• Save The Windmill - Weald's last remaining Pub
    The Windmill is the last of 7 pubs which once thrived in Weald. It is at the heart of the community and, along with the school, the shop and the church, is one of the four vital pillars of our village. However, the current owners and management are looking to move on, and so the pub is for sale again. According to research commissioned by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), carried out by Oxford university: “People who have a local pub are happier, have more friends and feel more engaged with their local communities. Many pubs help provide space for the local people to meet, tackle loneliness, and strengthen the local community.” Further to this, the value of properties in Weald could diminish significantly 'with the loss of the pub. A recent study by online estate agent Tepilo found that a quarter of homebuyers like to be within walking distance of a pub, calling it a 'must' when buying their next home. Less than 5 years ago The Windmill was CAMRA's Kent Region Pub of the year and therefore we feel that there must be life left in this village life-line yet. If you agree please sign this petition to help protect it's status as a pub by applying to make it an Asset of Community Value
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    Created by Georgina Lobo
  • Stop Spelthorne Borough Council's Local Plan
    On 5th November 2019 Spelthorne Borough Council released details of its new Local Plan. It will affect YOU, YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR neighbours, YOUR community and YOUR borough for decades to come! Not knowing is dangerous and the decisions being made by the Council Leader and his cabinet of allies will negatively affect our borough for many years to come! Spelthorne’s Local Plan must withstand scrutiny and it’s up to every resident to challenge it. The consultation ends on 7th January 2020 and there are only 3 public events all in November and all within the same 7-day period. The Borough Bulletin, distributed to all residents the first week of December will only contain eight pages of Local Plan news and that's halfway through the consultation period. We want Spelthorne Borough Council to reschedule this consultation, be fully transparent and arrange more public events because every resident has the democratic right to participate, challenge, and respond to this invasive and disturbing plan. Please support our petition by adding your voice so Spelthorne Borough Council has no choice but to listen to the people they work for; it is unacceptable for the Council to act in such an inappropriate manner. The support of every resident is essential because it’s not their borough, “It’s Our Spelthorne” and we all have to protect it. https://www.itsourspelthorne.org.uk/ The Spelthorne Council Local Plan web page https://spelthorne.gov.uk/localplan The Local Plan Site Allocation documentation https://tinyurl.com/y67da5mm
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    Created by Martin Shortland
  • Don't Hide Our Viaduct: Save Weir Mill
    Famous views of the town's largest historic feature, enshrined in Lowry paintings, are being eroded by willful siting of tall tower blocks along its eastern side, concealing the structure from most of the town centre. The Council's own self-permitted 19-storey Interchange tower will block views of the viaduct on the south side of the valley, while a previous grouping at Regent House (14 storeys) blocks views to the north. Capital and Centric's 14-storey tower takes out both central and oblique views.
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  • Save our beautiful 5 star rated barn business - Approve D2 use now!
    Braintree District Council does not value Stock Street Farm Barn or the difference it makes to the local social life or economy. If Braintree District Council can approve 000's of unpopular houses WHY can't they JUST APPROVE our wonderful unique and fun family business loved by 000's - its just a paper change of use - nothing physically changes! We now attract 4500 folks a year to Coggeshall. They see inside the 350 old Essex barn and gaze over the unspoilt Blackwater Valley while enjoying 5 star events. Economically - many of our guests stay at local Hotels, B&B's Air B&B and with family and friends - and they spend money there too on hairdo's, flowers, frocks, cakes, pre-party drinks - post party breakfasts etc. Local taxi / coach firms love us! Our guests buy local food, local beer, hire local bands and niche catering firms - they come and they love Coggeshall. We also extend folks choice within the local area for venues for their milestone, corporate or charity events or just to socialise generally - adding local diversity and fun! Socially - we host private and varied public events including brilliant LIVE music so folks can get out locally or better still invite friends and family here to party! We are step free throughout so everyone can come and have safe fun whether they are young, old, mobile or those that need some help getting about. Environmentally - Partying for about 3% of the year is enough to protect and maintain our two lovely listed buildings and the setting of an old Essex farm for future generations to see at first hand and enjoy (as much as we do!). D2 is the Optimal use for the old barn and since Jul 2016 over 12,000 guests have seen inside the barn with many sharing their pictures on social media to friends all over the world. We are proud to say we have had no complaints or any incidents. We even have a charging station now - so you can plug your car into charge while you party! Only reusable or recyclable plates, cutlery, straws, confetti etc are used here - we even recycle our guests as they come back time after time!
