• Journey to employment
    Imagine being able to attend a relaxing welcoming course in an environment with no pressure or harassment regardless of your disability or health issue whether it's mental or physical problem and doing everything at your own pace illness can often cause loneliness isolation and often feel life is pointless although the Scottish government think that targets have not been met the wise group disagree strongly some people have went on to training employment and even voluntary work this course brings lots of posivity and that's why I feel so strongly about it continuing.
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  • Make Social and Medical Needs compulsory admission criteria in ALL UK schools
    Our son Harry is 4 years old and due to start school in September. Harry was diagnosed with autism and other co-morbid conditions last year, just weeks after his 4th birthday. Our aim in getting Harry’s diagnosis at such an early age was that going into education with a diagnosis would be his best chance at thriving in school. We have worked so hard over the last two years to integrate Harry into his big sisters primary school to get him ready for the incredibly hard transition he will face in September 2018 when he starts in reception. Harry has specific medical and social needs for needing to be at this specific school, this was stated on his primary application form and supported with multiple letters from his paediatrician. Harry will now have to go to a completely different school, with no friendly faces, an unfamiliar building and hallways and playgrounds. He won’t recognise the uniform or the reception staff. He won’t be surrounded by the professionals who have been involved in his care for two years. He will be a lost little four year old, who already faces daily battles to understand the world around him, thrown into a completely unknown situation, all on his own because his medical and social needs have been disregarded. Harry won’t be the first or last child to be let down by the school admissions system in such a way but please help me try to ensure that children’s social and medical needs are made a compulsory part of the admissions criteria for our schools.
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  • Fund care for Tom
    My son Tom is a 28 year old young man with an acquired brain injury. The injury occurred in 2007 as the result of an infection just 4 days after his 18th birthday. He was doing well in his A levels, and then this awful tragedy happened. For the past nine years, he has been supported for care and accommodation by Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding. Tom's condition means that he needs 2-1 care during daytime. Although his needs have become greater in that time -- his epileptic seizures are more pronounced and frequent -- his funding has suddenly been withdrawn. Tom is very much at risk of harm without this care: he cannot look after himself, and his behaviour is often challenging and unpredictable. A hurried and insufficiently attentive review has judged him ineligible for healthcare funding, because although his needs are 'High', they are not deemed 'Severe' -- even though his 'Behaviour' and 'Cognition' clearly meet the panel's own 'Severe' CHC criteria. None of Tom's carers or family agree with this decision but our responses and appeals have been ignored. Please help by urging NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group to change their decision and continue to fund Tom, as they have been doing for the last nine years. Tom is so vulnerable and really needs your support.
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  • stop funding cuts to early years services in Dumfries and Galloway
    EYS D&G provide free baby massage and stay, play & learn sessions across Dumfries & Galloway for children 0-5 years. They also provide a 1-1 service working in the home with parents and children who are experiencing particular challenges. Parenting can be very overwhelming and isolating especially in a large rural area like D&G. These sessions provide parents with a safe place to relax, bond with their babies and meet other parents. The play sessions also help parents to understand the importance of playing and interacting with their children. There is a lack of provision in D&G for children 0-3 and these sessions provide a much needed life line for parents and children. Through many personal experiences and feedback we know that these sesssions have given confidence to parents and the impact this has on the development of the child is invaluable. People have made lifelong friends through these sessions and they NEED to remain funded. The benefit of this early years funding will help build a confident, happy support network and therefore a healthier and happier future for the children and families.
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  • A Footpath For Disabled Access to Walstead Cemetery West Side
    A footpath providing disabled access to the east side of Walstead Cemetery has been provided. The west side of the cemetery has no footpath. In late 2016 my father sadly passed away.Since then my family visits and tends his grave at Walstead Cemetery west side. As with the majority of later plots this is at the bottom end of the cemetery and furthest from the parking area. Two of our family have mobility issues. Due to the uneven nature and slope of the cemetery ground this requires the use of a wheelchair and a strong able bodied person to ferry us to my fathers grave and back up to the parking area. This can be nerve wracking as we look out for potholes which could cause a mishap for the person in the wheelchair or the person pushing the wheelchair. It is difficult for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to access grave sites and attend burial services. In some cases people have had to remain at the top of the cemetery while a burial service is conducted. A footpath for the west side of Walstead Cemetery would benefit wheelchair users and those with limited mobility both now and in the future. A request was made to Lindfield Rural Parish Council to provide a similar path for the west side of the cemetery. At their February 2018 council meeting this request was rejected and it was unanimously agreed that no footpath would be created.
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  • Carers Allowance Unfair Age Cap
    Carers cannot survive on so little money. They are torn between Caring for a loved one and trying to make ends meet. When they eventually retire they have earnt the right to their full pension, not have it seriously depleted when CA stops. Time to reward Carers and allow them to keep their CA.
