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  • Support a Living Wage for Ayrshire School Cleaners!
    As the new school term gets underway, school cleaners and janitors employed across Ayrshire by the local schools contractor, Mitie, are taking to the streets to campaign against their second-class treatment by Mitie and the local council. GMB Scotland, the union for school support staff, is stepping up its campaign for a Living Wage for school cleaners. GMB Scotland is also demanding that janitors working in local schools, which are operated on behalf of North, South and East Ayrshire councils by the contractor, Mitie, are paid at least the same as council employed janitors. Members of the public across Ayrshire will be asked to sign petitions backing the cleaners and janitors at special street stalls organised by the union in Kilmarnock, Ayr and Irvine over the next few weeks. In each of the 13 Mitie managed schools across Ayrshire low paid, predominantly women, workers are being treated as second class citizens with the full knowledge of the political leadership of local councils. School cleaners employed by Mitie are paid nearly £1 below the Scottish Living Wage, currently £8.75 an hour, which is paid as a minimum to every other council worker. Many of these workers transferred to Mitie's employment from the local council but have seen their pay erode year on year compared to their colleagues, doing the same jobs, and still employed by the council. There are even examples of women working in school kitchens and also as school cleaners who see their rate of pay drop when they change a council overall for a Mitie one. Sign below to support GMB Scotland’s campaign for all our school staff to earn at least the Living Wage and for fair pay for all school support staff, no matter what school they work in.
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  • Save the Forward Centre
    The Forward Centre was purpose built 35 years ago as a base for adults with physical disabilities to meet others who faced similar problems and encourage each other to try things they had never thought of doing Many of the activities require specially trained staff to assist people with a wide range of disabilities often caused by accidental injuries or long term illness The Social Work Services are having to make cuts of £100,000 to their annual budget and the only way open to them is buildings or staff. If the staffing levels are reduced the service to the members will suffer so they have decided to demolish a perfectly sound building
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  • Make 101 a free call
    Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime or need to call the police. If you've just lost everything the last thing you need is to find 15p to call someone. It just does not make sense to be charged to report something that wasn't your fault in the first place. Plus with mobile calls you might get disconnected and 5 calls later you've spent 75p.......
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    Daily fresh foods were shut down on Wednesday the 15th of August, they are mainly a meat and fresh produce market means that a lot of perfectly good food is going to waste as all access to the premises has been denied indefinitely. This is happening all over London and there is a disturbing amount of food being wasted and I feel that this waste of completely avoidable.
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  • Reinstate the Preston to Fleetwood rail link
    Dr Beeching started the closure of the rail link and Fleetwood, a seaside town on a peninsula, has been in decline since. The infrastructure to and from this beautiful town is diabolical. It is quicker to fly to Geneva from Lancaster than get to Westminster from Fleetwood. It is 5 miles to the nearest station which is gridlocked at peak times. There is no direct bus to the station and 35.2% of Fleetwood residents do not own a car which is above the 32% National average. The whole of the district of Wyre, approximately 110,000, have had one train station since 1970 when the last passenger train left Fleetwood. With the creation of more houses in Wyre another train station is needed and with the shortening of the platform at Poulton-le-fylde meaning no direct trains to London/Glasgow can stop in Wyre the reinstatement direct to Preston is needed.
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  • No to ‘3 Weekly Bin Collection’
    Reducing bin collection to a 3 weekly basis has rubbed salt in the wounds of many St Helens residents including myself. For a town that has so much to offer, that has so much potential, it appears this council is holding the town back. Promised changes and regeneration initiatives have not been seen, as our town centre sinks into deprivation and shops in our high street begin to close. The absolute mess that is Windle Island, the closure of libraries and rising crimeis also contributing to this. Public consultations are put about, but it appears that councillors do not look into the results they find. In the last local elections, Labour lost a seat in Rainhill - this has obviously not shaken up the PLP, CLP or LLP. The council cannot test the resolve of the electorate, as the people who have voted you in can vote you out.
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    It's one thing to deny funding towards building the Tidal Bay Lagoon, in Swansea (A green and 100% renewable energy source). Further more, to announce the establishment are funding over 100 MILLION in to nuclear power plants in UK is frankly, below the belt. BUT, to dump the nuclear waste in wales, on the belly's of our shores is audacious, to the point of beyond belief. The British Government, YOUR GOVERNMENT, are planning to dump 300,000 tonnes of toxic waste surrounding Cardiff bay. This waste will the be carried through the strong Severn River currents outwards, towards the natural, beautiful, award winning beaches of the Gower peninsular, Swansea. Towards the Irish east coastal areas. The current will also take the nuclear infected water up stream to the heart of the river, where river banks, vegetation and marine life will also be affected. This NEEDS to be prevented. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD FOR THOUGHT: During the the massive media speculation around the re-naming of the Severn bridge, Prince Charles was quoted: "Why weren't the welsh people notified and asked about this" To which he followed - "No wonder they are not happy". Naming a bridge is one thing, This is another level.
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  • Save Greyfriars Bowling Green
    If you ever walked along Constitution Walk, behind the Gloucester City Museum and Library, you will have passed a mostly neglected area of public space consisting of a bowling green, redundant bowling club building and a sealed off public garden. With what appears to be a complete lack of vision the City Council is considering the sale of the space to developers, a space which has great potential to become a quiet, calming community garden right in the heart of the City Centre. Our view is that the garden also provides space for small community events such as mini markets, art and literature events, children activities, outdoor theatre, community picnics and mini sports events. In the past it has been used by the community to deliver numerous events: a book fair, a children’s’ summer play zone, an archaeology event featuring Phil Harding from ‘Time Team’, camp for Civil War re-enactors, a theatre and poetry day etc.
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  • Keep University Hospital Monklands in Central Monklands
    It is important that the people of Lanarkshire have a hospital facility that is in easy reach for all.
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  • UNISON says Keep Jobs and Services Public
    Potentially, hundreds of Lincolnshire jobs are under threat. Services already out-sourced have meant jobs lost locally. LCC now proposes to transfer further roles to a Shared Services venture based in Herefordshire. UNISON also fears that up to 400 jobs at Serco in Lincolnshire may be at risk if that contract ends. Council job cuts would come at a time of jobs being lost elsewhere in our local economy (eg BHS gone and House of Fraser at risk). Lincolnshire UNISON are campaigning to ensure that YOUR County Council invest tax payers money to retain public jobs and skills by investing in our local economy. UNISON calls on the County Council to provide quality services to the people of Lincolnshire by bringing services in-house, rather than axe public jobs and force staff in to the unemployment queue. The recent collapse of Carillion shows the dangers of outsourcing public services to the private sector. These services should now be provided directly by Lincolnshire County Council.
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