• War disablement pensions
    It is not morally right that those injured during their service to their country should be denied their awards
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  • Clamp cars that park in disabled parking spaces
    The amount of people who park in a diabled space without a blue badge is disgusting. People who need to use the space due to a disability often have to park away from the entrance and struggle to the shop, all because someone to lazy to park in an appropriate bay has parked in a disabled space. Any money raised will help fund charities who desperately need the funds to help with people with disabilities across the country.
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  • Support for a 20mph zone - Glencaple village
    Our wee dog (Dougal) was killed on the road here on Saturday 23 June 2018. I’m not blaming the driver, I blame myself for not securing the garden to the correct standard. However, I do strongly propose a lower speed limit. There are no pavements for several metres along Church Street, this and the fact there is a school on the same street concerns me with regards to the 30mph limit. This is too fast to stop in time if a child should suddenly run on to the road. I would be happy to pay a contribution towards the signs, I’m sure other parents in the village will feel the same. We have excess of 14 children now independently walking, cycling or on scooters each day around this wee village. Let's make this happen.
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  • Bristol City Council Health & Wellbeing Board
    This is important for local health and wellbeing is represented by local people and democratic scrutiny. Until now all councillors have done is put cuts through and been hoodwinked by some CEOs of Trusts, on the HWB that do not care of the local population only payouts by big insurance companies trying to take over UK healthcare services.
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  • Wetherspoons Royal Pavilion fails on disabled toilet facilities
    Ramsgate's new super-sized Wetherspoons, Britains biggest, can hold up to 1,400 people. They have spent a whopping £4.5M on refurbishing the building and is located over three floors. The most stunning of which is a 6,500 sq ft sun terrace, on the top. On Friday 22nd June, my husband and I, plus another lady in a wheelchair, had a lovely meal on the top floor sun terrace. When we went to use the toilets, we were astounded how small and ill equipped, the disabled toilet was on this floor. How did it ever pass at planing, when a person in a wheelchair cannot fit inside? The main toilet area is so spacious, 40 people could stand inside it without any difficulty. It also has a dedicated bar stool area for women to touch their makeup up. It is a state of the art toilet, yet it does not have a fully functional wheelchair accessible toilet. My husband helped my friend and I with the doors, external and internal and someone actually reported him for being inside the ladies toilet, even though two wheelchairs were present. He felt so embarrassed and was only trying to help two ladies reach the toilet. Wetherspoons clearly have more than enough room to build an outside, independently accessed, disabled persons toilet. As it stands, there is only one accessible toilet on the lower ground floor, bearing in mind there is a capacity of 1,400 people at any one time. Just the one?, really. It is shameful that a large company like Wetherspoons has not considered the size and location of these toilets more adequately. Realistically, one is needed on every floor. Disabled people cannot always wait in a queue for the lift. Wetherspoons need to urgently remodel the one on the top floor, amalgamate it with the cubicle next door and make them both deeper, to allow a wheelchair to turn around inside and for the person to be able to lock the door. The external door also needs an electronic button to open the door automatically. After all, it might help them from finding someone else's husband inside, needing to keep a guard on their wife's toilet door. When I approached Head Office, I received the following reply. "It appears the toilet you visited was one of the general toilets but has one cubicle with a hand rail in". Which in basic language means this is not a disabled persons toilet. How can they say a toilet where the door is wider than the others and has a distinct handle plus a large visible symbol of a wheelchair in the outside of it, is not a disabled toilet but a general one? Even the single grab rail is far too low to be of any help to anyone. Maybe Wetherspoons were trying to get away with making people think they had two accessible toilets, when in fact they only have the one, located on the bottom floor. Having it down there prevents all disabled people from enjoying the sunny terrace on top. I believe every disabled person should have equality and the opportunity to enjoy this amazing sun terrace. In a building of this size there should be more than one accessible toilet and they should not have to use a lift to get there. Come on Wetherspoons, make some changes now please.
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  • Stop Housing Association Removing My Mobility Scooter
    I can hardly walk and it is vital that my scooter is at my door at all times for my daily needs. I had a visit from 2 firemen who did not have a problem with it being there.
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  • Make Gaymers Recreation Ground disabled friendly
    Overnight and without any consultation or warning, a barrier was put up by Attleborough Town Council completely preventing access for some disabled residents and the less able in our community to their only social group. Unfortunately for years this situation has been allowed to continue. Please help us to help those unable to have their voices heard, in return for which our utmost thanks will be yours. Attleborough Town Council has done nothing to implement The Equality Act regarding disabled access; they have procrastinated at every turn despite months and months of requests, Gaymers Recreation Ground is accessible only to every able bodied person within the community and surrounding area, directly contravening one of the covenants applicable to the land. Time is up: we wish this injustice to be rectified.
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  • Hold Schools accountable for illegal exclusion and disability discrimination
    Last year children and young people with autism were excluded 9,190 times in schools in the UK.
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  • ALL care staff MUST receive mandatory training in Learning Disabilities & Autism
    There have been several cases reported involving early deaths of individuals with learning disabilities and autism, not just in our NHS. The CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspect all registered care providers against regulations in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) All registered care providers MUST provide mandatory training that is presented and is not just a paper exercise. Some of the key points that were raised in the LeDeR report (2018) which examined Mortality in individuals with Learning Disabilities include.. Just over half (57%) of the deaths were of males Most people (96%) were single Most people (93%) were of White ethnic background Just over a quarter (27%) had mild learning disabilities; 33% had moderate learning disabilities; 29% severe learning disabilities; and 11% profound or multiple learning disabilities. Approximately one in ten (9%) usually lived alone Approximately one in ten (9%) had been in an out-of-area placement
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  • Help keep the elderly and disabled safe whilst recycling at Barrow in Furness
    Keep the disabled and elderly safe during recycling. We all pay our council tax and have an equal right to use the the facility. Stairs shouldn't stop us. Queuing cars into the main road that is used to exit the town is unsafe.
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  • Keep Pulmonary Rehab maintenance open in Sunderland
    The service is for people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other respiratory conditions. I am one of a number of people who attend the rehab sessions once a week to help us keep us keep fit, active and teach us self-management. Most of the people on this course would spend a lot longer in hospital, and put more strain on the NHS, but for the benefits of these rehab sessions. If this vital service is closed these benefits will be lost. This service is so important because it works. I know from not only myself, but others on this course, that this class gives us a better quality of life. Not only that but we can mix with other people who have similar problems, and we can help each other. It's amazing how much more you can push yourself when you have others of a similar illness alongside you! Please sign and spread the word: stop the closure of this vital service!
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