• Treatment for this Mans Cancer
    It’s important because this man has been in the UK since 1974 and has worked since 2006 and has paid all has National Insurance and Tax contributions. Now the Government are saying they have no record of him. Whether they do or they they don’t, this man has just been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and now the NHS have stopped his treatment and in other words left him to suffer or even die! We must take action. This is against our human rights
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    Created by Sarah Jane
  • Special Education Needs and Disability school transport crisis: Waltham Forest
    Families in Waltham Forest with children with special education needs and disability depend on existing transport provisions to get their children to school, either because they go to a special school which is further from home, or because of their disability they are unable to travel to school unaided. In February 2018 lots of children in Waltham Forest who had previously been eligible for transport to take them to school were suddenly refused transport. This includes children with autism, deafness, cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Families have had to go through the stress and worry of amounting appeals against the decisions. Some families have had transport reinstated after appeal. It is not clear how many children and families that are affected have not appealed, either because they are not able to appeal or do not know they have the right to appeal.
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    Created by Dr Bithell
  • Help Murray and others like him: Make medicinal cannabis available on the NHS
    My 5 year old son Murray has Doose Syndrome / Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy (MAE). This is a rare form of epilepsy and means he lives with up to 600 seizures a DAY (4 different seizure types). He has spent months lying in a hospital bed shaking, now uses a wheelchair and has only been able to attend school for 3 weeks this year! It is very hard to control with the medicine currently available and it has been proven in other countries that medical cannabis helps people with illnesses like his. In the USA medical cannabis has helped stop the daily aggressive seizures that children with this syndrome have. The government needs to make Medicinal Cannabis legally available so that the NHS can administer it safely and change the lives of thousands of people with illnesses that could be helped by it. Thanks to the thousands of people who signed this campaign so far, Murray has now been granted a special licence to be prescribed CBD, he's the first person in Scotland to get one. But this campaign is about more than just one patient, it's about doctors being able to give all patients the medicine that could help them.
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  • Let The Children Play
    Natural Foundations is a not for profit organisation giving families a unique place to play imaginately together in all weathers. Come rain or shine, from mud stomping to sand castle building we open! We welcome families from all over Essex and beyond and are accessible to most at £4 for the day-we never turn a family away. Unfortunately Chelmsford City Council do not see the same benefits for children as our parents do and completely out of the blue they have given us 12 weeks notice to leave the land with no offer of other land or possible extension. Despite the outrage from the 8,000 families who visit us, the council have refused to give us any flexibility. This doesn't give us enough time to find another site and this doesn't give us enough time to raise the funds we need to move. We need the summer. Publicly the council have said we have until the end of May, yet our notice states the 10th. Publicly, they have also stated they will give us every bit of help they can, yet this is not happening. We ask the council to be more clear with the public and to give us some flexibility and allow us to stay longer. Please help us by signing this petition to ask the council to either rethink the notice or at least give us more time before we have to leave. Here are some comments from the families who visit us: 'So disgusted by Chelmsford council. Natural foundations has been such a big part of my son's little life. There is no sense to this. The ideas hub in town was priced out of their premises and now another invaluable place for families is under threat. Makes me so sad.' 'If we can do anything to help, please let us know. Us mums are powerful and passionate people, especially where our children are concerned' 'Me and my boys love this place. I always feel so lucky when we go that we have this wonderful resource on our doorstep. It’s so much nicer and more educational than the soft play indoors.' 'I love taking my son here, yet again the council pulls the plug on something that's non profit and great for children's development. I thought they were meant to be supporting children being outside and doing outside activities?' 'I am really, really angry to hear this. I love coming to Sandford mill for your natural foundations. It's educational and a beautiful natural environment for the children to learn and develop their skills with facilities for parking and toilets aswell as plenty of land for picnics. This is just ridiculous everything nice seems to be moved or taken away this is one of the best assets which doesn't cost a fortune in Chelmsford for children.' 'This is really sad. Natural Foundations is absolutely fantastic - the children simply love it as do us parents so I'm keeping everything crossed that you find somewhere suitable - good luck' 'Would be absolutely devastated if we lost Natural Foundations! What you’ve created is just magical! xx' 'You are amazing - we moved home to London and still try to get to you as often as we can. Really hope this situation is either resolved or that you find somewhere even better' 'You make so many children so happy and what you do is wonderful. I cannot believe the council have done this it’s outrageous'
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    Created by Jo Cope
    The Bluewave hydrotherapy Complex is a specialist facility that serves the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our community - namely the disabled and elderly. There is no facility in Kent that offers the equipment and service that this complex can offer, such as the hydrotherapy pool, specialist weight training and cardiovascular equipment and pain management classes. This space is a social hub that provides some of the more vulnerable members of the community with a place to converse, improve their health and interact with others. The complex receives exercise referrals from the NHS and is also used by a number of special needs and state schools. The loss of this facility would be devastating for the local community! Please can you sign the petition so Bluewave can remain open and continue providing this crucial support to our community.
