• Stop entry charges at Glasgow Cathedral
    For more than 800 years Glasgow’s St Mungo’s Cathedral has been serving its parish, city and country, and has been freely open to all who wish to enter. Historic Scotland (who have the care of its fabric and maintenance) intend to bring in admission charges at Glasgow Cathedral from the 1st April. The reason for such a move has been stated to be due to financial pressures on Historic Scotland and the need to make ‘its properties’ pay. If you agree with the principal that access should be free of charge to a building of such historic and religious significance, please sign this petition If Glasgow Cathedral’ belongs’ to anyone it is to the people of Glasgow. It belongs to the congregation who regularly worships there and to the thousands of Scottish people from the city and the region who come with their organisations and families every year to their special services. Glasgow people come at other times too, either simply to enjoy their heritage or because their personal history intersects with that of the families named in the Cathedral’s monuments, war memorials and stained glass windows. Hundreds of thousands of international visitors also come every year. When they enter Glasgow Cathedral, the welcome they receive through access freely given reflects the humanity and warmth of a great city and country. Are they now to be made to pay to enter this building of national and international historic and religious significance? All museums in Glasgow are free. If Historic Scotland has its way the cathedral would become the only treasure house of art, architecture and history in the city for which admission would be charged. The Cathedral belongs to all those who need somewhere for private thought when life is challenging, who seek solace, or to leave their heart-breaking requests for help through prayer. Will Historic Scotland turn them away if they cannot pay? As a concession, I believe it has been intimated that admission might be free on Sundays. This would have the result of making the management of the experience of the expected even larger numbers of visitors and the pursuance of morning worship and evensong mutually difficult and uncomfortable. Please, if you agree with the principal that access should be free of charge, sign this petition.
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  • Bring back the peoples £1 lottery!
    I think it is important to many people in GB who like a small flutter once or twice a week.
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  • Mandatory education until 18 should mean discounted fairs until 18 using public transport
    Are you aware the government introduced new legislation last year making it mandatory that young people must stay in some form of fulltime education until the age of 17 years of age, next year it is scheduled to go to 18 years of age before being legally allowed to earn an income. Currently public transport within the UK doesn't reflect this, they are still going by the old law in regards to 16 years of age, The reason the age was set at under16 was because if mandatory to be in fulltime education for a further two years, it takes away their rights from earning an income of their own and the parents and guardians to carry the ever raising costs. This affects everyone either directly or by association, we are officially out of recession so no reason to make this happen as government seem to have not considered this fact. Even now when I contact my local authority which was recently criticized for the leader of the council in Bucks for awarding himself around £250,000,That is more than the prime minister earns by a lot, to run a county. Also Over £100,000 a year is going into the pay packets of 21 council workers across Buckinghamshire, each county isn't that different, as far as I am aware. Here is the link which also includes other county's pay awards to senior staff. http://www.mix96.co.uk/news/local/1359881/100k-pay-packets-for-21-bucks-council-employees/ I was informed they couldn't help given the triple dip recession taking away important public services, Proof that our triple dip recession is over is available at the following link, not sure why the government departments are still using the old excuses of why there is no money, Nor are they celebrating this with their customers that we should not need to pay more for less any longer. http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Good-news-economy-better-recession/story-21941908-detail/story.html I thank you for your support in signing this petition & for passing it on in advance as I feel folk have had enough of all the shenanigans going on behind closed doors which always lead to us the people paying out more and getting nothing or very little in return. Thank to 38 degree’s for giving me the opportunity of setting up this petition in such a simple way & for all the amazing things you have achieved and will achieved as your organization clearly understands if we stand together we can make the change.
