• No EU referendum
    We, the undersigned members of Unite, were disappointed by Unite's decision, announced on 2 July 2014, to urge the Labour Party to commit to holding a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.[1] We believe this decision by Unite's Executive Council was a mistake. It does not reflect our wishes, it was taken without consulting Unite's members, and it demonstrates race-to-the-bottom politics. We believe the UK should remain a member of the EU because membership enhances UK workers' rights, including via the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.[2] We believe the best way to ensure the UK remains a member of the EU is for political parties to reject referendum calls and instead make the case for continued membership. With no referendum, there would be no risk of the UK exiting the EU. We note that the Conservative Party rejected the Charter when previously in power, and that it is only thanks to the Labour Party that it covers UK workers.[3] We note that because the Conservatives have committed to a parliamentary vote in favour of an in/out referendum on the EU, the only realistic prospect of avoiding such a referendum and saving the Charter is for the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats to commit themselves against such a vote.[4] The Liberal Democrats have already done this.[5] We emphasise that neither this petition, nor the act it requests, brings any injury to or discredit upon Unite or any member of Unite. On the contrary, the act requested would strengthen Unite by demonstrating Unite's commitment to the EU's protection of worker's rights, and would help to forge a Labour Party that will provide a real alternative to the Conservative Party in opposition and at the next General Election. REFERENCES: [1] http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/unite-urges-labour-party-to-hold-eu-referendum/ [2] http://ec.europa.eu/justice/fundamental-rights/charter/index_en.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Charter_of_Fundamental_Rights_of_the_European_Union&oldid=614017036#Legal_status [3] http://socialrights.net/community-charter-of-fundamental-social-rights-of-workers/ [4] http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/may/02/david-cameron-eu-referendum-pledge-disaster [5] http://www.libdems.org.uk/european_election_manifesto_2014 Image source and license: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/skuds/3736995016/
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  • Keep the Workington cross
    Peter Nelson, who formerly run Crystal Commissions in the town centre, erected this memorial in tribute to his late wife, Angela, and also as a gift to the town he has called home for so many years, and the town he has provided invaluable services to from his business. Given the history of the slag bank, being built upon what was formerly known as Chapel Hill, and the location, many people in the area think this is a wonderful tribute and should be allowed to remain. The full story can be read here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/491978/Widow-puts-up-statue-of-Crucifixtion-in-tribute-to-late-wife (Photo credit: John Harkness)
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  • Amend EPA rules and allow small personal items back in the coffin.
    It seems ridiculous that we are no longer allowed to cremate our loved ones with small items of their choice because of bureaucratic EPA emission regulations. We have huge gas and coal-fueled power stations pumping out tons of CO2 every year and yet we're not allowed this small and final privilege. This is one step too far.
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  • Ban GMO from the UK
    The health of this great nation is in jeopordy, we are been poisoned by eating this product, independent studies have been made but their evidence has been ignored, this food is literally killing us and has to stop!
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  • Remove VAT from children's shoes
    Parents are often paying this tax for ten years; during which children can need three pairs of shoes a year. This is an unreasonable burden on household budgets already under strain.
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  • Save Strood's Bryant Road Library
    Because The Library here is quiet and 302 people petitioned against the move and The Council took no notice of 5000 signed signitures We had tones of meeting with them still no notice was taken We have to stop them David Cameron would not interveen with the Medway Council our Facebook page get ignored so what next please
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    Following the recent bout of flooding, yet again affecting many householders and businesses on this Island, we now believe it is time to make our voices heard. We want and need to get results from Essex County Council, Castle Point Borough Council, Canvey Island Town Council and the Environment Agency, to ensure that the present infrastructure of drainage is upgraded to be able to cope with the increasing number of homes and businesses on the Island and to ensure proper maintenance of the pumps around the Island keeping them fully operational at all times. Too many people have been affected too many times by flooding that could be avoided. Loss of personal belongings, damage to buildings and property, losses to businesses - this is a problem that will not go away without these agencies addressing it fully and that time is now.
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  • No house building on London's Green Belt
    London is a huge city which could spread out for many miles more if allowed to. The Green Belt was created to allow Londoners to have some fresh air and nature, trees, plants and animals which is vital for our mental and physical health. London does not need to be any bigger than it already is.
