no matter how small or irrelevant they seem to people). People all over the country will buy Goldfish from the fair and not care for them or do even worse like dispose of them after they realise they dont want them. This is not fair. They deserve a happy healthy life with caring owners. As for Fairground stall owners, I don't see them treating the Goldfish right, ever feeding them or making sure they're ok for that matter. All some people see Goldfish as is an object/ a prize, not an animal who needs caring for. This needs to stop.
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    Created by Jess Aimee
    This is important because it is used to "train" dogs by fear and pain.
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    Created by eileen cottam
  • Recognise UKDDA Disc Dog as an 'Approved Dog Activity'
    We want more people to have fun and #dodiscdog and keep their dogs #fitforfunction
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    Created by Ruby Welsford
  • Stop Animal Testing
    This is important because lots of animals are being harmed most of them resulting in death and they shouldn't be. Lots of makeup brands do not test on animals and are still equally successful as those brands that still do. This just proves that there are different ways of testing cosmetics without harming animals or even involving them in any way.
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    Created by Ella Jones
  • Provide higher primates with same protection as humans
    These creatures are the nearest relatives we have and as such deserve our care and protection. The main source of harm to these animals is purely financial so it is up to us to decide, it is a choice. Provide the same protection as to humans and we start to stop the mistreatment, exploitation and deaths of animals with over 98% identical DNA to ourselves, this is a measure of our humanity to humanity!
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    Created by rupert chandler
  • Dairy Calf husbandry
    The methods of animal husbandry are important in UK. The type of acceptable animal husbandry will be seen all over the world and we need to be proud of our humane development of British animal welfare.
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    Created by Lisa Bowers