• MPs who defect
    mps are voted in the party who they were elected on
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  • Repatriation of Anglia Water
    All kind if financial; manouveres are being made using our watter as collateral. Surely people in the UK can run our water service better than a bank in Australia; the middle eastern consortium and a Canadian Pension fund. Onstead of the profits going over seas I can think of several projects within Anglia Water catchment area than would benefit. England should consider this a service of vital importance to national security.
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    Created by Gordon Kerr
  • Zebra Crossing on Mythop Road
    This is important because this is a hotspot for a school entrance/exit, entrance/exit to bowling green and adjacent to a elderly housing.In addition to this there is a bus stop where elderly will often get off the bus and walk out onto the road or be stuck unable to cross.
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    Created by Stefania May
  • North Tyneside Council to abolish parking charges
    North Tyneside Council currently have a system of parking charges which unfairly discriminates against anyone who has not got/ is unable to use either a mobile phone or debit card to pay for parking. The council also charge till 8pm every evening which is later than all surrounding council areas. Up and down the coastal car parks the council are replacing coin machines with pay by APP or debit card payment only. This means that people who use cash only cannot park as many people do not routinely carry mobile phones or debit cards whilst walking dogs, exercising, using the beach etc.... This ridiculous ruling will also undoubtedly have an undesirable knock on effect of additional parking in residential streets by visitors to the area. People who do not have mobile phones & debit cards for payment are being unfairly discriminated against by the council.
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  • Put lights in Acton Park main path
    This path is now open in the evening due to a new school having been built in the park. The path is heavily used by parents, children and local people going between Acton Central Station and buses on Uxbridge Road. It is very dark in winter. The Churchfield Community Association has asked Ealing Council to install lights (solar if suitable) to come on only in winter and for limited hours, e.g. 6-8.30am and 4-8pm. The Council have asked us to show support for this proposal.
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    Created by Maureen Colledge
  • Stop Using Drinking Water in Toilet Cisterns
    There are many reasons why the Victorian toilet system needs to evolve. It is an archaic and arrogant use of resources, energy and money to clean water to drinking standard and then to defecate in it. The system was a solution to a Victorian problem. We are now at the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century and we have a whole host of other problems. We are already experiencing climate chaos and predictions show growing issues with water shortages. We need to conserve water. We need to conserve energy. By changing our relationship to water, we can learn to interact with it in a different way. Stopping using drinking water in toilet cisterns will open up a whole new green industry like it has in California – where people have redirected their grey or rain water into the toilet cisterns to save water. Changing the Building Regulations makes a strong and positive statement to the world that our Victorian sewage system is evolving. The flushing toilet was designed in the UK, it can evolve here too. I spent time living in South America, where water was limited and precious. A flushing toilet in countries where they have water shortages is totally inappropriate. When I returned to the UK and experienced my first 6 litres of drinking water being flushed away – I found it absurd! I have researched this subject in depth academically and hope to try to shift perspectives by sharing the ideas in a book and with this petition. We have the ability to become an eco-centric society -understanding and truly respecting our interconnectivity with all of life. Water is vital for our survival. Water is life. Please join me. #changethecistern Twitter: @ReclaimYourSh_t Insta: @ChangeTheCistern FB: @Awordfromnature At 10,000 signatures you get a response from the government. At 100,000 signatures your petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament.
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    Created by SarahPoppy Jackson
  • Save Lloyds Bank Heathfield Branch
    It is needed by the community and is a key part of our local infrastructure - lots of people use it and it has easy access for the disabled and elderly. A lot of businesses in the town rely on the branch to do their banking and have business accounts there.
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    Created by alison diss
  • Sacking of off duty coastguards
    A large organisation taking this action against worthwhile thoughtful and brave men while doing a car rescue in their own time is unforgiveable and stupid
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  • TV licencing
    The assumption seems to be that anyone without a licence is abnormal and needs investigating.Their own website says 'we find one in six people that tell us they don't need a TV Licence actually do need one'. That means 5 out of 6 are wrongly pestered with increasingly threatening letters implying inspection visits and prosecution. I don't have a gun but I don't get letters about my lack of a gun licence. Even if you inform them of your lack of TV, and get on their 'register' it never lasts and more visits are threatened and prosecutions implied. The whole tenor is wrong with an assumption of guilt which is totally against UK common law and out of place with a revered public body.
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    Created by David Drew
  • lets get pedestrian crossings in ashbourne
    due to increased traffic in ashbourne in general we are calling on derbyshire county council to install pedestrian crossings at these 2 points as we believe there is a serious safety concern. Yesterday we had fatal accident at the 1st place. Traffic is getting very heavy in ashbourne and it was only a matter of time before something happened. As for second location there have already been issues involving trucks parking inappropriately which makes a dangerous crossing even worse.
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  • Save our South Kensington Post Office
    It is an intensely used Post Office in a unique location, less than 150 meters from South Kensington underground and bus station, and in a high-density residential area. This Post Office serves an unusual high number of residents, businesses, tourists, employees working nearby and institutions that are located next to the branch. If this Post Office were to close it would open up a huge hole in the network of post offices in the south east of the borough, which has already suffered from closures in the past. South Kensington Post Office is a vital social and community use which is essential for the population of South Kensington and south-east Chelsea. The set up and location of the proposed alternative branches are not fit for purpose. We need to keep this post office because it has a proper set up, specifically its closeness to a main transportation hub for easy access, step free access, wide internal layout for strollers and wheelchairs, sufficient counters to manage the customer flow and demand as well as broad range of services.
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    Created by The Onslow Neighbourhood Association
  • Invest in additional car parking in Locke Park & implement parking permits for local residents
    Over the last few years, the number of events in Locke Park has steadily increased meaning more & more people enjoy what is a wonderful community space. However, that increase in footfall hasn't seen increased investment for parking & the recent double yellow lines on one side of the road has exacerbated the problem. On top of this, the council's decision to grant business licenses to residential properties on the road & the continued use of these homes as HMOs is adding more demand for the very limited amount of space.
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    Created by Liam Dyson