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    Created by Michael Staines
  • Canterbury Wincheap Park & Ride Solution
    The council owned ex-Homebase site is already part car park. The large empty pre-existing warehouse should be remodelled into a multi-storey car park, easily providing as much capacity as Whitefriars. The current park and ride can remain in place and the Homebase site would serve as an overflow, with a bus stop outside. We should be protecting all our green spaces, not destroying them. As the Homebase site is already in existence, it would be sensible to utilise it for this purpose. Maynard Road car park could also be incorporated into the park and ride scheme.
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    Created by Dan Hemmings
  • Save the Hev's Happy Hounds PlayPark
    The PlayPark provides an invaluable resource to local dog walkers, dog trainers and dog owners. It enables dogs who are otherwise not allowed off lead for various reasons to run free in a safe and secure environment. We know that our users often visit other local businesses too.
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    Created by Hev Bushnell
    Kids Can Play Safely In The Park, There Not Near Any Of The Country Roads. It's great for kids development. Parents that live in the Dromore Avenue Area That Have No Availability of Cars dont have to worry about taking their kids 3miles into limavady to let them go to the park when it is at their front door. Dromore avenue up baranailt road really needs a park for the kids growing up in the area & for other kids near by that have no access to cars.
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    Created by Kim Patten
  • STOP the petrol station on Bolton Road
    The sale of new petrol cars will be outlawed in eleven years time. Building new Petrol Stations is an impractical business move, it causes immense disruption to local residents in a suburban area who will suffer from light and noise pollution throughout the day. The TFGM report into the plans suggested that significant traffic problems would be caused by cars trying to turn in and out of Watling Street and has been underplayed in the developers submission. They suggested a full reconfiguration of the site but the developers have not taken this into account. Environmental reports shows that a brook is culverted under the site which feeds into Elton Reservoir, a site for sailing and swimming as well as a water reserve. The risk of contamination reaching this brook through the soil is not insignificant and poses a public health risk. Air quality on Bolton Road would significantly deteriorate in an area that already suffers from poor air quality, another health risk to residents in the area. This plan is unfit for purpose and as such, we implore the committee at it's hearing to dismiss application 64138
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  • Public consultation for Wakefield City Centre plans.
    On Fri 30th Aug a 4 hour consultation was held to showcase new City Centre plans, and invite feedback, as most residents work full-time. this is not good enough. The Council Leader stated "It is essential that residents and businesses in the city centre contribute to the long-term plans, it is their city and we must understand their dreams and aspirations. Town and city centres play a huge part in our five year Economic Strategy and this is your opportunity to tell us what you want." We need to know what the plans are for: - air quality that effects the health of our kids - public transport and provisions for cyclist - public spaces, parks and more trees - climate change Their are many problems in the City Centre that need resolving: - linking the 2 shopping centres - the future of Wakefield market and the new market hall - empty units in out of town retail parks - empty police station - empty ABC cinema - empty units on Smyth Street - former council building Chantry House empty - litter, graffiti and derelict buildings With hundreds of new homes, expansion of Wakefield College and a thriving arts scene, Wakefield should be bustling, however it's desolate, with little to no police presence and increasing social problems. Sign the petition and share it as wide as possible, to have your say and demand that Wakefield Council hold a full consultation for residents, businesses and visitors, advertised in newspapers, on social media, posters and leaflets. Thank you.
