• Save disability Day Centre in Falkirk
    Because it will isolate the Adults who use these Day Centres and they will have nothing to look forward to also they will miss their friends and activities and the independence they have and it will stop Parents/Carers having much needed respite and time to their self. My daughter Marie who is affected by closures has fought back after 2 strokes caused by a rare disease called Moyamoya will with my help fight these 2 closures to secure a long term future and choice to attend the day centre to help in my independence and choices how I live my life which will benefit me. Day centre users pay a fixed price every month whether they attend or not either due to sickness or holiday they still have to pay for day centre
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  • Install a changing place toilet in Gloucester
    Currently Cheltenham, Tewkesbury or Gloucester do not have facilities accessible to citizens who have requirements of a more substantial nature than is achievable in even a standard accessible bathroom. This means we are limiting our counties resident’s ability to become “active citizens”, a Conservative Government initiative launched by David Cameron, in our largest civic centres. Facilities are available elsewhere in the county but only within the Forest of Dean and Stroud valleys area. Our main shopping and social destinations are unable to meet the most basic needs of some of our residents and instead revenue and experiences that could be consumed in the City are currently being delivered in Bristol and the surrounding retail spaces. This means families friends and carers are being excluded from our City and its culture. We would like to see Gloucester set an example for the larger towns in the County to follow and ensure that our citizens and economy benefits from the inclusion of all. It is estimated there are 230,000 people in the country who would have facilities adapted to assist them in their homes. There is a real requirement for inclusion outside of that environment. A rough estimate would have Gloucestershire with about 3500 people who require resources available to them in our City Centre to be able to plan a visit to our shops, theatres, or communal spaces for more than a couple of hours at a time. Several other councils across the country have installed and endorsed the fitting of these facilities, with The City of York being one of 5 Conservative led councils to commission them. We believe that there is a case to be answered by the council for the incorporation of a Changing Places toilet in the new developments within Gloucester. Louise Ellis, one of our cities parents whom has adopted children with special needs, is experiencing the effects of this lack of incorporation when travelling with her two children. Both her 9 year old daughter Chloe and her twin brother Jack suffer with Cerebral Palsy, with her son Jack requiring more robust assistance than his sister. Changing a child on the cold floor of a car to prolong a trip into the city center is not unusual and indeed Bristol is the preferred destination for Louise's trips out. Many people suffer with illnesses and disabilities that require facilities that are better equipped than standard disabled toilets. These requirements, such as a changing table capable of supporting an adult, hoist equipment to lift someone safely from chair to toilet or space around the facilities to allow two people to assist, are not uncommon. Tables are placed in baby changing facilities as parents need more than a bare floor to change their child's nappy, yet this is what we expect parents and carers to do with their children and loved ones. The lack of a suitable facility is not the only problem with Gloucester for Louise and her children. The disabled toilets which are available, whilst wholly inadequate, are still their best option. In our City however they are often located on a floor below or above ground, Debenhams is located on the first floor whilst M&S is in their basement, placing another obstacle in their path. The cost of a toilet to be included into a new build is approximately 15k. Conservative councils have led the way in terms of ratification for the CP scheme, backing the organisation more than another other individual party in terms of case studies. This is largely due to the inclusion of these spaces doing a lot to help councils meet the goals of the Active Citizens program and it has been seen as favourable when the City of Culture awards are evaluated. If Gloucester is serious about their bid for City of Culture 2025 then we would like Gloucester to adhere to the principals of the “Active Citizen” initiative and help us deliver a city accessible to all. There are a number of new developments planned -in the new bus station for example- that would have been accessible to shoppers and travellers and as yet do not have plans for a 'changing place' toilet in.
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  • Equality for disabled people
    It is important because disabled people deserve more access to the world the same as everyone else.
