• More funding and resources for childhood trauma
    Childhood trauma is often overlooked, greatly misunderstood and one of the most damaging things that can happen to a child. Childhood trauma is often complex and can be catastrophic leaving a lifetime of struggles in almost all facets of life. The younger a person is when exposed to trauma the higher their risk of developing trauma related disorders including learning disorders, developmental disorders, cognitive deficits, attention issues and attachment disorders and so much more. My son aged 8 was diagnosed with PTSD in july 2016 after a major event that happened in December 2015. Weve had to fight every service and still to this day hes not getting the support he requires to live a life he deserves none of this was him fault. The services my son requires dont even exist anymore which again is down to funding cuts. In 2015 the goverment put in place a five year forward plan and two years on there has been no major change to the system. My son has been failed on 7 out of the 12 strategies stated in the plan...... These failed children are our future so WHY ARENT WE INVESTING INTO MAKING SURE OUR CHILDREN FLORISH NOT FAIL IN SOCIETY...
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    Created by Melanie Emmett
  • We need a bridge with pedestrian lifts at Abergavenny Station
    This station is on the mainline route from Swansea/Cardiff to Manchester and Holyhead, and serves a huge area of Monmouthshire and South Powys, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains as well as the town of Abergavenny. There are 2 ways to reach the far platform at Abergavenny. One is by a steep footbridge which has 45 steps and is difficult to negotiate, especially in bad weather. The other is to cross the line, accompanied by a member of staff. If you wish to do the latter, then you are expected to phone to notify your request to travel at least 24 hours beforehand. If you wish to travel out of office hours, there will be no members of staff at the station and you are dependent on the guard or the driver of the arriving train to accompany you across the line. So much for spontaneity of travel for many people! We want a bridge with passenger lifts to give full access for disabled passengers, older people and those with heavy luggage. 30% of the population in Monmouthshire is over 60. We were granted the money and planning permission for the bridge about 5 years ago. It never happened because Network Rail could not work out what to do about the position of the signal because the driver’s view of it would be blocked by the new bridge. We demand that Network Rail solve this problem, find the resources and, either replace or resite the signal in order that work on a bridge and lifts can commence. This is not just important to local people; Abergavenny station is used by visitors to major events such as The Food Festival and the Green Man Festival, the Hay Festival, and the 2016 National Eisteddfod. All these events bring visitors and revenue into the area. If you believe, like the organisers of this petition, that this situation is not good enough and that there should be equal access for all at the station, please sign this petition.
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    Created by Abergavenny Rail Access Campaign
  • Save Liverpool City Council's Autistic Training Team
    There are a huge number of children being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within Liverpool and across the UK. Following an ASD diagnosis, it is vital that parents/carers are supported and have access to quality professional training to help their child. Liverpool City Council provides good quality ASD training to parents/carers that is delivered by two fantastic professionals who have a wealth of knowledge around ASD and it's associated conditions. This is a lifeline to parents/carers helping them to gain an insight and understanding around autism, along with an opportunity for them to gain greater confidence, strategies and knowledge to support their child. Liverpool City Council are currently consulting regarding a number of service review proposals. One of the proposals is to delete the ASD training team from the council structure. Cutting this service and the training team, will have a huge impact upon many, many children and their families, and have an effect upon their mental health and wellbeing now and in the future.
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    Created by Liverpool Autistic Children's Alliance
  • Bring back school or college transport for post 16 disabled chidren
    This is important because disabled children have a right to education .However parents are having to give up their jobs to take their children to the closest suitable facility which is often a long distance away because our children are very vulnerable and cant just catch a bus .Many parents can only work part time due to the extra demands of a disabled chid and are exhausted. we must make the government back track on this new legislation .
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    Created by Louise Grant
  • keep open stroke club-carers bromley
    to help stoke sufferers and their carers
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    Created by pam robinson
  • Autistic assessment and support to be debated in parliament
    Because my autistic son got enrolled in error on a pathways collage course at city collage Norwich.. I want to prevent this upset from happening to other families.. and get justice for my son and others
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    Created by Emma Parker
  • Equality for Disabled Students
    Full: Students living with mental, and/or physical, disabilities have certain needs which requires suitable accommodation. For example, a student suffering with ASD who is unable to complete day-to-day tasks will often be provided with ensuite accommodation in a smaller flat. DSA (Disabled Students Allowance) used to ensure that disabled students would not pay more for their accommodation due to their needs. However, for the past few years this responsibility has been passed over to universities. For the past 3-4 months I have been contacting the University of East Anglia (almost twice a week) in order to confirm that my peers and I will receive an accommodation discount as we have before. They have been reluctant to answer, and it is clear that nobody is responsible for ensuring that disabled students are not discriminated against. These discounts vary, but can reach sums over £1200. It's simply not fair to charge disabled students extra due to their disabilities. The first representative of UEA I spoke to informed me that it was unlikely the discounts would go ahead this year. This is clearly in breach of the Equalities Act 2010, and I am truly worried that the Conservative government has failed to protect disabled students as this problem is not occurring just at UEA. Most recently the University of East Anglia has informed me that students with disabilities will be offered accommodation in the Village, and the sole reason for this is because of its price it seems. Despite being situated far from central campus, and not being able to meet the needs of those with physical and/or mental disabilities the University views this as the best option. I was offered accommodation which suits my needs within the main campus, but now I'm being told that in order to receive a fair discount I will have to move to a room which may not be adequate. They can't guarantee perfection, but they could act in the interests of students. If students remain in the suitable rooms, they will not receive a fair discount. I'm calling on the government to impose a frameworl upon universities. Universities have been acting with discretion, and have failed to advertise that discounts are available. Reducing expenditure seems to be at the forefront of university policy, as opposed to supporting students and facilitating their learning. There needs to be clear guidelines for all universities to adhere to. I will be sending this petition to the Minister for Universities, the Education Secretary, Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Vice-Chancellor of UEA, and the Director of Student Services at UEA.
