• Abandon the use of plastic blister packaging for pills and other medical products.
    It is essential that our national commitment to ecological issues both national and global, be seen to be all consuming and aware of ALL contributions to the global plastic waste issue.
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  • Start caring about Carers!
    Carers are becoming ill with the huge strain put on them. Most working 24/7 - 365 days of the year with little or no help from outside sources. I have been one such Carer for eleven years and my health has deteriorated drastically because of it. There are even child Carers who have to help out at home and don't get paid anything as nobody knows about so many of them.
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  • Give EU carers automatic settled status
    Should EU carers not get the settled status, what happens to those disabled people? Do they go to care homes? Will the government pay for their care? What will happen to the disabled children, will they be allowed in the carers country ? This is a very important issue that the government has totally ignored. This will affect families with disabled children as well as older generation. Someone who has cared for their husband with Alzheimer's will now have to put him in a care home, someone who has cared for their child with severe disabilities will now have to find alternative carers for their child, tearing families apart and trampleling on their human rights. These disabled people are British citizens whom the government seems to have totally ignored. Who will care for them?
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  • Allow Mrs Caldwell to access medicinal cannabis oil for her son with severe epilepsy
    There is undue suffering and disability caused by preventing patients to medicinal cannabis. In light of accumulating scientific evidence that medicinal cannabis is not only alleviating pain and suffering but can also treat severe medical conditions, like severe epilepsy, it amounts to medical negligence to forbid access to treatment. Furthermore, it violates one's human rights to accessing life saving medication. The UK is a progressive country and needs to change the law to account for the scientific evidence available.
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  • Disabled friendly beaches U.K.
    I live in Hastings and I cannot access the beach or even get to the sea . Not only me but thousands of people cannot acccess beaches and the U.K. is not great at making Disabled people fell included but we ave a disability act .
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  • Blue Badge only bays
    Having curtsey bays only, leaves disabled people further disadvantaged. Often not being able to park or safely load off load wheelchairs without putting people with disabilities at risk.
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  • Repair the car park
    The car park is at the main entrance to the stadium.its full of pot holes and uneven .We need it fixed for our older and disabled fans to walk on , and for car parking.
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  • Save Bartlett Adventure Park. E14
    No where for mothers and children to meet up with proper seating to have a chat/catch up. The community has no other facilities like the park in poplar. With its own toilets and unit for rainy days. It was also secure which was great for kids with Special needs (the amount of children with extra needs,is above the national average in LBTH)
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  • Stop TransPennine Express discriminating against disabled people
    Disabled people are being discriminated against and are unable to travel when they want. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/03/unions-criticise-lack-of-wheelchair-access-on-major-train-route
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  • Newport City Council needs to do more work in Pillgwenlly and not rely On the volunteers.
    1. We need to keep the streets clean and the kids park clean at all time to make it Safe as I know people that go there and you have bins over flowing all the time and Glass on floor and injection needles all the time. 2. Is is not right for drug dealers and prostitutes to do there Business on street corners or public places as so people don’t feel safe at all. 3. The bus service in Pillgwenlly needs to link back in with duffryn as the busses in pill stop at 6.30pm and none on Sunday and bank holidays
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  • Save after school clubs for children with disabilities in East Sussex
    East Sussex County Council currently runs some high quality after school and holiday play schemes for 5-19 year old children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). The clubs are due to have their funding reduced and then completely removed over the next 2 years, leaving these children without the support they need. I am working with Jane, a mum of three autistic children, that has Cancer. She has had a breakdown and also lost the use of her left arm. She needs this support to continue caring for her children. She has tried to request foster care for her children out of desperation, but there are no foster carers available. Like many of the children who use the after school clubs service, her children have been refused a social care assessment by the Local Authority - and have been offered these clubs as an alternative. If Jane loses this respite she does not know how she will cope. These cuts will put these families in crisis. The schools are unable to finance these clubs, so it is likely the services will be restricted and many will be closed. There is no "wider market to be explored", there is no other place these children will be safe, or that has space to take them. We believe that in making this cut the Local Authority is breaching its duty of care to vulnerable families. We want to ensure these clubs continue to support these vulnerable families and the local authority upholds its duty of care to disabled children under The Children’s Act 1989 and S2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970.
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  • Stop financially penalising disabled parents
    The children are required to buy a ticket simply because the parent is entitled to a government bus pass (offering free travel for the parent with some reimbursement for the bus company from the government for it's use) due to their disability. There are strict criteria to get a pass and it is supposed to be part of opening up opportunity for those living with disability. If the parent is simply having to pay a child fare instead of their own there is only a 30% reduction in cost instead of the 100% policy intended. It is discriminatory to be charging disabled parents a fare that a parent with no disability would not have to pay. It risks isolating disabled people further and marginalising their children who often already have many disadvantages in life. I am only able to work part time due to my health needs so we along with many others have financial difficulties as a family. Many people with disability depend upon the buses far more than those who are able bodied as they may be unable to safely drive or be mobile over short distances. I myself am dependent upon bus use to get to the shops to buy food, get to GP and hospital appointments as well as taking my daughter to baby and toddler groups. My daughter is an integral part of my life, I have very little support to care for her and I am scared that a reduction in my ability to be mobile due to unfair charges will impact on the life I am able to offer her.
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