• Save Oathills Lea, Tarporley
    Do you want to save Tarporley's precious, affordable retirement flats, Oathills Lea? Where will our elderly population go, if this complex is closed or sold off by Weaver Vale Housing Trust? Oathills Lea is currently under review and its residents are worried sick, as you can imagine. Built in 1970, Oathills Lea has 23 retirement flats for residents aged 50 and over. It is the perfect location, especially for the less mobile residents and those who no longer drive. The bus stop is just 100 yards; the Co-op 250 yards; post office 250 yards; village centre 100 yards; doctors 0.5 mile(s). All of this helping our older villagers maintain their independence. Oathills Lea is the only accommodation of it's sort in the village. Not only is it made up of individual flats, but there is a communal area where the residents congregate in the afternoons to socialise with each other. Many of it's former and current residents have always lived in Tarporley and others have sold their homes and moved here to be closer to their families. None of us want to be evicted from our homes and it is putting the more vulnerable villagers under immense pressure and stress. What will Oathills Lea be replaced with ? Weaver Vale Housing Trust, recently you were promoting the flats as a "Home for Life". Why have you gone back on your word ? Why aren't you filling the empty flats, when given the ageing and increasing population of Tarporley and the surrounding villages there is probably a demand for them ? If anything more retirement flats are likely to be needed over the years. PLEASE sign our petition and share it with your friends and family
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    Created by Deborah Wood
  • Fair representation within the Community Council
    As it stands, less than half of the community council (CC) were chosen by the public. There have been 5 new members since the beginning of May 2017 but none of these vacancies was advertised on the CC website or social media and yet a select few were able to find out about the vacancies and put their names forward.
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  • Dementia Carers Need More Support!
    Approximately 700,000 people in the UK provide UNPAID care for a loved one with Dementia, saving the Government £11.6 BILLION each year. ... Without these unpaid carers, the UK care system would collapse, leaving millions in crisis. Yet when these carers find THEMSELVES in crisis, they are routinely told that somebody will respond to them in 5 - 10 days or that respite care is unavailable due to a lack of funding. Alzheimer's Society reported these facts as far back as 2014 and yet the situation continues to deteriorate. ... And with the number of people living with Dementia expected to exceed 1 million by 2021, things are set to deteriorate further still. (https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/about-us/policy-and-influencing/dementia-uk-report) We are therefore echoing the Alzheimer's Society's plea for "appropriately resourced national Dementia strategies", and in particular the BADLY needed measures laid out in their statement on carer support. (https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/about-us/policy-and-influencing/what-we-think/carer-support) Because, as things stand today, the vast majority of unpaid Dementia Carers feel ignored, unsupported and alone - day in and day out. We need change! And we need it NOW! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Please also see our website at https://www.startcaring.co.uk for details of our 'Who Cares?' Postcard Campaign. Start Caring! - Because change happens faster when we all work together.
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  • Stop potential closure of Drumchapel Swimming Pool
    The swimming pool is part of Drumchapel history and community children, parents and grand parents go there regularly. It is unacceptable and therefore closure will not be accepted. Swimming is a life skill; we must ensure that our children are given a chance to learn to swim. What is important is that it is not only a sport but can save someone from drowning which is the most common of accidental deaths in children. Swimming is also important for the elderly or infirm to be able exercise without straining joints. Swimming is important for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Glasgow life have also started charging nursery school children and OAPs which could have been avoided. Drumchapel is one of the most deprived areas in Europe; the swimming pool is the only publicly funded facility which the entire family can enjoy together.
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  • Stop Distracting Advertising On A Roads
    These adverts are dangerous and detrimental for many reasons: 1. You are distracted whilst driving, encouraged to take your eyes off the road. That is the sole purpose of advertising boards. The text is often wordy and requires considerable time to read fully. 2. They are illuminated at night costing money and as highlighted in David Attenbourough's shows, the excess light we create adversely affects our wildlife. They are also arguably even more distracting in the dark of night when illuminated. 3. It's yet more advertising forced upon us. It's hugely intrusive as you cannot ignore it. Also the size of them enforces the message more strongly, especially when lit up like a Christmas tree. I don't want our children forcibly exposed to even more materialist advertising. 4. It's unsightly. These monstrosities are more in line with an American Billboard or the fluorescent advertising we know from Tokyo. It's not befitting of our culture and locations they are being placed. 5. It doesn't fit in with our value system and doesn't promote anything positive in our culture. It simply encourages spending and self aggrandising. This is a shift already present in our culture, I don't want any further progression in this direction. The advertising could have been about recycling, speed awareness, bike safety or driving tired. Instead they are about shoes, bags and sunglasses. Whilst I understand the council looking for more revenue streams, this one has been created to our detriment. The decision should be reversed and advertising along A roads not permitted unless the message has to do with promoting road safety.
