• Save Sutton on Sea Colonnade and Beach Huts
    They are unique to the East Coast of England. They were reconstructed after the floods of 1953. It speaks of traditional English sea frontage. The character of the colonnade has remained from it's original construction. The colours and shapes just stand out and represent a good old fashioned seaside resort. Hundreds of thousands of people over the years have strolled along the promenade or played on the beach, with these simple but beautiful Beach Huts in the background.
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  • Sticker free produce
    Often, wen customers opt for the most sustainable and least packaged item in supermarkets they are still faced with having dispose of the plastic sticker on the product. (e.g. kiwis and apples are big culprits). Although small, the plastic pieces accumulate from our weekly, monthly, yearly shops and thus in the landfill sites we send them too. These stickers are useful but not necessary. The product can be identified and priced from a label attached to the shelf its situated on before purchase. However, if it is still deemed as important, companies can investigate alternatives such as biodegradable or edible ones (made from sugar paper, for example).
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  • Dont loose the loos
    There are no other lavatories easily accessible to the tourists and residents in this World Heritage Site
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  • Save our early help services
    that are vital to the community through direct work, supporting individual families and through group works, which provide access to the most vulnerable and reduce isolation and prevent serious harm through shared experiences. getset Additional Level 2 Services for 0-4’s and getset Complex Level 3 Service for 0-19’s (up to 25 with SEND) Service information: The getset Service is part of Somerset County Council’s contribution to the Early Help landscape. getset’s mission is to give children, young people and their families the best possible start in life. We recognise that the right help at the right time in the right place can make a big difference in the longer term, and aim to help families overcome small challenges before they become big ones. Key to our approach is to ensure families are able to help themselves and find their own solutions to problems; developing the resilience to deal with these problems effectively will also help them not become dependent on external services. The getset offer has two main strands: Our children’s centres offer support and opportunities for 0-4 year olds and their parents: Help and advice on where to find good quality, accessible childcare Parenting help and advice on topics including understanding child development, practical things like setting routines and how to respond to challenging behaviour Advice on budgeting, money management and steps towards employment Healthy eating advice, shopping and cooking for a family on a small budget Helping children be ready for school Help for families affected by offending and domestic abuse Children’s centre services are provided by play workers – who organise universal play and developmental sessions for children aged under four and their families, and Family Support Workers – who offer information, advice and guidance for families with children under four. In many centres
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  • Save Ward 6 Bishop Auckland Hospital
    This is of vital importance for people of the County Durham area. We are a nurse led unit who admit patients from Acute sites who are medically fit for discharge but may need more social input or would be unsafe to discharge home for example dementia patients, non- weight bearing patients and obese patients. The plans for these patients now is to discharge home for district nurses to see to but there are no proposals to increase the number of district nurses and when people spoke to them they were not aware of the proposals or how they were going to staff them!
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  • Introduce a National Recycling Policy
    I've lived in four different counties in England and Wales over the past decade and it's struck me that despite wanting to recycle, every time I moved, I had to do hours of research to find out what was locally recyclable and what wasn't. Why can I recycle polypropylene (plastic no. 5) in Northamptonshire, but not in West Yorkshire? Why do I have to throw out into general waste what I could recycle, were I in a different county? Should I keep all that waste and recycle it at a friend's house 150 miles from my own? This is not an acceptable state of affairs. All we want to do is the right thing: divert unnecessary waste from landfill. Landfills use land, pollute waterways and the air we breathe. They affect humans, animals and plants alike. Landfill should be a last resort for our waste, and recycling should not be an uphill battle. Many manufacturers want to do their bit too. But when there are different rules in different councils, how can they ensure that their packaging can actually be recycled everywhere and not in just a few areas? How can they be expected to solve such a massive problem? Locally managed recycling schemes don't work for consumers or manufacturers. They add to confusion and frustration. A nation-wide recycling policy would reduce unnecessary waste going into landfill and make the most of existing facilities. It would lead to less confusion and higher recycling rates. It would also allow manufacturers to make economically safe, more environmentally-friendly decisions about their products and their packaging. The more we recycle, the less waste goes into landfill and the lower our impact on our environment is. Calls for a unified recycling policy and kerbside collection have been made over a decade ago.(*) This issue is only growing in importance. The time has come to show some real leadership and do the right thing. * Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford, in 'Guy's Rant: The Plastic Problem', https://youtu.be/Cylp_tTrSZg?t=208
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  • Zebra crossing for Pangbourne school children and residents
    Pangbourne school children urgently require a Zebra crossing outside Pangbourne Primary School. Since the lollipop lady lost her funding, the residents of Pangbourne, desperately need a safe crossing for our children on their way to school. It is a fast 30 mph zone outside the school and cars rarely stop to allow children to cross safely. We feel it is only a matter of time before an awful accident occurs involving a child and a vehicle and this could be easily avoided by installing a zebra crossing. There is a traffic island further down the road but this is not sufficient as cars do not often stop for people, leaving children, families, and often large groups stranded in the middle of the road while cars whizz by. It is not a safe situation for anyone. And it's especially unsafe for children, the disabled, the elderly & families with young children and buggies.
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  • Continued Public Use of Holland Gardens SW20 for U10 Football
    We object to attempts made by any of the administrators – whether in an individual capacity, or collectively as a group - to interfere with, or to deny the use of Holland Gardens SW20 for U10 football activities.
