• Save The Swan
    To save the heritage and a great traditional pub
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    Created by Scott Hindley
    There are lots of elderly people who need Post office services, its an important service for all
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    Created by Karthik Raj
  • Sign the petition: stop cuts to our NHS and public services by taxing the super rich
    The new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, is looking to cut money from our NHS and struggling public services. He is looking for a way to pay for the disastrous budget decisions made by his predecessor Liz Truss. But with services like the NHS at breaking point we can’t take another round of cuts. Meanwhile the super rich just keep getting richer. We need to start taxing their wealth to support our struggling public services. For example, a 1% tax on super rich people with assets worth over £10 million could bring in £10 billion a year. This money could be put straight back into the NHS and our public services. The government has to act. Rishi Sunak must raise money by taxing the super rich – they must pay their share. With our NHS under severe strain, it’s never been more important for the super rich to pay more tax.
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  • Free parking at Eastrop Park
    The introduction of parking charges at Eastrop Park has been implemented during a cost of living crisis. It ignored a significant level (c99%) of public objection; it restricts access to outdoor space and exercise with the associated health benefits following pandemic restrictions; it adversely affects those on a low income (according to the Council's own Equalities Impact Assessment) predominantly women who are far more likely to be poor, have care of children, and not have access to their own garden; it impacts on the elderly and infirm and their carers; and it sets a precedent that charging for access to parks in Basingstoke and Deane is OK. It is not OK.
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    Created by Cllr Paul Basham
  • We need fair tax to tackle the cost of living crisis
    We’re in a cost of living crisis. Across the country, millions of families can’t keep up with their bills as energy, food, fuel and other everyday costs soar. From pensioners to children, too many are being plunged into poverty as a result. Many people are left with the choice between heating their homes or feeding their families. This is a scandal. The government has to act. The pandemic showed that politicians can choose to support people when times are tough. The enormous profits of energy giants, like BP and Shell, shows that the money is there to be used to help people through this crisis.
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  • Brighton and Hove City Council Bin/Refuse Collection
    For the Health of The Community and a provision of ‘Paid for Services’. Council Tax payment is paying for services for which collection of waste is included.
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    Created by Nicholas Bounds
  • Whitchurch skate park redevelopment project
    The current skatepark has become outdated. Its age and condition have made it no longer fit for purpose both in usability and safety. The metal ramps that were once standard practice for local parks are now recognised to be dangerous, in damp conditions they are extremely slippery, and in hot weather, they can burn skin from the heat. The rivets holding the ramps together are beginning to fail exposing sharp edges of the metal sheets. We are suggesting a complete redevelopment of the skatepark area in up-to-date building materials, which will be safer and more enjoyable to skate on, last longer and aid beginners and experts of all active sports.
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    Created by Jake A Picture
  • Regeneration of Queens Leisure Centre, Derby
    Queen's Leisure Centre provides essential swimming facilities for a large proportion of Derby's population. Whilst the Moorways facility is welcome it is a long way for many people in Derby to travel especially if they don't have a car. This is a great opportunity to regenerate Queens Leisure centre so that it not only retains basic swimming facilities which are essential for public health but also contains new features which will attract people to the city bringing money into the city and generating new jobs in leisure and tourism. IMPORTANT - Please note if you are signing this petition please take part in Derby City Council's Public Consultation AS WELL... https://www.derby.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/consultations/latest-consultations/
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    Created by Mike Wingfield
  • Keep all our One Stop Shops
    One Stop Shops provide essential support and advice to residents. Up to March 2020, before lockdown, there were eight full-time One Stop Shops serving their local communities. In addition to routine queries, the One Stop Shops advise and support people facing emergencies such as homelessness, or the stopping of benefits for essentials. To save money, the Council proposes to replace the eight community buildings with two One Stop Shops full-time, with a variety of part-time services being offered in other buildings. We are now facing a situation of unprecedented austerity. Many Liverpool residents do not have internet access, and others have complex situations which cannot be dealt with online. Others will not have the money to travel to a One Stop Shop at the other side of the city. We need the face to face service located in our local community.
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    Created by Ruth Knox
  • New footpath and speed restrictions
    Cars are racing through our villages killing animals and pets and before long will be a child or adult.A footpath is needed so as schoolchildren can walk safely to school instead of walking on the road or grass verge.
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    Created by Dale Broughton
  • Resurface Fernley Road
    The road is overdue resurfacing as has many potholes and cracks.
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    Created by Nicky Brennan
  • Bingham Deserves Better
    Background: "Bingham deserves better" was the response of the Chair of Rushcliffe Borough Council's Standards Committee (Sep 2020) to numerous complaints made against Councillors at Bingham Town Council over the last year. So what has been going on? What we know:  * The Town Clerk was unfairly dismissed and subsequently reinstated, but 'Staff Issues' still repeatedly appear on the Agendas. * Excessive use of 'Private & Confidential' makes it impossible to follow key issues resulting in a lack of 'Openness and Accountability'. * Staffing review commissioned two years ago, at a cost of £4550, highlighted several concerning issues within the council. Recommendations of the report have not been implemented. * Correspondence between Human Resource consultants and two Councillors has been withheld from other Councillors by 'bloc' vote from the controlling group. * Human Resource Consultant expenses of £9000 in this financial year (based on Council's own estimate). The Consultants have declined to quote for a new contract. * Town Clerk's advice as 'Proper Officer' is regularly ignored by the controlling group. * Events have resulted in the use of no less than seven 'Extraordinary’ meetings in 2020. In Summary: Considerable time and money has been spent on Staff issues to the detriment of infrastructure projects. We also believe that progress on issues highlighted in the 2016 ‘Community Led Plan’ and the ‘Brilliant Bingham’ initiative for the future of Bingham have been stifled by these distractions and regrettably neither fully embraced. This has led to ineffective performance, a weakened non-inclusive community and Council, where civic values, responsibility, and pride have been undermined, resulting in a lack of efficiency and community cohesion where standard Governance rules have been broken. What we would like:  * Dissolve the Council and take over the operation until new elections can be held. * Reset the culture and strengthen the procedures at the Council so that the above mentioned concerns cannot continue. This petition is open to everyone on the Bingham electoral roll (see map below). (Covid restrictions have resulted in this being launched as an e-petition in the knowledge that RBC have the legal powers under this legislation to proactively undertake this review if they are so minded.)
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    Created by Tony Fox