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  • Save Perrine A Beautiful Comtois Carriage Horse
    Because she is being made a 'scapegoat'. It is unethical to take her life after she has served faultlessly for 10 years. Human error led to the incidents that occurred. She does not deserve to pay with her life.
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  • Make Colchester's Disability Assessment Centre Disabled Accessible!
    As elsewhere in the country, disabled people in Colchester are routinely forced to undergo unnecessary and degrading assessments in order to access the support they are entitled to. Yet the centre at which the assessments are conducted isn't even accessible, and neither the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) nor Maximus (the company that manages the assessments and the building) will provide an accessible venue to wheelchair users claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), or home visits as an alternative. Instead, those affected are expected to travel around 20 miles to either Ipswich or Chelmsford to complete their assessments! Under the Equalities Act 2010, if a building cannot be made accessible, then a reasonable alternative must be provided. But expecting people to travel 20 miles to a different town is not reasonable: it is an expense many simply cannot afford since cuts to ESA already mean they are expected to live on just £73 a week, and travelling that far on public transport is simply impossible for many. Likewise, staff offering to manhandle people into the building is not a reasonable adjustment either, especially when they are not trained in manual handling: it is dangerous, degrading, and frankly no alternative to being able to simply enter the building like an able-bodied person. Because of their failures to provide a reasonable alternative which treats disabled people with the respect and dignity they deserve, the DWP and Maximus are in breach of the Equalities Act and are actively discriminating against disabled people in Colchester. Both MP for Colchester Will Quince and Minister of State for Disabled People Sarah Newton MP have been made aware of this issue, yet neither has been willing to treat it as the serious issue of discrimination that it is and force a solution. We need your signatures to help us to force them into action. Since 2010, the Government's cuts have hit disabled people far harder than any other group. Disabled people have been vilified and treated as scroungers, had their already meagre support cut, and been forced to complete unnecessary and humiliating assessments to access support that they are entitled to. It is intolerable that on top of all this the DWP won't even supply an accessible venue for disabled people in Colchester to complete assessments the DWP says they have to if they want the money they need to live. Please sign and help us to get this situation resolved, and visit and like our facebook page for information, updates and related news.
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  • keep 387 running around ridge hill after the 9th of april!
    as this is a large estate, ridge hill will have only 1 bus service running on the estate and expecting people especially those who are disabled like myself to walk 400meters to the hospital using the 389 which is ALWAYS FULL and no one likes to move to let us disabled sit down. i for one rely on the 387 to get directly into the hospital and i not being the only one thinks this is a disgrace. and all done without a public consultation!
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  • Save Warwick House to keep our elderly community safe
    Warwick house day centre in seaford East Sussex is under consultation for closure which was found out by carers for the clients who mainly suffer with dementia and disability and over 65 years of age. This was three weeks ago but a further document has been tracked back to October 2017 confirming it will close to save £59000. It is proven that without this service these clients will be isolated vulnerable and at risk, in addition many cannot cater for themselves so likely to cost escc increased costs for lunch and tea visits circa £1000 per week so no annual saving My mother attends she is 88 and this centre is a lifeline to her enabling her to remain at home with care in morning and evening and Monday to Friday she attends the centre is able to socialize exercise and be stimulated and receive lunch and tea of which she contributes greatly to her care financially. Remove this service she and her friends will be isolated at risk to Day to day tasks and her dementia condition will rapidly deteriorate. Most of this community have paid their due to this country for over 60 years and they need to be cared for in their final years, my mum has family around her but some of these clients have nobody, please stop this closure it is shortsighted and just escc balancing the books and saving the accountants jobs, my mum will really suffer if this centre closes please support
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  • Cancel your plans to close our rural public toilets!
    With the increasing popularity of the North Coast 500 (NC500), promoted in part by Highland Council, we are seeing ever-growing numbers of visitors to the NW Highlands and these people also require access to facilities in order to avoid more cases of human waste being left by the roadside. As part of its budget proposals for 2018/2019 Highland Council are closing public toilets at the following locations in the county of Sutherland: Achmelvich, Kinlochbervie, Rhiconich, Scourie, Smoo Cave, Lairg, Kylesku, Talmine, and Tarbet. The total estimated savings come to just £67,000 per year yet we consider these to be essential services, both for local people and tourists & others visiting the area. Additionally, these closures will discriminate against the elderly, infirm, disabled, and those with long-term illnesses whose ability to do without a regular rest break is impaired. Highland Council's suggested alternatives, such as making use of facilities in nearby businesses and village halls, are both impractical and presumptuous. Do the decent thing, Highland Council: Scrap your plans to close these public toilets.
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  • Treatment for this Mans Cancer
    It’s important because this man has been in the UK since 1974 and has worked since 2006 and has paid all has National Insurance and Tax contributions. Now the Government are saying they have no record of him. Whether they do or they they don’t, this man has just been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and now the NHS have stopped his treatment and in other words left him to suffer or even die! We must take action. This is against our human rights
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