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    Created by Thomas Howard
  • Motor Way Disability
    My Name Is Mrs Eileen Brown I started to become Disabled in 2000 as my right leg kept collapsing. I have since become Disabled with Severe Arthritis in my Knees Hips Back & Now becoming in both my Shoulders. I can hardly put one foot in front of the other I'm only able to sit for 1- 11/2 hour due to Severe Back Pain & I can only stand in any one Position for about 1/2 hour. I had always loved working & had wished to do so until I was retirement age. Due to the Severe Arthritis I have been Robbed of my Ability to Work or do any of the Hobbies I used to love. Able bodied people take for granted. I also have Severe Depression due to the Arthritis & weight gain. My only Pleasure left in life is my Ability to Drive Short Distances or be driven Short Distances at any one time. MY PETITION IS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE TO BE ALLOWED TO PARK AT ALL MOTOR WAY SERVICE STATIONS WITH OUT A TIME LIMIT. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE DISABLED LOOS AT BOTH ENTRANCES INTO THESE FOOD HALLS I WANT TO SEE MORE ACTUAL DISABLED PARKING BAYS MARKED FOR DISABLED OUT SIDE OF THE ACTUAL FOOD HALLS FOR US TO BE ABLE TO PARK OUR CARS CAMPERVANS MOTOR HOMES OR CARAVANS. IN THE LATER THREE WE DO NOT FEEL SAFE PARKING IN LORRY PARKS OR AT THE BACK WHERE IT TENDS TO BE DARK. I HAVE WITNESSED THE LATER THREE BE STOLEN ON VARIOUS STATIONS AND WE DO NOT NEED THE EXTRA STRESS TO FIND OUR TRANSPORT STOLEN REPLACEMENT TRANSPORT IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE DUE TO COMPLEX DISABILITES I DO NOT LYE DOWN THROUGH CHOICE ITS A MUST / NEED TO LYE DOWN REST MY WHOLE BODY AND SOME TIMES TAKE MY MEDICATION. THE SAME WOULD NEED TO APPLY TO DUEL CARRIAGE WAY SERVICE STATIONS WE WANT OUR FREEDOM TO TRAVEL JUST LIKE ABLE BODIED PEOPLE CAN PLEASE SIGN I'M BEGGING EVERY ONE TO DO SO
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    Created by Eileen Brown
  • Benefits for the homeless
    Homelessness causes suffering, fear desperation and can also lead to long term physical and mental health problems
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    Created by Tom Williamson
  • WANTED: Excellent, accessible loos at Abbey Meadow!
    There are no toilets at any park in Oxfordshire that have facilities suitable for disabled children. Other counties have them! • The replacement of toilets in Abbey Meadow is a fantastic opportunity for including toilets suitable for disabled children! • In terms of their utility for the community using Abbey Meadow, the new toilets will actually be worse than what is there now… there will be only four individual cubicles compared with the seven toilets there now. • Spending money on inadequate and unsuitable facilities is fiscally irresponsible. • Not spending money on toilets for disabled children is morally indefensible. Here is a full list of the issues with the new toilet designs 1. No facilities at all for disabled children and adults who cannot self-transfer. • At last! There is an inclusive playground in Abingdon. This has been extremely popular with families with disabled children from across the Vale this summer and with Kingfisher special needs school, but visits are time limited by a lack of toilet facilities. Why build an inclusive playground without inclusive toilets? 2. ‘Accessible’ toilets are not actually accessible. • They are very small and based on the minimum standards for a standard ‘hospital-type’ wheelchair. They do not consider electric chairs or the larger, specialised chairs used by most disabled children. They do not consider mobility scooters. There is no room for any kind of carer assistance. 3. Too few toilets. • We are going from 6 toilets in traditional stalls plus disabled loo to 4 individual cubicles. 7 to 4 is a massive downgrade. 4. Child safeguarding and safety Two of the toilet doors are on the unobserved Mill Stream side and will be further obscured by decorative screens. What is to stop and adult forcing their way into an individual cubicle after a child and locking the door? No-one can hear or see what is going on in there. 5. Health issues • What if someone becomes ill in an individual cubicle, or has a fall? • How will anyone ever know? They could be in there all day. 6. False alarms • The two ‘accessible’ toilets will need emergency pulls. • Oh what fun it will be for children pulling on those irresistible red handles! 7. Nightmare logistics of taking multiple children (and yourself) to the toilet • With the individual cubicles, the logistics of taking multiple children becomes a mathematical logic puzzle. Which child shall I leave outside on their own? 8. Children getting locked in… this happens surprisingly regularly. • How do you extract a child from an individual cubicle which does not have a lock you can open from the outside? 9. Nefarious activities • A nice private unisex cubicle… unobserved, quiet and discreet… what could people possibly get up to in there?
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    Created by Naomi Richardson
  • Save our Disabled Children's Transport
    Coventry Council are making the families of disabled children pay £600 a year for transport to and from school. This service used to be free, but now families are being forced to fork out. The wellbeing and education of disabled children is being put at risk. Disabled children should not be punished for going to school.
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    Created by Mandy Siddiqui
  • Save Sandfield House
    Sandfield house is a beacon of hope in our community for people who struggle with mental health issues, over the years it has helped countless individuals also their families have piece of mind knowing their loved one is safe and looked after.
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    Created by Mum Lydon-Jones