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  • Ring-fence Mental Health Spend
    We are all calling on the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spend in his Autumn Budget. The government has announced additional funding for mental health - £1.4 billion over five years to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and £1.25 billion for the Future In Mind programme for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This money is a step forward but is only a fraction of what mental health services need to meet growing demands. Across England, for the second year in a row, over half of Clinical Commissioning Groups – the bodies that decide how money is spent locally - say they plan to reduce the proportion of their budget spend on mental health. This is unacceptable. The money needed to transform mental health services and save lives is just not reaching the front line. Waiting times are too long, people are not receiving the best care in the community and people are having to travel too far for in-patient services. On November 22, in his Budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond can make a difference and ring-fence mental health budgets to make sure that the promised money actually reaches local mental health services. Please sign this petition today to urge the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spending on November 22 and ask your friends and family to sign too. Together, we can make a difference. #mentalhealthmatters https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/public38/images/mp.gif
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  • Save The current route of our Number 32/33 Fintry Bus Service
    Xplore are proposing two alternative routes to the 32/33 bus which would cut out Forfar Road. Their consultation highlights that the route could also stay as it is. You can see the proposed two route changes at this link http://nxbus.co.uk/files/NXDundee/misc/FintryRouteReview-PublicConsultationDocument.pdf This re-routing would severely restrict people's ability for travel: • make it harder for people with disabilities and older people with mobility problems to catch a bus and get out of the house, potentially leading to loneliness and social isolation • safety concerns of having to work through a scheme to get to/and from the bus • get to and from work • visit friends and relatives • access education and training • access to hospitals, doctors, dentists and other medical services • access to leisure activities including town and countryside locations Fewer buses on the road will mean more traffic congestion and delays which affects all of us.
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  • Stop the closure of Douglas Ward
    On 30 October 2017, NHS Lanarkshire voted to close Douglas Ward at Udston Hospital. This decision was made without proper public or patient consultation. The ward provides crucial lifeline care to patients with complex health needs. Many of the patients have lived there for over ten years and now consider this their home, as do the relatives who visit. Its closure means that its patients will move further away from family and friends, and have less contact from loved ones and the additional support they desperately need.
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  • Reinstate more railway lines in England
    In hindsight, it is recognised that the Beeching closures in the 1960s went too far as many larger settlements lost a very valuable lifeline to the national rail system leading to an explosion in motor vehicles for leisure and work and an equal increase in new road expansion and air pollution. The City Region hubs of commerce are now gridlocked in the peaks leading to high levels of air pollution from wear dust and exhaust emissions. 430,000 tons of tyre dust alone is produced annually from 50 million tyres. Particulate size less than ten microns become airborne and inhaled by all mammals and are small enough to reach the deepest parts of lungs causing pulmonary and coronary disease. Tyre wear dust also has a carcinogenic and mutatogenic effect on tissue cells contributing to 50,000 premature deaths annually from road traffic pollution. Many closed railway lines within urban areas are now essential in reducing city and town centre congestion and pollution. It is a known fact that bus usage has reduced at the same rate as rail footfall has increased in the last ten years to a point where more rail routes are desperately needed to increase capacity and opportunity to use rail. Rail is the preferred mode of transport in urban and inter urban travel and as such can encourage modal shift away from car by reducing travel time. There has been an increase in new rail route investment in Scotland and Wales, in the last fifteen years but not in England outside London. The Campaign for Better Transport has identified routes in every Region in England that would benefit local communities by being reinstated increasing connectivity and social inclusion with the rest of the UK. The Government would do well to take notice of Campaign for Better Transport's list of preferred reinstatements.
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  • Policy for disable parking outside residental properties
    Hello everyone my name is Samantha, I am currently 30 years old and I live at home with mum and dad. As you can see from my photo I am in a wheelchair, I was wondering if you can help me out. My mum and career Hannah have started this petition to help me but not only myself but other people like me having the same problem that live in the county borough. As it stands at the moment there is no policy in place that allows the council to put disabled parking bays outside residential properties and I want to change that if I can in any way possible. As it stands at the moment we are struggling to park my car on many occasions outside my home, this may not seem a big thing to you but to myself and other disabled people it is. We have a sign outside our home saying that there's a disabled person living here but that doesn't stop them. If this policy got put into place and I had a disabled parking space situated outside the house it would mean the world to me. As I love going out in my car but at the moment I cant go out later on in the evening, a Saturday afternoon or any time at all on a Sunday, which being able to go out more and do more stuff than what I can do now. I hope that I am able to get as many signatures as possible to change this sooner rather than later. I hope you can all sign and share this cause one signature can make all the difference, thank you.