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  • Save Liverpool Saturday Morning Music Centre
    SMMC- formerly known as Saturday Morning Music School- provides affordable tuition to students as they progress from their first steps on an instrument to become confident, capable musicians. It is the umbrella group through which Liverpool Youth Orchestra is run, as well as Choral, Wind, Jazz, Brass, String and Woodwind ensembles that accept and nurture students throughout their musical development. It is a Liverpool institution, having played a pivotal role in the musical education of generations of the city's children. It has been the birthplace of the careers of many of the city's musicians, and instilled in many thousands of others a lifelong love of making music. It also provides a wonderful social function, as its students become lifelong friends and travel the globe in ensemble tours. They acquire confidence as they perform in public; self-esteem as they improve their instrumental technique, and rise to meet challenges; and through a busy musical calendar develop personal responsibility and time management skills by being part of a team of people who depend upon each other. As well as the children who attend it, it has long made outstanding contributions to the wider cultural life of the city. Its ensembles have been called upon to mark occasions such as the passage of the Olympic torch through the city, or the city's commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic. They featured prominently in the city's celebration of its status as the European capital of culture in 2008, and regularly perform at fundraising events for local charities. Resonate claim that they are designing a new provision taking into account feedback from both parents of SMMC pupils and staff. However, it appears that this consultation is merely window-dressing. Questionnaires were sent out in the first week of the summer holidays; parents received them on the Tuesday and the responses were expected by Friday, which is not a great deal of time in a week when many people will be on holiday. Furthermore, a briefing received by a Liverpool councillor -before the consultation had been sent out to parents- outlines the proposed structure of the new provision. This document also makes it clear that SMMC indeed closed at the end of the last term, which has never been explicitly stated to parents. As for consultation with staff, SMMC staff were simply told on the final day of term, with no prior warning, that SMMC cannot afford to continue in its present form, and have not yet even been told if they will have jobs in the new provision. This structure involves simultaneously expanding the service, with the creation of a second centre, whilst simultaneously amalgamating youth ensembles into "Big Bands". It is stated that there will be a large PR campaign in order to recruit new students, and that to facilitate changing to a weeknight, Liverpool schools will be asked to transport children to the new services after school. One of the major factors that has led to the axing of SMMC is that the numbers of pupils attending it has dropped sharply, from 299 in 2009 to 199 today. It seems strange, in our view, to totally restructure a service of 40 years' standing in a way which leaves it dependant upon recruiting large numbers of students to a less focussed provision, when such a drive could instead be used to restore numbers to their levels of merely 5 years ago. This approach seems particularly strange given that no concerted effort has been made to advertise SMMC prior to its closure. It also seems optimistic to design such a system with scant regard to the response from present students and their parents about whether they would be able to access the service, even on the assumption that schools might provide a taxi service with no discernible benefit to themselves. As well as the transport problems associated with travelling to the centres on a weekday evening (when bus routes may stop running, and parents may not yet be home from work to provide lifts) moving to a weekday evening also creates problems with schoolwork that has to be completed for the next day, and for those students who already play in school or other ensembles not affiliated to Resonate- or indeed for those who participate in other extra-curricular activities such as sport after school.
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  • Stop planning approval for Brighton Hippodrome
    Brighton Hippodrome is a unique Grade II* listed theatre (see https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-brighton-hippodrome-for-live-performance). PLEASE SIGN THIS TOO, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. FIGHTING FUND 'Hope for the Hippodrome' is raising money to pay for legal fees. If you would like to donate, visit ourhippodrome.org.uk THANK YOU Our Brighton Hippodrome In expectation that a call-in decision is imminent, this petition has now been submitted to Mr Pickles and Mr Lewis. Many thanks to all of you who signed. We'll keep you informed about the outcome of our request through the website and on social media. Website: http://www.ourhippodrome.org.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ourbrightonhippodromepage Twitter: https://twitter.com/ourhippodrome AND PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN!
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  • Ethical Sponsorship in Football
    Football is traditionally a working class sport with a significant proportion of supporters being of a low income background. This is particularly the case where Blackburn Rovers FC are a relatively small club, where the majority of its fan base is in Blackburn itself. The town arguably has more social deprivation than many in the UK, and as such, the population is likely to be more vulnerable to be taken advantage of by fee charging claims management companies, debt advice companies etc. Blackburn Rovers FC is the most important organisation to the town of Blackburn in the 21st century, and there is therefore a moral duty for it to reflect the needs of the community around it. The football club would gain significant respect if it were to display charities such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and Step Change or an ethical private company such as Payplan on its shirts. This would be a statement that the club acknowledges the level of financial difficulty a large proportion of the town and its fan base faces. It would also encourage other football clubs to do the same where fans are feeling increasingly distanced from their football clubs with television deals coming into hundreds of millions of pounds and accusations of tax evasion now commonplace.
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  • Liz Truss - call an immediate end to the badger cull.
    There is no scientific basis that the culling of badgers will help combat the spread of Bovine TB. If anything, it will make the problem worse and the trial culls have been proved both ineffective and inhumane. It is a political tool with which the government perseveres, to appease the farming industry despite overwhelming expert, scientific advice. It seeks to remove an iconic, protected and much loved wild mammal from our landscapes and encourages illegal baiting and cruelty towards this and other wild animals.
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