• Save Victoria Park from being sold off to commercial interests
    Keeping green space in the City and ensuring everyone can enjoy the park
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  • Call for a new National Anthem for Scotland
    For too long we have sung "Flower of Scotland" in official capacities despite it not being our national anthem. While the song had a relevance in the late '70s and '80s, we now have a devolved parliament and a collective push to build a better Scotland. What does it say about us that we sing Flower of Scotland? Why then do we consider it appropriate to sing a song which mentions our nearest neighbours, as if to define ourselves, we can only do so by exclaiming what we are not? Why do we sing about an indecisive victory from 700 years ago and not the wealth of ideas, inventions and progresses we have given to the world? Why do we choose not to sing about the wonderful things that make Scotland such a great nation? Why do we choose to sing a slow, backward-looking dirge in an attempt to energise and inspire our sporting teams? It is time for the people of Scotland to have a national anthem that energises and inspires them and their sporting teams. It is time for the people of this proud nation to think about their national anthem and choose a song which better represents them
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  • If you're eligible to play for England U21 you should play!
    Why does the English football team constantly let us down in major tournaments? World Cups? European Cups? There hasn't been any memorable tournaments for a generation and for a major football nation like England to have just one international success is just not good enough. I propose that the English Football Association make compulsory the participation of the best eligible players for each international tournament like the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. This gives our young players valuable game time in an international tournament and gives the chance of each generation to grow up together and progress to the full national team. Just imagine Sterling, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wiltshire, Barkley, Chambers, Stones, Butland, Ince, Kane, Berahino, Ward-Prowse, Blackett playing tournament football together? Along with the complaints that our English players aren't playing enough for their clubs, this gives our players a chance to prove that they are the best in the world...or at least on the road to becoming so.
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    It's part of Scottish identity. We sing this song with pride and if we have our own national anthem it should be official.
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  • Step Down and take THEM with you!
    As more and more pressure is applied on the parents of the children of the future, more hate for this country, by its natives, is being passed down a generation. And soon there will be no patriotism, no english traditions and the necessity for royals, will be no more. It is time to simplify before England dies in the ashes of its own greed.
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  • Unchain the Unicorn
    Following the referendum result, where over 1.6 million Scots expressed favour for independence; it is important that the Scottish people are treated with dignity, if they are to remain in a union with the rest of the United Kingdom. This small, symbolic gesture will show respect for Scotland and hopefully foster a more harmonious relationship between nations - unchained, as equals.
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  • Recyclying waste
    Global warming and cutting down on landsites for dumping rubbish
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  • Access to the Sussex River Ouse
    Kayaking is a wonderful peaceful and healthy form of recreation. But access to the river is very difficult and in places almost dangerous
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  • UK Devolution - Cross Party Royal Commission on Constitutional Reform
    Because of their nature, political parties will try to control this process so that it is in their best interest. The referendum in Scotland has unveiled a level of mistrust in Westminster. A commission at the request of Her Majesty The Queen would give people faith in the process.
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  • Unchained Unicorn
    The Unicorn is a symbol of Scotland. As one of the four free-thinking nation states of the UK, it should not be shackled. This implies that the unicorn is a kept animal or slave against it's will. The passport is intrinsic to identity, and the visual symbolism of a chained creature is not representative of the Nation of Scotland or it's people.
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  • Votes at 16 now
    During the recent referendum in Scotland all 16 and 17 year olds were given the vote . They were very enthusiastic taking part in the campaign .As well as voting in large numbers. We have a general election next year.It is wrong to tell people that you were old enough to help decide the future of Scotland but you are to young to decide who should represent you at Westminster.I believe that the vote should be extended to ALL 16 year olds.
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  • Genital Integrity for All Children
    The harms of female genital mutilation in all of its forms are well known, and the practice is rightly legally condemned. It is accepted that children have fundamental rights to bodily integrity and self-determination that cannot be outweighed by the wishes of a parent to follow religious or cultural practices. Cutting a child's genitals is a serious affront to these rights, and it can cause irreversible physical and psychological harm. However, in law and public policy this obvious conclusion is only applied to female children, when it is both boys and girls who are at risk from genital cutting. It is our opinion that all children have this same right to bodily integrity, and that this should be reflected in the law. Opponents have claimed that infant circumcision is harmless and has no long-term consequences. However, evidence from the experience of adults circumcised as children, from scientific investigation, and from the statistics of boys who are left with serious physical side effects or who even die as a result of these procedures attests to the physical and psychological harm that it can cause. Genital cutting can affect all children, and can harm all children. It is well past time to make it a thing of the past.
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