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  • Installation of hoists in disabled toilets
    Because he disabled people like myself have accidents and are unable to stand to be cleaned up or changed they cold fall or abuse injury to those who are trying to help us
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  • ARRIVA / NORTHERN RAIL Stop the introduction of driver only train's
    Conductors are NEEDED on train's for safety reasons and for helping disabled people to access train's, all so tickets are not available at all stations which leads to delays and possible prosecution
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  • We demand for a halt in the roll-out of Universal Credit
    We the undersigned wish to express our profound disquiet at the roll-out of digital Universal Credit (UC). The Government’s plans will continue to replace all means-tested social security benefits and tax credits for those of working age, across Greater Manchester and beyond. We believe that we should not stand for such wilful ignorance of the impacts of the new system. We urge individuals, groups, organisations, MPs, councillors, landlords and housing associations to stand in solidarity against the Universal Credit roll-out. Signed and shared by: Greater Manchester Law Centre, GM Poverty Action, Big Issue North, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett, Salford Council Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Team, Salford Star, People's Plan GM, Coffee 4 Craig, St Mungo's Unite, Kill the Housing Bill, Cllr Gary Bridges, Cllr Bev Craig, Cllr Basat Sheik, Cllr Richard Leese, Council Labour Group, Manchester Shield, Withington Lib Dems. As this catastrophe unfolds the shortcomings and blind spots of UC have increasingly become clear. The following are the six issues, faced by individuals and families, which concern us most: 1. People are experiencing waits of six to twelve weeks (sometimes longer) for their first payment of Universal Credit. Consequently, people are spiraling into debt and rent arrears which they may find it impossible to recover from. 2. Universal Credit claims can only be processed online through a system called verify which cannot be completed without requisite ID or computer access. Some of the most vulnerable people, such as those who are disabled, precariously housed, homeless or non-UK citizens, find it extremely difficult to claim. This both lengthens the waiting period for first payments and makes it difficult for individuals to maintain their claims, putting them at risk of sanctions. 3. Sanctions are being applied erratically and arbitrarily in relation to UC. There is mounting evidence highlighting unfair use of sanctions, for example individuals have received them for being at work and missing their work focused interview. Full service roll-out will also bring housing benefit into the realm of sanctions, directly increasing the risk of evictions and homelessness. 4. Under UC many will see a reduction in their financial entitlement and will be living off substantially less money. In some cases individuals will be around £100-£300 less well off per month than on previous legacy benefits like Employment and Support Allowance and Severe Disability Premium . Disabled people and those with debilitating heath conditions will be pushed further into poverty as a result. 5. Young People aged 18-25 will be disproportionately affected by UC, . For example, those aged between 18-21 will not be entitled to housing benefit under UC unless in an exempt category. The exemptions will not cover thousands of at risk young people, resulting in mounting debt and homelessness. 6. Evidence suggests that UC is pushing more children and families into poverty. Unjust elements of UC like the two child limit do not support working or non-working families. Direct links to welfare reform, specifically UC are causing professionals to highlight the risk of more children going into care and families becoming homeless. We call on the Government to halt the roll-out while all of the problems are reviewed, to avoid creating unnecessary suffering. Universal Credit, if rolled out in its current form, is a Universal Catastrophe that will place an unsustainable burden on the finances of local authorities, charitable organisations and support services who will ultimately be left to pick up the pieces.
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  • Get rid of the not fit for purpose dwp fit to work assessments
    There are thousands suffering due to bad or incorrect assessments this needs to be addressed and changed to provide proper medical evidence by properly qualified doctors & specialists( psychiatric &medical) not just someone with low medical training eg physiotherapists and the like.
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