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  • Action for Twyford Road/LidL roundabout
    Many drivers find it takes far too long to get onto the roundabout from the M & S Exit and end up making a ''mad dash'' for it making it dangerous for everyone using the roundabout. Proper road markings would give drivers clearer indication which lane they should be in. The roundabout has heavy use. There are two exits using the M3 and M27 and another also using the Motorway plus the train station and the Airport. Tailbacks are causing frustration. An accident occurred with a truck and bicycle a while back and we feel its now time to take action for the safety of everyone who uses it. i.e. pedestrians, bicycles, disabled wheelchair users, HGV and other vehicles. This roundabout was deemed 'dangerous' by a County Councillor in 2016 and yet nothing has been done. We are now awaiting a response from HCC and Mimms Davies, our local MP>
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    Created by Helena Schenke
  • Protect Stamford's Green Space - Save Cherryholt Meadows
    The development of this land will be against the wishes of the residents of Bowman’s Mews, Cherryholt Road, Priory Road, Adelaide Street and others close by, whose quality of life will be negatively impacted by the proposed development, on an area of precious public open green space. Stamford Town Council, Stamford Protect Our Green Space and the Stamford Civic Society are also calling for the application to be rejected and will be lodging their own letters of objection with SKDC, as will many residents. Our reasons for objection are as follows – LOSS OF IRREPLACEABLE GREEN SPACE The development of this site will cause a significant loss of well-used green space within our community. Green space in Stamford is precious and must be safeguarded for future generations. SKDC policy states that all existing open spaces including allotments, parks, equipped play space, sports pitches and informal natural open space, route ways and corridors should be protected IMPACT ON CONSERVATION AREA Stamford was the first town in the country to create a conservation area in 1967 and it has this to thank for the fact that over the following 47 years much of its historical architectural heritage has been retained. The proposed development site borders the very edge of the conservation boundary and any developed should improve or enhance the conservation area and not detract from it. INCREASED FLOOD RISK Part of the proposed site is a flood risk area, by the river Welland. National and local planning policy states that development on flood risk areas should be avoided wherever possible. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT There will be a significant negative impact on local wildlife and other flora and fauna. South Kesteven District Council policy states that the Council will protect biodiversity and work in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to facilitate the conservation, enhancement and promotion of the biodiversity and geological interest of the natural environment throughout the District. IMPACT ON ST.LEONARD’S PRIORY Development on this site would be detrimental to the setting and outlook of the 800 year old St.Leonard’s Priory, a grade 1 listed building, and a key part of Stamford’s heritage. Most locals visit the priory via the path from Cherryholt Rd to avoid the busy Priory Rd, and usually walk the path in the meadow to better take in the views of the Priory, and extend their walk. A development here would stop this practice and have a real impact on the enjoyment, and visitor numbers to the Priory. IMPACT ON HIGHWAYS SAFETY The additional traffic flows caused by this development will exacerbate existing safety issues for residents most particularly where traffic joins Priory Rd from Cherryholt Rd. Given the existing safety concerns over this junction we propose that this be examined by LCC Highways Officers and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. IMPACT ON RESIDENTS AMENITIES / OVER-DEVELOPMENT For many nearby residents, particularly those in Bowman’s Mews there will be significant loss of amenity particularly due to: - Overlooking & loss of privacy - Shading / loss of daylight - Overdevelopment and over-overcrowding of the site, out of character in the area.
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  • Publish full feasibility report on Cumberland Basin road options
    There is considerable public confusion and concern over the three options proposed for the Cumberland Basin road network in Bristol. In the current Bristol City Council consultation it is stated: "In 2018, Bristol City Council commissioned Arup, Alec French and JLL to undertake an initial feasibility study to consider approaches for reconfiguring traffic movements across the Western Harbour. A number of approaches were considered against their ability to provide transformative growth and regeneration opportunities, whilst also considering the impact on the local environment and on traffic flow. From this initial assessment, three road network approaches have been looked at in more detail." The three chosen options all list considerable weaknesses including: environmental harm to the river and riverbank, community severance (areas being ‘cut off’ from each other by busy roads), harm to historic assets, harm to iconic views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, changing the cycle route from a rural to a heavily-trafficked area, increased heavy traffic alongside the Nova Scotia and Pump House pubs, and increased air pollution. Local residents and businesses are also fearful about the future of their homes and premises. Given the importance of this for the future of the city, we urge Bristol's Mayor and Council to publish the full feasibility report.
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    Created by Suzanne Audrey