• Make CREOLE/PATOIS (PATWA) an official language
    Many non-Caribbean folks don't understand when Patois (Patwa) is spoken. To avoid writing in the language of the colonisers, Jamaican national hero, celebrated educator, folklorist, poet, and radio and television personality, Louise Bennett-Coverley, challenged the English language by writing and performing in Patois. She is described many as the “mother of Jamaican culture” due to the efforts she made in popularizing the Jamaican Patois and giving it a national recognition. She even influenced other Caribbean authors and poets such as Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mutabaruka and Paul Keens-Douglas to avoid writing in English. Miss Lou, as she is affectionately called, could not live to see Patois become an official language in Jamaica. The progress of her struggle is being blocked by Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ decision to make another coloniser’s language an official language while Patois is still regarded as a vernacular. In a 2016 article written by Emma Lewis, it says the argument that Patois should be recognized as Jamaica’s official language has not gained traction in officialdom yet “many argue that most Jamaicans cannot (and do not!) communicate in standard English”. “In a nationwide survey conducted by the Jamaican Language Unit in 2006, 36 per cent of the sample surveyed demonstrated no ability to describe a simple everyday object using spoken English. By contrast, 83 per cent were able to do so using the Jamaican language, 47 per cent demonstrating the ability to use both languages,” it adds.
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  • BBC apologise; Eurovision refugee tribute omission
    BBC is supposed to be impartial and to choose not to broadcast this part of Eurovision, which covers refugees is highly questionable, could be seen as politically motivated or even worse censorship.
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    Created by Terezia Brunklaus
  • stop royal mail closing rural post offices in northumberland
    our local post office is earmarked for closure. we will have to drive at least 20mile round trip to the nearest post office to post a parcel and use other online banking facilities
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    Created by elizabeth sells
  • Dredging of all rivers and waterways to prevent flooding
    It's absolutly vital that all waterways are drained correctly and if the outfall being ditches or rivers are not clear and dredged fields flood and overwhelm the rivers causing them to breach their banks and flood defenses causing havoc and damage to property's, animal livelihood in flash floods and extra costs reinstating burst flood banks which could all be avoided if dredging of rivers and ditches were carried out yearly, it's such a simple process which could save massive costs in repairs and insurance claims.
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    Created by John Mcintosh
  • stop forced adoption now
    too many children are being removed from loving families, more often than not by force; the end result is predictable, their voices are not heard; if you were to really ask children without using local authority employees; or representatives of, ie; cafcass, nyas, childrens services, you would get the same answer, why am i not allowed to go back home to my normal mum and dad; why are they with strangers, foster carers etc? little do they understand the fragility of their future; no-one has really told them, let alone talk to them, and ask them what they want. forced adoption, and the practise of it is draconian; the same with foster care; that too is enforced on the children that no-one wants to adopt. send them back home, stop wasting tax payers money on the excuse of possible future harm, it would cost far less financially and is in the interest of the child, if families need help; give them it, do not split them up ; and tear them apart because it is easier to do so!! spend the taxpayers money being used to keep them in care, away from their families differently, use it to enable parents to be better parents; so that their children can stay at home; with them
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    Created by peter newton
  • Fair Ticket Access to all Sporting Events for Disabled Spectators
    For far too long, the ticketing arrangements have been biased heavily in favour of Corporate entertainment, a large number of which are not taken up. Such wastage is obscene since it reduces the allocation to the participating Clubs, which has a domino effect on the number of tickets available to Disabled fans. Please look into this as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by John McCrea
  • Stop Margaret Thatcher Day - Start Joe Strummer Day!
    Because naming the August Bank Holiday 'Margaret Thatcher Day' would diametrically oppose a huge section of this country's wishes. This is not democracy. To many people, Thatcher was the most hated politician they have ever known, and this is well known by politicians. To propose such a scheme is to purposefully ignore their wishes and feelings and to polarise them unnecessarily. Joe Strummer, on the other hand, was, and is, a well loved public figure who inspired creativity and a 'think for yourself' culture in the UK. But of course, that is exactly what Margaret Thatcher and her cronies would have hated the most.
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  • Statue of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev outside Royal Opera House
    Margot was Britain's greatest ever ballerina and Rudolf changed the role of men in ballet in the west forever. Their unlikely partnership was the greatest in ballet's history and inspired many to take up ballet and brought pleasure to millions. It made Britain's Royal Ballet the greatest ballet company in the world after the Bolshoi and the Kirov. It is a disgrace that there is no memorial to these wonderful dancers and their partnership. This should be changed in time for the centenary celebrations of Margot's birth (18 May 1919).
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  • No Pub In Our Park
    So far a residents association has collected 700 signatures from the immediate area and it is necessary to escalate this to allow a greater response to this ill-advised proposal by a Council that has no interest in listening to its residents.
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  • Stop Children's Centre and Nursery Cuts in Cambridgeshire
    These centres provide crucial universal and targeted support for parents, carers and young children. This withdrawal of funding will cause irreparable damage to the service, increase risk and vulnerability across the county, and mark a reversal of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda which is striving to eradicate inequality for under 5’s.
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  • STOP the 600 Houses Being Built on Marshalls Quarry
    We are already struggling to exit Moorside Road any time of day due to the amount of traffic. In rush hour traffic this area will become manic. Whitaker Ave is very narrow and cannot take additional traffic into the new builds. Moorside road is not wide enough as it is now (without having more traffic added), and is not suitable for HGV's. There are inadequate parking provisions, as well as issues with drains. There will be a loss of privacy, and the value of property will decrease. The local nursery and schools are full, and local surgeries and dentists are also all full. Further, we will loose the only bit of countryside left - which will disturb existing wildlife.
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    Created by Michelle Carter
  • Children's Safety
    Everyday there are reports of cars jumping the lights. Our children's safety is very important and there have been incidents where children have nearly lost their lives. This campaign wants to prevent this happening, so please take a few minutes out and sign this petition and share it around. We need 1000 signatures for County Council and I need everybody's help. Already, in the short amount of time I have been dealing with this, Highways did find a fault on the timing of the lights and this has been adjusted. So, if we all pull together, we can achieve the goals and make it a safer crossing for the children.
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