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    Created by Michelle Moore
  • Save Priorswood Library
    This library and its staff provide vital services to one of Somerset's most deprived areas where community assets are already scarce. Not only is this an essential information and communication resource but it also contributes significantly to health, wellbeing and social life, in particular for the considerable number of residents with limited mobility, especially older, disabled, and low-income residents.
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    Created by Mark Wood
  • Stop funding cuts to the Citizens Advice Bureau
    The Citizens Advice Bureau provides vital benefits advice and support to ill, disabled and vulnerable people in and around Boston and Skegness. Lincolnshire County Council have decided to cut funding for this valuable service. There is no other organisation that provides the same service. Please sign and share.
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    Created by Gina Lewis Beever
  • Save Whitdale elderly day centre
    Over 300 people currently attend one of the day centres facing closure. Most of the users are frail and many suffer from dementia. Being able to meet up with friends means people are less isolated and are able to stay living in the community for much longer. If these services go people may not be able to live independently for as long as they would like to and may be forced into more costly residential care. These centres provide a vital service to the local community and the council should keep them open and fight against government cuts to the council’s budget.
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    Created by Gavin Beurskens
  • Save Alistair’s sleepover staff
    Because Alistair has profound learning disabilities, epilepsy, schizophrenia and severe autism. He has no awareness of danger and an unstable gait, meaning he is very likely to fall and cause serious injury when not supported. Alistair will also self harm and become aggressive when he feels nervous and doesn’t have someone there to help him and make him feel safe.
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    Created by Lyndsey Forrest McColl
  • Change Those Trolley’s!
    By providing trolley’s in such disrepair it demonstrates a lack of respect for SEND families. They are a health and safety hazzard and they represent a total disrespect and lack of provision which reflects badly on the businesses that operate there. They ignore the rights of disabled children to be able to sit safely and comfortably, access the facilities there and be treated equally. The facilities for disabled adults are adequate so why not show the same respect for our disabled children. I have asked for 3yrs for these trollies to be replaced or repaired but have been ignored or excuses have been made. Enough is enough now and parents of disabled children what to be listened to and our children treated with respect they deserve.
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    Created by Jen Crawley
  • Reinstate the Funding to Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centres
    The Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre (DUWC) received a grant of more than £41,000 annually and a further £50,000 from Public Health to carry out tribunal representation work for people challenging decisions by the Department for Work and Pensions regarding benefit reductions and withdrawals. But the funding from the County Council will come to an end on March 31. Colin Hampton, co-ordinator of the centres for the past 33 years, said: “DUWC, irrespective of who is in government, gives a voice to those who come to seek our help." “You would think those in power would welcome this feedback but it appears that this authority would rather not hear what they have to say." “The centres have many funding streams and even more supporters. We will be embarking on a massive fundraising campaign to bridge the gap left by the Council’s cynical move.” Thousands of Derbyshire residents use the service, which has offices throughout the county. It also comes at a time when the centres are dealing with the full digital roll out of universal credit. Please visit our website for more information about the service: http://www.duwc.org.uk/
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  • Rescind the Governing Body Decision to downgrade Corby Urgent Care Centre
    If this erroneous decision is not rescinded then it would create a two tier urgent care system that would exclude, workers, visitors and those that participate in the full range of sporting fixtures that happen in the area from accessing and using the urgent care centre: putting untold pressure on KGH A&E and the East Midlands Ambulance Service.
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    Created by Lyn Buckingham