• Protect Kent Communities from border checks + traffic chaos in 2019 /2020
    Evidence (from Institute for Government, British Ports Association, Ports of Dover and Calais, Eurotunnel, Freight Trade Association, Imperial College) shows that M20 and M2 and surrounding roads are likely to become slow traffic jams, if, a) the UK government takes us out of the Customs Union and the Single market, b) we don’t get a ‘no-tariff deal’, and consequently, DOVER and KENT are badly affected by the new border checks that follow. New 2018 evidence is even clearer of how unprepared we are. However we each voted in 2016, we cannot allow our journeys to work, school or health care appointments to be subject to gridlock, that will also affect emergency vehicles and tourists across the channel wanting to visit White Cliffs Country. Delays in the delivery of perishable food could cause ‘stockouts’ in supermarkets, a lack of pickers means crops are being wasted. As a result, food prices will rise, making life yet harsher for the most deprived. Computerised checks don't exist and to introduce them could take 5 years or more. The road infrastructure in East Kent needs to be extensively up-dated, in a SUSTAINABLE manner, if it is to cope. Contraflow is not a solution. We call on the UK government, to agree a ‘no-tariff deal’, to provide decisions and funding for Border Force to prepare adequately for change. We call on Kent County Council, to hold public consultations before February 2019, about the infrastructure needed. We call on all Kent MPs to vote this summer for a ‘no-tariff deal’ that will start to reduce the Kent traffic chaos we are told to expect.
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    Created by S.J. Waite
  • More Funding for the Arts
    The Government has for some time been engaged in closing down Fine Art departments all over England in favour of Computer Studies, Maths and Science subjects. Whilst major colleges; the Royal College of Arts, Slade, Royal Academy schools and Goldsmiths are safe at the moment, gradually what is happening is that the feed from the small schools are being cut off too. Also secondary and grammar schools are being affected by cuts in their Art departments. In any period of recession Governments repeatedly cut the Arts as a means of making savings overlooking the fact the Arts (film, theatre, music, books, ballet etc.) produce for the economy £92 billion a year, bigger than oil, gas, life sciences, automotive, and aeronautics combined. This is at a time when our economic growth is of the utmost importance. Furthermore it would appear that in spite of all the troubles and disagreements, countries such as Russia, America, France, Germany, Australia, China and Japan are all sponsoring their Art talents in order that their future generations will benefit. A real danger for the future would be that Arts will become the domain of the rich thus ruling out at least 50% of the world’s real talent. Past history underlines the fact that all Governments ensure us that the Arts are ‘safe’ in their hands, only to make further cuts. Our country needs further investment in the Arts to benefit our future generations, which in turn will help increase our economies revenue.
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    Created by Fred Cuming
  • Norwegian Air, please reinstate flights from Gatwick to Warsaw.
    The South coast of the UK has a large Polish community, links with Warsaw and Poland, business links, and important family ties.
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  • Glasgow Parking (West) Crisis
    GCC are doing a fantastic job by stealth of fining residents who already hold parking permits. It's night after night, scores of tickets for £60 have been issued. This will drive away our friends, relatives and above all shoppers to Byres Rd. Prepare for a retail meltdown like in 2008 when there were 12 empty shops for 5 years on one of Scotland's alleged Premier shopping street, really! And the parking wardens are not observing for 10 minutes before issuing tickets. The last Labour led council started this scheme to fill their dwindling coffers. I want the SNP led council to fix it ASAP. I didn't vote for this parking regime, neither did the people who have signed this petition. What exactly is the extra revenue being spent on, certainly not the roads! The parking wardens have arrived en mass in white mini vans at gone 6pm and stay in the area until almost 10pm every night. Clearly they are not issuing enough tickets during the daytime to meet their quotas! One person told me allegedly they posse of parking wardens are a private firm bussed in from England, I will investigate further.