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    Created by Ferdinand Constandinos
  • Food Waste Recycling in Swindon
    When food waste is put into landfill it decomposes anaerobically and therefore produces methane gas. Methane is a green house gas which is contributing to climate change. As of 2017 44% of councils have started collecting food waste and Swindon needs to catch up.
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    Created by Gisele Spencer
  • Oppose The Mount School Playing Field Development in York
    A planning application to build 12 executive homes on The Mount School playing field has been submitted to City of York Council. Many within our community are opposing the plan, and believe the development; 1. Is contrary to National Planning Policy which advises against building on playing fields, and states developments must be in accord with locally agreed plans. The City of York Council’s existing development plan identifies the land as a Playing Field and not land for housing. 2. Will exacerbate traffic on our already congested streets, posing a safety risk for children, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. 3. Will increase flow into already inadequate drains, worsening our poor drainage and sewage issues. 4. Will have a negative impact on the wildlife that the playing field supports, including hedgehogs, toads, owls, newts and bats. The council has rigorously assessed 800 sites in the city for development and The Mount School playing field was not one of these sites. Selling a portion of the field for housing sets a precedent for further development of the site, and other playing fields around the country, risking greater facility loss, detriment to ecology and our communities in the future. How can I support the campaign against the development? As well as signing this petition, you can lodge your opposition to the plans. This must be done by 24th September, by; 1. Commenting on the application online at: https://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/ and entering the reference 18/01655/FULM 2. Email: planning.comments@york.gov.uk 3. Write to City of York Council’s planning team at: Development Management, City of York Council, West Offices, York YO1 6GA. For further information about the plans, help with composing an objection, or the group please contact Murray Rose at: murray.rose5@btinternet.com Please support our campaign The Mount Vale Community, York
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  • BEIS: End poverty wages and the contracting out of government support services
    In your response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, ‘Good Work’, you rightly stated that it is important that everyone “has the ability to … earn a living to support them and their family”. We therefore hope that you will agree with us that it is outrageous that staff within your Department who keep it safe every day, clean the office, deliver the post and serve food are on poverty wages. For example, it is neither safe nor acceptable that to feed their families, security staff must work a minimum of 60 hours a week. This is at the same time as being on the front line of keeping a Whitehall Department safe. You will know that the Prime Minister has promised the “greatest extension of rights and protections for employees by any Conservative government in history”. We hope that you agree with the PM that this should extend to those working for the government and in government buildings, including your own. As you will be aware, many Departments already pay a proper liveable wage, including HM Treasury, the Department for Work and Pensions, Department for International Trade and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In fact, this is something your staff (from the former Department of Energy and Climate Change) fought for, won, and are rightly proud of. In addition, the Houses of Parliament, where you have a Parliamentary office, is also a Living Wage Foundation employer and so those staff that clean one of your offices are paid a liveable wage, while those that help run your Department are not. I am sure you agree this cannot be right or just. Back in 2016 the Trade Unions sought to engage positively with your Permanent Secretary, Alex Chisholm. Despite initial early indications of a positive approach, including confirmation that increases in pay were both affordable and within the Department’s gift, the Unions have at best been met with intransigence and indifference since then. We hope that given your commitment in the Industrial Strategy to be personally responsible for “improving the quality of work”, you will agree with us that when it comes to people’s livelihoods and ability to look after their families this attitude is not acceptable. We, the undersigned, are now calling on you to intervene and commit to paying at least the London Living Wage to all your support staff, and to holding proper discussions with the Trade Unions on their terms and conditions.
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  • NHS Save Paper; Save Money
    Because our NHS is strapped for cash and this would be an easy way to save it money, but also saving paper, which can only be good for us.
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    The Council Offices are used by Crediton Town Council to hold meetings in the council chamber and to conduct their business. The building is also used by Citizens Advice, the Churches Housing Action Trust and about 20 other charitable organisations and as a base when community events take place on the town square opposite. All these organisations will be left homeless and there are no other suitable premises close in to the town. Council officers recommended that the building be sold to the Town Council at 50% of the restricted value as recommended by council officers in April 2017 - the same terms as Tiverton Town Hall was sold to Tiverton Town Council recently.
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    Created by Keith Mortimer
  • York Autistic assessment and support crisis
    Parents children and adults awaiting an autistic assessment are left with little or no support until such assessments are carried out. Parents feel isolated and helpless and most importantly those needing support dont recieve the help they so desperately need.
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  • Keep access open from Waggon and Horses Lane onto Elm Hill, Norwich
    Norwich City Council is running an experiment to protect the house on Elm Hill from being scraped by high sided vans. The experiment closes the road at the join on Waggon and Horses Lane to Elm Hill. We are concerned about the safety of pedestrians on Elm Hill and Princes Street as further traffic will be pushed down this route. Also, vehicles reversing the length of Waggon and Horses Lane to make an exit on to Tombland, a busy bus route. Protection of the building is vital as is the safety of pedestrians. We feel a height restriction would be a better solution which would protect the particular building with less impact on the surrounding area.
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    Created by Rachel Allen