• We welcome the Velo South
    The safety of 15,000 participants is at risk as well as potential lost income associated from the businesses who have the foresight to make the most of the event.
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  • Kennington kicking up a Stink!
    The stink and odours are damaging quality of life for residents in Little Burton Farm, and Kennington The constant and cumulative odour exposure has become "severe odour annoyance"- a major concern of the WHO (World Health Organization) Headaches and other health risks are a common occurence Children can't play outside in their own gardens Doors and windows need to be permanently closed Utilizing gardens for BBQ's and other social events is severley affected With 1000's more homes planned in the area and increased sewerage, things can only get worse
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    The people of Thanet, demand that the land located at Hartsdown Park be allocated to the existing tenants in situ, allowing them to continue to enjoy uninterrupted use of their premises. The community units are to be retained, allowing each tenant the opportunity to purchase their areas either individually or as a collective, ensuring that all community projects currently sited are allowed to continue to serve the community.
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  • Keep access open from Waggon and Horses Lane onto Elm Hill, Norwich
    Norwich City Council is running an experiment to protect the house on Elm Hill from being scraped by high sided vans. The experiment closes the road at the join on Waggon and Horses Lane to Elm Hill. We are concerned about the safety of pedestrians on Elm Hill and Princes Street as further traffic will be pushed down this route. Also, vehicles reversing the length of Waggon and Horses Lane to make an exit on to Tombland, a busy bus route. Protection of the building is vital as is the safety of pedestrians. We feel a height restriction would be a better solution which would protect the particular building with less impact on the surrounding area.
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  • De-power Scottish Natural Heritage
    To keep a balance for all who live or use the environment. Also to protect more those species that are on the endanger list from extinction and full information has to be giving to justify why species that are protected have to killed. So that we in the future are not asking questions why species that are still depleting partly due to licenses being issues and also toughen up the laws on those who kill protected species illegally.
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  • Twenty two trees
    The Rossmere Park Island has the only breeding colony of Egrets in the whole county. If these birds move on because of the disturbance on the Island they will not come back. Not only do these trees add to the character of the park, they form a vital part of the local ecology for the Park’s large Bat colony.
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  • Introduce a mining exhibition at Snibston Colliery
    It is important to keep the mining heritage alive around Leicestershire. The miners and their families are passionate about having their heritage continued.The council should make sure there is an exhibition of all the mining works and tours of the mining shaft. The history that surrounds Snibston Colliery is truly remarkable as George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson were very much part of the setting up and shinking of a shaft at Snibston. In 2015 it was very sad when the Snibston Discovery Park was demolished, a lot of people fought to keep this alive. It was an amazing exhibition with hands on products for children to see and had an auditorium for films etc. The place now looks very derelict with only the Century Theatre.
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  • Don't give Trump planning permission
    Trump wants to build 500 “luxury” houses on a protected Aberdeenshire coast. These homes will be unaffordable to anyone except the rich, featuring villas planned to sell for over £1 million. No plans for affordable houses, which were promised as part of the planning permission, have been made public. They do not appear in the proposed development brochure. This location is entirely inappropriate for a housing scheme; it’s far from amenities and is opposed by people living nearby. Planning permission for the golf resort was issued on the basis that the “economic benefit outweighed the environmental harm”. But the rare protected dunes that form part of the estate have been “partially destroyed” since Trump began construction on the resort, and there’s been little benefit to the community. Trump cannot be trusted to deliver on his promises for this resort, and this new development will further damage the beautiful North Sea coastline whilst lining his own pockets. What’s more, we’re signing Scotland away to a man who deals in lies and hate, which will damage the country’s reputation.
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  • Keep Longholme Farm Open
    For two years, Longholme Farm has been one of the fastest growing and most successful campsites in the area. Steve Crossland, the owner, is a genuine, hard working man who has built the site from the ground up. He has strived to make Longholme a place of fun and happiness with relaxed rules and a welcoming atmosphere and wants nothing more than to see people happy. He and his wife, Gail, have worked hard through many trying times, losing their son to a tragic car accident being their biggest test, yet they have soldiered on, still faced with a constant barrage of unfounded complaints and now their future is being threatened. Longholme has become an important and favourite place for so many families, including many local ones who need a break from time to time. Steve and Gail have created a safe environment for children to play and parents to relax and the site also attracts a lot of families with children with special needs because of it's safe, back to basics nature. Along with this, the site has brought an incredible amount of business to the town and local businesses, working closely with local pubs and restaurants and bringing business to the shops and supermarkets. Doesn't every town benefit from this sort of tourism?! Isn't it the council's responsibility to encourage and protect tourism in their district?! Although the campsite is their livelihood, Steve and Gail are not in this for money. They have given away many free stays to lucky competition winners, again bringing tourism to the town, and have helped many people who have had difficult times by offering free stays so they are able to provide holidays for their children. All Steve and Gail want is to see people happy and for Longholme Farm to continue to provide this haven for SO MANY people! Below are a few (of MANY) comments the site has received and can be found on their facebook page: Tina Cartledge: "I've heard nothing but good reviews about your campsite and I'm looking forward to going next week with a friend." Beverley Lee: "We including free camping for more than one family who struggle to get away with their chad a blast thanks to your dad and his hospitality and send you all the luck in the world going forward. We look forward to coming back some time in the future xx" Seamus Monahan: "I must say we bloody love the site and steve the man is a giant amongst giants never have i had such a friendly welcome and a big smile looking forward to seeing you all later this month on the field of dreams" Scott Vickers: "your dads site is close to us but the way it feels is like been in a far away land you forget your own worries the feild of dreams is very fitting keep fighting there is more support for steve than negativity dont let it get the better of this wonderful place" Janet Nicholson: "im a local girl that loves coming to longholme even tho its ten mins away it makes me feel a thousand miles away and gives me and my family an escape to relax and have fun. long live longholme" James Anderson: "From a Retford caravan and camper hope your hard work pays off best of luck" More can be seen at facebook.com/longholmefarm If you have a Longholme story to share, please send a message to the facebook page.
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    It's one thing to deny funding towards building the Tidal Bay Lagoon, in Swansea (A green and 100% renewable energy source). Further more, to announce the establishment are funding over 100 MILLION in to nuclear power plants in UK is frankly, below the belt. BUT, to dump the nuclear waste in wales, on the belly's of our shores is audacious, to the point of beyond belief. The British Government, YOUR GOVERNMENT, are planning to dump 300,000 tonnes of toxic waste surrounding Cardiff bay. This waste will the be carried through the strong Severn River currents outwards, towards the natural, beautiful, award winning beaches of the Gower peninsular, Swansea. Towards the Irish east coastal areas. The current will also take the nuclear infected water up stream to the heart of the river, where river banks, vegetation and marine life will also be affected. This NEEDS to be prevented. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD FOR THOUGHT: During the the massive media speculation around the re-naming of the Severn bridge, Prince Charles was quoted: "Why weren't the welsh people notified and asked about this" To which he followed - "No wonder they are not happy". Naming a bridge is one thing, This is another level.
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  • Public footpath around balderstone hall field
    Too stop bellway building houses. Putting more pressure on our local services, and roads. Keeping our children safe and some where to play. To keep our fields green, keeping our open space for our younger generations. People need a place to walk our dogs and socialise. KEEP OUR FIELDS GREEN
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  • Save Our Flower Man
    This stall is an important part of Cheltenham's vibrance, character and local colour. It is an integral part of Cheltenham's Promenade and a much-needed contrast to nearby shops. This stall helps to set Cheltenham aside from other towns with similar retail outlets. Support our local small businesses!
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