• Make Bonham Road Resident only Parking
    Having parents park their car on any bit of space/ pavement they find is dangerous, accidents are occuring it's making it even more difficult to cross the road to get to the school. Children and adults that walk to school are almost getting knocked down by the people pulling up on to the pavements. It makes the road much too busy and puts people at risk.
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    Created by Louise Orriss
  • Fishing matches
    Because nothing is been done at the pond for the children any more like it used to.
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    Created by Dawn Black
  • Help keep Worksop alive. Don't close Marks and Sparks and any more shops that still, open
    Many people still want to shop locally and it is still a good place to meet others and promotes communiy life. It supports uk manufacturers and is better environmentally,if we shop nearby. It also encourages pride in our town when shops are open and being used
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    Created by Lucy Kirby
  • Dave Kennedy for mbe
    This man has gone from drop out alcoholic to helping those in need and trying to get his project up and running and as a charity
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    Created by Steve Windsor Picture
  • Save Our College in Todmorden
    We don't need another large supermarket in our town We need to support our local market and independent shops We have the spirit, skills and ingenuity to run the college as our own training centre and community hub
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    Created by Emma Leeming Picture
    This charity is well respected and loved by the people of Stockport for its' invaluable help in raising funds for local charity. 'Formal objection' from TV giant Sky seeks to switch off major Stockport charity event The company does not want Roughleys Bike Show taking place outside its contact centre Mega-rich TV giant Sky will try and prevent one of Stockport ’s major charity events going ahead, protesting that it will affect the employee smoking area – on a bank holiday. Roughleys Bike Show has taken place in the town centre since 2000, annually attracting thousands of visitors and raising up to £10,000 for worthy causes.
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    Created by Norah Cowpe Picture
  • Recognise PCS Union at National Museums Liverpool Trading Cie
    Workplaces that recognise unions tends to have better levels of pay, happiness and do provide better services to their users. National Museums Liverpool is a public service and should not be exploiting its workers, many of them only earning just about the minimum wage. Many employees of the NML Trading company are local young people and they deserve as much respect as their colleagues employed directly by the museums. As NMLT is fully owned by the museums, museum bosses should not pretend they cannot act or ensure better standards. Yes there have been budget cuts for museums but surely union recognition would not cost a penny and if workers were getting the real Living Wage and decent hours of work, they would be spending their wages in the local economy and not having to consider claiming benefits.
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  • Don't fine street-sitters
    - Why kick a man when he is down? - I know from direct experience that money given to John, a street-sitter, was spent on food. We have become friends. Maybe sometimes money given can be misspent but let's give people the benefit of the doubt. Glass half full ...Better to take the risk of being foolish rather than cynical. - 'There, but for the Grace of God, go I'. I have met men who have held responsible well-paid jobs and then been reduced to street-sitting by adverse circumstances such as marital violence, debt etc. Street-sitters remind us of the fragility of our lives.
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    Created by roger sawtell
  • Don't change the Clocks
    It will save the hassle of changing the clocks twice a year and will let people get used to the darker evenings/morning naturally rather than this awful abrupt change. This will probably save several road deaths every year.
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    Created by Michael Crocker Picture
  • Register "legal owner" and "registered keeper" on V5C log book
    When you buy a second hand vehicle you have no way of knowing whether the "registered keeper" is legally entitled to sell the vehicle. If you buy it and the "legal owner" disputes the sale you would have to give it back to the legal owner and lose your money paid. This would also stop the taking back of vehicles bought as "gifts" by the legal owner and given to the registered keeper. This has happened to my son, his dad bought him a car, and registered my son as the "registered keeper". They then fell out and the dad transferred the car into his own name as the "registered keeper", claiming that he was the "legal owner", then sold the car. Unbelievably, the dvla say this is allowed. The V5C document requesting the transfer was not signed by my son (the registered keeper) even though the document states that the registered keeper "must" sign. Apparently, the V5C wasn't signed at all! This isn't "fair" so by changing the V5C, prospective buyers and registered keepers will know where they stand as far as "ownership" is concerned.
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    Created by Lissa Newton
  • Close Bookies Down
    It is important because if the bookies were closed down or there was no bookies at all the people that lose money on fruit machines, horse betting etc would have that money in their pocket. Instead of thinking that they can use the last pounds that they may have in their pockets to be taken by a machine.
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    Created by Ardit Hasa
  • BBC apologise; Eurovision refugee tribute omission
    BBC is supposed to be impartial and to choose not to broadcast this part of Eurovision, which covers refugees is highly questionable, could be seen as politically motivated or even worse censorship.
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    Created by Terezia Brunklaus