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  • Net Neutrality Protection
    The proposal to abandon Net Neutrality on the internet in favor of a multi-tiered content-biased system is deeply flawed. It would: 1. create a system that inhibits technical innovation by allowing ISPs to choose which technologies their customers can access. 2. create a system that protects entrenched companies while penalizing the start-ups that have been the life blood of the internet. 3. limit access of non-profit organizations that cannot afford "fast-lane" fees. 4. penalize media companies that do not directly own cable or satellite access to consumers. The Internet has flourished under the de facto common carrier ISPs held until recently. It is time for the FCC to declare that ISPs are Common Carriers and hold them to that status. Please exam with an open mind, see the value in net neutrality, to business and private users equal access enables creativity and new business growth. A two tear access to the internet is bad for competion, R&D and the next generation of new world beating businesses. Professionals from the scientific community offer this view and as an MP you must listen to experts who are not in the pocket of lobbyists for example:- http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=75141 http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/09/10/favorite_sites_looking_slow_today_its_a_net_neutrality_protest/
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  • Save Liverpool Libraries
    My name is Elysce. I am 11 years old and live in Liverpool. My favourite thing to do in the world is read, and hope one day to become an author and that people will read the stories I have written. I have read hundreds of books and love finding new ones in my library. I think it would be an awful thing to take away the books from people. If I do become an author when I am older, people should be able to visit the libraries and read my stories. I love visiting the libraries in Liverpool, and my mum was happy that I spent lots of time in the summer holidays visiting them. I also went to a 2 week camp called "book it" my mum has told me that the council paid a lot of money for me to go, and that they are partners with the company who organised it, so what I don't understand is, why encourage children to read, and spend a lot of money getting them interested in it, and all of a sudden take it away!! Please please please support and help my to stop the libraries from closing in Liverpool. I couldn't imagine how boring life would be if we had no books. Someone once said: "In the library one often finds, people close their mouths and open their minds" I really think that this is true. Thank you
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  • 50/50 women/men in parliament (non sexist men and women) at all times for all years to come
    Equality. Symbol of Equality Abiding by the Equality Act for equal national decision - making and representation of the countries welfare.
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  • England and Wales cricket Board
    Because we have a ODI World Cup next year And if we picked the right squad we might do ok.
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  • Blood Donation Equality - Gay men can't give blood
    Rules insisting that gay men are only allowed to donate blood if they haven't had sex with another man in the past 12 months are discriminatory, and don't make sense given the often reported need for blood donations. Thank you for taking the time to come onto my petition. My name is Luke Cameron and I am the writer of The Good Deed Diary. Throughout this year I vowed to try and help a somebody every day and write about my experiences. Along the way I have learnt an awful lot; mainly not to stand back and expect others to tackle injustice. As a proud gay man there are many issues across both the UK and the world that affect me. But there is one so absurd that I had to do something about it. After launching a kickstarter for a project called Cards for Kindness, a deck of 3 good deed cards, there was one card that I considered removing. Donate Blood I wrote a blog post about the fact that gay men are simply not allowed to in the UK. The NHS states that if a man has had a sexual relationship with another man in the past 3 months he is advised not to give blood. Yet the same does NOT apply to a heterosexual man. You can be a gay man in a 20 year monogamous relationship and be unable to donate but he a straight man who has had 20 sexual partners in the last week can donate blood tomorrow. I understand that there are regulations in place for blood donation but this blatant antiquated discrimination on sexual preference is not right. If you feel as strongly as I do, please do sign the petition, share it out on social media and see if we can rally change. We have done such an amazing job in fighting for equal rights and equality for LGBT people in the UK and this is just another milestone we need to reach. Fight for equality. Sign the petition! Luke
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  • Fox Hunting and all Blood sports
    Its a cruel way of getting rid of animals when there are more humane ways of dealing with the problem
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  • Local and Live 2014 - Let's ensure it's back in 2015!
    Local and Live 2014 was, I'm sure you'll agree, a fabulous success. Whilst we all enjoyed the fabulous music and the excellent organisation this year, most of us are aware of just how difficult it has been for Paul and his team to deal with garnering financial support and all the other issues involved in putting on an event like this. We hope that by asking for your help and support to be noted to TWBC at this stage, any detractors or obstacles to the event being held again in 2015 will be lessened and positive support and publicity can start now.
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  • Teaching important life skills to young people in Preston
    Life skills are important because many people after leaving home are struggling with financial issues. We are asking for the following skills to be taught: Job seeking money management cooking skills These have become a big problem for young people. If life skills were taught at an earlier age, these problems would be avoided and would benefit the youth in the future as they would have an idea of how to deal with these problems.
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  • Change the Health and Safety Legislation regarding Public and Private Firework Displays.
    People should not have died in an incident that could have been prevented. There needs to be tighter legislation to prevent this ever happening again. Besides the 7 people who died there were others with life changing injuries and even those who appear to have no physical injuries still suffer mentally, this even had a huge affect on the emergency services who attended the incident.
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