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  • Sensible parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey
    Grantown Initiative and Grantown-on-Spey and Vicinity Community Council recently wrote to The Highland Council regarding the changes to parking arrangements in Grantown-on-Spey which appear to have been made without due consultation with community organisations or consideration for businesses in Grantown-on-Spey. We believe that changes made to the parking arrangements in Grantown-on-Spey have resulted in a dangerous situation for drivers and pedestrians, are potentially damaging to businesses in the town and generally make the Square far less attractive to visitors. Meanwhile Highland Council has failed to provide adequate additional parking in spite of the fact that it holds land at the former council depot which could be used for such. A review of these newly made parking restrictions and a meeting to discuss was requested by both groups. Whilst we support the principle of Highland Council taking civil enforcement powers in respect of parking in Grantown, we must object to the implementation of this draft Order. We feel that that the Parking Scheme recently introduced in Grantown, over which Highland Council appears to be seeking these powers, is not fit for purpose. Not only does it raise serious safety concerns but it has removed essential parking bays around the Square and along the High Street. Not having had the opportunity to discuss the recently introduced parking scheme, Grantown Initiative now requests that The Highland Council takes immediate steps to rectify these issues enact sensible parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey. Specifically we request the following changes; • The removal of the parking bay(s) opposite the Co-Operative which have added to congestion around the busy High street / Seafield Avenue junction and have created a hazardous situation for pedestrians and motorists alike. • Removal of the chicane style parking bays along the length of the square which creates congestion, particularly around the Bus Stops where busses cannot properly access the stops due to parked cars. We would suggest that spaces be realigned to allow easier access for buses and freer flowing traffic and reduce unnecessary congestion. • Removal of the new double yellow lines, which have robbed the square of 20 parking places. • The creation of a new off street parking facility to provide sufficient parking for the town as a whole. This could be provided at the site of the old council yard adjacent to Grantown Primary. This could also be used to provide a safe drop off area for the school. • Provide an opportunity for the community to have a say in parking restrictions in Grantown-on-Spey
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  • New Youth Clubs For Peterborugh - UK
    This is important because the amount of anti-social behaviour is increasing rapidly. This can also help reduce crime within the area if the younger generation are surrounded with a happy, more fun, environments where they can meet new people and try new things.
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  • Kick out Capita from Barnet Council now
    The recent successfully prosecuted fraud case where a Capita employee stole over £2million from Barnet Council underlines the urgent need for the Council to take back control of all of the former Council services from Capita. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-45641513 Barnet Council commissioned Grant Thornton (GT) to undertake a major review to identify how such a large scale fraud had been able to take place. This project, called Project Rose, was given a budget of “up to” £500,000 and has been on-going ever since. The review found: • Lack of budgetary controls • Not carrying out basic bank detail checks • Inexperienced managers responsible for large amounts of money • Lack of written financial procedures and checklists Barnet Council agreed to pay Capita £252.54 million But, Barnet Council have already paid Capita £352.41 million with FIVE more years to go! Barnet Council is in financial crisis with a budget overspend of £10.3 million this financial year and a funding gap of £66.8 million over the next three years. Frontline services such as street cleansing, waste and recycling, Libraries, social care are all facing more and more cuts that are already affecting Barnet residents. Capita Plc are in their own financial crisis. Their Share Price has dropped from £13 a share to under £1.50 a share in the space of the last two years. On 11 December 2018, Barnet Council Policy and Resources Committee will decide on whether to end both contracts. We are campaigning that they VOTE to end both contracts and begin the urgent process of taking back control of those services. End Details of the Grant Thornton Review on Capita https://www.barnet.gov.uk/citizen-home/council-and-democracy/finance-and-funding/Financial-controls.html Is this the end of Capita in Barnet - Grant Thornton's report is a devastating critique of Capita's dismal performance http://reasonablenewbarnet.blogspot.com/2018/09/is-this-end-of-capita-in-barnet-grant.html Project Rose: the devastating report Barnet Tories didn't want you to read http://wwwbrokenbarnet.blogspot.com/2018/09/project-rose-devastating-report-barnet.html Damning report slams Capita and financial management at Barnet Council http://barneteye.blogspot.com/2018/09/damning-report-slams-capita-and.html
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  • Keep Gloucestershire's Recycling Centres Open
    Gloucestershire has had good rates of recycling in the past. Pyke Quarry (in Horsley, near Stroud) has seen rates go down from 76% a year ago to 56% today and these planned closures will have a detrimental impact on recycling rates. Pyke Quarry was closed briefly over the Summer and that led to increases in fly tipping in fields and over hedges. There have been reports of building waste being dumped in the doorsteps of charity shops in Gloucestershire. The proposed closures will see Gloucestershire County Council make estimated savings of around £230,000 per year, yet the social cost of clearing up after fly-tipping is being passed down to District Councils all over the region. This is a bill they cannot afford to pick up. - UPDATE - The closures and reduced hours have now begun and we are already seeing people fly-tipping their waste outside the gates of the recycling centre when they turn up and find it isn't open yet. Things are as bad as we feared. We are petitioning the Council to take residents' rights of access to waste disposal into consideration and to put an end to this madness.
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