• Transparency for Benefit Claimants
    Giving claimants a copy of their assessment interviews is important. It provides them with vital personal information. It increases trust and transparency in the system. In the past Assessment Providers have not recorded interviews for either PIP (Personal Independence Payment) or WCA (Work Capacity Assessment). As a result, claimants have had no record of their assessment interviews. We welcome the Scottish initiative which allows audio recordings of ALL interviews. We therefore call upon the Government to require Assessment Providers to follow the Scottish model by: • recording both PIP and WCA assessment interviews • providing claimants with a copy of the recording with their decision letters This petition is sponsored by Stockport United Against Austerity
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    Created by John Pearson
  • Save Heart Sussex
    The presenters provide vital ‘feel good’ their delivery of the show is second to none. The local travel and news is integral to the area. It has huge benefits to the people in Sussex and no one else is capable of filling in Jack, Nicola, Tom and Brians footsteps. Their passion, knowledge and humour they provide for our county is need not a want, its a public service!
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    Created by Tanya Pilkington
    The universal credit benifit system is a sham and is causing more and more people into poverty and in some cases loosing their homes. The whole system is flawed because its supposed to encourage people back into work, but the only thing it does is get people into debt and pay Lower amounts compared to any other benefits, so it only holds people over a barrel making them have no choice but to be pushed into work. Also the agreement you make in order to receive this benefit makes it highly likely for you to fail and be sanctioned eventually stopping the benefits all together. It needs to go and a better system and process needs to happen!!!
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    Created by Simon Page
  • Stop the Closure Of the Post Office in Middleton Manchester
    The Post Office Is a Centralised Hub That Closing Can Only lead to jobs Being Lost and hardship for Business. The public will also suffer and is not able to provide the service as Efficiently. The Elderly and Children will find it difficult as the service will inevitably lead to longer queuing time.
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  • Keep the Post Office Open In Middleton, Manchester
    The Town badly needs the post office for business needs and to serve the local people especially the elderly. the proposed alternative would not meet demand and we believe is only a stepping stone to closing once the majority of business and the public find alternatives-it is the centre of town and is always busy
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  • Keep 'Stay & Play' at Franciscan Children's Centre
    'Stay & Play' is a free service open to all families and children local to Franciscan Children's Centre. It provides the opportunity for children to access indoor and outdoor space where they can engage in child lead play and develop, learn, play, sing, enjoy messy play and integrate into their community. It also provides a support network for parents where their children can play with their peers, meet other parents, talk to professionals and ask advice. Many parents feel isolated in London and 'Stay & Play' at Franciscan Children's Centre is a unique service which encourages families to come together, talk, ask questions in a relaxed, fun and non intrusive environment. I have accessed stay & play at Franciscan Road for both my children and watched them grow, learn and gain the confidence and independence to explore and understand their community. Many families who currently access this service do not have alternative options for their children to play locally. The parents who go to stay & play are from a diverse background and this is a non means tested service that allows children and families to play and have fun in a relaxing environment without feeling stigmatised. Many of the play groups within the area around Franciscan Road are already full and therefore difficult to access. There are a vast number of families in this area who need this service including single parents, parents with health problems, families who are struggling economically and cannot afford private play groups, families who have recently moved to the UK who do not speak English, parents who are seeking guidance and help in raising their children and parents simply seeking a fun and friendly environment for their children to play. The importance of this service cannot be underestimated, this kind of support is not available at other play groups or sing along sessions. By discontinuing stay & play at Franciscan Children's Centre, Wandsworth Council is withdrawing vital 'Early Years' support to huge number of parents and children who currently rely on this service. We urge the Council to continue providing stay and play as an integral part of the services at Franciscan Children's Centre.
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    Created by Katherine Rivers
  • Oppose Dangerous Fire Staffing in Derbyshire
    This practice endangers the safety of firefighters and the public of Derbyshire alike. It puts an immense amount of moral pressure on firefighters and junior officers to act in an unsafe manner using unsafe practices that will put our members and the public at risk. We have had decades of experience and training for riding with at least four crew members and it is incomprehensible to believe that these methods that have been instilled for years can just be switched off overnight. Firefighters will act, and forcing our members to take these risks is unacceptable. The actual effect is minimal. There has only been approx. 60 calls per year that this could impact. That is barely 2 per RDS unit a year! It will not improve the retention or recruitment of on call firefighters due to the fundamental issues still going unchanged. Those being the low remuneration, migration opportunities and the failure to recruit in sufficient numbers with effective means. The project was supposed to improve reward, retention and motivation for on call firefighters, it will none of these. The Fire Brigades Union has consistently made its case throughout the project meetings to managers, but to date without any realisation. This project is led by a simple notion that because other services do it, we should. This is a weak planning method and does not put Derbyshire at the forefront of firefighter safety. Like the introduction of small appliances, Derbyshire made bold and solid decisions to remove them and The Fire Brigades Union applauds our service for this. In a different set of circumstances, there could have been a firefighter fatality, or serious injury. The introduction of riding with three crew members is no different!
