• Save our home library service
    It's very important for the" shut ins" especially those who live alone, some in that situation either have no family, or non that visit, the librarian calling once a month is a lifeline, they might not see another human face. This is especially important when many of them might loose their TV licence,it would be catastrophic for these people.
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  • Mill Lane School Crossing
    With new houses are either end of Mill Lane traffic has increased and the safety of our children has reduced. With 2 near misses in just 1 week where children have nearly been knocked over by vehicles driving both up and down Mill Lane we feel it is only a matter of time before this is a reported incident.
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    Created by Lara Chaplin
  • Keep Cross Keys Closed In Erdington.
    This is very important last year in June 2018 there was a very bad incident which is a cause for concern, a thug who slashed a drunken drinker's throat with Stanley knife in booze-fuelled pub fight. there has been numerous complaints about the above establishment, from A.S.B, Drunkenness Drug Dealings on a daily basic fights, noise pollution and lack of respect for the neighboring tenants around the areas plus we have to take note of the schools within the areas,
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    Created by Keith Hoo
  • Dennistoun parking permits
    It is important for everyone in the Glasgow city council to understand, that you are about to impose an extra financial burden onto some of the most poorly paid people in the United kingdom. I live in dennistoun and I just manage to pay my way, and to ask for £85 per year to park outside my home is just another insult. I pay my council tax and I get less every year for my hard earned. This stealth tax may work in the West end where people can afford this. Make the permits affordable for the good residents.
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    Created by Stephen Lewis
  • Falkirk Council Special uplifts
    Countryside and local areas being used to fly tip. Destroying the enviroment
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  • Keep our Public Services Public - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust
    UNISON and Unite the Union members are taking strike action to protect their jobs and to stay in the NHS Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust are forcing our members out of the NHS into a wholly owned subsidiary. They will no longer be employed by the NHS. Our members have given decades of hard work and committed service to the NHS and now they are being kicked out of the NHS Family. One worker stated “I’ve worked for the NHS for years, I never thought I’d be kicked in the teeth like this. Kicked out of the NHS and now I have to worry for my family and potential future attacks on my pay, terms and conditions”. Another asks “what will be next? Once they’ve kicked us out of the NHS who will be next in line?”. Many workers say they can’t afford to strike but feel there is no alternative "if we don’t fight now there’ll be no NHS left!”
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    Created by Jessica Pardesi
  • Queens honours for surviving WW2 Veterans
    Because these men risk there lives in WW2 they gave the ultimate sacrifice. If it was not for these men and millions of others the world could of been a difference place. They were courageous and damn right selfless they are true true heroes. In light of the recent honours going to people like rappers and actors who do there jobs for a living and make alot of money doing it. I feel its absolutely disgusting our War heroes are not included in the Queens birthday honours. Please please support and sign this petition so all the Veterans receive knighthoods. Thank you
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    Created by John Laker
  • Skatepark In Bukstone
    There is a lack of skateparks in Edinburgh and especially in the Buckstone/Mortonhall area. We and alot of others have to travel far to find a descent place to skate board.
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    Created by Niko Krokidis
  • To keep Poundland in Alloa
    There are fewer and fewer 'shops' in Alloa that add value to the town, Poundland stocks everything you need at obviously, a low cost, items you can get at last minute without having to order on line or pay triple for in other shops, poundworld went last year and for poundland to close too would be tragic for the town not to mention the staff that work in Poundland, i would like it to stay, as I'm sure many others would too.
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  • Renovation of clayfield copse skatepark
    This needs to happen for such as: the concrete is uneven and ramps are losing screws (which makes it a hazard for all users. Furthermore, the skatepark is very restricting and is very dense when people are there, this problem could be solved by expanding into the free and unused area of land around it. We believe they should relay the concrete so it is level and smooth, replace the old, rusting and hazardous ramps with new concrete ramps which won’t rust or cause danger to any users.
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    Created by Jack Wright, Luke Holland
  • Get road safety outside Ysgol Carreg Hir
    This is important for the safety of our children getting to school
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    Created by Eleanor Birchall
  • Stop Parking Charges for NHS staff at North Walsham Memorial Hospital.
    North Norfolk is a rural area and public transport links to and from North Walsham Memorial Hospital are poor so that the majority of NHS staff working at North Walsham have no choice other than to drive to get into work. Staff on the wards can do up to 12 hour shifts including night shifts and bank holidays and public transport doesn't run 24/7. Most community staff require their cars to do their jobs in the local community, visiting patients in their homes throughout the year come rain or shine. Forcing Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Therapists and Administration Staff to apply and pay for parking permits is therefore in effect an additional job tax which hardworking and dedicated NHS staff should not have to pay. We feel it is simply unfair and unjust.
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    Created by Giancarlo Tolaini