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  • Fairbourne Beach Access
    At present the beach is inaccessable to a good portion of the general public who are not prepared to risk broken bones or worse i.e.permanent or life threatening injury. The beach is only approachable at present by attempting to struggle over lots of variable size rocks and stones for approximately 30/40 feet in a downhill gradient its worse trying to get back up! Fairbourne is a seaside destination for lots of tourists and being unable to access the beach will put off visitors and tourists thereby having a detrimental effect on all local business. Worse case scenario is if there is an accident or a sea rescue had to take place then emergency services would have great trouble and use up a lot of valuable time trying to attempt a rescue. This shows a complete lack of "Duty of Care" by Gwynedd Council towards Locals and visitors and reinforces the stigma already attached to Fairbourne by Gwynedd Council when it was "leaked" and highlighted in the BBC TV programme that sea defences would only be msintained in the short term thereby causing a dramatic fall in house prices. This was how the villagers first heard of this via National News!
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  • RailPlan20/20 changes - London Bridge to Littlehampton
    On May 20th 2018 Thameslink and Southern train timetable changes. Passenger journeys in London and the south east have more than doubled in the last two decades. With such a growth Thameslink decided to reduce the number of trains on this route from 3 to 2. Both passing from Bedford with not enough capacity for the amount of passengers commuting on this route. In addition, the last train is at 5.55 not suitable for most City workers hence creating work issues work such huge working population. We need more trains!
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  • Hold Durham UCU meeting prior to UCU Congress
    This is important in order to allow regular members to be informed about and have a voice in the business which will take place at UCU Congress. In particular, the pensions dispute which we went on strike over is ongoing. It is vital that members stay engaged with the union's actions in relation to the dispute. We are the union.
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    Created by Siobhan McGrath
  • Block the merger between Asda and Sainsburys
    It will undermine competition in the market for groceries thereby allowing food prices to be raised and damaging consumers need for value in a market which is so important to living standards.
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    Created by Laurent Bradwell
  • Help Briton to become GREEN ON ITS ENERGY
    To make the UK a better and healthier place to live,and independent of other countries for our energy .
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    Created by Raymond Spencer
  • Newcastle University to pay the Living Wage
    Research from 2017 at Cardiff University suggested that 60% of British people in poverty live in a household where someone is in work. This simply has to change. We are calling on the Vice Chancellor to follow suit of many other Universities, and pay staff a reasonable amount. For a university that earned a £27 million surplus before tax in 2016-17, this is the least it can do.
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  • Keep the last bank in our Town
    This is the last bank in the community and must remain open and a fully functioning bank branch to allow the residents and businesses in the town to function, trade and undertake their financial affairs. Whilst there remains a Post Office and some banking can be undertaken through this two kiosk facility in part of the co-operative supermarket it is not an adequate or appropriate banking facility for our town. The nearest alternative bank is at least 2.5 miles away in the neighbouring town of Cannock. This branch is constantly busy and transport links and times of access will hinder the trading hours and conditions of businesses; increase the risk of crime with cash takings being transported greater distances and routes; isolate vulnerable members of our community with limited access to longer public transport journey times. Hednesford has been undergoing considerable housing and business expansion over the last few years and this will accelerate further in to the next few years including a significant increase in tourist and leisure visitors through the town to Cannock Chase an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and premium destination for mountain biking. Hednesford has always had a Lloyds, we implore you therefore to reconsider.
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    Created by Paul Woodhead
  • PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!
    CBD is a legal product to sell and is an amazing health supplement! Despite this, PayPal have taken an anti-business stance that won't allow CBD product sales from certain businesses. PayPal states it "breaks the terms of its policies", however fails to show or explain where this is stated. Additionally you can use PayPal to buy CBD oil via a website owned by PayPal's parent company? A small farmer or oil producer can really benefit from the use of PayPal for their business, so you can't help but feel maybe they are being targeted and this is not right. I believe it's important for us all to do our part in stopping this from happening, please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends. Thank you all!
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