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  • Keep Lancashire Break Time funding
    Lancashire County Council are proposing to cut break time services that will affect children with special educational needs! Lancashire Break Time Services are short breaks given to a guardian or parent, whilst their child or young person takes part in a fun activity! There are many children/younger adults who attend the essential Break Time funded services after school and in the school holidays. These activities are safe, and allow children to participate in invaluable social interactions and play activities in a safe and supported environment. Without this they would be isolated and it would have a significant negative impact on their ongoing personal and social development. This would also have a major impact on the wider responsibilities of many parents, many of whom work full time. One mum in the Lancaster Guardian said, “My son has been to the clubs since he was four years-old... It’s already a struggle to get appropriate care and funding for SEN children, why are they targeting cuts at the most vulnerable?” Lancashire county council want to know what the public think right now, if hundreds of us sign the petition we can show them how important these services are to parents across Lancashire. Please sign my petition to help protect the essential funding that these people so desperately need!
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  • Keep South Lakes Leisure Public
    As rate payers in the local Lurgan and Craigavon area, are you aware that on the 25th of February your local elected councillors will take a vote on how your new 35 million South Lakes Leisure project will be managed and that it could be possibly outsourced as a private enterprise or arms length body where the control is taken away from the rate payer and council. NIPSA, GMB and Unite staff are fighting to keep the management of this facility in-house, run by council staff and accountable to you the rate payers.
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  • Save Midlothian Sports Development & Active Schools
    Sport brings many benefits to many people. Physical activity not only keeps participants fit but also increases confidence, reduces stress and improves wellbeing. The proposed cuts will directly put young people and communities.
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    Created by Jacqui McKenzie
  • Keep Barnet Parks locked overnight!
    Many Barnet Parks are currently locked at night. This is undertaken to reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism. Locked parks are often surrounded by residential properties which back onto them. Locking parks increases safety to residents and their property. Previous experience of not locking parks at nights suggests that there will be an increase in anti-social behaviour and vandalism which will increase rather than save the Council and police service money in the long run. No cost benefit analysis has been undertaken by the Council to demonstrate that real savings will be made. The Council proposed this measure to keep parks unlocked overnight in a report in November 2018. There has been no public consultation on the matter and it is purely seen by the Council as a short term money saving measure. A final decision will be taken on 14th March at the next Environment Committee. We call upon the Council to reject this measure and keep Barnet Parks locked and safe overnight. March Decision Update Barnet Council's Environment Committee met last night (14th March) and decided by 6 votes to 4 to unlock all parks in Phase 1 (see below) with effect from 1st April; to consult on ceasing to lock the parks in Phase 2 and once the impact of reviewing the position on phase 1 and phase 2 had been assessed to consult about unlocking the parks in phase 3. The savings being sought are £75000. The Council will only achieve the £75,000 saving once all 26 parks are left unlocked. A strong case was put that these proposals were counterproductive and in the long run will cost the council more from the costs of dealing with anti social behaviour, fly tipping, vandalism etc. A long debate took place about the car park at Oak Hill Park with a lot of specific opposition to this proposal being expressed. The decision is still to unlock the car park but residents there will continue to oppose this. There is still along way to go before the Council achieves its objective and I think we should continue to fight them all the way and park by park. With this in mind I aim to organise a meeting of all those intersted in forming a borough wide grouping of interested individuals, Friends of Parks groups, residents associations etc to debate the best way to combat these proposals and to think about how we can work together to protect and enhance our green open spaces in the Borough. if you are intersted in being involved, or just want to receive information about the activities we develop please email: [email protected] I also intend to leave the petition on line to increase the number of signatures as much as possible so that we can use it as a basis for taking the issue back to the Council on a regular basis. So please do share it on social media, ask friends and family to sign it. Thank you. Roger Chapman Chair, Friends of Cherry Tree Wood , East Finchley. 26 parks across the Borough are currently locked. The report places them in 3 phases. Phase 1 West Hendon pavilion, Lyttleton Playing Fields Toilets, Tudor Sports ground, Dame Alice Sports Ground, Friary Park Toilets Oak Hill Park. Phase 2 Fairway Playground, Mill Hill; Stonegrove Park; Rushgrove Park; Greenhill Gardens; Highland Gardens; Brunswick Playground. Phase 3 Edgwarebury Park; Stonyfields Park; Deanbrook Play Ground; Malcolm Park; Kara Way Play Area; Childs Hill Park; Basing Hill Park; Princess Park; Old Court House Rec; Ravenscroft Gardens; Barfield Avenue Play area; Swan Lane Open Space; Cherry Tree Woods; Victoria Park
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  • Freephone Telephone Access
    It will encourage people to use the services easily rather than not use them due to the financial concerns. When I was unemployed way back in 2004 I campaigned to make access to benefit office freephone. I was appalled that when people have no money and are needy they have to pay to call unemployment services. I am not sure but I believe they now have a freephone telephone number for job centres.
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